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Erotic Poems


Cream in My Coffee

Always did like my coffee with cream,  Some brown sugar just makes it complete. Serve it up baby girl, Your man needs it piping hot. No need to be discrete. You know where I'm coming from  My tempting sweet Morning delight. Your honeyed lips spreading wide, And your warm, fruity breath Sighing And forewarning your kisses to come. Kisses on my neck, On my cheek, Licking my roughness...Read On


In The Womb of Mother Nature

You are a lyrical jewel that reawakens my soul.

I come to you hungry for the view of your lines, Thirsting for every spring-ripening-scent of you. I come with a yearning for your perfection, your Awe, Awakened in your presence, I am vibrant, vigorous. Your ample succulent swales entrance me. I am you, here, and you me. We are one. Your accepting embrace nourishes my every cell. The holds could unfold forever, it would never be enough....Read On


Why Is There Such Prudity

A reflection on nudity...

Why is there such prudity Over a little Nudity? It is just some skin that hides The things we have inside. I like being in the nude Especially when I'm viewed By women short and tall Who might desire to see it all. I have always been excited At the thought of being sighted By women sipping liquored drinks Who would tell me what they think. Oh, to find myself so bare (Under...Read On



Tell me me that you don't remember When I kissed your sweet December Starting from the month of May Down I went with no delay Going lower in the month of June Eager to arrive but not too soon Say you don't remember when Entangled were both our skin Entangled in a web of love Voices quiver like a dove Lie and say it isn't true With you in me and I in you Lie and say it isn't so...Read On


Young Love

Young lovers kissing on a balcony....

Star-crossed and aching, These two young lovers meet, Upon their balcony, She, too perfectly wicked, Made up, sweet. She knows just what she will get, For her flirtation, His heart and soul, Delivered on a plate, Evident in his sigh, As she unbuttons his fly, And curls her fingers, Around his burning heat. The passion of summer, Crickets singing in...Read On

Cheating Bride and Groom Tale

A wedding day nightmare.

A bride is getting ready for her day Her nerves are all over the place Her father will give her away No crying on her face They walk down the aisle Her husband-to-be waits Everybody wears a smile She wonders if this is her fate They recite their vows to each other They seal the deal with a kiss A journey of love together Happiness and love is their bliss They leave the church man and...Read On

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To Haunt Me

Morning stinging the retinas, our deed was dark, my love, and now we have to go back, slip into the other skin we wear. Much like how something passed from me and into your depths, seconds of a soul firing our ceaseless need, our true selves stay here. I want you to haunt me all day long. Any sudden grazing against another will be a potent touchstone thrumming with your memory, eyes...Read On


His Whore

I feel your stare From across the floor Eyes transfixed You want so much more Watching Your whore Down on all fours Making me beg for so much more My eyes on yours As I arch my back You swiftly stroke And observe my attack Your thick cock enters Swiftly from behind You clear your throat "Remember, you are mine. Forever, My whore, Whom I adore." I beg him for...Read On

Planting Seeds

Deep within we plant seeds of desire

The beast stirs deep within its denim seat Seeking an escape without any senses No eyes, no touch, responds to her body heat With new blood its stature starting to tense Hungry to feed, on the prowl, no defense Sexual creature stalks her dark pink walls Growing harder, purposeful, no suspense Feeding frenzy creating her waterfall Liquid trail flowing, calm feeling enthralls ...Read On


Form and Function

Lay bare your layers to caring stare

I present to thee as ye to me, A history of form and function, A perfected him before perfect her, We both do dare this juncture of dance, Where layers lay bare to caring stare and circumstance, And strum of digit, hum of lips, Sips from dripping honeyed hips, Our offered symbol, confident trust, Swaying thus a gentle thrust, As God intended, all is splendid… harmony. Freely...Read On


BBC (Big Black Cock)

I am not a BBC (BIG BLACK COCK). I am a human being. I have feelings. I have emotions. I laugh. I cry. I am not to be at your disposal Because you want a piece. I will not show you proof Of what they say about Black guys. No need to get the tape measure. We won't be measuring anything tonight. I don't care to know if you never been With someone of my hue. I'm sorry But no...Read On



It would be easy to succumb to the rhythm your body weaves, relentlessly grinds against me, what can that dance now reveal that my heart hasn't already clutched? And like an arrow drawn out from the safest silken quiver, a darkened faith steadied the aim, never once missed its animal mark. So tell me what I can't already discover as we merge when you're trembling against a wall as...Read On

Sexual Heat And Desire

A couple make love together

A couple has established their need They're destined to be together To feel the exploding seed This couple are truly lovers They have a burning desire A need for each other Their passion is like fire Their love is forever Their kisses start first His hands are on her breast Sex games are their thirst He cups and holds her chest She has her hand on his cock He moans while in her hand...Read On



Every movement your flesh makes in me Sings verses of the most erotic poetry The way you arch your back The way the light hits your muscles To every stitch that firmly hugs your buttocks As I crease deeper between your walls I feel the warmness of your being To be the very stitch That supports your flesh And fill my threads With the aroma of your sweat Is the true reward...Read On



Longing for your caress Longing for your breast To kiss your lips To feel your hips To hear you scream As I taste your cream Dripping with finesse ...Read On


