No Strings Attached - Chapter Two

Chapter 2 of a story with two strangers on a five day sex adventure with no strings attached

Chapter 2 The Next Day I sleep in the next day to recover from the flight and my exertions of the previous night. You leave mid-morning to return to your apartment and change. We have arranged to meet in town for an early lunch. I arrive at the restaurant just after noon and take a table at the back of the room where we will have some privacy. You walk in a few minutes later,...Read On

Group Sex(3)


The Porn Olympics

A group of students enjoys their own version of the London Olympics

It’s the 27 th of July 2012. Usually, by this time of year, my friends and I have dispersed to various parts of the country of world and would not be returning to University until October. But this year is different, the Olympics were in London and we are all excited by this once in a lifetime opportunity to see a raft of top sport up close. A couple of my friends have even volunteered to...Read On


No Strings Attached - Chapter Nine

Our wild adventure continues on my final day.

It’s Saturday morning and my flight leaves in the afternoon. The three of us wake and make our way to the shower. Last night seems to have invigorated Maria. She has obviously woken feeling really horny and determined to do something about it. We are in the large shower together washing ourselves down. Maria bounds in to join us. Within an instant she is brushing her perky tits and...Read On


No Strings Attached - Chapter 8

Anything goes as two strangers play out their ultimate fantasies.

It’s the evening before I have to leave to fly back to London. We have agreed that we will allow one another a gift of 60 minutes during which we can each do anything we want. We are about to receive our gifts. It promises to be a wild night. You are to receive your gift first. You have already specified that you would like it to involve a threesome and we have arranged for a second man...Read On



Sister-in-Law Springs a Surprise

More experiences with my wife and her sister

Friday morning and I was up before the girls as I had to go to work. Margaret had taken the day off to spend some time with her sister. I left the house with them still both fast asleep in bed. I found it hard to concentrate at work. The events of last night were still spinning around in my head. I could still hardly believe the change that had suddenly come over my wife and what had...Read On


Sister-in-Law Springs a Surprise

My sister-in-law kick starts our sex life

Margaret and I have been married for nineteen years now. Both in our mid-forties, we are comfortably well-off. With two jobs and no children, we are comfortable within ourselves and comfortable with each other. We didn’t realise it at the time, but that was our problem. There was no longer any drive or passion in our lives or in our relationship. Neither of us was unhappy, but nor were...Read On


Sister-in-Law Springs a Surprise 4, The Conclusion

The last night before my sister-in-law leaves. We meet two sexy young girls.

It was Sunday morning and, unsurprisingly, we all slept in quite late. When we eventually did emerge, Margaret prepared a sort of brunch and we talked about what we should do for Jill’s last evening with us. Jill was Margaret’s sister who had been staying with us for a few days. I was amazing to think that she had only been here for three days and yet she had brought a spark back to our...Read On


Sister-in Law Springs a Surprise - 3

We turn the tables on my sister-in-law in this third instalment

It was Saturday morning and I was gently woken from my slumber by the pleasurable feeling of a warm mouth engulfing the head of my fully erect dick. My wife, Margaret, was lying beside me, but top to tail, gently slurping at my rigid member. This most unusual occurrence was the result of a complete change in her attitude to sex, brought about by the visit of my sister-in-law, Jill. The...Read On


The First Time

Innocence is lost as two youngsters explore sex for the first time

Tom and Lucy discover sex together. More to come if people like this one. We are a very ordinary family. Mum, Dad, my sister Lucy and I living in a very ordinary house in a very ordinary town. I had just turned seventeen. Lucy was just under a year younger. Mum and Dad had planned it that way so we would grow up together. It seemed to have worked out. Lucy and I had the usual brother...Read On


Innocence Lost

Thanks for all your comments on The First Time. Here Tom and Lucy continue their experience.

