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Topic Grammar
Posted 19 Jun 2012 07:36

I can't be the only one who has experience this, can I?

Today, I was reading erotic literature and noticed several errors in syntax, resulting in my "mood" being killed. I was cockblocked by my need for grammatical correctness. FML

Topic Meh
Posted 18 Jun 2012 03:40

I'm more meh than you'd be able to comprehend. I feel like punching someone, just to get something happening. Meh...

Topic Hide Yourself
Posted 18 Jun 2012 03:31

Eastern Europe seems like a good place to go. Fun thing about Schengen is that I can go past borders in Europe without showing my passport, so it wouldn't pop up on a radar. Oh wait, the cops might read this.

I'm gonna curl up like a homeless guy in front of the policestation!

Topic Birth Assault. Appalling actions by doctors and hospitals
Posted 18 Jun 2012 02:26

If it's true that doctors prefer the c-section because that lowers the risk of complication and thus also the risk of being sued, doesn't that mean that the system has brought this upon themselves? Seems like in this sitution the medical team had some worries that things were not as they should be, and when you're in that much pain are you really in a position to actually give an informed consent. Listening to the Birth plans that Lady is mentioning and hearing other stories about batshit crazy mother's to be it wouldn't be surprise me if there are those that would rather stick to the plan than make sure that the baby is ok. In my opinion the interest of the baby should come first, regardless of any plan that's made on beforehand and the mother's wishes. As the military saying goes; when the war starts all plans are scrapped.

I've had some rather painful medical episodes in my time and if giving birth is as much worse as they say(I don't doubt them a second that it is) then I know I would not be capable of making an informed decision at that time. I know that if I was given a series of numbers and suggestions I wouldn't understand shit and I might end up with something amputated at that time, so I can't even imagine how your mind is when giving labour. Not only the pain but also the intensity of the situation, especially when the docs thinks something is wrong and is rushing you down to the OR. I know I was confused going down there, and I was in no real pain at the time. Add that your body is producing it's own painkillers that pretty much makes you high what you end up with is a person who is in increadible pain from the contractions as well as being only a few notches from legally high.

So since we only got the mother's version I think it's impossible to pick sides. What if there were serious concerns about the wellbeing of the child and the mother refused to listen? What if the medical team had to put her under so they could save the kid and avoid complications? There are too many unknown factors to this, and unless this stuff ends up in court we will never know the hospital's side of the story, because medical records are rightfully sealed to the public. Remember that there are always three sides to a story. In this case it would be the mother's, the medical team's and what actually happened...

Topic Electric Shock for children and teenagers with autism and other disabilities
Posted 18 Jun 2012 01:55

By the way, does this mean that Massachusettes, or at least schools in that state, allows teachers to hit pupils at regular schools? I mean if they allow electrical shock to the point where there's permanent damage, isn't it a bit hypocritical to go "No, we don't allow child abuse". Talk about fucked up world...

Topic The ethics of wearing fur or animal skins
Posted 18 Jun 2012 01:52

Too many pages for me to bother to read them all, so I'm gonna just throw in my My 2 cents

I see no problem with breeding animals to wear the fur. That is as long as the animals are treated properly not only at the farm but also where they get processed. People seem to think that farmers in the fur industry are so much worse and doesn't care if the animals there are end up being bitten and sick and God knows what else, but they forget one vital thing; it's an industry and in the industry like everywhere else in the world money rules. One animal that's out of shape or got a bad fur is money lost for the farmer. He's been giving it food every day so if the fur is useless he's lost money. It's in his best(i.e. financial) interest to keep as many animals as possible healthy.

What really isn't considered often enough is that the farmer usually have several thousand animals. When you have that many there are bound to be some that end up with injuries, either you like it or not. PETA and similar folks go apeshit the moment they see an injured animal, even if it's been put in a seperate cage and are awaiting vet-treatment. I dunno their trail of thought, but then again, can you expect much reasoning and sense from an organisation that protests against an animal shelter that puts down animals that will only suffer if they keep on living. Not to mention the fact that they condone what the FBI has considered as acts of terrorism. Hell, they've even got convicted terrorists on their payroll to keep lectures about how it's ok to use violence sometimes.

