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Erotic Poems

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Intoxication of the Flesh

Intoxicated in your scent

Both lost under the perverse invocation of the flesh attentive sentinel which I discover moist and anxious Both anticipating the temperature rising with each caress Skin burning almost incinerated Both diving it to the abyss of our desires carnage pleasures is all we comprehend Oh but tonight... yes tonight I desire to worship every bit of you and I smile coyly I nibble and...Read On


For Mistress A

Worshipping Her beauty, lusting after Her...

The curve of a painted eyebrow, The curve of a mischievous smile, The curve of hips, The height of heels, Mistress A is perfection, As hot as the shiny black latex, Which clings to the contours of her skin. And oh, how she would make you crawl, Just to take a dismissive word, From those blood red lips. If you had the world, You would give it all, For a...Read On



We may only have this, our joined, raw immediacy, a touch to convince us we'll keep the dark at bay. Wicks flicker to their end, the room is swept in black and instead of being stories waiting to finally meet, our bodies will confess everything. And when I finally burst, empty into your softness, something deeper is taking place, we're handing over a part of ourselves no other can claim...Read On


Watching Live Porn

If you're going to have sex in the morning, you need to remember something...

Your cock was hard, pressed into my back, Without any words, “Please empty my sack!” Roll over; a love-pole beckoning me: “Touch me, taste me, set my come free!” Quench my thirst, I knew that I must, Not wasting your spunk all over my bust. So before your cock had chance to go numb, Into my mouth your purple love-plum. A groan and a moan – I gave you a start! But thrusting your...Read On


Hot Chocolate

Your pretty sweat-slicked ebony queen...

Bend her over at the waist and lick her nice smooth peach, Listen to her whimper as your tongue begins to breach Her folds of flesh so hot and slick you’ve been dying for a taste, Sweet like melted chocolate but don’t eat the treat in haste. Tease her slowly, make her moan, and savour every drop until with aching, crazy lust she begs you, “Please don’t stop!" Eat her swollen pussy until...Read On


The Señorita’s Midnight Ride on A Gypsy’s Dick

The gypsy's sweet serenade ignites an explosion of lust in the senorita and her duena, too

One night in June on Calle Prospero A gypsy man, lean as a penis, Eyes black as a cat’s, hair done just so— As handsome as any young Romany is— Upon his guitar was picking a tune. The reflecting dark pools of his eyes, So dreamy, captured one bright slice of moon As he thought of naught but Senorita Sighs. His woody jouncing as he went his way, The gypsy heard, from some dim balcony,...Read On


Enthusiasm or Experience?

A country bar surprise

I was sittin’ by myself in a dusty little bar, Halfway ‘tween the jukebox and my broke-down car. A 20-something brunette was a drinkin’ all alone When in walked Blondie and my dick turned to bone. Blondie was a looker, dressed up real fine; Brownie wore glasses, was about twenty-nine. Blondie’d been around the block a time or two; Brownie wore a heart-shaped red tattoo. Here I was a settin’...Read On


Sultriness In Reams

On cornices of a poetic scroll Jotting ink and dabbing the quill Writing sultriness in reams Like shadows in a mirror of my soul In swoon of my scribbling thrill Comforting echoes of past fess Upon my meandering mind  And beauty at rest Striving to be best of poets Hungering for a quantum leap  Reflecting in my scripting words The magnificence she of my quest  Like silk...Read On


My Crop is Sorrow

The seed of lust is potent, Sown by night in blood and flame, Leaves the ravisher content, Leaves the ravished to her shame. What happens on the morrow? Lust said: My crop is sorrow. When feathered Zeus buried seed Between sweet Leda’s forked thighs, Entraining Paris’s fell deed, He wrote Troy’s fate across the skies. What happened on the morrow? Lust said: My crop...Read On


