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Erotic Poems

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What Is It, That You Want

Tell me - what is it that you want? On this wintry day Spitting cold mist and icy winds Dressed in this full length coat. Belt, not threaded, but tied in a knot, What is it, that you want? Tell me - what is it that you want? The unfurled coat, displaying the nakedness of youth Your body glinting from the mellow-yellow sodium lamps The red lingerie, gives warmth, without warming at all...Read On

Shadow In The Window

On the sheets without a thread Laying naked in bed As my thoughts turn to black And a shadow in the window With finger tips touching my glans And mournful sighs stretching my skin Giving me the heebie jeebies In modulation With lips drooling a dripping saliva   As the brush prickles my cock Bouncing heavy 'tween bedpost   As I hear a spiritual boast  While its mount my steed  My...Read On


Wild and Unfettered

Oh! Those hot and wild nights Picking gently at our food Second guessing those sexy thoughts... That play games inside our minds. Inviting you back At the end of the night The offer of coffee, and perhaps a chat... Or unfinished business, with a smile. All kinds of thoughts All kinds of images Running through our minds... As keys unlock the doors of desire. Bitten lips, linger on faces...Read On

The Willies

Who is masquerading behind shadows In the ossuary of my manuscripts?   Rattling at this quiet vesper hour With a voice of a Mezzo Soprano     Banging the pots as I dream  As the haints come haunting in  And you in knickers offering fellatio With your lips performing a chore And I in my cups prosing darkly thrills As you genuflect at the apse of my desk Bellowing winds blow, bringing the...Read On


A Better Word Than Fuck?

Fuck — just four letters, such a simple word, Two explosive consonants either side, And between, a hard and clumsy vowel. Fuck — an ugly and brutal little word, A casual expression of surprise, Or an expletive of anger, or of pain. Fuck — a degrading and insulting word, A curt dismissal, indicating contempt, Two fingers raised in defiant anger. Fuck — the sexual act, a savage word,...Read On


Jersey Girl

For my friends

There once was a Jersey girl who had a sweet pearl Her Dom wanted her to be his slut and give it to her deep in her butt She looked at him with a naughty smile Cause she knew it would take him a good while He had a cock so big She loved his drilling rig The games the two would play Were naughty like Mr Grey He called her his baby D A love they shared, no one would forsee He is...Read On


The Seaman

  I caught a glimpse as he stared out the window. The beautiful vision I would capture Forever in my mind.   The seaman So angelic looking In the soft light.   Only the inside of my body And the bed sheets still tied to the bed post will tell otherwise.   The seaman: Now I know why They call him a salty dog.   Promiscuous and wild The only goal was to release and go. ...Read On


So Sweet Life - Verse 1

Jalmari's dream world

In this dream.   We're almost naked hot summer day in the woods In the shadows of tree The soft moss beneath us.   For you, my dear. I'll tell you gently that I love you And if the finger of fate so orders? My dream is realized?  ...Read On


Draining a wood on a horny evening

My apologies to Robert Frost

Whose wood this is I think I know, His balls are fairly unfamiliar, though; He will not see me through the gloryhole To watch my strokes make his wood grow. My swollen cunt must find it bold      Unsafe sex has risks untold Between his cock and my folds ‘Tis the wettest night his schedule holds He gives his hirsute balls a shake To check if there is some mistake      The only action he...Read On


Morning Haikus

I dream then awake Soon images fill my mind I feel my body It is demanding Like a slumbering mad bear It's needs must be met What starts in my mind Begins to travel down south First, a small tingle Nipples perk, erect Needing attention I beg Fingers brush across Mouth emitting moans Please, don't stop I need much more Let your mouth taste mine Moist lips mesh as one Tongues begin to...Read On

Cam Whore

Masturbating on her computer Was what this wife liked She liked to rub her hooters While she cammed and typed Naked and all alone She masturbated for free Sometimes she'd talk on the phone She'd look at her caller id She'd masturbate for strangers She loved her camming adventures She liked the feeling of danger She enjoyed this naughty pleasure She'd sit spread eagle The cam watching her...Read On


The New Beginning

Here's to new beginnings. Here's to the newness of the sunrise, To the dawn of a new day.   The sun rises As the rays beam through The cracks of the blinds. Every ray strategically placed Upon your skin As you toss and turn in slumber. As I witness the light radiating On your dark mahogany torso; Arm covering face To block the light. Nothing stops the force nature has On...Read On


I Don't Want To Stop

I can't stop myself. The need for his touch is to much. I promised I wouldn't go back to him but I did. I had to.  I fell into his arms as his cock filled my cunt. Fucking each to reach that pleasure. His mouth sucking my nibble as I moan so loud. My nails leaving marks along his back.  Grinding against his big dick wishing it would never end.I cum again over him. Looking out the car...Read On

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Love In Extremes

I am the raw and unedited verse.

I envy the type Women who ebb with the flow Balanced in their temperaments And passions They are pastels of pinkness  Their darkness is a shade of blue Their voices fall gently on the ear Even at a high pitch  They merely alarm Their coldness is frosty Their fire  Threatening They show you the hand's palm Careful not to scratch Their fight is like  Surrender I am a storm On sand And at...Read On


I love your sex

A tribute to my favourite author

I love your sex – the way you write, You always set my laptop alight   Leaving me breathless every time Your words are hot, whether prose or rhyme   Intense feelings in every line, You always send tingles right down my spine   Sexy scenes in all your tales Your ability to arouse me simply never fails   Each sentence woven so beautifully, My fingers searching for my pussy   ...Read On



What is "unf"?

