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Topic Honestly... (Are YOU a little bit Racist?)
Posted 02 Jul 2014 19:03

I don't really regard patriotism as racism. I am patriotic when our football team play, even if several of our players are of middle eastern decent. I regard them as Norwegians even if some of them are actually immigrants, because they put the Norwegian shirt on. I don't regard you as any less Norwegian if you wear a turban or a burka, but show true to our values and you're a Norwegian. Patriotism becomes a problem once you start discarding people as members of your own country because of minor reasons, like accent, religion and so forth(we still have a state church here). To me that is unhealthy patriotism and moves on to racism or at least discrimination.

As me being a racist, well, it happens. But usually it's a heat of the moment thing(apart from Americans. Still not letting go the whole failing to see what is and what isn't socialism). I make racist jokes quite a lot, but that's merely for entertainment. I never hear someone say "I'm a Muslim" and think "Violent terrorist!" or instantly believes that they think all women should cover their heads and stay in the kitchen, even if kitchen jokes are brilliant. My racist moments are mostly during football, and especially when African players are involved. Often it's due to their lack of team effort and that they focus more on individual skill, but I think that's more down to cultural differences in how they play football. But considering my emotions, heartrate and general mood during football, it's more of a heat of the moment thing.

In general I try my best. The occasional racist thought can cross my mind, but to me it's very often more a criticism towards their culture. Saying the Chinese are disgusting because they constantly spit, isn't not saying that you dislike the Chinese, you dislike the fact that they're spitting. That's my opinion.

Topic Serious question for all English soccer fans
Posted 02 Jul 2014 18:28

To be honest, even if there was a UK football team, the only player from outside of England that would be good enough to get into the team would be Gareth Bale.

Aron Ramsey comes to mind. A few others that could easily have slipped into the England squad but names who elude me atm.

But regardless, I think it's more to the fact that as mentioned England, Scotland, Wales and NI all have their own FA. The same goes for the Faero Islands and Greenland which are under the administration of Denmark, but still field their own teams(or Greenland would if FIFA would let them). No other European countries have a division with it's own FA, not even Spain where many consider themselves Catalan and not Spanish.

Besides, I don't think neither Wales, certainly not Scotland or Northern Ireland would give up that little bit of independence to create a UK team. Same as it would be just too much for the average English supporter to admit that they need the help of Wales and Scotland to become better. There's a lot of social issues at work as well.

Edit: And I agree. Stop calling it fucking soccer. It's a disgrace to the wonderful sport to call it that. Every other language I can think of(and slightly understand) calls it the more or less direct translation of football.

Topic Regulating Circumcision
Posted 01 Jul 2014 16:09

Honestly, its something Ive become very recently aware of. I'm a typical american, much more concerned with my own then those around the world.

Most of my patients are medicare patients. They dont pay a cent for their healthcare. There other thing I noticed between the two places is that we have a significantly larger population who lead very very sedimentary lives, with an excessive diet. I didnt see the excessive portions and waists over there that I did here. A typical walk through walmart will show you that we are mostly over weight, actually obese. this lack of exercise leasde to the problems I see. So again, I think a lot of the differences are cultural.

Many of my patients are noncompliant, not because they cant afford to be complliant, but because its inconvient. We americans are very much a nation that wants to do things the easy way. you have diabetes? why work to get your weight under control and increase exercise?just get a pill. then blame the healthcare system when you still have complications.

I think this is more decisive regarding the medical complications. Add to the fact that men are typically unwilling to go see a doctor unless there's something really wrong with your cock. A minor problem that doesn't bug you that much isn't worth the humiliation many men feel when they have to go to the doctor with a cock problem. Broken arm, bring it on. Gunshots and stab wounds, let's go to the hospital. A minor sting in your cock? No chance we're ever going to the doctor. It will pass. Hence why I feel in general(unless obesity increases the chances for problems if you're uncut) that the medical reasoning is not as valid as some may think. There is simply the chance that it's just not down to cut or uncut alone, but other factors as well.

