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Erotic Poems


Riding the lightning

As his hands trail Slowly over her body, His lips places kisses Everywhere, He doesn’t just awaken her, Make her desire come alive, He creates a full blown thunderstorm Deep inside her. His touch Sends electric pulses through her, Quivers down her spine, Every nerve is set alight. She whimpers in urgent need, Thunder rumbling inside, Shallow breath and a racing heart, ...Read On


Final Bow

Special flowers near Always sharing their treasure Allow them to grow Taste their sweet nectar With lips of passion sipping Blossoms wide open Caressing gently With steady hands strong and sure Tender lover sighs Paradise tempting Tears of love falling softly Crying out for more Body feels no pain Just the sorrow at the end Fragrant blooms closing Heartfelt amorousness  Creates...Read On

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Of a never ending orgasm...

From out of the mysts Of their minds Are created A sensual world Where love is fated Real or imagined For those who take part They will not get away Without touching the heart Of those that choose to play Man or woman Attached or un-involved You easily become entangled In a virtual world Where lust rules and senses are jangled Dare you enter Or should you not Whatever...Read On



Roaring rushing in my ears My head is filled with sound In two smooth pulls my clothes have dropped In an untidy mound You are sitting on the bed Your eyes honed in on me Riveted in two blue beams Liking what you see Perfumed warmth drifts in the room As I lift my hair Long and dark And with a twist, Secure it on my head The air is cool upon my neck And tingles through and through...Read On


Do You Know Who I am?

A friend of mine is very complex -- and a sweetheart. Do you know her?

Do you know who I am? My name is Hayley. I am glad to get to know you. I am a woman. Men don’t know who I am. I don’t know who they are. That is part of who I am. I really like to love. I love the ocean. I love the beach. I love to smile I love to write poems. I love to talk to my friends. That is part of who I am. People tell me that I am pretty That is NOT part of who I am Although...Read On


The Bed Of Your Imagination

Beneath the surface of light, Under the water of dreams, Steal into her  Slumbering rest. She's expecting you. Gaze upon her elegance As she sleeps gracefully Lying upon The bed of your imagination.  In the ocean above the sky, Under the guise of dreams, Past loves wander The streets of her soul. Lay your head upon her breast.  The thunder echoes.  Fiery lightning Flashed  Before a...Read On


Loving a Pussy Flower

Let me love your pussy flower

What is better then a little oral sex A tongue that dances all over your lips The vagina can be very complex If done right the pussy will drip It's a beautiful flower with petals When you lick and spread her wide This will make her feel special When you tease her up inside Extra time spent on her clit Makes her moan and cry A little attention to her tits Makes her close her eyes ...Read On

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To Draw Such A Fire

I never asked what gave me the right to draw such a fire from you, to feel the heat beckoning below where we always know that lovers can only be turned to cinders so many times. I don't know if you are close enough yet to see the animal, the one that is left threadbare in the drug of your fragrance, the one that keeps so quiet now To quell this frenzy that always threatens to advance,...Read On


O'er My Rainbow

Gnawed bones are not but a Piccolo, When the vampire wears tinted glasses  And my head resting on a pillow With a caw o'er my rainbow, As the ghee runs through my bones Whilst lying here in mellow wrap, Listening to the wake of distant hums With a shadow of pale breath And soon it will be dusk, Thinking of your talons caressing my epitome And fingers going where morticians wouldn't dare ...Read On


Heated Touch

The sun it is peeking Through just open blinds, As its warmth starts imbuing Thoughts of you cross my mind. The rays touch me in places That you oft enjoy exploring Kept purely for pleasure And only your eyes adoring. The sheen that does rise From heat, touch and caresses Again breaks from pores That have no thought of messes Just holding on barely As the body is breached Juices flow...Read On



The power of the pen

I may be only a 50p biro but when your fingers close about my clear plastic shaft – thumb and fore fingers pressing down – I feel the tremors vibrating through my dark juices to my silver tip from where they flow into any shapes you want. I may be cheap but I’m as classy as you could ever crave. - I am wanton – and I know no rule - so make me do what ever you desire – my...Read On



It's just not enough to know, to render me raw with recognition, even if how insatiable we make one another is a dangerous and uncharted territory A seduction even more potent because the engine driving it is gentle, blameless in the soft threads and wines we allow to swarm over us entirely. It pulls us like beautiful music, vessels seeking the other out like mist silently clinging to...Read On

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The secrets one woman can hold...

The warmth of summer sun has faded Now the abyss of night encroaches Shrouding the forgotten corners of the world From the innocent eyes of honest folk The burbling sounds of life fade Replaced by the scream of silence The ringing in your ears. This is her Kingdom. The stifling stillness is shattered Punctured by the clockwork countdown The click of heels Click,...Read On


Cyanide And Muscatel

Nearly departed in my new attire of earth and bones, It wont be long before the Boll Weevil returns  With long black tails and a grin on my chin, Garnished with morticians incisions  In a musky cell with a lid on the box, It wasn't but a moment's gasp and I felt no pain Beneath a wretched trance as fingers danced, Your insane thighs grasping my cock Fetching my withering...Read On



I long To feel your mouth Pressed against mine, Your hands exploring Every inch of my skin, Finding each spot That makes me tremble. I want Your lips trailing kisses Slowly down my body, Teasing and awakening Every nerve, Feeling you part my thighs, Drinking greedily from me. I need Your weight on top of me, Pinning me, Your hunger radiating As you thrust in deep, Claiming...Read On


The Black Rose

An ode to the most beautiful part of a woman's body.

