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Dealing with Death Part III

As Sarah and Bill walk towards the end, they see there's a bump in the road...

Bill held out his scythe and spun it around along the wall, carving a hole there. A blinding flash struck out as he finished the oval circle. The wall seemed to open up as a portal to the other side was finalised and ready. “Time to go.” Sarah crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. “No! I told you there’s more from that file that I wanna know.” “Too bad.” Bill stretched out...Read On


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This story is a collaboration between me and Shylass. You've never read anything like it!

The autumn rain hammered down onto the darkened skylights above him as he wandered down the hallway. As he went through his evening routine of checking that all the lights were off, he locked each office door as he went along, listening to the wind and rain as his cock stiffened. The closer he got to her room, the more excited he felt; his fingers began to fumble on the locks. Reaching the end...Read On

First Time(1)

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Dealing with Death Part I

We all have to stand trial in the end.

Sarah sat up in her bed. She flinched as she put her feet on the floor, waiting for the cold floorboards to make her curl her toes in pain. “Well that’s weird.” She didn’t feel anything apart from her feet hitting the floor. Not the texture of the floor or the temperature. When she started to regain her senses she didn’t even feel cold at all. She looked outside and saw the snow on the...Read On


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Dealing with Death Part II

Sarah learns more about why she is going where she's going

The Grim Reaper stuck his bony hand inside his cloak, and pulled out a pocketwatch with a chain attached to whatever was inside. “For fuck's sake. Can you get your saggy ass moving? We’re already late and if I don’t get to pick up the others, then I’ll have to go hunting for ghosts. That’s a fucking nightmare.” Sarah sat down on the bed, looking up at him. “What is your name?” ...Read On


Nutty Night In

Another collaboration between Shylass and me aka SickandPervy. Enjoy!

Polly the Preggo was sat comfortably on the couch, spread-eagled and kicking her legs, with her wellies flapping comfortably onto her skin. There was something delicious about that feeling, the waft of air as it rushed past her knees with every kick. She could sometimes feel those welly breaths blow up between her legs, underneath the thin, long t-shirt she was wearing. As she lay back on...Read On

Love Poems(2)


Armed again

I will not be denied. I will not be crushed.

My helmet my armour my sword my shield All of these you took from me I opened my heart up to you The love I showed was always true I confided in you and told you things Thoughts that only a loving heart brings I gave it my all because I loved you so Maybe that was too much for you It was not the breakup that made me mad It was not the heartache that made me sad What tore me...Read On

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Ode to JJ's cock

We miss JJ's cock!

There once was a girl named JJ, Who had a cock above her vajayjay; It was a sizeable prick, Often called Moby Dick, But, sadly, now it's on vaycay. It was the greatest one in the world; She used duct tape to keep it curled. Nearly 8 feet long, They sang it a song, Then buckets of cum, it hurled. Looking at hers makes me dumb as a mute; Mine barely works as a piccolo flute. With her...Read On

Oral Sex(1)



What happens when lust takes charge over sense?

I took a deep breath as I walked down towards the Immigration desks. For some reason, people in uniform have always made me a bit worried, even if I haven’t done anything wrong. Customs and Immigration officers were the two types that always had me a bit more worried. I had walked past armed soldiers that were more than trigger-happy, without flinching. But for some reason, these guys, who...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)

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Choking the Blue Snake

Three guys walk into a bar...

Sir Edmund Bluesnake walked into the library of his manor and slumped down in one of the lounge chairs. It had been a hard day’s work. Not only did he have to make sure that the beer his brewery was making had the right taste, he was also required to go to his distillery and check on his whisky. The nearly two hour long drive had made his chauffeur desperate for a smoke as Sir Edmund didn’t...Read On