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Erotic Poems


The Red Door

The world around her Oblivious. Walking past the red door, Unknowing; But adding to the thrill As she sits in her Private place Thinking her private thoughts. Panties round one ankle. Squirming in her seat, Reliving the images In her head from his written word. Irresistible temptation. Fingers delving, dipping, rubbing. Nipples hardened, Moans curtailed. ...Read On


In A Bind

On a whim, I want to bind you in silk ties And shave your beautiful quim With a cut-throat razor To find your level of trust Then when you're smooth I'll play, with my fingers and tongue My lips and teeth Lick and suck Inside and out until you beg me Beg me to fuck you But if I gag you too, Then I can play all day. And then all night. Tasting your juices. ...Read On


Deliver Us

No matter how much I tremble, whatever pleas and whispers I'm able to utter between breaths Keep your promise to never stop. Deliver me to the threshold and we will push beyond our own darkness together. As I press into you, memorizing that first unique gasp, the new fire rushing in our veins like molten trails through the earth when an urgent thrust begins to speak. It's as if...Read On


What Are You Waiting For

What are you waiting for You can see how he looks at you The way he smiles You know You know what you want And you know You know what he can give What are you waiting for He laughs when you come near He smiles to let you know He cares He cares And you know You know what he can give Look into his eyes Feel his power and his way The way  He looks at you And makes you tremble when...Read On


The Art Of Persuasion

Oh go on! I think my balls are turning blue I've been shying off cracking one off For a fucking week Thinking of tonight with you. Wait - it's your what? Listen I'm not fussy - oh you are? Okay, how about from behind? No? Blow job? Hand job? I'm trying to fly through a no-go zone tonight. Guess I should just head home for a wank .... What do you mean you want to...Read On


Knobs And Thingamabobs

In shades of purgatory high on the hill Between the knobs and the thingamabobs With a devil's cough and a poetic soliloquy While I play gremlin shedding crinolines  Lusting for sins on an evening's dusk Wishing you a cold-cold heart As you on knees giving me a homily And your naked flesh bringing me thrills With lips as good as you got  Whispering at the bay of my crotch Raising my...Read On


Dominatrix Club

A club for many a fine MIstress to show off her loyal pets.

There's a club of well dressed woman, Who like to watch nude men, Pleasuring themselves, In front of kinky friends Doms touch and kiss each other, Through their sexy clothes, Latex, lace, and leather, Garter belts and pantyhose. No nipple bras and crotchless panties Skin tight skirts, corsets, stilettos, Whips, and chains, and cock rings, A ball stretcher to his toes. A man's been waxed...Read On


Cockteaser With A Stiletto In Stilettos

I’ve lost count of all the orders I have growled. And, how many bruises I’ve nursed and watched bloom. How many cries to stop, or not to stop have I heard? Equal to the number of stitches passed in a loom. I am in demand. By some, I am adored. I am in command. By some, I am loathed. What is the fountainhead of my lament? What else, a girl. But not just any girl. No. She...Read On



It's the sweetest ascension, throbbing desire gripped, squeezed to remind me who this pulse quickens for. Never let me forget this possession. This need that sings and sends electric bolts through awakened nerves, the current that thrums as you guide my curious hand along loosened thighs. It only takes moments to know, to slip between a tight fiery fissure, the center's...Read On


MIss Honey's World

My Mistress and her girlfriends, like to fuck small guys, with enormous strap-ons, until they roll their eyes, until their thighs are sticky, with pussy pee and cum, until they pledge allegiance, to each and every one. She makes me wear a cock cage, or another cruel device, so I can't stroke my cock, which isn't very nice, but Very Necessery, as I'd play with it all day, for I am a naughty...Read On


Miss Honey's Slave (Singing a New Song)

Sometimes meeting for coffee can turn out to be much more than that for a naughty sissy boy.

We hooked up just for coffee, But she took me to her place, lifted up her skirt, and sat upon my face. I licked her through her panties, pink and soaking wet. A stranger tied my hands, and called me a sweet pet. She got off on my face, after peeing down my throat, Then another took her turn, and gave me a new coat - of cream and golden nectar, as I heard another laugh, before a shemale...Read On


Touch Yourself

Think of Him and Touch Yourself

When you are hungry, you think of food. When you are thirsty you think of drink. When that throbbing ache surges between your thighs you think of Him. He is your Wizard of Aahs, the bringer of pleasure, the awakener of delights, longing in it's sweetest form. As you read this, think of Him and touch yourself. Run your fingertips in loose circles  along your inner thighs. A ballet...Read On


Mistress Mary

More adventures of a thirsty and pussy boy slave and one of his many Mistresses.

She's a woman with a Strap-on, The lovely lady in control, Who likes to make a slut of me, A trollop and a ho! And I'm willing to oblige her, to worship her and more, for I was born to serve her, even when my ass is sore. My testicles are smoother, Then a little, baby boys', My hungry ass is ready, For Mistress Mary's toys. She likes to fuck my little ass, And hoist me on a swing, For all...Read On


So... You Think You’re A Master

What mastery is.

It starts with mild flirtation, Some giggles and chuckles, Evolving to penetration, Her fingers, your self-masturbation. She wants to be yours, You say you are hers, A virtual bond forms, Her dream is fulfilled. Vowing to forsake all others, You enter into the game, She wants you as her master, You play into her game. She wants to be your sub, Macho is your name, ...Read On


Everybody wants to be my Mistress

A dozen Mistresses for one naughty and very thirsty malle slave.

