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Topic Should obese people be classified as disabled?
Posted 05 Mar 2013 03:40

The reasons for obesity can be a shitload of different ones, as Trinket noted above. A certain type of medication may suddenly cause you to start eating a whole lot more, believe me I've been there. And saying that it all can be solved by diet and excercise is bullocks. If you've been fat for a long time then your body has suddenly decided to change it's standard settings of weight and bodyfat to being obese. That means that if you try to work it off through the whole diet and excercise thing it's a good chance it won't work. End result is that they either need the surgery or they need one of those "Biggest Loser" type of excercise regimes, and how many can afford that?

What's equally disturbing is that in many cases, especially for families, you'll find that the less healthy groceries are cheaper than the more healthy ones. In the current economic climate where many people have to tighten the belt a bit, the less healthy one suddenly becomes a choice of necessity, not what they want.

So next time you chew your carrot and decide to judge anyone that you think isn't as worthy as you, smack yourself in the face for me and try to understand that the world isn't black and white. That it isn't as easy as you'd like it to be and that just because obesity is DIRECTLY caused by medical conditions in 10% of the cases, doesn't mean that 90% of the world's obese people are that way just because they love fast food.

Topic Do the Harlem Shake
Posted 05 Mar 2013 03:23

On the Buddhist course I was on this weekend, we made a Harlem Shake video...

Buddhists doing the Harlem shake? LINK!!!!!!!

Topic Cheap flights
Posted 03 Mar 2013 16:44

Points if you manage to guess which airline they're talking about.

Topic The comments that I
Posted 03 Mar 2013 06:09


Nothing makes me cum harder than a woman shouting this just as she cums. Mind shattering orgasms.

Topic Need something to listen to for the next 10 hours?
Posted 01 Mar 2013 05:07

Watch and listen to Epic sax guy.

Topic Transgendered child banned from using girls' restroom at school.
Posted 01 Mar 2013 04:23

I think that in these cases you have to be square and say that it's up to biology. If your biology says male, then you have to use the men's bathroom. The reason I think so is to actually protect transgenders. If you say "Ok, so he wears girl's clothes, then we'll let him use the girl's bathroom and locker room for PE". Before you know it you have some fucked up boys that show up in girls clothes and say "I just grew the confidence to show who I really am". You could end up with the case that transgenders gets suspected as nothing but pervs who wants to get free acess to the ladies' rooms.

It's a difficult case, but I think it's really sad that a 6 yo have been put in the middle of this. Coy should be living in ignorant bliss and just be told to use the gender neutral bathrooms. When he gets older and all the girls in the class goes "Sure, she can change with us." then let Coy change with the girls.

Topic A New Federal Holiday
Posted 01 Mar 2013 01:12

We have a winner!! Would get my vote if I was a Yank.

Do it like Easter and change the date. Simple as that.

Also, you better mix in national cunnilingus day as well, otherwise the feminists will rip your guts out. And you really should have national cunnilingus day first, otherwise all the women will go "Typical men, always coming first"...

Topic Stop the gun bans! Rant Three
Posted 26 Feb 2013 16:16


Actually every monarch that takes the throne needs to have their own seal, so I'm guessing that the next leader to make his own seal will be King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands. Your lack of proper spelling, your belief that caps lock is cruise control for cool and your insinuation that Hitler and Obama are the same type invalidates pretty much everything you say in this forum from now on. You managed to brand yourself as the village idiot with that post...

Topic With all the talk of Global Climate Change
Posted 26 Feb 2013 16:11

One thing that is needed is that we stop building ridicilously long electric cables that go across seas and instead gun for pipelines that can transport gas. Right now they're planning on building two more cables from Norway to Germany. Sure, the energy from Norway is about 90% water and some wind and solar power, so it's one of the cleanest in the world, but the cable causes huge damage to the life on the sea floor as well as a shitload of it gets lost in transit. Start building powerplants that run on gas with proper CO2 filtering. Force the oil companies to push the CO2 they can't purify down into the wells where they drill for oil and gas. It allows them to pick up maybe a percantage or two more, which in return gives them billions. Win win situation.

