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Erotic Poems


An Inappropriate Office Rumor

Did you hear about Sandy and the boss.

Office rumors are really the worst People think they see things Sometimes they can't be reversed A rumor or perhaps an office fling I was on my cell phone  My secretary was filing She supposedly sucked my bone Everybody saw that I was smiling Sandy the secretary is a slut She sucked my dick She even rubbed my nuts And gave me head on my prick She was on her knees I was holding my head...Read On

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Used Up, In Free Verse

What you want is simply what I want. Nothing more, nothing less. you live for one thing, one thing, the pleasure I receive from you. Your opinions on how I use you are less than nothing. Your desires are subservient to mine, and thus inconsequential. The pleasure you receive comes from the pleasure you give. From serving Me as best you can at all times without hesitation,...Read On

101 Words - Panties

How to return a pair of misplaced panties

Black lace, handkerchief folded, sitting atop the tabletop. Pussy soiled not shop fresh. Fabric sodden. Ambrosia coated. Your unique aroma battling with coffee grinds for my attention. And my nostrils revel in you. Perched and positioned on your throne. Attentively flushed and breathy. Feet wrapped around chair legs. Seat edge biting into tempting buttocks. Thighs wide. ...Read On


Beg Me To Take You, In Haikus

My rough hands connect With your ass, already red. You cry out, I smile Truly prove yourself. Take me any way I want And then you may cum. To Dominate you, to punish you at my whim, I'll do what I must. But tonight, I feel, feel like being sensitive. feel like being sweet. So I look at you, and spank, once, your upturned ass. 'Tell me, slave, tell me 'Tell me what my sub ...Read On


Who's in Control?

Which one of us was in control?

I’m internally pondering, Insatiably maundering. Struggling with breath, Sweating. Drenched, My fingers on your arms wandering. My control’s not dismissive, You were unarguably submissive. Being the good little girl. Invariably, Perpetually, The sex that not all find permissive. A hidden spectating majority, Would have recognised my authority. As I thrust deep inside you and out,...Read On


Never Let Me Go

"I will love madly first, your naked soul." -Christopher Pointdexter

Afterwards, the aching goes quiet, retreats to play as a sweet song, one sleepy whisper hovers in our air... "Never let me go." With one silent embrace, you know what could hurt me, what soothes every dark realm. You may as well have been touching the first secret I ever kept, where lips would softly meet, the initial tremble will tell a story all on its very own. How lips...Read On


Will You Fuck Me?

Dancing around unspoken attraction, we attempt platonic conversation. The entire time I cannot help myself, undressing you in my imagination. Each story shared followed by a laugh and an intentional touch of your arm. My hand lingering just a little too long as my insides become tingly and warm. A purposely placed hand on your thigh As we eat dinner I slide it much higher. If only you knew...Read On


Kitten's Pretty Bitch

Mistress Kitten gets a new pet.

Kitten rocked Rick's boat, when he came ashore, to spend the night with her, with a lion's ROAR, but what he didn't know, was she would be in charge, and he would be her bitch, chained in her garage. First she got him drunk, then summoned her best pet, who put him in the tub, and got him nice and wet, Shaved him head to toe, smoother than a girl, to welcome him into, Mistress Kitten's World....Read On


Like This

If I were a Tranny I'd be as sexy as could be.

If I was a Tranny, my fanny would be fine, and I would never worry, if I could sing or rhyme. If my hairy buttocks, was smoother than my cock, to find a one night stand, I'd only have to walk - and sway it like a trollop, as I'd sashay down the street, in sexy thigh high boots, from my fanny to my feet. I'd have pretty nipples, pierced with studs of gold, in a see through halter, that...Read On


Jezebels and Jades

Sluts and whores beg you to own them.