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 01 Jul 2014 15:59

One of the best matches in the world cup so far. USA put up one hell of a match, but they just weren't good enough and Belgium clinched it in extra time. Personally, I think it was well deserved. Looking at the match as a whole USA and Belgium were evenly matched in the first half, both running high tempo and great chances on both ends, although Tim Howard was by far busier than his Belgian counterpart. In the second half it was pretty much Belgium all the way and they should have scored on several occasions, but kudos to Howard and his central defenders. If USA had gone through I would have said it Howard should be awarded the congressional MOH, but he simply couldn't hold back in extra time. I say a deserved 2-1 win although thumbs up to USA for a brilliant match.

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 01 Jul 2014 11:41

The game has just started .... Argentina vs Switzerland ....

Imma cheering for Switzerland .......

They put up a fight, that's for sure. Talk about drama. An entertaining first 90 minutes followed by thirty intense minutes of extra time. The way Switzerland played surely merited a quarter final, but there can be little complaints about Argentina going through. From the second half they were clearly the better team, even if Switzerland had a good first half with some good chances. The goal that broke the deadlock in the 118th minute shows how ruthless and heartless this sport can be. A good counter attack, good pass by Messi and what a cracker by Di Maria from the corner of the box and near the post. And at 121 minutes Switzerland were so close it makes you ache. A good ball into the box and from only a few meters away a Swiss player headed the ball down into the post, rebound off the post and into his legs and just outside goal. It's tears for souvenirs for Switzerland, but they should be proud of the effort they put in today.

Will be fun to watch Belgium hopefully send the united states of germany home from the cup.

Topic 24 horrible truths about sex we wish someone had taught us in sex education
Posted 01 Jul 2014 09:28

Lube sticks to doorhandles and taps.

The whole room will reek of sex afterwards. Open the window when done.

Sniffing chilipowder off the bellybutton is not considered "spicing it up"

Mentioning the basket full of laundry is not dirty talk.

Calling her a naughty girl will give you traumas when you disciplin your kid(same goes for who's your daddy)

Calling a penis "cute" is never acceptable. NEVER

Topic Regulating Circumcision
Posted 01 Jul 2014 08:05

What about a parents right to raise their children as they see fit? Circumcision as stated countless times does not harm the child. In fact as stated BY AN ACTUAL NURSE it's better for them in the long run.

I am all for protecting the rights of those who can't speak for themselves but no rights are being violated. Males are not guaranteed a foreskin so why not use this energy you have fighting for something that actually matters.

We have that debate going on here in Norway a little while back, and the council for doctor's ethics said that "Little boys that are circumcised are put under unnecessary suffering and risk."

Followed by a professor in child's diseases saying it increases the risk for complications. The leader of Sweden's childsurgery union(sorry for lack of better translation, but you know what it means) wants to outright outlaw it saying it goes against the rights set down by the UN. He basically calls it an amputation. (it's in Norwegian)

So obviously very different medical opinions on if it's good for the kid or not. Sure, there could very well be complications associated with it, but if there were so many complications with it I'm sure doctors around the world would have accepted that it would be better to slice it off rather than keep it on. And given that the majority of the people are uncut, most of those that are cut are due to religious reasons, you end up with a very tiny percentage that needs to be circumcised due to medical reasons.

Which basically leaves the religious/tradition argument; First I believe that if your God(and which is most likely my God as well) won't let a 6yo into heaven due to being uncut then that God really isn't a just God. Children shouldn't have to wear the scars of their parents religion regardless of how small the scar is. It's the principle that matters. Where do we draw the line? Can we accept that parents' religion should reign supreme over the quality of the child's life? Sure, uncut may not bring that many issues, or maybe none at all, but it brings us back to the principle of it all. Parents should not to do anything to their kids that cannot be reversed. It's as simple as that.

Posted 01 Jul 2014 07:36

Trinket would like to thank you all for posting and wishing her a happy birthday. Sadly, she can't come and thank you all personally.

