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Erotic Poems




Once upon the other day I met a man who looked away I turned and walked the other way I did not know what to say Once upon another day He stared as I blushed and looked away It seems I was not ready to play He did not know what to say Once upon every tomorrow Those eyes lead me from my sorrow Not meant to steal or to borrow Aiding with my leaden cargo Once upon a twisted fate We ended up...Read On


Leading Her Away

When you lose to another

There she kneels before Me, Her eyes look to Me, Like pools of water, They show her love to Me, My hand caresses her cheeks, She nestles against it adoringly, She kisses My palm She whispers I love you Mistress. I smile A light shines upon us, As the door opens before us A ominous figure stands Hid amongst the light. A woman appears from the light, She smiles with...Read On


The Woodlands of Delight

Crackling twigs Or friendly birdcalls Give me signals He is often there He follows me everywhere Through the woodlands of lust In the daylight and into the night With glimpses  From the corners of my eyes Of his form And visage Most inspiring sight My entrancement keeps him  Always seeking more Coming closer Ever closer  And the spell was stronger Ever stronger I am his muse...Read On


Masturbation Song

Take a guess to what famous movie tune that this one can be sung to.

Let your fingers do the walking, when there is no time for talking, and you're feeling all alone. When your Cabana Boy is working, or busy somewhere jerking, let your pretty fingers roam. When you're feeling fit and frisky, pour a shot of irish whiskey, and get out all your toys. Pretty dildos and vibrators, made for pretty masturbators, and for naughty girls and boys. I've done it with...Read On

The Scent of You

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” ― Pablo Neruda

When around him I am moments I wish where perennial where there is not a single tic-toc between the playful moons and the immensity of space Moments when I feel alive a fire burning on my lips a hunger from deep within ever present and a smile brakes from the depths of my being There, he embraces me blankets me with his arms and I at the whim of his kiss he exudes a delicious...Read On


Needy Cup

Waiting to be filled

"Would you like another cup" Startled, I look up Hoping to see you But no. "No thank you" Sitting here all alone Reading, my fingers start to roam Thinking of you, spinning your loom Waiting by the dark washroom What is taking so long? Again? This stupid song! My nipples hard, panties wet Hoping today you won't forget The way to which I've led I can't get you out my head I guess I'll...Read On


The Glory Hole

Once a man and now a cocksucking sissy and pet.

"Sissy, come to Mama, and put these panties on, and this bra and dress, for today you are reborn. You want to be a girl, and my cleanup pet, as well. We have a date (and we can't be late), and that's all that I can tell. How your little clit would SWELL, if it wasn't in it's cage. We are going to a place, where your face will be the stage!" She walked him like a dog, to The Glory Hole. On...Read On


The Look

The look can say it all.

The look The look can say it all The look can tell you what mood they are in A teasing mood  A loving mood Or a sexy mood The look can determine the events of either the next few minutes Or the next few hours The look can flash in their eyes then disappear The look can stay in their eyes, making them sparkle, telling you everything you need to know Her look As she kneels in front of you...Read On

My Sexy Wife Enjoys Anal Sex And Other Things

A couple enjoy one another

My wife she likes it up her ass A nice stiff one up her anal canal She's such a pip with lots of sass She's really a very extraordinary gal She tells me it feels so good My prick inside her asshole I fuck her with my morning wood She likes when I'm in control She always starts out giving me head She likes the taste of my cock She likes me comfortable on our bed She strokes me so I'm like...Read On


Last Hurrah of Freedom

Once a straight bloke not alwasy a straight bloke.

She said she was bilingual - "I suck cock - and pussy, too!" She said he'd be bilingual, before the night was through. He said 'I'm straight and horny, and cock is not my thing, But if you have the pussy, I have the tongue to bring. So off they drove into the night, with her best friend, Jen - in tow. They were sexier than starlets, Oh, how was he to know - of the fate that would befall...Read On



We merged out beyond the city lights, untouched now by their sodium glows, your smooth hand slipped into mine as we followed the vast pale moon. The cicadas filled the thick air, the night's reverberant serenade in tune with the unceasing drums of hungry hearts when night falls. And I feel the warm beat in my palm, as your lips begin to search my own, pressed against one of countless...Read On

A Couple Have Sex with Graham The Bull

The couple find a bull to have sex with the wife.