A rose is a rose Is a rose is a rose. But the Black Rose transcends Any of those. The color is deeper than Any one shade of red; From pink at the core To dark mauve at the head. Not all Black Roses are Cultivated by gardener’s art; Some constitute a woman’s Most womanly part. Black Roses are not often known By this particular name; Some names are clinical; ...Read On


Sin City

What are the odds . . .?

Jeweled kingdom People zoo The sex of riches Won by few Palatial coolness Inferno blazing Misted desert Lustful gazing Lines of feeders Snaking through Mazes Waiting For their food Glitz and showgirls Oiled men Conventioners  And lost weekends Fantasies  And booze galore The beauties, beasts  Array of whores Pay to play Then rue the cost Of visiting Paradise Las....Read On


Lament For A Soft Cock

The ravages of time

Oh cock of mine, a cock so fine Was once a thing of beauty He stood so proud, he toed the line He always did his duty He never shirked, he always worked On that you could depend When called upon, then up he perked His essence he would spend But years go by and with a sigh And with increasing sorrow You realise what once was high Will not be so tomorrow When once with ease...Read On


Dirty Girl

A dirty girl for you

A dirty girl just for you A whore in the bedroom A girl that loves to screw Even will wear costumes She just wants to please And enjoys to cock-suck She loves to be on her knees And enjoys a hard fuck Dirty talking meant to excite When you fuck her cunt She also can be very polite She screams and often grunts Fuck her ass or her wet box She's your little spitfire ...Read On


Shadow Of The Moth

Now falling into pale with umbra, With a shadow of the moth on my grave And my bones but acres of petrified stones As wilds winds howl my fodder, Like dust from a bucket spilling my past I give my spew to you as you rest, Tickling your clit as it springs from its nest And there your hips rise in confess, Pussy survives even though unwed Oh! bountiful cunt on the dais...Read On

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Do not yield yet. I am not exempt from your hesitation, there is a part of us that needs it, the unspoken delicate push and pull that is a live wire between us. When you shiver against me and the electricity begins to race across charged flesh and the uncertainty dims from your sparkling eyes. Do not make it easy for me. I want the drift from here the collision to make us shake, to not be...Read On


My Lover's Gift

Pleasure washes over me...

When you flick your tongue On and around my clit And then quite suddenly Bury it deeply within my slit My hips will writhe My body will grow taut, And if you think of stopping Don’t even consider that thought! My thighs are spread wide As you suckle and tease My hands are in your hair OMG, Yes, harder please! You continue to stroke With your fingers and tongue My orgasm...Read On


A Sexy Picnic

Let's go on a picnic

A picnic for two, we sit on the grass We eat and drink our lunch You say you want to lick my ass And enjoy a pussy munch Off comes the clothes, I'm now bare I get all comfy on my back I play with my beautiful curly hair You rub and caress my rack I open my long legs And you dive into my muff I look at you and I beg You start to lick my cream puff I moan as you suck my lips I grind...Read On


Master Of Bliss

I wanna be dirty.

Take me to the school of sin. Teach me  debauchery  I want to learn  Perversion Claw your way  Into my existence And consume my  Entirety Use me Abuse my body  Mould me into yours  Claim me with your mark Your own little doll.  Steal my morality I want to feel dirty I'll be your little trinket To do with as you please Free me from restraints of civility.  Tease my scorching lips Feel...Read On




She can wiggle her butt Entice you with ease Whisper in your ear With just a look, tease She will ignite your desire Possibly cause a stir As she strolls on by You are attracted to her allure She can ease your aches Or cause you some pain Take you to great heights Or crash you down again She is just a woman Simple in her complexity She is all that and more Always,...Read On


A Whore Named Honey Monroe

Do you want a date?

A whore that likes to tease She's really quite a slut She's tested and has no disease Straight sex or sex in her butt She can act all pure Or will take it in every hole She saves her money and is secure Making you happy is her goal Her outfit consists of short skirts And she wears her stiletto shoes Low cut or revealing shirts Makes appointments to screw She's a working whore Her...Read On


If You Are A Virgin

On being a virgin...

If you are a virgin and don’t need no urgin’ To stay in that unsullied state, You want to stay pure, of that you are sure And having no need of a mate If you are a virgin with no hormones a’surgin’ And no wish to sample the joys, Or feel the effects of unbridled sex They say happens between girls and boys If you resist all temptation, have no inclination To take a companion...Read On


A Name In The Air

I've always wanted to know so much more about what gears and worlds turn in you, the axis that keeps you within reach. The intrigue has always been there, but rarely ever touched upon like lines never quite crossed yet we know their borders, we see the other side is really a lens to what's within. From there I've had many glimpses quietly make their existence known. I've wondered if...Read On


Cyber Connection

lock the door...

How real will it seem What damage can it do? Not only to your marriage But to your heart too You enter the quagmire Of cyber connections Will it be worth it? For a wired erection Can't get very far From the word filled screen Or you might discover You've joined the wrong scene Go lock the door And pull the drapes It's almost time For your big escape!...Read On

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I Love How You Suck My Cock

I love to see you on your knees, with your heavy breasts, exposed to my sight. They rise, full and firm, from your chest, aching to be fondled and sucked. Your nipples, long, pink and upturned,  harden and become thick as you rub them into your palms, and twist them between your fingers. My cock grows hard as I watch your lurid display. Thickening and growing long as I become erect, ...Read On