Our biggest problem isn't people moaning about them having to recycle and use more public transport. Give people the chance to recycle from their homes, by putting out different bins for plastic, glass and metal, paper and so on and build proper bus routes and trains. Then people will use it. Our biggest problems is politicians not wanting to squeee the balls of the big companies that pollute.

Topic Stop the gun bans! Rant Three
Posted 25 Feb 2013 07:38

@ WellMadeMale. You have a good point. Gun owners should take care that their tools of death never be stolen. Nobody here can argue against that. Which is why most gun owners buy safes and locks. It is why I fight so hard for gun rights. Everyday thugs and cons aren't the only threat against stolen guns. Also I agree to a point. If the same gun owner keeps gettin' jacked. He might need some jail time. However passing a blanket law for any person that has their guns stolen is pushing it too far. Kinda like saying anybody that drowns in a flood was trying to kill themselves.

I think that depends on how they were stored. Over here the police will fuck you up(take away your guns and you won't ever get to own one again) if they find out that your guns weren't stored properly. This comes down to responsibility. When you have a gun you also have the responsibility that it will be kept in a safe place. Saying that it's in your bedroom drawet and that you've told your kid never to touch it is not a safe place nor is it responsible. Gun lockers, big or small, that are bolted into the floor/ground or the wall and under lock and key should be a minimum requirement. If you come home one day and find your gun locker broken into, then no one can blame you, but if you leave a gun in your dresser and your 5 rifles are in a glass cabinet without any alarm, then you don't deserve to own a gun. Why? Because you're not accepting the responsibility!

Topic With all the talk of Global Climate Change
Posted 25 Feb 2013 07:30

Nature has always had a way to straighten itself out when it's been fucked over somehow. If you have a huge amount of prey then you'll get a huge amount of predators taking out the weak, and when there are no weak ones left and the amount of prey goes down, the weak predators will be the first to die. But the balance of nature is very delicate. There can't be any denial that we as humans have fucked up one thing after another in nature, either by cutting down trees, chemical spills and so forth. Right now there's an old German sub laying in the fjord in Norway with shitloads of quicksilver in it. If all that leaks out then the life in the fjord is pretty much fucked.

Trees take up CO2 while animals release it. Considering that there are more sources of CO2 and less trees than say 100 years ago, then you'd be an idiot to think that this won't affect the environment and the climate in one way or another. Comparing satelitte photos which shows the ice North of Norway has proven that the ice has melted and there's more open sea there now than it was 50 years ago, causing a different weather pattern with colder and more rainy summers, which again fucks up the crops. This summer many of the potato fields here had turned into mud piles that reminded me of pictures and footage of the trenches in WWI. Yes, that's how bad it was.

You can argue that this would have happened anyway. Maybe, maybe we haven't affected the nature that much that it would eventually have happened, BUT there should be no doubt that we have helped speed things up. Since we speed things up, the changes will happen much sooner, and before we know it we might end up with another ice age on our hands. Not a big one where half the northern hemisphere turns to ice, but like the one that was back in the 1500's or whenever it was. Food was so scarce that you had a death penalty for stealing a potato. What will the result be? A huge rise in food cost, meaning poor people have to starve, which again will cause riots and in some cases even wars. The death tolls because of it will be in the millions. What we need is to slow down the CO2 release, find the bacteria that stops the cows from farting(yes, they are actually doing that) until we have the technology that can produce more food. We're already on the brink of what we can sustain as far as food goes, and if we have less food... well...

Topic Rihanna and Chris Brown
Posted 24 Feb 2013 07:31

ok so could their relationship have been bdsm that has gone too far...the reason for this his need to collar her in public and her need to wear that collar to show him that he has ultimate control.

Please note I know Nothing of BDSM..i am as Vanilla as it comes so if this question upsets anyone it is not my intention.

If this is the situation..

Can BDSM go from a joint pleasure and pain, to a possible emotional breakdown with ultimate control and ultimate servitude?

