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Erotic Poems


A Sexy Picnic

Let's go on a picnic

A picnic for two, we sit on the grass We eat and drink our lunch You say you want to lick my ass And enjoy a pussy munch Off comes the clothes, I'm now bare I get all comfy on my back I play with my beautiful curly hair You rub and caress my rack I open my long legs And you dive into my muff I look at you and I beg You start to lick my cream puff I moan as you suck my lips I grind...Read On


Master Of Bliss

I wanna be dirty.

Take me to the school of sin. Teach me  debauchery  I want to learn  Perversion Claw your way  Into my existence And consume my  Entirety Use me Abuse my body  Mould me into yours  Claim me with your mark Your own little doll.  Steal my morality I want to feel dirty I'll be your little trinket To do with as you please Free me from restraints of civility.  Tease my scorching lips Feel...Read On




She can wiggle her butt Entice you with ease Whisper in your ear With just a look, tease She will ignite your desire Possibly cause a stir As she strolls on by You are attracted to her allure She can ease your aches Or cause you some pain Take you to great heights Or crash you down again She is just a woman Simple in her complexity She is all that and more Always,...Read On


A Whore Named Honey Monroe

Do you want a date?

A whore that likes to tease She's really quite a slut She's tested and has no disease Straight sex or sex in her butt She can act all pure Or will take it in every hole She saves her money and is secure Making you happy is her goal Her outfit consists of short skirts And she wears her stiletto shoes Low cut or revealing shirts Makes appointments to screw She's a working whore Her...Read On


If You Are A Virgin

On being a virgin...

If you are a virgin and don’t need no urgin’ To stay in that unsullied state, You want to stay pure, of that you are sure And having no need of a mate If you are a virgin with no hormones a’surgin’ And no wish to sample the joys, Or feel the effects of unbridled sex They say happens between girls and boys If you resist all temptation, have no inclination To take a companion...Read On


A Name In The Air

I've always wanted to know so much more about what gears and worlds turn in you, the axis that keeps you within reach. The intrigue has always been there, but rarely ever touched upon like lines never quite crossed yet we know their borders, we see the other side is really a lens to what's within. From there I've had many glimpses quietly make their existence known. I've wondered if...Read On


Morning Love

Every dawn I dream of you my sweet lover, Cuddling naked beside me in the warm darkness, Your body soft against mine, drifting in blissful languor, That delicious state of consummated desire, Following a night of ecstatic lovemaking United in the rapture of mutual love, Our passion still undimmed despite the passing years. And in the morning I think of you my darling, Dreaming...Read On


Cyber Connection

lock the door...

How real will it seem What damage can it do? Not only to your marriage But to your heart too You enter the quagmire Of cyber connections Will it be worth it? For a wired erection Can't get very far From the word filled screen Or you might discover You've joined the wrong scene Go lock the door And pull the drapes It's almost time For your big escape!...Read On

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I Love How You Suck My Cock

I love to see you on your knees, with your heavy breasts, exposed to my sight. They rise, full and firm, from your chest, aching to be fondled and sucked. Your nipples, long, pink and upturned,  harden and become thick as you rub them into your palms, and twist them between your fingers. My cock grows hard as I watch your lurid display. Thickening and growing long as I become erect, ...Read On


Hummingbird wings

My heart beats feverishly, My breath fast, quivering, Like the rapid flapping Of hummingbird wings. Hands slowly, gently, Dragged across my skin, Your warm breath Followed by little kisses, nibbles. Slow, soft licks  At the apex of my thighs, My body begging for mercy, Just a little bit more…! You are driving me insane With torturing pleasure, Keeping me on edge, So near, yet...Read On


I Can

I can show you, Why it is, I wear this devilish grin, I can show you, What these hands are for, What my sexy mouth waits for, What eyes beg silently for,  What my heart suspects, What I never have to say, I watch your eyes grow dark, With fuck heat. Feel your rough hands on my body, A slow breath of anticipation, Lead me to the bed, Gasping in the darkness, Feel...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Ooze Where the hole where you spurt May give way to Bright shine At the thought of My cunt And my own Sliding hole Where your length fits my sheath As it slippery slimes Your throbbing Design In the velvet red wetness You plunge deep into. Seep Down and tickle The rim of your cock With a trickle...Read On


Sugar Ice

Don't want to play nice

Taste my sugar, Lick my ice, Baby I don't want to play nice, Make me tremble with need, As I beg and plead,  Tie me down, And tear me apart, Shatter my heart,  Make me lose all control, Body and soul, Watch me drown, In passion's lust, Taste my wetness, Fuck my sweetness, Baby I don't want to play nice, Taste my sugar, Lick my ice....Read On


We Met In Springtime

We met in springtime, or was it fall. I don't recall. Your lover forgets things now.  It doesn't matter anyhow. You're here, and it's all the same, now that the end is near. I have always been here, listening. Allowing you to share how much you care, for the ones you love, and me. All these years is not so long since you became my treasured little one. There are so many memories...Read On


A Reverie: Last Night’s Date Remembered

A man remembers a special night......

I have thoughts of last night. Your sweet kisses of lyric desire Together we coupled, joined as one Our lovemaking never did tire. My torrid kisses plundered your young body My teasing efforts rising—You I ravish “I want you so much,” my manly growl, As kisses, nibbles, on your neck I lavish. “Take me!” you huskily moan “I will my darling.” Voice cracking I cry The lava-like...Read On


The Game

"Do you want to play the game?" He whispered in my ear. I looked him in the eye With nothing much to fear. My head moved up and down So I am sure he understood. My intentions were to please him, To be his little girl so good. He yanked my hair hard and Pulled us close together. His breathe lingered on my lips, Things were about to get much better. I wanted nothing more, Than to lick his...Read On


Shall We Do The Tango?

