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Erotic Poems


Dreaming of His Cock

Dreaming about His Cock

Oh how long have I waited to feel your wonderful cock so beautiful to behold it just makes my world rock It can be so soft and silky and then so fucking hard that I can't wait to feel it so am letting down my guard I feel it close to my face I feel it close to my skin I take it deep in my mouth it's so delicious it's a sin Sucking, tonguing. licking it brings us intense pleasure...Read On


Hot As Fuck

What is hot as fuck to a naughty boy like me. Please read this poem to find out.

Watching shemales fuck and suck is Hot as Fuck to me! If I could get between them I'd be in ecstasy! I'd be in ecstasy all right and harder than a teen who has just discovered his cock's a cum machine. A cum machine between one's legs is a handy thing to have. I have a cock tattooed for you if you'd like a photograph. If you'd like a photograph just ask. You might like what you see. I'm...Read On


Secret Rendezvous

Secret love affair

Take me to your limit remember please your pledge plunge your cock deep in me make me feel the razor's edge Make it move in and out with a fury and a shout fill my pussy deep don't let your cum spill out Our bodies stuck together with sweet summer sweat the smell of sex around us makes us each dripping wet We cannot get enough of each other's secret sin oh, if others knew it would be...Read On


His Girl on the Train

The follow up to the girl on the train, from the female point of view

There’s that guy once again, Staring at me at lustfully  From his seat on the train.  I wonder what is on his mind, Is he fantasizing about me? Imagining how he would fuck me? He is a handsome fellow, With a chiselled jawline  And designer stubble. I can picture him in the gym As I imagine him naked Envisioning his perfect six pack. I wonder what must be hidden by his pants. What it would...Read On


Thongs & Panties

Panty Boys love wearing panties for panties make them wet and hard.

I love wearing panties  with a cock ring round my dick that keeps me hard for hours strong and long and nice and thick.   I edge and goon in panties leaking precum all day long that I am always tasting even when I wear a thong.   If you think it's wrong just try it Who knows? You may agree your dong was made for panties like my happy cock and me.   I have sweet smelling panties...Read On


Passionate Sin

His lips brushed effortlessly across her ear Hot molten breath Scorched her inner desire The flaming trail his lips left Up and down her neck  Seared into her flesh  He teased and taunted her  Until she was a wanton mess of desire Totally engulfed in his passion  His touch made her yearn Pant and beg  A feeling of ecstatic helplessness  The want became an aching need Unbridled and wild...Read On


Leather and Lace

Lust and Desire fulfilled

A perfect team you and me a perfect duo of leather and lace A perfect blend of good and bad a perfect combination in leather and lace The sex is hard the sex is hot the sex is a blend as leather and lace Steam rises high between our bodies writhing in ecstasy with leather and lace We can't get enough our bodies as one a perfect union for leather and lace Soon we are done breathing hard...Read On


Fire and Brimstone

Love for all eternity

No one knew that deep inside there lurked a dark need she had hid it very well not even closest friends knew an urgent need to be set free   Outside was frills and lace inside was crimson and fire she wanted to feel things that others did in the bedroom and it fed her secret desire   She wanted to feel the pain she wanted to be bound she needed to feel the sublime of cumming...Read On


No Saint

I ain't no saint Got good pussy Always wet dripping juice Real tight so make it loose. Silly and shy at times But a wild cookie in disguise Just takes the right fuckboy to bring out that side. I ain't no saint Got crazy moves Don't be mislead by my innocent eyes. I'm Hermione Granger And Harley Quinn at the same time Fucked up crazy but real sweet inside. I ain't no saint So let's smoke...Read On


Like A Bitch

This could happen to you if her desire is strong and true!

