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Erotic Poems

Ascot Of Chutzpah

Winking shiners shrouded by clouds of satin gray As the boll weevils of dark clung to my cotton tunic Like the Devil's diciapel dressed in waistcoat   With a weaning of the berries gin as I curse The appropriate verse with a salivating thirst  And your cunt swaddled my arousing cock With a crook's clit of seduction's blight In fields of pumpkins as we lay thumping Like two toadstools...Read On

Curvy Chocolate Woman

He liked his women big He enjoyed curvy asses He liked her to wear wigs And experiment with glasses He liked her to role-play He'd bring in lots of toys They'd play all kinds of ways The games always brought joy Sex was the main event He liked to eat pussy He enjoyed her scent Liked her cunt a bit bushy He licked her cunt dry She'd scream out his name Always with closed eyes While playing...Read On



Thinking of you,  bent over my knee my hand on your ass,  for all to see The look of joy  upon your face as moisture forms I pick up my pace My hand comes down again and again you close your eyes and moan now and then Your cheeks achieve a rosy glow as beneath you my cock starts to grow Stopping abruptly to lift and impale you arms slung 'round my neck we start to screw Your head...Read On

Shielded By Leaves

Born of woman and sired by strength With tales of dryads and nymphs causing me laughter Of old wives games to garner a penny So that they can swill another goblet of inn's ale   As the depth of tall oak in splendid woods The boughs shadowed my steps With a haunting of the cold moon I sought out the cozy chalet of the Lady of the forest   She rumored among the village to whore out...Read On


Just Enough

The long wait ends for first time lovers...

Laying On your back On a bed Both nervous Yet relaxed We are alone For the first time Crawling between Your naked legs Kissing your soft Inner thighs My warm mouth Leads me To your taste Your hands hold Both ample bosom While my tongue Reaches your folds Caressing both sides And in between My hands slide Along the smooth skin Of shapely hips As you play With the interest Of your breasts ...Read On


As her pussy-foots' tighten about my cock I moan in ecstasy of my pecker's jubilation With a cuming of my penis chowder  In manifestation of a spiritual choir As I sow my seeds at full moon With a sheepskin of fermented fodder Before the witch gathers her flock Raising the hackles of my gloom With a digger's itch tilling her clit While howling in the north forty Dragging my nuts in...Read On


Lay your body on me

A night of passion

Leading me to your bedroom  Up the stairs teasing me As you hike up your dress Showing me your freshly shaved cunny Looking back with that Devilish look in your eye Loving the fact how your tease Is having this effect on me Stripping revealing your Pert and ample sized breasts Your curves in all the  Right places Pulling you in for kiss Caressing your tits Pinching your nipples, Getting...Read On

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Words sometimes escape me. All I can say is "Please"

In my slumber I feel you,  As your hands roam my warmth.  I didn't hear you get home, I was too lost in dreams of you. Your touch gets my attention.  My body innately reacts to you. You know my entire body  Intimately and unapologetically. There is a treasure map which Apparently only you posses. A map to the most hidden Of my erogenous zones. The map exists only Within your mind.  Over...Read On


I Do Not Burn Among The Flames

I do not burn among the flames. Where even the slightest proximity engulfed me in the everlasting blaze, where the heat sank through to bone, the soft and delicate marrow, to the anima that drives us all... I knew of true fire elsewhere, the purest form of liquid molten dripping from your exposed core before my throbbing flesh could even enter your own. All else before and beyond that...Read On

...Of Bluegills

Infectiously smitten by your kisses With reset buttons like puppet show In my giddiness like vertigo Like cock robin on a xylophone Poetically reclined in knockabouts While rocking in my composing chair  As your lips of sin covet my cock Infectiously smitten by your kisses Boiling my grits as I moan     Of bluegills and head bobbing              ...Read On


Who Says Miracles Don't Happen?

Into my eyes she did gaze when she uttered those words which amaze  "I like a man who knows and can take what he wants" My response was simple "I want"   Into her eyes I did gaze  when I uttered those words to amaze "I like a girl who knows her mind and seeks to give of her love" Her response was simple "To be your collard dove"   We look into each other's gaze Our needs much...Read On



On your back in the bed heels over head face between thighs satisfied cries Held firmly in place demanding something more so I use my pinkie to probe your back door Hurtling close to the edge easing back again over and over pausing now and then Watching the signs drawing it out until you beg for me to light the fuse and ignite this powder keg The very tip of my tongue sympathetic to how...Read On


Dreaming out loud

Voice sweet as syrup, then awkward silence on the phone. Ragged breathing satisfied moan. What are you wearing? Silence, no reply. Listening carefully, audible sigh. "I'm touching myself," "As am I," Seeking release. Your voice caressing between my thighs. Washing over me. It comes in waves. Pent up, built up sensations I craved. Calling out your name, like a shot from a gun! I shudder...Read On


Seductive Kiss

Thirsty for your lips...

