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Erotic Poems


If only I were there.

What fun it would be...

There'd be licking and lapping, And lots of arse slapping, And maybe some strapping. If only I were there. It would be most exciting, With kissing and biting, And a little play fighting. If only I were there. Each moment we'd seize, For a touch and a tease, And proud nipple squeeze. If only I were there. While we both would be nude, Things would get very rude, And you'd surely...Read On



Domination is what I crave To be the one that serves To be the one that has to be brave When you give, what I deserve I love it all, the hurt, the pain It will never be my downfall I could never fake nor even feign And I cum, inside, when your hand falls I bend for you, folding in two My ankles and hands are cuffed My bum stings with a pleasurable Ooo As I take the smooth with the rough ...Read On


A carafe of wine and wandering willy Doing soixante-neuf in slow time, A shimmer darkness falls over my pall, Saving the amen for my tarmac. With a scintilla of ink my last breath call, 'Fore the spade diggers lay me final sleep And my shrill thralls forever coffin deep, Gone are the lips that caressed my fess. Kissing shadows of pantomime host As your soft breath eased my...Read On



Trish the dish.

I have a friend her name is Trish, all the boys think she's a dish. Nice big melons that gets their cocks a swellin'. Hips for grippin', sexy clothes for strippin'. An ass fine, it could make them go blind. Legs for days, that put them in a haze. The way she sways, the way she walks, makes the boys gawk. They pitch a tent, just from her scent. Their eyes go wide, their erections they cannot...Read On

Orgasmic Bliss

Last night's bliss

By my side you were last night A desire from deep within is a burning Warm, electrifying, passionate abyss Prohibited touch, exquisitely between the thighs Goosebumps, pupils dilating, heart palpitating Breathless groans, impaired muffled moans with a kiss Whispered declarations of love and delight Back scratches, perspiration while deeply pent rating A spiritual communion and...Read On

Recommended Read

My Dark Side

You once noted that there are hints of a dark side gleaming in me, that there is love in each touch, but they are choreographed with caution. As if restraint must battle instinct, keeping something so quietly caged. And I see the gleam in your eyes, skillfully coaxing out what you think is dormant and hungry within. My dark side has nothing to do with the metallic click of...Read On


Misty Morning Fuck

A couple enjoys something new.

Mist envelops our nude bodies, As we step on dew covered grass. In the cool morning air, Nipples become rock hard. Getting down on hands and knees, I feel you lube my tight brown hole. Using your finger to spread your love cream, Moans and groans come from deep within. Kneeling between my wide spread legs, The tip of your dick is touching my hole. Slowly pushing in inch by inch,...Read On


You're The Cream In My Pie

It's time to eat.

You're the cheese on my cracker  The cream in my pie The icing on my cake The apple of my eye. You're the ice in my cube The bubble in my gum The nibble on my lip Before I taste your tongue Oh can't you see  I love you more than food? You're balls in my spaghetti I'm the southern fried on your cock You're the peanut in my butter And stir carrots in my wok A spring in my step The grin...Read On


Only the sea knows

Our destinations cross at a predestined time, the sea is only ours, cited to us by the heart... Coming to your bank, the sun awakens a new day, waiting lying down in the sand, I am desire and temptation... The waves reach and play and you’ll want to die in my skin, I take my arms, caress your face, you're mine, only mine... Sun marks the path with us naked in each other’s arms, ...Read On

Vibrator and Sybian Fun

Time to play with all my toys

A day filled with my toys My pussy needs attention This is what I enjoy This relieves all my tension I sit with my mirror on the floor I spread my long legs I'm now the vibrator whore I don't even need to beg I plug in my wand And turn on high speed We have a strong bond Orgasms that are guaranteed I grab my glass vibrator Slide it into my slit This is my lifesaver Rubbing my wand on...Read On


A Lovely Surprise

You should have let me know

You should have let me know, somehow, someway. Perhaps it was my fault, not seeing the signs, or not listening closely enough. Perhaps I should have felt more about you inside. When I have touched you,  and held you, and been inside you, absorbing the love from your body and soul. When I was inside you, as you accepted me. Perhaps I should have known. Now I do, my jewel, my...Read On

The Stillness of Morning Light

a night of pleasures delight the heart and soul.

Time to wake, come open your eyes, let them shine. Let us make of today a day of delicacy, desire, lust and love. Distilling the scent of my lips, in the cadence of your body in the breaking dawn. When your lips, caressed by mine, I whisper softly. Only heartfelt words, my heart whispering, our song of love. With sighs I offer the canvas of my soul, every groan the source...Read On


Invitation to a Kiss

A little strange And slightly twisted Challenging Just how I wished it Lick my lips I see you watching How my mouth forms words When talking Saying more To trap your eyes there Fascinate you Twisting my hair Dark and satin Shining curl Pinch it tight Release unfurl Grab my wrist Bite on my finger Letting go Marks briefly linger Leaning closer Share my air I know you want to  Do...Read On


Lets play Horsey

Come be my cowgirl!

