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Erotic Poems


Hey Big Boy

Let me please you.

Hey big boy it's your lucky day,  I'm going to get you off in many ways. Let's get started what do you say. Take off your pants and I'll get on my knees, Cock-sucking involves little Ole me. I know you'll like this and will certainly agree. I bob along your very long dick, In addition to long you're very thick. Slobbering all over your very loved prick. I suck and I slurp on your...Read On


Lift Of The Swill

Lift of the swill bending my elbow When not paying homage to tomes And cobwebs at my bookshop quaint I paint in abstract words with a pen  Etching visions with broken down quill And ink from a hollowed out well On parchment of torn canvas I prose Lift of the swill bending my elbow Satisfaction of the rum whispering my ear Licking my lips poetically wiling away In sonnets the drink...Read On

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Mirroring Storms

Thanks to my dear friend Echelon, who helped spark this idea.

I'll feel you in the air long before arriving at my door,  a tinge of static in every breath and step,  your eyes mirrored the sky as we drove a lonely road,  the dark blue of vast enigmatic oceans. Clouds swirled above us in all directions, you once said they must be what restless spirits  look like when hovering over the earth,  filling skies with the collision of lives lived,  of loves...Read On


Love on Fire

When you and I meet it is a matter of love, Rich, generous and vast, An affair of the heart not just of lust, But the heart isn't where it stops. We continue on to become creatures of sex, Horny beasts filled with love, lust and deep desire, Clothes are ripped off and flung carelessly aside, That pretty dress now a heap on the floor. Love evolves and becomes a burning fire, ...Read On


The Offering

a slave serving and craving his Mistress, passion, love desire...

The Offering “(Later) You will be naked And on your knees," she purrs, Her red nails trace, My suit lapel. “It shouldn’t have to be this way, But it’s fun to watch you grovel.” The swishing crop through the burning air, The sudden welt across my cheek, My reward for craving her, My punishment for being weak. “Naked, and on your knees,” She smiles, ...Read On


The massage

My wife enjoys a wonderful erotic massage, and I love watching her orgasm

My wife enjoys her massages She lies down nude not even a towel over the nether regions A bit naughty today? The masseur warms oil in his hands spreading it, caressing over her skin massaging her neck, shoulders, upper arms, upper body My wife relaxes, the tension in her body melts away His hands glides down the sides and he briefly touches her breasts Do I see a...Read On


The Dixie Dykes

Convertible's top stuck down Wind blowing hair about my face Shoulders baking in the sun Missed my damn flight again Oh, what fun All the while A voice inside says, Don't be such a wussy Road trip I wasn't looking forward to Pavement unspooling ahead Throughout the evening Into the night Cactus partying to my left Mesas in the spacious right And every so often The unexpected Dip in...Read On


I Want More

She craves fulfilment.

I draw you closer,  Lips brushing your skin,  Pulse quickening, A hunger burning,  I want more.  I want to make love,  I’m ready. Desire consumes me,  Moist lips attack Kissing your neck, Following your jawline  Rough with stubble.  My hands stroking,  Touching, feeling. Fingers glide lower Seeking your cock.  My body quivers  Yearning to feel you Moving inside me, Fucking me...Read On


I had a dream

an image of perfection.

I had a dream last night, you were the star you wore your black lace pants and matching bra your slender fingers brushed along your thigh as you look at me with wicked glint in eye your fingers tips then edged your puffy mound then slipped inside the lace, where home they found your eyes half close, a gasp escapes your lips as your sweet fingers probe in time with hips you change...Read On

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Bewitched and Beguiled

Two virtual lovers exchange letters, and escape together into a new land of transcendent bliss

The world revolves my angel, and once more The time is coming when the days grow short, When happy thoughts of summer flee away, And all around is desolate and bare. Come fly with me to some exotic shore, Where bathed in golden light, we two can sport, Dancing naked on the strand all the day, And through the night mount high into the air. O cruel lady, tell me what I've done, What crime...Read On


Depths To Know

To know you long to lay back in bed,  your muscles relaxing on soft sheets,  eyes half closed as your body acts on reflex alone,  lips and legs slightly parting when I near you. To know you quiver from fingers entering,  eager but wanting to take the time you crave and deserve,  to explore silky glistening folds coaxed open,  heated nectar trickling with each slow pump  your hips rise and...Read On


A little Lingerie

The perfect start to the evening...

