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Erotic Poems

The Lucifer's Pen

The councils of Carthage hold not my esteem, As banshees of silent mourners scream,   Screaming organs of sins fall upon my ink, With the curses of the Lucifer's pen. But perhaps it's the gin that gives me the numbs, Or the caterwauling winds that feed my yum, In the cairn of my doom as your fingers seek, The rising of my coitus speak. And as the cold moon spreads it's spores, With...Read On

And Bristol Cream

I clock a passing of time in my writing's Coventry With a mirror of myself's awareness in truth's  Taking a rain check to cash in my feather's quill With a miniscule of vagueness as my rewards  Of my poetic cat in the cradle prosing With a philosophy of not overexposing My homogeneous words of a soliloquy  Entombed in the womb of my mind And Bristol Cream As the shawl of dusk falls' an...Read On



My Heart, our lives were tied by lies made knot. You turned with Time, the wheel that Love forgot. I sought, I fought, the bonds we wrought yet hold me aloft unbreakable, unshakable, inescapable, my Will for naught. Time moves on, and I will not. You moved with Time and mine, mine, You are not....Read On



Why should I cherish each moment of your presence? Why?  Simply because it fuels my humble desire! For your love is written in a giving heart. For your love melts my sorrows and lightens my cares It is only then - without rushing away - that I can feel your love surround me  And that I feel complete, that I can make sense of my world  It's then, that together we can nurture what we share...Read On


Spring Song

There is a land of sweet delights A place by love defined, Where I have wandered oft by night, Exquisite joys to find. Its gentle hills, so soft and round, Are ripe for each caress, Their swelling curves, in beauty crowned Await my lip’s impress. My hope is that the lightest kiss Reaction will inspire, And buds of red in search of bliss Break forth in shoots of fire. On hidden paths...Read On


Breakfast In Bed

Good morning baby, Wakey wakey! Time for some breakfast in bed, Please don't move and just lie back. Between your legs, We have streaky bacon and eggs, Cornflakes sprinkled on your sexy abs, And two freshly moist flapjacks, On each muscular breast. Scrumptious you are before me, I start by licking, sucking and nibbling, Tracing my tongue down Causing you to start giggling. Squirming,...Read On


Trickled Down

Excuse me while I wipe my mouth and lick my finger

I stare into the depths of your sensuous eyes until I reach the inner sanctum of your heart and soul.   I kiss you softly on your lips, down your neck to your breast, stomach and hips. Slowly down one leg then back up the other one until I finally …... finally come to my journeys end and enter your town where I sample and explore everything you have to give.   I take you on...Read On

Beast Of My Coventry

If only I could walk away from the curse The homogenizing of obsidian words Of poetic verses that give me thirst As a scent of your kind stir my seeds With mauve shadows and chatoyant eyes Raising the trough of my Port-wine cock As the coif neath your veil tell of your chastity  Of mad poets and Homo-sapiens Being pulled down by arcane spouts From the closure of a inkwell's cyclone   As...Read On


silver night

a poem for the passion contest!

the rains come in a lavender hush  sprinkling silver on leaf and brush  dew at dusk and dew at dawn  carmine lips and a length of chiffon it’s pooled on the floor in the morning grey poppies on my neck, i’m crimson prey  if I breath aloud, perhaps you’ll stir  as charcoal light rises in oak and fir  do you remember the planes of my hips? do you remember the chiffon, as it slipped? ...Read On

Billy Bob Come Into The Trailer

Look at this big mess Billy Bob put that gun away Come see my new dress I see you've enjoyed the day Billy Bob put that gun down You've had enough to drink Come see my pretty nightgown I bought it in pink Come on and get in the trailer I'll pretend you're my king You could be a sailor I could be your plaything I'll make you a big steak Come inside Billy Bob I can whip you up a cake Stop...Read On



Let me play your harmonica and share the music it produce to enjoy together....

  Let me hold your harmonica for you Allow me to hold it against my lips and Blow air for you as you sing with me Let me touch that harmonica of yours Feeling me caress from side to side Sucking the air to give life to it a new With my different notes you could sing Wait until you hear your own voice aloud Together we can play our music alive Tap your feet with the music to dance Up beat...Read On


Bras and Panties

I've been more than tempted to try them on on many a sexy occasion.

    Black bra and panties on the floor. Lord, who's that knocking on my door? A lovely maiden - sweet and fine, who wants to be my concubine.   Can't help myself - she smells so good,  and tastes just like a woman should. There's another knock upon my door, LOUDER than the knock before.   Then another and another KNOCKS. I fear I'll need a BIGGER BOX, for all the women who need...Read On

Land Of Cellophane

As the silence screamed an awakening From the pillow my head had nod I heard a chattering using my name From the land of cellophane And as my image reflected on the pane The stains of my sins gave me deign  As I composed a poetic soliloquy From the pages of my profane But as a shadow quelled a new dawn The pinions of my dark took flight As your lips fell about my infamy    With a loving...Read On

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I Do It For You

A knock is heard on her door And with a smile of expectation She leads him into the depths of no return. No finesse, no caresses, No love lives here. Listen... You can hear the pounding of the bedposts And the squeeking of the springs As his rampant urge takes control. You can hear her moans force their way  Through the paper thin walls, As they fuck to their hearts content. They don't know...Read On


I had to admit to myself

Wanting to explore being with a woman.

