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Topic At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted 14 Dec 2012 15:43

While there may be no proven link between violence in the media and games and perpetrating it on others, I do think that these movies, games, and even some music desensitize people to real violence and the impact it has on real people. Carnage may seem like an extension to a game, with no sense of how it shatters lives - real blood, real injuries, real people.

These people can just as well get their "inspiration" from a book if they're already so fucked that they can't see the difference between fiction/entertainment and reality. Blaming it on stuff that's for entertainment is just looking for an excuse that's easy to condem and regulate. It's easier to regulate and prevent the sales and showing of violent games and videos to kids than it is to stop any human behaviour that might lead to the same problem. If you throw the argument that children are easily affected then it's the parent's fault. Until you're 18 your parents is responsible for you, and they're also responsible for what you see and hear. They usually don't care what the age restriction on games and movies are, they just buy them or let the kid download it on their own. Usually they say "But I don't know anything about computers!", and even if that's true, it's still their responsibility to keep an eye on their kid. Too many use it as a baby sitter. As for lafayette's example of streakers there's a difference between doing something to be famous or get attention and actually killing someone. Besides, in pretty much every game the object is to kill as many as you can WHILE surviving. If this guy was to do a copy cat of a video game he wouldn't off himself.

As far as bringing phsycology in it I'm all for it, because it's the only way. Just because you bring phsycology in it doesn't immediately mean that you bring the question of phsycosis. In the trial after the 22nd of July incident the countries most leading expert in the field went in court and said he was crazy, but he wasn't phsycotic and was therefore able to make rational choises. Phsycology is the understanding of the human mind and why people act the way they do, and if we're to find the cause for crap like this, phsycology becomes a necessity. Saying that a man killing 27 people is crazy isn't wrong, because he is. The question of whether or not he's phsycotic is a different matter.

The difference between gun control and the use of explosives is that explosives require a lot more planning than simply grabbing one of your legally obtained guns and go on a shooting spree. A person that snaps is highly unlikely to start building a bomb, simply because to be able to build bombs you have to be rational in your choices. You don't have to be rational to grab your rifle and shoot someone. Comparing them is ludicrous.

Topic At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted 14 Dec 2012 14:18

I was just having this discussion with someone on facebook. I think it's fair to reassess gun control laws after this outbreak of violence. But at the same time, I think we need to reassess the possibility that viewing violence also plays a factor. I've never bought into the whole watch violence, play violent video games leads to violent people. It may be time to rethink that. Not a true comparison to use the USA against South Korea and Japan. The societies as a whole are too different. Societal convention is different, in those countries things are still very Paternal and there's less chance of a person acting out in this way.

I'm not sure if violent movies or games are at fault, but it's worthy of discussion and looking into. After so many tragedies, nothing should be off limits in finding a cause.

That's the thing. They have done so much research on the matter and they still haven't found any definiete proof that yes, playing violent video games and watching violent movies makes you more prone to violence. There's absolutely zilch. Sure, it pisses us gamers off more than anything when we lose, but that's our competative instinct, not our lust for violence.

In most cases the answer will be much closer to the school. As I noted, the columbine kids had been systematically bullied for some time, but in that case they didn't want to admit it. How could the kids that got shot at have anything to do with the cause behind it? They were the victims, so this could under no circumstances be two kids pushed to the brink of their sanity by their fellow classmates that finally struck back against the bullies. That would mean blaming kids, and there's no way we can do that. Our kids can never be at fault at anything.

Topic At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted 14 Dec 2012 12:46

Even in a strict gun-controlled country like the Federal Republic of German, there hare been two schoolyard amok killers. That's two too many. It's motivate the government to think about regulating how much violance people under 18 should have access to via television, computer games and film.

There have never been any corrolation between exposure to video games and aggression. Sure, there have been cases of people that are completely fucked in the head and goes "I just wanted to see if it was as easy as in GTA", but those are the exceptions. Look at Japan and South Korea. The highest amount of gamers in the world. The top gamers in South Korea are at the same level of fame as top atheletes in other countries. If there was any corrolation between video games and violence then there would be a school shootout once a month in these two countries.

Reason video games usually gets the blame is because it's easier to blame those. Of course they don't mention the fact that you should be 18 before playing that and that game and parents still buy it for their 13yo kid, so if anyone's to blame it's the parents, not the video game makers. And the games are usually more clearly marked what's in them than there are tags on movies. It's just another way to put something demonic that they don't really understand as the reason.