I love a little lingerie It really can just make my day To see you dressed with poise and grace In sexy silk or flimsy lace The colour doesn’t matter much And half the pleasure’s in the touch Your slender body, scant concealed Just begging to be freed, revealed The subtle click of unhooked clasp Undoing ties that gently rasp Knowing you can’t help reacting My gentle...Read On


Blonde Widow

Feet up in the air Toes unfurled Trembling Lithely legs everywhere Curled around my body Grappling Such beautiful hair And extraordinary markings Trappings that lured me into her lair Now a sanguinarium Where I am victimized In weavings of her silky blonde threads A petite creature To say the least Feasting like a starving mad beast Gorging on my succulent cured meats Living to eat me...Read On


Dressed in Stockings, Heels and a Smile

She knows how to seduce him

Body draped against the door frame,  Seductively pouting her painted lips,  Lashes flutter with faux innocence,  Rich brown eyes shine with desire.  “You like?” she enquires breathlessly,  As dressed in stockings, heels and a smile Her red-tipped fingers caress her thighs,  Stroking the pure white nylon mesh,  Slowly fingering the lacy tops.  Casting a devilish smile at her quarry, ...Read On


A Tease

Enjoy the show...

This girl is a tease and her aim is to please you can sit on the settee and be the referee she will make you smile, lick your lips and say cheese confident that she will not displease now watch as she goes down on her knees and shows her expertise she will slowly pull up her chemise and take it all in with ease she’ll make you say pretty please and yearn for a...Read On


He Loves Me... No He Fucking Doesn't!

He loves me, He Loves Me Not...

He loves me...  Newly Noticed Nicety I’m Instantly Intrigued Charming, Charismatic Chap Fascination Fueled Friendship Daily Dialogue Dancing Every Email Exciting Easily Enlarged Ego Friendly, Flirtatious Fling Excitingly Erotic Encounter Desires Dirty Dallyances Plentiful, Playful Passion Lascivious, Lusty Love Keen, Knotted Kinks Salty, Sweaty Sheen Calm, Caring Caresses...Read On


Flirty Dancer

Another fun Night

I go to clubs  To dance at night  I flirt and tease, and wiggle it right The songs come on, I feel the rhythm  It's Enrique, Bruno and others  That get me in the dancing position Sweet teasing pleasing sexy fun He knows I flirt  It's okay with him, it turns him on  My hips they shake and move to the grove It's this air grinding  that gets him in the mood I look at him  Lick my lips ...Read On


Let The Devil Win

A very naughty nun

I read this thing An oral list One called a blow job The other is a pussy kiss I’m sitting here In my habit Googling Rampant rabbits Reading on I got the gist Of men who are Cunnilinguists Then I read And what a shock That women also Suck men’s cocks I read about What’s called a blow Licking and sucking Like a ho Then sixty nine I’d give that a...Read On



Your hands grip my ass, Gently tugging at my shorts: You pull them down my legs fast, Pausing to trail soft kisses. My panties are next, They are soaked through. They join my shorts, I bite my lip and look up at you. My top and bra quickly follow: My large breasts are bared to you. You caress them softly, A perfect pair of two. You push me back: Onto your bed. Your strength does not...Read On


Hear Me Roar

Short Erotic Poem

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo,  Fuck me hard from head to toe. I like it fast, I like it rough,  Put my hands into the cuff. Sweat and juices running down,  When we are in bed there's never a frown. Sucking, licking, tasting you,  Super sweet like honeydew. The bed is shaking, the sheets are thrown, With your cock, it's me you own. Spank my ass and pull my hair,  I yell out "Fuck yes, right there!"...Read On


