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Erotic Poems


Lucid Dreams

Your lover of the night...

Waiting for the night to fall, Another taste of sensual delight, Sense of oblivion is what I give. Visiting your dreams tonight, Sucking all of your sexual energy, Tempting you to want me more. I'll be the nightmare That will give you pure pleasure, You'll be craving to have. Every time you'll think of me, Wishing I'll be touching your hardness That will bring you to ecstasy. Feeding...Read On

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I want to slowly undo you... The soft curtain of lush hair seems to fall in slow motion now, a dark flourish of silk waves  lapping against your shoulders. I cannot stop taking you in.... As your hair grazes against me, I undo the smallest knot, the bow on your lingerie a subtle and tangible display saying to carefully open you Expose the tiny freckles along your chest, I touch them as...Read On


All In The Art of Loving You

Our love - and how we make it - is our priceless masterpiece.

Where I place my passion, is in the art of loving you, to create a chain reaction, when we begin anew.   If you multiplied a fraction  by a trillion brilliant stars, that wouldn't represent, how far away we are.   How far away from sorrow, from emptiness and pain, we'll truly be tomorrow, when you let me in again.   Every breath and heartbeat, every happy tear and sigh, is...Read On

My Cock's Bastille

Of wilted hours and swill's gibberish While a trail of a dark cloud looms Being swept by the devil's broom  Beneath a toxic rusting red moon And I in recess of a catacomb's womb Hemorrhaging lust of my cock's Bastille While prosing Goth in a journal of sins With apostrophes and an ossuary of pens Shaking sand to absorb the staccato As lightening crashes a crescendo On wilted petals of...Read On


Perverted Lush Affair

Comforting thoughts of you, make me smile...

Strangers at first glance Two lost souls collide Teasing each other endlessly Tickles for their perverted minds "Hello, little one" "Hello, Mister" Connected in many ways Exploring their sexual fantasies Waking each other's passions Dripping with desire "Where is that dirty thing?" "Here, baby." They found joy and comfort From each other's company Trusting and confidant of their...Read On

Where The Bogeyman Trolls

As fleeting as a daunting's whisper Whispering of a breath upon my skin  Came a zephyr of winds From deep down in my soul With a musk of lust in translation And graven sins of copulations Where the bogeyman trolls With eyes of bituminous coal And out of the dust a shadow grew Corroded with curses of disgust Wearing a corset of the devil's queue As my hungering lips kissed her breasts With...Read On


Rough Sex

I love rough sex with anyone, anywhere.

Rough Sex   This is the thing, I like rough sex. When I’ve finished being one person’s victim, I swiftly move on to the next.   I adore being bitten. I desire to be owned. Fucking is always better when it is horny and full blown.   He grabs my hair and bites my neck. I wonder to myself, is Brian going to be my best yet?   He roughly enters me, his fingers playing with my...Read On


Chronic Masturbator

If you don't know who's she may be she is still a dream cum true for a naughty boy like me.

  She's a chronic masturbator, who loves to make me SPURT, while I'm in a cock cage, panties, bra, short skirt.   Lying on her back, long legs opened wide, she loves to SQUIRT on me, where I'm trussed and tied.   She calls me her boy toy, cum slut and sissy bitch, with men on the Internet. who jerk without a stitch.   She loves to cum and tease, and suck her fingers dry, of...Read On

Hot Blow Job To Start

Hot blow job today Mouth opened wide Sucking all kinds of ways Looking at him open-eyed Kisses down his shaft Hot tongue on his tip Totally serious not daft Cock inside of her lips Heat felt on his dick Wetness and spit felt Sucking at his prick He feels weak and may melt Deep throat at his cock Hands on his balls He's hard as a rock This girl gives her all Deeper sucking now Cock stuffed...Read On

Sex On The Brain

Sex on the brain is what he had Always horny and wanting sex This made his wife glad She loved that he was obsessed Porno on the television always His cock was hard as steel He liked sex every day His hard-on was hard to conceal The wife wore sexy heels Lingerie made of lace He liked to make his wife squeal He liked to stroke her face She liked his big dick And his nice smooth balls She...Read On


Right on Q

A kinky couple play a quirky game.

