Return to the House of Lush (Part 2)

Grangely Manor plays host to the House of Lush. Lushstories made flesh, takes a turn for the darker.

I watched Heather walk away down the corridor with a heavy heart. After so long apart I didn't want to be separated from her, even if it was only for a couple of hours. It seemed a crime for us to be so near and yet apart. But I had my duties at the House of Lush and I was needed to chaperone in the Basement. I went though the door, into the stairwell and descended the stairs. As befits...Read On


The House of Lush

Lush incarnate - a night to remember.

When I saw the message in my inbox I assumed it was spam. No sender was listed. It just said: You are cordially invited to the House of Lush. Bring yourself and no-one else. Leave your inhibitions at home. Tell no-one, even trusted friends on Lush. You have been recommended by a friend and approved by the circle. Reply with your mobile number then delete this message. I read and re-read...Read On



The Olympic (fun and) Games

Inappropriate behaviour at the London 2012 Olympics

Dear reader, if you are unfamiliar with the locations described in this story please check out my profile. There is an album of photos taken on the day on which this story takes place. I had two Olympics tickets in my hands. They weren't the greatest seats and it was a morning athletics session of qualification rounds. But that didn't matter. I was going to the London Olympics and...Read On

Quickie Sex(4)


We will it

Spring is in the air for two lovers

It was one of those Spring days that can almost make you think Summer has arrived. The blossom on the trees and the occasional breath of cool breeze betrayed the fact that the year was still young. But as the sun bathed us in an unfamiliar warmth, the clear blue sky above seemed to stretch on forever. Heather lay beside me on a picnic blanket. Sunglasses hiding her eyes as she relaxed...Read On


The thwarting of Napoleon Drake

A new episode of Napoleon Drake requires a celebration of sorts.

“ I want those launch codes!” “ Never Drake, I would rather die than hand you the keys to our arsenal.” The two sets of eyes watched the laptop screen intently. Watching the first edit of a new Napoleon Drake episode together had become something of a ritual for Dylan and Heather. The show was a hit in 13 countries. The Austen Animation team had trebled in order to keep up with the...Read On


The Night of Napoleon Drake

A evening of triumph for the company becomes an evening of lust for the boss and an employee

The room filled with applause as Dylan switched off the widescreen tv. “That, my friends, is us at our best. I'm so proud of all of you.” Napoleon Drake was a triumph. Dylan had been sceptical about the concept of a megalomaniac duck bent on world domination. But Austen Animation was a risk taking company and it didn't take him long to realise that this show was destined to be a hit....Read On


A Second Coming

it was too much to resist

For a couple of months after we had sex, Cath went silent on me. My phone calls were unanswered, and facebook messages ignored. I understood why. She was a married woman and we'd had sex in her home. We had wanted each other for years, but still it was wrong, and it was unfair on her husband Neil. As time passed all I wanted was to have my friend back. I missed seeing her, chatting to...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


Seven days in Greece

A tale of romance between an author and his muse

Day One "May I take your order sir?" Dylan looked up at the waitress. Her American accent was somewhat incongruous in a taverna in the small fishing village of Agios Nikolaos on the Peleponnese peninsular of mainland Greece. The waitress smiled. Dylan had been caught off-guard momentarily but swiftly regained his composure. "Er yes, could I have the feta in filo, honey and sesame...Read On


Return to the House of Lush (part 1)

Dreams come true at the House of Lush - Lush incarnate, but this time on a grand scale

As I drove up the cedarlined gravel driveway I could scarce believe that the House of Lush was to be hosted in such sumptuous surroundings. For generations Grangely Manor had been the seat of the Earls of Allerton, but the financial crash had destroyed the finances of the 15 th Earl and he'd had no choice but to sell the estate to an American multinational. The 17 th century stately home...Read On


Woodland tryst

A couple engage in illicit sex in a woodland glade.

“It's just a little bit further.” I know where I want to take Heather. It has taken 20 minutes to make our way towards the summit of the Iron Age hill fort, but we are nearly there. Nothing remains of the fort but some earthworks, and even those have been hidden for centuries beneath a rich canopy of lush woodland. But archaeology is not why I have brought her here. We round a bend and...Read On


Playing a round

A game of golf leads to a passionate afternoon

I first met Cath at university over a decade ago. It was clear from the start that we fancied each other. At the time I was involved with someone else, and although the relationship was on its last legs I didn't know how to end it. By the time that relationship fizzled to its disappointing conclusion, Cath was seeing someone else. And so it went on through our time at University. We wanted...Read On


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Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary

Angelica slides into her bath and receives an unexpected visitor

Angelica had downed the first glass of merlot before the bath was even half full. What a day! What a terrible terrible day! A bath and bottle of wine were just what the doctor ordered. She poured a dash of herbal bubble bath into the flow of water. The water turned blue, the calming lavender and heather aroma permeated the air and clouds of bubbles formed on the surface. Angelica poured...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


Fall of The House of Lush

Heather and Dylan's adventures in the House of Lush come to a conclusion.

The fewer sets of eyes around, the less chance of being spotted by someone we knew. From the footbridge above the tracks I saw Heather step down from the train. Her overnight bag was slung casually over her shoulder and her eyes flitted about the tiny rural station scanning for a sight of me in the fading evening light. As she saw me a smile spread across her face, and she bounded up the...Read On


Morning Glory

An early morning tryst while hubby sleeps upstairs

The past three days had been torture. Heather and her husband were staying with me while their house was refurbished. Being so close to Heather without being able to spend time alone with her was agonizing. As night followed day, my sexual frustration grew and grew. A fleeting glimpse of Heather as she left the bathroom gave me a tantalizing glimpse of her in a cotton nightdress. The...Read On