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Erotic Poems



For my penguin!!

Mine, you whisper as you  lower my panties,  kissing my tummy  as you lean down... Mine, you whisper against  my pussy as you slowly slide  your tongue through my wetness... Mine, you whisper, as you  spread my legs wider,  so you can taste me deep... Mine, you whisper as you  glide your hands up  to grip my breasts,  moaning against my mound  as you feel my...Read On



You'll be aglow with me, wrapped up in you as I sleep, for now we're at the start, vulnerable on our sides, turned towards each other. The room begins changing. Stills everything long enough for lips to near and part, to betray storms inside. The little trembles and soft gasps Only give a little away. Enough to run nails along an inviting neckline, the heat and want gleaned ...Read On



fleeting flights of fancy...

and it begins again, again thoughts drift to you, you, who is so far away, away from my touch - yet so close. hoping to rendezvous tonight, tonight as I lie in bed, bed where this journey begins, begins uncovering feelings deprived. your presence has an affect, affect on all of my senses, senses primed to seek you, you, wordsmith of hidden desires. sentences flicker upon our screens,...Read On


One Thing On My Mind

Your steps on the stairs. Legs climbing rub pink on pink. Why think only that? Your smile at my door. Breasts so full press to be free. That is all I see? Pressing to me we kiss. Stiff now against your belly, I feel that alone? Your hands slide lower. To bare your shocking red hair. My only desire?...Read On


Beyond The Flames

We migrated from body to body, from flesh to new flesh, I know the fire in your eyes, I am searching for what survives beyond the flames. I'm already losing myself in this soft geometry, the morse code of pulse and touch. Whether you spiral away or draw closer to fold our weathered lines together, our most vulnerable angles. I want to know all of you, for the mere thought of...Read On



One…word whispered in your ear… ”Open” Two… fingers run up your inner thigh… Three… seconds I let my fingers linger over your warmth… Four… is how many times you beg me to slip inside you… Five… fingers on the back of my head grabbing a handful of hair… Six… quick breaths as my fingers swirl around your flowing juices… Seven… circles my thumb makes around your clit… ...Read On


The Red Verse Free on Valentine's Day

The only free verse I ever wrote. With hopes of seducing a poetess. Hopes dashed. CT.

As martyred flaring hearts, releasing a shriek, combust to God, I free my captive Verse -  jitter-perched red bird behind its ordered bars - to honor you and ancient Rome's Saint Valentine's. Tiny libertine, High-wings like twitter-speck to your window, salute-stiff stands, eye-dart alert, on blistered sill to spy as bath-soft, radiant-bare ...Read On


She Sought Relief

Masturbation was on the menu as she was frustrated, so indulged in self relief.

Day one hundred and one Without any fun Something must be done After contemplating She thought, no more waiting I'll try masturbating With her urges on fire And filled with desire She removed her attire Naked she lay Ready to play Pleasure on the way So she did begin To stroke her smooth skin A warm feeling within As she caressed her bust It increased her lust Satisfy it she must ...Read On



A craving...

The things I would do to be with you, are nothing compared to the things I would do to you. Like throw you against the wall, and expose every bit of your flesh, so smooth and fresh, bringing the death of my sanity. There'll be no vanity as I taste every inch of your skin lustfully, My tongue dripping with sin, skillfully tracing your body, Not even Gotti could murder you the way I desire to,...Read On


In the Boardroom

A Man's World Turned Around by an Alpha Female

Flannelled grey skirt suit And stockinged legs, With black high heels. To her bed, she begged. Taking notes of important trivia, In pursuit of the highest position, In a man’s world dominated by Dicks and wannabe politicians. Her blonde hair flicked, Her lips lipsticked, She smiled broadly, Killing every man in the room. “What do you think?” she asked. A look around the table Showed that...Read On

101 Words: Nails

The moment before ...

Nails ranked like soldiers; perfectly crimson bedecked. Attentive and attending as they traverse dappled flesh. Observing every imperfection; paying homage to every flaw. Freckles. Moles. An expanded pore. Trickling betwixt them as taut flesh quivers beneath each inquiring touch. Dare I capture a sample ... between thumb and fore? To pinch. To twist. To admire the blood rush to meet...Read On


The Pantie Thief

A pantie thief at work

He met a maiden sweet and fair Clad only in her underwear A pleasing sight to his eyes He felt himself begin to rise His eyes took on a look of lust As they espied her ample bust A dreamy mist did cloud those eyes As they saw her creamy thighs Her panties tight, almost revealing He found this sight most appealing She said “You know, ‘tis rude to stare.” And he replied “I do not care For 'tis...Read On


She's Mine, You Know

She knows where she belongs and what she needs.

She now is shining as a dainty pearl,  My treasure is becoming dear to me. She didn't realize what we would be, A Daddy and his precious baby girl. The days went by and we were so intense, Perhaps we didn't know just what we had. She hadn't seen that she could be so bad Fulfilling Master's lust without pretense.  A vixen in disguise, her glee will last,  Discovering just what she wants...Read On


I Touch Myself Thinking Of You

For my Special someone

I touch myself thinking of you  wanting you  pleasing myself  knowing you’re turned on I touch myself in front of you  while you watch  my pussy wanting you  my clit wanting your fingers there  I put on a show for you  I touch myself wanting your touch I touch my breast  knowing it brings you pleasure getting very turned on  I touch my wetness for you ...Read On


Haru No You

I hear the night train Somewhere across the spring woods Through curtains of rain. Undressing for bed, My wife looks down and I see Only her bowed head. Bent to touch her toes, A girl grins between bare thighs. To her no train goes. ...Read On


Fuck You Haiku

Candle lit you lie, Sedate breasts sculpted in light Hollowed in shadow. I see that hunger That stiffens even your smile When you await me. I know desire’s eyes That plead, softer than a doe’s, But only watch you. Your traitorous glance Flicks over me, what you crave, Before your eyes close. Do you hear your sigh When you thrust up that crisp hair A woman offers? Or hear your soft...Read On


Our Dinner Date

When love and lust overpower hunger and discretion...

