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Erotic Poems


In the garden...

Anywhere you choose.

In the garden shed I'd fill you. In the workshop I would drill you. In the wash room I would lick your pussy clean. In the pool I'd have you dripping. In the wardrobe we'd be stripping. In the cinema we'd create such a scene. In the kitchen we'd be baking. In the snow I'd have you quaking. In the elevator we'd go all the way. In the bedroom we'd be rocking. In the park we'd be most...Read On

Afternoon Delight

Makin' love past the hot afternoon.

Close your eyes my beauty. Let me fuel your smouldering lust. I promise, I won't shirk my duty. Sparking your fire, I feel I must. Lay back, enjoy the heat. As my kisses touch your silken skin. My fingers will be most discreet. Freeing your stress from deep within. While I explore your luscious curves. Breath deeply, let yourself go. Let the electricity tingle your nerves. Feel...Read On


You Need More

Sometime you will need more from me than what words may promise, you need me to be even closer and remind you why my name is the only one on your sealed lips. I read the pitch and pulse, stop handing me signs, stop handing me lights, I can see what you are in the dark just fine. Lips a bow of gentle pink flesh, pressing mine to them softly, the parting unfolds everything in me,...Read On



Take me to Wonderland, Far away from everyday reality, Where it is just you and I, Our yearnings, passions, Nothing but joyful pleasure. Let me drown in your embrace As our bodies intertwine, Naked skin against skin, Lustful words whispered, Nibbles on a vulnerable neck. Drink from my well of desire Like I do from yours, Devour me, Make me yours, Thrusting deep within my core. ...Read On

Recommended Read


My withers may be long and grey  But my mind long remembers Yesteryears catechisms And proverbs of the flesh, Hovering over a wet chalice While stroking six white inches Saddling a ripe peach, When the fruit begins to cream And standing tall in the saddle, Before tomorrow's apocalypse With semen dripping from your lips....Read On


Good Girl Gone Bad


Do you know what I am longing for? What I really really want bad I want for my special guy to realize By his good little girl, he has been had! Instead of trying to please you She will mercilessly tease you Wants you hard and throbbing Desperate with desire Sticking a finger into her mouth Getting it really wet pulls it out Takes that finger and glides up to you Circles it...Read On



Pulling it out, and back in, deep. You're my precious one. Feel all the hardness of my prick. Cry out for more. Such a goodness, a true goodness  Is the fucking of you, my lover. My lover, wanting and needing All of my long tumescence. Your pussy lips are gripping my cock As I thrust  Rougher and rougher. Cry out for more. Not all day, But every day I want to ravish you My own love....Read On


In Love's Domain

An English sonnet with a D/s theme

Slave, lover, whore: Master wreathes many names; Hubristic memes to yoke my fairest sex, Yet sweet dominance preyed by minxish games, When with cunning smiles his will I dare vex. Casting me down to bended knee, he thinks My truculent mouth deep thrusts will chasten. Nay! Evolution’s nectar hoaxed and jinxed, Succubine tongue to my belly hastens To salt bewitching tears whose trails...Read On

Recommended Read

Slow Lovin'

Slow lovin' like warm honey rolling and falling from the comb onto your fevered bare body, taking the time to taste, lick from lip to lip. The air is thick around us, humid breezes and fireflies take over the summer sunset, dusk glows and sears us from within. Slow lovin' is its own patient dance, a lens capturing every detail, lazy tangles of lips and limbs, searching the sensitive...Read On


I'm a Man

It's in my nature...

Of love and lust and sex my friend I would like it all the time From kinky crazy fetishes To the casually sublime From hot and sweaty To extremely sweet These primal urges I must meet So on a bed Or in a chair To standing up And pulling hair I do it all Anyway I can It’s in my nature ‘Cuz I’m a man!...Read On



Twisting and turning, Frustration overwhelming. Why, Why won’t this body calm, Stop craving, Stop needing, Stop wanting? An everlasting fire Roaring through veins, A volcano Bubbling under the surface, Distracting, Determined, Relentlessly torturing. Longing, Overly sensitive nerves, A dull throbbing, A pull, Desperate desire To be kissed, Touched and to touch. Memories...Read On


Mera Raipa Seksi Hai

It's all good in the hood When you wake up with morning breath ( hah you thought I was going to say, wood ) After banging the gong All night long I sing you a song Doing it Bollywood style Dongiddy dong-diddy dang-a-dang diggy-diddy Mera raipa seksi hai Never going back once rapped by a white guy Mera raipa seksi hai Caramel and white chocolate Together, you and I Dawning...Read On


I am thinking


I am thinking About chocolate dip Smeared and licked From my tits I am thinking About chocolate on my tummy After tasting my breasts It's all rather yummy I am thinking about Choccy sauce on my clit Smearing my pussy Licking it Tasting my pussy Chocolate divine Like a chardonnay Or glass of red wine Or some scrumpy Makes one kinda humpy I really have...Read On


Coffin House

My memories fade to past As worms get fat on my epitaph Within my coffin house Beneath the grass As sun sets on my bones Whispering sayonara And there you lay against my stone  With your legs spayed and giving head Sucking on a gravedigger's shaft Just a few moments of I my being dead As worms get fat on my epitaph While you hand them dental floss And mooning your...Read On


Sybian Ride in July

I have an afternoon to myself

An afternoon all to myself what will I do It's been a very long while I'll play with my Sybian out of the blue This brings happiness and makes me smile Haven't played with you since June I'm getting horny and very excited A nice way to spend an afternoon This will get my pussy ignited I walk over and take it out of the box I put it high on my bed Attach the dildo cock It's exciting to...Read On


