Group Sex(1)


And sharing a man

. . . he promised her a man!

Wow! A vision, Megan stood in front of Jon, in his eyes she looked like a goddess. Her blond hair hung down around her shoulders, her skin seemed to shine, perfect, her tiny tattoo standing out like a landmark. Her stockings stood out against her skin, fine, black and real. Stockings this time, not hold ups, the suspenders outlining the curve of her thighs and buttocks some of her...Read On



The Deal

Is it her lover . . .?

The cool breeze wafting across her inner thigh snapped her attention back. How on earth could she have drifted off like this, in this place, in her situation. Then realisation dawned that the breeze could be important. Meg strained through the silence to hear any sound that would indicate movement by the door, but all she heard was the swoosh and boom of the blood in her ears. A natural breeze,...Read On