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Erotic Poems


Cock Tease

from the first day as you walked in tight blouse 38 double D smiling at the men thinking let them lust brush against them in the lift give them a show smiling watching as they run falling over each other to stand in front of me o the world of a tease the life of a cock tease  ...Read On

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Baby, come to me

A night of passion

I need you... I want you.... Baby, please come to me I hear you whisper just as your lips press to mine.   As I look deep into your eyes it’s like I can see into your soul the kiss deepens you slide your tongue into my mouth.   Feeling your hand slide down my body as you gently caress my breasts pinching and twisting until the nipples become hard.   As you move further you...Read On

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Darling, Kiss Me

Through my mind my life is flowing

Kiss me, dear, Until the morrow, All I ask is that you hold me And recall that you're my harbinger of lust. For my life Has been so barren, Like a desert, it was barren, Sanctuaries found so rarely, far between. You are now My one oasis, Sharing nourishment and succor, Liquid pearls have left your loins to slake my thirst. It was long Ago it happened, So naive and filled with promise,...Read On

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A lyrical ode about a dirty old man’s taboo fantasy...

About the vine, doth her lechery coils;      Disguising ambush,           With trust and deceit. Wisely awaits, immorality’s spoils;      Swallows then whole,           Frailty and conceit. Age-old temptations, that covet the youth;      Fruit forbidden,           Which old weakened souls thirst. Trickery used, for projecting untruth;      Bless-ed cravings,           All intrinsically cursed....Read On

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Fractures Minds of Lust

Am I tormenting you? Maybe. Will you claim me? ....

The valley of your throat A kiss, a nip, a prolonged breath. The trembling of your shoulders, Your rough rugged groan Am I torturing you? Maybe.   The hard plains of your shoulders, Teeth, fingers, breath. Your muscles rippling as I proceed, Biting a nipple, feeling you tense. Am I tormenting you? Maybe.   Thud! Green eyes flashing with lust and a little fury Smirk softly as...Read On

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Breakfast In Bed

Morning like this, I wish it's true...

Naughty tongue awaken My sleeping senses Moving in circles Flicking on my button Dipping your tongue Inside my flowing honey Drinking the sweetest Fresh morning dew Morning like this I wish It's true because I am thirsty, Thirsty as hell for you Fresh morning dew A waits on every petals That naughty tongue Itching to have it lick Sucking with our sinful lips Hungry for more of that...Read On

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Lush in Quebec

The first time meeting a Lush friend.

My hands shake on the steering wheel, My fingers gripping tight, A glance out the window does reveal Old Quebec, at night. I do not know this train station, I do not know this place But I know for months I've thought of you Though I've never seen your face. My heart is racing at the thought, Of how it came to this, How Lush friends meet after years of bringing each other bliss. My...Read On


My Online Lover

This is true

We meet every morning at seven  You're my on line lover We start out slowly Kissing and holding each other Then our hands start to explore We need the feeling of more You whisper in my ear please Get on your knees I drop to your command And with my hand I start to stroke your manhood As your hands run through my hair Then I open my mouth Taking it in all the way You shout "Use your mouth"...Read On

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The Slap The Belt And The Hook

I knew what I was doing when I got on the plane Fantasy scenarios dance and swirl in my mind Looking forward to games and the dizzying pain My head spins with need and desire Pussy lips swell as I take my seat Surely a puddle is forming signaling fire The two-hour flight is so agonizingly slow Squriming the whole way my nipples painfully erect I surreptitiously let my fingers trace...Read On


Losing My Wife

His hand in her panties

She kisses him and looks at me over his shoulder, as he bites her neck and she moans with lust. Then he raises her skirt getting bolder, much bolder. My hopes of having her are lying in dust. She sucks on his tongue, writhing against him. Her juices are flowing and he strokes her soft skin. Arousing by touching limb after limb. She’s lost to me now, the wages of sin. They sink to the floor...Read On