"You are a Sensual Flower  in the midst of a  transparent bouquet." I will always be your rose;  I have been yours forever.  you are my enslavement. A smirk on your face,  you watch the tramps who primp and prance  unashamedly before you.  Sluts and whores  bounce silicon tits in your face.  Jezebels and jades  beg you to own them.  You only crave them until you fuck them then cast them...Read On


My list

I have a list a list of places geographically physically places I want you to kiss me places I want you to touch me places I want you to put your hands and your lips to graze your fingertips and dig in and leave marks I have a list a list of things things I want to try things I want you to do to things I want to do to you things I want to hear you say I’ve never written it down ...Read On


Aborted Dirty Story

The title says it all

I sat down to write you a dirty story Something to warm you as you awoke But my heart beats too hard My fingers twitch and flex All I can think of is your smile The glow you left me in It's dark now but my sun still shines I think how much I want to use words To set you blazing like that star But all I want now is to make you smile A smile to match mine You've said I've changed you I think...Read On



You alone know the signature upon my heart. And to touch what strange fires roar just beneath bare skin, I must listen closely to your body as if it were my very own. No matter the divide lying between us, all there is to know can be found in blood quickening with desire, with something permanent and forgiving. But I can still give you this, the animal tension before a frenzy,...Read On


Naughty in his Chair

Straddling his lap as he dozes in his chair.  His eyes are closed but he knows his way around my body.  I feel his hands start to caress my purple silky pantie covered bum.  Keeping his eyes shut but showing he's awake.  Kissing him passionately, our tongues start to play.  Caressing his chest as he grips my bum cheeks, all while our kisses deepen.  Soft moans leave our lips but...Read On


Ars Erotica

A poem is erotic as...

A poem is erotic as the lips Your curving cheek half-hides from me, Or fingers fiddling raven locks Your lambent glance inquires if I see. A poem is erotic as fingers That tease a button as I do, Parting your blouse as curtains part Each dawn to dazzle with a beauty new. A poem is erotic as the heft Of breasts I hold like fruits-measure, And crush, and shape-that I may take Into...Read On


Sexy Black Dress

It all started with seeing her in a sexy black dress.

She looked so fucking sexy, in her pretty, little dress, while I wanked my willy, until I made a mess, that erupted on my face, my lips, my tongue, my chest. Her legs were smooth and sexy, and they passed my hardness test, for volume and for distance, as I blew my creamy load! Just a few strokes and I CAME, all the way to Abbey Road. As I stood in Massachusetts, with my erection pointing...Read On

Recommended Read

Angel Whore: Renaissance

Inspired by, and dedicated to the lovely and incomparable, ABG.

Pain, inevitable in my rope. Suffering, however, illusion. Warped. Bent. Flesh colored in mismatched hues. You imagine yourself in her place. You ache long after you've looked away. Observing leaves you hungry and drenched. You boldly ask for a tiny taste. For curiosity's sake, of course. I've dreamed of binding your soft breasts tight. I harden, at what new sounds you'd moan. ...Read On

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Recommended Read


It's time to choose...

Your kind of love snaps The back like Whiplash claiming All of my attentions but Returns none with A quickness that is Slow in purpose and Easily teases with its torments repeatedly Placed on random parts of My skin already Hot and bothered I Cannot seem to recover with Any form of grace causing Me bouts of furious femininity that Results in the parting of my thigh's flesh so ...Read On


Monster Dildo

Even naughty bi slave boys have their favorite toys.

I have my favorite dildo, with instructions from my Dom, to ride it like a cowboy, with my little cock cage on. I'm riding reverse cowgirl, My prostrate feels divine. You could say that monster dildo, is a kinky friend of mine. I have a pocket pussy, I can't use when she's gone. for I was born to serve her. She's the reason I was born. Tonight I am on camera, with a device against my...Read On


Creme Brule

Having a taste of my favorite dessert.

