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Erotic Poems


A Brief Moment of Bliss

Eternal hope for another glimpse

Her skirt flirted With the wind My mind alerted Eyes skinned Panty flash Gone in a second Replay it, please I dearly...Read On



the joy of simple arithmetic...

you plus me with the addition of she now makes us three let's explore this fantasy positions so inclined to be ultimately divine bending stretching unfurling promises to be toe curling give the signal our bodies will mingle your eyes cast a gaze challenging us to amaze you on your knees she and I aim to please i've chosen to use my lips she her fingertips light brushes of skin...Read On



We are both exposed here but have always been naked to one another. This once felt so invasive. The first time my palm moved down your spine, wondering what formed you, if you believe my hands are more than a vague echo. Every response suggests veiled consent, a feigned shyness I've always seen through. I'm more than trembling from the anticipation of contact, the culmination of seizing...Read On



The mystery in a woman's eyes, plotting to achieve her desires....

My Lady’s eyes are dark as night, A captivating world, Full of the mysteries, That make Her lips, (oh, so kissable) curl, into that slight smirk, that declares, “I can do anything with you, “You are weak for me, “And you are Mine. “My dreams are far more wicked than yours, “I can turn your world inside out with desire “With just a word “Or a glance, ...Read On


Come to Me

Bring yourself to me  Kissing deeply, hold me tight,  Let's make love right now. Eyes of dark ink, drink Your essence in completely. My arms around you. Sweet lips dripping, drops Of honey. No other taste  Can compare to mine. I need you to just Touch and tease me with your Body and mind please. I kneel before you Nakedly in submission, Hands clasped behind back My tightness is wet,...Read On


It's Been Too Long

Catching up is fun.

It's been too long since you've been gone and now you're here again Here looking so damned sensual and so repentant  I hope you truly are Baby doll knows what she does to me and I know what she needs from me too I know what you need You've been so naughty you know you have so naughty Running away like that You were always hard to tame I did once and I will again never fear...Read On

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Fuck talk 1: Ourorobos

'Impress me Yes, you Standing, towering Over little me Cold drink in sweaty palm One eyeball dangling in my braless dress And one yoyo-ing from my hellish heels To split-thighed heavenliness  A goddess, yes Now, little man Tell me your dirty Fucking filthy Earthly plan!' * He straightened Pelvis tightened And I saw with my own eyes His gold belt buckle rise ...Read On


That Night

Finally, nearing their peaks, glands stimulated until they exchange fluids.

That night two people meet for the first time sparks flying. They’re introduced eyes staring making connections between male and female. Becoming acquainted while conversing drinking beer their smitten drawing closer together. Their blood surges as they touch hand to hand feelings emerging to their delight. Leaving in concert arms intertwined stopping to kiss ...Read On


Bard's Host

What is it about a bard's host...

What is it about a bard's host? Host to a chest of forgotten lore, Like dark Amethyst wanting to spread,  Kisses on your wondrous being. It is not I who dog-eared my curse And placed it in put-a-way stain, Only to be released when ink spots sing,  Caroling chants of old dead monks. On parchment beneath the candle lit, Dust mites dance on shadows of pantomime  And tits of curlicues touch...Read On


Our Dance

You and I  Have a language No words are required  It is our own dance With a natural give and take We are yin and yang Light and dark  You feed my darkness  I bathe you in light Together a beautiful hue  Back and forth  Apart and together Fluently moving Always we do our dance Together we ignite We are combustible  While apart we are Wandering and lost I imagine you often As day turns to...Read On


First Time

A couples first time together.

We walk, we talk, you wine and dine me. We dance, we kiss, you caress and seduce me. In the car we touch, we tease, we take, we give. Our breathing quickens, our pulses race, hearts beating faster. You reach for my thigh I open for your caressing hand. You touch me, tease me and oh so very much please me. Our eyes lock, that knowing stare of lust and need. Through the door up the stairs...Read On


Being Alone

Being alone is sad You sit and stare in to space You imagine so many things You think about what if What if you had a special someone What would you do Would you be holding hands Would you lean over and kiss him What if, what would you do Would I share my secrets Would I tell him I cared Would I hold him tight Would I look him in his eyes Would I begin to undress him Would I...Read On



Being broken

I am broken. You found me. You kissed me. You held me. You fucked me. You lied to me. You left me. You walked away. You broke me. I am broken. You broke me....Read On


The Slut Within

Every girl has a slut within A burning desire to commit a sin We want adventure and to feel alive It is fuel for our sex drive I just met you but please don't be shy Because I really want to drain your balls dry Be aggressive and don't hold back There's a reason I'm showing off my rack Undress me slowly and play with my body I want to be bad, nasty and naughty I really love to turn you...Read On

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A List of Lonelinesses

There are no witnesses to that heightened moment of self awareness.

It is what the eye sees when it closes,  what's behind the drawn lids.  It is when the senses heighten  and the dampness of heat can be felt by the fine hairs on the surface of your skin  --hairs that stand and fall at their own bidding.  Small sounds reach from behind the obvious and whisper in your inner ear.  The words are in code,  but your heart remembers the echo of the womb....Read On



Do come in . . .

