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Erotic Poems


Imagination of Words

How words can captivate you wholly

Your words consume me Swallow me whole until I can’t feel anything else Consumed wholly by desire Desire, wanting, hunger A dry unquenchable thirst for more My lips pucker at the need There is this invisible grip around my throat That leaves me breathless But wanting more My surroundings become blurry and distant As your words penetrate the inner workings of my mind You know exactly what...Read On

The Surrender

To give yourself is one of the selfless acts of love

Your touch, mastery over my skin, sensual is the look you're giving, interpretation is a yearning… Electricity runs thru my figure, In anticipation of everything you will do with the humidity of your mouth... I feel yours as I feel you mine, your kisses dominate my passions, sensuality of your tongue haunts... All my excitation surface as a soft moan, and unleashed a whirlwind...Read On


Expectant Mind

Let me seduce you with words  Let my words show you the love I have of your mind, body and soul  Let me entice you with salacious thoughts Which illuminates one's ordinary existence fully  Making it shine with an effervescent glow  One doesn't have to feel words They are like magical gifts  Can you imagine words coming to life  Like the abundance of erotic dreams and...Read On


The Taste of You

A lover celebrates the taste of his woman's pussy.

You eagerly bestride my longing lips With graceful, fluid movements of your hips. My loving hands are free to play with you. I tease your tits - you shiver and softly mew. Now the first drops of glistening Venus-dew Emerge between your petals into view. My fingers move towards your budding clit And gently prise apart your silken slit. Its inner wetness glistens, exquisite; ...Read On


Show and Don't Tell

A couple flaunts the rules of engagement

"In daylight?" she said, "Right here on the bed? What if the neighbors see?" "So they see us," I said, "Right here on the bed Screwing, dangerously." Exhibitionists foresaw Tits and bums galore Voyeurism, against the law...Read On


Duet of Love

You glow in the light of the full moon The golden rays fill my starry heart Your panting breath tickles my naked skin Warm and moist like an ocean breeze Your scent as intoxicating as a field in bloom Your taste is salty as the warm sea mist My body trembles at your slightest touch Like a tree, shook by a lusty wind of desire Your manhood rises so strong and inviting ...Read On


Early Morning Bliss

What a nice way to wake up

We slowly wake up together You're rubbing at my breast We share a kiss like lovers Mouth sucking on my chest I release a few soft moans Your fingers enter my slit I let out a few groans Your fingers rub on my clit I'm very wet down there You open up my thighs You're starting to prepare I close my beautiful eyes You tongue my pussy hole Licking all around Your tongue starts to roll...Read On


Golden fields

She wanders through the golden fields, The wheat standing tall and proud, Ripened by the summer sun and rain, And as autumn approaches, Ready for the harvest. The straws run through her hands Like the gentle caress of a lover, The air fresh and crisp, Sweet from an orchard near by Mixed with a hint of her arousal. Her rosy pink nipples Strain against the fabric of her dress, ...Read On

The Bite

Being marked by need.

To some, it is a thing that is not understood, To others a necessity. To me, It is to carry his burdens silently within me, To let him release each one, to weigh on me. He can be free to run, to be himself, to find himself. When a bite's accepted, And surrender is given, It is not to be weak, It is to balance each other. At times, he will be lost, And it is then I will need my strength To...Read On



We quietly watched the night sky, counting the luminous points as our fingers lace together, I can still feel the sun cooling from your skin. I begin to forget when we last exchanged a sound, you and I always communicate just as much through touch. It is not the quiet before the storm, what we are sharing now, no tension clings to this evening air, because I'm already near my most calm...Read On


Dragon's Tooth

Alone an laughing with my imagination and picking my teeth with a dragon's tooth, as the mortician is bequeathing me a ditch. Like amethyst in coal-still quarters, if death doesn't kill you, my humor will. Silently echoing though vibrating bone,   ain't nothing sweeter then lean toad meat. Unless nibbling on the cob of a clit when my stalk is leap-frogging on chummy thighs, ...Read On

A whisper

The harvesting of patience.

Our first meeting, in the park. Shy and quiet, we both were. Words spoken. Truths, secrets, goals, fantasies, clarity. The meetings with frequency, a kiss, the holding of my hand. As young lovers kissing, making out, breathless, needing more. Privacy passion, erratic heartbeat. Discoveries. Love making, hunger, raw sex. Bindings. Desires, pleasures, discipline, more words. Passion,...Read On


In Praise Of The Older Woman (Or Man)

With age comes experience

If you want a good fuck, then just take a look At ladies who’re well past their forties, You’ll find they’re not stuck, don’t go by the book But they’re very well versed in the naughties As well as the sylphs, take a look at the milfs So what if their figures are rounder, For those who are bold, there’s something to hold Nice and soft when your arms are around her Don’t go on the...Read On


Only when we accept each other can we reach such place

Drunken are the sounds, of the ever Dominating bounds. High in the words of prose, While reading Pulsating verses of rose. Delirious in a delicious tenderness, Breaking the silence into sweetness. Never had lips been so Submissive, a chaotic mind quiets and becomes alive. Wrapped in the poetry of Love, descending from heaven above. The heart is never more eternal, as when the fires...Read On


Learning to Share

First time sharing a female partner with another man

I imagine you sucking his cock Licking the tip with desire Making him your slave Setting his loins on fire It excites me to think You'll allow him to penetrate you Fill you with his seed Defile and desecrate you But, when all is said and done You will come back to me For wasn't that the agreement? Let's just wait and see ...Read On


Sexual Frustration

Can't live without her

Baby don't blow a kiss You know I'm going to miss That look when you leave You know there's no reprieve When you're gone There's no other one I wait in silence For a while, then there's...Read On


Sensual Dream

I dream of love with the man of your dreams.

