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Erotic Poems


Watching you

A passionate poem written to an unaware participant

I’ve been watching you… Watching you Touching you with my eyes You can’t keep me from imagining your thighs Engulfing my head in a hot, moist embrace Your sweet nectar all over my face I’ve been watching you… Watching you Doing things that are strictly taboo Giving me what I want from you Passionate head throws, I’m licking, sucking, nibbling your toes… Hey! I’m watching...Read On


And When We Fucked

You offered your throat, I stole your breath. You opened my flesh, Painted your nails crimson with me. You, pierced, impaled, transfixed. Me, spewing my fire in your womb. And when we fucked, We became untameable love. And when we fucked, The gods were made to know envy. And when we fucked, Lovers blushed. And when we fucked, The dead poets dreamed once more....Read On


The Best

Part 9 of my ongoing rhyming series of new Miss Honey poems with still more to come.

Ten crossdressers and gay men, made a lot of noise, as Miss Honey led them in, with whips and chains and toys. Unsteady on their legs, and ten sheets to the wind, she laid them down butts up, and told them they had sinned. For their punishment, her slave would peg their holes, with a 14" strap-on, as she tied their feet and toes. With that cock above my cage, I fucked then one by one,...Read On


The Unlocked Door

My body’s the unlocked door

You don’t need a key To be inside me My body’s the unlocked door Please take what you need Indulge your passionate greed Leave me spent but begging for sate Maybe warm, intimate fire Rivulets of naughty desire Golden streams cascading over my breasts Splashing down long, satin brunette hair Through burgeoned blooms laid bare Pearlescent drops of passion marking me yours ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Note And The Rose

Close enough to fold you deep into my waiting arms, hold you inside aching lungs, you're becoming proof that I don't need eyes to see. There's a sight beneath all sense, a signal traveling in every pulse. And I fold with you like a note, body a map of countless creases, carbon imprints scribbled a history before you began to write. Before telling your own story, you carefully traced...Read On


Fanning latent ashes into fiery embers of lust.

Letting carnal cravings take us over. Experiencing each other in playful, salacious ways. Teasing, relentless teasing, sending us to the edge. Foreplay, inside, outside, in one room, then another. Spurring each other on, nothing out of bounds. No rules, no penalties. Holding impending climax’s off, for as long as possible. Feeding twin fires of passion, to the brink...Read On


Lamb in the Lion's Den

You're in the lion's den now, little lamb Where I am King, and rule all You may be innocent and meek, but I see some lioness in you, my sweet lamb Come now little lamb I will not hurt you I'll just show you, why I am King and command your full attention Don't look so scared, little lamb I just want to teach you and impart my wisdom I assure you, you will enjoy my lessons and soon come to...Read On


Fish Nets

Seduction... it all starts in your mind

I came out with my fish nets on singing my sexy siren song Tonight I want you my love I'll coo just like your sexy dove So out I walk in sexy heels Everything in black I hear your lips smack You look me up and down a big smile, not a frown Those are mine, you say my big tits on display Yes I coyly smile winking, as you I beguile You take me in your arms so strong kissing me, I know it won't...Read On


Hands Free

Part 8 of my ongoing Miss Honey Series of rhyming poems with more to come.

A kinky sex device, inserted in my ass, I'm allowed to cum, hands free in a glass. Up to the task, I'll get to drink my cum, with that internet device, vibrating in my bum. The more tokens I collect, the creamier the show. Miss Honey thinks I'm primed, to fill a serving bowl. My cock and balls and face, are all that's been revealed, which means the rest of me, has been covered and concealed....Read On


Uninhibited Fanstasy

Sexual Fantasies

On the couch I lay On the couch I rest My heart beating inside my chest My thoughts filled with you My emotions taken over with you Wondering if you have a clue I touch my breasts I touch my slit Feel my clit Imagining you on top of me Kissing my lips Sucking my nips With your bulge between my hips I take you in You give me all Then catch me when I fall...Read On


Pictures of You

When I look into your eyes, I see waves of the ocean so blue and true, Then I smile and you smile and I know it's right. I reach out and hold your hand, our fingers touch. I lean into your lips to engage in a kiss, That sparks your body to shiver. Our fingers wrap around each other caressing deeply. As the fire in our hearts glow. Body heat is the best warmth for our soul. ...Read On



Part 7'of my ongoing new series of Miss Honey rhyming pieces.