Topic Socialism an illusion or the real solution?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 12:00

I am not certain if this is a non-sequetor. An economic system is a system. Wouldn't that a bit be like arguing, "Microsoft Windows is suitable for one country, but may not be suitable for another"? It's a system. If the system is applied correctly and it is a functioning model, it should operate within its perimetres well.

I do believe the point you are trying make, is not the system, but how politicians interpret the system and facilitate it. In that case it would be like comparing "Microsoft Windows works well on my computer, but the man over there uses Linux instead, and is happy about it."

I think you're a bit in the wrong here. When it comes to political systems what will be accepted and work is very often based on cultural history. An area with a culture that widely accepts the fact that you are the creator of your own wealth and happyness and that you should not rely on society to give you anything, thus being very individualistic, will have more problems accepting socialism than an area with a culture for always helping each other out.

In the case of the US socialism would have to be implented very very gradually and over a long period of time for it to be accepted, simply because the culture is very right winged compared to other countries that are more prone to going in the socialist direction.

And Buc; that's complete and utter bullocks, untrue and sounds like some propaganda that is spewed directly out of FOX News.

Topic Another birth control thread
Posted 14 Dec 2012 11:21

They could regulate it.
Here in the UK, birth control of any type is entirely free and confidential to get. They easily regulate women getting checkups etc, by making it available through dedicated birth control clinics and keep a record. When you return to get more they simply check your history and when you see the clinic nurse or doctor if need be, they do all needed checkups and examinations. In fact they even go as far as posting a reminder that you are due a smear test in an unmarked envelope.

Careful. With your attitude you're dragging American into communism where the big bad federal government regulates stuff evil4

Topic Boy brutalizes toddlers at daycare, too young to be dealt with in legal system
Posted 14 Dec 2012 11:17

Parents should lose custody. Boy should be institutionalised to get the mental treatment he obviously needs. Sure, young boys can be aggressive, but I think all of us knew from an early age that behaviour like that was not acceptable. Kid is obviously the type that can't be near kids that he can beat the crap out of.

But the police should have a very thourogh look into his home situation. Behaviour like that doesn't just pop out from anything. Monkey see, monkey do(no, that was not in any way meant as racist).

Topic At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted 14 Dec 2012 11:11

Question; does the 2nd ammendment that says everyone have the right to own a gun specify that you can have any kind of weapon of your choice? And surely there are some restrictions to what you can and can't own as weapons, or can I live in the US and buy my own minigun?

Topic Another birth control thread
Posted 14 Dec 2012 11:08

Question; in a state that has age of consent as 18, will a 16-17yo be able to either go to their doctor and get the pill or in the case of this being a law go straight to the pharmacy and get one?

Second, I'm not a doctor but I've heard that there are several complications that is affiliated with the pill and that there are many different varities. So is it so that when you first get the pill the doc looks at your medical history and then says "Yeah, this is the pill you're gonna do" or is it just "I need the pill!" "What colour you want it in?".

Topic At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted 14 Dec 2012 11:01

Man in China attacks and injures 20+ with knife

Attackers douse four with flammable liquid and set afire.

Man kills teacher with crossbow

Man kills woman with knife, then shoots father with arrow

What happened today is tragic and I'm not trying to make light of the situation. But we are in a dangerous time in society. I truly think that we need to find out what is going on in our society that leads a person to commit such horrible acts. Not the weapon they choose to do it. Why are these people so angry? Who so alienated? Why has no one seen any signs of potential danger from these individuals? There is something deeper going on than "guns". We REALLY need to get to the root of the problem, what's causing so many people to go "postal".

As the above links highlight, any weapon in the hands of the wrong person can lead to the death of innocents.

True, there is a necessity to understand WHY all this crap happens, but you can't dismiss the fact that an assult rifle is a lot more effective as a weapon to kill people than a knife. If a man with a knife is "unlucky enough"(from his point of view that is) to meet someone that has basic knowledge about close quarters combat or there are enough people that jump on him then he will be disarmed. This is a lot less likely with a man walking in with a 30 clip automatic rifle.

Problem is that they will always try to link the reason to something where they can blame what is considered morally wrong by the elders, which is usually violent video games(which has no scientifically or empirical proven cause on violence) or like in the case of the Columbine shooting; Marilyn Manson. Since these accusations have no sense in it what so ever and people are dead scared of asking the very troubling questions(like in the Columbine the kids were severly fucked up after years of bullying, but oh no, the victims can't have done anything wrong at all ever in their life!!!) you end up with what is just another statistic.

