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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.

Recommended Read

Consume Me

In a world full of corruption, tarnished by hate and deception,  I realize loving you has become  my poetry, my swan song, my passion.   You are my safe place.   Alone with my lust filled thoughts,  I lay sprawled across white linen. Unsure anymore if I am the prey  or if I have become the predator.    Naked, Exposed, Aching   The familiar sounds of you cause my heart to gallop....Read On


Making love under the night sky

Nature provides two of its most enduring memories

Two people witness one creation’s most enthralling sights as the meteor hits the atmosphere and lights up the night sky. Lying next to each other, their passions ignite, lighting up their feelings for each other.  Heat fills the air from friction between them. Suddenly an explosion is heard and felt as one creation’s most incredible and most powerful moments is experienced. Then, just as...Read On


Logan’s Poem

Lusting breathless, A darker shade, dishonestly worn well. Innuendos deafening the silence, In my quarters pen pushing erotic dreams. Elbow deep in inked archives from these weary mind’s bag of bones, Whispered voices from the lost dark chastity. Flickering candle flames highlight up and downs, These naughty, naughty things that we do. Hosting the ghost of my outta world sins, lost in...Read On


Joyful Agony

Do you ever think of me?

The night shadows sweep across the moonlit ceiling.  They are ghosts of who we used to be. I’m haunted by your intoxicating whispers, Uttered as we hurtled towards a magnetic destination; The climactic apex of Joyful Agony.            Our hearts’ cadence built a thunderous duet; The song of Breathless Abandon.  A soul breathing life into another.  A connection so deep, we were two halves of...Read On




I have watched you from afar You were amazing, so bright, refreshing, unlike others The only thing that surpassed your beauty was Your wit, it was quick, funny and always made me smile You were so well-liked and loved We became friends one day Soon after, lovers, one rememberable night The delight of our lovemaking Like it was made in heaven Each time better than the last time My...Read On



  I lay back as you whip my cookies with your dick like it's still raw dough You flow it in fast and deep like a pro A sexual god, you're my very own Eros My vagina is like a supertube I love it the deeper you slide along The pleasure levels up by the minute more Much like a tsunami, ready to strike hard Leaving your cock flooded in my 'ocean of love'.    ...Read On


Darkling Highways, Shining Streets

We have traveled much between us

This is true if all else fails, we traveled much we two, within our hearts, between our minds, remembering more, much more, teaching you and reaching me more grandly than we knew. So much has been together, so much has been renewed, smell the moisture, wetness, hear the splashing streets, far and wide we wandered and we will anew. Both of us, the pair of us, we went where I had been, where...Read On


Sin With You

Fingertips tracing the curve of my thigh It takes nothing more than that For me to imagine what your hands can do To make me want to sin with you   That look you give from across the room The one I tell you looks like hunger It ignites a burn from deep inside me It makes me want to sin with you   Naked body against naked body Your hard cock presses against my flesh I can...Read On


Braless In Bristol

A casual encounter with a pair of breasts

Sunday afternoon in Marks and Spencer, idly fingering lingerie, my attention suddenly caught by a tall and pretty redhead. Seen from behind, her low-cut, backless, drop-armhole top draws my eyes. No annoying bra strap cuts across the taut muscles of her back, and as she turns to face me her unsupported breasts swing freely back and forth. So daring, in that top. From the side, if she...Read On



Sometimes you need inspiration  to find your boredom cure  To picture his sexy tongue  licking deeply to that sensitive core  His chiseled chin and blue eyes watching you closely now Between your tone tan thighs making your inner kitten meow  So much pleasure in such a kiss that touches your juicy peach Letting your honey flow freely till your fingers begin to reach Teasing...Read On



Her lover gone but she will go on.

His deep voice over the phone. Makes her feel right at home. Wanting to touch his thick hard cock. Not knowing if she will get a shock.   In her t-shirt with panties down. Fragile feelings she tries to drown. Fingers dance upon her opening. Spreading her lips open and moaning.   The tiny button hard and pulsing. Hearing his voice, her fingers rubbing. Arched back, legs spread wide....Read On


I am the Other Woman

An attraction that is an addiction.

Breathless. Suffocating under shame. Fingertips burning. Wants morphing into needs. Ignored phone calls drowning in the vacuum of lust. Love? We are in too far to give it a name. Against sanity, against reason, we are here. We always end up in some version of it, no matter how hard we try. It's the most addictive pain I have ever known. You push me up against the wall of someone...Read On

Rivers Of My Veins

When the sun darkened at noon across the peat bogs locust shook their wings, took flight and fled and became silent as the thunder boomed with no love songs to wed Now with every cloud that passes and curses the wind half shadowed by the sun, half shadowed by the night with tongue, I cast more heavenly spite   winter's savory taste Lusting your cunt's aphrodisiac and your parting thighs...Read On


The Greatest Lie

A reflection on the joys and traumas of transsexual discovery and transition

Even God can make an error As I knew when I was three. When I looked into a mirror And saw a face that wasn’t me.   I played with girls instead of boys. And wished myself a Disney princess. Never played with boyish toys. Secretly I wore a dress.   I found on my computer screen, How to become what I’d always been. Answers pulled from internet streams, I searched and watched...Read On

Naked Bones

Softly a rain begins, falling of the winds with naked bones of winter descending trickling through veins all things begin   as your lips touch the bane of my sins Of what I once was, a palette of prose now but a memory and a shadow at dusk as my mind grows weary of condensation looking through the pane of my glass On the canvas of snow of crystals glow as your bosom seeks from a widow's...Read On


