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Erotic Poems


Take Me

I love it when he takes me.

I'm here for you, please take me now. I need your touch, I care not how. I love it soft with passion's bliss, our tongues entwined with love's deep kiss. If that is not your mood tonight, I also love it when you bite. Our pleasure becomes lustful lure you know how far I can endure. My wrists await your cuffs, my dear, I trust your love, I have no fear. A spreader bar you made for me, oh,...Read On


He Touched Me

He makes me feel like a woman when he touches me.

When he came walking through the door my body tingled to its core. His dark blue eyes probed every line, his smile told me I looked just fine. Naked I stood, he circled me, inspecting all that he could see. I watched as he reached out his hand, my knees got weak, I had to stand. At first he gently touched my lips, he traced them with soft fingertips. I opened wide, two fingers in, I sucked...Read On


Hot Fun For Us

Ready for some fun?

To suck or not to suck I really can't decide A suck or a fuck I let out a soft sigh I open my mouth wide And start to suck your dick I hold onto your side As I slobber on your prick I bob along your hot baton While I rub my lacy thong I'm feeling rather wanton Deep throat to your dong Cupping your balls And sucking your stick Giving it my all I love that you're thick You face fuck...Read On



A stolen kiss a whispered word A secret glance and things absurd A chained and tortured heart A very strong but slow start She was his to do with what he pleased He loved her, hurt her, and he teased She did anything at all he asked of her No matter how painful his demands were His happiness meant everything He was her Master, her King Sometimes he hurt her for doing wrong So...Read On


can this be? let's not wonder and let go.

I have an insatiable hunger and a thirst for your kisses. I long for your lips on mine. Those kisses with a soft bite provoking sighs, wishes, desires, feelings and passions within me. I feel the rush of blood, potent and anxious to make contact. Knowing you melt me in an instant. Those kisses, which run away like the river's water, wild to channel the feelings of my heart. I...Read On



Two bodies coming together...

So close and yet so far I dream of you Of our time to come Knowing that you do too Longing to feel your hands Roaming over my skin As you touch me Time and time again Your lips pressed to mine Our tongues entangled as well Two bodies pressed against each other So close I feel you swell Down below, my nether lips Will drip their sweet dew As my body readies itself To make glorious love to you...Read On


Bit Of Brunch

Of whiskey, women, and bit of brunch, perhaps a dilettante with a whore  and an urge for a toss on the bunk. Old hags and crones do it better when the frost is on a jack o lantern, as ghouls play and old fools rot. Whoopee-do cream and a jigger of cunt, stirred by the woofing cock-eye and hammering the anvil of the clit. Come October and the owls hoot with ginger, spice and...Read On


Saturday Morning Fun

It's Saturday morning, And I'm laying in bed, Thoughts of you, Filling my head. Wanting to touch, Your body just right, To kiss you, taste you, Would be a delight. My dreams of you, Grow more and more, As my fingers begin, Reach in to explore. I pick up the phone, I want to hear your sound, Encourage me baby, I am spell bound. Your moans are sexy, My fingers move fast, Wanting and needing,...Read On


I like to wank

I'm an unrepentant wanker...

I like to wank in private, And I like to wank outdoors. I like to wank with my hand And I'd like to wank with yours. Sometimes I read a story While I'm wanking my hard dick. Sometime I take some pictures Of me yanking at my prick. Sometimes I use a photograph As target for my cum. Sometimes I enjoy wanking With a finger up my bum. I so enjoy my wanking That sometimes I just can't stop....Read On


Never Forgotten

You were here this evening Right back where I saw you last Seemingly waiting for me to come home I am home I am home when you are here I must be clear Do you understand how I feel When you are near When you are here beside me You are here Now And I feel it all coming back the way it was so long ago So very long ago So long ago It never happened Did it It never happened As you smile...Read On


You Don't Know Me

To let you know me.

I'm here for you to touch and tease.  A sub I am to please your needs. My woman's touch can satisfy you, man or woman I want to please. A cock or pussy is all I need.  Both together at the same time I would rather have.  I would guide one into the other as my wetness spreads. Let me pleasure you how I know. A sub I am to fulfil your lust. Come chat to me and you will see how...Read On



I count down the hours Until I can surrender Within the warmth Of your arms. I wait. I arch my aching and Waiting body, Pleading Silently for you With words that will Remain unspoken Until I can feel your Hand in mine. Do you think of me As the night creeps closer? Can you feel the memory Of my breath As you close your eyes And beckon me to you? Will...Read On


I'm the king...

I don't mean to boast, but

I'm the king of cunnilingus I'm the prince of pussy lickers I'm the lord of labial lapping Once I get inside your knickers I would lick your pussy anytime I would lick you any place I would lick you long and deep Until you cum upon my face I would lick you for an hour I would lick you for a day 'Cos once my tongue's inside you That just where it wants to stay I would lick you in the office...Read On

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You know exactly what I mean, that sweet slow slide, the most intimate breach of human contact and need. Skin to skin as we were meant to be. We've given our hearts, we've given our minds, there's still more to discover once you clasp around me. Squeeze around me with your pulse, I won't move at first, it's almost too much to have you stretch around me, to know your form...Read On


Caged Inside

Inside all of us is an animal longing to break free

Howling at the moon, Wolf caged and in heat, Torn to pieces if I ever I tried, Hungry and wicked, Torn and conflicted. I am insatiable and destructive inside, If ever you saw the gleam in my eyes, Eyes that are filled with untainted lust, Would you feel disgust? I want to tear everything apart and fill up all the voids, Baptise myself in a crimson flow, To rip apart my soul. ...Read On



I am yours only yours.

