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Erotic Poems



You think that you knew the way my heart was shaped, every vein mapped and memorized the exact beat against yours. But you only measure in rhythm, never the precision in pitch, the subtle notes that strained to call out to you beneath. I was already lost in the moment, fading fire couldn't extinguish the light I saw in your eyes, just remember the way I held on when you say I don't...Read On


I Want

The door is ajar To her hotel room The lights are on He will see her soon. The waiter hesitates As he peers through the gap About to knock He sees her pass. Striding to the bed She glances behind He watches her walk, Her sensual curves, well defined. Over her shoulder She catches his eye Dressed provocatively She throws him a smile. No need to knock Was this really intended ...Read On

A Story About Cum

A lady who loves cum.

Once upon a time There was a lady who liked cum Drinking cum was sublime She found this to be fun Cum in her shakes Or ice cube trays She'd put into cakes Or in pineapple glaze Men would leave deposits Of that sticky white goo Jacking off in closets This is what they'd do She'd give them head And they'd give her their seed She'd fuck them in bed Their cum filled her needs She loved...Read On


Big Cat Love

Lusty Poetry

I approach you with a cat-like look and feline sinuosity, Muscle by muscle, paw by paw, with animal curiosity, I intend to devour you (and your hot, enticing, flesh) There is sexual heat within my loins and passion ‘pon my breath. From deep within my soul, I growl my love's ferocity, Pinning you beneath me, I seek favor and generosity. Surrender to me this evening; I shall take...Read On


A woman's desire

With trembling hands, Passion burning in her eyes, She runs her hands over him, Exploring his naked beauty, Fingertips dancing across skin, Lips kissing, nibbling, tasting. Her body burns with desire, Hungers to feel him inside, Have their bodies unite Drawing pleasure from each other, Move as one, Drown in the shared lust. Straddling him, their eyes lock. For a moment time...Read On


Lying Here in Your Arms

The sweetest ecstasy ...

Lying here in your arms Thinking of our fun times Remembering your first kiss The softness of your lips I miss Your gentle touch My body craves so much Wanting more of the sweet caress Your fingers with their coaxing finesse My body arching and aching for more My eyes looking into the ones I adore Softly you whispered, "Cum Baby" There was never a doubt I was ready You took...Read On

The Naughty Boss

The numbers are not good.

Our lady boss is here She's mad about the numbers Wishing the bad numbers would disappear The clients are bitching about the lumber All the male employees will go in One by one to tell her the news She's got a body made for sin She'll pick the guy that she'll screw Danny went in first  He was in there a while His reason was the worst She made him strip and file Larry went in next She had...Read On

Recommended Read

In The Darkness, Before The Dawn

My lips dancing across your body…

Eyes captivated, in dawn’s allure, Your seed sown deep in my heart, Its creeping tendrils ensnare my soul, Weaving a tangled web of desire and passion, My fate decided, lust unconditionally pure. Your exquisite contours, elegantly unique, Perfectly silhouetted by morning’s watery light, Leaving me yearning your sweet caress, Like wispy clouds stroking high mountain crests, My...Read On


I Wait

I wait for his touch.

His touch is what he gives to me. He holds me close, yet sets me free. I wait for him while on my knees And softly beg him, "Master, please". He barely traces 'cross my skin. He knows the passion that I'm in. I need his special touch again. My blindfold on, I wait within. His fingers touch my lips so light. I feel so moist, he knows my plight. My blindfold takes away my...Read On

Recommended Read

I Said No Such Thing

For you my love (with your nosey ass).

I never told you I was beautiful; I said no such thing. I simply smiled one day, Said hello. At that moment, The wind caught in my hair, Whipped ‘round me ‘till I landed in the right spot. Its power lifted my hem. I grinned with a thought; You grinned in recognition. Like magic, You beheld beauty. I never asked you to want me. I said no such thing. There was an...Read On

The Naughty Secretary

A boss buzzes his secretary in for dictation

A secretary is at work Her boss buzzes her in Her tits look rather perk He loves her creamy white skin She's wearing a black skirt He loves her ass in it She's got on a pink shirt She walks in and then she sits He dictates a letter or two She's using her shorthand After the letters, they'll screw He'll fuck her while she stands The boss is hard in his pants He wants to fuck her cunt...Read On


Paint Her Lips

Paint her lips with love Soft, warm, cold, chapped Kiss them softly, bite down hard Choose which pair Take proper time with each Palest of pinks Darkest of browns Thin, stick straight Plump, pouty or full Wet, tongue swept Or sweetest oil from within Trace of finger there Lap a tongue into folds Secrets contained, search Find her in each pair Magic shapes, texture rich Make a choice or two...Read On


She Revels In His Light

A photograph tells a story

Innocence will remain.  There was no corruption in the dark scene.  She revels in his light. I saw a photograph today.  It looked old, perhaps grotesque.  Ignorance sees no beauty there.  Limbs askew, bent, coiled and curved; tortured. Yet... Despite her restraints there was no repression.  Emotions flow and tears fall.  Awareness of self; it's a living thing. Her surrender is...Read On

Exhibitionists In An Apartment Building

A horny man stands in his window He's naked and stroking his cock This will begin his intro It's already ten o'clock Exhibitionism is what he does This is what makes him tick Always careful of the fuzz He loves to pull at his joystick He pulls and tugs his dick Across the way two women see him They see him stroking his prick They wonder if this is a whim They're in another...Read On



