electric_harlowww's Blog Entries

10 Aug 2012 09:39

Boy, I will be your sexy silk..wrap me around 'round 'round 'round
I'll be your pussycat licking at your milk
Right now down down down

30 Jul 2012 19:54

Don't waste your time on me.you're
Already the voice inside my head...

26 Jul 2012 14:27

Falling down can feel strange. No one remembers your name, you're
Losing the game...that's the thing about trust.

24 Jul 2012 15:55

karma police...arrest this man..he talks in math's...he buzzes like a fridge..he's like a detuned radio....

23 Jul 2012 18:13

You want a revelation, you wanna get right, but its a conversation I just can't have tonight. You want a revelation, some kind of resolution..tell me what you want me to say...

21 Jul 2012 18:24

We've been talking about jackson ever since the fire went out....

21 Jul 2012 11:06

What to do with my weekend? Rest or party?

18 Jul 2012 16:54

Don't lie to me when the pressure's on...You've got to have trust..

17 Jul 2012 22:21

Yea yea and it's ok. I tie my hands up to a chair so I don't fall that way. Yea yea and I'm alright. I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight.

17 Jul 2012 16:37

a zombie after working days AND thirds yesterday....electric_harlowwww on yahoo messenger..Do your part to stop the zombie apocalypse people...keep me off the streets and on the couch! haha

17 Jul 2012 01:06

Get Get Get in line and settle down...=]

16 Jul 2012 18:55

Silly me agreed to work an extra half shift from 11p-3a...Gonna be so bored..

15 Jul 2012 14:10

Oh baby, know what you're like? You're like my favorite underwear..and I'm slipping you on again tonight

14 Jul 2012 19:32

One thing is clear, I wear a halo when you look at me...but standing from here.. you wouldn't say so if you were me...

14 Jul 2012 18:42

Come morning light you and I'll be safe and sound...

14 Jul 2012 16:57

I wanna marry Dave Grohl =]

13 Jul 2012 07:11

Today feels like a naked day!

24 Jun 2012 14:52

can you handle me?

14 Jun 2012 19:28

Yea, yea, it's ok..I tie my hands up to a chair so I don't fall that way..yea Yea and I'm alright..I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight

05 Jun 2012 19:30

I just wanna rock you..all night long..

05 Jun 2012 18:23

All your mental armor drags me down..Nothing hurts like your mouth..

03 Jun 2012 18:19

You want me? Fucking well come and find me..I'll be waiting....

29 May 2012 22:29

Give me fire..it'll burn all your fears away

20 Jan 2012 16:51

if I were to cut you down to a thing I could use, i fear there'd be nothing good left of you...

16 Jan 2012 19:00

questions of science...science and progress...do not speak as loud as my heart...

14 Jan 2012 17:40

I cannot be without you...matter of fact...oh, I'm on your back

16 Dec 2011 18:24

as i move my feet, towards your body, I can hear this beat..it fills my head up and gets louder..and louder..

16 Dec 2011 16:30

Be too sweet and you'll be a goner..Yep I'll pull a Jeffery Dahmer...

10 Dec 2011 19:56

I wanna show you a magic trick, I promise it's sick like woah....

10 Dec 2011 19:52

Baby...it's cold outside...