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Erotic Poems


Be Still

This is a short poem, intentionally so, and is my very first submission on Lush.

Be still, Whilst my tender tongue tastes, In silken kisses divine and chaste. Be still, Whilst you languish in lust’s lair, Our bodies flushed and fevered and bare. Be still, Whilst I dream in delighted debauchery, Ecstatically wanton in our dark revelry. ...Read On


Dark and wet desire

Drip drop Drip drop The rain comes and comes Your body echoes its sound Cold steel Gripping your wrist Tugging at your ankles  I stand in awe of you Looking down upon you Holding so tight  You smile You beg I tighten the clamps The squeeze upon your nipples The streaks of raindrops Fits you like a cloth Wet thighs... Drenched  You or the rain It escapes me ...Read On


Ode to CFNM

Expressing feelings about a CFNM / spanking state of mind

So forlorn I stand naked And unashamed That I make it Like so much soft porn. Upon my knees The weight rests Bound to feelings I can attest My manic mind doth seize. Wanting naught But to display For female fun That she may play With what wonders I sought. My blood rushing Both up and down Loins and face Cheeks, my own, Both high and low blushing. She is...Read On



Atop this mountain castle Master of all I survey A muse appears out of darkness Nude, coy and mysterious Dancing to unheard melodies Floating on the winds Beckoning me to follow Luring me to unknowable pleasure Underestimating me Confidently I follow Curiosity striking quick Soon to know this angel To hear her cries and moans Her heavenly flesh to feel I strike...Read On


Riding My Pink Bull

I'm a Cowgirl Now

I sit on my pink Sybian bull, You can't imagine the speed. My pussy feels so full, Orgasms that are guaranteed. I sit here on top, On my attached cock. It hits my g-spot, This toy really rocks. The sensations are wild, As I hump this thing. It really makes me smile, It even makes me sing. Vibrations that rock, I ride it at a good pace. I glance at the clock, Riding it with a...Read On



8pm; staring to the bottom of a glass. Here's wishing you happiness again, Unfaithful companion, she left, Refusing to be a slave to this. Misery; nightly I pray for your nakedness. And it does not have a shadow anymore. It is alone without the bright moonlight, Shining iridescent through the small pane, In my shrinking world without any next day. Misery; where when I cum I cry. ...Read On


Would You

Thank you Shy, my inspiration

If I looked at you just right, Would my emeralds be enough? If I smiled warmly,  Spoke softly,  Would my whisper-wind Touch your soul? You are the most beautiful Thing my eyes have seen. The softness of a rainbow, or Majesty of the mountains Compares not to what I behold. I have to draw you. I must study your body, Memorize lines and curves... Ponder light as it absorbs, Reflects off...Read On


Woodland Dream

An old man realizes his dream of being stripped by mischievous spirits

In his mind's dream, in his favorite fantasy, Victor was a young lad once again. In truth, he was young in an old man's body. But lingering dreams he would retain. A woods-walkabout on a cool spring day, A perfect setting for a C.F.N.M. game, Found fertile ground for naughty role-play. So Vic undressed without shame. There was no one about, or so he thought. He took off his shoes...Read On



Her life by day; her love by night

My eyes awaken to the morning light; My body drenched in the lust of my nocturnal adventures. I walk about my day, mundane and uneventful. I hear his voice It makes my body cringe each time. He speaks down to me, I am useless I am nothing to him I am his trophy. My day is done I smile as my eyes close to the day and awaken to the night. I am free I look up ...Read On



Intoxication Sweet, sweet intoxication It is the things you do to me That means I am addicted And that I never want you to go Your scent Deadly Your moan Music Your arch Fucking beautiful Sleek slender body Nails rake your back As your globes reach at sky Long hair splayed Fiery lust burns and blazes in your eyes Heartbeat beating Banging hard at your ribs Threatening escape...Read On



Something in me doesn't want to let go after,  these unnamed regions in me are like roots  that need to coil around and stay inside you,  our bodies sheltered in the aftershocks tremoring  through our exhausted and satisfied forms. There is no fall after going over this edge,  no blackness swallowing us whole, only the stillness of a bedroom,  our warmth hovering in the air. The candles...Read On


Quest Darkly

Caw of my words ring lust of bard composing  the quilt of dusk spreads night at my window and with a knock-back of swill I cuss of curse The gift of the gall in seduction she verse  my musings with my pen I scribble  as her talcum lay about my chest In melancholia the drifting surf her lips about my anatomy  giving challenge to her chalice Curation' of patterns she defines my manliness ...Read On


Office Slut

Late again at the job

Oh crap, I'm late to work again today, The boss will surely be mad. I might lose a whole day's pay. I hope he won't treat me so bad. My name is Kay and I'm a secretary by trade, My boss gives me my work and some chores. Lots of ways for me to get paid, When I go into his office I always lock the door. I fetch Mr. Smith his hot tea with lemon, Trying to pretend I wasn't late. ...Read On


I like it

I like it, and this is how.

I like to have my cock sucked now is that such a crime? I like to take it slowly if my lady has the time. I like it when she rolls her tongue across my swollen head. I like it when she kisses it with lips of cherry red. I like it when she slides it deep into her warm embrace. I like to watch her suck it with that look upon her face. I like to see it sliding as she takes my whole length in....Read On


The visit

A visit to borrow something turned into a lesbian scene.