Later that day, before our parents returned, Lucy and I talked at length. I was torn between the knowledge that what we were doing would be viewed as wrong and the teenage sexual drive that was driving me to want more. Lucy had no such qualms. She argued that real incest meant brothers and sisters getting married and having kids, not the sort of innocent sex play that we were enjoying....Read On


Innocence Revisited

Tom and Lucy's story continues, 20 years on

I was on my way to visit my sister, Lucy. I hadn’t seen her for almost two years. After University I had got myself a job and put a lot of focus on my career. Lucy had found the older man that she always said she would. Fortunately he was not one of our Father’s friends but a businessman from Malaysia, 20 years her senior, who she had met at a party. They had married after 4 months and...Read On



No Strings Attached - Chapter One

Two strangers agree to meet for a five-day sexual adventure with no strings attached.

Introduction I am English and you are American. We live five thousand miles apart. We met on a webcam-based chat site that pairs random people together for conversation. We spoke for hours, sharing intimate details and secrets that included our sexual preferences, experiences and desires. Then we exchanged emails for a few weeks until we had the mad idea of meeting in person to indulge...Read On

Straight Sex(7)


No Strings Attached - Chapter 10

It's the end of the week and time to leave for home. Just time for one final passionate sex session.

This is the final chapter of the adventure. I hope you have enjoyed the whole story. Either way, please do let me know. I will be leaving for home today. You decide you want to come with me in the car to the airport and then get a cab back to your apartment. I am really happy to spend every last minute available with you. It’s already past mid-day. My flight is not until 5pm, but we...Read On


A Night to Remember

My young son's sexy girlfriend makes it a night I'll never forget.

It was almost 2am, just into Saturday. I was necking a beer, my third, and watching some comedy show re-runs on late-night TV. I don’t recall what the shows were. I have never needed more than four or five hours of sleep and while in my younger years that meant I could be out partying most of the night, now at the age of 52 the evenings tend to drag, especially when my wife is away. So I...Read On


No Strings Attached - Chapter Three

The five day sex adventure of two strangers continues.

Chapter 3 The Dinner Date It’s Day Two of my five-day stay. This evening I have promised to come over and take you out for dinner, somewhere really smart. Having called from the hotel to make a reservation, I call you to tell you exactly what to wear and to instruct you to wait for me on the street outside your apartment at eight thirty. As you come out of your building, I am parked along...Read On


No Strings Attached - Chapter Four

In this chapter you come to my office and the adventure continues

Chapter Four Sex At The Office I leave you asleep in bed as I head off early for some morning meetings and a business lunch. This trip cannot be all play. It's a balmy afternoon. The sun is shining brightly through the window of my borrowed office at our local company as I clear my emails and make some calls. The phone rings. I pick up and Alana, the pretty girl on reception, tells me that...Read On


No Strings Attached - Chapter Five

The adventure continues with a wild session at her apartment.

Chapter Five - At Your Apartment I work late then rush back to the hotel to shower and change. I grab the bottle of Highland Park whisky that I bought at the airport and head for the lift. I make the 15 minute drive to your apartment block in twelve minutes and ring your bell just before ten. You buzz me in and ignoring the elevator, I take the stairs three at a time up to the fourth...Read On


No Strings Attached - Chapter 6

The sex adventure of two strangers continues with a trip to the beach

I work again the next morning, but I am free for the afternoon. We decide to drive to the coast. The sun is glorious and the hour’s drive with the top down is fantastic. Your long brown hair is flowing out behind you as we make our way down the road. You are wearing a short denim skirt and a large floral silk scarf wrapped around you and tied behind your back to form a halter top. The breeze...Read On


No Strings Attached - Chapter 7

The next morning of the adventure. We explore the hotel facilities,

It was late by the time we got back to the hotel from the beach. We collapsed into bed and fell asleep almost immediately. At 8:30am I wake to the sound of the water splashing in the bathroom. I am sitting on the edge of the bed when you come out of the shower and walk into the bedroom with one towel wrapped around your head and another around your body. As you come close to the bed, I stand...Read On