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Topic Should the NFL postpone the Panthers vs Chiefs game Sunday?
Posted 07 Dec 2012 12:52

So, to analogize as closely as possible to the NFL: EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Russian Superleague teams aren't driven by profit, and somewhat beholden to commitments to fans, media, and broadcasting?

The clubs themselves are attempted to be driven as profitable as possible, but the owners rarely see any money turned back to them. In the cases of Manchester City and Chelsea in the EPL and now Paris St. Germain in Ligue 1 you have filthy rich owners spewing in tons of money to buy players and put wages on them. Unlike the NFL there's no drafting, so you pretty much buy a player like a slave, only that you pay the slave ridicilous amounts of money. Football has no wage limit, it's up to the financial of the clubs. Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga has debt that would put most other businesses to bankrupcy, but since they're so big they get to continue taking up these ridicilously large loans. In the case of Barcelona it's actually owned mainly by a trust that's again owned by regular fans. Any profit the clubs have are either used to pay off debts or purchase new players to strengthen the squad, not in the owner's pockets. European football don't do drafting, it's buying and selling.

And postponing the match isn't surreal to them, simply because they already got payed and the channels that show football are pure sports channels. Having to play it during midweek will force them to skip the re-run of a netball match, in other words; the channels won't have much against moving the matches. Especially considering the way some of the rules are.

Topic Louisiana judge rules that school vouchers to private schools are unconstitutional
Posted 07 Dec 2012 09:34

Actually, private schools are notorious for paying less than public schools. Many private school teachers are retirees from the public sector. They're working at private schools while drawing retirement from the state. The starting salary for a first year public school teacher is about $12k more per year than the starting salary for a first year private school teacher. STudents from private schools do tend to do better in college.

I was talking generally and from experiences here, where the private schools pay more or just as much for less work from the teacher's point of view.

And I don't disagree with the wanting to do better for your kids part. If I had kids and had the money and could send them to a top notch private schools where they'd get a better education I wouldn't hesitate for a second. But you have to admit that it's unfair for the poor kids that don't get vouchers.

As for religion it shouldn't be allowed IMO, especially not if the government or state pays for it. If you want your kid to be taught up religiously then send it to Sunday school or somewhere else it can learn the Bible. Not regular school.

Topic Uh, I need a girl's view on this.
Posted 07 Dec 2012 06:08

2nd cousin is the ultimate grey area. You meet them at family reunions and stuff like that and your parents probably grew up playing together, but it's far enough in the eyes of the law for you to shag her senseless if you both feel like it.

But you have to think very hard about this, considering it may raise hell in your family. And what if it doesn't work out? You willing to risk it all?

Topic Louisiana judge rules that school vouchers to private schools are unconstitutional
Posted 06 Dec 2012 17:35

To me the concept of private schools are wrong in itself. Usually private schools can afford to pay their teachers more than public schools. This means they will get the best teachers, or at least they'll be able to pick the ones with the highest education level, which in most cases increases the quality of the education the private kids get. Also from what I've heard is that private schools are an easier way to get into the top colleges and universities.

So unless you get one of these magical vouchers what it does is that it gives the rich kids an unfair advantage. The other kids have to go public simply because their parents can't afford to send them to private schools. And they're already one step behind the rich kids.

Call me an idealist, but I just don't like the idea of kids being put at a disadvantage just because their parents aren't rich.

Topic Last one to post is the sexiest
Posted 06 Dec 2012 05:47

And while you enjoy your joint I'll just claim the prize as the sexiest one.

Topic romance
Posted 06 Dec 2012 04:33

Nope, I come here to read the stories.... same as everyone else here...

You know you are so madly in love with me that you have pictures of me on your nightstand =D

Topic Should the NFL postpone the Panthers vs Chiefs game Sunday?
Posted 05 Dec 2012 06:33

Thing is that sport in the US is different from European sport. Owners of NFL clubs expect to earn some money off it, hence the club isn't a club, it's a business, a large business. Any other workplace that size won't shut down because an employee kills his wife and kills himself.

And what about the fans? I don't know how many of the away fans are at NFL matches, but I'm guessing most of them will have made travel arrangements, maybe spending the night and taking time off work. How will they get their money back if the match is postponed? The hotels and whatever else they use to travel aren't obliged to give them their money back.

As for the athletes they will be fine. To perform at top level you have to be able to push everything out of your head and focus on your task only. Usually they prefer doing that. More often than not it gives them an extra boost.

