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Erotic Poems



The whooshes of silence bring me echoes In my gloom midnight chill With phalanges of digits I scribble thirst Whispering warm chowders of lust As my lips sip in the orchard While swooning in sweet broth Of your spicy peach as it seeps Stirring the whooshes rushing my gush And then hardening my archery In thrust I plunge my seed While swooning in sweet broth Nectar...Read On



You told me "get the camera" And I felt such a thrill You spoke with calm authority I handed it to you You took the camera in one hand And turned your head my way Those bluest eyes were steady As the shutter snapped away You touched me as you wanted I was at your command Electrified, yet languid Emboldened by each glance So serene your countenance Though lust blazed in your eyes You drew...Read On


A Mouthful of Cream

Everyday I have oral pleasure

Every day I have my pussy licked My husband enjoys my sweet taste I enjoy sucking his prick His tongue invades my tight space Every morning I enjoy this treat When he tongue fucks my hole The man really enjoys to eat Pussy licking is in his soul He sucks on my pink clit And I let out pleasurable moans He holds and gropes my firm tits And I curse and I groan His fingers play inside my...Read On


The Divinity Within

Naked under His Gaze, a delicious heaven awaits.

Discovery As YOUR eyes fixate on mine, yet, I feel you conquered every inch. The fire in your pupils, ecstasy bringing the taste of the sea my barren shore. Perception Your presence invades my naked body, the hollow garments of deceptions, elemental beauty in design. Feeling a maelstrom build, a storm to be braved only by YOU. The storm of desire, only quieted and placated, by a...Read On



My doorbell is for my friends, not for strangers. It's a friendly way to get invited inside. My doorbell can be quietly stroked, or touched in a way that sets off all my alarms. To get to my doorbell requires patience, climbing my stairs, bringing me higher. Stroking my handrails gently and sensually, caressing my balustrade, tickling my doorknobs, slowly teasing open...Read On


Having Sex Outside in Front of A Crowd

A couple put on a show for neighbors

Fucking outside so people can watch Makes this couple get excited The woman rubs his bulging crotch The people watching are delighted They strip and put on a show The wife dances for the crowd This makes the husband's cock grow Her husband is very proud They both do a bump and grind While the people start to cheer The man feels his wife's behind This only happens a few times a year ...Read On


I'm the watcher at the window...

Sometimes you can't help who you fall for.

I'm the watcher at the window. I'm the surreptitious glance. I'm the man who stands too close to you when given half a chance. I'm the shadow in the tree line. I'm the tingle up your spine. I'm the man whose cheeky banter sometimes crosses o'er the line. I'm that feeling of discomfort. I'm the slimy office creep. I'm the man who takes a picture and then wanks himself to sleep I'm the guy...Read On



In low voice of my operatic libretto And my meanderings in darkly woods  Swishing my tongue in lustful verses As the ratchets of my mind descend Hungering for lust as moths arabesque Upon your swooning soft define Like a sparrow awaiting nocturnal kiss  And with lips exploring your breasts at rest My fingers caress your prickly pear As the stem of your fruit seeps its sweets ...Read On


A Life of a MILF

A MILFS husband leaves for work

A MILF is a lady that loves sex She needs it everyday to survive She may be a tad obsessed This makes her feel alive Her husband is off at his job So this MILF needs to fuck She goes out and hobnobs Meeting her requires a bit of luck She finds men in bars Or even in high-end stores She will fuck sometimes in cars Or at a park outdoors Mostly meeting in hotels To have many affairs In...Read On


A few of my favourite things

The Sound of Music will never be quite the same again...

To be read... or perhaps even sung, to the tune of "A few of my favourite thing" from the Sound of Music Sucking on nipples so pert and so rosy. Fucking in front of a fire so cosy. Black plastic butt plugs and beaded cock rings, these are a few of my favourite things. Women in sunshine with dresses a flowing Lifting them up and so their sweet pussy's showing Each time I see it then up my...Read On



All about fire

Our embers could burn throughout your walls when we crash together, even though it takes two to ignite such a furious core You were the very first spark to reach out from the cold, boundless in your desire, only intensifying with time when caged in a vessel of bone and skin. If cautiously peeled away, the coiling essence beneath would be almost predatory, ready to snare me upon sight. ...Read On


Masturbation For Women

An orgasmic good time

Lots of orgasms a day For the ladies of the house Lots of different ways Don't need a lover or a spouse Fingers or a vibrator of choice Makes your pussy very wet Perhaps listening to a sexy voice Will make you horny and sweat Lots of vibrators to enjoy You can orgasm each time Riding machines or toys This is always sublime You can orgasm every hour Or perhaps every few minutes You...Read On


Belly Button Fetish

Man fantsizes about belly buttons

I lie on the bed My legs are spread You're kneeling in between And Oh so keen You're stroking your dick Whilst gazing at my tits You're eyes look down You make a groaning sound To my belly button And belly ring You have a fantasy And your cock starts leaking  You want your cockhead To thrust a little In my belly button And for your pre cum to trickle To rub your cock slit On my belly...Read On



Can you feel it? The white hot splash as our rhythm syncs perfectly... our bodies taught pleasure on the notes of the ecstatic cries as I fill you. This is the moment our passion realized the wet hot glory of conception within your womb a home as we thrust again our sweat mixed with cum it carries its perfume into the air our bodies one our sex so fertile ...Read On

Recommended Read

I am He

For that special woman, I am He.

