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Topic would u prefer a bi or straight gf?
Posted 01 Nov 2012 08:18

Depends on one thing; If we introduce a second girl to the bed, does that mean that we at one point has to introduce a second dude? If yes then it doesn't really matter because I'm waaay too possessive and don't want to share her with another dude(would lead to a whole line of questions that I don't want to ask myself).

If the answer is no then sure why not have a bi girl if you can have a threesome with a second girl. But that would just be one more thing that could be tried. I think all guys have a fantasy about having a threesome with 2 girls, so it's not strange that we get the idea that with a bi girl we're one step closer for it to happen.

But I don't give a crap either way. As long as she loves me and stays faithful that's all I ask. I'm old fashioned like that *goes to get my cane and sixpence*

Topic boys and toys
Posted 01 Nov 2012 08:12

Not necessarily. The fact that he wants to do it with you and introduce things that I'm guessing you're gonna use on him just proves he's getting more comfortable with you in bed. Toys can be a great to spice things up and change it a bit, and it's usually a good thing. If you have a dildo or a vibrator or whatever try handing it to him and let him use it on you.
If it's things he wanna use on you while you're out I'm guessing it's like a small vibrator that can be stuck down your panties and he or you have the remote to crank the vibrations up or down. This can be really hot and you can go out and have dinner and the entire dinner will be like a long foreplay.
As for he wanting to be fucked by a strap on it's not odd. Although I've never experienced it myself I have heard that a prostate orgasm can be very very intense and mindblowing. I say try a well lubed finger up his butt next time you're giving him a blowjob. You might find his reaction quite the turn on :)

So short answer; just because he wants to use toys on you and he wants you to use toys on him doesn't mean that he's bored of you. It's just some extra spice to add into the sex life.

Topic "Hall Pass" - Could it work
Posted 01 Nov 2012 07:58

It takes a really close and trusting relationship to make it work. If you're in a relationship which is strong there's a better chance that it would work. A shaky relationship would just get weaker. If you're just offering a hall pass because you want one yourself, the odds are your relationship is already in trouble.

Agreed. If you're doing it as a way to try and save your relationship then you might as well end it straight away or try to find a way that actually will save it. It could easily end up with resentment if one gets a lot of offers and the other gets none despite trying. That will lead to one being out shagging all night while the other sits at home and gets off while doing some crappy cyber. Not an ideal situation.

If both of you really want to fuck other people I suggest swinger's clubs. Then you go together and leave together.

Topic married but horny and considering options
Posted 01 Nov 2012 07:50

Talk to your wife. Tell her you got urges that needs to be released. Maybe she'll be interested at trying new things. I doubt there's just one position that works for her, you two just gotta have a talk and see what happens. If it ends up with you cheating then all hell will break loose when she finds out. Yes, I said when, not if.

Topic im going to see my girlfrend for the first time
Posted 01 Nov 2012 07:47

First; how long does she want you there? 3 days? 2 weeks? 1 month?
second; how long can you stay there? do you work or study and how long can you stay there without it affecting your job/studies in a bad way.
Third; do you have commitments back home that requires your attention? Family, friends, happenings, other stuff?
Fourth; how long do you want to stay there?

It's basically just how long does she want you there, how long do you want to be there and how long can you be there. Answer these questions and you have your answer.

Topic Is cyber sex cheating?
Posted 01 Nov 2012 06:50

The question should be reformulated. "Is cyber sex without your SO's knowledge and approval cheating?" If the question is formed like that then I will most defientely say yes. If your partner is aware of you doing it and is ok with you doing it then I'd say no.

After all you have swingers and open relationships/marriages. In their eyes they're not cheating, just doing something different. So it all depends on whether your partner is ok with it or not. If they're not ok with it then you're definetely cheating whenever you're having cyber, especially if you don't tell him afterwards(unlike Ruthie who only uses us guys to get a good spanking evil4 ).