The Wind Stirred

The wind stirred something today, warmth fluttering through clothes, through earth and swaying trees from where you have taken me. Branches are a dark outline like crooked wires linked across the clear evening sky as a finger gently hushes my lips. You say to not give this a name as your hand tightens around, squeezes my lingering ache, our pulses finally know one another, quickening in...Read On



Her naked skin is as rich as dark chocolate She slowly kneels before me She looks up at me With those beautiful brown eyes Humbled by her position She looks up at me hungry for a taste How much longer must she wait Obedient yet eager She unbuckles the belt At my command Hands behind your back Open your mouth For my pleasure and for hers She taste the saltiness of my girth ...Read On


Honeyed Hexes

To become what beckons my blood into a searing needful stream, the hex whispered against my neck before lying in this surrender. You cannot pull away just yet. Where you should have been guarded, teeth broke the fruit's skin open first. The nectars drizzle down in thick sugary rivers, I cannot wait to taste you, to lap up this unique essence like waves breaking against shores. You would...Read On


Alter Ego Desires

What she is...

Every year, around mid-spring, My alter ego comes to play, An eagerness and a hunger settles in, Satisfaction becomes hard to find, Endless roaming starts, As she searches for her release, Every site she spits, every rock she turns, Looking for those to fulfil her, She doesn't want to get to know you, She doesn't care how old you are, Where you're from or what you do, ...Read On



I was Inspired, are you?

I nflamed by a burning passionate desire every kiss of your lips drives my lust ever higher N eedy and wanting your hands and your mouth upon my skin touching and tasting me drawing my nectar from within S piraling out of control as deep within my core the feelings a burning inferno as I beg of you Please more P leasing me with your mouth your...Read On


My Way

My way is still his way.

When he takes me in his arms, my heart wants to skip some beats, cause I know we're both in store for some heavy passion treats. He looks deep into my eyes with lust and yet something more, that heats up so very hot  as it travels to my core. His kisses are so deep that sometimes I forget to breathe, as his hands roam my body  while I whisper, "More, sir, please." His hands make...Read On


I withhold myself for you.

A short musing on the sexually driven emotions tied to my next story.

The burning energy of expectation, of need Is something I am all too familiar with. For you, I’ve given my heart so fully but I want to give you more, so I deliver you my body. I am yours, not just body and soul, but in devotion of will. Teetering on the edge, afraid to go over I’m desperate for your pleasure and suffer to find it. I say suffer, knowing full well that’s not what I do. ...Read On


To all the heat seekers...

She felt like the summer heat, and burned like sun. I, beneath the loving sway of her touch, was engulfed, as I drank her in. Every look, every movement, every lusting echo finding its rightful place. In the spaces between our seeking flesh, where our hearts beat a love song, our bodies settled into a rhythm satisfying. As she took me away, to where I hide my deepest desire, ...Read On


There Will Be Nothing Gentle

There will be nothing gentle in what you have incited, the feral core animated by a curious breach. Your secrets have been kept long enough and I have no more to hand over now, like faint premonitions humming in the air, you'll know everything once this distance closes. Just like how my back curved into a helpless trembling arch when your lips sealed around and began to devour me. Or...Read On

Jilted Lover and a Quick Fuck

A woman is stood up at a bar.

A woman is jilted on a date She looks very frustrated Her date is very late She looks aggravated I look over at her and smile I send her over a drink I'm hoping to talk to her a while She's in a pretty dress that's pink I walk over and ask if I may sit I tell her my name She has amazing tits She tells me her name is Lorraine We drink and I ask her to dance We move to the dance floor...Read On



Filled with aching need, She presses the curves of her form Tightly against his contours. Feeling radiating heat through her clothes Awakens a smoldering fire within him, Hands ripping off items in their way, Leaving naked skin against skin. His hands graze softly across her back, Sending sparks of electricity shimmering through her being, Mouths crashing together, Hot breaths,...Read On

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Lady, Put Your Lips To Mine

A couple dream of forbidden love...

Lady, put your lips to mine, Whisper sweet nothings. In time, we shall be one And the storm will be a distant memory. The maid crashes plates, And lights a thousand white candles, At the place where we shall dine, My hand upon your stockinged thigh, Ever upward. You say you ache, Yet know not how, I cannot contain my heart anymore. Your eyes upon me, Lust; a...Read On


An Antipoem

I don’t want to write you poetry. I don’t want to share how your intimate education  on pleasure and pain  enlightens and emboldens me. Nor how much I crave  this submission. I don’t want you to know that  your existence in my life  can soothe as much as  it can exasperate. Nor do I want you to realise  your particular mix of  pleasure and pain  drops boundaries for me. I don’t...Read On


Go Slow This Time

Beneath all of your careful layers, hands find you longing in the dark, at your most raw and vulnerable, you whisper to go slow this time. To awaken you softly now with warm fluttering kisses, lips puckered over a tender nipple, trembling from the heartbeat traveling along a low whimper. The brief sound was that mystic dialect between loving patience and blind impulse, the...Read On

Sexy Stripping and Sex Show

A bridal party takes their friend out.

A bachelorette party is tonight We're taking out our friend Sandy We're keeping her up past midnight Getting her drunk on booze and brandy First we took her out to dinner For lobster and some steak We're off to a club call "Sinner" She loved her strawberry shortcake We're going to see that guy Lance Do you know who I'm talking about Lance is a stripper who loves to dance It will be a...Read On