We have seen in history minds can be reprogrammed to follow no matter the situation...add Drugs alcohol to the equation and well the brain can only take so much before it starts to make its own delusions to be able to live with..could this be the case?

As Rihanna is an aggressor in many ways in her life I don't see the battered wife syndrome that i have seen in the friends that i am supporting having gone through a brutal relationships.

Again i have not gone through a violent relationship so i am only speaking from my own limited experiences with people whom i help.

If it had been once then maybe your theory had been plausible. Tied up and rough sex and he slaps her hard in the face and then "oh shit..." But continous abuse can't be caused from this. The collar might as well be fashion as anything. These popstars will wear anything they want, and more often than not it doesn't represent anything. People start speculating and forget that 99% of what they wear is for the image.

Topic Rihanna and Chris Brown
Posted 23 Feb 2013 09:16

There's a reason they call it "Beaten wife syndrome". She'll constantly make excuses for him, saying that she provoked him in one way or another, maybe that he's stressed about something or had a bad day. That will be followed by "He loves me and he didn't really mean it". She will never leave him until she realises it's bad for her and that it will end up seriously harming her.

Very often you see that the more friends and family pushes her to leave him, she suddenly becomes more determined to stay. "He can change" becomes a mantra and tings remain status quo. Unless there's a willingness from the woman to get the hell out it's pointless.

What's just as sad is that you have several men suffering abuse, but they'll never come forward. Emotional abuse is much more difficult to spot and if it's physical then the man is unwilling to step forward. Imagine having your shit kicked out of you by a woman! Spousal abuse are one of the two taboos that are important to break. What sucks is that the moment you mention women hitting men you have a bunch of feminists that claim that it's all so that you can take the focus away from men hitting women. It's one big mess where people can't agree on how to fix it.

Topic Horror genre has been killed
Posted 22 Feb 2013 19:18

I find horror movies boring. Last couple of decades it has been the following recipie

1) Introduce a bunch of people(usually teens) within the first 20 minutes or so.
2) Make them do something bad or end up in a place they don't want to be
3) Make the audience understand there's a bad guy
4) Start killing them off one by one, maybe with chase scenes or other scenes were the suspense is built up and you rely on shock effect.
5) Kill off the bad guy or at least make the survivors in the movie believe that they killed him off.

There's no real feeling of uncomfortable or anything like that, it's all suddenly he pops up with a big knife and there's a loud noise. It becomes utterly boring, simply because the only way to make the movie interesting is if you watch it with someone else and make bets on who's going to die first and second and so forth. They bore me. Sure, I've jumped a few times, but it doesn't entertain me at all. If I wanted to be scared I'd sit in a dark room and have someone poke me every now and then.

I saw a movie a couple of years ago, remake of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Think it was from 92. It left me with a real feeling of being increadibly uncomfortable and kinda freaked out. Getting goosebumps. There was no shock or anything, but you suddenly felt it was more likely that there could be someone outside your window. In that manner it was brilliant as a horror movie, because you were continously "scared" through the entire movie.

But best horror experience; A game called Amnesia The Dark Decent. It had the same kind of feeling of being icky creepy, so if you have a computer, turn the lights off, make sure the room is dark and play it on your comp, preferably with a headset. You'll be in for a treat.

Topic 23 Rules for taking self shots for the internet.
Posted 21 Feb 2013 15:30

Number 21... wow!

On 21 it looks like the kid is smoking a cigarette. "I'm a badass motherfucka!"

Topic Sperm donor may have to pay child support to couple he helped.
Posted 20 Feb 2013 16:13

Yes and this will deter alottt of men

You mean as in he should pay child support and because of that men will not want to be sperm donors anymore? you mean donors in general or just outside medical facilities?

Topic Change in Lush culture
Posted 20 Feb 2013 16:06

I'll try to adress the sub topic that he wanted to whine about before he got on insulting everyone(ok, he did that straight away, but you know what I mean).

