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Erotic Poems


My Aggregate

In words of id I expressed with a fleeting of my pen at the calling of my wilding soul as tears from my eyes fled Oh! how you grasped my stickling stick long time past ago  in the unforgotten of my mortality some where near my Shiloh It wasn't but a moment's gasp and the howling wails blew as my simmering slew brew the sighing of the winds The snood of my fillet gave tingle the...Read On


A Trio of Lovers

A woman has a threesome

A trio of lovers decide tonight's the night, A woman will be with two men. They'll make love and it'll feel right, Ben and Glen will fuck Jen. They all undress each other, Now the trio are all bare. Tonight they'll be lovers, They'll enjoy this kinky affair. Jen gets on the bed, And opens her thighs. And gives one man head, While the other licks her into sighs. Up and down Glen licks...Read On


Monday morning fuck

A Monday morning fuck may have runny repercussions, cummy consequences, unctuous upshots...

Slowly circling Sliding down Cork-screwing Paragliding Back from pleasure's peak My heaven Bliss My favourite moment Just before I sink to kiss His eyes, his lips And take his flesh Into my depths Once more Controlled and conscious  Hold him Press and squeeze and Feel him fill my body As he fills my soul I whisper 'Did you?' 'No.' I know Forgo...Read On

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The Searing Hot Rush

Which love is worth risking?

The searing hot rush of our first touch burns, branding us hypocrites. The defiant wings of arrogance caress our feeble hearts. Our stolen weakness; soft kisses upon moist, dewy skin become lustful agony. I will meet you for our deceitful desecration. Blistering heat born of the memory, rushes downwards through my body igniting a pool of burning, wet, need. The searing ache for...Read On


The Demon Within

Love's dark embrace pulls you in. You can't escape

Let me into the darkness. Pull me in with you and close the door. All that you are, all that I am...I want it to merge into one. I have that burning hot desire. So many cravings, So much lust This is just us, our dark fantasies free of all boundaries, forgetting tomorrow. I can go all night, I never seem to get enough. Tonight let's remove our masks, life is such a charade, it's all an...Read On


Before You Leave

A little hot fun before you leave to go to work.

You were in the shower, Let's have sex I said. I can lick you for an hour, Open your legs on the bed. You put on a little spit, To get my pussy wet. You dove right into my slit, Now I was all set. Long licks on my bald box, Little licks and flicks to my clit. You're stroking on your cock, Tongue fucking in my slit. A finger pressed on my ass, You tongue lick my tight space. You insert...Read On


When Bodies Migrate

Flesh to flesh, the collision of two oceans. A migration of bodies. Every mark on you is a constellation to me, a celestial glow near fingertips that can turn me into vapor When your heat twines around me. A contrast of the smooth gliding along the grain of my cheek, if I get close enough, I may feel the thunder trembling behind your eyes. I may see the same lightning ...Read On


Inside And Out

You've known me for so long through words, unearthing fractions of a person with letters that gently peel away. Do not forget the other side we edge, the raw physicality blooming between our silences that eclipse the difference within intention and instinct. I may have forgotten how to move you, with one wrong step in the dark I saw how many fragments you could break into, how...Read On



He is in all my holes

Can you feel as if this is ideal? Breath does catch as heart beats match Here we are again as hands feel like silk on skin The shake starts at the base as heart beats do race In my ass the tail does go as juices flow My clit does throb as his cock proceeds to bob My ass does gape as my world he does shape His cock my mouth does encase as I work to get his cum on my face My fingers do...Read On


Do you do anal?

Some days these little things happen when you least expect them...