So as long as the farmer treats the animals right and they do the same at the processing plant I have no problems with the industry. Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm myself and thus views animals differently, but I think it's more that I've learned how a farmer thinks. He might not name the animals and cuddle them all day long, but he still cares for them. Hell, my parents even kept a cow a year longer just for my sake, even if it wasn't really the right economical thing to do. Guess I was stubborn already as a 7 year old evil4

Topic Electric Shock for children and teenagers with autism and other disabilities
Posted 17 Jun 2012 04:33

Ummmm, why is there even a petition out for this? Shouldn't this be a non-brainer for the cops? Reminds me of Abu Ghraib, only with disabled kids as the prisoners...

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 17 Jun 2012 04:29

People need to cut us smokers some slack. No, it's not "just to quit". I bet 95% of the smokers would like to quit if they could. They started smoking for some dumbass reason and suddenly they got addicted. I know that's how I ended up with it. The people who are most understanding towards smokers are usually ex smokers. They know how difficult it is to actually stop doing it, and they also know that there are certain times when it's just impossible to quit(i.e. stressy period somewhere and so forth). I have a plan to try and quit smoking, and I hope to God I will manage to go through with it. I dunno what I'll do other than chew gum and hope that the "exaggerated use may cause laxative effect" warning really is just "may" not a guarantee. It's one of those where you could say that unless you have actually been a smoker and stopped, don't come telling me how it just requires the mindset to do it. You haven't been addicted to it, so you don't know what the cravings does to your body, not to mention your mind and your mood.

Topic Meh
Posted 15 Jun 2012 09:52

Rain in Donetsk postponing the match. Everything else that's possible to do makes me feel "meh"

Topic Kiss or Piss or Fig.
Posted 14 Jun 2012 11:06

Hmmm, it's difficult. Maybe a kiss first and then piss? Sort of like the Mafia "Kiss of Death", with a little twist, so it's the "Kiss of Piss"?

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 13 Jun 2012 12:47

So the European Football Championship is rolling. So have they splitted the rights between three different channels. Which is a pain because two of the channels have more crappy commercials than there are cunty people in the home stand at white heart lane. And not to mention that the commentators are more shitty than a bag of dogpoo. The obvious statements they make are wrong. How the fuck can you be wrong at something that's obvious? It's like saying that decaf coffee contains more caffeine than a caffeine tablet. I could do a better job than these ignorant cunts.

And then they have analasys that really doesn't do anything. It's 4 minutes of jibber jabber before they squeeze in another 5 minutes of cunty commercials. This is why I prefer the national channel. At least they aren't ignorant and annoying cunts.

Topic A more democratic government
Posted 11 Jun 2012 23:59

Actually that is not quite truth. What you are saying is fact for ancient Greece, specifically for Aten's polis, where everyone (at that time only adult men, with permanent residence in Atens) got a vote on all issues- decisions were made on the spot (square, in the middle of the city-polis), and they closed the case and moved to next issue. Ancient Greece is beginning of democracy we know today .
In modern democracy and in the countries organized as republic, we have someone who is representing us, difference is that in democratic system minority cannot overrule majority, which is the case for republic system.

Didn't have time to search online for sources, but here is one

Sorry, but that's wrong. The Greek democracy meant that everyone eligeble to vote voted on every matter that the state had to make decisions on. In the modern day we have representative democracy; we elect a few people based on who gets the majority of the votes gets to take part in the decision making. Your average man on the street doesn't approve laws and budgets, but they choose who get to make those decision. The oldest form of the modern democracy you'll find starting up in around 800 AD in Scandinavia(maybe even before, but there's a lack of written sources on this). There every village agreed on a few members to represent the village in the "ting", which was pretty much the modern parliment or city council. The oldest continous democracy can be found on Iceland, where they have their parliment right next to the place where the original Ting was placed over a thousand years ago.

In what situation do you think average joe had a better chance to voice his opinion; 8000 people gathered at the same place all trying to speak at once(and thus the person with the loudest voice or most supporters gets to hold the floor) or the village meet and debate before sending their representatives off to the Ting?

Here endeth the lesson.