I had to admit to myself I wanted her to kiss me I was helpless, wanting craving her succulent full rubescent lips that deep kiss that could set your soul on fire, she leaned into me, her lips began sucking, teasing and biting mine The taste of wine lay heavy on our lips.. I had to admit to myself I have never wanted anything more....Read On



You said my eyes were the night, an inky dark you could safely swim in, yours are akin to the silver moon, the everlasting radiant night drawing near. Before you even touch, all I sense is the tension, a palpable electric essence, the proximity is sweetly torturous, but you are not made of stone.  You want to see how much we can take,  where our thresholds will truly lie.  It begins and...Read On


Forever In His Loving Embrace

...dedicated to Jack Knight

Their lustful desires enriched her new life Opening arms and warm caring heart. Beckoned her as his sweet and caring wife, Little did she know, this was a brand new start.   His warmth and longing eyes, Urgently embraced her each and every morn. When the alarm clock rings, she let out a sigh, Nodding her head, realizing their love has reborn.   Eagerly he lifts her in his open arms,...Read On


In Fantasy Part two

I lie vulnerable... pliable to his every desire, his eyes engage mine  He stood there giving me his full attention. He winked and motioned for me to follow, I followed him to the  bathroom he turns on the shower allowing steam to fill the room. As the steam caresses every inch  of our bodies, he reaches for my hand, pulls me into him... he runs his fingers  through my damp mussed hair,...Read On


Wet horny trust with Ginaisacougar

Into sweet, manic lucidity I retreat

She's horny, moist, and her panties are wet I take my large, ebony cock out, as she strips off the halo thong She looks at me, with almost a veiled wild threat Of things to cum, lest I be forced to go solo I'm nervous, yes, this I truly must admit For I only just met her, an hour ago at a club She grabs me with vigor, and into my mouth she spits Grinding on my pelvis, so wet and...Read On


Passion for Alicea

Come closer creature

Behold,  But do not beware  My brilliant, Earth shattering persona  And grapple with the fact that my love is classified  You are already in love with me  But that much has been ratified.  And how could you not be in love with me?  For I am a magnificent Supernova,  Perfectly personified  Aching for your loins  To set me a Goddess, her implied liberty  But come closer creature, and love...Read On

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Recommended Read

The Burning Flesh Of Angels

You, a wanderess. Me, a wanderer. Our paths crossed on the journey in search of more. One moonless eve, under a starless sky, we invited the darkness in. In the dead of night you pleaded for more amidst our burning, virgin kiss. We came to life in the darkness. The unspoken need to stoke the fire inside us grew restless in our touch. Our odyssey required no light. We set sail on a journey...Read On

Passion's Shower

A sudden rain shower forces two coworkers to experience something new as the result of it.

It Started As a nice Enough day for Both Tom and Sharon To walk themselves home from Work but as they were about To reach his apartment, rain had Started to pour down on the two friends And made them run to that shelter of his. And When they Got inside The apartment And out of the rain, Tom told Sharon that she Was welcomed to go into The bathroom and take a shower While he...Read On

Editor's Pick

When Passion Calls

When passion calls, will you answer?

What you should fear Is Passion's voice  When it calls Low and subtle Because when she speaks It feels like the wind Against your skin Right before it sweeps upward  And whispers in the leaves of trees It is your new name you hear What you will now call yourself That pulls your eyes to the sky That loosens a joyous tear Passion is the color of twilight Where darkness and light interchange...Read On



Pure and simple...

P layful tongues, swirling round licking. A nticipation builds, feeling the tingles. S kin upon skin you slip into my heat. S weetly our sheet cringles, moving together in sync. I ntense sensation fills up like a balloon ready to pop. O ur colliding bodies shake non stop. N aturally the electricity flows between us.  ...Read On


Who is she

  She came into the room one night and pushed aside my muse   Her smile, her charm, her tease They put me at my ease.   From that point on, she reeled me in We kissed and laughed and hugged   And then those moments all too rare where bliss was felt, aflame   Our bodies soared in mystic flight Together in the night   Oh, could she be the one for me To help me live again      ...Read On


Fold Into You

Your kiss never once  strayed from these lips,  I still taste that night.  The moonlit glade we met in,  spring air laced in thick dew, the only other taste more heavenly  is the sweetness soon to be licked.  Your breath becomes a muted gasp, mine groaned in a deep ancient hunger, vibtated with a scarce passion screaming to life once again. We begin to seamlessly connect, lost limbs that...Read On


Web of Passion

His smile made her a hot sticky mess His eyes bore so deep into her soul She felt naked and exposed Vulnerable to his every whim She tried to avert her gaze but it was useless She was caught in his web  Struggling wasn’t an option But what a deliciously wicked web it was Each strand that touched her body Absorbed more of her The pull was a delicate balance  Keeping her secured in his presence...Read On


My Sexual Awakening

My sexuality is not an inferior trait ~ Alice Bag ....Thank you love for getting me there.

True sexual freedom unrealized Guarded and careful I existed Apologizing to myself for being me Beautiful desires inside of me Desperately trying to find a voice Clawing as if to find a way out Cravings and desires I had buried Suppressed by my insecurities Now demanding my full attention With our first of many deep kisses I knew I could finally be unleashed Able to give my passion a voice...Read On


I Am Yours, Master

His grip Around her neck Tightens, Allowing total control Over her beauty, As she lies tied up, Restrained, Powerless, Helpless, Yet never fearful. She waits, Anticipating Master's Firm touch, Strong and intense Which shows, His unyielding devotion To his beloved Queen. He looks into her eyes, Pulling away, Ripening her desire, Tormenting her ache, For only him, Her Master. Her melodic...Read On


Calming the Chaos

Only He knows how to calm the chaos

Upon this bed I kneel and wait For master to come lay his claim Hands bound tightly above my head Legs spread wide only He can tame  Gently feeling throngs of a cat  That first caress across each thigh The play of nine tails feels so grand As you hear escape softly, a sigh Pulling me down across his lap Gently trailing fingers along my spine The anticipation of what's to come next ...Read On