ellbelle's Blog Entries

02 Apr 2013 21:49

Just laying naked on my bed drinking wine coolers after a nice hot shower and a clean shave Feeling pretty frisky tonight

07 Feb 2013 22:03

13 Jan 2013 19:40

My pussy needs to be abused by new hands. mine just aren't cutting it tonight :/

19 Dec 2012 22:42

ride that pussy pussy .... and lick and suck and fuck. super horny ladies

22 Oct 2012 21:45

sooooo horny tonight, I havent been on here in forever it seems, I miss all you sexy ladies.

05 Sep 2012 19:20

New pictures :x I'm a bad girl hehe

05 Sep 2012 17:26

this girl is bored. someone save me!!

04 Sep 2012 12:43

I took my pictures off, but if enough people request them I might bring them back... I need enough of you sexy ladies to want them though

05 Aug 2012 17:44

Need to release some stress to help me fall alseep... any beautiful lady want to help?

16 Jun 2012 10:06

I need a pussy to play with other than my own. Does someone want to lend me theirs for a few hours (or days) hehe

15 Feb 2012 19:36

I hope everyone had some good sex over the weekend!! I was working all weekend, so if anyone has a good story just message me! I could really get off right now

26 Dec 2011 19:30

I hope everyone had a good holiday and has a great New Years!! have fun f***ing!!

16 Dec 2011 20:46

I need sex.. BADLY!

11 Dec 2011 15:26

I am looking for a story I read last week and I can not remember the name. I was hoping someone could help me!! send me an inbox message!!

11 Dec 2011 15:01

I want sexxx!

04 Dec 2011 18:07

feeling kinda crappy tonight :/

15 Nov 2011 20:20

This slut wants to lick a pussy and have juice all over her face who needs help

26 Oct 2011 20:06

super sleepy tonight! worked and cleaned allll day today. going to play a little then go to dream land

20 Oct 2011 19:46

sex sex sex! I need some form of sex! help me out ladies!

09 Oct 2011 00:35

mmmm sooooo wet! leave me sexy comments ladies and maybe ill leave you more pictures

22 Aug 2011 19:23

I want to be someone's submissive little slut!

16 Aug 2011 04:45

My boyfriend fucked me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good and hard last night, TWICE! All that was missing was pussy for me to lick while being fucked. let me lick you til you scream ladies

15 Aug 2011 10:30

Ladies!! I want to be your dirty little slut. Chat me up and make me do what you want.

11 Aug 2011 19:54


11 Aug 2011 19:09

hey sexy ladies, what's up? feeling frisky hehe!!

02 Aug 2011 20:50

ladiesssss!! send mesome nice stuff on my page

25 Jul 2011 10:33

also, leave me moving picture comments on my page. they are super hott!! thanks lovly ladies. kisses!!

25 Jul 2011 10:31

leave me pic comments!! i LOVE them!! the more i get, the more pictures i will post of myself

24 Jul 2011 21:20

oh its been soooo hot here. good thing I love sleeping naked! hehe I hope to talk to some of you ladies soon!! send me a message or leave a comment!! I'm feeling lonely :/

18 Jul 2011 22:18

mmmmmm. i'm hornyyyyyy!!