Topic Why Aren't You Speaking English
Posted 11 Jun 2012 23:41

Fun fact; There are several Norwegians who move to Costa Del Sol(The Sunshine Coast) in Spain, either to retire or just because they want a warmer climate. A couple of years ago the party leader of the Norwegian party that's furthest to the right in politics here(that's worth mentioning) made a speech where he said something along these lines:
"Immigrants in Norway should learn Norwegian to handle the job market better. Likewise people in Spain where there are large concentrations of Norwegians should learn Norwegian to communicate with the Norwegians there better."

This is the type of double standard that you'd often find with these people. They're the same people that will go somewhere as tourists and then bitch and complain when every local person isn't fluent in English. It's fucking ridicilous and hypocritical. They don't want a well integrated society. They want what's the most convinient for them.

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 11 Jun 2012 23:28

I'm a smoker. I've tried quitting once, lasted about a month or so before crumbling. Have a hope to try again sometime soon, simply because it's way too bloody expensive. But most of it is taxes here, probably more tax than you have in Canada. So once I've payed for my bag of tobacco I'd like to be able to sit outside and enjoy my smoke. People bitch about me not taking care of myself and that I will eventually cost the health care system a lot of money. I'm not denying that, but it's rather ludicrous that the same people who makes these claims are the ones spending more time chewing down burgers and chocolate than dragging their fat ass out of the couch and just taking a walk. Later today I'm gonna head to my uncle and do some good old farm labour that's pretty much a full body work out. I'm gonna be doing this for several hours, a type of work that would tire out most health freaks.

I'll admit that I'm a health risk to myself and maybe nearby children if I blow the smoke straight at their face when outside, but I'm no bigger risk to a kid in a city park than the cars running on petrol and diesel all around, spewing out Nox gasses and all the other crap. I don't think I'm that big of a risk as everyone make it out to be. Why? Because the biggest health risk to people today isn't the smoking, but the lack of activity. The number of smokers that will intentionally blow the smoke in other people's faces is so small that it's not really mentionable.

And if we're talking about making it difficult for other people to breathe indoors, then why are no one reacting to people who shower themselves with perfume/cologne? There are several people with asthma who reacts and can have troubles breathing if the person next to them uses perfume and so forth excessively, but who here will walk up to the smellycat and go "Hey, your excessive use of perfume are causing other people trouble." Of course we wouldn't, because that's rude. But it's not rude to walk up to a smoker and go "that's unhealthy you know". Smokers have become the group that it's pretty much accepted and legal to bully.

Topic Person above you is naked and tied to your bed?
Posted 11 Jun 2012 03:37

Oh I'd tease her good. Real good. And after that... well, let's just say I hope the neighbours are gone bates

Topic The one thing
Posted 10 Jun 2012 14:31

Did a quick search and couldn't find it, so I'm posting a new one. What's the one thing your partner can't be without. I'm not thinking sexual, I'm thinking relaitonship wise, as in the man/woman you marry and grow old with. It can be anything, either it's personality or looks. Humour, cute smile, smelly toes, a nose without boogers etc. What's the one thing you can't be without in a relationship, if you were to pick just one thing. And feel free to explain why if you want.

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 10 Jun 2012 12:21

It pretty much invites for a kiss, doesn't it?

Topic Mom arrested for choking 14yr old that bullied her daughter
Posted 08 Jun 2012 17:51

Sadly it very often comes down to the individual headmaster. I understand why in many cases a headmaster would want to sweep it under the carpet, because if he/she did anything about it then you're causing a shitstorm. Today it would be parents of the bully going to the media and telling how the school was accusing their cute little kid who never hurt a fly of something as horrible as bullying. They'd refuse to believe that their little brat is on a level of cuntiness that is hard to understand. You also have to problem of who to believe. It's usually just down to he said she said and 99% of the times classmates won't say anything, because they don't wanna be a snitch, thus lose respect amongst the other kids. It's hard, really hard from a teacher's point of view if they want to do something about it but there are no witnesses. Then the teachers have to ask themselves "Is this student capable of being such a massive cunt?"(and yes, kids that systematically bully other kids and make their life a living hell deserve to be called nothing less than cunts).

