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Amazing how many videos there are of women masturbating with their high heels! Notice, I didn't say "in" them. I said WITH them. Whoooo hoo. Gotta get me some. Gonna have to ask RubyDoll for advice - she knows all the styles and the ones with the biggest spikes or pointy toes to push into my little pussy.

18 Nov 2011 05:33

The MINIMUM criterion for being CONSIDERED to be a "friend" is that you have PUBLISHED here on Lush. Other than that, dream on!

18 Nov 2011 05:28

Bye bye!

17 Nov 2011 16:53

Generally, the technology available on Lush SUCKS in comparison to something as simple as Facebook. Ridiculous!

17 Nov 2011 16:52

My, my, my two friends have been busy pimping. Are you competing, guys?

It's interesting, well, not unexpected, that the internet lurkers (Hammer49 and morrism1 - hell, they couldn't even come up with a unique name!) are here too gathering "friends" like chaff. I haven't posted a damn thing, and I have these two bloodhounds on me. They must watch for newbies and pounce.

Enjoy, fellas! I'm gonna take you for a ride.

06 Nov 2011 01:03