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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.


Creme Brule

Having a taste of my favorite dessert.

“Let me be your dessert,” she asked. as I looked into her sparkling eyes, “Taste me,” and my tongue tasked between quaking and parted thighs. Smiling as my tongue probed, explored savored the taste of dessert this day. “What do I taste like”, she implored. “As always, you are my Crème Brule” So very sweet but hard, her outer shell protecting all delights that lie beneath. ...Read On



To embed me inside, there was so much to know before I was hungrily sheathed where your deepest needs drip. A soft sigh in my skin's proximity, the exquisite stillness of your lips, sweet perfumes without names that heat beckoned from pores, breathing in who you really are. Details that leave you more naked than ever. There were always keys to you, delicate ways to make you open,...Read On



Orgasm denial for a loyal slaves a must.

I really need to cum, but i've been forbidden to, when I promised to obey, when I made my vows to you. My fantasies are fine, when I keep them to myself, like the one about a dwarf, a vamp, a tramp, an elf. I love your T and A, your butt, your eyes, your lips, your pretty feet and toes, your fingers, hands, and hips - your labia and clit, and when you squirt on me, I drink up every...Read On


Your Taste

I run my fingers through your hair, Eye to eye, soul to soul. 'Take off your mask' you say, Calling me by a name; foreign. But I can not For the mask is me. Without, Who am I? Only a man. And less than you need, So I choose to remain A mystery. 'Je veux un baiser,' You breathe. Soft and warm. Inviting a kiss. Your eyes, your mouth, Your neck, The sensitive skin Of your collar bone. ...Read On


My Place

I know my place. You've played this game before, You know how far the chains strain Without breaking. Without allowing me to touch you As you squirm seductively on the red chaise. Without bringing you Within my reach. Please please please, Let me play. My nerves jangle as I watch. Mute. Gagged. Arms and legs strapped To a wooden chair. You hold me back in place With just one sharp...Read On


I Get In To Your Head

I get into your head. I know that I do. I got you lusting for me When you don't want to. I got you mesmerised Got you straining at the leash I got you down on the floor And begging me please. I get into your head Cos you know I'm thinking of you. You got those sweet butterflies Telling you what I'd do. Tying and flogging And clamping - oh my!! When you dream those dreams Your soul begs...Read On


I Would - and So Would You.

A sweet and sultry lady doesn't have to ask a gentleman more than once.

She asked if I would fuck her. I smiled and said I WOULD! - but first I had to taste her, because she smelled so good. I licked and kissed her lips - stuck my tongue - right down her throat, and it wouldn't be too long before I rocked her boat! I removed her sexy clothing - her boots, her hat, her coat, and everything beneath them, and set her heart afloat. I kissed and...Read On


His Babygirl

One of my alter ego's fantasies..

There were words that were edged on her tongue, Pushing to come out for him to hear. ‘I love you,’ she couldn’t help but whisper, As she sat by him on her knees her cheek resting on his. He smiled down at her and stroked her head, Knowing what it meant, what he had gained. Satisfaction and pride filled his mind, As complete acceptance shone in her eyes. Her priced submission sat...Read On


Katy's Poem

For my beloved Shailja, Lest the mists of time Should assail our memories, Of the best night of my life. My friend, my Goddess, My delight, my teacher. My Nubian Princess, And from tonight, finally, On the day that we are joined as one, My lover. Three moons I have waited. Three moons worth of confusion, Uncertainty and dawning realisation Of who I really am, And who I can aspire to be...Read On



Your skin Glistening So smooth and soft. You moan as I Breathe gently on your moist lips Your thighs tense As my lips hover a centimetre away from Contact With yours Teasing My fingers open Your honey coated petals The heady aroma inviting me To feast - Your squeal Urging urgency I am a glutton for you Your taste Divine Your head tilts back Eyes closed Your knees grip me And you hold...Read On


Sum Uppins' Your Wish

As I whisper, sum uppins' your wish On the high swells of a lusty swoon Before the bobbin unwinds thread at dawn In my nocturnal attire craven desires And an eye for poetic bliss From a vampire's kiss With a hungering for your thighs As my tongue swash On bounty of your flesh Squeezing your cunny contraption While feelin' your cunt clinch my cock From deep down in your...Read On


Little Boy Blueballs

Adult Nursery Rhyme

Little boy blue Is what I'll call you Can't you see You belong to me I'll use you how I choose My little toy You bring me so much joy I command you sit Lapping my slit Such a good little boy Hard to ignore How you want much more Release the pressure Feel the pleasure Mamita's little whore Beg me for more...Read On



A kiss so pure So chaste So innocent and true Breath catches Heart hammers Pulse deafens me Not sure what to do Where to hold What's allowed Want to go fast But maybe we should take it slow What do you want? Never felt such soft Beautiful lips Tasted...Read On


My Master's Liberty

A playfully submissive married woman serves to pleasure another man, her Master...

Bound without ropes my mind is set free But pushing the limits work best for me When I tease and taunt with much carnal flair Arousing his interest shows Master I care But when acting the brat and am full of sass Master bends me over and spanks my bare ass I coo with each strike as my skin turns beet red Praying each blow to pleasure Master in bed The rules and boundaries sometimes get...Read On


Mistress Dominates Pet For His Birthday

Mistress offers a birthday present of domination.