Oral sonnet

Cunnilingus in verse

I caressed her rosy cheek She said her knees felt weak I asked her not to speak Because I was going to eat. I knelt in front of her bushy cunt Those vertical lips made my cock jump I couldn’t wait to use my tongue I would eat her before we humped. My tongue darted inside She felt me in her and sighed She leaned back and opened wide Baby, you’re gonna have some ride. Her wetness filled...Read On


Love's Mystery

She waits with bated breath  Her fingers fiddling with her hair  His text finally arrives  She swiftly makes her way through the crowd  Quickly and silently she slips next to him Startled he stares at her Unprepared for her sudden arrival She slithers over into his lap Placing her hands around his neck  Caressing him tenderly  She whispers love's tender sonnet Hearing his...Read On



He watched her hips sway as she moved his way, Glancing at his watch, knowing it was late in the day. Why would this beauty be moving my way? His mind whirled till he placed who she was, he didn't know what to say. It had been 15 years since their sorority years, The last time they met, she left in tears. Her senior year of college he left her broken, He had moved on and left a small token....Read On


Morning Memories

And my body slowly stirs....

  As my mind starts to wake And my body slowly stirs As I slowly stretch my muscles My memories occur   They drift to last night A sly smile spreads my lips Such a naughty pair we were Both of us lunging our hips   These thoughts make my body So hot it ignites My hands start to wonder As I remember our night   You stroking for me As you laid on your couch My fingers...Read On


Creamy Center

Temptations all around me I am surrounded by the pull To lick every inch  Tonguing to the core How can I break free  From this frustration  Must I always be  Craving a world of sensations Do I need it? Will it hurt? Must I taste it? Does it spurt? Oh the many forms of wonder  Some big and some small  Do you understand my hesitation  The combination of two balls! What will...Read On


Morning Pleasures

My nights are filled with vivid dreams of what might be, Visions of you beside me, nakedly entwined, Your flesh soft and yielding, both luxuriating, In that delicious state of satisfied desire, Appetites slaked from hours of torrid abandon, Repeatedly cresting the summits of passion Coupled in the ecstasy of mutual lust. And then in the morning I think of what might be, Hot visions...Read On


Into the Abyss of Desire

Come join me in the abyss of yearning, Casting off restraint to embrace my fire, And revel in the force of its burning As you abandon yourself to desire Your flesh aflame in exquisite torment In the conflagration of naked lust. To all my dark demands give your consent Plunging deeper with every piercing thrust As I plunder your most secret treasure, Moving within you with rhythmic power...Read On


Lover’s Tempest

He awoke her storm from deep within the only way he knew how. By reaching out and caressing her curves  His hands and mouth roam her form teasing her as he places himself between her thighs   Feeling her inner rain drench him as he slips inside, where only he belongs, the grip she has on him is so tight he fears falling too soon Moaning is all that can be heard   They thunder as...Read On


Hothouse Love

What know we of love who this hothouse share, Wandering in lush meadows of desire, In search of the thrill of each new affair, Driven by a relentless inner fire? Such is our debauched proclivity, That only orgasmic release can slake Our lascivious promiscuity, As in each new carnal pleasure we partake. Daily seeking new erotic delights, We find temporary satiation In ever darker orgiastic...Read On


Every colour of the rainbow

Kiss me slowly Tenderly and softly Gently caress Every curve of my body Awake every cell With warm breath And little nibbles Whisper tender words Igniting my body, heart and soul Embrace me in loving arms Carefully joining our bodies In a sensual dance United as one Connected in mutual pleasure   Kiss me deeply Passionately and hungrily Let your desire Poor over me like...Read On


My Desires

Flesh on fire, My hearts desire, I want her more.   Her taste so sweet, Our lips they meet, Shakes to my core.   Her curve of hip, Red bitten lip, My body yearns.   Sweet swell of breast, Faith to the test, Deep passion burns.   Her touch I crave, Master and slave, Who is who?   Submit to me, And I to she, Bonded to you.   Her beauty divine, To make her mine, My...Read On


Happy in her life Thoughts of other things She's already a wife She wears a wedding ring She dreams of a man Somebody who is different Someone not in her life plan This would be significant She'd be his girl They'd care for each other She has a head full of curls They'd be passionate lovers Sex would not be routine They'd play lots of games She'd be his loving queen He'd call her lots...Read On


Early Morning Manoeuvres of Delight

It was morning and the light of the dawn Recalled me from the pleasure-land of dreams, Images of your radiant body Writhing in the throes of climactic joy Emblazoned on the windows of my mind, Unwilling for the memory to fade Of the wrapt expression on your flushed face As successive waves of exaltation Radiated through your undulating limbs From the centre of exquisite delight In...Read On


A split second

One decision Changing everything A split second Like flicking a switch A single choice And there is no going back   She was at that crossroad Having to pick Following her mind or heart Her fears or her longings She chose the latter   And with that There was no holding back The passion and desire The heat and the hunger Rushing through her body   She could control nothing ...Read On


Becoming a Cuckold

I met the love of my life in high school, and our cuckold relationship was born.

I met sweet Jenny in high school, In our senior year, I transferred in from Nashville, And to me, she seemed so dear.   Her face so sweet and pretty, Her breasts so full and round, A firm ass that’s so seductive, And her bulging pussy mound   I knew very little about her, But learned that her rep was bad, That didn’t bother me too much, Since her pussy was the first I ever had.  ...Read On