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Erotic Poems


Midnight Host

I stand beneath the humble tree, Branches reaching out to speak to me In peaceful silence my preamble, If I offend then its alright with me. In due course I voice my writ, Sensually swayed in dark I ramble Gambling that not all are fools, In belief I am branded ilk. Erotically nurtured by chosen chums And baptized of amoral haze, In forked tales of lust I blaze, Given...Read On


It's the Way

What arouses me.

Its the way that you look at me Like I matter Its the way you kiss me The way you allow me to fiercely devour your tongue even if it hurts Its the way you hold me Masterful in a tender protective manner Its the way you suckle at my breasts Like they're sweet juicy mangos and one is never enough Its the way you hump my leg like you're a dog in heat Dribbling sticky pre-cum all over my...Read On


Shadows Know Best

Shadows know best  Into the wiggling womb  And the way to Gothic lore. Howling storms raining Down upon the moors,  Predestined to swoon In my midnight kiss. As icy fingers caress Your moaning flesh And tongue of my sins I spin eternal quest. Nectar of the clinging stone,  The jaws of the peach, My penis seeks.  Rising upon the pelvis's gasp, Into the...Read On


Dance of Love

Passion in a dance

My Darling took me on a dance, our own music we made. He sang the song of love to me, while on the floor we laid.  We Waltzed so slow with passions kiss. We let our hands roam free. His fingers made my nipples hard, his cock brushed 'cross my knee.  We Jazzed in rhythm to our lust, we moved to our own beat. I sucked his cock, he licked my cunt, we felt each other's heat. ...Read On


Sweet Nectar

His eyes meet mine I feel tingles up my spine Lips explore my flesh Making me calm. He takes away my stress He finds me hitting that spot My body goes from cold to extremely hot Hips rise as I clutch the sheets He wants more. My nectar's so sweet I let go. My body begins to shake I keep throbbing like a mini earthquake His lips are on mine. They calm me and reassure He finally...Read On

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Jealous, Of course I’m fucking jealous! 6.00am Wednesday; Emotion. Perhaps not good before breakfast. A dream curtailed, No shadows or reflections here. Winter sunshine through chintz curtains, And the writing's on the wall. One plus one plus one, Everyone has a theory for it, My answer is two plus one, Not playing kissy in the rear view. The mysterious girl, With mysterious...Read On


Tidal waves

Straddling his lap, Her eyes filled with desire Sparkling with passion As they look deep into his. She often sits on his lap, Curls up innocently And cuddles, seeking closeness. There is nothing innocent about her now. She radiates heat, need, Primal hunger. “Take me” She whispers with quiet intensity, Grinding her hips slowly. His cock twitches, Hands finding her butt, ...Read On


I Accept

I accept that he is a married man. That this will only be, Ever online. I accept that his hands,  Will never touch me. Caressing my body,  Squeezing my ass. That they will never grab, A handful of hair. Pulling, to get my attention,  Or taking me from behind. I accept that his lips, Will never kiss mine. Our tongues intertwined,  Devouring each other. He will never...Read On


Aural Sex

The sweet sweet sound of sex

From experience I’ve found That’s there’s a most delicious sound When I have the chance to pound You from the rear. When your sweet cunt wet and willing Takes my length so deeply filling And I’m giving you a drilling Oh my dear. There’s a noise that’s so exciting Even now while I am writing Has my passion re-igniting At the thought. It’s the squelching sound we’re making When your pussy...Read On


Our Passion Only Grows

A treat for the adventurous sexual explorers out there.

Over and over I repeat the words,  This is new for me, But so good, Let it never end. Such a darling treat  You were across the room, As you smiled, sending shivers up my spine And down to the core Of my manhood, Thrilling me As never before. Within moments You were there beside me, With me, and touching my arm, And smiling That smile Under twinkling Arousing eyes, so deep, so pure. I...Read On


A Little Morning Fun

A little fun before the day starts

Good morning how are you?  A kiss is given on your lips. It's morning, I want to screw, You lean down and suck my nips. My hands wrap and feel your dick, You're semi-hard as I play. Up and down I stroke your prick, This is a start to a good day. Fingers dance on my clit, I'm getting a little bit wet. Hands rub on my firm tits, I'm horny and start to sweat. Finger play in my hole, As I...Read On

Lovers Quest

Locked with each other, arms, legs, bodies and souls entwined.

Feeling her quickened breaths drives to primal erotic depths Hearing her moans of pleasure being my guide and measure Scent of lovers perfume from deep inside her womb Starts my loin to burn with lust tasting her honey now I must Placing my tongue in such a way that teases making her hips sway Thrusting up my head closer between her thighs soft wet pinkness I glean "Lick my...Read On


Temptation Eyes

Sounds of sex fill my ears, It’s everywhere causing need, Causing lust and desire. The room is full of bodies, Bodies in various stages of play. Some are coy and shy, Most are blunt and open. How do you sort through? How do you find your fit? Through temptation eyes. Being pulled left and right, So many choices. Looking up there he is, The one you’ve been searching for. The heart...Read On


A deep and dark desire

I want it so badly

I’ve a deep and dark desire For you, if you would conspire Dressed in PVC attire And thigh high boots With a little leather cap on Take my arse and lay a slap on And then fuck me with a strap on Nice and deep Make me beg and make me plead For such a dirty filthy deed As you then increase your speed And fuck me hard Make me tremble then and cum As you fuck my virgin bum Until...Read On


Dead Petals

In solitude of the smatter box And swooshes of cold breath, Dead petals in my boutonnière  And a dried tear I rest. Like the leaves from my abode, Crinkling and scattering  And old bones rocking, Sprockets of my mind I descend. Beneath roar of howling wind Transcending to darken spaces,  On parchment I splay My new found lay. Coronation of my pen I spin, Jubilation of chilling...Read On