I'm just waiting for NRA to have another meeting in the nearest assembly hall to the school and cry out "From my cold dead hands" yet again.

And for a second thought; Breivik who went mental at Ut√łya last year killed 77 people with a bomb and two semi-automatic weapons, a rifle and a pistol. The deathtolls would easily be in the hundreds had he had fully automatic weapons. There is frankly no need for ordinary civilians to have weapons that are made for war!

Topic female dresses
Posted 14 Dec 2012 06:53

There's a big difference between dressing as a woman for fun like Halloween or a similar event where you do it and try to be as unsexy as possible, and dressing up to be attractive or sexy.

The first one I wouldn't put it past me to do. Shoving off my hairy legs and using oranges to get big boobs and maybe make up to look like a blind whore had done it could probably be entertaining.

As for dressing up sexy, no, I wouldn't. I'd feel uncomfortable, insecure, unsexy and unattractive no matter what she told me. In any way it would ruin any kind of sexual mood because I'd feel I look ridiculous. Even if she got increadibly turned on by it and wanted branded it as best sex ever I doubt I would be anywhere near enjoying it. After all, sex is supposed to be at least somewhat pleasurable for both, and there's no pleasure if one person is very noticeably uncomfortable with the situation.

Topic Should the U.S. stop trying to be a Super Power?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 05:23

Yes, history shows that Super powers and empires always end. Egypt, Rome, even the British Empire. The US should learn from history. From 1980 - 1989, the powerful Soviet military fought a war in AFGHANISTAN! against freedom fighters on horseback known as the mujahdeen. The vaunted Soviet army was defeated, and the mujahadeen became the taliban. It's no surprise that the US is fighting a protracted war there, take a lesson from the Soviets. It's time to end it.

Rome fell because their entire economic system was based soley on plundering areas that weren't in their control as well as having extremely large borders that needed a standing professional army ready. As the migration patterns of Europe changed during the 5th century as well as having so many different ethnic groups under their control that refused to look on themselves as Romans then you have a recipie for failure.

As for Afghanistan the US fucked over themselves when Rumsfeld refused to view Taliban and Al-Qaida as two different organisations. Even BEFORE any non-specialised troops, like the US Marines and similar branches of any "regular" armed forces, set foot on Afghan soil the Taliban were willing to go into negotiation with the other native Afghan tribes to get a peace that was acceptable for ALL Afghan people. Rumsfeld and the US arrogance made sure that such negotiations never took place and VOILA! you have created your own little hellhole through ignorance and your typical arrogant "We do not negotiate with terrorists, even those that we brand terrorists but really aren't terrorists" agenda.

As for the Mujahedin you're sort of right, only that the Soviets invaded from the North and the people of the North are mainly Uzbeks and other tribes, while in the South you have the Pashtuns which are the people that mainly make up the Taliban today. And the Soviet tactic that seemed to work well in areas with good infrastructure in the Europe was obvious to fail in a country that today only has two main roads.

Topic Stories - Should we disable deleting?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 03:53

If I'm not mistaken then resubmitted stories will end up on the front page, right? So people deleting already verified stories and then resubmitting them they steal time on the front page from people that actually work hard and produce new stuff. So it's unfair not only towards the mods that get a shitload of more unnecessary work, but also the other authors. That's why we have the only one story per 24 hours rule, right?

Topic Piercings
Posted 13 Dec 2012 15:28

I can't say I would be put off by it if I pulled off her bra or panties and found a piercing. Would make me have to improvise how to use it to it's fullest, but not like I would go "DEAR GOD NO!" unless I stuck it in and for some reason the ring started to hurt me in a way(never tried so wouldn't know if this would be possible). As long as you keep the things clean so I don't see any discolouration it's all good happy8

Topic Definite no no's
Posted 13 Dec 2012 07:54

What are the definite and typical errors that guys do when eating out a girl? Of course crazy shit like biting until it bleeds is a given, but what makes you go from "God yes!" to "God, what the fuck is he trying to achieve with this?"

Topic Death penalty
Posted 13 Dec 2012 04:37

The death penalty is against the main principle of the judicial system. Death penalty isn't punishing someone, it's satisfying the public's need for revenge. It's there for emotional reasons only. There is no logic behind it. It's more expensive and doesn't necessarily bring closure. Living every day in a cell and being told when to eat, when to sleep, when you're allowed to breathe fresh air, it's a much worse punishment than getting a lethal injection.