But that said, what I mentioned above is no excuse for not dealing with it. Some headmaster's got the balls to go through with it and weather the storm, others don't and decide to ignore the problem or not even admit that there is a problem. It's not uncommon in society. You see it at the workplace not only with bullying but also sexual harassment. And very often it is hard to spot it. Teachers have 28 kids in their class, can't be everywhere at once and when it happens to and from school they're not able to see it. Not to mention texts, facebook, msn and all that. Also like I mentioned earlier, how far does the school's jurisdiction go?

Topic Army Corps of Engineers to cut down man's $14k treehouse/guest house?
Posted 08 Jun 2012 17:40

We need to respect property rights as absolute.

Absolute? As in once you've bought it's yours and no one can take it away from you even if it's for the greater good? What about placement of schools, roads, officebuildings and other things that will help the city/area prosper? What if I live in a neighbourhood with run down ugly ass houses that are just fuck ugly and pollute and basically just a cyste on the local community. Should the city not be allowed to take that area and turn it into much needed appartment buildings and so forth? What about expanding cities? Should a grumpy landowner halt construction because that particular area is something he doesn't want to sell? That would be devastating in my area, because the need for new houses and appartments are skyrocketing. Yes, it is sad to see some areas disappear, but guess what; unless we start implementing closed borders and copying China's one kid policy then cities will grow, more houses will be needed and land is required to build the housing and stores and workplaces that keeps a community going.

Topic Your Last Lush Blog
Posted 07 Jun 2012 17:04

Hmmm, maybe "I told you guys I wasn't feeling well!!!", although Mazza's is a good one. Good thing my comp is fingerprint protected. They'd have to really want to know what I had here if they took the laptop to my dead body...

Topic Mom arrested for choking 14yr old that bullied her daughter
Posted 06 Jun 2012 17:54

One major problem at least now that texts and internet has become part of the bullying is how far the school is legally capable of going. It's not uncommon that all of the bullying happens away from school. So what can the school do? Their hands are very often tied as long as the political authorities says that any bullying that happens between two people going to the same school can also be dealt with by the school in form of detention, suspension, new school etc.

Over here pupils are protected by the work enviroment law, that says that it is illegal to bully your fellow pupils and the school have to give a safe working environment for their pupils. Whenever the bullying happens on the school they have no problem doing it(as long as they're aware of it, which can be difficult especially with girls). But what when the bullying is outside of school. Yes, the pupil is afraid of going to school and all that, but very often the school gets hammered down with "It's outside of school. You can't do anything. It's up to the parents." And we all know how resolute parents can be with their children...

Schools needs to be given absolute power to handle whatever students do to each other, even outside school. Then they would have no excuse not to deal with it. Add that they should lower the bar for expelling pupils and sending them off to other schools. It could work as a deterrent if the bully is pulled into the principal's office and told "Last chance. Do it again and you're off to another school. Behave or lose all your friends and start over." Maybe even report threats and physical violence to the police and that the police are actually willing to deal with it.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 06 Jun 2012 17:29

Nope I don't think its superior, I asked if it was just. I work 50-70 hours a week, at two jobs to get by. That will change yes, but for now its what I have to do. My question was is it just that I have to work that hard, so that my hard earned money goes to supporting criminals?

That's the difference between you and the person in serving a life sentence. It can change, and in many cases it will. But the person serving his life sentence have no chance of change. That life will become a routine. The system will tell him what he can and can't do, when to eat, when to sleep, when to excercise. There are several people that have served long prison sentences that struggle to live a normal life. Not because they can't get a job and all that, but because they have been institutionalised. They're used to having someone tell them when to do this and that that the freedom of choice makes them insane.

And then you have those that are put in solitary. Imagine spending 23 hours of the day in a small cell, one hour of air every day, and the only human contact you have with the outside world is with the guards who probably doesn't like you because you've been doing bad stuff. I think that's a punishment much much worse than death. Death is quick and easy. Being locked in isn't.

I'm against the death penalty, simply because it's not a penalty, it's revenge. You don't punish someone by killing them, you satisfy your own need for revenge and bloodthirst. And no, death penalty doesn't work as a deterrant. If it did, countries with death penalty wouldn't have a such a high crime rate as they do. Look at the US. The country in the West with the highest guncrime rate. That also include murders. How can you say it works as a deterrent when every day there are people commiting crimes that's worthy of the death penalty?