On my knees I crawl to you, Naked, my lips are slightly wet. My eyes locked on yours, Drawn to you and no other. Yours eyes are blazing  At mine, my heart thunders. Prey comes to predator, Upon the midnight hour. Your cock throbs for me, Looking lustfully with greed. You beckon and tell me  What you need. I sit on your lap facing you Sliding onto thick cock. ...Read On


A Breast Milk Fetish Tale

A man dreams of sucking milk from a breast

A pregnant woman excited this guy,  Her body expanding and growing. Her beauty really caught his eye, She seemed very easy going. Her breasts were enormous, Her milk flowing inside. Her beauty was flawless, Her body becoming wide. He just wanted to feel her breasts, Maybe even suckle on her tit. The excitement of feeling her chest, Was an erotic thought he did admit. He dreamed of...Read On


Do You Need To Cum Babygirl

Do you need to cum, babygirl? No dear, I am fine. When did you cum, babygirl? Last night, my dear. Were you thinking of me, babygirl? Of course, my darling. It had been so very long, And I had awoke to your comment. I couldn't restrain, my dear. My body ached for you. I needed to cum repeatedly. Again and again. I needed more, Maybe a third. Myself and...Read On

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Mark Me On The Inside

There are moments  Like this  When you need more from me.  You don’t just want my kisses,  My roaming hands and tongue,  My sweet words  Whispered in your ear,  Deep moans of satisfaction  When you enter me,  Slow grinds  That intensify  And tender cries  Before you ease out.  Eye to eye,  Cheek to cheek,  As we come effortlessly,  Wrapped in our love,  Secure in its warmth. ...Read On


Fantasy Food

You smell the scent of sensuality; spiced. Your taste buds dance from being erotically enticed. It’s desire roaming through your body that you feel As you lick your lips in anticipation for a gratifying meal. Kneeling down you prepare to eat, You start at my thighs because you like the taste of dark meat. Devouring it to the bone you enjoy the mouthful you savor, You place...Read On


Sweet Tooth

You wouldn't dare use that

It all starts with a single cord Wrapped down through limb and board Held in tightness to the bed Before me, legs are open, spread A little cover for your eyes To mask the waiting surprise Sensations mix in passing fear Whispered voice of one so dear The body explored, strapped to the frame Soft touch in darkness, spread a flame From down below the juices flow Moans and breathing...Read On


A little fantasy

Would you my lady?

I have a little fantasy I’d love to make reality And what I’d really love to see Is you with another woman I’d love to watch you strip her Take your hands and firmly grip her And then your tongue you’d slip her Make her yours I would watch with my heart racing As her body you’d be tracing And your lips you would be placing On her breasts Suck her nipples nice and deep ...Read On


Corners And Folds

When the night falls and the darkness tries to tell us that nothing but spirits and wolves travel, you and I can know so much better, we can keep it to ourselves in our own safe corner of the earth. Each kiss can be a secret wine upon thirsty lips, exchanged letters within the folds of every passing second, and our hands can know each other without light, we can carefully read our bodies...Read On


My Vagina

Do you see me now?

Take a look at me. What do you see? Go ahead, tell me. I promise I won't break. I am more than a pretty face With arms and legs. I am also more than Protruding objects of affection. So go ahead, take another look. Do you see me now? I told you, didn't I? And you thought I was lying. You see what you want When you look at me. I can tell in your eyes; I am not fooled. I am not a cunt, And...Read On


Head Doctor

Sitting late at night Your head throbs with A pleasurable pain. You’ve already tried Soothing your head But the throbbing still remains. You’ve pumped and stroked And still nothing has done the trick. Yeah, baby you know what’s up. You need to call the head doctor To handle that stick. The doctor comes quickly To deliver you pleasure Fingers playing over your cock ...Read On


Beware, Beware, the Lover's Snare

Sonnet #7: In alternating pentameter and tetrameter, and Spencerian rhyme

Drenched in desire, lovely the hours Flit away, exquisitely sped. An umbral, knightly presence looms – towers Like memory, over the bed. Emblazoned with eros, swallowing dread, Warm hands scurry beneath a skirt. Words of lust bloom brightly as they are said: “Be still, love, this one's gonna hurt.” Melodic voices soaring sing and flirt, High now, on the pleasure of one, Lost...Read On


Dirty for you

Come tonight, be my fantasy Everything is so right, when you're here at night I know just what I want, I know what you want I'll be your lover, I will be that one true thing Just say you'll never go away Take me now, make me yours I want you now, more than ever Down on my knees, just for you All for you, only you You make me feel so dirty, but it feels so good When you are around, everything...Read On


The Most Glorious Peak

Pleasure is within your grasp But all pleasures are not the same Some come at the cost of another Take what you desire at this moment And you will soon find A dream turned back into fantasy A sweet, passing moment With a longing for time past When you were struggling When you saw ecstasy So far away Yet closer than now The marathon cannot be won in your heart Without countless...Read On



In my sequestered ambiguity of a mere mortal's shadow,  one step from edge of beyond... beyond dark into my infinity. Trailing washes with the pen  into catacombs of my abode, quashing out prose  with my pen of sin. The thimble of the phallus  and key of locked tomes, shed moon on old bones  and drippings of my wax. Genuflection of my wayfaring soul and sublime on my knees, ...Read On


Making love

His hands runs slowly, Tantalizingly, Over her. Caressing and exploring Every bit of his lover’s body As he presses into her back. His hard cock against her, She moans softly, From touch, But even more From feeling his desire. Nibbles on her neck, Holding her tightly, And she melts, So completely, Into him. Bodies moulding together In a...Read On