The MILF - Episode 1

Tina walked into her house, shut the door behind her, and within ten seconds was collapsed onto the sofa. A grueling day at work had drained almost all of her energy. She was looking forward to an evening of peace and relaxation. For several minutes, she just lay on the sofa with her eyes shut, soaking in the quietness. Finally, Tina cracked her eyes open and spotted the remote laying on...Read On


The MILF - Episode 2

It had been three days since Tina’s surprise sexual encounter with her 19-year old son, Mark. He had walked in on her masturbating to a porn video that he had left running on TV. One thing led to another, and before long, the mother and son were fucking like naturals. The three days since that crazy, exciting time had been quiet between the two. After a truce to not mention it again, each...Read On


The MILF - Episode 3

Three weeks after their initial sexual encounter, Tina and her son Mark had become pretty comfortable with their new erotic relationship. After their second tryst together, a steamy, dreamy encounter that was a new experience for both of them, they fucked every day over the next week. During the next two weeks, they were fucking every two or three days. They each lived their own lives, and...Read On


The MILF - Episode 4

Mother and son lovers Tina and Mark are at it again.

Finally, it was lunch time. Tuesday morning at work had been a long, boring lesson in patience for Mark. There was enough work to keep him busy, but it was the same mind-numbing drudgery over and over. Now he had about an hour that he could get away. For lunch, Mark went to a nearby galleria, an outdoor shopping center with restaurants, stores and even a movie theater. He sat down with his...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


Craig's List Casual Encounter

It was 9:45 on a Thursday morning and Scott couldn't wait for the weekend. He was looking forward to parties, drinking, and the possibility of getting laid. His dick must have thought it was Friday because it had been in a horny throb all morning. Unable to get his mind off of sex, Scott decided to browse through the Casual Encounters on Craig's List. There were always some interesting...Read On


RV Camping Trip

Part I – The Beginning In the spring of 1995, I was on a camping trip at Brazos Bend State Park. It was a solo trip in the small RV that I had at the time. Of course, being the horny young man that I was, I was always looking for pretty women. But I mainly had porn and photography on my mind for this trip, so I hadn't really come prepared, physically or mentally, for a physical encounter....Read On


The Deer Stand

It was a morning hunt; the last hunt of the opening weekend. Daylight was just breaking. Dark, mysterious figures along the forest line were finally beginning to reveal their harmless details; growling miniature beasts transformed into harmless, dead stumps as sunlight shined upon them. John was sitting in his stand; a simple, ground level box stand with large openings on three sides...Read On


The Stowaway

Needing a ride from San Antonio to Houston to visit a friend, Heyna decided to use an old trick her older sister had taught her. She walked to the nearest truck stop and waited around for an available truck heading west. Heyna positioned herself in the diner area where she could see the rigs coming in from the highway so she could spot the westbound drivers. After a twenty-minute wait,...Read On



The Hookup

I was at a friend's party on a Saturday night. I remember it was during my junior year because Kylie Brown was hosting the party. She invited me in class, and the only courses I took with her were during my junior year. We remained good friends after that. I was hanging around with my friend Tracy. The party was pretty live. There were lots of people. Some of them we knew, and a lot of them...Read On