A housewife is not happy in her life She needs a big cock to please her She wants to be a slut wife She wants to get fucked and purr She's looking for a man that's hung And looking to fuck her hard and deep It's a plus if he's got a long tongue She wants him to fuck her to sleep Her husband will want to watch  His wife get fucked in her ass and slit She'll allow him to play with his...Read On


Shy, Little Kitten

What lurks inside this shy, little Kitten?

This shy, little kitten found frightened, alone, till I took her to safety  and gave her a home. Quiet, lithe and silky when curled at my feet, awaiting Master's touch or a new friend to meet. A trusting companion when curled in my lap. Quiet, shallow breaths when taking her nap. Don't tease my Kitten, make her angry or pout. You won't like my kitten when her claws come out. When...Read On


Sweet Honey Pie

Lust and Love for a sweet transsexual.

She's a Honey Pie, with a BIG caboose, a sweet stick - Hard and Thick with creamy jism juice. Sweet lips made for kissing, nipples ripe to suck, a pecker in the front, with a shaved cunt made to fuck. Her pussy's in the back, O, It's a treat to rim, her name is Jezebel, she used to be a Jim. I love to pull her balls, while I spank her bum, that's as smooth as silk, from all my creamy cum. ...Read On


Welcome To My Dungeon

A very hot and creamy welcome to a new slave from her master.

Welcome to my dungeon, Let your hair hang down, There are no inhibitions, Where I wear the crown. Your hands are tied behind you, A vibrator up your butt, For this is what you asked for, To be your Master's slut. Now, bow before your Master, Your mouth was made to fuck, Down before your master, You came here to suck! When I cum you'll swallow, You'll stay down on your knees, There's a line...Read On


Wet Lip Service

Male sub servicing and worshipping his Mistress with his lips and tongue.

I kissed her painted lips, Devoured her with my tongue, The way I used to do, When lust was new and young. I sucked her neck and shoulders, I licked her heaving breast, I teased her swollen nipples, I love them - I confess! As ripe as wild berries, Well over one inch long, Her clit was just as big, Vibrating in her thong. I kissed her perfect belly, Her gorgeous hips and thighs, She opened...Read On

Tattooed and Addicted

“Your scent is like a drug to me like my own personal brand of heroin.” Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

Tattoos of your kisses I bear in my body Tattooed thru time One by one since we met Mesmerized by what you gift me With every kiss, I desire more Always I want one more dose Overdose, no matter, I crave more I start to sweat I begin to feel I can not breathe Kiss me one more time Tease me Kiss me I'm addicted, I can not stop I'm delirious, I lose control This is no...Read On


Come Fuck Me Now

"Cuck, come fuck me NOW" Is what I often hear. She's so insatiable, I've fucked her more this year, than in my stallion days, a Romeo - a Stud. "O Cuck, come fuck me NOW, I'm going to cause a flood!" Her pussy's dripping wet. She's wetter than the sea, surrounded by the shore, and she won't let me be. I'm losing too much weight. My cock's still standing firm, but if you'll come around,...Read On

Darkly Dusk

Near the gazebo as foul weather echoes  Feeling earthly comfort on spindles of thatch In carnal swoons salivating good cheer  As shadows awaken my lust, wuthering bellows blow  While day dims the light stirring my manly acorns  On your moistening cunt the hour darkly dusk  While my jowls hunger nether parts  To sow my sins and kiss plains of your twat  Casting a spell my eyes linger With...Read On

Sexy MILF Eve

We have fun with Eve the MILF

A MILF who likes to flirt She's a hot little tart She wears her short skirts She's really a sweetheart She wears tube tops And stiletto shoes She owns a sex shop She advertises on the news She's my mother's friend Who's a sexy widow She's got a nice rear end She's a MILF bimbo We're eighteen and young After work she invites us in She likes that we're hung She's got a body for sin ...Read On


Strap-on Song

A kinky song sung to a mistress by a enthusiastic bi male slave.