Not to mention if the justice system fucks up. You have 12 ordinary people saying yes or no. Sitting in the court room they've already read about it in the media, who have problem already done their job by branding the accused of being guilty. In this day and age it's difficult to get a 100% fair trial unless you had 12 judges deliberating.

And how many have had their cases re opened and been found innocent once technology have been developed? How many hanged, electrocuted and injected that would have been free if they had had the benefit of DNA?

Death penalty doesn't work as a deterrent either. US has one of the biggest crime rates around and more gun killings than any first world countries per capita. There's no use!

Topic Regulating Circumcision
Posted 12 Dec 2012 14:46

Curious that you see clitoral removal and foreskin removal as an equal comparison. Removal of foreskin has no lifelong effects, the penis still functions normally and there is not permanent disfiguring scarring or loss of use/sensation/purpose. A lifetime of sexual activity remains mostly the same, cut or uncut. Clitoral removal causes permanent scarring, loss of function, decrease sexual pleasure, and shame. Sexual pleasure is permanently lost. They can't be lumped together as equal surgeries.

I think this is a not-so veiled attack on religious beliefs on your part, correct me if I'm wrong. If you are opposed to the religion that is your choice, but mock outrage at something that is common and accepted and beneficial healthwise based strictly because it comes from religion, is misguided. If you don't want to have your son circumcised, that is your choice to make.

Until people start lopping off foreskins of old-enough-to-be-aware boys, in back rooms with rusty knives while his fathers and uncles hold him down and cover his screaming mouth, I'm okay with circumcision. Maybe we should ban tonsilectomies and ear tubes on babies too, since they have no choice in the matter.

Good way of comparing a rather needless procedure(unless you have problem with too tight foreskin) with a procedure used in life threatening situations and a procedure used to prevent a disability. You just killed any legitimacy in your arguments with that statement when you failed to come up with a procedure that's more pointless than shaving your beard.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 12 Dec 2012 10:59

Topic Suggestion for room option; limiting ability to post pictures
Posted 11 Dec 2012 03:19

A show / hide images & show / hide videos option is a very good idea too.

If I'm not mistaken then the show/hide images option is already there, only it has to be ticked in your settings and goes for all rooms. The video doesn't, but I guess that's not all that necessary unless the entire video loads the moment it gets posted, but I guess Gav can answer that.

Topic What's in a name?
Posted 10 Dec 2012 09:19

i hate the c just is so ugly...and when you are talking about sex or making love it should be everything but ugly

one guy called his penis a burrito i thought that was...yucky... but hey it wasnt my penis....:)

That just gives me the image of sticking a burrito in a taco and getting a huge Mexican meal. I think I'm hungry....

Topic Regulating Circumcision
Posted 10 Dec 2012 09:11

Look at the credibility of Germany. And I am not talking about their Nazi past. But just maybe it fits. They now want to ban circumcision but they just recently decided to attempt to outlaw bestiality. Yes, bestiality has been legal in Germany for sometime. They already are getting major protests to keep bestiality legal.

Now I am talking about their Nazi past. Do you think there might be some connection between Germans wanting to outlaw circumcision and the fact that it was practiced by a group of people they tried to exterminate from the earth? Just tossing that out there.

Many European countries still allow beastialtiy. I know Netherland and Denmark for a fact allows it(Denmark with argument that as long as it doesn't hurt the animal it's ok), but I think that discussion should be left due to the rules here on the site.

As for the Nazi thing, you're grasping at straws so badly that it's ludicrous. Europe has pretty much moved away from anti-semmitism and you will only find remnants of it in right wing parties(parties that Germany actually wants to ban). If there are anyone that is concious about not being anti-semmetic then it's Germany. They, or at least the governing bodies, are terrified of even being remotely connected to the Nazis. Swasticas are banned unless it's for educational use, so WWII comp games need a special version for Germany where all the Swasticas have been removed.

There's also a great deal of secularisation going on in Europe. For instance France has banned the use of religious symbols for students and teachers at public schools. This includes the hijab and a crucifix around your neck.

If this were to target a religious group then it's most definetely the Muslims. There's a growing anti-Jihadistic movement in Europe, and sadly it doesn't just stick with the extreme Muslims, it also targets moderates.

Personally I think this was an attempt to ban female circumcition on a whole and had to include male circumcision just to avoid being discriminatory.

