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Erotic Poems


The Journey

that very first time when all is new and yet to be discovered

Ask yourself what is it about flesh? New flesh, different flesh, unexplored flesh Different body but God is in the detail The imperfections that make it perfect Hold your gaze, look closer, closer yet Examine it minutely, gaze at the detail Watch the goose flesh rise as your breath caresses it Imagine the reactions you instil on/in the yet undiscovered   New curves, colour,...Read On

Only in my dreams

My dreams of my love who is far away from me now

You start kissing my neck Nibbing on my ear Whispering that you want me I softly moan Your hands on my breast Making my nipples grow Your fingers twisting them Pulling them and mauling Your head bent down to suck them Your hands sliding down over my tummy Finding it's place that your wanting Your fingers start to play me like a fiddle Moaning and squirming I let you Your fingers going...Read On


Motel Six

She was startled by the knock at the door Quickly answering, like many times before Dressed in stockings and garter she wore Come fuck me pumps and not much more   Passion over took them as they rushed to bed Kissing and fondling, not much more was said On the desk a Gideon Bible, never read Now between her legs, she grabbed his head   His tongue trashing upon her moistened slit...Read On


Distance Of An Elbow

At a distance of an elbow only a breath away Feeling your touch in softness of life's bread Your hips rise to the Portobello tween your thighs With breasts swaying a Mendelssohn song   While the pendulum rung a non sequitur As embers of my heart lit a zephyr's match   With lips the essence of lust we catch As my old cock stuttered a silhouette Behind the lids of my feasting eyes On...Read On


Sexual Escapade

Eyes are the pathway To pleasure and desire It's important what you say To create the heat and the fire Once a connection is formed Feelings of pleasure happen Their bodies feel warm When excited with passion An embrace starts the process A kiss seals the deal The only answer now is yes The couple now have sex appeal Clothes are now removed Kissing is much deeper The players are in a...Read On


Knock At My Door

There was a knock at my door from my lover

There was a knock at my door, Did she do what was asked of her Did she come dressed just in her Nightgown with absolutely nothing, Underneath but her birthday suit. I go to the door I let her in, Motioning for her to take her nightgown off Slowly slipping it off leaving it  to drape  On her shoulders letting it open, Revealing her pert breasts. Coming over to her, With her collar in my...Read On

Recommended Read

Love And Sex In Old Age

I pray you, do not trample on my dreams. Though you may only see this mortal shell, A frail thing of flesh; this outward reality, Is of no greater substance than the air,  Masking the real truth that lies within  From the unperceptive gaze of the world. Though my years have passed the Biblical span And I am well advanced on the dread path  That leads to senility and decay, And though my...Read On


Too Hard To Stop!

A quick and perhaps humorous piece of one of many a man's favrotie activites when home alone or not.

  FUCK, I'm feeling frisky and I'm home alone. A double shot of whiskey, Two hands upon the bone.   Stroking up and down, hard and fast and slow. It's going to be a long, long time before I let her BLOW!   Women on the Internet  would love to lend a hand who often love to watch because they understand -   a man must do it solo when he's on his own in need of a good milking...Read On


The Mountain Cabin

Written for a woman I used to call Kiss...

We are lying together in a bed In a mountain cabin. I can hear the sharp snapping sounds of split pine burning in the fireplace. Embers appear like orange fireflies, Dancing drunkenly. I feel your hand exploring my body, Trying to make all of my body feel loved, But you have greedy fingers For the part of me you desire most. I feel your hand wrap around my cock. Your fingers tighten...Read On

Of Bittersweet

While howling winds corralled my pen Poetically conceived in hibernation Bound by catechisms of erstwhile poets Who now rest in orchards of stones Bearing trees of souls in Valhalla Giving me seeds that sowed my oats As a silhouette of the impending dawn Gives breath as my penis yawn While howling winds corralled my pen Masturbating in stead of intercourse Because I lost my way...Read On

Recommended Read

Coastline (Come with Me)

An erotic coupling along a stormy coastline.

Come to me. A whisper lingering in briny air, drifting unbroken through the storm, searching for the answer amid the flashing notes of an electric orchestra. Silence rebukes my naivety, a brazen plea unheeded, judged as undeserving,  unworthy, perishing beneath crashing waves. Upon these empty shores I stand resolved, unmoved by impossible reverberations crashing violently around me,...Read On


Secret Place

Welcome home

Eyes meet Drinks sent The walk Been too long His touch Her scent Light chat Slow dance Pulling tight Want Lust Need Desire Whisper Back to their Secret Place Welcome home soldier boy...Read On


Love Without Limits

Thank you for taking this journey with me to discover how perfect love without limits can be!

You are my morning thoughts, You are my mid-day prayer. You are my dinner time meal. You are my midnight craving. In this bed and in our world, WE are one. One filthy mind. One sensuous body. One heartbeat together. One soul shared between us. One canvas to create a singular masterpiece. No one understands our proclivities. No one understands our cravings. No one understands our hunger....Read On


Pleasure Thrives

Inspired by a particularly sensuous image

A beautiful sight 'Tis to behold, When a woman Is so bold As to pleasure herself With fingers sweet, 'Twixt her legs Where they meet With silken wetness, And heat, soft, Working their magic, Her spirit to loft. They dip within To spread the flood Of passion's nectar To a throbbing bud, Which then sends sparks Coursing 'round When stroked with zeal, Breaking the bound To heights of bliss;...Read On

Wayfarer's Ghost

As the vermin of darkness prey upon my mind With a musk of the caribou in lust I tongue the licks of your cunt's salt Giving thee eternity befitting a shadow   Of my alter ego in copse of woods Among the thorns of a briars' patch As I bellow a Cornish lullaby   Fore dusk awakes your green eyes   With a hermit's meander of wayfarer's ghost    ...Read On