To Please My Lover

Pleasing my lover

She turns as she hears me Smiles, her eyes sparkling And turns away again Looking back as I approach Admiring her form As I draw closer Moving more slowly now Seeing the blush Of anticipation On her cheeks Standing so close Her breathing changes As I place a hand On each hip The tender warmth Of my kiss on her neck The sound of my whisper  "I've missed you" As my hands ...Read On



Liquid heat drips now, glazes me in your sheen, lustrous flesh pulsating where all things begin anew. But this was our feverous onset, the anticipatory apex fuming, not one yet but something never to be separate again. I can taste it now with a questing tongue, bliss brimming from from your creases as my name begins to hover on the cusp of moans no longer held captive. Say it now to...Read On


Mannequin Eyes Wandered

As the dusk yawned and sank below the horizon, the sanctity of the dark bequeathed a nocturnal word as your mannequin eyes wandered, I felt a breath of the wind still my very soul. With a stinging of the floss, about my arms and legs, I squirmed, on the quilted blanket as your fingers waltzed about my manliness, exploring my chest and tonguing the nips. Sighing a croon 'neath the...Read On

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Rough whispers of white lace On caramel skin Where her scent fills the air With her honey and sweat. Tight is the kiss Where she welcomes you in To the swelling wet secret. She begs to be fucked. Hunger seeks tastes From between swollen folds, To be sucked on and licked With the tongue's brutal lash. She will writhe on your mouth As you feast on her soul And her spirit is broken By the lust...Read On



You can note the fury in my eyes doesn't come from a swelling rage, something is rooted much deeper, every cell rushing with purpose in the ruthless need to ravage. To be kept like a dark secret, folded and tucked away, yours and yours alone. Just remember that while fire is prolific, you and I live inside of a blaze no one can ever get close enough to touch or know how to cool down from. ...Read On


Love's Watch

Drunk tonight, I see Memory will not be still, Though desire will. All desire quiet, I thought myself free awhile Of your smile. But you are there, love; For memory, drunk like me, Yet sees clearly. An evening, Boston, Seducing your bra away; Baez, Dylan, play. Your young professor Sucks each softest, pressing breast. Could you protest? Until you moaned, “Oh! Oh, I...Read On


Error Message

When someone disappeared before my eyes

Nearly three a.m. your time, Shouldn't you be sound asleep? Yet here you are, And a different kind of wrongness Sets off its warning chime. What woke you And drove you to action? Days ago, our words couldn't be spilled quickly enough, Tumbling over one another in liquid fueled combustion, Synergy firing on all ten cylinders as we Feverishly wished the keys would keep pace With the naked...Read On

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This isn't the first time I've been so enraptured with you, have craved to just be devoured within the storm of your hunger. You and I are dangerously familiar to one another. The taking is soft at first, a palm grazing below the navel, that smooth plane of warm skin like a sensitive map leading to the mysteries you house. Eyes still glazed with dreams, now you drift back to me, opening as...Read On


My Summer Lover

Anything for my loving British Lit. professor

Summer­­­ has warmed worn granite steps, Summer smells of new-mown grass; But summer for me lies down a path Of sticking stems that prick bare feet. With girl’s legs bare, and pale, and long I race to shady Birchy Brook That cools a hot June afternoon, And my new lover lies and waits. “When I saw you in class, that day…” “Why talk about all that, again?” My clothes are tossed...Read On


Off the Shelf

life had been easy and free romance in life was not meant to be so you told yourself your life was on a shelf tucked away, like dusty college books giving no one second looks The restlessness started, low it churned in you deep and slow turning for what you though was a moment instead it caused a great movement bubbling and rising from your depth almost stealing...Read On


In the Cold North Woods, the Sex Is Not Always So Hot

Maggie climbed onto Paul Bunyon's pole pine but couldn't get off...