Topic Staying single because relationships are "too complicated"...
Posted 01 Nov 2012 06:42

Like overmyknee said, your statements and views seems like it's some "valuable" life experience that you've recieved from the newly divorced 40+ guys you work with. To me it also reaks of jealousy and anger towards women that have shot you down once you start talking about the workings of a turbo engine. I know several girls who hang around with almost just guys simply because in their view there's too much gossip and too much drama with girls. Not because they are "bitches" as you so elegantly put it. You do seem like a person that really need to get your head out of your ass and maybe be a bit more humble. Let me give you a free piece of advice; no matter how much you've gone through in your 19 years on this planet, you're still far far away from becoming a Buddha. Take some advice from the women here before you go out and end up single and miserable the rest of your life.

As for the OP he could simply just have been unlucky being in a relationship with the wrong kind of girls. But if he feels the need to be in control and that relationships are too complicated because they bring on an emotional level that can't be rationalised then he seems more like some sort of autistic scientist type, and then he's not really cut out for a relationship unless he meets one of the most understanding women in the world. If he really is a decent guy and not a bad catch then he's more likely to get a girlfriend by starting to date someone he knows well and that knows him other than going to a bar and meet a girl. Just my My 2 cents and they are probably worthless because I've yet to had breakfast. I feel like having bacon.

Topic how can i cum while having sex??
Posted 01 Nov 2012 06:05

Once you've realised what gets you going you also need to tell this to your partner. If you don't say anything or guide him in any way he's gonna just assume everything is ok and that you're happy in bed. You don't have to have a long talk, but more in the way of you "When you touch me like that it's good, but could you try touching me like that instead, because that always gets me going." After letting him know what you want and how you like it you'll quickly see if he's someone that wants to please you as well and if he's willing to try. One thing you also need to take into consideration is his level of experience. If he's just as newbie as you it can take some time before he gets into the rythm, so if you took his virginity then you shouldn't throw him away after just six times.

Topic "House style" for BDSM stories
Posted 31 Oct 2012 18:01

The origins of it that I know of is that one guy forced his subs into this type of grammar to make himself feel more superior and from there it was picked up by others.

Seems a bit interesting to lead on a tradition based on someone that needed to feel more superior. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it so that a dom isn't superior to a sub, but just the dominant one? That they're both equal? Or have I missed something dontknow

@Master_Jonathan: To be honest with you, when you capitalise My and Me it makes you look like you're one step away from getting a Julius Caesar complex and will start referring to yourself in third person. I'm not saying you're bigheaded with a complex, but to some it could appear like that. It's just the general signal you're sending out by the way you use capitalisation.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 31 Oct 2012 07:59

Define obscene please, Mr. Meese.

Would that be like the prominent display of the toilet bowl in your second profile photograph? Very enticing product placement, incidentally, but some people may find that quite offensive.

I find it quite offensive that he has a white toilet bowl. it's obvious racism that it's pure white and not different colours. Where's the diversity????

Topic New Release - 31st October
Posted 31 Oct 2012 07:55

Alright you little bug muncher, here's an ant for you. The bootyshake smiley is still above the hugs in the private chats. Just thought I should let you know.

And I see a black cat appear around the area. I think it's watching me, watching my typing. The white mask it's wearing makes it quite scary...

Topic would you ever want to see your girl fucked by another man?
Posted 31 Oct 2012 07:51

Not a chance. I couldn't stand seeing her be fucked by another dude. It would just feel wrong, like I wasn't good enough and it would crush my self esteem watching her enjoy another man, and my heart.

Topic iOS 6 problems on lush.....
Posted 31 Oct 2012 06:05

The latest release should solve all of your iOS issues.

Job well done. Give yourself a drunken stupor on Steve Jobs' bill, because you bloody deserve it.

Topic Forum Rankings
Posted 31 Oct 2012 04:02

Can you please stop confusing me? I need my braincell for other things...

*must be read with the russian meerkat voice*

Forum rank(where you have gingerbread lover) 100 posts.
Getting the badge on your profile: 500 posts.

Compare the forum rank dot com, compare the baaaadge dot com. Simples!

Topic Gag Balls.... Yes, No, Why?
Posted 31 Oct 2012 03:49

Does he use it on you every time? If so then that might just be a thing for him, one that elevates it to a new level.