I usually hung out in the chatrooms, but in the forums I feel I've seen a bit more of an attacking attitude amongst members, very often towards new members especially. Very often people ask a question about something and then it gets immediately turned around by others about how it is the OP's fault. Maybe it's just the way these people are in general, but I feel I see more of it now than I did before.

One thing that I have noted is that guys are very quick at complaining about girls not wanting them. They lay it all out about how the girls walk with their nose up in the air and aren't interested and all that regular crap. I'm guessing that's because now it's not enough to just go into a chatroom and say "anyone wanna cyber? I got a big dick" and that actually resulting in you getting lucky. It seems that more and more of the girls now want quality. The number of members have increased rapidly, which means more fish in the sea for the ladies to pick from. Add the entry of more guys that will actaully make an effort and show they have some imagination that stretches further than putting up a screenname in the area of "elcockogrande" and profile pics that include their cock for all the world to see, elcockogrande and his likes becomes undesirable. Sure, sometimes women as well just want a "quick fix" to put it like that, but now they have more to choose from, and since first impression means a lot, a cocky screen name doesn't do you any favours at all.

As for your strong desire to call people who post their stuff in here for "not real writers", well, I guess that just shows why you are so undesirable compared to the other guys.

Topic And I always thought Kansas was the most bass akwards state in America...
Posted 19 Feb 2013 05:12

So does that mean that in Mississippi, you could actually legally up until this month keep slaves LEGALLY? Because that's just.... very interesting...

Topic Radical Transformations in the Name of Acting
Posted 16 Feb 2013 21:08

Radical changes and all that is probably because we are much more visual about what we just see as looks, not the way they speak or all the other traits that bring out a character. Before it was more about how they presented the lines, maybe they way walked, if they were hunchbacked or had a twitch. Before the character was important. Now, the first and most important thing has become the looks, and then mostly how they look in a single screenshot, not how they walk or talk. Just look at all the great classics. They didn't alter their looks that much(ok, Boris Karloff did) but they still won Oscars. Looks wasn't important then. Now with the HD and 3D and whatnot, suddenly looks become important, and then you have to have the looks to fit the part.

Topic Elementary - TV Series Recommendation
Posted 16 Feb 2013 20:55

. When I need a Sherlock Holmes fix, I'll watch Jeremy Brett's version.

By far the best acting of Sherlock Holmes I've seen. Brilliant. He manages to capture the brilliance but also the sheer arrogance that is Sherlock Holmes, but unlike many others he manages to be arrogant in the way that only Brits can be and charming at the same time. If ever there was a series or movie that were to properly show the character Sherlock Holmes, then it has to be the BBC series where Jeremy Brett plays the good old Sherlock Holmes. If you're after excitement and the typical cop drama that elementary is, then the Jeremy Brett series isn't something for you. But what it does have is the display of character that requires a tremendous amount of acting talent to pull through. In many cases it is very similar to David Suchet when he plays Hercule Poirot. It's not the action, but it's all about the characters.

I enjoy Elementary, but he doesn't have the same kind of ups and downs, the rollercoasters of energy that you can find in amongst others Sherlock and Jeremy Brett. After watching 16 episodes I still can't say I feel like I've tumbled down into the dark deep rabbithole that is the mind of Sherlock Holmes. Which is kind of sad, because it has potential, but then again; an American audience and a British audience usually expects and wants different things.

Topic After Porn Ends
Posted 16 Feb 2013 20:41

Press always has an agenda. I don't doubt for a second that many have been broken by the industry and that they regret it, but then you also have several people who don't regret it at all, even afterwards. Read a long interview with Tera Patrick and she was in fact proud of all the movies she had done over the years. I think that in like many industries you'll have people going out with both sides of views on it. Some will regret it, while others will look back on it and smile. I think that the majority of the problem might actually be the fact that many of the people heading into the industry might have expectations about it that are far from reality. They think it'll be a bit of shagging hot guys on cam, and then reap all the reward and glamour and fame. Maybe even enjoy it a bit as well. But I doubt that any of the people in the porn industry accidentally stumbled into a porn shoot.