"Do you do anal?" Enquired a man Whose name was Stan Waiting for a train In the morning rain “Oh my,” I said Blushing bright red Shocking and rude To a girl who’s a prude I thought him an ass Vulgar and crass But I got to wondering Thoughts and pondering The size of his dick Knob, cock or prick Would it be strong, Big and long Would it be fun Stuck in my bum Or nasty and sleazy To...Read On



Preaching abstinence of nay's my robust for lust and jongleur prose in my itinerant ways, with a penchant for particulars of grandiose curse in all that is patois giving laugh at my perverse. Not stifling my yen, those taint knockers of pen wishing to be on the top side of my thirst, as I sidestep oracles swarming of the fickle in covenant her bung giving rise of fuck.  With a cackling...Read On


I Crave

...the fantasy with you

I crave your undivided attention, Explicit words of sexual attraction, Our secretive bond, illicit connection That drives my brain to utter distraction. Intimate thoughts only your eyes will see, Filthy debauchery, passion set free, A decadent world of wild fantasy, With visions surrendered in front of me. Precious moments treasured together, Sentiments messaged, one to the other,...Read On


Come tickle

An invite you can't resist.

Come tickle my testicles. give them a squeeze. Give them some love while your down on your knees. Give them a licking. Dear god that feels good. My cock's now as hard as mahogany wood. I take it in hand, with an audible sigh. We wouldn't want it to poke you in the eye. You give them attention, first one then the other, for just the right time and then switch to it's brother. The...Read On

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Under blinding strain Of push, and pull, Before the rain, A scrawny creature Relaxes, hoping beyond measure For another glimpse of her very own master. With breath pounding in her chest, She does as she is bidden, Alarms sounding at her behest, She is hunger overridden. Burdened by arousal delirious, and irreversible, Screaming forth in desirous mating call, Her...Read On

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Naughty and Nasty Good Time

Tonight we'll be naughty.

Tonight we're going to be fucking,  It won't be all nice and sweet. Eating pussy and cock-sucking, Will get nasty on our sheets. Tonight we can be a little rough, And you can pull my hair. We can do all sorts of stuff, You sit on the chair. My outfit is see through, I gyrate my curvy hips. I dance and then I strip, I'm pulling at my erect nips. I play with my breasts, And put a finger...Read On


I Cum On Your Lips

Licking,Sucking And Fucking British Style.

Feelings Are they real? I think most likely They are surreal.  The kissing The loving Hugging And fucking Licking pussy Tongue swirling Around your cock head Licking and twirling My tongue flickering Over your slit. My wetness in your mouth While you suck on my clit My pussy grinding All over your face While I suck you off With British Ultimate Grace ...Read On


Set 'Em Neat

There is no antidote for sins so set 'em up neat  at the Dragon's Spittoon and Air Devils Inn Awaiting the lights on the barroom floor  debauchery me do my nine o'clock whore As she turns on the brass pole of ten with tits in flight and beneath the spins Three fingers of gin and a pocket full of grin with money ticking and pantomime licking While caterwauling, snowballing in mid air...Read On


This Can't Be Wrong

This can't be wrong it feels so right Just living my life day by day And becoming more despondent with each turning of the sun My body yearning for something that men cannot give though they try and try And still cannot deliver I yearn Am I asking too much of them and their brothers do they have what it takes to please me at last Becoming more despondent with each turning of the...Read On


Burning Desire

Lying naked together pressed against you The geography of your nakedness Is so familiar under my bare hands As they roam uninhibited along your body I lean into you to kiss your lips so softly Closing my eyes kissing you feels like home I realize I am most at home in your arms Achingly I touch your face as we finally kiss I relax letting my lips fall open as your lips part Our tongues...Read On

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You Ain’t Been Loved Right

Save that coochie for someone that's going to love it right.

Girl, why you cry’n ‘Cause he done let you go Spit you out Fucked you this way Pulled you that way And now your heart’s asunder I ought to slap you Just like he did Right up-side your head But harder You see the problem is You ain’t never been loved right Oh, you done loved You done gave of yourself To the point that you can’t give No more You done let him handle your Outside And rip you...Read On


Our Special Love

This is the way I want to greet my lover at the door.

