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Erotic Poems


Can I Get Some Ice With That?

I still love flirting with the cold Summers in the south make it hard Relying on AC and automatic ice I never turn down something that nice No snow to pile and sculpt Just a plain bowl of cubes Ready to slide in where I please A perfect shape for my needs Hearing them dispense  makes an impression on me Licking my lips I begin to drool and drip drowning the bed in a pool Pointing to the...Read On


Maroon Tiles

"Fuck you" you say smiling as we shove each other and boomerang back onto each others faces Our kiss urgent and starving Spinning on the spot two leaves blown together backpack against the cold wall you mock how I'm standing your leg hooked around my hip and I'm steaming a laugh between kisses   I saw the hair on her stomach I want to skim it with my lip I saw the hair in...Read On



She lay there Twisted Bound Vulnerable Yet drawn To him, At his mercy Yet aroused. Her breasts Firm and plump No utterance  Upon her lips As he mounted His tender Possession His intention  Known  As he parted Her milky  white thighs Thrusting His sex into her  Reaching over Securing her Hard nipples Between his fingers Pinching as his Seed explodes  Within Marking ...Read On

The Silo's Omen

While the midnight choir of the winds blow Pumpkins bellow like mellow souls As the Devil croons mournful tunes Jack Frost stalks the corn With eyes of a raven born  Twelve steps above in the silo's omen And as we cuddle upon the bed of moss With your breasts of sweet milk My cock stirs your cunt's sins As the weasel of Hell spins  The midnight choir of the winds blow Twelve...Read On


On Monday Night - Part IV

Searing stings Burned across snowy skin flexed and taught. Dangerous, filthy things made up random, rancid thoughts, soaring on brutal, feathered wings. The perfect agony she felt could not be fought, nor her lust for the sharp, leather strings. Wondering if her mind will begin to rot, and erotic shame and illicit pain pierce in one shot. Quite suddenly, it begins to rain in the dark, and...Read On

The Tax Man Cometh

I feel the silence of the stillness As moths pick lice from wings Versing with a whore's shadow As the pendulum tick-tocks A hush of the winds bring As the thunder crows While scribbling with my pen As revenuers knock at my door   The taper's tallow flows At this God forsaken hour  And the harlot does tricks With legs of pickem'up sticks Wrapped around my torso Weaseling my cock...Read On



Driven, Pulsing, Raging like fire, Kissing, Caressing, Burning desire. Oh God, I miss you, So much making up to do. Snaking down my chest, Your head between my breasts, Head fallen back in lustful throes, Chest raising, Nails pulling, Red lines trailing across my skin. My hand guiding yours, Down down down, Lower lover, Ignite my pyre. Teeth on my thighs, Passion between our eyes,...Read On



The silence is deafening, unless you embrace it.

As the world around me falls so silent I am left alone with only my thoughts Simultaneously I both relish and loathe  The discernable absence of distraction  My thoughts are no longer my own You now permeate every aspect of life  From our very first kiss you changed me As I became who I was meant to be  In the silence tonight I ache for you Has it really been just a few hours Since we...Read On



I describe an impregnation.

Treasure in my arms in my hands. The treasure is Barbara her body in my arms her breasts in my hands. Holding her this way is my heaven my sexual haven. My groin against her buttocks my cock between her crack my instincts at work. I move my shaft between her legs probing for her entry I press myself between her lips sliding up and down I hear her moan of pleasure as I glide into her. ...Read On


Late Night Interlude

Thinking of that special lady while up at night

My bladder woke me late last night I had to go relieve my plight As I dried myself I thought of you Touching me there as you often do Then my fingers lingered longer Massaging e're a wee bit stronger As I sat there, rocking gently I stroked myself more intently Keeping as quiet as I could Circling round and round my hood Then a finger slipped inside And on it I began to ride My...Read On

Radio, WBOU

On the darkside of the clock's face While sipping cider on a poetic dime As the pendelums swings, tick-tock Driving the highway in my pickum' up truck The mites choir in the wee hours   As the fat lady sings Ava Maria  And tears run down my chest For being a jester and devil's fool As you ran amuck, giving out fucks For two bits and a holler While I masterbated as the clock struck...Read On


On Monday Night - Part III

Be still, held fast. Breathe against pleasure, lungs straining to fill, with two hands on the mast, and her face buried in treasure, subject to another's will like never before in life past. For one moment, she hesitates, lost in lust beyond measure and the exaltation of fright, but surrender is fated. Palm to throat, tightening across breath faded. Her face elated, her discipline a moat. ...Read On



Poem on the spell of a dancer, turn phone horizontal to experience the full effect of the structure

  Sway. Left then right caressing the arms that hold tight. Sensually, seductively rocking hips side to side slowly tempting the senses. Pulling the inhibitions of those select few who see the real you, off the fences to find themselves lost in your terrible, awful lie if only to hear your sweet sigh. They fall to deft hands teasingly goading each man, woman kneading them...Read On


The Body Soon Follows

You whisper that anticipation is everything, you can sense the intensity already... I can feel your words race across my skin, like a faint but palpable wind, summer's final traces of heat, a final secret given to me. Our words are just the catalyst,  elements stirring electricity, a complex intangible storm, that is always about connection. The body soon follows. Hands roaming along...Read On

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The Rhythm of Sex

"Myfanwy... Myfanwy... Am I yours. Am I yours." "Yes, yes, yes you are -" Oh! those words of reassurance, those words of need, those words of love. The smile, the sigh, the open mouth, the lustful scent that drifts on the rising air. The hand of hers, that slowly clutches and feeds their fingers through filamentous hair, And the brush of fingertips against warm gossamer-like skin. The heady...Read On

