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Erotic Poems


Pussy Drippings

I love oral sex

I'm so horny and need to ride your face, My pussy is dripping; I need you to take a lick. I rock my pussy at a good pace, Grinding your tongue like it was a dick. Oh God, your deep inside my hole, My juices are going to explode. Lick my cunt fast and then slow, I feel my juices starting to flow. Licks and slurps on my slit, You're never quick, Your tongue feathers at my clit, Please fuck...Read On


Wide Open

Open up my legs. Spread them wide I am ready. I have nothing to hide Anticipation rises as you kiss up my thigh I want more as I let out a sigh Hips rise as I start to have a fit As you use your mouth and suck my clit I become dizzy and so very hot As I hold your head when you get to that spot I feel my sweet nectar start to flow Crying out your name as I let go...Read On


The Altar of Astarte

Kneeling at the altar, worship at the truest form, as I take her in, my Astarte, my goddess, my flame. Love filled eyes, heart beating fast, I cannot seem to tear myself away. Hours pass, and still my head lays bowed. Her smile melts me, taking me, sweeping me away. I did not foresee, how could I know that my heart would be stolen away? Heaven is a place on earth with you; everything with her...Read On


To Unmake You

You and I will become a flurry of skin to skin, I never knew the heat you were capable of eliciting, the friction of bare and smooth surfaces can burn us alive with unrelenting immediacy. Just do not let me go. I want everything that makes you to sail and sing through me, mimic my every rhythm when I'm one breath away from even knowing them. The trails my lips make along you, delicate...Read On

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Loving You Tonight

A steamy night together

I love to hold you tight, As we kiss and love each other. Having sex with you tonight, We're hot and passionate lovers. As we lay here on the sheets, Our hands do roam. Can you feel the heat? Lots of passion in our home. I get on my back, You're standing in front. I play with my rack, As you fuck into my cunt. Deep thrusts in my slit, I start to moan. I play with my clit, And then...Read On


The First Night, Last Night

Last night was the first night Since we met, The first night we made love,  Since we met, Since we joined together, Since you brought me new life, My sweet girl, My new joy. Exploring the new fervency Of lust, We joined together As you begged for my touch, For my flesh, For me. Slippery flesh melding, Hands groping, Feeling, Forcing openings, Taking pleasure, Giving all we have. My...Read On


Eternity in your arms

I am a little too romantic a little too orgasmic heaven is a place in bed, with you by my side my favorite melody is the sound of your moans We were born to be bad and have fun Born to love born to die Let's stay forever young My favorite feeling, the feel of your touch let me take you right now we can stay up all night look up at the ceiling let's connect the dots feel me shiver, feel...Read On


Lust Filled Strangers

We were just lust filled strangers.

The moon was bright, the lights of the parking lot even brighter. We were strangers with only one thing on our minds.  Your lips, your tongue against mine sets my body on fire. My hands, my mouth return the favor. Only one thing can extinguish the flames. Your body pressed against mine. Clothes pulled from bodies and tossed away, no longer needed. Sounds...Read On

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Twelve Hours of Sex

Want to have some naughty fun?

Let's have twelve hours of sex, Want to give it a try? What shall we do next, Let's think and close our eyes. To start a little suck on your cock, For my guy's erect dick. It's hard like a rock, I bob along your prick. My pussy is throbbing, Want to take a lick? I'll stop my bobbing, But, please don't be quick. We kiss each other, Our lips taste salty and sweet. We're hot...Read On


Fuck Me As You Please

Orgasm denial and making me beg for it.

Denying me Making me beg While I fist your hair Your head between my legs My legs spread You take it so slow Women don't sweat They glow But my legs Are shaking My body Vibrating Your small licks Teasing me Over the lips Of my pussy Fluttering your tongue Over my my folds Gasping out loud Pleasure untold I need to cum But you wont let me ...Read On


A Blow Job Every Hour

How about a little hourly fun.

