emeraldsnrubys's Blog Entries

01 Oct 2011 08:09

havent been on in a while!!!! hope i didnt miss anything...

15 Jun 2011 17:55

new pic posted.....

28 Apr 2011 13:06

Tornadoes have ripped through Alabama leaving death and destruction in their wake. If I don't respond I'm not being rude. Currently have lots going on starting with no power and no water.

17 Apr 2011 18:26

new aviatar for a very special friend... you know who you are...

11 Apr 2011 10:08

Yeah!!!!! I am finally a "featured member"!!!!!

10 Apr 2011 09:33

"ask me one question, just one" was a huge success.. thanks to all my friends that participated!

26 Feb 2011 14:53

Wonders how to become a "Featured Member"?