At a lessie bar, Miss Honey found recruits, who were more than game, to peg me in their boots. Three or four disrobed, but the others remained dressed, for those hardcore lesbos came, to do what they do best. They fucked me like a squad, of horny Navy Seals, as I swung from a swing, in a bra, nylons, high heels. My cock was in its cage, not to be released, dripping cum on cocks, as horny as...Read On


Midnight Sky

My eyes burn like fire the moment I look at you, my loins on fire with desire; your eyes are the deepest blue. I reach out and touch your face but my fingertips feel out of place. I lean in and touch your lips with mine, it's like an eclipse. My eyes have seen you, I sing Jim Morrison to you. The darkness of the sky behind you, halo highlight, you glow from the moonlight. ...Read On



Let’s light a fire, give me your desire, let the whole world burn set our souls afire Let the flames ignite, feel the blaze’s bite, the lash of passion, burning in the bright This world can be cold, a chance to be bold, I’ll stay warm in you, a heat that can scold A desperate need, to fulfill this greed, all our wants fulfilled, until we’re emptied Be my gasoline, embrace...Read On


Penis Envy

Part 6 of my ongoing Miss Honey series of rhyming poems.

I had penis envy, after seeing she-male cock, when Miss Honey found her, walking round the block. Talk about a penis! It was longer than my arm, and stronger than the strongest steel, much to my alarm! It was my job to suck it, and to ride upon it too, and to drain her big balls dry, of creamy tranny dew. I did it like a trooper, is what Miss Honey said, after saying she was much too big,...Read On



Dripping sweet like chocolate chips slowly melting on a hot cookie, dab one fingertip, then another, gooey ambrosia to be licked clean. The chips are just the start, a prelude to salivating hunger, I'm after the heated center, the core holding it all together. I've licked peaches before greedily piercing soft sugary rinds, I've devoured countless strawberries, savored the vulnerable...Read On



Bend me in two baby cause I need that kinda sex

Hair matted with precum Our sheets soaked with sex I've screamed and I've spasmed Your cock slaps my flesh You're pulsing and aching You're covered in me With your fingers and mouth My body you've freed My mind's almost blank Only one thought survives "Use me!" I gasp I crave you inside. Your arms force me wide Your hand slaps my clit I scream and I squirt As your cock...Read On


Lolita Seduction at Work

A girl dresses sweetly to distract her boyfriend from doing his job

"Come and play," you say. "Soon, I need to finish." You pout and flutter your eyelids Your grin is decidedly impish Sitting on the bed, you play with your hair You look hot in ribbons and bows With a short white nightie and ankle socks Kneeling before me, a delightful pose "Just five more minutes," I say. "Five is simply too many!" I watch you slip your hand in your panties You play, but...Read On



Part 5 of my ongoing Miss Honey series of rhyming poems.

Watching she-males stroke, I've been stroking too, but I'm not allowed to cum. Cumming I can't do, for Miss Honey's watching me, with all her mistress friends. Lord, how long will it be, before this torture ends? When the trannies cum, they shoot it down my throat, before I clean their cocks, and that's not all they wrote. I lick their bouncing balls, and their she-male pussies too, as...Read On


Beg Me

You kneel before me, you, whore in heat, With your begging eyes and lips a deep blood red, your whimpers high and your moans low, Crying out for this exquisite pleasure and my delicious brand of pain, So addicted and needy, only one can feed you, I could use you, I could abuse you, I could damn well collar and leash you. You're hungry and downright depraved, I taunt you, dare you...Read On


The Afterglow of Loving

As we lie here in the afterglow of loving, With your head upon my shoulder, and your soft breasts Warm against my side, I gaze again in wonder, Upon your lovely face, so peaceful in repose, Remembering the many times before tonight When we have danced among the stars in ecstasy, Our perfectly matched spirits soaring high above, As our bodies melt and fuse into each other In...Read On



Part 4 of my ongoing new series of Miss Honey rhyming pieces.