Topic if you were my ex..
Posted 04 Dec 2012 07:15

Unless me and my ex have become a type of great friends that rarely happens then there is probably bad blood, and then ex should stay away from family members and close friends. And of course any family members and friends that give a damn about you will stay away from your ex.

Topic When you play with your ass do you lick your finger before and during?
Posted 03 Dec 2012 08:41

This has got to be the most pervy question ever asked on Lush and in the worst possible taste. My ass (or arse in true English ) is very much a 'oneway street' and anything within - and there is much .. even in the cleanest bum hole - is not for receipt back into my mouth and digestive system. The waste products or bacteria are intended for discharge only.

The most pervy and worst possible taste question ever asked? Let me add my view on this statement:


ok, done now.


You can't have seen much around here. Oh to be young and naïve again.

Also, congrats on acting like a judgemental bitch.

Topic What is the ultimate compliment for a story?
Posted 02 Dec 2012 18:15

For my Dealing with Death series it would have to be "I laughed my ass off!". I didn't try for them to be sexy, I just wanted to write something funny. For my other stories "I came" is good enough. Anything else is pretty much just saying the same but the same words. It's very easy to write something general that most people can related to; making your story good is a lot more difficult.

Topic Palestinia becoming a non-member observer state in the UN
Posted 29 Nov 2012 19:57

People support Hamas, that's a known fact. Hamas has it as their main political agenda to destroy Israel(at least that we hear of. The fact that they re-build schools, mosques and remove local corruption is something we don't hear about of course. So why do they support Hamas if Hamas leads to violence? Because you have religious Jewish fanatics building settlements on Palestinian land. Gaza is suffering from a blockade that won't even let in emergency food and fuel. People in Gaza has limited supply of drinking water. How difficult do you think it is for Hamas to recruit people when all they have to say is "Look around at what Israel has brought us" and the young men will see starvation, poverty and the child graves after the Israeli bombs.

To hear that Palestineans "Can't help themselves from commiting terrorism" really sends shivers down my spine. If I had said that "Jews can't helpt themselves from stealing and grabbing as much money as they can" I'd been outed as a racist and a Nazi/KKK member. You might as well have thrown in "sandniggers" in the mix, because your statement is no better than that.

Topic Palestinia becoming a non-member observer state in the UN
Posted 29 Nov 2012 16:12

Can't be arsed to drag in an article link, but you can check any news website you want for sources. But Palestinia has been upgraded to being a "non-member observer state" in the UN, meaning practically nothing other than pretty much most of the world that voted for it, like France and Spain to mention a few European heavyweights, while the US and Canada not surprisingly voted against it. One of the things this allows Palestinia to do is bring Israel to court over the settlements on the West Bank to mention one thing. Israel and the US has said that this will halt the peace process, while others say that it shows Israel that great parts of the world accepts Palestinia as a nation.

Personally I think this is something that can speed on the peace process. Had Israel supported this it would have shown a goodwill and a desire to wanting to solve things peacefully towards the Palestinian people. Right now the Palestinian people feel nothing but oppressed, and are more likely to endorse the violent ideas of Hamas, than more diplomatic ways of Abbas and his party.

Secondly I think it's ironic that both the US, Israel AND Hamas don't want this. Hamas want Israel to keep oppressing people, simply because that's the only way they'll get support. If Abbas and his followers can show people that diplomacy is the way to go, then Hamas will lose support and end up being nothing more than a loose terrorist group with only a few fanatics supporting them, not the majority of the people. That is Hamas' strength; that they have so much support.

Topic General problems with Lush (recently) on mac?
Posted 29 Nov 2012 14:37

He's spent about a month, off and on, trying to fix all the problems caused with this OS "upgrade". We should send Apple an invoice icon_smile

Or we could hire a bunch of tech guys to fix the problem and make crapple pay the bill :D Unless that's what invoice means Embarassed

Topic The Reason People Get Colds FINALLY Revealed!
Posted 29 Nov 2012 09:49

I guess that explains the head ache you usually have when having a cold. Also all those havint STD's that definetely didn't cheat on their partner and got it from a toilet seat. The new thing will be "The two dicked ghost gave it to me while I slept!"

Topic are the Evolutionary Psychologists right? Do women really prefer the dominant alpha-male asshole typ
Posted 28 Nov 2012 13:23

Evolution right in front of our eyes. Or reincarnation perhaps?

Ressurection Lush style.