Topic Royal Nurse Commits Suicide After Prank Radio Call
Posted 10 Dec 2012 08:50

People think that suicide is always a selfish "I am suffering so much I can't go on anymore." are wrong. There are other causes for suicide. There are other reasons as to why I looked over a freezing lake and wondered if I should just walk into it and disappear off the face of the earth. Sure I was miserable, but I was fully capable of dealing with what was happening to ME. What I was struggling with was the idea that was in my head that no matter what I did as I sunk deep down into the hole I was going I was dragging others down with me. I thought about my family and friends and how every little negative thing I did and how every flaw I had brought made their lives more difficult. I looked at society and how my medical bills are so high that despite how much I pay in taxes each year I will still be a red number in the eyes of society. There are others fully capable of doing my job, so without me it's just one more job open for others.

The problem itself isn't always that the person themself is miserable and depressed, it's the fact that they're believing they drag everyone else down with them. Maybe it is an unrational set of ideas, because family and friends are supposed to be there for you when you're at your lowest level and they do that because they love you and want to help you, but the feeling of being a burden to everyone else is in itself the reason they're sitting on the edge. Their failures are the only thing you focus on and they end up in a sort of doomed circle. Continuing their life suddenly becomes to selfish way and killing yourself is, despite all the grief and questions you will cause, the better way for those around you. Believe it or not, but a person considering suicide doesn't always go "me me me" in their head. Or maybe I'm just unique...

Topic What is the best way to get rid of a hangover?
Posted 10 Dec 2012 08:38

A couple of painkillers to cure the head ache
Drink lots of water to re-hydrate your body(tea and coffee contains caffeine and caffeine dehydrates you, so you might feel more awake but you'll still feel like shit)
Some kind of heavy and greasy food. No need to swallow a glass of fat, but a heavy meal will calm your stomach for a while, given that you're not throwing up.

If you are unlucky enough to be throwing up then you just have to get through with it, maybe down a kind of liquor that's known for killing stomach crap. Underberg and Jagermeister are good at that, but only a shot or maybe two. If you start drinking until you get drunk you'll just have the same problem the following day.

Topic Regulating Circumcision
Posted 09 Dec 2012 18:37

To enlighten about female circumcision; it's not "just" the removal of the clitoris as stated above, but it also includes removal of the outer lips and sewing the vagina shut. Through this process they pretty much deprive the woman of any sexual satisfaction in the future as well as causing her massive pain during her period.

To me this is a no brainer. What if the kid doesn't want to follow the religion when they're of age? Thanks to their nutjob parents they are then ruined for life simply over religion. It's not right and if there is a God(which I believe) I doubt that mutilating your kids was part of his intetion when He/She created this world.

The downside is that if you ban it completely for anyone under 18 then you're gonna have a lot of people doing it in the dark, simiply because they're religious fucktard fanatics. You'll probably end up having lots of deaths due to infections and mutilations as well. But to me, it shouldn't be allowed unless there's a medical reason. If they want to follow the religion when older then let them choose to chop off their bits on their own accord, not their parents.

Topic Royal Nurse Commits Suicide After Prank Radio Call
Posted 09 Dec 2012 18:29

The media sit with a responsibility. As a journalist should you be aware of that the decisions you make, what you broadcast, print or publish could have effects on people, especially when private persons are targeted. Sure, public persons may handle a joke like that, but that's because they expect it. A private person shouldn't have to worry about being humiliated at their workplace by a radiohost doing a prank call.

Their intentions was exactly to humiliate. That's what they wanted. That's the kind of humour that sells. Look at all the youtube videos around with people being humiliated. We love being entertained by that crap. It doesn't matter what age or gender or anything like that, as long as it's someone we don't know or don't care about we don't mind listening to someone being humiliated.

How the hell could this be on the expense of the royal family? Were they expecting to be allowed to talk to Kate? If not then the royal family weren't involved(apart from who they wanted to play). Then they might as well have pretended to order flowers from the local florist and send. The excuses for them I see in here are so thin even a fly would make them break.

If you drive at 90 mph in a 70 mph zone and you hit someone and kill them, you will still get more time in jail than if you were speeding. Why? Because you were reckless. Sure, the person walking in the road is to blame too, but maybe if you hadn't been speeding then you could have avoided hitting the person. Maybe, just maybe, if they hadn't been so stupid as to make the call then she wouldn't have killed herself.

And no, the radio dj's won't get any sympathy from me, same way I won't give any sympathy to a someone killing someone while driving too fast. We all have to live with our decisions(no pun intended), let them live with theirs.

