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Erotic Poems


Now She Knows

Now she knows just how it is. She's mine. She thought she was giving herself but we both know I took what was mine. She's mine. She's marked, and proudly waits to be marked over and over again. She's mine. It took some time,  some good times, delicious, tasty times, for her to see just what she means to me. Just what I mean to her, and for her. She's mine. And she never...Read On

Sleepless Nights

To spend the nights in His arms...

'Tis five twenty five in the morning silence infinite, I just woke up, a soft sigh, thinking of last night. Winter came and went, Rainy days grow Clouds cover the heavens. Soft sways of the leaves, as the wind begins to blow, under the starless night. ME uncovered, I'm shaking But I'm happy, thinking of the prior night. Muffled where the sounds, of a passionate night, with my sailor by...Read On



Friend that husband talked wife into fucking is more than expected

I love you man, you're a horny Fuck I married you eight years ago You let a friend put his dick in me So you could watch and get off. I was content with having no other You compared with the best I'd had We were fine with what you've got Big enough for what I sought. I knew it was risky fucking your friend But we both wanted to spice things up You said it would be crazy hot to see Promised...Read On



Getting as good as you give

Her panties ripped Lying on the floor Her buttocks red I couldn't take any more The beast was unleashed When she dared break rank The cheeky little slut Deserved a good spank Muffled sobbing Face in the pillow Feeling remorse I'm not a willow Not going to bend To pitiful fare A lithe young body Or silky blonde hair When she admits, that Her doing was wrong I'll hold her tightly,...Read On


Blowing Master

On bended knee In front of you, Hands bound tight Feet tied too. Eyes looking down At the floor below, "Look at me slut," Make my cock grow. I open up wide To suck your dick, Growing big and hard With every stroke and lick. "Faster slut," A demand so loud, Mouth moves quick Wanting to make you proud. My tongue moves there All around your cock, As my lips engulf Every inch of your rock....Read On


Sticky in the Middle

Fun with a centerfold

You lie there in silence While I stroke my cock Observing your lines Getting hard as rock Your sexy smile Heightens my senses Your perfect breasts No need for pretenses I will cum all over you Yet, you won't say a thing For you're only an image My magazine fling...Read On


Thrust and Release

Thrust and release,  apart and together,  our bodies begin moving  to a music we create with  our carnal moans and cries,  whispered sentiments  of love and forever,  intimate promises pledged  as our bodies now dance.  This swaying is universal,  both poetic and animalistic,  tonight it is our rhythm,  even though it has been  repeated and reinvented  since before we began,  before the...Read On


A woodland wank

An unexpected treat on a woodland walk.

When I go walking in the woods I sometimes feel the need. To take my swollen cock out And release my milky seed. I slip my trousers to my boots My pants go south as well. Then take my fat cock in my hand And give it merry hell. But one day when the urge took hold I leant against a tree. I slipped my shorts down to the floor My fat cock springing free. I took a grip and closed my...Read On

Skydive And A Fuck

I went skydiving.

I took a drive I needed to get away I decided I'd sky dive On that faithful day I went and took a class There she was looking hot My instructor had a great ass I was hoping to get a shot She was sexy with big tits That were poking out of her shirt Yoga pants with an outline of her slit Man this hussy was a flirt I wanted to jump tandem With this woman on my back This sky dive was random...Read On

Naked Behind A Tree

A funny thing happened while taking a walk

I took a walk around the block  I saw you behind a big oak tree You had your hand on your cock I thought you were taking a pee You were naked and carefree Holding your big balls You knew that I could see You were giving it your all Your cock was long And very erect I knew this was wrong Wondering if this was correct You were stroking your dick And letting out moans You were pulling on...Read On



As I am walking on stage I glance to the right of me Sitting at the table not far away Is the one I come to dance for He winks at me and I smile for him He knows my pussy is already wet The music starts and I begin to dance Letting the beat take me away I see him sit up and I have his attention He is here each night but Tonight is the night I will dance for him I touch...Read On



Our bare skins nuzzle closer, narrowing the quiet universe, this dark and warm bedroom, expanding the echo of heartbeats, little vibrations that seem to hum softly to together. Flesh always grazes heat, blood surges in its invisible tides, its flowing, fluid sonata, the place we gradually wove to meet together in safety. Nothing is veiled here, though. Immersed in your depths, ...Read On


Untying the Knot

Every night a new arrival, flesh so sweet and careless mind. Though I know the joy of sharing, I see chastity unwind. Do not contemplate or falter. Let them not into my soul. Take all that they willful offer, lead my charge into their hole. Still I cannot help but wonder. Is this pleasure all there is? Have I lost some of the meaning? Is there something that I miss? All around...Read On

Surreys Ladder

Like a surreys ladder I ascend lofting to your thighs, The fickle of your sighs allowing me to brush, With feathering quill prosing fornication. The aught of the winds and quelch of the nigh As echoes of obsidian fall over my eyes, And with shadow I bring my stiffen birch, A bough shimmering to your folds of thirst. Whispering a kiss with your clits assent, As the...Read On

A Groping Train Adventure

A woman enjoys a groping on a train

On a crowded train I stand Dressed in a blouse and skirt Packed close together, I feel a hand Hands feel my breasts over my shirt My body tingles as I'm felt up My pussy is wet in my thong I'm enjoying the buildup Their touches are a bit strong This is wild and a mystery I'm aroused and very wet This is one of my fantasies I'm elated and begin to sweat My skirt is pushed up high...Read On