Let's dance.

Since we met you've shown me dances Where you show me all these sultry moves This is a start to a wonderful romance I love dancing and finding our grooves We hold each other very tight My breasts up against your chest We dance together all night You love the feel of my firm breasts You twirl me around, Oh I love this Bodies moving to and fro We even share a sweet kiss ...Read On


The Pole Dancer

Body undulating to the musics beat

Scantily clad In bits of fluff and lace Wide bright smile Upon her face With a mischievous wink And a flirtatious glance The music starts She begins to dance Hips are swaying To a hypnotic beat Body undulating As she moves her feet She reaches the pole Grabs it snugly in hand Spins in a circle Looking so grand Around she goes With quickest feet Body moving With the...Read On


Excited to Have Met You

I'm really happy

I'm so delighted to have met you My heart flutters when you say hi Love all these feelings because it's new I'm so happy you caught my eye Our flirtations really excite me We have talked several days I'm really happy and filled with glee Enjoying you in so many ways I know we're on an adventure And I like all the games we play Lots of sexual pleasure I miss you when you go away We...Read On


Come undone

One look From your burning eyes, One touch By your caressing hands, One word Whispered with hot breath And I come undone. I break, Melt into a puddle Of overwhelming desire, Shattering emotions, Needing to become yours, To feel your passion, Belong in your embrace. As our mouths meet, Passionate kisses shared, I become a prisoner of my own needs, my hunger, Lost in you. ...Read On


To Scherherazad: A Teller of Tales

The shiek says farewell to Scherherazad

Lying here these thousand nights, these torches dimming, these pillows crushed, our minds softened by the hours and these cups of wine— by the wildness of your tales, your way with words, yet feeling this moment like sand falling through the glass come to this. You came to me that night sent by your father, fearing the madness of my violent lust, my hate....Read On


In the garden...

Anywhere you choose.

In the garden shed I'd fill you. In the workshop I would drill you. In the wash room I would lick your pussy clean. In the pool I'd have you dripping. In the wardrobe we'd be stripping. In the cinema we'd create such a scene. In the kitchen we'd be baking. In the snow I'd have you quaking. In the elevator we'd go all the way. In the bedroom we'd be rocking. In the park we'd be most...Read On

Afternoon Delight

Makin' love past the hot afternoon.

Close your eyes my beauty. Let me fuel your smouldering lust. I promise, I won't shirk my duty. Sparking your fire, I feel I must. Lay back, enjoy the heat. As my kisses touch your silken skin. My fingers will be most discreet. Freeing your stress from deep within. While I explore your luscious curves. Breath deeply, let yourself go. Let the electricity tingle your nerves. Feel...Read On


You Need More

Sometime you will need more from me than what words may promise, you need me to be even closer and remind you why my name is the only one on your sealed lips. I read the pitch and pulse, stop handing me signs, stop handing me lights, I can see what you are in the dark just fine. Lips a bow of gentle pink flesh, pressing mine to them softly, the parting unfolds everything in me,...Read On



Take me to Wonderland, Far away from everyday reality, Where it is just you and I, Our yearnings, passions, Nothing but joyful pleasure. Let me drown in your embrace As our bodies intertwine, Naked skin against skin, Lustful words whispered, Nibbles on a vulnerable neck. Drink from my well of desire Like I do from yours, Devour me, Make me yours, Thrusting deep within my core. ...Read On

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My withers may be long and grey  But my mind long remembers Yesteryears catechisms And proverbs of the flesh, Hovering over a wet chalice While stroking six white inches Saddling a ripe peach, When the fruit begins to cream And standing tall in the saddle, Before tomorrow's apocalypse With semen dripping from your lips....Read On


Good Girl Gone Bad


Do you know what I am longing for? What I really really want bad I want for my special guy to realize By his good little girl, he has been had! Instead of trying to please you She will mercilessly tease you Wants you hard and throbbing Desperate with desire Sticking a finger into her mouth Getting it really wet pulls it out Takes that finger and glides up to you Circles it...Read On



Pulling it out, and back in, deep. You're my precious one. Feel all the hardness of my prick. Cry out for more. Such a goodness, a true goodness  Is the fucking of you, my lover. My lover, wanting and needing All of my long tumescence. Your pussy lips are gripping my cock As I thrust  Rougher and rougher. Cry out for more. Not all day, But every day I want to ravish you My own love....Read On


In Love's Domain

An English sonnet with a D/s theme

Slave, lover, whore: Master wreathes many names; Hubristic memes to yoke my fairest sex, Yet sweet dominance preyed by minxish games, When with cunning smiles his will I dare vex. Casting me down to bended knee, he thinks My truculent mouth deep thrusts will chasten. Nay! Evolution’s nectar hoaxed and jinxed, Succubine tongue to my belly hastens To salt bewitching tears whose trails...Read On

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Slow Lovin'

Slow lovin' like warm honey rolling and falling from the comb onto your fevered bare body, taking the time to taste, lick from lip to lip. The air is thick around us, humid breezes and fireflies take over the summer sunset, dusk glows and sears us from within. Slow lovin' is its own patient dance, a lens capturing every detail, lazy tangles of lips and limbs, searching the sensitive...Read On