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Erotic Poems

I'm The Fucking Sexiest

An egotistical deluded perception of myself...

I'm six foot two, Eyes of blue, And I love to cook and clean. I have my hair Am debonair And I'll never treat you mean. My abs of six Encourage licks To my cock of eight and a half. I'll make you cum Much more than some And I'll always make you laugh. I have old money Being poor ain't funny So I can buy whatever you want. Our love will last The sex's a blast To your ex's you can...Read On


Let's Have Sex On The Chair

I want to do it on the chair

Let's fuck right there I take off my skirt I'll fuck you in the chair I remove my tight shirt I put you into my hole My pussy is so tight I'm in complete control Will be fucking tonight Reverse cowgirl my hands on my knees My pussy makes lot's of sounds I fuck your cock with ease You move your dick all around We moan as we make love You start to buck Your cock fits like a glove I love...Read On


The Softest Note

You still hold me inside, the invisible mark fused with your being after a final quickened thrust. I just want to stay wrapped up, you forever locked around me, body perfuming the dark room, the most vulnerable moment that two can possibly know. Our shared code is analog, spoken and always held close, the familiar is a silent tide ebbing away layers of clothes, the binding drift we...Read On


To cure a headache.

a great way to cure a headache.

Her body was that of a goddess, Her face a thing of beauty. She seemed to shine with charisma, As my hands caressed her booty. She held me close after dark, Caressing and holding my chest. As I held her closer, Squeezing and caressing her breast. We kissed slowly and passionately, Our tongues in each other’s throats. Moaning as we kissed, As if leaving each other notes. ...Read On

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Up before the dawn, again. Stirred from slumber by the immeasurable emptiness next to me. She flees from me, each time, without a sound, without warning. It’s who she is. A free spirit on an endless, timeless journey. A sleepy smile upon my hungry lips, her plea strums my heart, “Miss me; please miss me like no other.” I stroke my cock; reverence to the sin stained sheets. I...Read On



Remembering how you melt like soft wax drawn too close to the flame, smoldering as you pull back. I'm convinced that the endless torches crackling and stirring dark hearths back to life will make your name pour from my tongue. And cast away notions of being gentle, to groan before the untamed pounce. It reminds me that your soul seeks out darkness and light in equal measures. And...Read On


The birds and the bees

Even in the darkest of times, dreams will live...

The quiet hum of bees Busy collecting nectar To make their sweet honey, Surrounds her as she lays down in the grass, The gentle morning sun caresses her skin, Warming it as a lover’s touch. Birds sit in the trees Singing their cheerful songs, Welcoming a new day Filled with opportunity and promise. He stands and watches her, Not wanting to disturb a quiet moment. Admiring the...Read On


How I Like to Cuddle

She knows how I like to cuddle When desire has been achieved She knows how I want my baby When hunger has been relieved When my lover lives her ardor Expressing her urge for me When my lady lets her slut out And sets her inner whore free How she loves it when I lick her Swollen kitten soft and damp How I love it when she sucks me Like a precious wanton tramp Two lovers tasting moist...Read On


Why They Sailed from Lisboa

Back from a week in Lisbon and Porto, friends...

It comes so slowly this reality, A city on the Targus older than Rome, Older than London, a city the Sueri The Alan, the Visigoth once called home. Yet why should not these hills have been As teased by brushing breezes in the days Of the myth-made, faceless barbarian As ours who can but second their byways? Chiseled stone, stucco, brick, the cobbled street Seem substance of a...Read On


Ode to a Cock

I love when you are soft and small You fit in my mouth balls and all I love when you are stiff and hard as a rock Makes me want to suck you ‘round the clock I love your perfect mushroom head It’s the best thing since sliced bread I love your girth and oh that rim It keeps me full of vigor and vim I love king size and it does matter Length makes my heart go pitter...Read On



The need possess with unforgiving passion, if I knew how to reach out and touch the entire universe, the precise points that fuel you, marking coordinates to call mine. You'd know the endless fixation to learn a galaxy's intricacies, my obsession with celestial glows, you flush skin with crimson, with heat that refuses to flee. Worlds would fold into perfect symmetry, fragrances...Read On


We Must Have Sex Tonight

A couple plan to have sex together

Hot loving for me and you Hugs and kisses to start We'll definitely screw I feel the flutter of your heart We undress each other Hands wander on our skin You're my bedtime lover Time for a little sin I slither down to your feet I hold and adore your cock You're laying on our sheets Your baton is hard as a rock I play with your dick Open my mouth very wide I suck on your prick It...Read On


Cougar on the Prowl

I wait patiently for the end of the work day To become the cougar stalking its prey All of my thoughts now focus on you And all the things I’ve been daring to do You are my target and I’m ready to pounce Making sure every orchestrated move counts You take the bait and I see lust in your eyes We play by the rules with little compromise We go in the steam room our own little hub ...Read On


One Day

I know who I am, I think. Sarcastic, friendly, funny and kind. Yet in my head, search and see what you will find. Cravings, darkness, a fantasy rich world with no end. Those I know see only the exterior sheen, not the twists and the bends. My desires, light or dark and so black, why do I have to hide? Like others, I'm not filled with just light. I have a whole other side. In my brain resides...Read On


Stories Dripping

Your scent draws me home. I have untold stories dripping from my tongue, it used to be too tied, ineloquently tangled. Fingertips circle skin, writing invisible notes, passed back and forth, translating the tingles that course through our every deepest fibre. It's not enough for us, there is more to tell. We forage near one another instead of braving the cold alone, burrowing into...Read On