Cumming like a bitch is the only way I cum when I have an itch to make my Hot Wife hum when she has an itch to fuck my sissy butt. O, cumming like a bitch is the only way I nut. We were in a rut. Now, that is in the past. Everything has changed since she pegged my ass. She's dressed me like a slut and holds and owns the key to the cock and balls that made a cuck of me. I'm her toilet slave...Read On


Feed me Dopamine Dreams

Handful of silk sheets as your tongue rides

Feed me Dopamine Dreams The fantasy of your erotic wet dreams Take my mind to a state of universal serene So many have tried, all have failed Could it be the stigmatism of life’s Heads or Tails Emotional Head given by the rub of a genie's wishes Tails of love sealed with adoring kisses On my knees to soothe you with a sucking tease Dick throbbing unmercifully Mouth opening to hide as...Read On


The Girl on the Train

I see this girl on the train and one thing leads to another

There is that girl once again, The beautiful blonde.  She is the one I fantasise about every night As I grip my cock tight in my hand Stroking my hard shaft, Imagining how it would feel to fuck her. She has the perfect body. I strip her naked in my mind Looking her up and down, I fixate on her ample breasts My mind wondering what it would be like, To pull them into my mouth as I sucked. ...Read On


Silicon and Lace

She gives it even better than she gets it and is much bigger than me.

  She took every inch of me that added up ten and said I'd been the deepest any man had been.   In her ass, her cunt, and throat she savored my hard cock. Thick enough to do the trick. Lord, she loved to rock!   I nearly left her speechless for all that she could say was "OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD!" as we humped the day away.   She did a lot of moaning and staring into space and...Read On


Hidden Desires

A gentle caress Over a sensitive body Ruffles of breeze A late summer’s night Across sun-kissed skin   Fleeting memories Of a past Full of excitement and joy Sadness and heartache And passion   Who she once was She left behind Desires and needs Locked away Hidden in darkness   Treacherous heat Burning from within Wanting to surface Betray her control Erupt in blazing fire...Read On


I’m Your Whore

Sometimes you need it rough...

I’m tired of nonsense  I need a man  To take my fears With his demanding hands   Make me forget  While I’m on my knees  Use my body  Make me beg for release   Open my mouth  With your stare  Feed me your cock And fuck me there   Let your dick conquer  Erasing my fears As I feel your hands Removing my cares    Fuck my mouth  As I grab your ass I can take it  Don’t hold...Read On


Taste You

I am thirsty...

As our lips parted Going down on my knees Between your legs My eyes looking up At your powdered blue eyes A smile upon my lips Not breaking eye contact I hold your flaccid member The soft warm velvety feeling Starts coming alive in my hands Licking my lips with my tongue I kiss the tip of your one-eyed monster A teardrop on it begging for another kiss Swirling my tongue around its head With...Read On



Sitting patiently I wait for you, Wait for you to come   I dream of how things will be, How our bodies will intertwine   How my legs will fit around your waist,  and my arms will grip tight   Your thick length will fill me just right,  like it’s where you're supposed to be   At home thrusting in this drenched tunnel, forever stretching and sating me   Fulfilling all our desires...Read On

Mutual Masturbation At The Beach

In a secluded spot on a beach A man lays on a blanket He takes a bite of his peach And reaches into his straw basket His bathing suit is a Speedo His outline of his cock shows His blanket is in front of a gazebo He's oiling his body very slow His dick is stuffed in his suit He holds his cock in his hand He's sexy and very cute I wonder if this was planned He doesn't notice me He pulls...Read On


Heel the Dog

to know you are owned

  Each Day One look One motion One word   Each Day  You guide me You train me You teach me   Each Day To taste To know To feel   Each Day To get the call To yearn To belong    Each Day The smell of leather The frothy welts The complete surrender   Each Day I wait I know You own me...Read On


A Night With Big Don

Allow your big dick to give my mouth its begging just due

Cum, let me swallow you Allow your big dick to give my mouth its begging just due Shove your hard erection in my mouth as far as it goes Sucking and pumping the hard vessel, waiting for your pearly juices to flow Bobbing my head, choking, drippings of a river flooding from my mouth Finger slipping inside of my wet pussy as I’m pleasing my south   On my knees, giving you my heart’s fire...Read On