And what if I were Paul Bunyan, Cliff shoulders, donkey-engine arms, Who cleared the virgin northern woods For desperate towns and tiny farms? But eight-feet tall, three-hundred ten, An oak axe handle for a cock, And balls that hung like twin canteens, Too shy with gals to even talk? And rumbled into logging camp Astride the lofty A-frame spine Of bouncing Babe the Blue Ox, And groaned, “I...Read On


Our Mating Dance

This is two poems in one... read it straight as is or read every other line

You see me I see you You smile I smile Your lips caress mine My tongue caress your lips Your hands wrap me up Hands travel your back Nails drag down fiercely I pull you and kiss you hungrily You kiss me full of lust and want I share your desire You make me straddle you Our sex meeting As your hips grind up slowly And my nectar coats your member...Read On



Surrender to the pounding beat, skin silently gliding on skin, attentive to the slightest change in your hungry kiss. Fingers explore hints of silken textures, taste the demands radiating from deep within. Withdrawing for a moment, our tongues greedily taste you, a grin widens as I return and remember the flutters. Remember what lies between the notes. The speedy plucks that make...Read On


Naughty Times In The Car

A couple screw in the car

A couple naked in plain sight The woman sitting on his dick Both moaning in delight She's fucking his prick Fucking in their car He holds her waist She feels like a porn star He kisses her face She sits cowgirl position His cock deep inside To cum is the mission She's his little ride Her breasts are jiggling Their bodies covered in sweat The lady starts giggling Her pussy is really wet ...Read On



To gracefully touch upon the entire spectrum of love, the blinding light beneath quickening breath and words... You have to own my entire heart. Your colors flicker with change, body a dusky shadow splashed with warm candlelight, I'll say more tonight in the dark. As your legs fall open to me, waiting for a knowing touch to trace along bare, smooth thighs, flesh shivering as...Read On


Red rose

Wow... translated from French into English....hope it's okay!

Like the petals of a red rose In its folds of silk, with some harshness, I love to breathe the depth of your desire When your wild flower, offered to my delight, Gently releases its aroma. Spreading the corolla petals glowing It becomes the cup to drink, insatiable, - Making your body vibrate with song unforgettable - Your great enjoyment in long lines transcendent, Shameless and greedy,...Read On

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Fucking Insatiable

Sexuallly sated so sleep came quickly You rest peacefully naked next to me My need to fuck you seems insatiable As I feel the animal within me awaken Desire for you once again consumes me Carnal urges defying all logical reason My mind and body rendered defenseless To this latest bombardment of raw lust No need this time for romantic wooing Nor gestures of heart-stopping intimacy My...Read On


From Behind

Some sexy fun..

He lays on my bed, Like a god from above, Smiling softly at me, As his eyes twinkle love. I stand at the end, Of the bed looking back, Dressed in sexy lingerie, Of silky black. Sliding into bed, Touching his velvety skin, Giving a tickle, And causing a grin. So close and overwhelmed, My head lowers down, The kissing of lips, Is the only sound. Looking into my...Read On


Instructions To My Leash Woman

Who she will be, what she will do.

You have given yourself to me. You have given me your body. You have given me your sex. You have given me your passion. In the end, you will have given me your soul. I will make you swell. I will make you distend. I will make you wet. I will make you yearn. I will make you desire. I will make you desperate. I will make you want. I will make you want more. ...Read On


Bodice Rippers

Social Commentary on millenials

Bodice rippers, broken zippers, she fingers in the night. Dressed in pajamas like the Dali Lama, her imagination takes flight. She sleeps alone in a comfortable home and says that she's alright.   Bottled liquor, broken zippers, he fumbles in the night. Tony Lamas, Tommy Bahamas, his erection is a sight. He cums today in a marvelous way; watching black on white. These lovers two, who never...Read On


Cream in My Coffee

Always did like my coffee with cream,  Some brown sugar just makes it complete. Serve it up baby girl, Your man needs it piping hot. No need to be discrete. You know where I'm coming from  My tempting sweet Morning delight. Your honeyed lips spreading wide, And your warm, fruity breath Sighing And forewarning your kisses to come. Kisses on my neck, On my cheek, Licking my roughness...Read On