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Erotic Poems

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Don't Talk To Me Of Love

Don't talk to me of love, my dear, But talk of lust and quickening breath. Whisper it now into my ear, How demands unmet will be the death of you, your need like sharpened claws, Your coiling greed scarce now held back. And me, how with a quiet pause, I tempt your beast to spring the trap. I blink, and now the spell is broken. I feel your breath upon my face. Our...Read On


My best mate's sister

Passion at the party...

Went to my best mate's party, where I met his older sister. We starting getting on so well, I took a chance and kissed her. She gripped me hard and kissed me back, then took me by the hand, the evening got more interesting, than even I had planned. We went out to the garden, all the way behind some trees. Before I knew what hit me, she was down onto her knees. She fumbled with my...Read On


A Mistress and Her Slave

Visiting your Mistress

I'm your Mistress and I'm in control, You're my slave and that's your role. If your good I'll let you fuck my hole. Stand straight and look at me, You'll ask to speak and say please. You'll crawl on your fucking knees. 'Yes, Mistress' is what you'll say, These are my rules when we play. I'll delight you in many ways. I know you desire a little pain, I shall use my bamboo cane. You're...Read On


Daddy Will Always Love You

Daddy will always love you. Even though you can be difficult. But that is Daddy's problem,  and never fear,  Daddy will train you  precious treasure. Daddy will always love you. You came to me, didn't you jewel of my life; you came to your Daddy, wanting to be his, wanting to be his little sub. Daddy took you in, took you in and promised to train you, because Daddy loved you, loved...Read On


Pleasure Dealer

My love for you twisted and depraved

Debauched, twisted, decayed, Mine, to take and thrill, Mine to own - mine to loan, Love is a powerful thing. It can turn you inside out, Eat your soul and make you bleed, Drain you dry, dry until you can no longer cry. Love is pain, pain is pleasure, Just a torture game, If you feed your demons, you fulfil your cravings, Let your addiction overwhelm your senses. Feast and feed, get closer...Read On


Surrender the Night

White velvet petals, strewn upon a sea of grass. Inky night sky gives way to the pale pinks, the deep rose of morning. Dew upon the petals, each drop a glistening jewel, illuminated by that Golden orb. Slow heat spreading as the sun reaches its peak. A softly blowing breeze moans through the trees Volume increases, the crisis now past. Evening sky surrenders...Read On


She is... Mine

From his point of view

The wetness between your legs. The nubs beneath your top. The bruising of your skin. The redness of your bottom. The raised skin on your thighs. The thoughts running through your mind. The slick finger that was inside the warmth. The metal that runs through the taut nubs. The squirms you make in your chair. The throbbing you can’t control. The deep voice that...Read On


My Imagination

Date night is best when my imagination runs wild I let my thoughts linger on the ways I can delight My inner sex kitten is hungry and feeling feisty Seducing you into bed is my main objective tonight Cravings should be expressed without inhibition Fantasizing about seducing you since this morning Should I undress you slowly building anticipation Or push you into bed and take you...Read On


The man of her dreams

His warm eyes meet hers And it takes her breath away. A hand on her neck As he leans in, Claiming her lips, Her breath warm against his mouth, Small whimpers making him kiss her Deeper, harder. Sensually, he drags his fingers Over her skin, her collar bone, shoulders, Whispering into her ear “I love you, babygirl”, “I want you – so much”, She is totally under his spell, All...Read On



Is it me, or is it you?

Sadistic is my plea As anger and hate consume me To set me free, is but one With no choice, it will be done With cuffs in hand Ankle and wrist are banned To the bedposts they will go In an "X", he will be so Sadistic is my plea As anger and hate consume me To set me free, is but one With no choice, it will be done On a bed of roses he lay Mine for the taking, mine to stay Whip in hand to...Read On


Feeding the Beast

Insatiable dark lust,

My love for you is ravenous, Depraved, I long to devour you whole - Like a wolf in heat would, Animalistic. My need for you is unrestrained, Urges feral and relentless , Insatiable dark lust, Biting into my insatiable hunger, Leaving me a hostage, Captive of my own desires. I want to baptise you in my sin, Your sin, Our sin, Put you on your knees and make you pray, Though every step we...Read On


My Pussy Is Already Wet

I'm hungry for you

We're in bed and your hands are on me, Little strokes to my firm chest. Your hands just love to tease, You drop your head and suck my breasts. Your fingers play at my mound, My pussy is already wet. I just make all kinds of sounds, I'm your cute little brunette. You push your tongue inside, Of my warm, wet, box. Your tongue is going on a ride, I see you stroking your cock. I grind...Read On


Dream Lover

Do you always recognize your dream lover?

You come to me at night when sleep has taken over my mind and body, like an incubus in my very own ethereal space. I float in my dream world, never knowing who you truly are. Your touch is soft and gentle, yet I can feel that you need to approach me with lust. I feel as though I am being set free from my self-imposed chains of doubt and reprised desires. Your lips open over mine,...Read On


Mighty Thor

I Thought it was you.

Mighty Thor Son of Odin The heir to the throne And you showed him God of Thunder Quite frightening Thunderstruck Orgasms like lightning Loki Well he wasn't bad Good in bed But he was quite mad Jealous of you I didn't have a clue That it was him with me In bed and not you Until you saw Deemed me a whore He used his magic His betrayal was tragic I...Read On



Thank you to my dear friend Echelon for this idea

I became fire to find you, to spread heat over every crevice, every deep fold of the earth. This burning feels endless and barely contained, a premonition of the ashes that may come, of knowing that men may not be able to wield power over such ancient elements. And I believe you attempted to impart this message once, I only remember the moments now as flickers strobing within dreams when...Read On



In all the forbidden places of my dreams, I scribe with my erotic cuisine  nourishing my appetite and spreading my darken-shine  on sweet tokens of your flesh,  as the crashing tides echo  against my mortal soul. The kisses, the breath,  the sigh. Seductions behold in my eyes as my loins swelter with lust, and your suckling breasts I confess filling me with sweet digest beneath...Read On


Fucked up fairy tales: Snow White

A classic tale, but not as you know it...