I don't think I'd use a gag ball, I'd probably try something else like a wet pair of panties or something, but that is just for a bit of kink or spice and to try something different, not a must. Hearing her moan is one massive turn on for me, and it's like I can feel myself get one step closer to orgasm just from the moans, so to me the ideal situation is that she screams out(within reason mind you, don't wanna be deaf) whenever we get it on. But maybe if you're really loud the gag changes the sound you make and makes it kinda kinky. FUck if I know. I just know if I'm watching porn to get off on my own I pretty much need to have sound on(in b4 they all fake it)

Topic pre cum!
Posted 31 Oct 2012 03:43

I don't produce a lot. Probably enough for it to be tasted.

If pre-cum follows the same "rules" as to cum when we're talking amounts then probably the most important bit is keeping yourself hydrated. If you drink a lot of liquid you will cum more and maybe also produce more pre-cum. But this is just me guessing because I have no clue at alldontknow

Topic Masturbation in front of....
Posted 30 Oct 2012 07:02

Watching a woman get off is a lovely image. If you also know that she's getting off just because of you and that turns her on even more then that's even better. Immediate hard on.

Topic Is intelligence intimidating?
Posted 30 Oct 2012 03:48

If we're talking about a relationship then intelligence is a must. She doesn't have to have a phd, but I would like that she doesn't think Obama is a skin care product she wants to try.

As far as her being more intelligent than me that's absolutely fine. I don't mind her being a genius and being the competative moron I am it would probably drive me to delve into books to find a subject to beat her on.

BUT if she uses her intelligence to make me feel less of a person then that's something I don't want to get involved in. Jokingly, sure, but being serious about it then it just becomes a type of relationship where she might as well beat me every day.

Topic How Did We Meet?
Posted 29 Oct 2012 06:52

Your dreams are really interesting trinket. Whatever drugs you're on I'll have two, unless you're still as fat as the day we met. Then I think one will be enoughevil4

We actually met just a couple of years ago(maybe all the dope you're smoking is making you think you're rich and really old). I was on duty with the 330 squadron back home when we got a call that a couple of hikers had fallen down on a shelf like a pair of dumbass sheep. Despite there being a storm we knew that time was of the essence because being the dumbass foreigners they probably hadn't dressed well. So we got into the chopper and I flew out to the mountain where they were stuck.

The winds was making it a nightmare to keep the chopper steady, but with my skills I managed to keep it steady enough to lower the man down and bring the other two guys up. You presented to be a bigger problem. High as a kite you thought the chopper was a dragon and you refused to be eaten like your two friends so my colleague had to force the harness on you and bring you up. Safely down on the ground you ran around like a mental woman and had to be restrained in the ambulance.

The rescue is still being talked about and I hear discovery is gonna make a documentary about it. I'm sure they'll keep your name out of it clown

Topic Guys, how do you trust a woman that you got to cheat?
Posted 29 Oct 2012 06:06

If you got so close that you didn't only shag her, you also got so close that you're considering a relationship then surely you know why she cheated. If it was because her husband was shagging the nanny or any other thing that makes him a bad man then you just need to make sure not to do the same thing.

If she just cheated because he wasn't up to par in bed then you can be damn sure she'll go looking for another cock if you don't satisfy her completely, and you either need a lot of confidence or communication to be sure she doesn't screw around.

Regardless, going into a relationship with someone that just cheated and doesn't feel guilty about it is far from ideal as long as there's a connection that's really strong.

But I'd also question your own morals as to your morals and how trustworthy you are. After all, ethical rules doesn't seem to apply to you...

Topic What are you doing if you're on the East coast with the storm approaching?
Posted 28 Oct 2012 15:44


Topic Men fighting over woman question
Posted 27 Oct 2012 00:08

Considering aggression is a sign of lack of testosterone then fighting men should really go see a doctor. Add the fact that even though you feel strong after a fight you're simply running on adrenaline afterwards, so any sex afterwards probably wouldn't be all that since he'd fall asleep quickly afterwards. Add to the fact that he might end up with a rather unsexy look and I doubt a trip to the er and giving a police statement is sexyevil4

Topic drinking urine
Posted 25 Oct 2012 13:16

This. I heard that as well, some alternative doctors with PhD are swearing that your own urine is healing you. There are some protocols how to use it but in general, your own urine is healing you.