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Baby I have  this wild fantasy  and sugar you get  to have control of me  You crawl between my feet  my arms pinned above me feel like lead  licking your lips  you grab my shaft and start giving me head  Your free hand cradles my balls sweat forming on my brow anticipation grips my chest  hurry up I need it now  You dip your finger into a small jar of grease first one then another you...Read On

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Yes, It's You

In the midst of daily reverie I saw her filled with bonne amie I watched her work and walk and be  The lady of my dreams, for me. Those quiet tones, dId underscore,  her nature so enchanting me. But how to speak, and how to search Then,  how to gain her love for me? I’ve searched so long and hard for love  And here, when not expecting more I see those words upon my page  Is it me,...Read On

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His Treasure

She loves pleasing him

His lap is her throne Where she makes him moan. When she's very good Her reward is his load. Daddy's goodness deep inside Buried far,stretching wide She teases just right With his cock buried tight She bounces, He thrusts Passion driving their lusts Moaning together in pleasure She knows she's his treasure...Read On

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Monsters Inside Me...

The Ultimate Sadist

  put your lips  in my mouth i wanna taste your sin swallow the desire  to keep you  within my skin as my body trembles  my mind rekindles the flame  that drives me insane as I sort  through the mess we continue to undress  The rest  of our demons  soaked in your semen  i'm believin everything you say  so let us pray into the night  as it slips away it brings forth  a new day and I...Read On

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Wash Over Me

A longing look A hand against my thigh “Do you want me?” I breathe An answering sigh   I glide a little closer A smile laced with charm Your mouth along my neck My fingers rippling down your arm   Your lips meet mine A fervid brush of tongues Hands rushing through my hair The quickening of lungs   So suddenly, we’re naked Our clothes are on the floor You lead me to the bed ...Read On

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Daddy's Little Girl

She loves to please Daddy

Daddy's Little Girl... Loves to play and tease  She gets him hard and horny  Anything just to please  Daddy's Little Girl... Across the bed, she lies  Legs spread open wide So he can see his prize  Daddy's Little Girl... Likes to lick his lolli Up, down and all around  He's really feeling jolly Daddy's Little Girl... Gets on her knees  Ass up head down  Anxious to please  Daddy's...Read On

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Dark Desire

A woman's sexual experience in darkness

On my back, waiting in darkness, Wrists and ankles locked in leather cuffs, Arms and legs spread wide. Faint footfalls, my limbs drawn tight. Unseen fingers running Lightly over my body, Sublime kisses bestowed In delicate locales, just enough to arouse. Grazes generating electric thrills, My heat building, my juice oozing, I begin writhing, limited by fetters; My need beginning to overwhelm....Read On

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A dom’s take on a poem to his sub

Kneeling, In practiced perfected form. Waiting, Silently for my command. Obedient, Willingly in submission.  Eyes unseeing, Sight disabled. Ears straining, Every sound perceived. Anticipation building, Mind racing. A quiet word whispered, Breaking through the silence. Standing proudly upright, In immediate compliance.  Nude body in soft light,  Shameless display. Motionless, As fingers...Read On

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Angel in my bed

An angel in my bed

There is an angel in my bed The sweetest angel has turned my head For blessed am I this night of bliss To make love together we insist. There is an angel in my bed her lips divine painted red Touching mine we kiss so sweet The passion ignites as we start the heat. There is an angel in my arms Heads together we explore our charms Tongue to tongue our lips do seek Passion in our eyes we do...Read On

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A Stolen Night

I'm going to have you

He touches my mouth with love in his eyes. Just a kiss, no more, just fleeting. He holds me close and I breath in his scent, The touch of his hands making my nipples rise.   “I going to have you,” he breathes in my ear, “Naked and wet and loving me.” “You’re sure of yourself aren’t you?” But I’m getting wet and feeling no fear.   “You smell like a dream.” His lips touch my neck. ...Read On