Snow White was truly beautiful. Snow White was truly blessed. With deep brown eyes, black silken hair and a more than ample chest. Throughout the land she was proclaimed the purest, sweetest, but beneath that nice exterior she was a total slut. She'd fucked most of the palace guard. The stable girls and boys, she liked to keep on stand by as her dirty little toys. She liked to lick a pussy...Read On

Luscious Stories

Do you see images while reading the lines?

Reading stories on this Lush site. Fills my being with such delight. Causing something between my thighs to rise. Becoming three or four times its normal size. Images presented, absolutely stunning. Setting my heated hormones running. Taking a grip, having to stroke. My hardness real, not a joke. Wetness on my palm and thumb, Pearl drops of pleasure as I strum. A tune begins to...Read On


Female Assets One

My mind remembers the swinging and swaying of melons hanging in my face

My face nestles between two warm, soft pieces of flesh that feel like home. My face nuzzles in her cleavage a valley of desire. The scent is rousing. My face leaves that place of enchantment to gaze upon the curvaceous shape. My mind remembers the swinging and swaying of melons hanging in my face. My lips kiss each large mound. The taste of flesh stirs my desire. My hand gently...Read On

Recommended Read


Searching for the one

Wandering wishes Conjure a place Where all that matters Is you and me. Free from restraints, ‘Real’ world restrictions, Where love can flourish As time holds its breath. Wandering daydreams Blend sordid notions  With succulent memories, Stirring my loins. Shivers of lust Rousing mortal flesh, Both body and mind Enraptured by you. Wandering lips Press down upon yours, ...Read On


Hot Tub Loving

A couple go into their hot tub

I'm wanting to have some fun, Let's go into our hot tub. We can do this in the hot sun, We're around all our pretty shrubs. The jets are on; bubbles everywhere, You're sitting against your back. I love being out in the fresh air, Your hands are on my firm rack. We're talking as your hands explore, My hand have wandered to your cock. Today I'm your hot tub whore, Oh God, your cock feels...Read On


A moment

Describing the perfect moment

A moment of pure bliss After the passion builds As right and wrong fade away Breaths taken and stolen The pleasure takes control Leaving senses on fire Not a thought or care Only the ecstasy of being Driving each to release The need for satisfaction And lost along the way To a moment of pure bliss ...Read On


You Know How It Is

It hasn't been long. Not long. Since we met. That fire in my loins is back. She brings it out in me. You know how it is, When you meet the special one. The fire. Soft, demure, exquisite. Fire. In my loins and hers. It burns when my lust joins with hers. We burn. Fire. I didn't think it could be that way. As she touched me and burned me, In her delicate hand, I grew.  Burning. ...Read On


A Little Rough Fun

I'm Your Slut

Tonight I'm going to be your slut, You can treat me very rough. You can even fuck my butt, Tonight you can act all tough. You command me to my knees, I open my mouth very wide. Cock moving into mouth with ease, It's your rules; you'll decide. Suck my cock you little whore, You push my head onto your cock. I'm kneeling on our cold floor, Your cock is hard like a rock. My fingers are in...Read On


Fan The Flames

It fans the flames throughout me even more to know the possibilities are infinite, we are absolutely malleable this way : as an idea, a pure construct, entities that sweep over one another. So let my words take you, syllables racing over hot flesh take root inside as engines, fueled with a hidden lust contoured around each sentence. It's just as real as any other longing to need...Read On


Sybian Pleasures

It's Sybian Time

My pink bull is my addiction, Lots of pulsing vibrations. I love all the rubbing friction, Lots of wonderful sensations. It really doesn't take much time, To make my pussy nice and wet. The orgasms are really sublime, You really work up a sweat. For me it just feels fantastic, As I sit on top. An hour is rather enthusiastic, I never want it to stop. The flat attachment hits my clit, As...Read On


Strangers on a Bus

Across from me you sit Inconspicuous and meek Though you can't hide for long From the poet's wandering eye Beauty quiet and subtle Neither arrogant nor fake And your disconnection with the world So fascinating to watch No smile from your lips Never looking up with your eyes But how that would change Were you and I to see Your mouth, tight lipped Ordinarily would open ...Read On


Bred To Me

The erotic culture bred to me by roads to darkness and sensuality, as in time of birth there are no lights on in the womb and now I abide my creed no flavoring in my queue or dichotomy in my quest.  And my scribbles scribe of meandering fingers upon the flesh  as clouds of sable gather before the rising of my horn, oh! how I can taste the cummin' after's of pearl oysters  between...Read On


Loving Your Cock-Meat

I'm hungry now

I'm very hungry and needing a snack, I'm wanting to suck your dick. Please get comfy and get on your back, Its time to enjoy your prick. I stroke you first along your shaft, My fingers get you very excited. You're feeling a little bit daft, Soon you'll be pleasantly delighted. You're hard now; it's time to play, I wrap my glossed lips around. I'm going to make your day, I'm making all...Read On


Answers the Moon

plea of passionate need

Her heart was aching from needs deep within From so deep inside she felt it like skin She needed assistance to quiet internal screams Begging for help to grant her long buried dreams She looked up to the moon so high in the heavens Asking for knowledge once trusted to mavens To brighten her eyes like the stars in her sky. To bring a breeze to her cheeks, as if it were a sigh A sigh from the...Read On