Topic are the Evolutionary Psychologists right? Do women really prefer the dominant alpha-male asshole typ
Posted 25 Nov 2012 19:16

It all depends on when you meet her. There was done some research on women and who they thought would be considered good fathers for any children they have. Now this is being one of the parents of the most important person(s) that will ever be in your life. Researches showed women a bunch of pictures of different guys and found a(at least to me) quite interesting result: While ovulating women considered the ones that looked properly like a bad boy as who they thought would be the best father. While not ovulating they chose the more well groomed not so Alpha male looking kind of person as who was probably the best father.

Of course this research goes ONLY for appearance and the connection with who they want to father their children, but regardless it proves an interesting point; women are attracted to different types of men(to a degree of course, not that she's gonna want a bodybuilder one day and turns into a chubbychaser the next week) depending on where they are in the cycle. This shows that not only regular biology but also hormone levels decides what's attractive and what's not. I'd say that that's why teenage girls are more likely to pick the bad boy in the class; hormones. Add a little sociolgy that the bad boy suddenly get hyped up a lot because he's not walking the straight line and you got yourself a circle where social law dictates that this is the kind of guy you want. Since this is indoctrinated in youth it is something that stays with many women through the years until they get older, hence why bad boys are attractive to girls in their 20's and 30's.

That's not to say that us men don't get imprinted with the same ideal woman from a young age; nice body and big boobs is something we all drooled for and many still do. It was "decided" that this or that girl was attractive, that became the norm of what was attractive and it stays with us. Personally I can't say that I've broken out of that thought completely, but I'd like to think that I've matured a bit and realised that an ideal partner is someone that has a personality that will fit with mine, not a sexy booty.

Topic Socialism an illusion or the real solution?
Posted 22 Nov 2012 15:57

Soviet Union itself named as Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
China too named itself as Peoples Republic of China and Communist Party, the only party in China, which incidently also rules China declares itself

Right. From now on I'm going to start describing myself as the smartest man on the planet. From now on the rest of you and your little brains are inferior to mine!

See what I did there?

Topic Socialism an illusion or the real solution?
Posted 22 Nov 2012 04:48

Wish only that was Socialism.
It also kills indiviual initiative and drive.
It allows to transfer one's responsibility to the collective whole.
It may be strange for you but Moscowites during Soviet Union could not have access to BBC or for that matter any other broadcasting, radio or tv.
Maybe you will laugh but almost the whole country used to have just 2 or three options of shoes as the socialist hierachcy used to decide upon the designs and fashions their men & women should wear.
There was no banking system as prevalent in non socialist countries.
They had just one system of schooling which was revised say after decade.
They spent heavily on atomic wepons and armaments.
They directed all other socialist countries to follow them in all matters and those (China) disagreed got their wrath.
It was thus a totalitarian system.

You're talking about wrongfully communism, not socialism. The government controlling everything and deciding how many different pairs of shoes you can have has nothing to do with socialism. Bringing up totalitarian countries in a discussion is pointless as the points you bring up against socialism simply aren't true.

Norway is quite socialist or at least social democratic. Even with several steps to the left we'd still have a privatised banking system and industry. Sure, the state holds stocks in many businesses, but that doesn't mean they dictate every move. Plenty of private schools, even if the government set up a general education plan.

Topic Lost libido, half hard and no orgasm
Posted 22 Nov 2012 03:28

Definitely see your Dr. There are alternative medications. Ask Dr. about Lamictal. Been around for years...Works like a champ. It may hinder cumming but you will be able to get hard a a diamond again.....

I've been on Lamictal for years, but not for depression. But lamictal hasn't killed my libido at all or my ability to cum. Might be why I take a bit longer than usual to cum, but that all depends on how turned on I am.

Topic If a Woman had to Challenge You...
Posted 22 Nov 2012 03:18

What's the reward? If there's no reward then it's no fun unless it's the type of "let's see who can go the longest without taking initiative for sex" and you spend all day trying to turn each other on. Winner gets to tie the other person down and have their way with him/her. Now that is a fun bet, although I doubt I'd last long. Maybe a day before I hand her the cuffs/scarf

Topic Is It So Hard To Believe?
Posted 21 Nov 2012 10:05

Why would anyone want to lie about being a virgin? Usually people hide the fact that they're a virgin. Unless they've made it a choice that they're not gonna shag until they get married then usually it's more connected with shame and pity than a pat on the shoulder and "good on you for keeping your legs closed!" One thing is if the person is very young, but I wouldn't doubt it if a person in their 20's admitted that they were a virgin.