Quick poem describing lust

Pulses race and breath quickens Pupils dilate and blood rushes Nipples firm, erect and rosy Each other’s body heat keeping you cozy Teasing touches both gentle and firm Kisses soft but gaining force Sighs and moans being heard loud and clear This is it , you think, my dear . Big and erect, wet and tight Moving against each other, skin to skin contact Thrusts fast and slow ...Read On


Flesh Will Remember

The flesh will remember all, record the slightest tingle that became an electrical storm dancing across your exposed skin. Every swell in the breeze hinting at what may come, just make me wait, no matter how I beg. Some memories strike softly, tease like vague, knowing fingers piercing the softest tunnels. Some strike like impetuous bolts with sudden, new primal energies crackling from...Read On



“Do you trust me?” he questions. “Completely.” she sighs.  As he ties the ropes tighter  Her body complies. “You want it?” he coaxes. “No, Sir.“ she denies. “You need it.” he tells her. “Yes, Sir.” she replies. “Do you feel that?“he asks her. “Harder!” she cries. As he claims what she offers  And drips down her thighs. “My good girl.” he whispers. “My Sir.” she replies. He...Read On


Taking Silent Measures

Sacrafice, Honor and Desire

True, it's hard to stereotype and Generalize people and be right. But conditions and situations, Can be unmistakable, universal. I saw a condition this afternoon and a total situation last night. A girl caged by duty and goodness devoted to someone, somehow loveless. She'll be around more and more often By herself and less with boyfriend or husband Every opportunity that is safe and...Read On



“Do you trust me?” he questions. “Completely,” she sighs.  As he ties the ropes tighter  Her body complies. “You want it?” he coaxes. “No, Sir,“ she denies. “You need it,” he tells her. “Yes, Sir,” she replies. “Do you feel that?“ he asks her. “Harder!” she cries. As he claims what she offers  And drips down her thighs. “My good girl,” he whispers. “My, Sir,” she replies. He...Read On

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Every stone can be carried away in the perfect storm, every wall breached...only then are we free.

Limbs entangled with no clear beginning or end bound tightly in your embrace, the infinite reach of your presence storming the lull of my sleep. Your fingertips expertly trace the landscape of my form, the outline of my soul that has been a vague shape in the careless hands of others. You carefully brush unseen terrain, my skin softly pressed to yours, warming the armor I fought so...Read On


Walking on the edge

Come lover, extinguish this fire I have within

Come kiss my lips satisfy and quiet my longings make my desires yours of earth and fire Wrap yourself in my arms and lose yourself in my chest engulf the golden buttons set the mountains on fire Chain your waist to mine imprisoning my madness Be the owner of my passion ignite the grove on fire Unite us soft waves in the arousal blown the air on fire Faster ride...Read On


After He Had Gone We Were Alone

After he left, we were on our own.

You lay wide and naked on the bed, eyes heavy lidded, bluey black, his creamy juices trickling from your crack. Hair sweat wet, stuck on your face, a toy for his mind and big cock. But still you are my wife, the love of my life, best of all you are the same, and feel this too. So I will give you to him again and again, listen to your fucking chorous sweet refrain, I love you taking...Read On


Class Tease

Teasing the Teacher may earn Miss Smith more than detention...

She hands him a note and says, With a lick of her glossy bee stung lips, “For you Sir,” She turns and flicks her long blonde hair. Cool, he figures. Her figure displayed, As she steps away, In the sort of skirt you can pull off at seventeen, A touch obscene, Short and tight around her sexy bum, Her sexy bum made firm and round, With squats in the gym, Turned...Read On

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The taste is salty sweet as you melt from within from my quickening tongue firing bliss with every flick As you open wider, parting soft lips with fingers, urging me to press beyond, intrude beyond all known barriers As you lose yourself in pressure, swirls along delicate pulsations, I'm lapping nectar at the inferno, asking you to burn me alive. The taste is salty sweet, greedy...Read On


Achingly awake

The night is dark and quiet, The world sleeping. Alone, she lays, Curled up in her bed, Longing for the warmth of her lover, His arms around her, Naked skin against skin, Feeling protected and safe. She longs to have him near, But she knows tonight, He will not calm her aching, She has to find a way To quieten down, relax, On her own. How can simple sleep Be so hard to find? ...Read On



The cold nights are now warm, I left my heart in the winter, burning in our last surrender, maybe we've always been tethered. When it's dawn and you can still see stars hiding in the sky's vast tapestry, when your legs unlock from me, blood still racing beneath scorched skin. Following you into the dark, the deep folds you liquify me with, it's the most ancient of movements, this surge...Read On


In Praise

To women in praise of who they really are.

Come take off your clothes darling, I want to see you in all you beauty, But I won’t see you without the light, Bring your hands away, show me you, No blushes my love, open yourself to me. You don’t like your breasts but why, I love them they are part of you, I love you, They make me happy and stir my groin, Come let me touch and kiss them, Such nice nipples for me to pinch and tease. What...Read On


Vibrator and Sybian Fun - Please Come Into My Bedroom

Naughty fun on last day of school

Last day of school today I'll celebrate with my toys I love when I play Time to sit back and enjoy A mirror on the floor Legs opened up wide A locked bedroom door No orgasm's denied Wand is plugged in Glass vibrator goes inside Masturbation time begins Pressure is now applied Pussy starts to seep Vibrations feeling good Fucking my pussy deep Rubbing my clit under the hood Fucking...Read On

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Intoxication of the Flesh

Intoxicated in your scent

Both lost under the perverse invocation of the flesh attentive sentinel which I discover moist and anxious Both anticipating the temperature rising with each caress Skin burning almost incinerated Both diving it to the abyss of our desires carnage pleasures is all we comprehend Oh but tonight... yes tonight I desire to worship every bit of you and I smile coyly I nibble and...Read On