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Erotic Poems


Letting go

When she lets go, All guards down, Her soul boils within her, Love, passion, desire Consuming her. Her scorching eyes, Burning his heart As his kisses stain her skin, Lust breaking her Yet also fixing, healing. She loses herself In the feeling of his touch, But as he devours her, She comes alive, Finding her true self. Naked skin against skin Her addiction, Fueling her, ...Read On


Holly's Solo Tease

Holly teases online as she plays by herself.

The image etched deep in my mind A sight, that I'd oft' hoped to find An orchid gusset pulled aside Her secret folds, lay just inside   Satin stretched against soft skin Shaded dark from moist within Fingers pressed against her thighs I see one reaching just inside   Gripped by walls that pleasures seek It reaches up within her deep Rough textured walls she stimulates She...Read On


Won't you?

It would be my pleasure.

Won't you suck upon my nut sack, While I wank across your face. Suck it hard and deep and  With my cum I'll surely grace. Up in your hair and liberally, My creamy milk will flow. Until you open wide And then into your mouth I go. I'd force it nice and deep inside, 'Til you can't take no more. I know how much you love it, When I treat you like a whore. I'd make you suck it hard again...Read On

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Straddled over me as I wake up, gently pulled from sleep's tethers by an unmistakable heat rising, by the deep breath exhaling against my craned neck. Each reaction is reflex assuming control, the soft curve of a collarbone covered with goosebumps that spread out like silent ripples through water, flesh already quivering with anticipation. Your lips plant the softest kiss I've known,...Read On

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Secret Slut

Will you be the one who holds the key...

She slumbers deep within Yearning to break free She is the Secret Slut That resides inside of me Rising towards the surface Arms stretching wide Once she is out I can no longer hide I've always been the good girl Have never taken the chance But my Secret Slut She wants to do the dirty dance She wants to deep throat a cock Maybe try a threesome or two Anal is on her list as well...Read On


Let's Make The Time

If only we had the time We would dance the steps of lust. If only we had the time We would sing the songs of ardor. If only we had the time We would paint the daubs of desire. If only we had the time. These words are sad and drear. Our steps would stir our souls As we whirled into ecstasy. Our songs would melt our hearts As we caroled words of love. Our daubs would thrill our minds As...Read On


My Best Friend...

Do you see it?

M y friend I’ll take you out at night Y ou’re a secret I will never tell V oraciously, I hold you tight I ntimately, you make me swell B e my own, my secret lover R ough, and hard you are my own A nd shy away if I’m with another T o pleasure me when I’m alone O h my friend I need no other R elief so sweet as I switch you on...Read On


Cavegirl with a cellphone

Evolution has ill-prepared us

Upright, naked, prowls the plain  An alien race, self-conscious brain  An ember born of sparking flint  A revolution with no hint  No light to shed where it may lead  'Tis here I hone my guilt, my greed  My sisters venture north, east, west  While clasping newborns to their breast  And ripping meat from rigid bone  A cavegirl with a cellphone  * The beast...Read On


Rock me my baby

The garnishes of your kiss, Like soft breath touching my lips, Our fevered brow and hips, Sings stories of long ago. Medallions sparkle your eyes, While lust moans and passion sighs. Our thick and quivering thighs, Doing the Funky Chicken as hearts glow. As Father time carries onward ticking, And our lithe tongues caress and licking, Our bodies, all juicy love sticking, In reverent silence...Read On



Shivers go down her spine As she waits, Bound and blinded, Eager, yet with some apprehension, Not knowing what to expect. She longs to feel, come alive, The way only He can make her, Bit by bit nudging her To the edge of her limits and beyond, Into the unknown. With a soft moan She remembers the feeling Of sleek leather dragged across her skin, The warmth spreading As His...Read On


Making Love For The First Time

My virginity is yours to take.

We stand face to face, lips caressing as our hands are undressing. Slowly we move taking our time for this is our first time. With every kiss and every touch we feel our love so much. We strip each other down our clothes on the ground. Your eyes rake me, you can't wait to take me for the first time. Our hands caress our bodies press, I feel your cock begin to rise. Kissing down my neck and...Read On

I'm Your Little Cowgirl

It's time once again.

We're in our bed I say I want to fuck you You say you want head I say I want to screw You point to your dick I move down to your feet My mouth is on your prick Our bodies are on our sheets I slurp and I suck You're hard as a rock It's finally time to fuck I ease down on your cock I'm your little cowgirl As I ride you on top The girl with the curls I never want to stop I roll my...Read On


Bath Time Caresses

Slipping into the bath.  Candles lighting the room.  Snuggled together, bubbles covering our bodies.  My head turned, finding your lips.  Passionate kisses keeping us together.  My back resting on your chest.  My hands caressing your legs.  Your hands caressing my breasts.  My slight moans stopping our kisses.  My hand sneaking round behind my back.  Gripping the hardness...Read On

All Hallows Will

In my bailiwick high up on the knave,  Scratching ink spots in deviant shades. My plume of nib pens metaphorical hums Of ghosts, tall willows and mumble-pegs. If the dark doesn't awake you, The ides of All Hallows' will, When the corn stalks have shrunken And floss of the candle shrills. I'm a ghoul, a lover, not a spook with a boo, My muse with a goiter a ten dollar whore, ...Read On

Bit Gauche

I'm a little bit gauche when it comes to sticky wickets and my oversight, When a dead man's collar turns up and becomes stiff.  But I do play a mean calliope when the steam has built up in the boiler, And my testicles are hanging straight as tomatoes staked in a gar'doon. Being as they are fruit of the yardarm and starboard of the pumpkin patch, As jack-o'-lanterns sing of All...Read On


Desires in the dark

In the darkest hours of the night She stirs awake, Soft nibbles on her neck Tearing her away From the land of dreams. Warm breath on her skin, A husky voice whispering “I need you, baby girl.” Skilled hands Slowly caressing her body. She is like a map to him And he knows every detail, Every little spot That makes her a roaring inferno Of passion and lust. His hard cock...Read On

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All Hallows

Toying with innocence in autumnal mist...seeking pleasure...

