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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.

A One Night Stand

A beautiful moment shared Two people find each other He's mesmerized by her hair Hopefully they'll be lovers It started with a hello Eyes twinkled so bright They flirted very slow When they met that night Drinks and laughs they had Danced the night away Friends jealous and mad They found love today Sexual chemistry was hot The connection was there Both taking their shots Friends...Read On



to wake with your scent

one man's desire one man's needs to fall asleep with your scent to wake with your scent pull sheets back spread your legs tongue dips refresh  my taste soft memes swirl across your clit moans  capture me drive me tight between your thighs awaken kitten  bolts of electricity pulse through you my tongue capture you drinking deep flash of teeth marking you owning your scent...Read On


I Have a Secret

I have a secret  It’s a naughty affair  It’s not a total surprise  Nor should most care   But it is my secret  The one I want to share A naughty little tidbit  That started with a dare   He came over one day For some sugar to spare But I had a craving  For his fingers in my hair   So I bent over the counter  Noticing his stare  Hoping he wouldn’t miss I was wearing no...Read On

Recommended Read

A Beautiful Taste

It all begins with a beautiful taste. Kneeling at the bed like an altar, palms gliding along bare thighs, caresses cascading as you begin to open yourself to me.  You begin to drizzle your secrets,  parcel out the darkest needs  one aching flick at a time when my tongue slides inside. Your taste is everything beautiful to me, sweet summer rain showering dark afternoons,  crashing...Read On

Skullduggery In Gotham City

The devil's henchmen lurk in the souls of ill-gotten fools With unscrupulous pens giving me the willy-nillies As the gigolos of prose pathetically attend their ala mode With lap dances of skullduggery in Gotham City As the cock in the till of my britche's salutes Belching with the ooze of dry vermouth And the harlots serenade with Drambuie over ice   Brocading a sarong of chiffon...Read On


Time Point

Let me know All the secrets Your body has to tell. Read the lines Every dip and hollow, The spaces in between I want to know All there is to know Looking into your eyes Catching a glimpse of your soul. The swell of your chest With every breath you take I can’t pull my eyes away. Mesmerized each time Lost in the vision you become Hair splayed across my bed. Your beauty amazes me, I’ll...Read On


Is That So Wrong

Let me remember you well

You started it all With your touch to my cheek And the smile that lit up your eyes That was the start Of the mystery and depth This ecstatic luscious delight Sending untoward spasms and shivers Throughout my loins With your touch That was the start When I lost my ladylike manner Once for all Now it happens so often my darling I rejoice with your every touch So magically surreptitious As...Read On

Darkening Woes

With verses chastising my darkening woes In close quarters of a jester's commute Shadowing the jackdaws of my mind As if wild onions souring my Similac As my muse strokes my manhood In love making like a game of Pachisi With an imbrication of her fingers While rolling her eyes And walls of my shell spilling the yoke As if wild onions souring my Similac Shedding the wimple of her...Read On



Her green eyes Curve of full breasts Playing with her drink On the hunt For just the one He sees his one Dripping of allure Sitting next to his Drinks flowed Her scent powerful The dance Held tight Pressed in Your hardness Her moans Her hand on you Zipper down You grow hard Stroking Faster You moan As your seed flows Words heard Cum Baby Cum As before Siren inhales Deep Ocean...Read On



Pushed against the wall Drop your pants You giggle I groan Small hand pulls From head To thick shaft Grows long My moans Drive the speed You whisper CUM White drops fall On the wall Another moan Watching you lick Clean fingers More giggles Good boy Jack  ...Read On


Fur Baby

A humorous rhyme about a young couple exploring a popular grooming practice...

We were too young, but happily free;   Was it true love, we thought it could be. Our hormones raged, while being virgin dumb;   Crazy horny, in dire need to get some. I always knew what, I wanted for me;   Needed to play, with a furry baby. Thoughts of it being, snug, warm and slicked wet;   Soft fuzzy feel, that I lusted to pet. So when it was time, she introduced us;   Tried acting...Read On


Six Feet

Six feet: Between you and me. Might be a life time,  Might be but thirty seconds, If you turn this way. Side view: Structure of beauty. Long dark hair obscures,  Sleek figurine encased in black, With the hint of nylons. Gazing:  Across in wonderment. Maybe a little lustful thought, Popped in and out, Then in again. Turning: You turn my way. A smile, A shy nervous smile, And a bitten...Read On



My lips are the luscious color of pink, Just like a bubblegum cocktail drink. So smooth and kissable, It is almost irresistible.   Touch my body with your hands, Do it until my whole body understands. Keep me begging for no end, Make me want to do on the weekend.   Kiss my thighs,  I promise it will help get you a grand prize. Let me moan. I wouldn't mind doing it on the phone.  ...Read On


An Erotic Journey

Kiss me Tease me Caress there Finger tips Senses flare Eyes stare Moans Groans. Play me Touch me Palm down Finger stroking Wet lips Slip inside In Out. Suck me Lick me Lips kissing Tongue flicking Push swirl Hands grasp Stomach Clenching. Push me Make me Pulse racing Soaring high Upward gasping Reaching sky Panting Staring. Please me Satisfy me Crashing down Crying out Hands holding...Read On

Green Eyes Of Seduction

As sharecroppers mend fences And emeralds run their course Green eyes of seduction A dark valance of her voice As frost of the widow thaws A poetic wimple of nunnery Temperature of man is rising While shadows mime the moon Bridling lust with reins of sins In deep furrows of the mind Putting cart before heart As the equinox spells doom As a life of a poet is short When measured by the fans...Read On


