Fucking auntie

"You have grown up into a handsome guy. Hasn't he Chris" She said to her husband. "Hmm.. Ya certainly he has" her husband replied. Well that was certainly good compliment. Well I had grown into 19 year old good looking guy. I was 5'11 and used to workout daily. I had good biceps and my overall physique was good that made girls drool over me. And my greatest asset well that was my tool. When...Read On



Private Gym Expierences

What a work out

The next day at seven in the evening at the front desk of the WPG......... "Hi, I called yesterday and spoke with a lady named Karen and she said that someone would show me around," Winnie said to the cute blonde behind the glass window!!! "Of course," the blonde replied with a smile, "I'll buzz you in and have Karen up here in a moment!!!" A few minutes later, a tall powerfully built woman...Read On