There were never such lovers as Quentin and Queenie, Her in stilettos, and him in his beanie. Quentin was Master in bed and in life, Queenie was a shy, obedient wife. Two people so different, yet so good together, Her without clothes and him dressed in leather. It was always the same at the end of the day, Her body stark naked and his eager to play, Their toys were laid out all ready...Read On

Of My Cock's Spooge

With la petite mort I ejaculated As crickets whittled a dark chorus  Feigning a smile while you licked Dripping of my cock's spooge With a spooned tongue of satin lace Smiling with your chatoyant eyes While you strangled my penis As we sinned beneath the humming trees The ratchets of the wind blew And as your moans of pleasures lift I felt the urges of la petite mort tilt   As you tamed...Read On

Her Panties Drive Him Crazy

He liked panties in all styles A cunt dressed in lace This made her man smile Panties would light up his face He enjoyed her pussy scent Licking at her sweet box Her pussy was the main event He sniffed while pulling his cock Her scent drove him wild He enjoyed that she got wet Her scent smelled rather mild White panties with pink rosettes The lingerie made him hard She was his lover He was...Read On

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An Audio and Visual Experience of the Beauty of Breasts

Listen to the audio of Breasts, but also... Look above you. The Image represents all the words in the best shape ever created.    ...Read On


As if hard-bone china rising Rising to strike like a cobra My cock drools it's silky concoction Cascading downward Downward into a pool of it's ooze Like a looking-glass reflecting As I stretch the glands Masturbating it's equations For my mind's geometry On a square of spatter As I charm it with my hands And your lips embellish it's fondue 'Fore a roguish grin of sin Cascading downward As...Read On

Sex Is Her Fuel

Hungry for sex you see Arousal fuels her  Crawling on her knees She grins and she purrs She goes to his groin She kisses his dick Her face in his loins She sucks on his prick Her mouth is so full She enjoys his cock She's got quite a mouthful His baton like a rock She looks into his eyes While she quenches her thirst She sucks his cock dry This is what she does first She's finished...Read On



Snowballing shouldn't just be reserved for winter.

I take his cock in my mouth, it is a veritable delight. As my lips clamp upon it, I suck it with all my might.   His excited groans fill the air, causing my pussy to constrict. The perfect, rigid ramrod, upon which I love to sit.   But tonight, we’re going to try something new. I feel his pre-cum of excitement, Start to drip like morning dew.   Harder, I suck as my hand cups...Read On


Black Knight, White Queen.

Your pussy is velvet like primrose petals

Your body is perfection; statuesque yet ever so soft Your pussy is velvet like primrose petals As I probe your nethers, prodigiously, with my wetted fingers My penis is most protuberant A hard, ebony tusk, aroused and erect I see you shivering, with erotic anticipation; Your sexual power, and perfect femininity, pour over me We both crave what comes next I'm walking towards you now,...Read On

My Special Day

A beautiful day  Loving thoughts for me Love shown in many ways My happiness is key A massage on my back Oil all over my body A hot massage on my rack All before my morning coffee Kisses on my bald clit Fingers deep inside A tongue in my slit My pussy opened up wide Squirming on the bed Nipples hard and erect My face hot and red Oral sex is just perfect Juices drip down my legs Orgasms...Read On


The Night Is Really An Ocean

The night we gave was like a secret, lover, hand to hand, body to body in the dark. A flame kindled once again through some mystic connective tissue pulling us close together in a single careful touch. Before that moment quietly stormed through us We had never been more vague, glowing to one another as if  our hearts burned along dark horizons, the automata of a lonely pain. And as...Read On