Your name a whisper upon my lips. The caress of your hands upon my hips. Your lips on mine so divine. One taste of your tongue I come undone. A nip, a bite, you mark me right. Upon my neck for all to see. You claim me, you take me. Make no mistake I am yours. I give into you willingly. Bound with lace, your tie upon my face. My legs spread wide, nothing to hide. My body is yours, my heart...Read On


Two Words

A pleasant interruption to a restful sleep.

He watches She sleeps He guards She rests He stares She stirs He moves She smiles He caresses She stretches He traces She parts He touches She writhes He leans She gasps He explores She tingles He licks She stiffens He kisses She moans He tastes She shudders He delves She cries He laps She convulses He thrusts She explodes He smiles ...Read On


You Do That Well

On her knees, she took me in hand before her lips locked on to my shaft,

Pardon me, I said, Is this seat taken? Yes it is, but he’s late so it’s all yours. The seat you mean? I smiled at her beautiful face with full red lips. She giggled at my line. Turning to me, she said, You're better looking than my date. He thinks it’s all his to get, but you're more my style. Thanks, could I suggest we change locations? Maybe he’ll miss you, and I’ll be all yours. ...Read On


All Mysterious Creatures

Your presence quelled what seemed to be an unstoppable storm last night, it's one of the many things you should know that I haven't thanked you enough for. I don't know where to even begin other than to tell you there is no end. I've taken all the trails I know to compress and crystallize the essence you bring to me, tried to describe the architecture towering deep inside. ...Read On


The Way You Own Me

I give my submission to Your dominance My delicate neck firmly held in place with Your strong hand I relent my control to You as You control my breath Instill Your focus; focus on this moment I give You all my trust as Your power overtakes me I surrender myself into Your strength You are the brawn; I am the beauty I belong to You and You own...Read On


That Night That Day

Divorce leads to her affairs of one night stand with white, black, yellow and tan.

That night two people meet for the first time sparks flying He’s studying to become an attorney a lawyer but feeling alone in the crowd She’s a student at a girls school drinking beer with friends but alone They’re introduced eyes staring making connection between a male and female They're smitten with conversing drinking beer becoming acquainted drawing closer and closer Their...Read On


Shadows of the night

Recalling my first formal masturbation session....

In the silence of the night I’m awake, I’m aroused My eyes open to reluctance In the shadows of darkness In the still that looms around I don’t know what I’ll see The oblivion of being alone The silence excites me The loneliness stimulates me Just as part of my fantasy Cold calm and the serenity All takes my breath away I’m anticipating the pleasure ...Read On


Oral delight.

She's all mine...

She's a dirty little cum slut, and she lives to suck my dick. She loves it in her mouth when it is horny, hard and thick. She sucks upon it deeply, and she laps its shiny crown. I love to watch my cum slut take the whole eight inches down. Sometimes I take it from her and I give it a quick stroke, then I force it back inside until she starts to choke. Her red lips hold my swollen shaft my...Read On


You Belong to Me

Exposing her in the club

Tight white dress Hot rhythmic moves Syncopated beat Master approves Whip that ponytail Show me that ass Tease the crowd Prove you're my...Read On

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Toys That Delight Me

So many toys to play with

I'm feeling like I need my toys My pussy needs attention Masturbation is what I enjoy It relieves all my frustrations I grab my wand and plug it in I also get my glass cock I'm all ready let's begin I'm aware of time on the clock I put my wand over my clit And push my toy up inside I fuck my tight little slit My pussy is opened wide The first gush pours out I come so freaking fast I...Read On

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Mind's Chateau

What happens to Adagio, stays here, like festering currents of my libido while being a little cajoling,  and all that's not. I chose a prime time to fuck you, when the frost freezes my ooze and goblins go "trick or treat,"  on my withering cock-spool. Dark is well, in my minds chateau as my sanity digest your seductive tallow, gone are the jeers who balk at my canter of whisky...Read On


A to Z

An alphabet to remember....

A is for Anal, your ass is so tight. B is for Breasts, such a glorious sight. C is for Cock, so hard and so pink. D is for Debauched, and the depths that we sink. E is for Erection, please refer back to C. F is for Fuck, that's as sweet as can be. G is for G spot, that infamous treasure. H is for Horny, the seeking of pleasure. I is for Ice cream, so cold and so fruity. J is for Jism, all...Read On


I want to play with you

A lap dance just for you

I want to play with you I want to make you hot I want to dance for you I want to hit the spot Sexy sway of my hips I want to be a tease A single lick of my lips I only want to please Pearly button gently pops I give a knowing glance Satin skirt slowly drops You’re aching in your pants Flaunting like a little slut How naughty can I be Shaking my perfect butt I know you want...Read On



She aches to feel his soft lips Brushing across hers, Soft butterfly kisses Slowly growing in intensity, Passion stirring within As their tongues intertwine, Drinking in the taste of the other. She longs to feel his arms Scoop her up, wrap her in tight, The warmth of his body, Secure and protective, His hands tracing her curves, Carefully watching her, Gradually building the...Read On


I lie

When it all began, We knew our limitations. Careers, commitments, And other complications. No strings attached, Fearless pleasures, A journey of perversions And explicit temptations. You attached those strings, Made me your puppet Of lust, desire, submission.  And so I complied, Wanting to please.  But then you withdrew, No warning nor indication, Those boundaries...Read On