I've Never Left This Place

I've never left this place Your mouth silently sealing, clasping like a hot wet ring over a column of needy flesh helplessly surging towards oblivion. My name is a muffled moan, but the world is roaring at this animalistic edge where  you want to taste my soul. And as your tongue dances inside, a signature swirled on a throbbing root, urging to relent and let the explosion come, an...Read On

Back Seat Of Chevy

Before the Aspergum kicks in Relieving my pain of sinful tales Of a splinter in my woody From the backseat of a Chevy   As her toenails bebop on my cock And she strangles my hurdy gurdy With a IHOP pussy that locks Before the Aspergum kicks in And my testicles swell Of a splinter in my woody From the backseat of a Chevy As the syrup sticks to my knickers    ...Read On


As We Dream and We Dance Through This Life

We were young when performing this play

You and I must recall When we swayed in the Spring on the Champs-Élysees When we whirled all about in a Viennese waltz When we skipped around Rome and we spun near the old Spanish Steps You and I must recall In our thoughts and our dreams How we danced close together through life You and I must recall And remember it all As it might really happen again Those touches we touched neath the...Read On


Back to the Light

Staring out the window Drizzling, gloomy fog sets in Too many hours of gray today Too much time in thought On clearer days, I see the possible On these days, I feel emptiness   Before being sucked into the darkness Your face appears in the back of my mind Thoughts of springtime The bursting purple of irises The glowing promise of buttercups and daffodils  The shining warmth of...Read On

Ghost Of Friars' Pudding

Looking out the window of bygones through the eyes of an old poet as cataracts of the pane cracks, and the lager fills my cup.   Like ghost of friars' pudding gives me a wee bit of head choking back the foreskin, as I have it covered 'fore mass.   Uncorking the flagon of angel's brew looking out the window of bygones as the harlot lay prone, spreading thighs on apse.   While dust mites...Read On


Millie's Odyssey

A saucy Burns Night treat

Millie travelled to Scotland’s fair land, To find and fulfil a plan extravagantly grand. She wanted a Scot, tall, sexy and strapping, To sate a secret desire for some sexy unwrapping. So, she scoured the land of thistle and heather, Diligently hunting, whatever the weather. Hunting her prey in the deepest glen, And seeking her desires upon the tallest ben. Eventually her eyes feasted on...Read On



She had little white kitty ears and when she spoke  they wiggled She turned around and had a long white furry tail and when she walked it sashayed invitingly Now, she is purring and you're not positive but you think your pants are getting tighter She presses her face to your semi-hardness and  sniffs and nuzzles All of a sudden you notice her white,  manicured claws She gently kneads up...Read On

Little Gold Fish

The still became an echo of screaming fools As jesters laughed at my writing dichotomy  Of my foibles an endless dark with ink Like parasites in a delirium pool As the bell in the roundhouse knells Wearing herringbone of little gold fish With my pinon quill into the night  Reflecting a mold of a bard composing Jousting with my head's cacophony As my muse swaddles my cock With her...Read On

A Little Spice Added

They took life for granted Not noticing time slipping away Now they had to take chances While experiencing each day Life became complicated Love seemed to be halted Their love seemed sedated They both were exhausted Their love needed a jolt Things became very routine They didn't want a revolt They needed a new scene She gave herself a new look Bought a new wardrobe She read all kinds of...Read On


Going to The Glory Hole

It's where my Hot Wife takes me every Monday.

Going to The Glory Hole in a hot pink sissy dress with a butt plug and a cock cage. Made-up to impress.   My 'Hot Wife' takes me once a week to perfect my sissy skills. Deep throating cocks in bobby socks is how I get my thrills.   I'm happy when I'm guzzling cum from faceless cocks and balls every Monday at The Glory Hall as I crawl from stall to stall.   I haven't always...Read On


When You're Down On Your Knees...

What you get, if you're good

When you're down on your knees And you're eager to please And your big eyes are turned up to mine  I've a grip of your hair And your body is bare  Oh the vision before me's just fine.    With my hand on your cheek You're so pure and so meek  As you open your Ruby red lips Then you spy daddy's toys Just imagine the joys Of the vibe and the paddles and whips   From touches and taps...Read On

Scent Of Evergreen

As if a shadow of a nightmare fleeing And I in my cups as the candle flickers With virginal white wax of tears Dripping  streams over silken skin With a sensual scent of the evergreen As my pulse quickens, inking dreams On thoughts of semper fidelis Echoing words of a faraway language Washing upon her luscious tongue With deep tides of a whispering wish The dowager cometh with a kiss...Read On


You’re mine

Pleasing her Master forever.

My pulse races, it’s almost time. Running the shower, I wait till it’s warm. Washing my hair, with lemon scented shampoo. My body clean, and dry. The outfit I am to wear, on my bed. He picked it out for a special night. I put on the see through dress. It barely covers my ass. I feel my pussy juices flow. My shaved pussy, glistens. On my knees at the door seconds before he enters. ...Read On

Her Morning Release

  As you lay there with parted legs, I touch your flower for a taste.    The sweet nectar coats my tongue, Your heady aroma urges me on.   With circular motion my finger awakens, The man in the boat standing at attention.   Waking at the touch of my tongue, I part the pink swollen lips.   Finding the spot that makes you quiver, You awaken at this delightful pleasure.   Taking...Read On


How The Inch Stole XXXmas

The Fucks down in Fucksville...

Every Fuck down in Fucksville liked XXXmas a lot... But the Inch, who lived just north of Fucksville, did not ! The Inch hated XXXmas! The whole XXXmas season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be that his testicles were hung up far too high. It could be, perhaps, that his bladder was shy. But I think that the most likely reason of all, May have been...Read On