Poser's Weed

Sleeping on stones poetic shawled As your cunt of midnight brume Entice my lusting nomadic doom My cock quakes as you hump In jubilation of dark porn As your tongue levitates 'Bout my bleeping warm chest  As your clit swims in your dish Salivating a baptismal wish The ravens on boughs thrall As your cunt of midnight brume Fill with my seed of poser's weed  Casting but a shadow on the...Read On

His Hot Little Ride

She's a nice little ride She likes it in her butt She's got a great backside She likes that his dick is uncut He holds her by her hips While he fucks her asshole This makes her honeypot drip While her man takes control He tells her she's his whore While stroking at her cunt She begs her man for more He loves all her sexy grunts He wants to finish in her vagina And pulls out and slides...Read On


On Monday Night - Part II

Nails drag across tender flesh. Time begins to lag, as two bodies mesh. Four hands on four hips, two hearts reeling beat light as a feather. Two hearts skip at the feeling of four lips together. Acting on instinctive automation, paved with insanity and startling presence, drenched in sensual intoxication, and bathed in brilliant quintessence... A ritual fueled with brazen lust and...Read On

The Devil's Dwarf

Like putting lipstick on a pig my words praise the devil's dwarf  As my mind echoed a gathering of my ink's sins While pulling the wool over a fountain's harp The sirens suckled my wayfaring kind heart As their clits stirred at my cock's widdershins  Better yet using their twat nets To snare an old bard on the fly Flossing their cunts with the hanging moss While pulling the wool over...Read On


Step Daddy

My step daddy is so naughty

Strong and tough,  he is so protective Ensuring that my choice of boys Is very, very selective. But on a July balmy day, His attitude suddenly changed It was like he was full of jealousy, He looked slightly deranged. ‘’I’m tired of all these boys, taking off you what they can. What you need young lady, Is a truly, virile man.’ ‘Oh yeah,’ I petulantly retorted And who exactly will that be?’...Read On

Past Tense Fence

Into the brume of the starless night On a path of melted snow broth Shrouded as a shawl of bog's perfume Soot of chimneys blow a hellish brew While harlots play on a cock's fiddle  And their cunts stir a lusting stew With a screech of an alley cat Perched upon a past tense fence And while harlots slurp the penis fat Chilling the bones to one's shoe spats Into the brume of the starless...Read On

Ascot Of Chutzpah

Winking shiners shrouded by clouds of satin gray As the boll weevils of dark clung to my cotton tunic Like the Devil's diciapel dressed in waistcoat   With a weaning of the berries gin as I curse The appropriate verse with a salivating thirst  And your cunt swaddled my arousing cock With a crook's clit of seduction's blight In fields of pumpkins as we lay thumping Like two toadstools...Read On

Curvy Chocolate Woman

He liked his women big He enjoyed curvy asses He liked her to wear wigs And experiment with glasses He liked her to role-play He'd bring in lots of toys They'd play all kinds of ways The games always brought joy Sex was the main event He liked to eat pussy He enjoyed her scent Liked her cunt a bit bushy He licked her cunt dry She'd scream out his name Always with closed eyes While playing...Read On

Shielded By Leaves

Born of woman and sired by strength With tales of dryads and nymphs causing me laughter Of old wives games to garner a penny So that they can swill another goblet of inn's ale   As the depth of tall oak in splendid woods The boughs shadowed my steps With a haunting of the cold moon I sought out the cozy chalet of the Lady of the forest   She rumored among the village to whore out...Read On


Just Enough

The long wait ends for first time lovers...

Laying On your back On a bed Both nervous Yet relaxed We are alone For the first time Crawling between Your naked legs Kissing your soft Inner thighs My warm mouth Leads me To your taste Your hands hold Both ample bosom While my tongue Reaches your folds Caressing both sides And in between My hands slide Along the smooth skin Of shapely hips As you play With the interest Of your breasts ...Read On


As her pussy-foots' tighten about my cock I moan in ecstasy of my pecker's jubilation With a cuming of my penis chowder  In manifestation of a spiritual choir As I sow my seeds at full moon With a sheepskin of fermented fodder Before the witch gathers her flock Raising the hackles of my gloom With a digger's itch tilling her clit While howling in the north forty Dragging my nuts in...Read On


Lay your body on me

A night of passion

Leading me to your bedroom  Up the stairs teasing me As you hike up your dress Showing me your freshly shaved cunny Looking back with that Devilish look in your eye Loving the fact how your tease Is having this effect on me Stripping revealing your Pert and ample sized breasts Your curves in all the  Right places Pulling you in for kiss Caressing your tits Pinching your nipples, Getting...Read On

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Words sometimes escape me. All I can say is "Please"

In my slumber I feel you,  As your hands roam my warmth.  I didn't hear you get home, I was too lost in dreams of you. Your touch gets my attention.  My body innately reacts to you. You know my entire body  Intimately and unapologetically. There is a treasure map which Apparently only you posses. A map to the most hidden Of my erogenous zones. The map exists only Within your mind.  Over...Read On


I Do Not Burn Among The Flames

I do not burn among the flames. Where even the slightest proximity engulfed me in the everlasting blaze, where the heat sank through to bone, the soft and delicate marrow, to the anima that drives us all... I knew of true fire elsewhere, the purest form of liquid molten dripping from your exposed core before my throbbing flesh could even enter your own. All else before and beyond that...Read On

...Of Bluegills

Infectiously smitten by your kisses With reset buttons like puppet show In my giddiness like vertigo Like cock robin on a xylophone Poetically reclined in knockabouts While rocking in my composing chair  As your lips of sin covet my cock Infectiously smitten by your kisses Boiling my grits as I moan     Of bluegills and head bobbing              ...Read On