Topic What's in a name?
Posted 21 Nov 2012 09:44

I once dated a guy who called it "Tunnel of Love", not really original. I also knew a guy who called it "The Passage to Bangkok"! Not sure why really, maybe he was a Rush fan, LOL!

I prefer to call it a pussy. Sounds so cute and cuddly that you want to touch, pet and kiss it until it purrs!! HAHA

*Is now very curious how Nikki's lady bits sounds like when it purrs*

Topic Manscaping - How do you do it?
Posted 21 Nov 2012 08:21

So to what extent do you guys keep control of your pubes? All off? Trimming it a bit?

Trimming - How often, how long do you let it be and how often do you do it?

Shaving - How often, and what equipment do you use? Just a regular razor or do you pick something else? Foam and all that crap too? Regular shaving foam for your face or other types?

Waxing - How often, do it yourself or letting your lover do it? Or do you go to a pro and get it done there?

Personally lately I've sticked to trimming it a bit, just to get the worst off. Have tried waxing once, and I can't really say it hurt that much. Was a bit sore for a day, but I didn't lay on the table and screamed or anything.

Now share!

If women do it on their men feel free to share your experiences. I've heard it can be quite fun and almost sensual to shave each other.

Topic Blow Jobs: Balls or No Balls?
Posted 21 Nov 2012 08:17

I always try to give them a little attention - at least with my hand. I heard once that if you treat them like breasts it works well . Haven't had any complaints ;) I always ask new partners what they like and will add to the basics if that's what he wants.

I think this would be really depending on how sensitive the balls are and how rough you want your boobs to be played with. Some of the things I've read here and seen on movies I would never let anyone do to my balls. I'm twitching just from the thought.d'oh!

But please give my balls some attention. And if manscaping is a necessity to get the attention there I'll gladly do it.

Topic A guy wearing your panties
Posted 21 Nov 2012 08:10

No, I'm pretty sure I would laugh if he were standing in front of me in my knickers. NO way I would let him fuck me with them on. Unfortunately now that vision is going to be stuck in my head for a long time....

You know you love the idea of being fucked with the feeling of your silk panties slamming against your skin and then be handed them back, all stretched and with a nicely placed sweatstain on the arse clown

For me, I think it would probably disappear into the big vastness that is my big arse and then they'd be so stretched she could use it as a sail for her boat. Not to mention I'd feel like my entire masculinity was ripped to shreads along with the fabric and her giggling wouldn't help on my confidence.

Topic Guys, would you rather fuck a tight or wide pussy?
Posted 21 Nov 2012 08:00

so... why is it when the guys ask about cock size, and one of the girls says something other then "oh, it's not about the size, it's about what he does with it, cock size doesn't matter to me" like when she says "small cocks are shit", she gets jumped on and yet, it's ok (and trust me, i do think it's ok) to discuss tight pussies vs wide pussies and be all "yeah, why would anyone want to fuck a loose vagina?"

just me thinking out loud...

Have yet to see someone in here say "a wide pussy is shit" with the following exclemation marks as was put in the thread you refer to. It's not about inequality, it's about the phrasing.

Topic Parents get strippers for son's 16th birthday party, facing possible criminal charges.
Posted 21 Nov 2012 06:46

Child endangerment? Since when was getting a massive boner considered endangerment?

Fair enough, the parents might not be the brightest if they ordered a stripper to the party, and usually the strippers draw the line(especially if they're professionals and not stripper and massage therapist) with the lapdance. And considering they're only 16 the kid recieving it was probably too shellshocked to do anything while he was getting an ass grinded against him.

As far as the alcohol servings go that's fine with me. Over here we run strict rules on that stuff, so I don't see a problem with checking if people brought alcohol and gave it to minors.

But the rest? Please...

Topic entiendes? Cuidate!
Posted 20 Nov 2012 09:22

Marco Rubio

"GQ: How old do you think the Earth is?

Marco Rubio: I'm not a scientist, man .

This sentence immediately made me think of Leo from that 70's show

Leo 2016!!!

Topic Second Amendment
Posted 20 Nov 2012 09:17

Is it possible for the US to change it's constitution in any way? Remove outdated things or add things that should be added simply because times have changed? In other words, is it theoretically possible to remove or change the second amendment in a way that will no longer give every person with a clean criminal record to own a gun without the purpose of sport or hunting?

Topic Guys, would you rather fuck a tight or wide pussy?
Posted 20 Nov 2012 05:44

Tight pussy is better, but not so tight that it hurts for either of them.