Sex After the Holiday

Sex after the holidays

We had a great holiday I want to please you Let’s fuck today How about a little screw We kiss each other Passionately on the lips Now we're lovers You hold me on my hips We’re on our bed I’m on my back How about a little head Let’s get back on track I get between your legs Wrap my mouth around You kind of start to beg I make my sucking sounds I’m sucking on your cock ...Read On


My Favorite Things

Drops of arousal Forming 'twixt your legs Moans of delight Escaping your lips You tied up naked Spread eagle with string These are a few of my favorite things The touch of your soft skin Such warmth from within Shortness of breath As I start to suck in Calling my name out In orgasm writhing These are a few of my favorite things When I see you Staring at me Like...Read On


Feel Me

Do you feel that? My pussy wrapped around your finger as you explore me Deeper as I kiss you Hungry for you Wanting you Craving you I need more Your hand spreads my legs I'm open to you No hesitation In a flash All of you in me Filling me Satisfying me God Your thickness is amazing Thrusting into me Nipple between your teeth Hands on my ass Pulling me into you Making us in that...Read On


The Night Before You Go

It's that time of year When you have to leave To do those things For the people you please But before you do Let's have some fun Let me smother you with love And make you cum I help your trousers  Slip to the floor You stand there naked All eyes on your whore I lick your balls I make them wiggle I tongue your cock from end to middle I raise my head And take it in It...Read On

Dirty Words

Forgive me again for I have sinned,  Tapping my spigot in a most unkind way, Milking the goo with thoughts of you And paraphrasing dirty words. For I have your picture on the wall, Receiving them in the e-mail.  The one with tats on your tits And butterflies on your husband's balls. Forgive me again for I have sinned, Slapping calves liver on my foreskin, Sliding it fore...Read On

A Little Fun Before You Go

Let me delight you

Let's have fun before you go I want to suck your cock I'll make your juices flow And get you hard like a rock I stroke at your cock-meat From your base to your head I'm sitting on the sheets Jerking your cock on the bed A nice firm grip as I hold you Fingers move up your shaft You enjoy this too You laugh and are a bit daft You say you're enjoying this You moan and you smile You lean...Read On


Move As One

This is my first time posting

What I wouldn't give to feel your hands on my body,  exploring all my curves. Laying me down,  positioning me the way you want, making me moan out as your hands slide down to feel how wet you make me... Leading with your body,  trailing with your lips,  learning what makes me moan the loudest.... Throwing your clothes off as you tease me,  sliding your tongue through...Read On

I Am, I Am

I am, I am, who I am,  A poet with crooked spin,  With a demeanor of braunschweiger, And cup of grins to wash away my sins,  Basting my liver with a pen. Without indulging in hugger-muggering, Quagswagging, squandering my testicles ooze, With an inkwell full of choose, You pickled a fine brine to cum,  My virginal swan. When my quill strums, The clit of your jar raised my mast, ...Read On

Suffering Not Woofits

Suffering not the woofits, for my mind is long and well, I bear a quill and some ink to chatter-up darken tales. Be it fulminous or near dusk, seeming a bit doolally,  my cock suckers-up to a peach,  if it's obviously raised with swell. And now that the peat is on the moss, I am at loss for anabiosis, when the cunt is on the floss, I remain loss in your woo. But as my words of...Read On

Recommended Read

Natural Instinct

I spread my legs for you. It’s what a woman does It’s natural as walking It’s instinctive as a baby suckling I spread my legs for you. I want what you have for me I need what you have for me I demand what you have for me I spread my legs for you. I know its hard allure I know its stiff desire I know its powerful potential I spread my legs for you. My anticipation great My...Read On

I Need A Vibrator Break

I need to have an orgasm

I’m exhausted from the holidays I think it’s time to play with my toys Fuck my bald pussy so many ways I take a break it’s time to enjoy I first play with my glass one I spread my long legs I fuck myself until I come After this onto the vibrating egg My pussy is so damn hot This toy is cold as hell My pussy is coming a lot My clit is starting to swell Onto my cute bullet of joy ...Read On



I hear the neighbors fucking, television blaring in an attempt to muffle the whack of flesh against flesh, the naughty sweet nothings whispered and cried out. It's foolish to make assumptions. For all I know, it's the most tender act the two have, the only thing that they truly share, Making love to forget the icy December air, the broken furnace, cracks in the old walls...Read On

Maybe A Computer Affair

Something is going on

He was late again with all smiles I wondered where he was Meetings kept him away a while I really have no clue what he does His shirts smelled of perfume It wasn't the scent I wore A card found that said "The Playroom" I suspect he's fucking a whore Checking his credit card bill Some charges I don't recognize This makes me feel a bit ill I wonder if he's telling me lies What is going...Read On


Pleasure Me One More Time!

A girl's real thoughts!

Roses are nice, Violets are fine, I'll be the six, You be the nine, Stroke me, caress me, kiss me, tongue me, Finger me, lick me, eat me, O me Mount me, fuck me, bone me, bang me, Heat me, steam me, jizz me, cream me, Suck you, lick you, gag you, swallow you, Stroke you, jack you, wank you, ejac you- second time you! Mount you, slide you, bounce you, ride you, Grip...Read On

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Each kiss A strike Of lightning Felt Your hand Is at My throat Your teeth Have bit Upon My lip My breath Is hoarse And short You grip Fine bones And tender skin Your eyes Have made Me still A flash Before Your mouth Comes down To mark That we Are one....Read On