She sends her best Hugs and promises to be available for Water Sports when she returns.

Topic 24 horrible truths about sex we wish someone had taught us in sex education
Posted 01 Jul 2014 06:50

The man will sometimes fail to get an erection and it's not because he's not attracted to you anymore(god knows how many times I've had to give that speech to female friends that tried to get their zombie like boyfriend to fuck them after a 14 hour shift with full stress.)

Premature ejaculation happens. It does not mean you're shite in bed.

Just because she doesn't have an orgasm every single time doesn't mean you're crap in bed

You will get erections in awkward situations and people will notice

If you put on loud music/TV everyone will know that you're having sex

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 30 Jun 2014 15:05

And yesterday Robben showed why I think he's one of the biggest cunts in football. At least Suarez didn't bite himself to a penalty, but Robben sure dived himself to one ensuring Mexico's exit of the world cup in overtime. I think Mexico were good and although 1-1 and extra time would have been a fair result, Robben made sure that we'll remember him as a diving little cunt from this world cup. No chance in hell Netherlands will get any sympathy from me now.

Then it's much more fun to watch Costa Rica win a dramatic penalty shoot out against Greece. It took time before Greece showed they could do something, but when Costa Rica finally scored and got one man sent off(wrongfully in my opinion) it set fire to things. Just before full time they battled in the equaliser and forcing extra time. Costa Rica did some good countering, but it was obvious they were getting leggy towards the end. Greece had some good chances but lacked the little bit to get it in and I think the great chance they had just before the ref blew the whistle summed it up; so close yet so so far away.

Today France had a rather comfortable win against Nigeria. THey struggled at the start, but Nigeria really didn't produce much. In the end France grinded in the two goals they needed and went through the quarter finals.

Germany Algeria has been a really entertaining match. Currently in extra time and I have to say Algeria has been better than many of the teams in the last 16 I have seen so far. High pressure up the pitch and good counter attacking has caused Germany more trouble than I'd think I'd see. I'll update when it's done, but can't say Germany's 1-0 lead is undeserved.

Topic Regulating Circumcision
Posted 30 Jun 2014 14:32

I can't speak for islam but I can speak as to why Jewish men are circumsized.

It dates back to God's covenant with Abraham back in Genesis. He commanded that it be done to (for lack of a better phrase) make is chosen people different than the rest of the world & is to be done at 8 days old.

It was & still is a HUGE part of the Jewish faith & is something any government should stay out of

There's a big difference between dragging your kid to church/synagoge/mosque every week compared to chopping off his foreskin. You can't sew it back on when your kid decides he wants to be an atheist instead. Would imprinting facial tatoos on a kid be ok? I still struggle to see how parent's religious freedom should affect the child. Let the child make the decision when old enough.

As far as cleanliness is regarded, just teach the kid to wash. If you can't teach your kid to wash it's own cock then you really shouldn't have had a kid in the first place.

Topic Should steroids be allowed in sports?
Posted 28 Jun 2014 19:21

Some people are born with a certain genetic advantage, however this advantage is just the foundation. It does not mean that you will get anywhere without tons of training and hard work. They say that for you to even be near top level in any sport it's on average 10 000 hours of training, and that goes for those that dominates sports as well. To take an example look at Petter Northug Jr. There was no doubt he was the best cross country skier in the world. He could do sprints and he could do the 50 kilometer, however last season he had a bit of a long summer holiday, didn't train all that well and had a bit of an illness and what was the result? Complete and utter failure in Sotsji. Not a single medal. It goes to show that even the top ones like Michael Phelps needs to put in as much work as the silver medalist, maybe even more, to stay on top.

Secondly, what sort of society will we be promoting if we allow cheating in sports? Sure, it's just entertainment(for us), but what moral does that bring to the next generation? Why shouldn't kids be allowed to cheat on tests and exams? Do we really want to send the signal that you can reach the top, get those A's or whatever it is, without putting all the effort into it? Besides all the medical complications we would be on the road to failure as a society should we do this. How can we honestly say "Cheating in this situation is ok, but not in that situation." It's a double standard that I truly believe will bring on the decadence of our society.