Unf… Is that the sound you make When my cock hits bottom And rubs your G-spot As it runs in and out? Is “unf” When two, or maybe Three Fingers furiously fuck You vigorously Until you fight your bounds And arch your back As you almost levitate from The bed? Or is “unf” When I spank your cunt And my palms are so sticky That tiny strings hold you in place Like my favorite...Read On

A Sexy Nudist

There's a guy on display He's a bit risque He doesn't know how to behave He stands naked in his doorway He has a really big dick And a droopy ball-sac He loves to stroke his prick While he arches his back He's a nudist she thinks Likes for people to watch She thinks he may drink She thinks he likes scotch He gardens in the nude Shaking his fine ass He's an interesting dude He's spunky...Read On



You'll see more when  you read between the lines,  I'll give everything away with what isn't set in ink. The chapter is already written  all over my exposed skin,  confessing that where  you and I begin never ends. Our breath mingled unseen,  I tasted you before contact,  knew you were already sweetly burning through my bloodstream... And that I wanted to  live inside you forever. I...Read On



"All you can do, and all you are permitted to do, is to feel" ~ Cherise Sinclair.

Now lies exposed: my darkest untold stories,  where you have unearthed unspoken words like keys to unlock every unwritten chapter.  There lay no caution in the haste of my unravelling,  for I know you see beneath my once intricate layers... This is only the beginning of the breaching, but what depths of me are you not already aware?  My true surrender lies far beyond the spillage  of...Read On


A Little Death

Every night I die a little death in your arms, A kind death, such welcome ecstasy, joy unbound, Finding heaven once more, transported by your charms, Your sweet breasts a pillow for my head, soft and round, As between your thighs I lose myself in sweet bliss, Our probing tongues entwined and dancing in delight,  And lips entranced by every passionate kiss, Each shared breath carrying...Read On


Take You In My Lap Once More

The gentle art of touching

Shall I fold you in my arms Take you in my lap once more Feel the warmness as we cuddle And your breath upon my skin Shall I tickle as you giggle Hold you close to me once more Feel your soft lips as you kiss me  And your bottom as your squirm Shall I lift your satin nightie Spreading creamy thighs apart  Feel the shivers in your body And your moans of happiness Shall I use my magic...Read On

Audio version available

'Till The Next Time!

The sensuality of watching a woman masturbate in the shower!

I stand at the doorway Admiring your beauty Watching you from close Yet still so far away A cascade of water Falls from above Across your voluptuous body Outlining every curve you possess Your wet hair clings to your shapely spine As you turn to show me that ass so fine Cheeks so soft and plump I'd fall to my knees and worship it Water, like raindrops Drip off your hardened nipples Upon...Read On

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My touch will ask your body to impart all of its secrets, not just to answer the ache that simmers between parting legs. I want my fingertips to roam and map every scar that I find, trace the cicatrices in a way  that tells you how my skin will always  be starving for the feel of yours. To go beneath your wounds, the deepest ones where no tissue has been woven to heal yet, the pains that...Read On


No Intervention Required

When I realized that the only cure for addiction is more of you.

I’d like to taste your pussy Spread your thighs Close your eyes Rest your hands on my head And just let me blow your mind. You will find I have a tongue Prone to run and to roam.. Sliding deep inside your hole Between your slit To find a home. Tasty wetness, pulsing slight Thighs getting really tight Sighs produced from sexy lips Introduced to fingertips... Sliding deep,...Read On

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Un-Fuck You

This time, I want what I want.

I want to un-fuck you To un-see you With my heart's eye I want to not walk into a room And search for you I want to be able to breathe Even if you don't notice me With consciousness or pride When night comes I want to sleep With my eyes closed Dreaming of nothing that involves Memories of you And that body defining this body Those hands Your touch I want to not feel you on my skin Smell you...Read On


The Beauty of Us

This is not taboo, kink, or any other "practice". This is us.

This is beautiful to me. Not that I’m black And you’re not. But that our skin mixes Melds Strains against one another Before melting Into a river of orgasmic eruptions That blinds us to all that was All that is And all that ever will be.  We are beautiful to me Not because of stereotypes About whether I have a BBC, Or that you want me to be your Black Daddy And I want you as...Read On



Have you ever wondered what else was out there?

You might be used to being asked. Or possibly, requests submitted like paperwork onto a cluttered desk. Never to be answered.  Maybe lesser men don't care.   You might be used to coddling. Holding patterns and  Circular conversations that don't  Accomplish anything meaningful.  Maybe lesser men don't care.   You're probably not used to Being forced.  Being broken. Being...Read On


Lady In Black

As mysterious as the spectral night, Out of the shadows you beckon to me, Your pale skin lambent with an inner light, Every delicious curve of your body Outlined in high key by a sheer black sheath, Ripe with the tantalising delight Of the barely concealed pleasures beneath, Soon to be revealed to my enthralled sight. You temptingly stretch out a black gloved hand To draw me into the...Read On


An Advertisement of Sorts

What's big, thick, and oh so satisfying?

I bet you’ll love my Big, Thick, Chocolate, Brain. And the way my pathways Can lead you down Tunnels Over hills And through valleys So deep That your body Responds to the images And visions That you see in my Punctuation… Or the lack thereof. 'Cause my thoughts, They pulse And pull. Penetrating your wet Psyche. Stretching your shallow views And sending pleasure So...Read On


Frosty The Show Man

A bold snowmans frigid rise to glory is his cold story.

  In slumber grew oh Frosty grand, All sturdy frozen, best in land, Each dream anew this gent would stand, Then fade from view, his sleep renewed, Awaiting rebirth at master’s hand. All playful he, a freeze to keep, In nature’s grip with ease he’ll slip, The deep and drifting silken hold, Dance all merry wet and cold, Rise anew all chiseled bold, For ye to build, to hold, to mold. Oh...Read On