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Erotic Poems

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Attention Whore

Attention whore, Flashing lights and sirens announce your arrival, Wherever you go, Drawing every eye. Under their voices women utter, "Slut," Whilst men try in vain to hide, Rapidly tenting erections. Your scantily clad body, A few strips of material here, Some glitter there, Plenty of flesh at every angle. Your body sways and your hips rock hypnotically, Grinding into men,...Read On


Lover's kiss

He watches, In the corner of his eye, Her lush little mouth, Begging to be kissed. The perfect little arches Of her top lip, The plump pink flesh Of her bottom lip. Ready to be devoured By him, Knowing how soft they feel Pressed against his. The moist warmth Of tongues brushing, Tracing each other’s lips, Exploring, probing, tasting. Little nibbles, A passion so strong ...Read On


A Darker Shade Of Pink

Paint my clit a darker shade of pink

Dreaming of you.  Missing your touch. My unquenched desire demands to drink from your quintessence. To taste your sweet lips.  One sharp bite fuels our desire.  Wanting lips devouring. Fingers trailing the path of your softness, coax an aria from your lips.  Breast caressed, Curved and erect.  Rigid nipples, pinched and twisted,  licked and bitten,  kissed softly. Mixed sensations of...Read On



The meeting place Joining your calf To your thigh Strong, vulnerable Sensitive to my touch My fingers slowly sliding Across the contours Making their journey Inward, onward To that center of passion Of lust Of desire Of craving Soon to be met Soon to be given Soon to be satisfied At the apex...Read On


Precious Treasure

Who knew it would happen? So unexpected. Friends. Friends for so long, so who knew? It was a twinkle, a smile, a giggle, and it was done. I wanted you so badly. Did you want me? Did you, I wondered, I dreamed, I hoped. A glance, a sigh, a little touch to the thigh, to the small of your back. A pat, a smile, a giggle, and I knew it was done. You knew too. So often,...Read On

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You watch - I play

Your imagination is my desire...

Another day at the office, how hard will you make me work? I am the Personal Assistant, one of your little perks! It wasn’t just my words per minute that landed me the job, But my interpersonal skills and how I make it throb I catch those lustful gazes, naughty glimpses - as well you might, Am I wearing hold-ups, or is it a day for tights? My mind, it tries to focus, but I glance...Read On

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Once is never enough

Feeling your lips on mine,   caressing my skin so softly,  my heart beating faster,  my breath increasing You bring me closer and closer,  wanting you  desiring you  needing your most intimate touch Kisses,   deep  passionate  artful dances And then  slowly,  You enter me,  I moan, and gasp your name Yes, lover,   deeper  thrusting in me,  You take me to that place As the first...Read On


A Sweet Taste and Other Fun

A Couple Have Some FunI

I know you want a lick, Of my sweet and tasty cunt. I've been masturbating and I'm slick. If you eat my pussy; I shall grunt. I hop up on your face, I know you like it this way. This way you set the pace, You love my pussy parfait. Lots of warm cream, While you lick my pussy lips. This always makes me scream, Hot pussy cream that drips. A curved finger hits my g-spot, Warm pussy...Read On


So Fucking Tight

So fucking tight. My god, so fucking tight.  Oh shit,  I can hardly get it in. She wants it so badly,  but it's so fucking tight.  I'm her first. She's begging for me to fuck her. I licked that pussy good. So good. She came for me.  She came.  She said that was her first hard cum. The very first cum  from someone sucking her pussy. Now it's so fucking tight.  I'm trying to fuck...Read On

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Let's Throw Words Away

Let's throw words away for a while, cast them into pure oblivion, because we've arrived at a place where language isn't a necessity to keep us so closely tied. I've already peeled back the petals, the accents, subtle nuances and double meanings. I've already likened your eyes to beautiful sonnets, the celestial glows emitted by the stars, your voice to sad swells and maddening storms,...Read On

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Body Heat

Not a simmer but a burn...

My body is overheated I am dripping melanin and honey My darkness bright and glistening Against your skin Aching for your tongue The pull of your lips The bite of your teeth Hot like lava pouring Red and burning With a heat that generates From my very center Reaches out to claim you And electrifies Where your hands touch Where your fingers feel Where my body tightens Around you No audible...Read On

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Which One Is Grigori?

I got an invite to an orgy From someone named Grigori Name didn't ring a bell But decided, what the hell So I dressed up in a corset And a mini skirt With killer heels That looked sexy but hurt I'd sent a text reply To Grigori Said I was on my way And feeling horny He text me back, "Good Because I'm hard as wood I can see you are dressed pretty scanty I hope...Read On


What I Would Give

I want you right here right now.

I'd give anything I have If I could wish you here  and softly kiss your cheek. I'd trade a year from my life If I could walk to you right here, right now. I'd trade my place in heaven If I could be In your dreams for one night.  I've shed a million tears In dreams and wishing I could see you just once. I'd ride a train to hell If you could make love to me for only one night. I'd...Read On


Fucked Up Fairy Tales: The Princess and the Pee

All is NOT as it seems...

There once was a princess in times long ago A princess with secrets that no one should know. The Princess was pretty. The Princess was pure. If you had an illness her touch was the cure. She had a complexion that left all in awe her skin was quite perfect not one single flaw. Was it a mud bath or perhaps asses milk that gave the sweet princess her visage of silk? But underneath not all...Read On


Oh that luscious dream!

Intense pleasure made me scream

Last night In thin lingerie I dreamed Saw you smiled Took me captive Engulfing arms Kissed passionately My parted lips Fondling, squeezing My tits and hips You led me To your bed Laid me there Undressed me As you spread My trembling thighs And tasted What I had You hissed I moaned You whined I groaned Your tongue So untiring Your mouth ...Read On


Second Summer

Are you still where we were?