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The prayer

I close my eyes. Thank you, my beloved silk sheets  for you welcome my pleasure tonight. You embrace me.  No lights, let the fierce light outside, I accept a little candle fire. A petit red guardian over my nightstand.  Watching over my luscious emprise.  "Think of me."  Three words written in fury by you, hidden away from the too rigid world.  I close my eyes and you appear, There, sitting...Read On

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The heat of your breath, Sending a million sensations down my spine.   The way your hand caresses my body, Touching every inch.   Your kiss, So sweet and gentle. Fills me, Fills me with passion and desire.   Your touch, Ignites a fire in my heart. A fire that burns for you.   The way you make love to me, Leaves me craving,  Craving for even more.  ...Read On

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My boss

I once had this boss i masturbated to all the time, here's my fantasy.

I can always look forward to seeing him there, Tanned buttery skin, dark hair. The days here are so long I’d be at a loss, If wasn’t for my sexy boss. Almost twice my age, I fantasize about making his lap my stage. The look in his eye tells me he’s had the same thought, I could feel his eyes on me with every instinct. Tired from a long day, I went up to his office with things to say....Read On


After A hard day's work

A sensual massage leads to more

After a hard day's work, Working in the fields As I sit relaxing in my chair My lover knows just how, To release the stress From a long hard days work. Coming up behind me, Whilst I’m sitting in my chair Putting her hands on my shoulders She asks me how my day went Letting her know how eventful, The day at work had just gone. She starts giving me a massage, Kneading my shoulders  Relieving...Read On

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A Surprise For Mindy

Her Master surprised her with his gift.

On her knees nothing on but heels. Mindy hears a voice beside her Master's. The door opens a pretty red head walks in. Master behind her, the women kneels.   Master says the women is a gift. Her name is Candy, she was given to Master. It turns out she is a escort, Master did a favor. Candy was the gift for said favor.   Mindy kisses Candy as they kneel together. Master takes a seat...Read On

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I See Red

Vermillion faded lips, tracing kiss marks on the body Stiff nipples jutting proudly from a pale breast Long, thin scratches, clawed down the back Well used and rested, the limp cock sits against a muscular thigh Sweaty bodies lay in the orgasmic aftermath Long, sweet-smelling hair tangled around her shoulders New, red bite marks bruise the tender flesh Passionate and powerful coupling clings...Read On

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Caught In The Act

I stand in the doorway - watching. Disgusted at first, slowly relenting My facial amusement at his deeds, clearly visible, And I know how this will end. I cough, to gain attention is clearly needed, It's not what you think - they all say it! Yet the evidence is clear. I stare into his dark puppy-dog eyes, The uttered sigh immediately identifies with blame, His cock, firm and erect in his...Read On

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Your lips trace along my skin, No intelligible words to be heard Only whimpers of lustful want. An endemic craving boils to the surface Shoving all feelings of love to the side. Your warm breath finds my nipple, A heated expel from the fire I have stoked deep within. My body quivers for your delight You grin and etch your teeth into my tenderness.   I am captive to your embrace Fed and...Read On

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little death

  i'm dying— there can be no other explanation for the way my heart beats against its bone cage the way my lungs tighten and swell as your tongue maps the arch of my throat descends to the curve of my breasts.   i'm dying— burning to death as your hands fan my ribs, nails bite into my skin, tongue departs to explore the burning apex between my thighs leaving a trail of fire in...Read On

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Watchin' Him in the Park

Helping out...

Stroke it, pump it; polish it fo' me, I'll show a little tit for you to see, I’ll take a pic for posterity, And hold your balls if yo' cum for me.   C’mon, Baby, show me what yo’ got, The size of it is a makin’ me hot, I’ll show you a little of my honeypot, Just keep strokin’ that Forget-Me-Not.   Shoot that seed out yo' dick C’mon, Baby, it’s a lookin’ slick, You don’t need...Read On