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Erotic Poems

I Need A Vibrator Break

I need to have an orgasm

I’m exhausted from the holidays I think it’s time to play with my toys Fuck my bald pussy so many ways I take a break it’s time to enjoy I first play with my glass one I spread my long legs I fuck myself until I come After this onto the vibrating egg My pussy is so damn hot This toy is cold as hell My pussy is coming a lot My clit is starting to swell Onto my cute bullet of joy ...Read On



I hear the neighbors fucking, television blaring in an attempt to muffle the whack of flesh against flesh, the naughty sweet nothings whispered and cried out. It's foolish to make assumptions. For all I know, it's the most tender act the two have, the only thing that they truly share, Making love to forget the icy December air, the broken furnace, cracks in the old walls...Read On

Maybe A Computer Affair

Something is going on

He was late again with all smiles I wondered where he was Meetings kept him away a while I really have no clue what he does His shirts smelled of perfume It wasn't the scent I wore A card found that said "The Playroom" I suspect he's fucking a whore Checking his credit card bill Some charges I don't recognize This makes me feel a bit ill I wonder if he's telling me lies What is going...Read On


Pleasure Me One More Time!

A girl's real thoughts!

Roses are nice, Violets are fine, I'll be the six, You be the nine, Stroke me, caress me, kiss me, tongue me, Finger me, lick me, eat me, O me Mount me, fuck me, bone me, bang me, Heat me, steam me, jizz me, cream me, Suck you, lick you, gag you, swallow you, Stroke you, jack you, wank you, ejac you- second time you! Mount you, slide you, bounce you, ride you, Grip...Read On

Audio version available


Each kiss A strike Of lightning Felt Your hand Is at My throat Your teeth Have bit Upon My lip My breath Is hoarse And short You grip Fine bones And tender skin Your eyes Have made Me still A flash Before Your mouth Comes down To mark That we Are one....Read On


Yes We Can

Two are sometimes better than one.

We are two that think alike to care for all your needs. Just close your eyes, you're safe with us, relax and let us lead. I love the taste of sweaty flesh, the smell of passions play. She wants to teach you how to lick as under her you lay. I want to suck your cock so deep it passes down my throat. She wants to cum as your tongue plays... your face she wants to coat. I want to...Read On

...of ooga-ooga

On eventide of yearn snickering, cruising on flit of a breeze, my tittle-tattle unshackled,  as my meandering seethes. 'Neath the shadow askew, wind-knockers descend with sighs ado, less fanfare of ooga-ooga. With the spittle of my babble, I scribble neat,  spun on the bobbin,  yester night's feat. Like a scythe slicing wheat, as a bale of quail flutter, green eyes sleep, behind gables...Read On


Your Sweetest Dream

Not all Dreams come to you when you sleep.

I am the man of your dreams, though you never dreamed me this well. I am a creature of your imagination, though you never imagined love could be like this. As I approach; stand, turn, face away and close your eyes. As I move close behind you, feel my delicate kiss on your neck; Feel my hands encircle your wrists, with a firm tenderness you never knew. Feel my breath, hot on your neck, as...Read On

Kisses On Your Cradle

In the sling-bag of my mind, deep haversack of rhymes, slung over my shoulders,  before Sandman close my eyes. A flask of wine we shared, when wedding bells toll, at the catechism of the clit, genuflecting to your well. On dew's midnight shawl, and dawn's sighing sable, kisses on your cradle, the clam between the thighs. Like a poet with full satchel,  a quill-man I confess, ...Read On

Caught Cheating

You're kidding right?

A long time ago You were my everything As we both know You had a cheating fling I caught you in bed With another woman She was giving you head Was this always the plan I stood there mortified As she was sucking My God, how you lied I suppose you were fucking You can have your whore Because you're out of here She can be who you adore As I wipe away my tears Fuck off asshole You're just...Read On



That first thrust,  Slowly, inch by inch Pushing in, Moist tightness yielding, accepting, Engulfed in tight warmth, Her soft moans, whimpers,  Driving you crazy with desire, Overwhelming need to claim, Bury yourself hard, deep, within her, Yet controlling yourself, Making sure she is ready, Her small body able to withstand What you want to give it. ...Read On

Mist Shrouding

Garnishing prose, green ivy, webs the scent of musk, bittersweet words I scribe, tales erotically.  Muscatel my swill of flute, praises upon your chest, as I tongue your ripe nipple  with a mist shrouding. And thorns about your bosom, trailing echoes of my lust  and shadows of the kiss, fleece of golden triangle.  As lips about your flesh, swooning silent drippings, with stick...Read On

Let's Have Sex For a Little While

Hot fun before he goes to work.

I've got a little while I'm so horny for you A frown changes to a smile Come on baby, let's screw We walk upstairs Take off our clothes here You play with my hair Soft whispers to my ear We embrace at the bed Feeling each other's skin I kneel down to give you head Our naughty fun will begin Lips wrap around your dick As I take a little suck Mouth moving up your prick Getting us ready...Read On



I become uncoiled near you, even though your arms snared me, legs seized around my waist as we tumble on the sheets, there is almost a need for composure. If I let go now and you become the fuel for every need, every intimate sweet embrace and dark visceral need, there's no turning back for either one of us. Hands steal through clothes with feverish speed to find skin as your...Read On


A Saucy Christmas Carol

A retake on the classic Christmas Carol 'Deck The Halls'

Kiss your girlfriend, give her what she wants, Fa la la la la la la la la. 'Tis the season to fuck her jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la. Fuck her hard, deep and fast Fa la la la la la la la la. Make her moan and scream God's name Fa la la la la la la la la. See her ride, your cock inside, Fa la la la la la la la la. Thrust it up, pound it hard, Fa la la la la la la la la. Turn her over...Read On

Recommended Read

The Movements of Love

And we dance...