Come Talk To Me

Come say hello to me

Hey there stranger it's been a while Haven't seen you around lately Talk to me I'll make you smile It's nice to talk with you daily Life has a way of keeping us away It's nice to see you here Talking with you always made my days A time or two you wiped away my tears In so many ways we're the same Just here to share interesting thoughts We understand that this is just a game Keeping...Read On


Oh Lady divine

Learn about sex

Oh Lady mine, I think you’re divine; A whore with lots of potential. You make all the fellers just stand in a line. That you’re good is quite evidential. You have quite a flair for putting it there And I don’t mean your talent for cooking. Everyone knows that you’re willing to share Your widespread experience of fucking. If to learn about sex, boys, at pictures you look Then...Read On



Ink me

You made love  To my tattoo So drawn in  By the vivid colors Tracing and kissing The loops and swirls Of red blossoms  Blown on purple winds Up and down Petals scattered Across my body Searching  And finding them hidden On tender skin Surprising bursts of color Against pale softness Envisioning me Exposed Inked by needle Gritting teeth Clenched fists Replaced now By...Read On


Fuck Me In Your Car

Earning little money for makin' men cum.

You're a dirty little whore, You're a slutty plaything. From your 'fuck me' red lips to your 'fuck me' high heels. Smokey ciggy perched  between those glossy lips.  Dirty blonde hair smells  like old cigarettes. Sheer black blouse  reveals a slutty red bra.  Ribbon laced corset  boosts your tits up too far. Laddered fishnet stockings  from your toes to your thighs.  Black leather mini ...Read On


Our Hot Aerobics Instructor

Our aerobics instructor is a major hottie

A new gym opened in Hillside The aerobics teacher was so hot Everybody wanted to be his ride They wanted to fuck him a lot He never wore underwear In his tight gym outfit He had the nicest hair He was so flexible he could do a split Susan Parker was her name And she was an absolute flirt She flirted and played games She wore yoga pants with a revealing shirt Susan had a bit of camel...Read On


I Like women...

What's not to like!?

I like women who are sexy. I like women who are hot. I like women who come loudly, when I lick a certain spot. I like women who are smiley. I like women who wear glasses. I like women who bend over, and take cocks right up their arses. I like women with pale blue eyes. I like women with deep brown. I like women with red cherry lips, who just love going down. I like women wearing yellow....Read On


My Snafu

Clearing my noggin of conscience and sins while knocking back jiggers of gin  and munching on peanuts and little stipends, as I scribed with my tongue on her chest  half a league onward from her love nest. Happy Hour hasn't begun yet for my little wallflower scrunching on shells, as her clit swells in it's gel  and I lapping her feisty little shunt. As she flashing in the enclosure...Read On


A Treacherous Touch

They trail along My bones and valleys, Decorating my skin With shivers. They spread across My arching spine, A sultry threat To my poise. Their delicate forces Dictate my limbs And my Gasped pleas, As they crush me Closer to you And your lust. They have buried me Beneath your Capricious mercy, And as I Slip further under Their influence, I realize...Read On


Finally home from work

A sigh, A quiver, Fumbling hands, Desire. Heat, Moisture, Moans, Bodies crushed together. Deep kisses, Tasting, Exploring, Every nerve awakened. Velvet tightness, Throbbing steel, A thrust, Cries in the night. Clinging, Nails digging, Juices flowing, Desperate need. Explosion, Wave upon wave, Ecstasy. Total bliss....Read On


A Cozy Night Together

Let's get cozy together

Let's get cozy over here Kisses to get things moving Sweet nothings in our ears This is rather amusing Hands they do roam As we love one another Enjoying each other in our home Tonight we're hot and passionate lovers Television is on in the background As we hold each other and kiss It's time to lick my mound Oral sex is always bliss We undress in front of the fire I open my long legs...Read On



So calm and still at first, as if you knew my eyes would take time to drink you in, the thick curls spilling around you, silken to the very root. The tease of a shoulder, the tease of toned legs, somehow even more revealing than your form entirely disrobed. But there's so much more to know in each still that captured and froze another layer to be uncovered. One of them mirrored me a...Read On


I Masturbate Again.

I am thinking about these things.

I am Thinking about Henry Naked and hard What a memory Touching my body Spreading my legs Blowing on my pussy Until I beg His hands  Pinching my nips His mouth Supping my clit Fisting his cock While he sucks me Stroking it hard So desperate to fuck me Giving in It's not a sin Driving his cock Deep within And I like it deep Hard and true You know I like To feel you Deep thrusts So...Read On


Be Dead

Shifting gears on pages of dark erotica Like road tar my lips stick to you  Eerie words from poets be dead Broadcasting on the CB radio Switching into overdrive on retreads And my prose ain't done yet As my tongue lurches with thirst This old bard begins to curse Eerie words from poets be dead Crossing over to a fast lane Like I'm insane Broadcasting on the CB radio ...Read On


Full Coverage

My mind withers At your touch, As the corners of my mind Collapse in pulses Of darkness and red. I’m crushed into oblivion By my skin And yours Entangled in a symphony Of whispers Until there is no boundary Between you and I, Until you wear my flesh Like it were born Upon your muscles, And I could only Regret the surfaces Of you that lay exposed From me....Read On



The whooshes of silence bring me echoes In my gloom midnight chill With phalanges of digits I scribble thirst Whispering warm chowders of lust As my lips sip in the orchard While swooning in sweet broth Of your spicy peach as it seeps Stirring the whooshes rushing my gush And then hardening my archery In thrust I plunge my seed While swooning in sweet broth Nectar...Read On