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Erotic Poems


Web of Passion

His smile made her a hot sticky mess His eyes bore so deep into her soul She felt naked and exposed Vulnerable to his every whim She tried to avert her gaze but it was useless She was caught in his web  Struggling wasn’t an option But what a deliciously wicked web it was Each strand that touched her body Absorbed more of her The pull was a delicate balance  Keeping her secured in his presence...Read On


My Sexual Awakening

My sexuality is not an inferior trait ~ Alice Bag ....Thank you love for getting me there.

True sexual freedom unrealized Guarded and careful I existed Apologizing to myself for being me Beautiful desires inside of me Desperately trying to find a voice Clawing as if to find a way out Cravings and desires I had buried Suppressed by my insecurities Now demanding my full attention With our first of many deep kisses I knew I could finally be unleashed Able to give my passion a voice...Read On


I Am Yours, Master

His grip Around her neck Tightens, Allowing total control Over her beauty, As she lies tied up, Restrained, Powerless, Helpless, Yet never fearful. She waits, Anticipating Master's Firm touch, Strong and intense Which shows, His unyielding devotion To his beloved Queen. He looks into her eyes, Pulling away, Ripening her desire, Tormenting her ache, For only him, Her Master. Her melodic...Read On


Calming the Chaos

Only He knows how to calm the chaos

Upon this bed I kneel and wait For master to come lay his claim Hands bound tightly above my head Legs spread wide only He can tame  Gently feeling throngs of a cat  That first caress across each thigh The play of nine tails feels so grand As you hear escape softly, a sigh Pulling me down across his lap Gently trailing fingers along my spine The anticipation of what's to come next ...Read On


Pleasure Thy Self

When you need a little something before sleep...

  Alone in the dark No one with whom to play So I let my fingers wander They already know the way   My hand gently wanders Achingly, slowly down Finding my clit My finger circles round   A soft breathless sigh A long quiet groan A tiny bit harder now A gasp then a long slow moan   I now quickly dip A finger or two Down into my cleft Seeking my slippery dew   Now back to...Read On



Careful you don't get burned...

She is a beautiful Angel With wings of brilliant flame Just one night in her arms You will never be the same   The fiery heat of her love Will brand you for all time The feelings she invokes Are blatantly sublime   She will tantalize And brilliantly tease As her molten pussy Begins to stroke and squeeze   Covering your throbbing cock With her steamy cream Continuing to move...Read On

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Overdosing on chemical dependency can be a very good thing

Purring growls of groans shoot through helpless veins Seduction filled needles of ecstatic premonition Strawberry fields of skin prickles   Plasma boils, cells expand, cravings uncoil lethal lengths Slithering need tickles the tight chasm of my throat Lips aquiver with unquenchable thirst   Heat scalds and blackens, wrinkles and chars, our skin glows red Beyond mere mortals,...Read On


All Women Are Built From A Fire

Maybe I should hold back  if mystery makes you want more,  before you mistake this intensity  for an animal far too dark.  Maybe I should hold back if this  push and pull makes you crave more,  but you may assume my shyness is some  missing link in me to you before forgetting  to note the darkness barely held at bay. Something I must never forget... All women are built from a fire that...Read On


When before me

Something short for whispering quietly into receptive ears

When before me your thighs apart The pink folds split and glistening starts For between the curves of your feminine hips The wanton welcome of your warm secret sits Out from before me my passion swells The embodiment of my desire it tells Tense and taught to swollen lengths With texture and contour for which it sinks So lay with me in synchronous rhythm  Of flesh and breath and warmth...Read On


Jonah Returns

Jonah returns in full force.

We reach his house. We don’t make it up the stairs. Our coupling is fuelled as he quietly dares, For me to take anal, no lubrication. He wants me to show my sexual dedication.   He flips me around, grabbing onto my hips. His hands hold me tight in a cast iron grip. His cock pushes against my sweet forbidden hole, Until he finally enters me, achieving his goal.   He pulls my...Read On



He loved her...and that is what she craved...

