Families' Vacation

It's time for Mrs. Williams to keep her promise.

In the August before my senior year of high school, my family and I went on vacation with the Williams’ (Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Cory, Lauren and Carly) and the Romas (Mr. and Mrs. Roma, Tommy and Vicki) to Miami. We stayed in one of those timeshare communities. It was four stories of condos around the exterior with a pool in the enclosed interior. It was all within about a hundred yards of...Read On


A Gift For The Neighbor

A ride home for Mrs. Williams turns into so much more.

I had just gotten to my car in the parking lot when I heard someone call my name. "Hey, Rick, wait a second," I turned to see Mr. Williams across the row, next to his car, waiving at me. "Oh hey Mr. Williams," I shouted back as I walked towards his car. "Rick, I was just about to drive Mrs. Williams and myself home, but I got paged for an emergency surgery. Do you think you could take...Read On


Bathroom Encounter

My initiative gets me more than I expected.

I was hanging out with a bunch of friends in Cory's basement. I was sixteen and the school year had just ended a couple weeks before that Wednesday. It was around 11am and we were planning to ride our bikes to the local courts to play some hoops. Before we left I wanted to use his bathroom. He said it was upstairs on the left. Thinking "upstairs" meant upstairs, I bypassed the main floor (and...Read On


Summer Shore Sex Part 1

She didn't know anyone was home.

The summer after I graduated high school, I went to stay down the shore with my mother, brother Tim and my brother's friend Ed for a weekend. We were staying with Mr. and Mrs. Carsillo (my mom's friend) and her husband, their daughter Valeri, and their daughter's friend Jenny. My brother and his friend were both 16 and in the same grade as the two girls, so they already knew each other,...Read On



Summer Shore Sex Part 3

The weekend and summer both end with a shock.

After about fifteen minutes, the door opened again and Jenny stepped through, still naked. She seemed to be alone until she reached back and pulled an obviously unsure Valeri into the room. She then pushed her in front of her. "It took some convincing, but we're both ready for you," Jenny said excitedly I could tell Valeri was still nervous. I was sitting on the bed naked with only a...Read On


Summer Shore Sex Part 2

Our affair has some interesting side effects

"Where are Tim and Ed?" I asked my mom and the girls. "They ran into some of their asshole friends," Jenny stated, followed by Felicia shooting her a look. "They're meeting us at the pizza place at the end of the boardwalk at 6," my mom said. "Do you know where they are?" I asked, not wanting to hang out with 4 women and listen to them point out the hot guys on the boardwalk. "Last I...Read On


Houseguests Part 1

My place to stay came with more than I expected.

It seemed everyone I knew had lost power due to the big storm a couple years ago. My cell service was constantly fading in and out, but I was able to receive a very helpful call from Aunt Diane’s husband, Mike. He had heard about my situation and offered me his town house up in Northern Jersey. He told me how he was out of town and Aunt Diane was near my condo staying with a friend who had...Read On


Setting Up The Wrong Person

My moms friend gets the view intended for my sexy neighbor

I had just finished getting an erotic massage from an escort when there was a knock on the front door of the condo. I figured it was my sexy new neighbor coming by for that drink, since I had just moved to the area and didn't know anyone else. I gave the escort an extra 20 to put in a good word and tell the woman at the door that I was resting in the bedroom. In all actuality I was...Read On