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 28 Jun 2014 16:47

I can't help but imagine doge go "wow, such tension, much drama". Brazil needed a penalty shootout to get past Chile and it was stuffed with drama. Sadly I only got to see the first half and the shootout but when you win a penalty shootout by one on the last penalty you don't have complete control of the match. Cudos to Chile for holding it up against Brasil, even if Brasil were wrongfully disallowed a goal because of handball.

Columbia went through after beating a toothless(sorry, couldn't resist) Uruguay 2-0. I didn't get to see the match but considering James Rodriquez' goals I just have to say wow. And Brazil will have a tough time beating Columbia. As I'm fairly drunk now this is what you'll get, but Brazil - Columbia will be a very interesting match where although Brazil is the favourite it is not even close to finished. Brazil might very well be out of the World Cup if they don't find a way to stop Rodriguez. It will be very interesting indeed.

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 26 Jun 2014 17:04

I can try to pick up where Luce has left, just so this thread doesn't go completely dead.

Nigeria - Argentina 2-3

This showed to me why I think Argentina will struggle against well balanced opposition. They struggle hard defensively being sliced open several times by Nigeria. They hammered on the door against Iran and barely got the winner. However I do still think they'll have little problems sending the Swiss home to their bank accounts and it will be a surprise if they don't make it to the semis. There they'll probably face Netherlands or Costa Rica and that's a pretty damn open game. Nigeria will be playing France and I can't see a reason as to why France shouldn't beat them. Too much strength up front for Nigeria to handle, a team that was very sloppy defensively against Argentina.

Eqcuador - France 0-0

Not the most interesting match, although France were already through to the final 16. Equador brought some trouble, although I say they deserved to be eliminated. Despite ending up with a big fat 0 I think France have what it takes to go all the way through to the final should they have a good day. They look extremely strong, although Germany in the next round will be their toughest match in long time.

USA - Germany 0-1

Germany by far the better side. Although USA had some good chances it took them 50 minutes to get going, had a ten minute spell where they were quite good and then went down again. Although they have a good chance against Belgium, I still think they'll struggle to create things against Argentina. And should they try they will have to go high up the pitch leaving them exposed to a small little dude called Messi. Germany looks solid, have done all the time despite the 2-2 against Ghana.

Algeria - Russia 1-1

Congrats to Algeria for going all the way through for the first time in history and well deserved. WOrked hard, got good chances and deserved to go through at the expense of Russia who have been boring. Capello has obviously been showing his cynical side rather than the side that can produce great football. Still believe Algeria will be hammered by the Germans though.

If you all find this post boring and crap I'll stop posting them. If you find it somewhat interesting I'll keep you updated. My prediction so far is Germany winning the whole damn thing. Germany - Netherlands in the final while Brasil and Argentina battle it out in the Bronze final

Topic Prediction for an Underdog to win World Cup in Brazil ?
Posted 26 Jun 2014 10:30

France has really impressed me compared to what they did last world cup. On a good day they can beat any team. For the first time in long there's a sense of togetherness in the team, hence the dismissal of Nasri from the squad. Belgium is severely overrated and the only way I can imagine them reaching the quarter finals is if they meet the US(who after 70 minutes against a good team have proven that they have a long way to go before they reach their level). They're in the weakest group and haven't really impressed at all.

I'd give Chile good chances to take out Brazil, simply because their workrate in defense is immense. They simply forced Spain to play boring and could very well do the same to Brazil. Brazil haven't been all that impressive defensively and the Cameroon win aside they haven't impressed attacking wise either. I understand perfectly Scolari when he says he'd rather take Netherlands, simply because Netherlands haven't impressed defensive wise.

The team that has impressed me the most is Germany. And since I support them you can be damn sure that they won't win the world cup.