The Naughty Wife Is Back

The naughty wife is back She's looking to play Looking to get back on track She'll excite you most days A naughty storyline Maybe a cyber fuck She'll treat you just fine With A slow cock-suck The naughty wife is so bad With her words you will come You'll never feel sad She'll make sure that it's fun A very sexy role she'll play A detailed story meant to excite Exciting you in the night or...Read On



Does it become too difficult to withstand? This throbbing pang below  begging to be soothed by a careful tongue that speaks in mysteries, in forgotten incantations. Like a knot that screams to be untied by knowing fingers that answered the one question whispered... Do we get what we deserve?   And enamored with your taste, the sheen of sweet nectar still fresh upon my lips, our locked...Read On


Oh my Virgin Ears

A faceless stranger takes her virginity.

I never saw him coming, the dark-haired predator. But in the dank dark alley, he took me then and there.   He pushes me against the wall, he smears my lipstick across my face. I feel his fingers begin to roam, inside my secret place.   He forces my thighs apart, and teases me with his cock. I decide I want him to fuck me, I want to take the lot. He pushes himself inside me, ...Read On


Anal delight

Anal is such a delight

Pop, his cock enters her, Pushing against her forbidden hole. His length deep inside her, To come hard and fast his goal.   Her ass clamps tightly over his cock, like an iron glove encased in velvet. He tries to hold back, temper his orgasm he doesn’t want to come yet.   He wants to prolong the experience, as long as he possibly can. He has aspired to show Victoria that he is...Read On


Heart Of Mine

Daring thoughts of lust, love, and happiness...

Oh dear, my heart, my heart of mine You have, my friend, been caught this time She makes your chambers loudly chime Causes life to feel sublime Commands our words to dance and rhyme  My fallen heart of mine. Our thoughts of her along the way During our lengthy drive today So very skilled at banter play We wonder what she'd have to say If she was next to us this day  My solemn heart of mine....Read On

Sex At The Gym

Hot guys with nice buns Are always fun to look at Flaunting their bodies in the sun Women love the gym rats Love to see them sweat They love their workouts They listen to their headsets There's absolutely no doubt Tight bicycle shorts Outline of their dicks Love all of that support They can see their pricks Hard on's at the gym Hot sexy bodies around Hot women looking prim You can see...Read On

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You draw the most exquisite lines so patiently upon my skin, these invisible traces ensure that your name is always there. And the more I stay here, this signature becomes all that I want to know. Our need begins to awaken  throughout every vein, every capillary screaming, the flame unseen, yet blazing through two joined beings. There's an animal between us, a patient wolf circling.... ...Read On


Climatic Embers

Titillating Poem

We’re Lovers Aroused to transcend Hedonistic goals without end Decadent compulsions are primed to feed Our voracious hunger, our primal need   Tepid desires strike nirvana’s downbeat Throbing inferno's red-blooded blazed heat   Impassioned cravings are wickedly provoked With lustful urges amorously stroked Our passions are fueled, Our sexual fervors aglow With unabashed...Read On


Just Jack and Jerk, Your Special Perk

Pleasing yourself, one stroke after another

The time has come to end the day With jerking off and hand held play. When lacking needed lovers sweet, It's time to jack your own hard meat. So go ahead and pull him out, He's yours to use without a doubt. To make the most of this fun treat, 'Tis best to strip from head to feet. To bare your body so it's nude Will give you thrills you need, my dude. So spread the pre-cum o'er the head,...Read On


The Beast at Her Mercy

The beast overtook her raging desires of his manly powers.

On a cool gloomy evening the sky was dark and grey Her mercy was about to be taken by her prey Hisssing as his nails raked her back Afraid as her limbs were bending from the strength that he didn't lack Clutching, aching from his weight over her torso Claws molded around her cheeks, as she yearned more so Roaring as he rests his manly hood against her smooth ass The cougar in her was...Read On