First There is restlessness A breeze across leaves Embers of need The glow of desire Crying for release Random notes Rhythms gathering A song just beyond my reach A humming I can’t quite place Couplets form You watch me I blush You wink I smile Feeling the whip of the wind I am a tree swaying A prelude Verses part clouds My hand grows warm within yours ...Read On

In The Caw

Be still my feather of gauche, After a jigger of sour mash broth, Fetchin' you in the caw, In good stead of my humors. Raising the flask in my fervor, Between verses of attic-salt, Moments before my chowder bash, Being I am mindful in my lassitude. Without a tic the scurvy of omens, Scribbling with marrow of my quill, Anfractuous prose composed, As my tongue descends with a kiss, ...Read On


Pleasure me!

A girl's real thoughts!

PLEASURE ME! Roses are red, Violets are corny, I'm just very horny, Kiss me, Seduce me, Caress me, Lick me, Eat me, Mount me, Fuck me, Screw me--Slowly, harder, HARDER! Moan me, groan me, Dominate me! Then kiss me again, don't be sassy, Use your tongue and make it real nasty! THE END, OR MAYBE THE BEGINNING? ;)...Read On


Santa Claus Is Cumming For You!

Based on the classic song 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' - Enjoy!

You'd better get wet You'd better moan loud Spread those legs So far and wide Santa Claus is cumming for you He's making himself hard He's jerking his cock fast He knows you thought of him When you masturbated last Santa Claus is cumming for you He sees when you want stuffing He knows when you are faking He knows you've been a very naughty girl So scream his name for goodness sake ...Read On


When We Make Love We Fuck

When we make love we fuck In several special ways My darling lady feels The hardness of my lust She screams with passion as We screw and sweat and cum Our bodies sweat and writhe And sense the pure desire It's just the way we love When we can find the time We never know how soon Our passions may be met So when the world allows We meet most stealthily We use that special time To...Read On



Hope is found and then lost.

Damn you for loving me And making me love you Damn you for saying you would never let go And then leaving Damn you for making me believe And then shattering my dreams Damn her for leaving you And opening the door for me Damn her for coming back And slamming that door shut Damn me for my head telling me beware And then letting my heart win out Damn me for loving you once ...Read On


sweet drip

For my gorgeous man

Dark and dreamy heart I'm falling like the stars Sweet Amber honey Dripped over crystal shards In love Where reason disappears In and out Of eternal cosmic spheres Into me you dive With each, I feel I die Have no mercy on my flesh Crash me with your wild tides Release your sweetest drip Tip unto my tip Sweet lovely nectar flows Onto wanting flower lips ...Read On


Sassy XXXmas

Happy Holidays my Sexy Friends

Twas the Knight before Christmas and Sassy was waiting for Ole Saint Nick She had heard lots of stories about his great big dick So silently she laid up in her bed with nothing to do except have naughty thoughts about this man in her head Her hands started playing with her big glorious tits her nipples erect too big to fit in her mitts So now this classy Sassy ...Read On


In Front Of The Fire

As I rise up and down I feel the heat on my bare bum and back. Your naked legs feeling warmed by the fire. Our kisses as hot as the flames burning.  Our touches as warm as the fire flaming. The passion between us grows with every flicker of the flames. Increasing the pace between us, increasing the heat between us. Not stopping till we're both done. Not stopping till we're...Read On

Fire And Ice

his fire, her ice, the perfect balance

Late in life we have met Hectic lives only seems to slow us Cravings put aside are frustrating But Lover remember we adjust To share with you thousands No innumerable fantasies  time enough we do not find So leave aside of pleasantries When inside me you are Oh lover what a pleasure! what a devine feeling it is to have you without measure Under the stars and moon On a balcony,...Read On


Our Inconvenience

Long Distance Relationships

The hour is eight Cruel is our fate Four hundred then more To step through my door A text in the morning With sleep still adorning A thought in my mind All day you will find That you are my smile Spanning each long mile The phone is our friend A connection is send Another no lie Is the button reply The left side is cold A space in the fold A slumber...Read On

Without The Jimjams

Ostentatiously my words callously script,   Beneath the shadows of her midnight tongue, Defining most unkindly poets of well read lips. For in prose I scribble a diddle of woo, Dribbling of sins and yin yang too. And when the moon wink with dusk cue, I plant my brunt in your cunty-do, As my cock wades in the well, Drowning in tea of manmade slew. Blessed are maidens that...Read On


I Want to Make Love to You

I was so focused on forbidden fantasies Daring adrenaline filled sexual escapades Now I want a romance filled sexual reality An undeniable ache to make love all night The details ready and you will be home soon So I nervously bask in the candlelight's glow Listening to the classics as they play on vinyl Naked except lingerie in exquisite pink lace The turn of your key in the lock seems...Read On


The Twelve Days Of Christmas (BDSM Style)

On the first day of Christmas, My lover gave to me; A black satin Velcro blindfold. On the second day of Christmas, My lover gave to me; Two nipple rings And a black satin Velcro blindfold On the third day of Christmas, My lover gave to me; Three flogger spankings Two nipple rings And a black satin Velcro blindfold On the fourth day of Christmas, My lover gave to me; Four ropes for...Read On



A poem about a man flashing a woman

I'm naked and alone in the dark Watching out my hotel window at the park I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for the right moment My heart beats in anticipation As I keep my station I try, try, try to be calm and patient Then I see a chance A twenty something women out for a dog prance I watch, watch, watch as she comes closer My breathing gets shallower My heart pounds harder As...Read On