Topic Why Women Don't "Earn Less" Than Men...
Posted 21 Jun 2014 15:14

Add the whole "We need more women in the boardroom" thing. Well, if you consider that those in different boardrooms are let's say 40+, then it's not difficult to figure out that there probably was a much lower percentage of women studying economics and management 20 years ago than it is today. Basically meaning that there are less qualified women than men for the job. Give it time and I'm sure the women will wipe the floor with us on that level too. Though women still suck at football, just so you know Mazz Pint Drunk

Topic Obama stupidity
Posted 21 Jun 2014 15:07

You know he sent military advisors, right? This is not three hundred soldiers armed to the teeth that will head to the front line. Closest they'll be to action is in a forward command post, most likely sitting in Baghdad ADVISING on strategies and such. Secondly, the problem her is that it's a religious war with religious extremists leading the charge and this is the US problem because: Once they've taken over Iraq, you think they'll sit on their arse and go "Ok, now lets build a moral society that follows our standards and focus on that"? It will be a tense ethnic situation and the only way to keep people happy will be from two things; 1) Supressive terror and 2) Make sure there's a common enemy. If none of the ME states makes a move they won't go into that, because suddenly religious tension will break up again and you have an all out civil war. So find something that you can easily turn into propaganda that everyone can hate. Simple answer is; The West and specifically the US. I can just imagine them going "They went in, fucked us over for our oil and then fucked off again." Suddenly all of Iraq becomes a free haven for every wannabe Osama bin Laden in a country where the government makes bin Laden seem like Washington's bff. That's when it start becoming YOUR problem, because that will most likely result in another terror attack on US soil. The typical US isolationism failed to function in WW1 and WW2. I'm surprised some people think it will work in a much more modern and global word where distances are much shorter than they used to be.

Topic Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States.
Posted 18 Jun 2014 17:09

I frikkin LOVE that book. Yeah, it's biased, but a nice corrective to the status quo.

IMHO, the Civil War was the first modern war because Sherman invented the concept of "total war," where citizens and private property are considered fair game. Not to be incendiary, but he should burn in hell for changing the definition of war to include innocent civilians.

The rifled barrel had a lot to do with it too. It was the first war where we became very efficient in killing people (we practiced on the Mexicans about a decade earlier). Wholesale slaughter. Reading Civil War histories still makes me cringe in horror.

If you base it on Sherman saying that in order to win a war you also need to target e.g. production(like farmers and factory) that maxim in itself had been practiced for decades before the Civil War. It wasn't uncommon in the Middle Ages to attack food production in order to starve someone out of their castle or kill the peasants in such a way that it would harm the lord economically. Charlemagne baptised and killed 5000 men at Verdun to make sure the 5000 wouldn't arm themselves and start an uprising. Just because someone said the theory, doesn't make them the inventor of something, especially when it comes to war.

Topic Should students who do not receive a C or better average on their...
Posted 18 Jun 2014 17:00

Who the hell came up with that stupid idea? There are so many factors that could affect grades that you'd have to have the school or teachers evaluate who got the low grades due to not giving a shit and who got the low grades simply because they couldn't and/or had other issues affecting their grades. Should a kid be sent to the army because in the last year his parents have been going through a tough divorce that will clearly have affected him/her and the grades? How about those with alcoholic parents or any other kind of shitty parent? What about those that actually could get a C average if they had the right learning environment, but due to lack of funds in school or piss poor teachers they couldn't? I know several kids who would have failed school unless the teacher had put in an extra effort to get them through. Should you punish them because the teacher couldn't or wouldn't put in the extra effort?

So for the first there are too many variables as to why someone won't get a C average. Secondly, do you really want to send unmotivated kids to the armed forces and maybe even into battle? Odds are you're gonna have to court marshal half of them because they neglected their duty.

They gave up beating kids at school because they found out that it didn't work all that well as well as being unethical. So do these fuckers actually think it will have an effect, or have they played too much Starcraft II and figured that sacrificing cheap troops is a valid way to win a battle?

Topic Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States.
Posted 11 Jun 2014 18:14

Just to be a smartarse asshole point out one thing; Calling the Civil war the first modern war is debatable at best. The majority of the reasons people call the Civil War the first modern war can be found in the Crimean War a decade earlier.