And insane that you pay both sides of the fight? That all depends on what kind of system you want. If you want the system where every person has a right to a fair trial, then that also includes appeals and so forth. If you want the justice system to work in a way that you pay for your own lawyer, then you're gonna end up with poor people having no chance of winning a case while the rich are more likely to get off completely or at least they'll be capable of prolonging the execution or reducing the sentence. How is that "Just"? You can say that "Oh then they shouldn't have commited the crime", but what about all the innocent people that are put on trial? How is it just for them that they have done nothing wrong, yet they are put on trial and they can't have someone representing them because they don't have the money for it.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 02 Jun 2012 17:46

Watching it live at the stadium it's what you make it out to be. If you've decided already that you can't be bothered to be a bit interested in it then it's gonna be boring as hell no matter what you do, whether it's football, sissy rugby(american football) or tennis.

Fun things to do at a football match if the game isn't all that exciting

1. Listen to the insults. The chants and songs at footballmatches is where I've learned some of my best insults, and also I learned how to insult people in a more singing matter.
2. Get out some aggression. Usually you can start giving the referee abuse when he makes a decision you don't totally agree with(i.e. it's against your team/whatever team you're sitting amongst). Standing up and screaming "The referee's a wanker" or any similar abuse is totally accepted. Try to charge all your hatred for one person(like an ex) into the chant.
3. Get drunk. Although most stadiums doesn't allow alcohol into the stands, they usually sell it inside. Go in, get drunk.

I'm sure you guys can come up with other things to do as well.

But other than that, football is a fucking awesome sport, especially at the stadiums. My advice if you're going to see one is get tickets with the away supporters. They're usually the hard core of the supporters and are more lively than the big bunch of home supporters(a few exceptions apply) But whatever you do, don't go to a football match in Norway.

Topic Which couple do you think enjoys the best sex?
Posted 02 Jun 2012 17:34

Barack/Michelle. He can order all kinds of stuff under the name of some of his Secret Service agents, so he can get into some really kinky shit. If Mitt does the same press will be over him.

Topic twitter
Posted 01 Jun 2012 09:55

And I'm following all of you. We could have a slumberparty on twitter now t1517 evil4

Topic twitter
Posted 01 Jun 2012 05:38

I'm your first follower. :)

Since you're my first follower I won't give you abuse there Big Hugs well, not too much anyway evil4

Topic Should we boycott items if knowing their history or being religious in assocation?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 04:25

You could probably argue against I.G. Farben and the companies that used slave labour, but it would be retarded to boycot VW and Fanta just because they were made during Hitler's reign. VW stands for Volks Wagen, or People Wagon in English. It wasn't meant to be a transport for Jews to the concentrationcamps. Besides, the workers, administration and management in all these companies have been swapped out since WWII. Are you gonna keep going on the good old "Sins of our fathers" road and not seperate the past from the present? If so, then you should start doing some research in the Concentrationcamps the US had set up for the Japanese during WWII. Have a boycot on the companies that supplied the timber and construction work for those camps.

Or maybe you as an Aussie should check out the companies that did all the shitty stuff that happened to the Aboriginals? If we're gonna keep holding the past against the people who had pretty much nothing to do with it then we're gonna end up with a resentful fucked up world. If nothing else then you should at least stop purchasing stuff that has "Made in China" on them.

Topic twitter
Posted 01 Jun 2012 04:10

Got myself a cute little twatter account. elitfromnorth. Imaginative, ain't it. Dunno what I'm gonna use it as. Could work as a helpdesk as well. Hit me up.

Posted 30 May 2012 15:29

Maybe I did not have the right person on the other end to make if feel enjoyable, although, she definitely know what she was doing. But it sure did not get me off and it just did not feel real to me.

Having the right person on the other end is essential. It doesn't have to be someone you love or care deeply about, but you just need to connect with the person. The good old cliche about chemistry. She can be awesome at cyber and it's all "meh", and she can be mediocre at cyber and it will feel awesome, simply because you two click together. It's a gamble, but I know that if I was to be discouraged by my first then I'd never touch cybersex again =P