I am He who satisfies. I am the passion behind your eyes. I am He in your desire. I can quell your inner fire. I am He who fills your dreams. I am He who brings your screams. I am He who fires your lust; Who turns all thoughts, but Me, to dust. I am He who hears your cries As passion builds between your thighs. I am He beneath your hips, Your taste, so sweet, upon my lips. I am He who makes...Read On


Masturbation Fun

A little bored

A little bored what should you do You could always masturbate If it's not possible to screw You know it'll feel really great Just get comfy on your bed Make sure you're already nude Fantasize about getting head Perhaps a gal or a dude Hold your cock in your hands And cup and massage your balls I know this must feel really grand Come on give it your all Your fingers move up your dick...Read On


Down To A Nub

Be not shorn my dark ink of prose For in words I compose lust Of slathering slew erotically brewed Giving you tongue of verses song In muted moans mounting my shank Screaming softly your swooning thirst  As your thighs confide my slewing stew Of whitewash rapidly crashing on your clit Forever shearing the feathered quill As the nib winds down to a nub  Be not shorn...Read On


The Watcher in the Woods

Just a little “jeux d’esprit” about the fun of voyeurism

While walking in the woods one day I hear a funny sound. I hide behind a tree and see Two people on the ground. A guy and girl are lying there And – goodness me, how rude! He’s only got a t-shirt on, And she’s completely nude. Her little bottom’s in the air, She’s licking at his knob. His hands are squeezing at her tits While she is on the job. She puts her mouth around...Read On



Whatever robes around your curves, or how soft locks spill along your face, however your fragrance moves through the room to shift gravity in a new direction, your eyes are more suggestive than any other part of you. You know that a gaze can say so much, can align secret wants more than the vocalized desires we may attempt, the most subtle and nearly imperceptible slant of light...Read On


The Stroking Pledge

Two friends having fun together

I'm really glad you're back I love to hear about your day Nice to be on track Love to hear how you play You're very interesting you know When you sit and you edge You tell me when you blow This is your stroking pledge Love to hear your stories While you stroke your cock You relish in all the glory Erect and hard like a rock Stroking your cock meat While you read my work This makes...Read On


It's All About Sex - Again!

The truth about Wimbledon fortnight

The country sizzles, it’s flaming June! The balls are cold, the racquets are fine tuned Sultry nights then thunder and lightning The great and the good descend on SW19 The authorities rant ‘It’s got to be white!’ The cameras pick out her panties so tight Bending over, bouncing her ball, Ready to serve, challenging line calls Hawkeye is summoned to give his decision, The player...Read On


Will She or Will She Not

What does she need. What may I give. What will she accept. Not sure. I am ready to give her what I have. I am ready to treat her well. I am ready to take her in. She needs a protector. She needs someone who cares. She needs a person who will protect her. Does she need me. Would I be enough. I have obligations. I have to fulfill others needs. I cannot be exclusive to her now. ...Read On


Gang Bang

My appetite for group sex... x

This is how I want to be taken – you three rugged horny guys wanting me, stripping me, and devouring me with your hot lusts and your probing cocks. You’re all so fascinated with me, aren’t you? You can’t take your eyes off my golden body. Attention like this is like a mind-blowing aphrodisiac that I want to wear like a lotion against my skin; these are the times ...Read On


Deliver the Goods

Empty that tight sack!

No Don't you dare. Hold it- Fight it- That urge, So strong I know. But I'm not ready- Yet No sir. What's that? It hurts? Poor baby. Uh uh! STOP! What did I say? Yes, That's right. No! Live it! Learn it! I'm the one That says when! Don't! Oh no you don't! Not yet. Only when I say so, You got that? I said, YOU GOT THAT? Not one drop! Not even a dollop! Resist the urge! Let them fill up...Read On


Sounds of the Night

A moment of intimacy

Soft bare skin against me in bed, Satin sheets around us wrapped, Through open windows come sounds of night, Filling the darkness of our love nest. A caress on my thigh and I turn, Her lips await my kiss, Her skin awaits the touch of my fingers. Wrapped in soft satin, we move as one, Mouths and bodies against each other. Gently I roll her on to her back, Her legs open to me, inviting me...Read On


A Woo Of A Hoo

It was as if the silence had gone deaf of muted winds causing me to raise the collar about my neck and my cloak but a mere cover giving me little warmth, these thirsty hours midnight showers. Like echoes from a distance timpini thundering  as the rains splashed about my ankles,  I felt the presence of peering eyes yet no shadows of mortals beings. The gas lamps dimmed and behind...Read On


French Maid Fun

How about some hot fun?

You come home from an exhausting day And you eat the dinner I've made We'll have fun in so many ways I'll be wearing a costume of a French Maid The costume is tight with a short skirt I'll be wearing a black little thong My body of course will be your dessert If you're nice, I'll play with your schlong I flutter around our living room Gyrating my curvy hips I'm wearing your favorite...Read On


A Sexy Morning

A couple have sex together

I really love you I kiss you on your lips This gets us closer to screw Your hands are around my hips I pull on your dick You love when I do this Hands all over your prick This is your heavenly bliss Your hands play in my hole My pussy is very wet Fingers fucking me in control Let's screw I'm already set I'm on my back, you're in front You slide right in I let out a little grunt Now...Read On


Watching Her Come

There’s nothing more incredible than watching a woman succumb to the stages of orgasm

She’ll surrender Control and decorum With orgasm inevitable Locked upon her Eyes will open She'll look inward With vulnerable awe overtaken Whole Body Around her clit She'll clench Hold on tight See her coming Uncovered Her innermost self Lusting Emerging Spasms released In her eyes...Read On



Learning the ropes . . .

"You can do it harder"  As he bites upon her breasts "Don’t be afraid  I love the way  Your teeth feel on my flesh" "Get the clamps"  She tells him "I need to feel that pain"  Tied firmly down  He marvels how  Her eyes begin to blaze One side, then the other He squeezes and applies Admires her as she struggles And sees her body writhe The newness of this stirs him A sense he’s been reborn...Read On