We sat across the table from one another She was a vision that always made me wet I’ve not know such joy, such love, such lust I would do anything to please her. I smiled at her with a nasty grin She wasn’t sure what to think but could guess With a shift in the booth I gave her a clue I moved my foot under her dress and between her legs. She looked around for the serving staff None...Read On


Knowing You

Five senses, five haikus

I lift the blanket. Your skin feels like a gift warmed By the giver's hands. Amid many scents From your bath, I sniff your hair And there I find you. In your taste I read The recollection of seas, The salt pools at dawn. Your wakening sigh Is like the swish of the sheets That you push aside. In the candle light Your hands lie still at your sides Though my gaze is long. ...Read On


Flashing Sequel

A sequel where three women believe they caught me naked in my hotel room

I am alone and lonely in a distant hotel It's a frigid cold night out I can tell From the bundled up people I can see walking the street I'm on the third day of my stay A tough business trip with no time to play I've had great success but I'm a little beat Out my third floor window I see a bar advertising beer Its outdoor patio abandoned for the year All stacked and chained is...Read On


Leave Your Love

Leave your love at the door, that's not what tonight is about, just like with any sensation, too much would be the end of us. Before you ask for an explanation, breath rushes out as you're pinned, the contrast of a cool wall and my body becoming the only known world. Because wherever you've gone, whatever wink fluttered lids, there are times when you must be reminded that you belong to me....Read On


My Viking Woman

War god, why have you taken my love? I know you hear the warrior's cries, And covet the bravest, And choose who lives or dies. Come, I want no other man. Come, take me if you can. One man who sacred strode cathedral groves, One man who radiant rode the sea, And godless knelt on heights, That man alone could take me. Come, I want no other man. Come, take me if you can. War god, why...Read On


All I Need Is My Imagination (and fingers)

I get bored at work

Dirty, naughty thoughts occupy most of my brain They drip out of me, like my cunt does most days I question their arrival, from them, what do I gain My nipples harden as they appear. I let them have their way. I take a break from work and get into my car. My need is so great  Thoughts growing as is the damp spot on my cotton covered slit Slipping fingers inside the lace waist now. I'll just...Read On


When She Is Lonely

All over her body the sly hands are sliding...

Selena walks by the sea when she is lonely. Selena walks when the day is dawning, Selena walks through the golden pools of morning. Selena's white robe from her shoulders goes slipping, Slipping and falling as she is walking, And far now and small as Selena goes striding. O Selena is naked, but there's no one to see, No one to see that white skin is golden, That gold hair...Read On



Maybe I should hold back if mystery makes you want more, before you mistake this intensity for an animal far too dark. Because from root to tip, all sensitive pulses beat, pitches strain to reach your depths. I won't come to you under the pretense of taking anything slow tonight save for the moment the air stops all around us. The pause is faint with the incantations of our forms,...Read On


Succulent Fruit

Are you hungry for something sweet?

Juices as sweet as a peach Nipples the color of a ripe berry My innocent love I give to thee Along with the gift of my cherry With your hard and mighty staff Please breach me gently my love My nubile body will welcome you Like a hot silken velvet glove I will wrap my legs around you And pull you way deep inside My body greeting yours As you stroke and slickly slide Pleasure me...Read On


You Make Me

My body reacts to you in ways I can’t even imagine, You make me want and need things, Things that are dirty, but oh so good, You make me hot and wet and horny. My mind plays tricks on me, Turning your every word into an actual sensation, Sensations crowding together inside me, Sensations that make me leak and moan. My breasts, my skin, my mouth all need you, But most of all...Read On


Having a Pussy Itch

Time once again to masturbate

I woke up with a pussy itch  I'm horny and need to come Time to turn on the vibrator switch It's time for some masturbation fun My long legs are opened wide I lay my wand on my clit I push my toy up inside  I begin to fuck my slit In and out I push I enjoy my vibrator toy Bald pussy, never a bush This is what I really enjoy That was quick, I start to drip First orgasm of the day...Read On


The Midnight Rose

Everyone's playing the game, but nobody's rules are the same

He walked in the room with a single command Take off your clothes while the game he planned I did as instructed  then laid on the bed it is where he wanted me it is what he said The necktie he grabbed my hands were bound above my head  they were tied and wound Then he kissed each eye lid  with his soft lips  asked me once more as he adjusted my hips "Are you ready...Read On


Orange Play

I never knew how much fun it could be to share an orange

We wake up in the morning After an evening of pleasure Our tummies are grumbling And we are ready for some fun We get up out of bed Headed for the kitchen He makes the coffee As I get to stripping Peeling each orange Taking it layer by layer As I break open the sections Feeling the silkiness glide over my fingers The coffee is finished We sit in the couch He takes a section of orange ...Read On


Singing Silence

My skin sings a joyous song My mind quiets after working so long I can hear the lash cutting through air I can feel everything I feel so bare The gift it gives me most don't understand The blessed silence beneath your hand My mind is usually so full of sound That it's hard for me to feel like my feet are on the ground Every time the leather makes my skin sing My mind quiets further and...Read On