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Topic Does age really matter?
Posted 16 Dec 2014 22:14

Age will always matter to some extent, because of the law.

Emotional maturity matters more, though. So does physical maturity--a few people, not many, don't complete puberty until after they reach the age of majority, and they'll probably enjoy sex more when they do.

Topic over sexed
Posted 16 Dec 2014 22:06

The fact is, we each have our own boundaries, which sometimes violate the boundaries that society wants us to have. This is true for sex as it is for everything else.

I think we need ask ourselves "Is the sex I'm having ethical, is it healthy, is it interfering negatively in my life or the life/lives of my partner(s)?" and not "Am I oversexed?"

Topic Should creationism be taught in schools?
Posted 16 Dec 2014 21:33

In religious, private schools: Eeehhhhh, okay, fine.

In public schools: Only in a religious studies, "Let's learn about creation myths" kind of situation. Otherwise, NO! Spend the time on something useful, like, I dunno, sex ed?

Topic Gangbang
Posted 04 Aug 2012 16:20

Hmmmm the word 'gangbang' just brings to mind a load of guys all fucking and cumming on a girls face with no regard for her comfort or pleasure. Not a turn on for me.

Now if i was the center of attention with 2 or 3 guys who all tried their hardest to please me... then we might talk

Yeah, honestly, when I think of the word "gang bang", I think of a woman getting raped by multiple men.

Now, being in the center of multiple men...maybe, if everyone is using a condom.

Topic Fisting
Posted 04 Aug 2012 16:19

I'm really tight. Mostly because I've haven't been pregnant, ever, but I'm also in my early twenties. So, I'm not sure if it's anatomically possible to fist me.

As many fingers as you can get up there? Sure, but you'll need to turn me on, first. ;-)

Topic Question for the ladies
Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:44

Being a woman who has been harassed in the past (mostly non-sexual, but not all), I would feel more safer comfortable being approached by a woman for this sort of offer.

Topic having sex in places where you can get caught
Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:41

I don't want to hi-jack the thread, but hubby and I love this Idea, but struggle to find creative places to do this. Without getting arrested at least. Do any of you have some ideas where you might have done this? We'd like to hear some of your experiences so that we can duplicate. :)

You bring up an important point, which is that in a lot of areas, performing any sexual act in public is actually "go-on-the-sex-offenders-list" illegal.

Topic Men in uniform?
Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:38

I personally don't have any extra attraction to men in uniform. However, the appearance of authority would probably explain why some girls are turned on by it.

Topic Would you rather...
Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:35

The great outdoors... I have to admit, I've heaved a sigh of relief with some of the most spectacular views on earth Embarassed

WYR a costume party or cocktail party?

The lesser of the two evils (uh oh, parties?) would be a costume party.

WYR have a veggie "burger", or cow burger?

Topic ... in my pants
Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:32

You raise me up in my pants.

Topic Shemales: Are they the straight man's 'free zone'?
Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:15

That's fine what other consenting adult people do. I do not begrudge them at all. I am not fond of incest either, though it seems to be a very popular subject here on Lush. They can all experiment in peace as for as I am concerned. But we each can post our own views as long as we don't become abusive.

Oh, okay, I get it now. I must've misinterpreted inflection. :-)

I think sexual/romantic orientation can sometimes be discordant enough that you can desire sexual from one gender, and yet fall in love with another gender. I also don't believe that there are only two genders, and yet I do believe that humanity is quite profoundly complicated.

Topic Shyness
Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:08

It's totally okay to be shy around drunk guys. Don't worry about them the day after, though; it's just as likely that they now regret how they were acting the night before.

Topic Sexual Preferences
Posted 20 Jul 2012 16:24

I prefer slow, gentle, affectionate sex.

Topic Assholes - figuratively speaking
Posted 20 Jul 2012 16:21

Here's the thing... nobody would date an asshole if the guy presented himself this way upfront.

Assholes are often charming creatures that are good salesman and know how to create interest and close the deal before they flip the switch and reveal their true nature. This is usually after they get what they want. The woman will often try to make excuses for him at first. She will also fondly remember these little glimpses of the 'good guy' he played himself off as when they first started dating. She will feel like this 'good guy' is his true self and is just bubbling under the surface of his outward douchebaggery.

Women will justify that this man is just 'conflicted', misunderstood and 'afraid of love' and that really he is a good guy and with extra love, nurturing and 'stand by your man' perseverance, she will be able to change him for the better. By this point she is probably already deep into the infatuation stage and there will be something about the challenge of the situation that will keep her on her toes. Instead of cutting her losses, she will concentrate on the instances where he is the 'good guy' to her and ignore or make excuses for the rest of the time.

As someone else mentioned, assholes know their targets well. They pick people who are vulnerable with wavering self-esteem - someone that they can control and where they know the right buttons to push to always keep them in the power seat, always keep the girl wanting and chasing, and to always keep her unconfident in what she truly deserves. The emotionally-wounded are easier prey and these guys know how to pick those gazelles from the crowd of stronger animals on the dating savannah. They know the type of woman that will likely put up with their shit and those are the ones they tend to make those initial pitches to. Treating her like shit will only confirm her worst fears and keep her weak and unable to feel confident in going at it alone.

Even if the asshole does cut her loose, she will return to the dating scene even more wounded than before... and at risk of attracting the same kind of guy again, unless she takes a proper break from dating to reassess her self-worth and the kind of guy she really wants and feels she deserves.