I went to visit my best friend, a mile or so away. I needed just to borrow milk, I didn't mean to stay. She met me at her open door in nothing but a towel. She looked just like a sexy beast that's really on the prowl. I stopped and did a double take, so pretty standing there; but, when we stepped inside she dropped her towel...she was bare. She stepped toward me and took my...Read On


Mistress of the Night

In the dark lies the heart of a beast burning with the confines of her very soul pleasure seeking, thrill hunting she knows no stopping point a tiger ready to pounce, devouring its prey she cares not, what others think this is her life, her time these are her needs feeling the familiar tingling it owns her, possesses her the tide is swift it pulls you in when you least expect it sweet...Read On


A sensual dance

The tension, anticipation, Is almost unbearable As he slowly moves over to her With a burning intensity in his eyes. He traces his fingertips Over her collarbone, down to her chest, And the lightest of touch Sends sparks of electricity, Shooting through her. She shudders, And feels her panties grow moist, His fingertips circle her nipples. Picking her up, He presses her...Read On


Awake Now

Good Morning My Love

I'm starting to awake, You're rubbing at my skin. I start to shiver and shake, I know pleasure is about to begin. You suck and bite at my nips, I softly let out a sigh. I wet and bite my lip, You open up my thighs. Soft kisses to my folds, I get giddy and start to beg. This never gets old, You rub at my long legs. Licks and flicks to my clit, I squirm here on our sheets. Tongue fucking...Read On


The Watcher

Who's out there...

I look up at the window and I see you there within. You're dressed in nothing but a towel the light shines on your skin. You just got out the shower I've timed my visit well. You don't know I am watching and that makes my penis swell. I look around me carefully before I dare unzip, and look back just in time to see your wet towel slowly slip. Your pert breasts bouncing gently in the soft...Read On


Sybian Delight

It's been delivered

UPS guy at my door; a box to deliver, A signature here please. My heart and body start to quiver, I felt a little weak in my knees. The box was twenty two pounds, I couldn't look at it for another day. I put it down on the ground, And I just walked away. The next day I opened it, It was packed very nicely. I was hoping it would be a hit, It was very pricey. I read all the...Read On


Drowsing By Your Side

Drowsing by your side,  your head upon my shoulder, dawn mist spreads outside the window. Soft sweeping caress over each adored breast, arousing the girls with my touch. Nipples erect you giggle, and your breathing tickles my skin, as I smile, and feel you smile. Tiny hands drift down my torso, touching the tufted chest hair, finding soft curls at last. He rises, you encircle, I...Read On


Orgasm Bliss

Missing you and us and our sex.

Baby, I miss you so much I long for you I miss your touch The feel of you Deep inside You fist your cock So big and wide Hands caresses Body shaking Nipples hard Pussy aching Fucking me hard Is what I need Your cock is mine Are we agreed? Spreading my legs Pinning my arms Dirty talk in my ears You're full of charms Nothing means More than this Turning me on Orgasm bliss ...Read On


I'm a Mother Fucker

I am what I am

I'm an unrepentant mother fucker. Oh yes I fucked quite a few. To look upon a well fucked mother's such a lovely view. I've fucked mothers in their late teens. I've fucked mothers over forty. I've fucked mothers who are prudish. I've fucked others who are naughty. I've fucked mothers in the kitchen. I've fucked mothers at a party. I've fucked mothers who are very prim and others who are tarty....Read On

Recommended Read


Everything else dims as you come to me,  our skin flushed with wine and need,  our fevers ready to meet tonight while the stars burn as we often do. Patiently illuminating space while  waiting to swell and burst,  to become shimmers and sparks  charging every particle of the air.  I collapse with you,  contained as you disrobe,  an aching anticipation throbbing  more with every bare curve...Read On


Girl, You Really Got Me Goin'

It's not a good idea, that's what they tell me, my friends, not a good idea, you know, dude, not a good idea. But so tempting. I mean, I know I'm an old fart, I know, they're always telling me, dude, you're too old man. too old, but so tempting. You know. I mean, I'm not dead, you know, I'm strong, I'm full of piss and vinegar, you know, not really old, I can hold my own, you know. ...Read On


Shedding Inhibitions

Together let's shed all of our inhibitions Leaving them outside the bedroom door I know tonight I will be fucked by you Lusty and raw sex like never before My body physically yearns for you The urgent caress of your strong hands I want to act out unspoken desires I am guided by your silent commands I hear the deep growl of desire in your voice Causing the flow of my nectar to begin...Read On


Sybian Queen

The clock is ticking

A few more days,  I'm looking at the clock. Pleasure in lots of ways, This toy is going to rock. Lots of different speeds, And pulsating rotations. I can write and read, With lots of motivation. All I have to do is sit down, This toy will do the rest. I'll be smiling; never any frowns, This will be absolutely the best. Lots of hot squirts, As I sit on top. This will feel good; it...Read On


In Her Eyes

A married woman falls into the seductive eyes of another woman

It was there in her eyes from the start, always in her eyes. That day she found me seated alone across from her in the crowded morning coffee shop. Sitting there with my coffee. A moment to rest and to breathe and transform from wife, from mom, to working woman. Idly I'd looked up to scan the crowd. The blur of skirts and suits, briefcases and purses. The flustered rush...Read On


My Magnet, My Love, My arms around You

The moment I see you enter the room I stop and spin my eye's at you. My eye's see the green tree's the forest of falling leave's. I walk closer to you,reaching out with my fingertip's I feel your lip's just a touch away. My lip's crash against your lip's kissing you passionately, My fingertip's slide down your body. My hand pushes past your hair I squeeze your shoulder so bare, I...Read On


Deleted Messages

You'll never be erased

You have my submission, I’m yours to command, I’ll serve you, my Master, In all you demand. I’ve proved my obedience, Done all that you ask, Describing in detail Each sensual task. I dressed like a whore, Wore boots to my thighs With stockings and Basque, Turning every man’s eyes. I wriggled my ass As you told me to do, Teasing with flesh That’s owned by you. I sucked...Read On