Sheen of leather Fitted tight Black and shining Catching light Stretched and twisting Over curves And Holding in So close to bursting Touch of lace And naked legs Tendons flex with every step Watch her as she walks your way Shantung swish as her hips sway Inviting up your mesmered eyes Sitting near as her skirt rises Close enough to feel her heat Knowing what you want to see Casting...Read On


Before We Succumb

Hold me before we succumb to this rush, to this electricity where pressure always quickens in breathless kneading and friction, steady your fluttering pulse with mine, slow this reckless dance down and listen closely. Voices will untether to speak from everywhere, from our curves, planes, and pores, asking if I've discovered you yet, if I will melt into your flowing rivers that I feel but do...Read On


I Am Tired And Wired

Tie me to the bed, get the thoughts out of my head

I am tired and wired And thinking I am tired and wired And drinking I am tired and wired Thinking about sex I am tired and wired Sex will make me forget I am tired and wired When you pin me down I am tired and wired Ignore my frown I am tired and wired Suck my tits I am tired and wired Lick my slit I am tired and wired I am so wet I am tired and wired ...Read On

Audio version available
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Just Fuck Me

No red roses are required tonight Or serenades accompanied by piano I am a woman and I am ravenous Desiring an orgasm to curl my toes So let go of your inhibitions Do not be afraid to really fuck me My mind is blinded by lust An orgasm just begging to be free No pleasantries need be exchanged Our lips lock into a mind numbing kiss An unfurling of clothing soon follows Your desire feeding...Read On


Yours, Mine, 69!

Drinking deeply of each other

Our bodies move together In a dance as old as time Our hearts also beating in accord With yours matching rhythm with mine There is no need to rush our time As fingers trail softly as a feather Lips trailing behind our teasing tongues As we get to know each other better Your skin is warm beneath my lips As I nuzzle your neck with little licks My hands caressing your chest I begin...Read On


Sweet Surrender

Love passion sew and soul mates.

Your breath on my skin. Your lips on my body. Your hands in my hair. Our legs entwined. Our hearts entwined. Our souls entwined. I open for you and you claim what is yours. With every kiss, every thrust, every moan of my name on your lips, every caress, we become one. One mind, one body, one heart, one soul. You and I are now one as we give in to sweet surrender....Read On


This One Is For You

This one is for you, Yes, You. You know who you are. You turned me on and went away, Leaving me tortured to the point of hysteria. You left me alone, Fingers plunged deep, Clit tingling, Body pulsing, Moving to the beat you started. I watched you leave, Helpless and wanton, Needing you to finish off. So I decided, I would imagine your hands, Your tongue, Over my skin, ...Read On


A Bit On The Side

Going off the straight and narrow...

He’s an honest man, an upstanding man, a pillar of the community Of gambling, drunkenness and vice, he boasts of his immunity Not for him the lure of cards, the bottle never humours But so fine a man has no defence against unwelcome rumours Amongst the ladies in their groups, of reading, knitting, sewing A topic new has taken hold and simply keeps on growing “Have you heard, but keep...Read On

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There are no words between us as what has been building up, what has been coiling inside is finally unleashed. Animals let loose from their cages Shuddering when we pressed together, the most dangerous collision I have ever known, skin to skin as we knew we would always be. I give in to the furious pace you have set, you're all heat and motion, unable to caress and grasp any one place...Read On


The Shaker

It seems my fans are like the winds, Some blow while others whisper And like a silent tambourine The ink of my prose rings, As if a baton, my quill leads the monkey With dark adventures of the flesh, As my cock stands tall in the saddle And her tongue swashes my drool, In truth, her cunt the organ grinder And my cock the tiller of writ, Spreading my jam on the bellwether ...Read On


My Guilty Pleasure

The perfect start to a weekend of fun...

I have a guilty pleasure, let me whisper in your ear. I’d really like to stroke myself, then on your tits I’d smear, My hot and creamy thick white wads, then massage it right in. It makes hard just thinking of it, is that such a sin? And then I’d take my limp wet cock, into your mouth it goes. And tell you then to suck it deep, whilst breathing through your nose. Then once you’ve done...Read On


Undying Love

As the days past Thinking of you often throughout the day Heart pumping, beating fast Body glistening as sweat forms Images of you flash in my mind Passionate kisses as our lips meet Fingers running through my hair Grabbing a handful holding it tight As our tongues dance Pulling back, exposing my neck As your lips leave mine  Now lips pressed against my neck Gently...Read On


Riding the lightning

As his hands trail Slowly over her body, His lips places kisses Everywhere, He doesn’t just awaken her, Make her desire come alive, He creates a full blown thunderstorm Deep inside her. His touch Sends electric pulses through her, Quivers down her spine, Every nerve is set alight. She whimpers in urgent need, Thunder rumbling inside, Shallow breath and a racing heart, ...Read On


Final Bow

Special flowers near Always sharing their treasure Allow them to grow Taste their sweet nectar With lips of passion sipping Blossoms wide open Caressing gently With steady hands strong and sure Tender lover sighs Paradise tempting Tears of love falling softly Crying out for more Body feels no pain Just the sorrow at the end Fragrant blooms closing Heartfelt amorousness  Creates...Read On

Audio version available


Of a never ending orgasm...

From out of the mysts Of their minds Are created A sensual world Where love is fated Real or imagined For those who take part They will not get away Without touching the heart Of those that choose to play Man or woman Attached or un-involved You easily become entangled In a virtual world Where lust rules and senses are jangled Dare you enter Or should you not Whatever...Read On