Secondly, I will admit to not having read the book, however the entire debate on class struggle is typically marxist, especially if he goes on about how the capital and people behind it have been willing to walk over bodies to gain profit. Imagine teachers going into the classroom of a country where many politicians, especially on the right wing, pride themselves on being a country where typical less affairs capitalism works, you prove that uncontrolled capitalism is a murdering and unsympathetic bitch and the country would do good by taking at least one or maybe two steps to the left. Considering Obama and Obamacare are branded as socialist and communist(both at the same time very often) that theory and debate is taking it into the extreme left.

And finally(especially to Twofish); to have on author of a history book to open your eyes and saying that all you have been taught is lies and BS is all well and good, but it has no more value than the racial aspects of Mein Kampf unless you back it up by other literature. Hence why history is a difficult subject and so debated; leave out a sentence and you alter the entire meaning of it.

Topic For you that voted for Obama...
Posted 05 May 2014 13:30

50 % percent of the total sequestration cuts were in defense spending. I was not implying the defense department had its budget slashed in half. Futhermore, I must agree with Secretary Hagel. Our European allies MUST increase defense spending in their respective countries, because currently the United States is disproportionately shouldering the financial burden of NATO military/defense forces.

Yeah, sure. Why not. Spain should really improve their money spending despite that 50% of those under 25 are unemployed. NATO and military spending is the last of Europe's concern.

Topic What if Ukraine join NATO?
Posted 04 May 2014 12:39

Schytians were not Slavs, they were more Persian. Which means you're going very very far if you drag that line towards Russia. It's hardly even comparable. And as for Revelations, well it's so full of imagery that it can just as well be the US it's describing.

As for Ukraine it will not join NATO nor will Putin invade or annex the Eastern part of Ukraine. The reason for this is that the government in Ukraine could accept giving up the Eastern Part of Ukraine due to the trade off; 9 million pro Russia voters are no longer in consideration when it comes to elections. Suddenly the pro-West of Ukraine will turn towards EU and the US and before you know it Ukraine will be a part of NATO. Then Putin will have the missile defense shield along the Polish and Ukrainian border as well as NATO bases. I don't think the rest of NATO would hesitate much by letting Ukraine join NATO, simply because it would mean that they'd get a larger border against Russia as well as the possibility for NATO ports in the Black Sea. In all fairness; the result above would actually serve the West a lot more than status quo.

Topic What if Ukraine join NATO?
Posted 20 Apr 2014 19:24

What is highly likely to happen is an independent Eastern Ukraine which Russia will have as a buffer state against Western Europe. Ukraine will at no point be allowed to join NATO simply because Putin can very well turn off the gas valve that keeps them warm in the winter. No gas for Ukraine would send the price for rest of Europe skyrocketing, and although Europe would survive it would set them back quite severely. Gas prices would also make oil prices jump, which would be hurtful for the US. None of the NATO countries(apart from the oil producing ones) will benefit from Ukraine joining NATO. In fact it's more likely that Ukraine will join the EU than NATO, even if that is highly unlikely.

Putin might be going mental, but he knows that a war with the West won't be a short one, and long term wars are expensive especially when you go to war with your trade partner. At worst we're heading for small version of the Cold War era, but still the countries will be trading. Europe is dependent on Russia and vica verca. Don't think you need to head into your basement just yet.

Topic Guys, if you could be a woman for 1 month, what would you do?
Posted 11 Feb 2014 06:47

Be a massive cocktease and get tons of free drinks. Maybe make some dude miserable by telling him I'm fat and watch them try to convince me otherwise. You know, typical woman things...

Topic What if...
Posted 20 Oct 2013 16:17

Hey, does that mean you lot would be having the babies too?