He watched her across a sea Of fine bone china, White cotton, And the darkness of tea.   Illuminated in a shaft of dusty yellow sunlight, She teased, Applying sticky pink lip gloss, To those oh, so kissable lips, Spread; gently plumping With a tongue tip, The places he needed to be.   Yes, how sweet the temptation, Of sex denied, She stoked that fire Within his core.   “It...Read On


Love on the Interwebs

Keep it real they said...

Passionate kisses falling like rain we lick suck and fuck again and again   Your words they seduce tantalise and please you pull at my heartstrings with delectable ease   But you’re just a dream I know you’re not real my heart’s mine to give so don’t try to steal   If I give myself to you and just say ..Yes! I know I’ll end up A quivering mess   So please, don’t tell me...Read On

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Consumed by Passion

Nothing is as important as passion ~ Jon Bon Jovi

Passion for me was once indescribable. It is not a tangible item to be held, nor can passion be described as a specific smell, taste or sound. It is unique to anyone it touches. In a world so full of corruption, tarnished by hate and deception,  I realize loving you has become  my poetry, my swan song, my passion. I found my passion within you.  Your inner fire effortlessly breached...Read On


Passion to Miss

An unstoppable craving that must find satisfaction.

The craving tore at my body I could feel its heat, scorching The need wouldn’t cease Me, twirling, moaning, arching   Sweat glistening on ivory skin My heart racing Pounding the beat Limbs and torsos embracing   Energy buzzing and consuming The beginning to the end Bodies rocking and melding Lines and colors blend   Mirrors surrounding, reflecting An image encased in paintings...Read On


Is It Still Taboo?

I think of her, as more than just my step-mother, so is it still wrong?

I lay awake at night, thinking of you When I close my eyes, you're all I see Every moment of every day, I see you there I know it's wrong, but I can't stop this feeling inside You took me in, raised me as one of your own A mother to watch over me, but not blood related You married my father, a step-parent you've become But I can't stop thinking of you as more You caught me one time,...Read On


Flayed to the Bone

For Alan, whose passions were the word, the image, and the song.

To the bone, flayed through flesh and torn away from the tendons and ligaments of a tortured body. Moans of regret, mourning sensitivity, singular loss before the dawning of renewed passion. You have felt it before and wish for it no more; no more  with the suffering,  rejected and escaping, and waiting patiently for your destiny,  writ in your sleepless dreams. It is the last time  that...Read On

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Piccadilly Line Passion

Fourteen stations and a frenzied fuck

Dozing on an empty night-time tube, Late-night, post-party, tipsy: Jerked awake As train pulls out of Russell Square; And there he is: Sat opposite me; man of all my dreams.   Blue eyes, short hair, chin Flecked with darkish stubble, Tight T-shirt wrapping tighter body. Fuck, I want him; want him now.   Our eyes meet, flick away, Then back. Both Smile, a moment shared. I bite my lip, then...Read On

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Walls That Have Eyes

Shackled by ropes of fate

How could I have realized On that day of surprise With illicit kisses stolen And sexuality shredded That I was surrounded by walls that have eyes Snared by irresistible bait And shackled by ropes of fate Tumbling into an unknown abyss Of frenetic and wild abandon Sexual compass, anything but straight Needing our forbidden affair Trapped on an inescapable path without care A blaze of...Read On

Editor's Pick

It's Never Just a Fuck

Criss-crossed and knotted, cutting and cut, the binding rope Holds me, folds me, remolds me to a creature of chains And locks. A creature of silent craving, biting my gag . I’m never so much myself, as when you fasten the collar . My Sade. My Rousseau. My love, wielding the whip . Do not let me go until you come .   Cord and steel holds me together until you come To me....Read On


Memory Of You!

Jerking off to the sweet memory of a sensual blowjob.

The memory of you seeps into my memory As I sit here with my hand wrapped around my cock Hardened by the notion of you touching it Stroking myself off as I close my eyes and dream of you Your succulent lips offering sweet tender kisses Your wet tongue sliding across the long shaft Rising to take the crown placed upon the head To the flicker of your tongue upon that so sensitive spot Driving...Read On


Horny Lovers of Lush.

An erotic story line poem about my fun, my sadness, and my passion for Lush.

