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I need something kinky on this rainy afternoon.

13 Mar 2016 09:14

To those that request friendship, you should know that I am not here to see how many friends I can get. So I will not typically accept any request that does not have some Profile Content. I prefer adding female authors.

27 Dec 2013 05:48

24 Dec 2013 02:38

I would appreciate any suggestion for a collection of erotic short stories written from a woman's perspective. I prefer a small paperback. I am leaving for an "adults only" resort in a couple of weeks and am not sure about the internet access. Reading stimulates me so much.

I am brown all over now except for this one patch.

05 Nov 2013 03:53


This was one of my favorites of Lou Reed's

27 Oct 2013 12:47

I let him go chest diving.....

27 Oct 2013 12:39

One is good Two was really good

27 Sep 2013 06:18

I don't know why my chat window won't open guys. I don't chat much, but I at least would like to tell you that rather than have you think I am just rude.

22 Sep 2013 04:57

I need something to ride other than my horses.

21 Sep 2013 13:57

I love the Reluctance genre.

04 Sep 2013 03:32

Going back and looking at the past two New Years' sex tapes.

31 Dec 2010 06:54

It is time to write something new.

03 Jul 2010 03:38

Can't wait to open Valentine's Day gift. He has great taste and usually buys something I will want to model......before taking it off.

14 Feb 2010 04:13

Sure would like to go back to The Homestead. What fun! What sex!

29 Jan 2010 15:55

Time to do another story now that the holidays are over and the kids are back in school. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wondering whether to use another real-life story to embellish or just go with a fantasy?

19 Jan 2010 02:30

When is Lush going to approve my most recent submission? It is a MILF category that has a bit of Reluctance in it.

07 Jan 2010 02:18

trying to decide on the theme of my next story: MILF Stories, Wife Lovers or Reluctance

03 Jan 2010 11:20