I love a woman with a strap-on, Covering her bush, A woman with a cock, Who loves to pull and push! A woman with a harness, Who loves to drill her man, Where no tool's been before, Like my mistress can. A woman with a dick, A fat prick, thick and long, With a juicy clit, Underneath her dong. A woman with a strap-on, To fill her lover's tush, Who doesn't mind trading places, Who loves to...Read On

Saving Grace A Moonlit Spell

On a field of Backgammon With the quell of an erotic tale Saving Grace a moonlit spell As a shadow in my mind spins  Across my chest as tallow flows From a candelabra's glow While softly stroking a phallic of ten And poetically tracing webs omens With a gossamer's touch my breath sins Against the ripples down below In the hollows of your clit And awaiting my queue Giving no quarters...Read On



It's the sound moaning against the rapid pulse that my lips burrow into when tasting the soft skin of your neck. You hear enough to realize no other name escapes me with such breathless abandon, with such needy timbres lingering in the heated air as you surge into my covetous kiss. The moment your fingers close around my thick and swelling ache, a metaphor for the world in your hands,...Read On

Little Naughty Things

Feeling the emotions of memories  And hearing moans from your maw As frost in your cunt begins to thaw While we diddle raw in the straw Caressing among the spindle weeds Ratcheting my cock to fill your needs And buckling your body at the knees  Slewing forth a scrotum of seeds With a slip knot tied with a string Tightly bound with golden rings The spool unwinds our torrid flings ...Read On

Daddy And His Pet Play

Daddy please his pet.

My darling it's a new day  Daddy's hungry for his pussy treat He wants to eat pussy buffet It's time for Daddy to eat Sweet baby open your legs Daddy wants to adore your cunt Daddy wants pet to pant and beg Show Daddy how you grunt Licks and flicks to her clit Hands squeeze at her firm rack Daddy's fingers are inside her slit Pet is on her back Pet is awfully wet Daddy licks her here...Read On


Take Me

Take me as the night begins to fall, all needs roaring to life in the dark, we've been marked to violently ache for passions mirroring our very own. A passion akin to beasts roaming the wild, the mingling howls and thunder spreading a cantata among the hidden forests, among hides, thorns, and bleeding ink on smooth and soft parchments where I failed to recreate you with words. ...Read On


Opened up

Late night restless ramblings

He doesn’t just love getting his cock sucked, He thrives on the act of her giving her mouth to him. He watches her lips suckle, And the sweet pink of her tongue. Her throat opens up,  Like a vessel of love, Choking desire,  Gagging in lust. His eyes feast on this beast With insatiable hunger,  He watches her wet lovely mouth Draw him in deeper. And He slips under her spell And ...Read On


Across The Room

Across the room she smiles at me, Her husband mustn't know That she is waiting patiently To let me share her glow. It always seems so fresh and new, We meet up when we can, Because we often rendezvous  To cuckold her old man. The simple fool is not too bright, He sees her through a veil That blurs his vision and his sight. Their marriage is so stale. I've stirred her avaricious lust...Read On


Steve's Wife, Bill's Slut

Bill gives me what Steve can't provide

The night was finally here He wanted to see me fuck The man who had savoir-faire And whose cock I loved to suck I waited in the master bedroom He was going to answer the door I felt tingles and twitches in my womb And I began pacing the wooden floor Would he be okay with watching another man? Fucking his once faithful, but still loving wife Would he be taking notes or just be...Read On



Let me take you to the zone

Let me get into the zone, so that I may please you So that I can concentrate on you Only you, and nothing else Let me do this so that I can blow your mind Show you things you've never felt before Show you things you cannot even imagine And not just with my cock, no, no, no My tongue, my fingers, my teeth even Even just thinking about what I can do to you nearly brings me to the edge ...Read On