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Erotic Poems

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Just How I Know He Likes.

Rewarding me for being good.

Gripping the base of his arousal, just how I know he likes I love to hear his excitement, lift his pleasure to new heights Gently stroking up and down, I lean forward and lick the tip His hands reach down and grip my hair, he pushes past my lips. Deep breath in as he holds me down, I try to relax my throat Knowing deep down its futile, he loves to see me choke He holds me there, I...Read On



Cos she was cool Yeah she was smoking She had a body like an hourglass She made me pulse and throb   Cos she was tall And she was smoking Blowing rings around me, talking smoothly Really turned me on   Cos she was hot Man she was smoking She had me crying mercy please don’t break me She’d got me under her control   Cos she was mean Oh was she smoking She pulled the blindfold...Read On


Own Me

Touch me ... I shall cum ... Kiss me ... I shall cum ... Mark me ... I shall shiver ... then cum ... Own me ... I shall wait ... for your command ... to cum ...  ...Read On



Sex game delivers an unforseen twist

Sex becomes samey, boring, routine, Then recriminations, oft hurtful and mean. Need to rekindle the fire we had, Must think of something to break this regime.   I think up a plan, to bring back the spice, Nothing too kinky, just enough to entice. She’s in agreement and up for the game, The plan has been formed, so let’s roll the dice.   For our little charade, she’ll dress to impress...Read On


The Magic Wand

I was young and foolish, I thought I knew it all. Men were tools for my delight. Life was just a ball.   Then one day I met a man Who took my breath away. He taught me things I did not know. I remember him to this day.   He was not tall and handsome, And yet we formed a bond. I loved him so, because, you see, He had a magic wand.   When he touched me with his wand He made...Read On


Good Morning

The best part of waking up...

saccharine lips enveloping sweetly my throbbing knob, suckling, swirling playfully with your vortex tongue - as a maelstrom roaring into the ocean, your thickening saliva glistens upon my bulging shaft, encroaching ever further within your tightening throat your delicious pressure shudders my aching being beyond sensation, beyond comprehension and my mouth cannot control its...Read On


Everything We've Been Waiting For

warmth - soaking ecstacy as her ankles come to rest upon my shoulder blades pulling thrusting every penetration bursting, spurting delicious elixir culminates perspiration with shuddered breath between fainted whimpers deeper we willingly dive into this forbidden chasm tabooed behind ignorant eyes who fail to witness the lust of my cousin’s bliss  ...Read On


The Need

... missing you ... ... till I finally found sleep ... ... where I found you there ... ... in my dreams where you live ... ... naked ... ... nipples hard and erect ... ... pussy wide wanton ... ... rabbit slick ... ... moaning my name ... ... as you cum ... ... and cum again ... ... as I stir many miles away ... ... hard cock in hand ... ... as my cum bubbles forth ... ......Read On


Hot Desires

Their love so hot, their tryst unforgettable!

Entering  the dark room, a light glow from the city lights is coming from the window. He holds her, their embrace passionate, hands touch both tremble with desire.   Leading her to the window, undressing her so slowly her body tingles as clothes come off in turn she does the same with him.   kissing, licking, moaning, groping. They don’t care if someone sees  the need too great,...Read On


In the Darkness

I open the window And smell the rain. I hear him behind me. I feel him behind me.   In the darkness He comes to me, Touching my skin, Caressing my flesh.   His erection touches me. It excites me. I spread my legs. He enters me.   His cock is hard And deep inside me. I moan with pleasure. I lose control.   In the darkness I smell the rain. I turn around, There's no...Read On



If only I could map it out just once, I'm certain you would finally know. Because I can tilt your chin  and name every light in the sky when the night falls and we're left with nothing but glows that are  the equivalent of temporarily ethereal ghostly glows. I could name them all and tell you that beauty does not last forever, not in the ways humans chart it with a desperate nostalgia...Read On



Inspired... :)

There upon the stage you are Singer, songwriter - quite a star Watching as you sway your hips Yes, I think of THOSE sweet lips A glance exchanged between we two Tells me that we'll soon screw! A tingle starts between my legs An area for which attention begs Your set seems to take forever As I wait for our endeavor Then at last you leave the stage Now my desire is quite a rage To...Read On


His Favorite Slut

Could he truly handle her...

She had a desire That couldn’t be quenched Needing his dick To take her quick Fucking her mind Claiming her voice. Kissing her breathless Fulfilling her void Taming her demons Was a full-time job Satisfying her hunger While dominating her mind Will he keep up? Or crumble under the fire Can his massive cock Answer her desire?  Maybe the answer  Isn’t his dong Maybe it’s a...Read On


The Cuckold’s Testimony

Locked in its gilded cage my cock throbbed With excruciating excitement  As I watched you prepare your body For your youthfully virile lover, Meekly anticipating the pain Of my willing humiliation As I witnessed again the rapture Of your adulterous ravishment By his proud and conquering weapon. Time after time I would have to watch, Impotent voyeur of your pleasure As he pounded...Read On


Pleasure Flight

A bit of a new direction for me :)

  As back you lay your lovely head Body supine upon the bed My hands rest on your bent knees Pushing apart by slow degrees Revealing to my waiting sight Your flower, pink, to my delight A moment there I, savoring, linger Before reaching out with just one finger Tracing 'twixt those glistening lips Waiting there, between your hips Then tasting the sweet nectar found As my heart begins...Read On

Audio version available


Devoured upon my bed.