Topic girls whom don't like the taste of your cum, do you offer a spit bucket?
Posted 16 Feb 2013 20:23

A bucket? *facepalm* oh god people .... PLEASE! shaking

I bet you're classy and bring out the good china to spit it in evil4

Topic breast rebuilds or tattoos after cancer, which would you perfer to see or have
Posted 16 Feb 2013 13:28

Considering I'm not a fan of large tattoos that cover that much of the body, then I'll definetely have to go for rebuilds. It would be more natural and also more attractive. To be honest, I'd prefer a flat chest with scars over a covering tattoo...

Topic Unconstitutional works against terror
Posted 16 Feb 2013 12:46

Is this the case? I know that in the UK if a situation justifies it police can enter a building without a warrant etc are there no such provisions within your country's law?

Well, I'm guessing that the police are allowed to enter if they hear screaming and then a lot of loud noises from within the building and there's reason to believe that lives may be in danger.

I haven't put myself properly into the case of exactly what part of it might be unconstitutional, but it's not censorship or anything like that. It's how they assisted the police, so as from what I can see it's somewhere along the lines of how far can the armed forces go into the "police job"(lacking a better word) before they break the constitution. Would you be ok with it, given that none of your civil liberties were disrupted or ignored from this process? Meaning you could still browse lush and get off without having to worry about big brother watching you, but you might experience watching armed forces guard certain areas which could be terrorist targets.

Topic Breaking up, when do you know it's over?
Posted 16 Feb 2013 12:38

Also if you feel that you give a lot of time and effort into the relationship, going away together, preparing a meal or no matter what you do, and it still doesn't give you any pleasure or joy in any way back, where you might as well be hanging out with your friends and that would be just as enjoyable, then it's time to evaluate.

Topic Moms I'd Like To ...
Posted 15 Feb 2013 11:00

Is it just me or do the female(s) in those pictures look really scared?

More like bored shitless. "I have to do more of these? Can we just get it over with?"

Topic Unconstitutional works against terror
Posted 15 Feb 2013 03:15

The last couple of months there have been a couple of terror scares and threats here in Norway. Lastly a drunk member of Norwegian Defence League(an anti-muslim right wing orginastion) was overheard making concrete plans on bombing the parliment, which caused a nation wide terror alert. Last week all military bases were at threat level A based on NATO intelligence.

What has become more interesting is that the way the Norwegian armed forces aids the police in these matters may actually be against the constitution, in other words illegal. Let's say for the sake of argument that this is true. What is the view of the think tank? Should one ignore the constitution in order to provide maximum safety for the population, even though it's against the constitution, until one gets around to change it? Should it be changed it needs 2/3 of the parliment over two different periods, which means that should it get up to vote before the election in September it can't be changed until then. Considering the efficiency of our politicians I doubt it will happen before then, which means it will take 4 1/2 years before it can be changed. Is it right to ignore the constitution and risk the lives of innocent civilians to provide security?

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 14 Feb 2013 09:53

Whop de fucking doo, it's Valentine's and everybody is expecting their significant other to do romantic stuff that Hallmark demands you to do. How little romance can it be in a relationship when you need a date that's set not by your birthday, your anniversary, the first time you did something together or something that's significant for the two of YOU, but when you have to celebrate something that someone else have said that you should celebrate.

Now go on and celebrate a day of romance that has no special significance to any of you, and then say that you're free.

Topic If your boyfriend doesn't enjoy Valentine
Posted 14 Feb 2013 07:31

I'm not a great fan of Valentine's Day. Honestly I can't stand it. So what if your better half feels the same way about Valentine's Day as me? Would you still expect him/her to buy you a present and take you out to dinner and all that knowing that he's doing this because it is something that's demanded of him, not something he really wants to do?

Topic valentines day
Posted 14 Feb 2013 07:07

How does he feel about Valentine's Day? If he really enjoys it and makes a big thing about it, then you can probably expect it. It all depends on what kind of guy he is and what kind of relationship you have. My advice is; you can probably expect something from him, but don't hold it against him if he doesn't do anything about it.