Watch Me Play With My Toy

Come and watch me play

Come in and sit on our bed, I'm going to play with my toys. After I come I'll give you head, My vibrators give me joy. Rubbing my toy on my clit, It feels so fucking good. Fucking myself in my slit, I found my clit under my hood. Rubbing it all over my lips, My pussy is so damn wet. Juices are starting to drip, I'm working up a sweat. I push the vibrator up my box, Rubbing it on my...Read On


Paragon Of the Muse

In my swelling endowment which throbs sensual words and kisses on her eyes, the paragon of the muse in my scripts.  Ravishing my torso and my mind,  stimulus of my mast casting shadows on epitome of her flowering lips.  Coitus flaming my inspiring libido  and drop of the drip my enamored prick,  drawing down my penis in her slit. In verses praising the hilt of my joust, she riding...Read On


The Bend

The sweetest bend

The bend of your body The twist of our limbs The heat of our blood The suck of our lips The gaze of your eyes The sweet moan of your mouth The grasp of your fingers The burn of my skin Bring me to you Draw me in near The sweet swell of your love The deep crave that I feel Into my heart Into my hole With the thrust of your hips  I moan for you more Kiss me a million  Ravish...Read On


Like Fucking A Brit

Instructions on how to fuck a Brit bird.

I straddle your lap And roll my hips Your hands reach up You caress my tits. My breasts in your hands My pussy is weeping Your cock is throbbing And pre cum is leaking. Licking my lips  I make haste moving down I lick and taste. I moan loudly I salivate You are delicious No need to waste. Any precious  Drop of you Fuck me I'm horny I need you. You flip me over Insert your cock So...Read On


Morning Passion With My Love

A love sonnet for a certain lady.

The sun rises teasing with its gentle early light I gaze as you lay, chest rising falling softly. Your mouth smiles warmly and bright  As my lips soft kisses coax you from a lover’s slumber. My nostrils suck in the subtle sweet lilac scent Of perfume lingering from last night’s loving embrace. You turn, whimper and push away my hands so bent  On your Venus body—I lean forward to kiss...Read On


Shaking The Dust

A scribbler am I of prose and suppose erotic impetus in shades of bold, attached and sealed on reams I compose sensual tomes and words I chose, of tales and whatnots for those disposed.   Beneath shadows and tales of lust and night winds of musing gust in worthiness of the pen shaking the dust, laying kisses on the fleshly bust with my cock I thrust. Sensual mirth and euphoria jubilation...Read On

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Our meeting had to be some infinite gear's turning,  the world's wheels spinning until we're face to face  and your touch spoke beyond any entity that has ever swept over me,  flooding with the same desire coursing through The sensitive ridges I trace with a fingertip  against your heart's thunder,  burning and pounding hot rivers beneath the skin,  I never knew a body could be...Read On


The Painter's Muse

I am your inspiration, your muse

Goose-bumped flesh,  Nipples hardened by the chill air,  I hold my pose Scarce breathing. Naked, thighs parted,  Positioned by you,  Exposed to you,  Aroused by your presence Watching me,  Studying me,  I burn inside Yet statue like Control myself.  Caught in your stare,  Your keen eye Records my naked submission,  Curves, bulges, soft skin,  Perfections, flaws,  All of me ...Read On


A Milf That Loves to Cheat

A Milf meets men at the golf course

A Milf who loves to have affairs,  Her husband leaves for the day. She's lonely and does not care, She hunts for men like they're prey. She plays golf at the club, Lessons with very hot studs. Then drinks at the local pub, Lots of wine and many buds. Cute outfits with pleated skirts, She loves to have wild sex. She bats her eyes and flirts, Her life is very complex. They leave and get...Read On



Hot crazy passions can overcome anyone.

Innocent flare gazes towards Each figure Eyes locking with fire Causing blood To heighten All senses Hesitance mixed with Resistance Lustful glares Causing Heated flesh Soft skin Radiates need Touching these Glistening creatures With starving hunger For each other Estrogen and testosterone Permeating Between Their bodies As they close the gap Filthy thoughts Causing...Read On