Once softly whispered beautiful words Drift under grey clouds. Now rarely whispered, Rarely heard, Love barely touched. Yesteryear I felt you near.  Today, far away.  Where did you go? Am I in your dreams? Dreamtime brings you near to me In my dreams it's me you love. . Sleeplessness stealths, a blink and you're lost.  We won't be meeting tonight. The laughter is almost gone.  The...Read On



while I was waiting for you...

Hello! Did you miss me? I missed you, a whole lot and while I was waiting for you, I got a little horny so I had to play I just couldn't wait anymore Is that ok? I was thinking of you the whole time I swear but just in case I left my bottom bare So you could punish me As you saw fit You could do it really hard Then I wouldn't be able to sit Without thinking of you...Read On



I'm exposed beyond bare skin whenever we make love, the unfinished corners and shards of what we were all fold into one another. You don't see the insecurity in my eyes, I'd rather you look with those dark curious pools and only see a sky reflected, the nebulas and pulsars that burst together. I'd rather you see what desire finds a way to give form to, intangibilities built from...Read On


Loving My Bald Mound

My Favorite Part Of The Day

Happiness is between my legs, Going down to the bald mound. I love it so much and pretend to beg, I close my eyes and make no sounds. Your tongue adores my pink flower, Your tongue does a beautiful dance. You eat me for several hours, I of course am in a total trance. Your tongue pushes inside my slit, As I grind into your sweet face. I squeeze and play with my tits, You eat me at...Read On


Passion's Peak

Climb with me...

A look, a smile, a touch, until it's all almost too much A sparkle shines in the eye, no more need to be shy Hands roam and explore, clothes begin to hit the floor Need and desire building, our pleasure needs releasing Bodies beautifully entwined, dancing to a mutual grind The world outside fades away, in an eternal moment, we stay This is the passion I seek, to climb it's...Read On


This Ain't My First Rodeo

Our first meeting

In person we’re meeting for the first time, Before we’d spoken by phone. We’d talked and played online, Love and trust now shown We hugged and kissed I saw some tears, And smiles in your tears that flowed, Seems we’d been friends for many years, But we’d only met a few months ago. Love and lust now combined, Our bodies we did explore. You showed me that you...Read On


Shivering with Desire and Lust

After a long wait...

I'm laying on my bed, waiting for you to come home. Your last words are in my head, that you'd kiss me hard and tease me until  I am so horny. Finally, I hear you come into my room with heated eyes directed at myself. You come over and kiss me with such passion. I push your head down. You grin at me knowingly. You rip my panties off fast and lick up my leaking slit. ...Read On


Saw You

I saw you there...

You caught my eye at the first sight That's all it took to feel lust's bite Standing alone in the corner All the rest becomes just a blur Such beauty wrapped up like a prize A passion veiled behind bored eyes For just one night or a lifetime Your desire's peak I want to climb I cannot fight this pull I feel All that I have is yours to steal My heart is racing as I walk ...Read On



You may think I’m being absurd but please don’t say a word This is something I need to do: Please, let me slowly disrobe you Each garment I’ll remove with care until you stand before me: exquisite, all bare Listen, in the seclusion of this field I stand and make a plea: please yield Thank you for that nod and smile but, be patient, this will take awhile This is not...Read On


Touching You, Touching Me

Flaunting our beauty before the crowd, we dance, tapping our feet, our shoes against the boards, our arms uplifted, working the castanets, dancing. We dance to the music of flamenco, twirling and whirling, making our bodies sway, letting the world know we are here, and we are here to stay. We dance, and we join hands, delicate hands, feminine hands, together at last. Free to express...Read On



You know the tracts that make me, from the deepest buried root to every glowing point in the sky, I can always sense you in my proximity Like a whisper of your name over and over, gently thrumming against bone and tissue with a longing that overtakes my body and mind and every delicate bridge between the two. I've explored you with the same unceasing fascination, the same flaring hunger...Read On


Fool me

I know I am no one special, That I am just another girl Among many, But please, For a little while, Let me pretend. Whisper those words I long to hear, Make me feel Wanted, desired, Like I matter, That I belong. Run your hands All over my body, Fuel the fire burning inside, The volcano waiting to erupt, Hot lave coursing through my veins, Desperate for release. I promise...Read On


Morning Fun For Us

Good Morning My Love

You walk in and grab a toy, Time for some vibrations. You know how I enjoy, My pussy loves the sensations. A toy inside my slit, Makes me start to moan. Hands on my firm tits, 'Oh Fuck,' I start to groan. Juices they do flow, It's pussy licking time. You lick me very slow, This is really sublime. Your tongue is on my flower, You suck on my sweet pearl. I'm enjoying your licking power, As...Read On


Tongue Dance Too

cant leave one's partner hanging...

Tongue Dance Too A mischievous twinkle In eyes cast down A moistened tongue Circles around Around that plump head A swipe at the slit My tasty treat Glistening on it Opening wide Relaxing the jaw Sucking you down Well, not quite all It’s about time Oh yes I think I am very thirsty Would love a drink Endeavors increasing More suction applied Sliding...Read On



My mind keeps going back

At times the heat was so intense We smoked right through the internet I dreamed of lightning when we touched A laser’s gaze, the burn of lust No matter what went on in life You filled my mind, our limbs entwined And not with love that’s tender, sweet But grasping gagging raging beasts Kisses fiercely stopping breath You pin me down I bite your neck Getting close, then holding back You...Read On