I'd like to see you squeeze one out hahahhahahahah

Let me see you say how a little baby that your man literally just shat out is beautiful. Not to mention you going out to get us pickled herrings at 2 AM because we're craving it geek

Topic Malala - Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
Posted 17 Oct 2013 16:29

Malala is a brave girl, no one will contest that. She stood up against the Taliban and have been a vital spokesperson for education for women in the third world, as well as the rest of the world. No doubt about it. The issue finally has a face and it's someone that the first world has actually fallen in love with. However, has she really done anything? Has she done anything else than light a hope in the world? In my opinion, no. Secondly, she is 16. Does anyone know what a massive prize her head would be for any fundamendalist groups in the world had she been given the peace prize? Lets face it, it's not just the Taliban that are against her, but there are nutjobs in the rest of the world as well that are sympathetic to the extreme islamic views(mostly they're in the west because they get ostrochised from their small local communities). I actually believe she would have been living on borrowed time and schools might have been force to take the choice between letting her go to their school and risking the lives of her fellow pupils, or expelling her. It's an increadibly difficult situation.

EDIT: Likewise, the deadline for nominating people to the peace prize ran out in February. Her major contributions have been after this deadline, so according to the will of Alfred Nobel(which dictates what the recipient must have done to earn it) she's not even close to being eligable for the prize. I have no doubt that she will at some point get it should she continue her work, but not now.

OPCW actually has done something to promote peace. The destruction of weapons is a big step towards peace. Some 75% of the world's chemical weapons have been destroyed so far by them, and now they're heading into the world's biggest chemical weapons cache in Syria. These are truly the unsung heroes, because they don't hold speeches, but prevent children from suffering agonising deaths from Sarin gas.

As for the Nobel committe being biased, they're actually rather broad in the political spectrum. Each party in the Norwegian parliment selects one member to be placed there. Although the current chairman is a humongeous twat that has his eyes on Norway becoming part of the EU and himself as the President of the EU, it's still a broad spectrum of politicians that have managed to piss off China to such a degree that they've cut a lot of ties to Norway, politically and financially. So no, it's not a bunch of stupid commies sitting there.

Topic This fall's games
Posted 17 Oct 2013 16:14

So we've had the fuss about GTA V being released and making more money than any games, movies or music by the first 24 hours. Still to come we have the big guns of Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts as well as Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Batman Arkham Origins. Tons of other less known, like Football Manager that will probably do well in Europe. Any games you're particularly looking forward to? Anyone that is a must have?

Personally Batman and Assassin's Creed is a must buy for me. I'll have a look at whatever else pops up, but this is definetely a must for me.

Topic Sex with my hubby
Posted 17 Oct 2013 14:15

Have you tried telling him what makes you feel good? If you masturbate at all then surely you know how to give yourself an orgasm. Just because something works on one woman, doesn't mean that it works on you. For all you know he'll end up with a girl that says surprise buttsex is so pleasurable despite the pain that he should try it on you and before you know it you're in the ER.

Like Kimasa said, do you really believe that him shagging another woman would benefit your sex life? Is him fucking another woman something that turns you on, because if it's not then I doubt there's really any point of doing it. And if he is crappy in bed then I doubt she'll be willing to be a teacher and bring him into sexual training, because that would require a lot of patience. I could see the thrill of training an 18yo virgin to suck my dick like a godess, but I have to admit having to "train" a sexually experienced woman in her 30's would have less of an appeal to me...

Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 15 Oct 2013 16:44

If the Confederate flag is supposed to symbolise hard work and church on the Sunday and all that then they've done one shitty job at marketing it for that purpose. To me it is THE symbol of American stupidity, racism, bigotry, opressing, Bible bashing, intolerance and a bunch of other things, simply because the ones wielding it have been spewing this crap. Banning it isn't the solution, you just have to educate people, although given that the states and different schoolboards have so much liberty in what is to be taught at school it will take some time before that happens. In the meantime, let me turn your attention to this picture. Notice the caption in the bottom. Kinda sums it up...

Topic How long are your cocks, boys?
Posted 15 Oct 2013 15:24,width=178,height=178,appearanceId=5/180-darts-cool-T-Shirts.jpg