A French Quarter's Breakfast In New Orleans

Shoveling, and giving me all that desire behind a solid stick

  Umm… Good morning Handsome One Before we part ways, breakfast is served on me before the rise of the sun As you can see, only succulent fruit is laid out Which, I’m sure your dick will have no qualms about Sorry baby, no cereal, no milk Only a sinful excursion to caress your libido as fine woven silk I hope you have brought to the table an appetite to consume every presentable, bit...Read On

About My Shadow

I but a poet of Gothic strychnine with words of darkness you define, as your maiden lips deceive me with your tongue of asp clasped, clasped about my shadow. As your chatoyant eyes reflect, reflect my preamble of prose, I feel your cunt grasp my woes as if a haunting of the cello, like odd curios, the bow and me.   ...Read On


Early Morning Hard On

Early Morning Hard On Pussy squeezing it until it’s too far gone Close your eyes Umm, space my thighs for a silken arrowing surprise Allow the path of your wet tongue to gently glide over me Losing its purpose in its fever awaiting need Softy licking the peaks of my pert nipples Duty of the man to please, the feeling to cave into, it’s so simple Tongue sailing down the slope of...Read On


Pair Parts of Our Pleasure

Questioning the shamefulness of sex.

When what’s exhibited and private can be a plethora of pleasure, When disguise and disclosure can dance together, without defamation, When the celebration and the secret can be pair parts of our leisure, Name-calling and nastiness might then absent and abscond from our nation, Finally. When, simultaneously, balance and boldness, we get the knack of, Any precious stone setting against, or...Read On


I Gently Praise

Sexy, sexy poetry!

I gently praise the private process, prized and ever present: that deeply drumming, flawless pulse, enlivening all reticent skin, that delicate bloom of trust, unfolding in the jessamine light of stardusted approval, that calm conflagration, hastening the removal of presumption, embarrassment, and priggishness. I gently praise the private process, prized and ever present.    ...Read On


With the thumbtacks of my mind and Auld Lang Syne In the background as I turned the silence of volume down A cameo of you in silhouette on the boudoir wall Another year gone and it fades the once brilliant colors With the thumbtacks of my mind and Auld Lang Syne   The sharp edges of my memories turn a paler yellow And one by one the tacks fell down, echoing impurities When I felt the lips...Read On

A Threesome With Empty Nesters

A journey spent together A couple for over thirty years Together their lives were better A life of happiness and tears Loving each other every day Climbing many mountains Helping each other many ways In dark days there was shouting Life isn't always a bowl of cherries Sometimes there are pits No pot of gold only some pennies This sometimes is hard to admit The love felt is quite real...Read On


Undercover Angel

A sexy angel visits him in his sleep.

I wake to a soft moan, Realizing it is mine.   I see shapely legs by my head, Stretching out beside me.   I spy a sexy bottom, peeking out from the covers.   Someone is fondling me, rising is my cock.   A small tongue strokes it, covering it with wetness.   I touch her soft bottom, prying her legs apart.   I hear a moan, this time it is hers.   I close my eyes, ...Read On


A Hard Offer To Refuse

This is a poem for a Lush member asking for her story to be written by me.

I write my stories for my entertainment You seduce me with your lack of obtainment I offer to tell your tale And you offer the Holy Grail How can I resist such an offer When you don’t want into my coffer You say you will give it freely I choke and ask really I am a man after all With a constant need to ball With you, I have no doubt it would be great But I can not take the bait...Read On

An Emotional Affair Is Cheating

Her husband started to act peculiar The wife noticed this, you see She wished she'd found out sooner He was acting too carefree He was usually very moody Now happy and full of smiles She wondered was he hitting booty They hadn't had sex in a while He was chatting with women He had cyber sex Her avatar was called "sexy kitten" He seemed to be obsessed They played sex games On the computer...Read On