Alternative being the keyword. Urine is waste. It's something the body wants to get rid of. Same as poo. Show me research done by scientists that aren't from the University of New Age Medicine that actually shows this and I'll start considering it. Thing is that most of the urine that comes out of you is impure. By saying that I mean that if the water from your tap had the same level of purity as your urine then your local council would either shut it down or go with the good old "If you're gonna drink the water, boil it first."

Topic Golden Showers......
Posted 25 Oct 2012 12:48

Anyone who's been into a public bathroom can tell you why golden showers aren't all that appealing. The strong ammonia smell could probably turn even a dog in heat off.

Don't think it's something I would do unless my significant other really wanted to try it. Not something I would bring up though.

Topic What are some of the craziest things you have put in your pussy or ways you have masturbated?
Posted 25 Oct 2012 12:37

a hot dog
jelly beans
a beer bottle
a shower head
a gear shift
I once lost a strawberry in there... i think i will stop

I fear you now have to elaborate on the use of jellybeans. I'm beyond curious nowclown

Topic do married women use denial of sex as a either punish or get what..they want?
Posted 25 Oct 2012 11:28

If the men on here cook all the meals, pick up all the clothes, do all the dishes, watch Lifetime for Women, etc..... I know what the women want. Maybe they're saving themselves for A REAL MAN! Not to sound chauvenistic, but any man who does ALL those things described in your opening post is a gay man. Yes, a woman likes help around the house. But if a man does it all, then the woman will no longer respect their man. He becomes nothing more than a roommate who must pull his share of the chores. I expect my woman to be womanlike. I don't expect her to help me change the oil in the car. And if she took it upon herself to do it, I would look at her differently. Even to the point of being sexually turned off. Maybe women aren't denying sex as punishment. Maybe they're denying it because they want their man back. Of course, this whole argument goes out the window if you were originally attracted to the oil changing woman or the Lifetime watching man.

Now if you'll just step over here I can show you the road that leads away from the 1930's and into the 21st century icon_smile

As for the question in general; I guess that's very much based on the individual level, isn't it? Call me naïve, but there are two things that strike me.
1) Isn't it so that if a woman isn't comfortable, relaxed and happy(i.e. there's something bothering her) then she's pretty much unable to be turned on unless she has one of those spots that when you kiss it turns her mind into mush and she forgets everything? I know that for a certain degree it goes for us guys as well. The trouble of a flawed erection isn't because the girl is ugly, but many other things.

2) Why use anything as a weapon to get your way? Isn't a relationship about give and take? Is it really so that you should force your will on your partner, and if so, is it right to do so? Again, call me naïve if you want because I haven't been married and have never lived with my girlfriend, so do enlighten me if I have an idealistic view of a relationship that will get shot to pieces once I enter that world. dontknow

Topic How to get my husband to be more dominant?
Posted 24 Oct 2012 17:19

Unless he can't do it on his own, even just a little, then it's difficult if not impossible. Like it's been stated; you can't train a pussy to be a boss. It's in you from day one. Maybe you've bossed him around too much in your every day life and now it's coming back to haunt you in the bedroom. It's personality, not something you can train.

Topic would you pose for nudes ? artistix or personal?
Posted 24 Oct 2012 12:15

You do it all the time Viking!! Oops was I not supposed to reveal your identity? d'oh!

You making gifs out of your dreams again?evil4

Topic would you pose for nudes ? artistix or personal?
Posted 24 Oct 2012 11:38

Depends on the type. If it's more sensual and "classy" black and white ones that hides the private parts then I could probably do it. Could even do some with my better half, as long as everything's covered. Well, dunno if the bum has to be, but the other things would have to be covered. But I don't have the greatest body, so I guess a bit of resketching would be a necessity from the photographer evil4

Topic What sets the alarm bells ringing?
Posted 24 Oct 2012 09:11

1. Been here for over a month with no avatar
2. Having pics that show both face and genitals open for everyone to see. Odds are that then it's not them.
3. Crappy typing. If u writ lik dis then I wont frind u cuz u seem lik a fucking idiot with the intellect of a dead sheep.
4. Completely empty bio and tons of friends.
5. If you have boybands or JB in your music taste. Then I will find you and slam you in the head with your crappy ipod.