Miss Honey's mates were shocked, when they came to see, how faithfully I drank, all her lovely pee. She said, "Feel free to use him, and with a blindfold if you must, for he loves every drop of it, and won't miss a drop, I trust! No 'if's and an's' about it, my pee-slave will not tell. If he didn't have a cock-cage, his sissy clit would swell." One by one they came to me, and pulled...Read On


Cautiously Confident Exposure

A young woman offers herself for sale

Rufina sits by the window In schoolgirl attire A man’s desire Her plaid skirt hitched Legs apart White panties showing A fragment of art Twiddling her hair  With a vacant stare Her Japanese bow Draws attention To her innocence and insolence The vixen's vying a mention For men of means and girls of want The exchange is an introduction She knows her price He knows the cost In fair...Read On


My Open Door

My door is always open for you.

You met me at my open door with kisses, oh, so sweet, and led me to our passions bed where two lone souls could meet. You took my loneliness away as fingers roamed so free to heat my lust filled thoughts and needs as they invaded me. Your lips caressed my nipples as you fingers roamed inside, you took me to the edge and back... my moans I could not hide. I begged...Read On


An Autumn Day

A perfect stroll on an autumn day

 A leisurely stroll on this cool autumn day, The breeze so crisp made the leaves to sway. I turned to you, 'I love you' to say, When I noticed your nipples wanted to come out and play. Deep into the woods and out of the way, I found a nice place where we could play. Raising your clothing up and out of the way, Those rock hard nipples were pointing my way. I grasped them...Read On

Dos Gusanos

In a a tryst interlude Ensconced at a desk in my writing chair With a poetic devotion to tequila As you scratch at my crotch And my penis swelters a midnight itch As the pendulum of my eyes wink A smattering of grins To the sultriness of your kiss With lips of passion As you lay bare empowering the choir Surrounded by feeble pens and stains And I feeling no pain To the...Read On


What a good girl she was

A sexy poem with a surprise.

What a good girl she was. She sat on the sofa and tilted her head, Better on there than laying on the bed. He undid his zip and held his cock, Placed on the lips, he prepared to dock. She opened wide and gave a lick, His prick was long and very thick. She started sucking with all her zeal, Then proceeded to moan, enjoying her meal. He held her head and pushed it in, She...Read On


Invisible Chains

Why do I crave you so much? When you praise me my heart soars When you hurt me I only want to make you proud When I please you, then I'm happy When your angry, then I'm sad. Give me what you will Take from me what you want Never ask, never refrain, and never regret Brush my tears from my face With your beautiful smile....Read On

Sex On A Whim

I always toy my slit at night So in the morning we could play My pussy is so tight You love to make my day A finger positioned in my slit You tell me that I'm moist You suck on my tits I'm feeling rather rejoiced My pussy is so wet I beg you to take a taste You're fingers stroke and pet You finger me at a nice pace I'm on my back, legs held high You're licking my pussy lips My hands...Read On


Lunch Is Served

Part three of my new Miss Honey series of rhyming poems.

Miss Honey served me lunch, from between her legs, cream pies front and back, from tons of sissy slaves. I cleaned her willingly. O, that's what cum-sluts do. She only had to point. No, I didn't get to screw. I slurped up all the syrup, from their pretty sissy cocks, as they squeezed their cages on, and snapped tight all the locks. I swallowed every drop, and kissed each sissy mouth, for...Read On