It's your day of rest, How about a blow job every hour? I'm up for this test, I've got lots of sucking power. Get on our comfortable bed, I'm going to make your head spin. Every hour I'll give you head, Your come will roll down my chin. First I want to stroke your cock, From the base to your tip. Hard as a fucking rock, I'll put your dick through my lips. Slow sucking to your prick,...Read On


Dancing With the Devil

I saw the devil and he smiled at me. He grinned back like he knew what I was thinking. I said, "Hey, did you come to take me away Mr. Devil?" He replied: "No, I only came to dance with you." He took my hand, kissed it and gave me a twirl. We danced under the moonlight, Cheek to cheek to imaginary music. He was very handsome and whispered in my ear, All the wonderful things...Read On


Forest Chump

If you go down to the woods in rhyme you're sure of a musing smile sometime!

The day it dawns clear, let's go hunting deer In the forest you say to yourself Your horn you will hoot, your arrows you'll shoot And the walk will be good for your health So you get out of bed and start scratching your head Even though you are barely awake Then it's out of the door as your stomach shouts 'More' Soon your breakfast you're starting to make When the...Read On



If only you knew...

I follow you on Twitter, Sometimes ‘like’, the odd RT, It tickles me to know you’re thinking, “Who the fuck is she?” My Twitter name’s not known to you, A secret I’ll not share, Racy tweets are not your thing, So tell you? - I’d not dare! You know me as a colleague And at work we get on fine, But not so well that I’d discuss The life I lead online. You’ve never read my posts...Read On


Every Night Without Fail

My lover comes to me each night in my dreams and together we enter paradise in each others' arms

In my dreams you come to me, my darling, Every night without fail, you are there, Slipping quietly under the covers To lie beside me in my lonely bed, Waiting and expectant, ready for love. Your soft breasts nestle warm and inviting In the hollow of my back, perfectly Designed to arouse me from my slumbers, Sending their message of promised pleasure Along my tingling nerves...Read On


The Edging God

A man loves his naughty fun

A guy who loves his cock, Sets aside time each day. Erect and harder than a rock, Getting off in anyway. Fingers dance along his rod, He cups and holds his balls. He's the edging God, Really giving it his all. A stroke and a jerk, What makes him hot? This can be a lot of work, Eventually he'll come a lot. To edge takes a lot of time, Lots of stroking for awhile. It really blows his...Read On


In Your Hands

Bound and gagged, And blindfolded too, Hanging all alone, Waiting for you. In your hands, I give you all, My body and will, I'm proud, standing tall. All I hear in the room, Is you moving about, Full of anticipation, desire, And pride, no doubt. My body exposed, And I'm on fire, Hoping to be strong, And never tire. My nipples are clamped, And pinched and teased, Not a whimper escapes,...Read On


Come, my lady

The pleasure's all mine

My lady, come sit on my face and let me pull apart the lace, and with my lips I would replace them on your pouting pussy. Come sit my lady and encase, between your warm thighs sweet embrace, my ever eager smiling face, before your pouting pussy. And your sweet lips I'd gently kiss. An opportunity I'd not miss to slip my tongue in the abyss of your hot pouting pussy. Upon my face then you...Read On


She Wore A Pair Of High Heeled Boots

A sexy tale of lesbian decadence xxx xxx

She wore a pair of high heeled boots And nothing else but pearls, Known on the scene as the lipstick queen, She only fucked with girls. She wore a pair of high heeled boots, And led Jayne to her bed, She made the blonde kiss six-inch heels, And then fucked with her head. She made the blonde kiss six-inch heels, And then fucked with her mind, She called the girl...Read On


Oral Pleasure is My Drug

Let me give you pleasure

Waiting for you in our bed, I'm aroused and wanting your dick. I'm needing to give you head, I love to pleasure your prick. You're undressed and you stand, I kneel on our rug. You reach out for my hand, Oral pleasure is my drug. I stroke your cock at your base, While I wrap my lips around. You stroke at my face, I make all those sucking sounds. I suck your cock very slow, You start...Read On


Feeling Fruity

Anyone for a fruit salad?