I called up Miss Michelle, and told her I'd be there. She told me she was shaving , all her pubic hair. O, that's the way I like it, to lick up every drop, of all her pussy juices, when she sits on top. When she's on my face, I don't waste her cum. O, that's what keeps me hard, And OH SO very young! I told her to keep drinking, until her slave arrived, for I need her golden nectar, to...Read On

Recommended Read

No Touching

A Lovers' Game

Just above the surface of my skin Is where your touch  Begins Like a mist that crawls across overheated earth In the coolness of the morning air You feel the heat within me Rise Against your palms Stirring early sounds You smile I sigh  Fine hairs stand Reaching  For the magnetic pull of your hands And sway As you float over my flesh My body is already impatient And you have just begun ...Read On


Come with Me...

Come with me on a journey Let me play with your body I seek to seduce your mind While you do to me in kind I'll push all of your limits You'll quiver from my visits Tear down your walls and levies Unleash deepest fantasies As we find hidden pleasures The line of right and wrong blurs With need and passion building This is what I am seeking As we explore our desire All to quench the...Read On



Every straight blokes dream cums true.

I was sitting by the pool, All the babes were wet, A HOT blonde winked at me, You Ain't Seen Nothing, Yet! Four woman in bikinis, Yelled these words to me, "WE HEARD YOU HAD A BIG ONE, OH BABY, CAN WE SEE?" A brunette threw her top off. And so did her three friends! O, If this is a dream, I pray it never ends. All four of them were stacked, With nipples made to suck, I was such a...Read On


Morning Memory

Such a naughty pair we were...

As my mind starts to wake And my body slowly stirs As I slowly stretch my muscles My memories occur They drift to last night A smile spreads my lips Such a naughty pair we were Both of us lunging our hips These thoughts make my body So hot it ignites My hands start to wander As I remember our night You stroking for me As you laid on your couch My...Read On


A Slut That Likes Old Men

Adrienne looks for older men

A sexy eighteen year old girl Was into more mature men She had the cutest brown curls Her name was Adrienne She had a nice set of jugs A nice round bubble butt She loved to give hugs She was a bit of a slut She'd wear little tube tops And denim mini skirts Her hair looked like a mop She loved to flirt She'd wear stiletto shoes Wore lots of red lipstick She'd always wanted to screw...Read On


I want an Orgy.

If you don't ask...

I've had onesomes and twosomes And a three and a foursome But adding one more  Would be totally awesome. For an Orgy to happen You need five at least. Now doesn't that sound  Like a fabulous feast. I don't mind the mixture As long as there's choice Some cocks and some cunts Then I'd gladly rejoice. There'd be sucking and fucking A lick and a lap With nipples for biting  And arses to slap....Read On

Audio version available

Cherished Boy

They say passion burns like eternal flames Your heart must be on fire You’re a long way past the time of games It’s all about desire When you look into my eyes I see And I feel through your eyes, too Knowing how you long to be set free Anticipating what I’ll do At the boiling point of what I lust You will do just fine Come get me, and with a thrust Tell me you are mine Any time...Read On


Blurring the lines

Boundaries crossed

There she is.... An object, A possession to use. A toy of My passions And My desires. She eagerly needs, What is given ,with no regret. Only a desire to please. Her Limits pushed. She soars to new heights. When she retruns. I hold her, comfort her. She nestles into Me. Happy and content, she purrs. Letting her know I am proud of her. But after a time. The...Read On


Lion's Share

You take me so deep inside, the lion's share of a demanding heart, mine as the night gathers around us. Something has been awakened in you, to encompass this blooming fray, we dare not give it a name, such hunger prowls and pounces, feeds far beyond where words have the power to breach. And as you drift away from safe quietude, petals tender before the flowering, before the inner frenzy...Read On




Once upon the other day I met a man who looked away I turned and walked the other way I did not know what to say Once upon another day He stared as I blushed and looked away It seems I was not ready to play He did not know what to say Once upon every tomorrow Those eyes lead me from my sorrow Not meant to steal or to borrow Aiding with my leaden cargo Once upon a twisted fate We ended up...Read On


Leading Her Away

When you lose to another

There she kneels before Me, Her eyes look to Me, Like pools of water, They show her love to Me, My hand caresses her cheeks, She nestles against it adoringly, She kisses My palm She whispers I love you Mistress. I smile A light shines upon us, As the door opens before us A ominous figure stands Hid amongst the light. A woman appears from the light, She smiles with...Read On


The Woodlands of Delight

Crackling twigs Or friendly birdcalls Give me signals He is often there He follows me everywhere Through the woodlands of lust In the daylight and into the night With glimpses  From the corners of my eyes Of his form And visage Most inspiring sight My entrancement keeps him  Always seeking more Coming closer Ever closer  And the spell was stronger Ever stronger I am his muse...Read On


Masturbation Song

Take a guess to what famous movie tune that this one can be sung to.

Let your fingers do the walking, when there is no time for talking, and you're feeling all alone. When your Cabana Boy is working, or busy somewhere jerking, let your pretty fingers roam. When you're feeling fit and frisky, pour a shot of irish whiskey, and get out all your toys. Pretty dildos and vibrators, made for pretty masturbators, and for naughty girls and boys. I've done it with...Read On

The Scent of You

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” ― Pablo Neruda

When around him I am moments I wish where perennial where there is not a single tic-toc between the playful moons and the immensity of space Moments when I feel alive a fire burning on my lips a hunger from deep within ever present and a smile brakes from the depths of my being There, he embraces me blankets me with his arms and I at the whim of his kiss he exudes a delicious...Read On


Needy Cup

Waiting to be filled

"Would you like another cup" Startled, I look up Hoping to see you But no. "No thank you" Sitting here all alone Reading, my fingers start to roam Thinking of you, spinning your loom Waiting by the dark washroom What is taking so long? Again? This stupid song! My nipples hard, panties wet Hoping today you won't forget The way to which I've led I can't get you out my head I guess I'll...Read On