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Erotic Poems



Filled with aching need, She presses the curves of her form Tightly against his contours. Feeling radiating heat through her clothes Awakens a smoldering fire within him, Hands ripping off items in their way, Leaving naked skin against skin. His hands graze softly across her back, Sending sparks of electricity shimmering through her being, Mouths crashing together, Hot breaths,...Read On

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Lady, Put Your Lips To Mine

A couple dream of forbidden love...

Lady, put your lips to mine, Whisper sweet nothings. In time, we shall be one And the storm will be a distant memory. The maid crashes plates, And lights a thousand white candles, At the place where we shall dine, My hand upon your stockinged thigh, Ever upward. You say you ache, Yet know not how, I cannot contain my heart anymore. Your eyes upon me, Lust; a...Read On


An Antipoem

I don’t want to write you poetry. I don’t want to share how your intimate education  on pleasure and pain  enlightens and emboldens me. Nor how much I crave  this submission. I don’t want you to know that  your existence in my life  can soothe as much as  it can exasperate. Nor do I want you to realise  your particular mix of  pleasure and pain  drops boundaries for me. I don’t...Read On


Go Slow This Time

Beneath all of your careful layers, hands find you longing in the dark, at your most raw and vulnerable, you whisper to go slow this time. To awaken you softly now with warm fluttering kisses, lips puckered over a tender nipple, trembling from the heartbeat traveling along a low whimper. The brief sound was that mystic dialect between loving patience and blind impulse, the...Read On

Sexy Stripping and Sex Show

A bridal party takes their friend out.

A bachelorette party is tonight We're taking out our friend Sandy We're keeping her up past midnight Getting her drunk on booze and brandy First we took her out to dinner For lobster and some steak We're off to a club call "Sinner" She loved her strawberry shortcake We're going to see that guy Lance Do you know who I'm talking about Lance is a stripper who loves to dance It will be a...Read On



Short and sweet

Breathing softly, she felt his hand on her thigh Gliding up slowly, she let out a sigh Turning her head to look into his eyes They glistened with lust he couldn't disguise Her strappy dress showed off her class His whole demeanour bold as brass He nuzzled up to her long slender neck Giving her a short sharp peck Her cleavage shone with perspiration Her heart beat fast with anticipation...Read On

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I always have a taste for you, feel the heat calling out to me, the silent signal to part open. To press your wetness against me, the slow curve inwards stops breath for just a moment, pausing to let me hear the tornado wrapped around your turbulent heart. I've survived many storms before but I don't want safety anymore. Even if it's going to hurt, I'd rather be torched than to know ...Read On

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it's not easy being a girl...sometimes

For NS: I am the fuel that lights this fire

it’s not easy being a girl/sometimes/cause you were born in a world that thinks you are second/when you can hear your own heart beat/when you have danced in the womb/when you have your own rhythm/you cry out at birth/your lungs fill with your own power/they say hush but they cannot quiet the beginning of a storm/you are the whirl wind they desire to control/they won’t let you call yourself...Read On

Anal Girl Bliss

My baby loves to have anal sex.

My girl likes it up her ass She's a bit of a firecracker She's got lots of sass and class That's what really matters I like to fuck her butt Makes my baby moan Sex talk and other smut It makes my baby groan A slap on her buttocks Makes her move into me I rub her on her stomach She loves to please A little lube is placed On her secret brown rose Hands on her waist I enter my baby very slow ...Read On


Discard Your Chains

Where do you think sex is? Is it on the screen in front of you Is it in the stories you read Is it in the way you see someone dress Or how they behave, or even misbehave We all know where sex is It's not down there It's up here. Down there is just...the mortality of sex It's where you feel the sex  Squeeze the sex Lick and suck the sex It's not where the sex is... These words...Read On


My Need for Now

Body and mind conspire Filling my head with fire Thoughts a jumble My need rumbling Dripping now with heat Moisture, dew, so sweet Skin shivers, make a mark Not yet, you're the shark Make me yours, see On the floor, my knees An open mouth, welcome Ease in, I taste precum Pace increase, feed me now Starving, thriving I know how Drops flow, between breasts Hold my hair, I do the rest ...Read On

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It Goes Deeper

It goes deeper than the words exchanged that singe our senses, the ones that begin with a tease and gradually sink into places no others own the coordinates to. Deeper than the sting I groan from when your nails drag down my back, soothed by the tender kiss following the most visceral mark you can make. It's deeper proof that lust is by far the most persistent animal, a beast that...Read On

Gray Scrumbles

With the hawking of a got, My penis let shot, A catcher in the eye  of my steaming yeoman. As gray scrumbles on my chin With the gaze of my eyes, Compose prose from a jar  Of my wayfaring sins.  And there you earthly kiss My stiffing cheroot, While swilling my gin, Genuflecting at the elbow, Of my humbly peg With a sigh and olive....Read On

A Blow Job After A Miserable Day

Let me adore your cock.

