Doing My Mum - By David

Friend watches mom being done by son and black man

Doing My Mum - By David I saw some pictures of you, Mom And really was impressed You really do look beautiful Especially when undressed Already I am wanking Upon each lovely pic Just thinking that I’m fucking you With my, so eager, prick I'd love to do you, Mother Have Richard watch us, too She’d help me put my prick in you To start our lovely do I know that I’m your son,...Read On




older folks get together for sex and fun

Angela by elderberry George: I must be crazy. I stood outside of Arthur's front door, with my luggage, hesitating before ringing the bell. Arthur and I, internet friends, corresponded by e-mail and had opened a line of communication hard to accommodate in the everyday give and take of friendship. We confessed to failings, both physical and moral, that we...Read On