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love lush and all it has to offer .. looking for true friends ..im catholic, republican, and a American ,, I look for the good in all people,, work hard ..lush hard ,, a gentleman and someone who genuinely cares about people ..looks after all I care about.. flawed complex and far from perfect. a sinner ,, but you want to know more ask ,, and maybe I will tell

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In a Relationship with littleduchess
Maryland, United States
lush/ making friends ..I have a few really great ones here ..love sharing smiles and laughs ..having good respectful fun convos .. I try to be a good person to all a gentleman too other interests ,,living ,, reading , quiet times ,, being with my friends ,,fishing boating ,,yes I like posting too especially fish pics ,, being the best me I can ,,always looking to improve.. being open and non judgemental ..nascar golf .. football ..politics .. anything else you wanna know ask
Favorite Books:
the bible and lush stories
Favorite Authors:
all my friends I follow . so they are the ones I like the best
Favorite Movies:
anything with clint eastwood or john wayne . or walter mattheu and jack lemmon. westerns dramas and comedies ,, james bond always works too
Favourite TV Shows:
mash, cheers, nypd blue , Chicago fire , Chicago pd . old Hawaii five o .. old police shows old comedies .. bob Newhart , carol burnett, lucy , many others
Favorite Music:
in no particular order ,,big band , easy listening, country, classic and modern , r and b, rock and roll mostly classic ,, rolling stones, eagles are top shelf in my book.. blues ,, the standards .. frank , dean , Sammy, harry and bulbe,, many others ..
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23 Nov 2013
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04 Dec 2016
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Topic: Word for the day
Posted: 30 Aug 2016 15:58


Topic: Word for the day
Posted: 30 Aug 2016 15:57


Topic: Would you play strip poker with the person above you?
Posted: 28 Aug 2016 02:30

no not at all

Topic: Picnic fun
Posted: 22 Aug 2016 08:08

grapes watermelon and honeydews melon

Topic: Announcing our Sporty Sex Stories Competition, $150 First Prize!
Posted: 30 Jul 2016 17:54

Then why would you say you think it's better if mods & their friends don't participate? Did it ever occur to you that the Mods were picked for a reason? Even Clum called you out on this, not that you bothered to respond to him for whatever reason. The comps aren't rigged and if you really think they are then PM Nicola with your concerns.

Your sarcasm is truly unnecessary. Not everyone who writes here is a genius... but there are a lot of highly talented writers who have great ideas and a good proofreader or two.

Maybe when you "observe" you can learn to pay better attention. Despite what others say, you came across as bitter to me. well maybe genius was the wrong word ..but I didn't mean to appear bitter or with sarcasm .. this is just a social site not important in the real scheme of things ..again apologies to you for any offense God bless you

Topic: Announcing our Sporty Sex Stories Competition, $150 First Prize!
Posted: 29 Jul 2016 13:22

Have you ever heard of sour grapes ? If Mods & friends of Mods didn't participate... there would be almost no entries. Instead of being bitter... trying writing a great story. I suggest you find someone to proofread your story before you submit so any silly errors can be found. You'd be amazed what a fresh pair of eyes can find that you didn't see.

Bottom line... if you don't like the comps... don't enter. oh don't have sour grape I just pay attention ..everyone who writes here are geniuses ..I don't write ..I just observe .. not bitter either ..bitterness is a wasted unnecessary emotion ..God bless all of you

Topic: Announcing our Sporty Sex Stories Competition, $150 First Prize!
Posted: 27 Jul 2016 04:10

it would be better if mods and friends of mods didn't participate .. wouldn't fell like it is rigged and everybody feels like that have a chance ..but good luck and God bless everyone

Posted: 19 Jul 2016 13:14


Topic: What are some of your "Pet Peeves"
Posted: 17 Jul 2016 16:03

when members here have two profiles here or come back as someone else and get busted .. just own it ..and don't ever be mean ..

Topic: sindycane birthday
Posted: 16 Jul 2016 17:58


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