Topic Royal Nurse Commits Suicide After Prank Radio Call
Posted 09 Dec 2012 11:08

I disagree with you, I wouldn't blame them for humiliating her, I don't believe they were malicious. I think most people would agree there. Their intent was not to hurt her, it was simply to see if they could fake an accent good enough to get past a hospital famous for its privacy for their amusement. I don't know about blaming the media, I haven't really read too much about it, except one article on the fact that the call happened (this website is the first i've heard of the suicide), but with the state of the world's media as it is, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they acted callously.

On driving to get from A to B, IMHO, that's irrelevant. You're putting others at risk (though maybe infinitesimal) for your own gain (though you could argue it's to facilitate your own survival if you only use it for a long commute for the closest job you could get to allow good odds of survival). The pranksters also put her at risk for their own gain, in this case, their amusement. They didn't think, but nor do you when you take a drive to somewhere for a holiday/break, for example. It just happens. For that reason, I wouldn't blame them for humiliating her. I just don't think they saw that as a possible outcome. They just wanted a bit of a laugh and they just went with it. This wasn't a bully/victim scenario, as prinicpessa seems to think. It was a joke that went sour.

Like WMM said, humiliating her was exactly what they were gunning for. Her and the entire hospital. They hoped they would get a juicy result like this and that's exactly what they got. Very little goes better on air than when you humiliate someone. Are the radio DJ's honestly that short sighted that they'd think the nurse and staff and administration in a hospital that prides itself on privacy for their patients would go "Hahaha, that was a good one They really got us there." If they're that retarded then they shouldn't be allowed on the radio.

The DJ's properly broke the ehtical guidelines by humiliating a private person publically. Sure, we have free speech and they can't be take down for it(unless they were in the US, then the lawsuit that Buz mentioned would be in order), but there should still be guidelines for them to follow so shit like this doesn't happen. And the result we see now was simply unavoidable at some point. Who knows how much baggage she has, they certainly didn't, and THAT is exactly why they shouldn't try to humilate her in public.

tl;dr (too long, didn't read) Her blood is on their hands.

Topic U.N. Plans Assad Assassination - Multiple Sources Confirm Ground Invasion of Syria
Posted 08 Dec 2012 06:50

The UN won't intervene unless Assad uses a chemical attack. Then Russia and China can't protect Assad anymore. They'll probably refrain from voting and won't participate in any actions. If Assad is sensible and refrains from using the gas then the only way any other countries will be involved is if they send more rockets into Turkey. being a NATO member this is the excuse the west needs to start bombing the shit out of Assad. That's why Russia is against the deployment of the patriots. But ground invasion is definetely out of the question. They have learned from Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. They will bomb and let the rebels do the ground assaults.

Topic Escorts For A Confidence Boost
Posted 08 Dec 2012 04:57

For the love of God and every person who lacks confidence NO! How could an escort boost your confidence? It's not someone that's there because they find you interesting or good looking, they'll stick with you because you are paying them. Where's the confidence boost in that? Go out and meet people and talk with people who are there because they want to talk to you, not because you pay them. What's even worse you might up ending really liking the guy and you become a regular. Suddenly you're in love while he just sees you at another customer. Whoever recommended it to you should get slapped for being an idiot.

Topic Your ideal girl?
Posted 08 Dec 2012 04:20

I'm sure most guys would do their best to hide a smile if you told them that you can poledance, but let's be frank: it's not gonna be something you're always going to be doing. Most important thing is simply enthusiasm and a willingness to explore and push your boundaries.

As far as blowjob techniques then it's not really a dumb thing to learn different things, but there's not really one technique that blows every guys mind. The most important thing is that you're capable of communicating and being open to changing the way you do things. Same way you shouldn't be afraid to say "When you do that it feels good, but what really gets me off is if you..." And so forth.

Make sense? I haven't had coffee yet and I'm hungry.

Topic surfing lush, is it fun? or is it lust? in mind we spent hours of life here??????????
Posted 08 Dec 2012 04:02

If it wasnt fun then why the fuck would we do it? No one is forcing us to be here! Its not like its my job. Next Question?

Not a job? Speak for yourself. Word of advice: don't make drunken bets with NicPint Drunk

Topic Chatting
Posted 07 Dec 2012 17:00

ohhhhhhh, (creams knickers) I do love when I get permission!!!

I will sit safely in my stealth plane high above the clouds and watch from a VERY safe distance...

As for the OP a couple of things you could do would be to fill out your profile a bit more, maybe let the first four images in your profile not be hardcore pics. Add a bit about yourself before going on about what you like, maybe stuff you could actually put on your facebook profile so it doesn't seem like you're all about sex.