Midnight Stroll

My silent fantasy since I was 17 years old

I like to walk at night, To feel the cool crisp air on my skin. The solitude and darkness are just right, To soak my fingers in sweet sin. Into the trees and beside the stream, Looking up at the stars I caress my moist mound. The bliss and serenity like a dream, Couldn’t hear anything over my own sound. No…I didn’t hear him until his breath was in my ear, Tried to move away to no avail....Read On

Recommended Read

Ropes of Cum

In the year sixteen hundred and forty two Loaded down with kegs of rum Sailed a powerful pirate ship It’s name was Ropes of Cum, boys, It’s name was Ropes of Cum.   Her Captain was Red Lizzy No one knew where she was from She ran the crew with an iron fist Aboard the Ropes of Cum, boys, Aboard the Ropes of Cum.   Her first mate was a Scotsman They called him Snake Eye Clum ...Read On

High Octane

Converging on life in a fast lane hearse Without considering the bugaboos   For a piece of ass of high octane   Going gently with corsage pinned to my lapel   For I am better wed than digging up posies As love has brought new poetic muscatel   Of vintage pussy and a dowager's veil With rice and salts taming the shrew For a piece of ass of high octane Fucking the rump paying by pump   ...Read On


What was it?

Just what was it, That took me along that path?   Was it her eyes that demanded my gaze? Was it her figure, wrapped and leather clad? Was it her heels as they pressed into my chest? Was it her presence the centre of my attention?   Was it her eyes that demanded my gaze? Those eyes that captured my soul And required of me, my all!   Was it her figure, wrapped and leather clad? ...Read On


The Marks We Make

3 am and I’m still up thinking about you The way the tips of your fingers skim my skin, leaving goosebumps in their knowing wake. The butterfly wings that take off in my tummy when you whisper all the dirty things you want to do to me The way our eyes lock when you  slip deep inside me bare, leaving nothing between us, no space when we are joined that isn't set ablaze. Moving as one,...Read On


Summer Rain

I lose myself in the taste of summer rain.

Tousled dark hair, vivid green eyes Self-confident strut I can’t help but think, You’re sexy as fuck.   My flesh instinctively awakens the moment you are near. Your molten heat surrounds me, and unspoken desire slickens my skin beneath the midnight summer rain.   Deft hands expertly shed the drenched clothes of our daytime masquerade. Deep, ragged whispers of...Read On


Things that Make Me Go "Ahhhhhh"

What happens in the dark, stays in the dark

Walking blindly into darkness, I should run and hide Shaking with anticipation, Who do I sense by my side   One hand touches my cheek, While another unbuttons my shirt More fingers are felt running up my leg, Down drops my skirt   Feeling eyes upon me, I hear the close of the door Deafening is the silence, What are they waiting for   Lips touch my lips, A wet tongue pries...Read On


Rose Colored Glasses

It's hard to let go when it's like this.

She tells me she loves The Doors, And her smile is wide and inviting. We’re getting high, and she’s dancing As smoke and music fill the air around. She comes closer to me and her hand Brushes against mine. Shivers spread Even though this night isn’t our first. Her long chestnut hair moves with life Just moments since I told her, “ I hate you .” My breath comes in slow, shallow gasps As her...Read On


Time Travel

An escalation.

• It's been so long Just a faded memory accompanied by certain urges Blurry and distorted contorted by time more distant than the horizon I see you  my heart races seratonin surges,  intellect turns to retrospect and feeling emerges • • It's hard to believe this unending attraction You are forever an irresistable lure You were always the one  that the whole room had their eyes on ...Read On

Recommended Read

Innocence Lost

Please! For the grace of lust go I

Syncopated lights Freeze dark features in frames Libertine limbs  Writhe in invisible flames Pulsed beats Reverberate in rivulets of sweat Synthesized strings  Entwine with bass booms of riffs Pheromones fill  Damp air with lust Hair tousled Mussed, scented with musk Dark eyes  Enslave hers, he silently calls Invisible chains  Pulled hard, imprison this innocent doll Animalistic...Read On

Recommended Read

I wanted more

The first time I tasted you, you smelled like spring. Blushing, staring into my eyes you said: -- Do me first, I’ll do you next. Lifting your dress, I hesitated letting fractions of time pass me by, knowing we weren’t alone. In a neighbouring room with the TV on low, your parents were home. Like a stranger I let your hands guide me, tracing fingers along your inner thigh. ...Read On



If this was a painting...

Alabaster skin met with classical smooth curves' artistry The essence of predawn crystallized in a single tear on a mask of cobalt blue,  chartreuse irises gazed beyond with heated pleasure.  Silvery stardust lined the waves of midnight curls that framed her face, a patch darker still crowned the silken petals of her sex. Elizabethan collar fanned thickly around a peacock's neck,  matching...Read On



Creating memories through the senses. . .

Already gone like yesterday Having you in my clutches never amounted to much While present in the physical, your thoughts were always wandering Dare I think of your heart Erratic elusive encounters Consistently keep me chasing Sanctuary found only in memories; for that is when you are solely mine Keen hazel eyes travel the landscape before them Pupils dilate as they survey generous curves of...Read On



Just close your eyes and imagine. Imagine I tied you up and loved you. Black silk scarves bind your wrists, Secured tightly to the bedposts As I journey down your body to spread your legs Ankles anchored to the east and west Lain bare and wide open before me I take my pleasure from teasing you. First one lick on the peak of your tit As you wait for more to come, Fingers slide past your...Read On



Perfect night between mistress and slave

Submissive beauty vulgarly contorted Surrendered flesh a gift to Mistress’ eye Once pure curvaceous form now bruised and striped Aroused but bound, a pretty toy violated   Forced to all fours her holes penetrated Vibrations pleasure wet engorged insides Sore nipples clamped sweet asshole stretched wide A treasured pet so lovingly tortured   Smothered in Mistress’ slathered nether...Read On