I've a cock like a banana. I've got balls like ripened plums. I like lips of sweetened cherries, and I do like peachy bums. I like tits like watermelons, or pink grapefruits at the least. I like nipples like pert raspberries. A delicious fruity feast. I like pussy's like a open fig, so succulent, inviting. I like clits like pomegranate seeds. Now that sounds quite exciting. I love the taste...Read On


Normally Exotic

It's almost supernatural The effect you have on me Whenever we're together I rise excitedly You make vanilla new No more ordinary With your mind and body Life becomes extraordinary Sensations overload Pleasure overwhelms The touch of your skin Sends sparks through my spine I'll bet you thought I was done with my rhyme I know when you are wet I can tell when you're...Read On



Aardvark's at the front Page one And zygote's near the rear See, here But after that this dictionary's worse than Useless * Look No love But sex is everywhere A noun, to have, to be, Apparently So tied up to identity Commitment's close to shit Sense tells me otherwise Truth's here, before lies Honesty, integrity and trust Are simply absent Lust is there in...Read On


Skin to Skin

Love the Passion

The passion and the heat, Kisses to our lips. Lovemaking on our sheets, Mouth on my nips. Bodies entwined as one, Skin to skin. Hands on our buns, The passion begins. Deep thrusts inside, Little sighs and moans. Loving this ride, Pants and some groans. The juices now flow, Hungry for each other. Fucking my pussy slow, We're each other's lover. We change positions, I'm now on top....Read On


Mistress Of The Light

Missing something for so long,  lost and never discovered, perhaps now, now I have found what I need, my Mistress, my being, my redemption, heavenly,  holy, heart of my life. Appearing here before me, my goddess of redemption, the saving grace of her, of her lust, of her love. Mistress of the light, of the night, of ecstasy eternal, just pleasure of submission to her might. Terrible...Read On


Your Count

The weight of my hand My grip Are both steady and true Ready for the task But my focus Is you I watch your skin  Tighten Like silk Inviting touch It waits I wait I listen  Quietly and intently  For your breath to issue orders For your body to begin the count For you to make the choice And there it is That smile A nod A surrender This is where we begin I can hear The meeting of...Read On


Your Doll, Your Toy

I lie awake in bed, Aching from our night, Of earth-shattering sex, Reliving each moment, In my head. Thinking of your touch, Your strokes, your clutch, As you pinned me down, And held me tight, Unleashing your inner beast, On me, Your doll, Your toy. My shoulders ache. My thighs burn. My mouth is dry. As I remember, How you spread, My sweet wet lips with, Your rock hard shaft, Waiting...Read On


Whispers in the night

Surrounded by the darkness of night She waits for her love. Listening out for his footsteps approaching, A smile forming on her lips, As she hears him coming. He joins her under the covers And pulls her in close, Kissing her softly, Stroking her hair. “Hi babygirl” he whispers. He feels her breath on his skin, As she greets him lovingly. The stress of a long day melting away ...Read On


Body And Soul

I’m delirious, Out of my mind. I’m writhing in pleasure, The feeling is sublime. Your fingers slide easily against my g-spot, Awakening every nerve in my body. I’m very responsive to your erotic touch, You make me feel so naughty. You hand puts subtle pressure on my belly, I grip the sheets below. I have a strange sensation that’s not quite foreign, And my body tells me to let...Read On


Sheaths Of Souls

A beautiful kiss stokes a frenzied fire

Kisses are sweet; lips, soft and full. Warm breath dances upon sheaths of souls, before the bliss of a kiss. The ocean pulls me under to drown in the warmth of love.  Rolling waves ferry me to my Eden alongside you.  The breath of love stokes passion's fire,  coaxing more intimate touch,  fuelling embers into frenzied heat. The first wave of throbbing delight echoes through...Read On