Impatient heat flees from glistening parted lips, lingers as a soft whimper hangs in fragrant still air, you surge suddenly now for intrusion, to end this deliberately slow dance of ours. Lustrous nectar drizzles before fingers even explore, silken walls now pumped relentlessly, without warning, thighs rendered helpless with rhythmic shudders when I flicker, massage side to side,...Read On

Special Kisses For Me

Special kisses is what I like best

How I love special kisses On my beautiful pink folds No need for special wishes Pussy eating never gets old The result is always the same When you lick my pink pearl I scream out your name While I play with my curls I enjoy when you lick me deep While I grind on your face My pussy always does seep When you pick up the pace I love those special licks All over my warm box I love...Read On

Editor's Pick

Agony of Joy

Whisper your tongue Along inner thighs Where trembling heat Seeps liquid diamond. Now part the lips that Throb with blood, The beat of heart And sweet agony That race in pulses, Aching pressure Between the folds Of honey rain. I rest upon your mouth In fear So lost within this Musky dream Where slick and fragrant Incense lingers In the burn of Frenzied fire. Fervours blaze in...Read On


We Embrace Unseen

We embrace unseen tonight, shadows that refuse to know this hunger without piercing, without being stretched from within. Do not mention the voices nearby or the way your muffled gasp may travel through the cool air, graze an ear like warm dewy mist. My own voice may travel, too, but you will only know the low groan becoming a murmur along your neck as you grind back against me. ...Read On


King Me

My love for you is simple Impossible to describe A single touch from you Ignites me deep inside Straight to my core Making me beg for more The lust in my eyes As your fingers brush my thighs No way to disguise The longing in my sighs If you be my deserving King I will be your rewarding Queen A whimpering plea Hands roaming free Our primal urgency Take me Baby, please As I...Read On



I want you Literally trembling with the feeling My eyes burn your clothes right off Your flesh bared to their devouring Deep inside my mind Thought controlled my touch Masks the chaotic intensity Which is held back to tease us both You know I want you And there is no turning me away As my hands slide over your body Almost as a predator eyeing a meal But with more...Read On

Let's Fuck Now

I want it now!

Let's fuck I want you inside Put your cock into my hole I know you want to hear me cry Fuck me like you're in control On my hands and knees Your cock slides into my cunt I know you love to fuck me Hear me moan and grunt So hard and deep My pussy is so tight Feel my kitty seep God it feels so right Your hands grab my hips While you drill my slit My pussy starts to drip Look at my...Read On


A flogger and rose

Bound. Waiting. Her heart races, Her pulse pounding, A flogger in her line of sight, A rose, flickering candles. He approaches, Watching her pale skin Luminous in the candlelight, Her eyes filled with desire And a hint of anxiety. What will He do to her? Will it hurt? A million questions in her mind, Making her squirm As their eyes lock. Without a word The flogger is picked...Read On

Two Women In Love With Each Other

Two women love one another

Long ago they met on a blind date Two women fell in love together They believe it was their fate They only love one another They use to be with guys Now they're lesbian lovers This came as a big surprise This lifestyle was discovered   They both are sexual creatures They have sexual relations every day Both of them are true believers They now know they're gay They hold each other tight...Read On


Deep Dark Night

Whenever you're gone, the ache is a phantom limb, shivering with tense need in this perfumed dusk. We are far past conversation now, what we have to say is bound in the language of touch, lips awakening true speech as you finally take me. Some ghost hungers us, burns in the deep dark night, and whatever happens now, do not let go of me. Your moves mean more when we meet here, ...Read On


Watch Me Get Fucked

See how hot it is, to talk about this To explore and find our sexual limits From those fleeting thoughts that dance through our mind Let reality take hold, our lust entwined. I know you want to see me - fuck, other men Their cocks inside me, stretched and then Their passion for me, consuming their strength Who would enjoy this the most, when I take their length. You do like talking,...Read On


My Inner Minx

Welcome inside my mind Be careful where you tread So many naughty thoughts Always filling up my head The naughty things I crave to do Might make some people blush But fantasy feeds my inner minx Sharing my kinky adrenaline rush I imagine my darkest fantasies A fire heats me from the inside I cannot hide my sexual urges They are refusing to be denied Freeing my demons I kiss you Our...Read On

My Mind's Portmanteau

It wasn't the dusk that shrouded my prose,  With a splash of cologne to attract. Perhaps a light extinguished In my mind's portmanteau, Or the swill-waters of my gin.  A cloak of dark bowed a mournful cello And fiddled with a crooked mellow, As the tallow dripped on my sins. Bumping thighs of lusting omens, Upon a dais, enshrined, a basking cunt. Then troweling my...Read On


Snow Dildos Made For Fun

A snow storm is coming and that can only mean one thing I venture outside and test the snow and slip off my rings My hands getting busy sculpting a snow dildo or three A confession of sorts, I love the cold as it pushes into me More than a few, a whole collection to put on display Don't get me wrong, they aren't just for show, I use them in play If the snow isn't wet enough just add...Read On


Intoxicating Lover

Passionate Intercourse

He loves running his hands across the small of her back. Her skin is silky and feels so good to the touch.  He is getting drunk on her kisses. In sync, they lay on the bed stroking, fondling taking each other in. It takes no time at all for his gender to respond to the pleasure in which he was partaking. With passion strong, they leave no inch unexplored.  The opening to her tunnel...Read On

Sex At The Brothel

A man visits a brothel

A brothel filled with whores Men come to get laid They need love and to be adored Most of them have just been paid They come into the main room All the ladies are in a line Lots of different smelling perfume These ladies look extremely fine They’re in lingerie made of lace They're all on display Time is ticking, it’s now a race The men want a roll in the hay The men look at all...Read On