Sitting here again, just watching, remembering the fun I've dared, The friendships, the secrets, so many Lush lovers I've shared. The wonderful crying laughter, a truly euphoric orgasm, Pillow talk the morning after, as I quietly think of them. Wondering and not knowing why, it's so beautiful in late fall, As I sit here and I try, to understand the excitement of it all. Remembering the joy...Read On

Editor's Pick

Let me be your Juliet

Let me be your Juliet, standing proud upon the balcony Golden hair a crown of fire as it’s kissed by the sun Distracting you, the sweetness of your adoration forgotten As you gaze heavenwards, lust burning in your loins You came to woo me with your words, you claim To praise me with the poetry that sings in your heart To make love to me as the dawn breaks over Verona I don’t want to...Read On


Love and Passion

  I work my way through the crowd, eyes locked on yours needing to get to you. Too many people, too much uncertainty, I can’t do this right now. One more step and I’m there, your face is all I see. I can relax now,  standing here with you. As close as we are, I press my hand into the small of your back and bring you against me, our bodies touching. You mold to me. Holding...Read On

Sexy Game Tonight

A dark adventure   This is an experiment This pair are lovers One is a bit hesitant A blindfold is worn Hearing is her only sense So much to be learned Her body is tense He kisses her skin Uses his tongue softly She wears a grin This game is naughty He ties her wrists She's all his tonight He puts a toy into her slit What he does feels right Her pussy responds so well The toy is deep...Read On


Filthy Beautiful

Filthy little muse for your cock...

You never knew what your dirty little girl was aching for Your fat cock deep in her pretty little tight ass I yearned for your cock in my slippery wet pussy, yet I ached for more. My passion and raw emotions I flaunt with grace and class.   Your thick, hard, veiny shaft...penetrating deep in my creamy wet womb  Vigorous orgasms soaring as you fucked me more Your cock erupting and...Read On


An ode to Passion

A bit of rhyming fun inspired by the "Passion" poetry comp, if not in the same league as those poets

“P” is for “pounding” – your pussy can take it; let’s face it, it happens every time that we’re naked! “A” is for “anal” – don’t pout dear, it’s fun; now please stay still whilst I KY your bum! “S” is for “sucking” – we’ll have plenty of that; sucking, and sucking, and sucking in fact. “S” is for “softly” – each movement at first but you know I’ll pound harder when I’m ready to burst. “I”...Read On


The Devil Bitch

She owns me, controls me, uses me for her own amusement ...

Your face is etched forever in my memory My fractured mind warped by your presence Tearing at it's fabric to create insanity Unable to break free of these shackles you placed upon me Your voice won't stop whispering hurtful words Forcing me to bang my head against the wall Your fragrant perfume suffocates me You feed off my misery like a leech Blood that drips from those scratches you...Read On


My Glass Toy

This ridgid glass toy, it makes my pussy seep

Here I lay My legs wide spread Watching some porn Half naked In bed These naughty images Make me so wet I reach for my glass toy My favourite pet Slowly I slide it Along my silky slit Over my panties So sexy and red As my arousal grows The panties must go I reach down, tug them Toss them on the floor The smooth hard edge Of my glass toy slides Along my slippery slit Up and down, to my clit...Read On


Beauregard's Driveway

A tepid night at an Alabama watering hole turns even steamier out in the parking lot.

I felt a slight brush, an excuse-me touch beneath the awning of dark clouds a summer storm was brewing in Alabama with the devil's hammer banging loud   the Spanish moss hung deathly still the bees returned to their combs even the locusts gave up the ghost as the timid scurried to their homes   I'd stayed in town to avoid the rush and the air was...Read On

The Seven Rides of Sara-Lou

A tale of seven rides she told; each word, she swore, was true.

(a song, to be sung country-western style, with a jangly guitar) I knew a girl in my hometown     her name was Sara-Lou A tale of seven rides she told     each word, she swore, was true. Sixteen, she hitched thru Tennessee;     he drove a black sedan. Her young pert breasts, her languid arm     he wound his window down. They stopped at dawn round Memphis way,     across his hood...Read On