That's the worst case scenario. Other girls see the charming guy, find out he's really an asshole in disguise and dump them outright. If it's a self-assured woman she will get better at seeing the red flags and warnings and start to avoid these types altogether.

I think every woman has at least one full-fledged asshole in her dating history. On some level, it's a good learning experience. lol

I pretty much agree with all that you said here.

Topic How To Describe A Female Orgasm
Posted 03 Jun 2012 16:40

"Waves" is a better description than you think. It intensifies, goes back, comes back a little, etc.

Topic Would you masturbate on Skype with a stranger?
Posted 03 Jun 2012 16:36

I've done that a few times. It's a real turn-on for me.

Topic Just throwing it out you think I'm ugly?
Posted 03 Jun 2012 16:32

My opinion isn't going to help you any. What do you think?

Topic Why shouldn't (or should) guys show their dicks in their profiles
Posted 03 Jun 2012 16:31

A stiff dick on it's own, without a man attached, isn't that attractive. Just posting pictures of your dick makes me think that you think it's the defining thing about you.

I have to agree with this.

If privacy is a concern, then don't post pictures. Or, if you must, post a non-copyright/your photo of something that actually does help define you; an item, etc.

Dicks, in and of themselves, aren't creepy, but a man, with a penis, but no face, other interests, etc. is.

Topic Do you ever feel a bit harrassed or annoyed at some people on lush?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 11:33

!st indication of discomfort with a member... contact Lush.
If it is innocent no harm.
If it escalates they already have been informed and are here FOR us not against us.
Use them. These administrators are very smart and helpful.

I wouldn't do this on the first indication of trouble. I'd delete/block people who are harassing me, then I'd contact Lush if there is further trouble. I'd probably confront the person if I think the other person believes there was a relationship beforehand, which is probably the case if I have to contact Lush. The way I see it, Lush has given me tools to deal with harmlessly creepy types, and I owe it to them to prove that it's beyond that.

Topic cold or never tried or would try?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 11:23

EEK! Nutbag

No thank you!

Topic Sexiest Things For Men To Be Caught Doing?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 11:20

All of these will turn me on to some extent. However, if a guy can get really, really into music on a primal level, it'd be really hot. Embarassed :-"

Topic Phrases you wish people would get right
Posted 23 Sep 2011 18:12

Not really a phrase, but still something that irks me...

"that that"

Technically, it's correct in English (I suppose... I don't know of anything that says it's incorrect) but it always makes my mind stumble over the sentence (and mouth, if I read aloud). I usually have to backtrack and reread the sentence to make sure it's correct or that the person hasn't made a typo or some other grammar error.

It happens to me very occasionally and I always rewrite the sentence. I wish others would do the same.

It's a weird thing. We find ourselves writing it but logically we know a "that that" isn't necessary -- we can say the same thing using one "that" or none at all. I say axe it.

I remember encountering this in a babysitters' club book. I couldn't hold back the chuckle. It tickled me. I can honestly say I haven't noticed it since, even though it IS awkward.

Topic Ass, legs or breasts?
Posted 22 Sep 2011 17:29

I go for mans' chest, usually. The few times I've been attracted to a woman, I've been attracted to her eyes.

Topic Last orgasm
Posted 22 Sep 2011 17:24

30 minutes ago... 4th one this morning... bitch cat in heat today *blushes and moves to latin america and changes my name*

Nothing to be ashamed about.

Even though I know you aren't Fugly about the situation by your subsequent comments, I had to say something.

Topic What is the most important factor in attracting readers?
Posted 21 Sep 2011 18:42

Use appropriate tags, and then come up with a decent title and starting line(s). That's way, you can attract the audience that you want.

Topic Rating of 3 - Are comments required?
Posted 21 Sep 2011 18:32

It wasn't always set up the way it is now. 3 votes didn't require a comment previously, as they do now.

The system is going to change in the next month or so, no comments are going to be required for any score. Scores are however, still going to be tracked to individual's accounts, so we can see if certain people are voting down stories intentionally etc.

Oh, THANK YOU! Sometimes I vote a three rating to mean "Meh, the stories all right, but I'm not turned on." In other words, I don't have any specific suggestions.

Topic Cum = Energy Loss?
Posted 21 Sep 2011 18:28

I don't think that claim is true. Just eat a lot of protein if that's a concern; be careful, however, that you don't eat too much.

Or, you can just eat what you're craving (and a few items you aren't) when you feel like eating.

I agree that sex is exhausting. Even masturbating is exhausting!

Topic Friendship sex
Posted 21 Sep 2011 18:15

Sex with a friend. Good or bad?

Depends on you. Depends on the friend.

Topic Shemales: Are they the straight man's 'free zone'?
Posted 21 Sep 2011 18:10

A woman (my wife) could do my ass with a very small strap on but not a shemale. No way.

Yes, that maybe true for you , but hopefully, you respect other peoples' right to experiment in peace.

Topic Sex after Marriage: The Honeymoon is Over
Posted 21 Sep 2011 17:55

I had that problem for awhile. I talked with husband about why he wasn't performing on me. He has a jaw issue which makes it hard for him. He also said it didn't smell well down there sometimes. He makes sure I still get pleasure even though he can not orally please me very often. Communication does work sometimes.

Yeah, I have a disability, and I know from experience that it can interfere with oral sex. I end up using my teeth way more than is apparently comfortable, because my muscles in my face are a little loose. I'd rather pleasure in other ways, honestly, and I think I have a good reason for doing so; it's my responsibility, however, to communicate this. I think communication is more important than sex, and greatly contributes to all aspects of a love life.