I met my lover at the door while I was on my knees. My collar on, his crop in hand, I said to him, "Sir, please." The stance I held, I knew to keep till he gave nod to rise. My head was bowed, my wrists were joined, awaiting him to tie. As naked as the day was born, I'd give myself to him. He owned my body, I was there to fill his every whim. I felt the ties go round my wrists and tighten...Read On


What to do with an erection

It's more versatile that you think.

If you're faced with an erection and you don't know what to do, I've had a little think and I've got some ideas for you. You could use it as a mug tree. you can use it to roll dough. You could use it as a stopper for your bottle of Bordeaux. You could use it to hang towels on after having a hot shower. You could use it as a sundial casting shadows on the hour. You could use it as a rudder...Read On


Unfettered Fantasy- hers

This is part of a conversation between a Master and his slave, her side, read both to get it all.

I hear you and I understand  The type of man you are.  I may not know what you have planned,  But I beg, don’t go too far. How can I trust in such a man,  In one I do not know?  And yet, in silence, here I stand  With no desire to go. Slowly, gently, I am unclothed,  Revealed before your eyes.  Before, this thought, I once loathed.  Now for you my body cries. My fantasies! I...Read On


Do you have?

If you don't ask...

Do you have a hairy muffler? Do you keep it pretty trim? Or do you prefer the natural look and have a furry quim? Is it tufts of purest amber? Is it flowing, free and fair? Is it dark and thick and curly, like a wire brush down there? Or maybe you're quite arty and you shape the hair around? Perhaps you are a shaver with a soft, sweet, puffy mound. These are the things I think about when...Read On



It is your voice I need to hear, Your smile, I need to see. It is your touch, I need to feel. My ear, pressed against your chest, Is what will make me sane. Your presence alone, will lift my spirits. A simple kiss on my forehead, will give me warmth. Your warm embrace is my home, The gap between your fingers, are the pieces to which connects perfectly with mine. Your...Read On


His Voice

Friends spend some time on the phone

I dream of your cock and voice at night and think about them all day. The thought of your cock in my hand feels right. Please tell me today you can stay. Never quite enough time for us to fully feel. To let me savor and delight in your voice. I'm never sure until I hear you that we're real. You give me what I need and want, whatever my choice. Whenever I hear that sound and knowing...Read On


Unfettered Fantasy-His

A conversation between a master and his slave, his side, look for hers to get it all.

My beauty, close your eyes, Listen closely to my voice As your expectations rise You must soon make your choice Search yourself, your soul, Find within your trust  My touch will make you whole  And satisfy your lust. Stand naked before your master Reveal to me your essence Hear your heart race faster While humbled in my presence Those you’ve embraced before me Could not understand...Read On

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Blow Job After Your Shower

Let Me Suck Your Cock

You get out of the shower, I'm going to suck your dick. You have only an hour, You're very long and very thick. My fingers dance up and down, I caress and pet your ball-sack. You smile; you never frown, Your cock is my plan of attack. I bob along and hold your hips, You're face fucking my face. Your pre-cum is starting to drip, I'm keeping excellent pace. Lots of sucks and little gags,...Read On


Midnight Hoo

My tongue steeps in her vagina brew  and the bonking of the woo in tales of screw Below the hemlocks and midnight hoo masking the moon's snickering grin In quest of my hungering nourishment and sipping three knuckles of distilled gin As shrouds of lust raise my tall timber in corners of my mind and snow of December Her eyes cast sin and my harrowing descends  'neath tapers of lit...Read On

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Tasting Your Cock

A little whip cream and other stuff to delight you

Whip cream put on your dick, Is so tasty and so much fun. My tongue licks your prick, Until I'm completely done. How about some honey? All over your big cock. I know it's a little funny, Please don't go into shock. Some chocolate on your schlong, Makes me suck you more. My pussy is wet in my thong, I'm your little cock-sucking whore. Ice to delight you held in my cheek, Makes your cock...Read On