On All Hallows night, The fairy queen, Walks in the silence, Of the moonlit dock. Her coat of leaves, As red as night, Swirling, swirling, Her bare feet Gliding the oaken boards.  Remember, The beauty of July, Her blonde hair, Hanging loose, around Her slim shoulders, Her slender frame, Wrapped in a tight black shawl. Remember, The beauty she brought, And the havoc, ...Read On

Before The Hoo

When the chill is on the morning frost, And the book reader done verse, As my bones lie at rest and hoe-diggers dug. Dead men bury no sins, They just grin, stroking their tokens When the dusk turns to rust And weeds cover my epitome.  The dowager greed's  And little green eyes read my leaves,  Like dust I rot beneath the stone, Getting my rhythm and spewing cum. It...Read On

Romantic Night For Two

A night of romance and passion

A romantic night for us to share A dinner and drinks for two This is because we both care A night to say I Love You A bottle of champagne on ice Oysters on a half shell I feed you an oyster, isn't this nice You giggle and say this is swell Next is lobster and a steak Veggies and a baked potato too Save room for the chocolate cake After our meal, we shall screw We finish our delicious...Read On



two lonely marrieds looking for love

A smile, a wink, some meaningless words;  the swirl of your drink betrays your frayed nerves. I tell you my name, but of course it's a lie; you tell me yours you too, falsify. The light ring of flesh that encircles your finger suggests that we'd mesh so sex makes me linger. Such heat and attraction like a moth to a candle; our hearts race to action that much I can handle. In a...Read On

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Fuck Me Again

At times I want incredible sex with no strings But in reality sex is rarely ever consequence free I just want the orgasm without the complications So again tonight I am asking, "Will you fuck me?" Before you even answer I strip to my sheer panties The panties only accompanied by a come hither grin Tonight my eagerness to fuck you is crystal clear Now our mutual ache for sexual...Read On

Dead Man's Butter

Just a tad dead and a lay in my manger, This old fucker ready to pucker Beneath the clay and graveling dirt, Bound by nails and plywood sheets These old bones go marching on. Just a little bit snarly and full of grit, This old fucker ready to pucker  On slick slits and landing strips. And when my lips begin to hover, Hum me pecker before you shutter As I ooze my dead...Read On



Cuddling in bed Tired after the long day Home with my baby Dinner over and bedtime  She kisses my neck and licks my ear Daddy is branded  My lips left a bright red mark Daddy is mine now So I can tickle and tease and play with him all night Laughing at her trying to tickle me Grabbing her and lifting her up Giggling for me as I touch her Branding is more than that Silly little girl...Read On


I like it...

I like it a lot!

I like a classic missionary. I like it on all fours. I like it in the bedroom, And I like it out of doors. I like it when you are on top. I like it to the side. I like when I'm kneeling, And your legs are open wide. I like it by the fire, And I like it on the stairs. I like it over tables, And I like it over chairs. I like it up against the wall. I like it in the shower. I...Read On



She is under his spell The moment he lays a hand On her skin, Her breathing changes, Heartbeat quickening, Lighting a fire within her, A roaring crescendo of passion, Overwhelming, Consuming every thought, Every feeling, Needing to be his. His kisses, touches, The sweetest form of torture As she desperately aches, Trembling and whimpering, An infinite number of cells Awakened...Read On


The Valley Note

I only want the winter's cold to wrap around my every step, tonight is a mirror of when you and I first met. Stars blanketing the infinite above, each glowing point illuminated the way to find you again, some still cycling through spans, some are merely a ghost's torch reaching us long after a final flare. Your house looked the same as before, tiny windows and your favorite glass...Read On


Fuck Like Bunnies

We fuck like bunnies Both day and night When we are fucking The world seems right Our morning breath Doesn’t even deter us We’re in the throes of passion So we don’t make a fuss Our bodies all hot and sweaty Make us both slip and slide Your cock uses my pussy As a welcoming tour guide When you drive it home My heart takes a giant leap Fulfilling my womanly desires Thrusting...Read On

"What A Feat!"

By virtue of my warbling and prose, My penis-neat, straight up. "What a feat!" Like a stalk of corn Ready to shorn some pussy. And if the clit don't bite My cock will survive another night, Beneath the bed knobs and chandeliers As she grasp me by the ears. Leading me astray in cahoots with a cunt,  My quill will tattle of arse and fresh air. As my testicles testify...Read On

Death Is So Passé.

Now that my past rest in deep, Death is so passé. This old poet, lays knick-knack, 'Neath the sweep of eternal's broom. May my bones rust in peace As memories run here-to-ponder, Before I kiss the cliffs of your vagina. And now that the teabag steeps, After the teapot bops, Save the last string for my dance. Drawing pause to your rising hips, As your clit touch my lips, ...Read On


Breath Away

Eyes locked Bodies intertwined Your heart racing So is mine Sweat dripping Cum dripping So sweet My tongue licking Climaxes like tidal waves Wash consciousness away Sensations tingle and inspire From you only a breath Away ~inspired by SititngBallerina~...Read On