You've had a long day at work  Come into our room and get on our bed I know your customer's were jerks Let me pleasure you and give you head Are you comfortable while I'm in position I'm in my panties on our sheets I know you love this proposition My body is near your feet I lick and kiss your shaft Giving your cock attention You giggle and are daft Relieving all your tension I rub...Read On


From Yours to Mine

You suck and nibble my nipple feeling it harden between your lips. I let out a breath of pleasure I have been holding in. I caress your shaft and rub the head, the sticky precum dripping out. I remember the taste, so want some more, moving down to lick it off. I hear your groan and my pussy moistens. Sucking you deep, licking every inch. Playing with your balls, feeling all the...Read On



Spooned to warm curves, close enough to breathe you in. my being folded with yours, it's only natural to ache for more. I can inhale this pheromone emanating from your soft skin, the delicate precision in just how a neck curves, the subtle sweet flavor lips savor upon meeting. There's lemon and honeysuckle, there's rain making melodies with droplets splashing, spreading through fresh...Read On



A little outdoor interlude

A gentle breeze Blows through her hair She appears to have Not a solitary care Deep in thought About lifes mysteries She fails to hear you As you drop to your knees A soft sweet kiss You place upon her nape Over her ass A hand you now drape Firmly you squeeze That rounded swell She lets out a moan You know her so well She rolls to her back You now touch her breast A...Read On

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I want to melt your heart with words

The power of words, craving a lover...

I want to melt your heart with words, My only skill, My fire. I want you to crave me, For a single line, A turn of phrase, Which sets your world alight. When you lie alone tonight, I want you to drip passion, And burn inside, Like the only lover who ever loved you died, And you went to Heaven. Then my words will be the waves, Of a forgotten ocean, And...Read On


the Nymph

the beginning

I am the nymph of desire, the nymph of lust. I am not real, yet I am everywhere. I am not fixed in time, I am ever changing. I feed on your desires and your lust. Your semen, your cum, your juices is all I crave. One day I'll be in your life, as if I was there all along. The next just a mere memory, vanished into thin air. You don't know me. Yet you do. I'll be the woman that makes...Read On



Pulled . Like pork you shred me. All my softened, succulent bits Drip with your secret recipe. You should have your own cookbook. Millions would want your savory spice blend. My Master . You knead me with those hands. You pat me down and rub me slow. You open every crease and crevice. Fill me with your essence. Even Emeril is taking notes. Smoke me . You seep into...Read On


Her Master's Desire

Fanning the flames...

Master of my body Keeper of my trust Look upon my naked form Are you now filled with lust? My head is bowed My hands are upon my knees My eyes are downcast Does this posture please? Please do unto me As you so desire For now within me You have sparked a fire From where it came I do not know Let us fan the flames And see where they go...Read On


I Do Not Need

I do not need to command you, the words never leave lips to map the way you glide your hot tongue along my quivering length. Darkness senses darkness, after all, and words need not shape us here, the tactics of rendering you still, as if I can only drink beauty in as you patiently wait for adoration... I do not need such strategy to make you suddenly yield, dripping with a need to be...Read On

A Show and A Gang-Bang

A couple masturbate for a show and have a gang-bang

Did you hear about the latest story About the couple who masturbate They relish on this glory And later have a gang-bang date They love to play with each other While their guests watch them play They're married exhibitionist lovers And do this every day They come out of their house bare They sit on a blanket on the grass She plays with her long hair He wears a butt plug in his ass ...Read On


To Control

Her touch opened me

Her eyes gazing deeply into mine holding me there before her A silent command to open to her to spread my legs to reveal my need to give Her fingertip on my skin moving slowly up my thigh A nail scraping warm sensitive flesh to ignite my desire to heat my longing to control Her touch so gentle and firm reaching my dampening lips A soft insistent torturous strumming...Read On



The need is telegraphed through the electricity in your eyes, the constellations and rainbows ready to implode in the most brilliant burst. The need is unraveled in the smallest moments. Curious lips brush across a smooth neckline, a taste of showered skin while slowly inhaling you. Fingertips play a tune in the dark narrow room, meeting in the primal marrow of our quivering song. I want...Read On


Shall I Play

Soft delicate caresses of her strings, I touch her like a treasured instrument. With trembling ecstasy her body sings Because the notes of lust are immanent. The music of her cries will harmonize With sensual vibrations through her flesh. The grateful tears of joy now fill her eyes. While stroking fingers feed her lust afresh. Forsaking all control, she lets me play. I know my tune...Read On

A Glorious Morning With You

Let's enjoy one another a while

I kneel and I smile You show me your cock I'll suck it for a while A cock hard as a rock A few kisses up your rod Your dick with be adored You give the approving nod I love your gorgeous sword I kiss and lick the tip You beg me to suck it I rub it all over my lips I love this and will not quit Playing with your bat Holding your big balls I'm being a bit of a brat You want to feel it all ...Read On


She Came Undone

I seduced your wife for the first time

I unbuttoned your inhibition and let it fall to the floor, You meld into my body, I desired so much more, I unhooked your modesty swiftly, it hung upon your arms, Indiscretion pending is a captivating alarm. I unzipped your prohibition to be with another man, And liberated your passion with the fingers of my hand, I unveiled your corporal body, fidelity unthreaded, Rendezvous...Read On



You think that you knew the way my heart was shaped, every vein mapped and memorized the exact beat against yours. But you only measure in rhythm, never the precision in pitch, the subtle notes that strained to call out to you beneath. I was already lost in the moment, fading fire couldn't extinguish the light I saw in your eyes, just remember the way I held on when you say I don't...Read On


I Want

The door is ajar To her hotel room The lights are on He will see her soon. The waiter hesitates As he peers through the gap About to knock He sees her pass. Striding to the bed She glances behind He watches her walk, Her sensual curves, well defined. Over her shoulder She catches his eye Dressed provocatively She throws him a smile. No need to knock Was this really intended ...Read On