“Let me be your dessert,” she asked. as I looked into her sparkling eyes, “Taste me,” and my tongue tasked between quaking and parted thighs. Smiling as my tongue probed, explored savored the taste of dessert this day. “What do I taste like”, she implored. “As always, you are my Crème Brule” So very sweet but hard, her outer shell protecting all delights that lie beneath. ...Read On



To embed me inside, there was so much to know before I was hungrily sheathed where your deepest needs drip. A soft sigh in my skin's proximity, the exquisite stillness of your lips, sweet perfumes without names that heat beckoned from pores, breathing in who you really are. Details that leave you more naked than ever. There were always keys to you, delicate ways to make you open,...Read On



Orgasm denial for a loyal slaves a must.

I really need to cum, but i've been forbidden to, when I promised to obey, when I made my vows to you. My fantasies are fine, when I keep them to myself, like the one about a dwarf, a vamp, a tramp, an elf. I love your T and A, your butt, your eyes, your lips, your pretty feet and toes, your fingers, hands, and hips - your labia and clit, and when you squirt on me, I drink up every...Read On


I Would - and So Would You.

A sweet and sultry lady doesn't have to ask a gentleman more than once.

She asked if I would fuck her. I smiled and said I WOULD! - but first I had to taste her, because she smelled so good. I licked and kissed her lips - stuck my tongue - right down her throat, and it wouldn't be too long before I rocked her boat! I removed her sexy clothing - her boots, her hat, her coat, and everything beneath them, and set her heart afloat. I kissed and...Read On


His Babygirl

One of my alter ego's fantasies..

There were words that were edged on her tongue, Pushing to come out for him to hear. ‘I love you,’ she couldn’t help but whisper, As she sat by him on her knees her cheek resting on his. He smiled down at her and stroked her head, Knowing what it meant, what he had gained. Satisfaction and pride filled his mind, As complete acceptance shone in her eyes. Her priced submission sat...Read On


Katy's Poem

For my beloved Shailja, Lest the mists of time Should assail our memories, Of the best night of my life. My friend, my Goddess, My delight, my teacher. My Nubian Princess, And from tonight, finally, On the day that we are joined as one, My lover. Three moons I have waited. Three moons worth of confusion, Uncertainty and dawning realisation Of who I really am, And who I can aspire to be...Read On



Your skin Glistening So smooth and soft. You moan as I Breathe gently on your moist lips Your thighs tense As my lips hover a centimetre away from Contact With yours Teasing My fingers open Your honey coated petals The heady aroma inviting me To feast - Your squeal Urging urgency I am a glutton for you Your taste Divine Your head tilts back Eyes closed Your knees grip me And you hold...Read On


Sum Uppins' Your Wish

As I whisper, sum uppins' your wish On the high swells of a lusty swoon Before the bobbin unwinds thread at dawn In my nocturnal attire craven desires And an eye for poetic bliss From a vampire's kiss With a hungering for your thighs As my tongue swash On bounty of your flesh Squeezing your cunny contraption While feelin' your cunt clinch my cock From deep down in your...Read On


Little Boy Blueballs

Adult Nursery Rhyme

Little boy blue Is what I'll call you Can't you see You belong to me I'll use you how I choose My little toy You bring me so much joy I command you sit Lapping my slit Such a good little boy Hard to ignore How you want much more Release the pressure Feel the pleasure Mamita's little whore Beg me for more...Read On


My Master's Liberty

A playfully submissive married woman serves to pleasure another man, her Master...

Bound without ropes my mind is set free But pushing the limits work best for me When I tease and taunt with much carnal flair Arousing his interest shows Master I care But when acting the brat and am full of sass Master bends me over and spanks my bare ass I coo with each strike as my skin turns beet red Praying each blow to pleasure Master in bed The rules and boundaries sometimes get...Read On


Mistress Dominates Pet For His Birthday

Mistress offers a birthday present of domination.

A birthday party all about control Mistress will dominate her guest A new strap-on for his asshole Her pet will be totally impressed She also bought a new whip Nipple clamps to be used This will make his penis drip Pet's ego will be a bit bruised A blindfold is tied around his head She'll restrain his legs and hands She'll control him on her bed She looks at him while...Read On