Come and sit on my cock and play horsey. Yes my rodeo cowgirl you'll be. Come and jump up and down in my saddle, With your fabulous tits bouncing free. Grip me hard with your thighs as you ride me I'd be jerking and trying to buck. While I'm squeezing your peachy round bottom  Now that sounds like a wonderful fuck. Then you lean back to open the angle. And you scream out with...Read On

Oral Adventure

It's Pussy Time Once Again

Tingles in my love hole I know what that means I'd love for you to be in control Hoping you'll get between My opened long legs I'm so wet down there Don't make me beg My pussy is bare Sweet kisses on my center Licks on my pussy lips flutter On my back for my oral adventure My legs shake and feel like butter Your tongue dances on my cooze I grind up against your face My pussy starts to...Read On

Audio version available


I need filthy today, giving my brain the rest it needs Just focus on my body and perform all those dirty deeds Grab me by the hair, let your mouth crush my lips Reach your hand down and pull at my blouse as it rips Your hands roughly grab at my tits, my bra at home A hand shoved up under skirt, feel free to roam You push two fingers rudely inside of my wet and puffy lips Feeling them...Read On


Letting go

When she lets go, All guards down, Her soul boils within her, Love, passion, desire Consuming her. Her scorching eyes, Burning his heart As his kisses stain her skin, Lust breaking her Yet also fixing, healing. She loses herself In the feeling of his touch, But as he devours her, She comes alive, Finding her true self. Naked skin against skin Her addiction, Fueling her, ...Read On


Holly's Solo Tease

Holly teases online as she plays by herself.

The image etched deep in my mind A sight, that I'd oft' hoped to find An orchid gusset pulled aside Her secret folds, lay just inside   Satin stretched against soft skin Shaded dark from moist within Fingers pressed against her thighs I see one reaching just inside   Gripped by walls that pleasures seek It reaches up within her deep Rough textured walls she stimulates She...Read On


Won't you?

It would be my pleasure.

Won't you suck upon my nut sack, While I wank across your face. Suck it hard and deep and  With my cum I'll surely grace. Up in your hair and liberally, My creamy milk will flow. Until you open wide And then into your mouth I go. I'd force it nice and deep inside, 'Til you can't take no more. I know how much you love it, When I treat you like a whore. I'd make you suck it hard again...Read On

Recommended Read


Straddled over me as I wake up, gently pulled from sleep's tethers by an unmistakable heat rising, by the deep breath exhaling against my craned neck. Each reaction is reflex assuming control, the soft curve of a collarbone covered with goosebumps that spread out like silent ripples through water, flesh already quivering with anticipation. Your lips plant the softest kiss I've known,...Read On

Audio version available

Secret Slut

Will you be the one who holds the key...

She slumbers deep within Yearning to break free She is the Secret Slut That resides inside of me Rising towards the surface Arms stretching wide Once she is out I can no longer hide I've always been the good girl Have never taken the chance But my Secret Slut She wants to do the dirty dance She wants to deep throat a cock Maybe try a threesome or two Anal is on her list as well...Read On


Let's Make The Time

If only we had the time We would dance the steps of lust. If only we had the time We would sing the songs of ardor. If only we had the time We would paint the daubs of desire. If only we had the time. These words are sad and drear. Our steps would stir our souls As we whirled into ecstasy. Our songs would melt our hearts As we caroled words of love. Our daubs would thrill our minds As...Read On


My Best Friend...

Do you see it?

M y friend I’ll take you out at night Y ou’re a secret I will never tell V oraciously, I hold you tight I ntimately, you make me swell B e my own, my secret lover R ough, and hard you are my own A nd shy away if I’m with another T o pleasure me when I’m alone O h my friend I need no other R elief so sweet as I switch you on...Read On


Cavegirl with a cellphone

Evolution has ill-prepared us

Upright, naked, prowls the plain  An alien race, self-conscious brain  An ember born of sparking flint  A revolution with no hint  No light to shed where it may lead  'Tis here I hone my guilt, my greed  My sisters venture north, east, west  While clasping newborns to their breast  And ripping meat from rigid bone  A cavegirl with a cellphone  * The beast...Read On


Rock me my baby

The garnishes of your kiss, Like soft breath touching my lips, Our fevered brow and hips, Sings stories of long ago. Medallions sparkle your eyes, While lust moans and passion sighs. Our thick and quivering thighs, Doing the Funky Chicken as hearts glow. As Father time carries onward ticking, And our lithe tongues caress and licking, Our bodies, all juicy love sticking, In reverent silence...Read On



Shivers go down her spine As she waits, Bound and blinded, Eager, yet with some apprehension, Not knowing what to expect. She longs to feel, come alive, The way only He can make her, Bit by bit nudging her To the edge of her limits and beyond, Into the unknown. With a soft moan She remembers the feeling Of sleek leather dragged across her skin, The warmth spreading As His...Read On


Making Love For The First Time

My virginity is yours to take.

We stand face to face, lips caressing as our hands are undressing. Slowly we move taking our time for this is our first time. With every kiss and every touch we feel our love so much. We strip each other down our clothes on the ground. Your eyes rake me, you can't wait to take me for the first time. Our hands caress our bodies press, I feel your cock begin to rise. Kissing down my neck and...Read On

I'm Your Little Cowgirl

It's time once again.

We're in our bed I say I want to fuck you You say you want head I say I want to screw You point to your dick I move down to your feet My mouth is on your prick Our bodies are on our sheets I slurp and I suck You're hard as a rock It's finally time to fuck I ease down on your cock I'm your little cowgirl As I ride you on top The girl with the curls I never want to stop I roll my...Read On


Bath Time Caresses

Slipping into the bath.  Candles lighting the room.  Snuggled together, bubbles covering our bodies.  My head turned, finding your lips.  Passionate kisses keeping us together.  My back resting on your chest.  My hands caressing your legs.  Your hands caressing my breasts.  My slight moans stopping our kisses.  My hand sneaking round behind my back.  Gripping the hardness...Read On

All Hallows Will

In my bailiwick high up on the knave,  Scratching ink spots in deviant shades. My plume of nib pens metaphorical hums Of ghosts, tall willows and mumble-pegs. If the dark doesn't awake you, The ides of All Hallows' will, When the corn stalks have shrunken And floss of the candle shrills. I'm a ghoul, a lover, not a spook with a boo, My muse with a goiter a ten dollar whore, ...Read On