A birthday party all about control Mistress will dominate her guest A new strap-on for his asshole Her pet will be totally impressed She also bought a new whip Nipple clamps to be used This will make his penis drip Pet's ego will be a bit bruised A blindfold is tied around his head She'll restrain his legs and hands She'll control him on her bed She looks at him while...Read On


As She Rises and Falls

Created at the request of a special, naughty friend

As she rises and falls On his cock and his balls She has finally learned What she missed. Feels him humping his prick, Feels him twitching his dick. She is taking him deep As she wished. She had watched a long time, Read his verse and his rhyme, Liking all that he wrote About lust. Now she shudders and quakes,  All his power she takes, As he rams with a grunt And a thrust. She is...Read On



Adult Nursery Rhyme

Hickory dickery dock I love My Master's cock The lust I feel When he demands I kneel Stops my internal clock Hickory dickery dee While I am on my knees My Master takes control Making me swallow him whole And now I can truly see Hickory dickery what I am My Masters slut I am His to use I will never refuse My Master would spank my butt! I am a happy slut....Read On


The Ballad of a Botttom

For I'm a naughty boy, who's willing to do anything.

These days I am a bottom, But I used to be a top. I'm what my Mistress made me, and now I cannot stop. To crave a thick, hard dick, in my tight man cunt, and everywhere I go I'm always on the hunt For a pretty boy, or a sweet she male, Like a man possessed, I'm always on the trail To drain a thick, hard cock, of all it's creamy cum, like a dog in heat, I have to get me some. For I'm a...Read On


The Princess Principle

You inhale slowly and sigh As, eye to eye I cover your neck And throat and sweet sweet breasts With butterfly kisses Moving down I remove your damp panties With my teeth. And trail my tongue and lips back up along your inner thigh As the jackpot beckons, nigh Your head tilts back, you moan As I enter the twilight zone Tongue-tied, lost for words Thighs clamped...Read On


Only Natural

Just a rhyming tribute do doing what most of us often like to do.

Playing with my pecker? That's not going to stop, as long as I am breathing, and strong enough to POP. Because I have a cock, and hands to choke it with, I'm inclined to stroke, just like my daddy did. Edging hits the spot, when I'm home alone. You wouldn't dare to say, I can't hold my own. Several hours a day, often does the trick, when it's time to play, with my balls and dick. You...Read On


The Red Door

The world around her Oblivious. Walking past the red door, Unknowing; But adding to the thrill As she sits in her Private place Thinking her private thoughts. Panties round one ankle. Squirming in her seat, Reliving the images In her head from his written word. Irresistible temptation. Fingers delving, dipping, rubbing. Nipples hardened, Moans curtailed. ...Read On


In A Bind

On a whim, I want to bind you in silk ties And shave your beautiful quim With a cut-throat razor To find your level of trust Then when you're smooth I'll play, with my fingers and tongue My lips and teeth Lick and suck Inside and out until you beg me Beg me to fuck you But if I gag you too, Then I can play all day. And then all night. Tasting your juices. ...Read On


Deliver Us

No matter how much I tremble, whatever pleas and whispers I'm able to utter between breaths Keep your promise to never stop. Deliver me to the threshold and we will push beyond our own darkness together. As I press into you, memorizing that first unique gasp, the new fire rushing in our veins like molten trails through the earth when an urgent thrust begins to speak. It's as if...Read On


What Are You Waiting For

What are you waiting for You can see how he looks at you The way he smiles You know You know what you want And you know You know what he can give What are you waiting for He laughs when you come near He smiles to let you know He cares He cares And you know You know what he can give Look into his eyes Feel his power and his way The way  He looks at you And makes you tremble when...Read On


The Art Of Persuasion

Oh go on! I think my balls are turning blue I've been shying off cracking one off For a fucking week Thinking of tonight with you. Wait - it's your what? Listen I'm not fussy - oh you are? Okay, how about from behind? No? Blow job? Hand job? I'm trying to fly through a no-go zone tonight. Guess I should just head home for a wank .... What do you mean you want to...Read On


Knobs And Thingamabobs

In shades of purgatory high on the hill Between the knobs and the thingamabobs With a devil's cough and a poetic soliloquy While I play gremlin shedding crinolines  Lusting for sins on an evening's dusk Wishing you a cold-cold heart As you on knees giving me a homily And your naked flesh bringing me thrills With lips as good as you got  Whispering at the bay of my crotch Raising my...Read On


Separation Anxiety

Being apart makes lust grow stronger...

With thoughts of us And dreams of you Both woke me up At half past two I closed my eyes To think this through If you were here What would you do... I feel your grip And then your kiss Your tongue is hot Something I miss You do not ask What I would want And with your mouth You tease and taunt You squeeze me hard And kiss my chest Your tongue leads you Down to the rest I place my hands...Read On


Dominatrix Club

A club for many a fine MIstress to show off her loyal pets.

There's a club of well dressed woman, Who like to watch nude men, Pleasuring themselves, In front of kinky friends Doms touch and kiss each other, Through their sexy clothes, Latex, lace, and leather, Garter belts and pantyhose. No nipple bras and crotchless panties Skin tight skirts, corsets, stilettos, Whips, and chains, and cock rings, A ball stretcher to his toes. A man's been waxed...Read On


Cockteaser With A Stiletto In Stilettos

I’ve lost count of all the orders I have growled. And, how many bruises I’ve nursed and watched bloom. How many cries to stop, or not to stop have I heard? Equal to the number of stitches passed in a loom. I am in demand. By some, I am adored. I am in command. By some, I am loathed. What is the fountainhead of my lament? What else, a girl. But not just any girl. No. She...Read On



It's the sweetest ascension, throbbing desire gripped, squeezed to remind me who this pulse quickens for. Never let me forget this possession. This need that sings and sends electric bolts through awakened nerves, the current that thrums as you guide my curious hand along loosened thighs. It only takes moments to know, to slip between a tight fiery fissure, the center's...Read On