A mouth watering sinful taste of you, Offered with alluring red pouty lips, Tempting me with your sensuous kiss. Shaking hands like an intoxicating drug Reaching out to hold your face for just One flirtatious lick of my tongue to yours Nibble that lower lip for another sample, Breathless, a moan escapes begging you For a long hard deep passionate kiss Tongue thrusting inside your mouth...Read On



Originally written 2/10/2013

I think of you, a smile crosses my face. your hand in mine, our fingers laced. I close my eyes, and still taste our first kiss. Pulling you closer, I've found bliss. That first caress, of skin against skin. Drawing me toward you, and all that lies within. We may have just met,  but I feel that I know you. Something that I've dreamed. The heart that I pursue. The light reflected in your...Read On

A Nice Juicy Pussy

A vagina that's nice and juicy Cream surrounding her plump lips Her pussy tastes like a cream smoothie He makes his wife's pussy drip His tongue is deep inside Tasting at her warm hole She knows she'll be satisfied She's aroused losing all her control She screams when he hits the spot She's riding his face Her pussy is coming a lot He's licking her very tight space She's screaming out...Read On


First Time By The Brook

Oh! the warmth of that day As we spooned and lay On the grassy meadow by the trickling brook. Remind me, Was it your virginity, that I took. We lay together, lips locked and kissing Your finger tips outstretched and teasing My hand raised upon your breast. Tell me, Was it your intention, to be caressed. Fumbling like teenagers, trying to undress Pushing and pulling yet making small...Read On


Shearing the dream, an ode to my razor

It started with her, and a throw away line yet the seed which was planted, was oh so sublime. Her act of trimming, a then weekly chore, became moments of bliss, that we both now adore.   The razor so sharp, was set on one side, the soap, oh so creamy, was soon then applied. My fingers with care stroked your dark hairy mound,  the soap now applied, was encouraging sound.   The razor...Read On

Playing Stoned

Once upon a cloaking shroud as my words bellowed loud When the seductive whore of Babylon gave me wink And the arbiter of my impending became my shadow  As the shenanigans of sins swam in my gin  With a clapperboard sounding my script Playing stoned on the devil's xylophone  While the raven tickled my ivories with it's tongue  The pendulum of my cock versed it's thirst Sluicing...Read On


The Kiss

Your silken lips,  more intoxicating than wine. Around your waist,  my arms entwine. Holding you tight,  breath ragged and strained. Melting in your arms,  resistance drained. Head tilted,  eyes closed. Mouths parted,  lips juxtaposed. Thunder echoes,  in our ears. Shattering any,  deep seated fears. Kisses become raindrops,  and the forecast calls for showers. Caresses lasting...Read On



And a sudden stillness envelopes us afterwards, you will not know where I have gone once these bodies climb down from such passion. I can see everything now, it is almost too much to take in. A lone flower blooming against the night, petal by petal exposed to the moon's soft glow, far too beautiful for me to name, some mysteries should remain impenetrable. Locks soaked earlier in...Read On

A Lady Who Enjoys Threesomes

She had quite an appetite A strong sexual desire Orgasms were her delight She'd fuck like she was on fire She'd please her men By giving them oral pleasure They'd fuck in her den Being with her was an adventure She liked to tease their dicks Licking and kissing their balls She liked to suck their pricks Always giving it her all She maintained good eye contact While giving them blow jobs...Read On


As we dance in the Moonlight

Chance encounter. With a twist at the end

I get ready knowing that I’ve got a big night, tonight I close the door behind me And head to the club When I arrive I slowly scan the room for you Looking for you. There! I see you by the bar Smiling as I walk towards you I buy you a drink As we talk and flirt I extend my hand and Asking you to dance Holding hands you Follow me to the dance floor We dance the night away And looking into...Read On



You can't accept it, but that's what we are...

You've just used me    Still dripping with your cum   You turn your back on me      Without feelings as if   It doesn't matter as long as   I've made you cum      Like a whore for quick fuck   Your own toy soldier for a quickie   To be used and disregarded      Lucky are those real paid whores   They are being paid for the pleasure  And thank them for the service      Getting back at them for...Read On


As If We Never Met

Fighting to break free of this attachment we share. Erupting inside of me your seed laid bare.

Sitting on your lap, hands stroking your hair. Your tongue deep in my mouth, then you kiss me everywhere. Your fingers pinching my nipples as I moan in pure hunger.  Lust fills our loins, blood rushes to private parts like thunder. Quickly the flow spills over from your tip as you begin to quiver. You lay me on the bed, your body becomes my cover.  Waves of pleasure our bodies share....Read On


My Wishlist

So many wants, so little time

I want you to sink your teeth into my neck like it's a savory steak. I want you to kiss my collarbone like it's made from the smoothest silk. I want you to tighten your grip on my lower back like I'll slip out of your arms if you don't. I want you to caress the sides of my face like my skin was made of rose petals and would bruise if pressed too hard. I want you to show me the gentleness...Read On



We both know words  will not be enough here. The heat is palpable in you tonight, something in the blood calls out, unable to form a cry or scream, I can feel it trembling in your voice When you tell me to reach for you, to follow the cadence in your voice as my hand grips swollen flesh and a gasp flees from between my teeth. The same teeth that envision meeting your exposed neck to mark...Read On



He uses Chardonnay

She is the apple of his eye. Her curls cascading down her back, Lips painted crimson, her tongue flicking over them, eyes are glistening like a serpent. ‘You’re late,’ she offers.   An hour later, the smell of sex permeates the room. A dark must lingers and fills the air, the darkness of it all exacerbating his guilt.   He shouldn’t use these scarlet women, his pocket...Read On


But, Sometimes

Sometimes loving is different

Sometimes you reach out and touch my lips with your fingertips And I know what you want You want it soft and gentle And caring The loving you can always get from me Taking all the time in the world To slowly take off the impediments of life The things that get in the way The clothes we don't need So we can make love The way we so often make love Tenderly and with trust and joy As I...Read On

Orgy Orchestrator

Men and women loved her A beauty in every way She was a sex whisperer She had sex most every day She enjoyed men's dicks And the taste of sweet cunts She enjoyed to suck a prick And hear the ladies grunt They loved her beauty And how she loved control She loved performing her sex duties Playing with each of their holes She liked both sexes you see Group activities were a delight Orgasms...Read On