Desperate and yearning, my toes are now curling. Fingers strumming my clit. Desperately seeking, my aching cunt weeping. Tongue sweeping up my slit. Desperate and needing, my voice is now pleading. Fingers thrust roughly inside. Desperately begging, fists gripping the bedding. Pinned down by my thighs. Desperate and seeking, the point I'm near reaching. Arms bound above my head....Read On


The Sweet Moment Of Joy

You look so desirable kneeling there, Thighs akimbo on the tousled bedsheets And sliding your cool pleasure wand of glass Deep between the hot walls of your flower, That heavenly place where men lose their souls, Spending their seed in abandoned delight, Willing captives of licentious delight. The sight of your lubriciously spread lips Clinging to the shaft of your invader As...Read On



there he is so tall and strong so sure of himself he can do no wrong   she sits there quietly off to the side she wants to join in doesn't want to hide   she looks at him she flashes her eyes adjusts her skirt and parts her thighs   she is so shy so tightly curled a pretty rosebud not yet unfurled will he be her gardener and release her soul will he water her mind will...Read On


The Gift of What You Crave

When I come home, I can simply tell you have an oral fixation. Not to say such a thing is your obsession, Yet the craving fulfilled by sucking my cock Is simply the perfect sensation. Touching your lips with my huge tip, Engorged after my long day driving the need Proud to foster such loving freedom, As your desire to be of the sweetest use to please. Those plush lips and velvety...Read On



chance meeting in a bar

You see me, my face, my body. You like what you see. You want to see more of me.   You speak to me. You tell me your name. You buy me a drink. You ask if we have met before.   You touch me, my tits, my ass. You hold me close. You kiss my lips.   You lift my skirt, unzip your pants. You touch me there. You insert it there.   You thrust inside me. You fuck me hard. You do...Read On


Her Vein of Gold

An erotic poems based on body parts and cheating.

  Her auburn hair tied in a ponytail used as a reign to hold her still.   Her gorgeous-shaped ears ring in excitement due to his licking tongue.   Her twinkling eyes stare between his legs at his long thick tool.   Her arched auburn eyebrows twitch in emotion as she awaits his cock.   Her sweet rosy cheeks reddened by his kisses glow with passion.   Her long graceful neck...Read On



Wrapping my thick thighs around your waist, I can feel the muscles tense as I pull you closer. I feel your warm breath against my neck, as your  lips make contact with my damp skin it sends shivers down my spine. I grow restless, wanting more.. needing more, my hips start to move.  The harder my hips grind the more your hardness begins to make itself known. Your hardness is what I CRAVE,...Read On


Set fire to the Passion

We make love in heated passion

Showered by your soft kisses, On my chest Against my bare skin, Like a soft perpetual rain. The touch of your hand, To my stomach Sends an electrical pulse, Straight through to my spine. My heart skips a beat, Like an apocalyptic event As if Andromeda and Milky-way galaxies collide, And we fuse and become one. The feel of your labia, Brushes against me As you straddle my waist, Sends...Read On


Lost in the Groove

Lose yourself in an erotic tale recounted in poetic verse. A kinky coupling set at a rock concert.

Seated upon his throne, he surveyed  an illumined kingdom of masses washed  bright by multi-colored stage lights. Purple smoke clouds rose out over sounds of the hazy concert crowd,  scuffling fights, flicking  lighters and beer bottles clinking.   Viewed through their booze-fueled,  kaleidoscopic filter, the drummer akin to a god.  His hand raised a living crowd, roaring,  they brought...Read On


Primal Scream

For the lady of my dreams

  Primal Scream  How can I not paint a picture  Of how you looked  In the time you proclaimed  Your primal scream  The look on your face  As the scream  reverberated your frame  And swept up from your core  Is etched in my mind  Like bass relief, the power  The primordial sound  Still echos in my ears What led you to this glorious point ? What shaft of light  Danced within your...Read On

Recommended Read

Barn Swallows

Memories complete the best of life's love...

So far away the prairies range my love The vistas And the memories As well We pause our gaze in recognition now Because we passed this way once long ago And in a hollow rests the storied barn  Its shadows touched With dusty sunlit swirls Your hand is resting on my leg my love Your dreamy eyes are settled  In a smile As both of us recall our visit here Down by the scoured channel's mossy...Read On

Audio version available

The Feast

A quick poem. Ode to cunnilingis

My arms lock round your trembling thighs, My hands bolted round your squirming wrists, My lips brush your slit to the chorus of your sighs, Awaiting my hunger your quivering turns and twists, I drag my tongue the length of your melting core, You push your center to my teasing lips, Your unrealized desire, a lust that turns sore, My teeth hold you in place with its firm but gentle grip,...Read On



A man and woman are bathing together

The room was lit by candles A scent of sandalwood I stripped off And climbed into the bath  I heard her approach And then she entered the room She smiled at me Her dark eyes flashing with desire She opened her robe Revealing her firm breasts With their brown nipples She slipped off her robe And climbed into the bath Facing me I gasped as I felt Her body mesh with mine She...Read On


Boredom Interrupted

With tornadic force, I strip her day job to the floor, And rip the seams of her burden of social graces, I pound away at a life that has withered to a chore, I change the tempo of her mundane paces. I carve away the plastic smile that others have fashioned, I bend and break the shrink-wrapped package that she wears, And bleed feeling from her heart that she has carefully rationed, ...Read On


Second Chance

Couple are in bed together after many years apart

My fingers itched to stroke there As she lay, legs wide spread, And gave me such a sensuous smile As I lay beside her on the bed. Her kiss was hot and frantic Our tongues they really wrestled, Against her hips, I knew she felt Where my stiff cock had nestled I smoothed my hands on wondrous breasts. Where nipples jutted proudly My lips sucked at the nearest one Which had her groaning loudly...Read On