I sense your presence. The bed dips with the weight of your body and I sigh. The heat of your touch. Your breath on my skin. Your scent is strong in the air. I close my eyes in anticipation of what is to come. You lips on the back of neck. Your fingers in my hair. Your body pressed to the back of mine. Legs entwined, fingers entwined, hearts entwined. I breath you in knowing, wanting,...Read On


While You Were Away

Keeping a close eye on the girlfriend

The sight of you sleeping On top of the covers In only your underwear Arouses my senses I have no defences I'm compelled to jerk it right there Unzipping my jeans, my boner pops out I tug and admire your curves Observing your form You snore through the porn While your boyfriend spends his reserves...Read On


What Flesh Asks

Inseparable as a candelabra and wax, we reshape ourselves with each blaze, our insides simmer as we fumble to meet, to find the place where a touch told entire stories. Each question your flesh asked, the pressure of my tongue replied to the thirst you've induced, parched for your folds and curves. You stay close to my eyes when I enter, the ones you called beautiful dark clouds, ...Read On


A Dance of Foreplay

Your lips pressing Firmly against mine Desire radiates Hunger gnaws inside My want is palpable Kissing is our language Desires translated as Our tongues dance Pulses increase in rythym It is the beat of pure lust Foreplay is an art Teasing the senses Want becomes need Felt deep inside Melting all self control Turning proper ladies Into wanton creatures Seeking our release ...Read On


Dripping Wet Girlfriend

Observing her nubile body in the shower

In the steamy heat of the shower The river's gently flowing Water droplets all over your body My cock is steadily growing You touch your pussy, teasingly And give me that dirty look The one that says you own me That you have me on your...Read On


The Marriage Chamber

The eyes of the world Lay upon us As we lie together The first time Morning we were joined In glorious matrimony Now we join again The consummation of our dreams Gasps and giggles can be heard Beyond the bedposts tall While your soft innocence Indulges to my queries for entry My swordflesh penetrates Deep into the mysteries formerly unknown Excitement flows with every motion...Read On



With slow deliberation He walks towards her, Eyes burning dark, Locked on her, An animal on a hunt She his prey of choice. She quivers, Tingles running down her spine, Watching him approach. Never knowing his next move, Fast or tantalizingly slow, Hard or teasing exploration. With a quick move, He is suddenly in front of her, Sweeping her up in one motion. His mouth claims hers,...Read On



You don't know what you do to me. Your tongue was like warm rain caressing the earth's unique shape, I've always been waiting for such a storm. Silk threads brush my face when you lean in, any quiet space aching is brought to life. Your gentle heat becomes a force exactly when you command it to, my lips raw with yours as you edge closer than ever. The pale arc of a bare...Read On


Storm Brewing

In the shadows of it all beneath the storm brewing, as my hungering appetite  for dark clouds stewing,  spittle of words digesting my persuasion,  penning fornication  of erotic herbs. Like a turbulent cyclone  my cock rise, silently in the eye the goo ooze, deeply of my sweet sorghum  in masterful baton, the tympani tolls as my testicles digest, the seductive queue. And prawns...Read On

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True Lovers Kiss

My One True Kiss

I had once forgotten how to breathe Teach me with your lips Of liquid fire Remind me once more Embrace me and hold me tight Your body pressed so close to mine The heat of our fires stoking to life Your hands glide over my naked flesh Exploring all that I have to offer And give to you Steal what little breath I have left Only to replace it with your very own Teach me with your...Read On


Waiting For You

Laying here waiting for your key in the door. My excitement builds and pussy moistens. Goosebumps covering my naked body. The soft silk scarf's around my wrists tying me to the head of the bed. The candle light flickering on my skin. Feeling the need of your skin against mine. As your key turns in the lock my body tenses for you. My legs open and glistening pussy on view. ...Read On


A Brief Moment of Bliss

Eternal hope for another glimpse

Her skirt flirted With the wind My mind alerted Eyes skinned Panty flash Gone in a second Replay it, please I dearly...Read On



the joy of simple arithmetic...

you plus me with the addition of she now makes us three let's explore this fantasy positions so inclined to be ultimately divine bending stretching unfurling promises to be toe curling give the signal our bodies will mingle your eyes cast a gaze challenging us to amaze you on your knees she and I aim to please i've chosen to use my lips she her fingertips light brushes of skin...Read On



We are both exposed here but have always been naked to one another. This once felt so invasive. The first time my palm moved down your spine, wondering what formed you, if you believe my hands are more than a vague echo. Every response suggests veiled consent, a feigned shyness I've always seen through. I'm more than trembling from the anticipation of contact, the culmination of seizing...Read On