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Erotic Poems


Edge Of You

What edge of you am I not aware of by now?  I want you to show me how to travel much deeper,  no inked sentiments shouting  to the entire world of our story.  We crashed in a more beautiful way,  quietly unfolded in the private intricacies of our own hearts. And I can't tell you where I go  when surrounded by your depths, how to describe such human fevers where blood calls to blood. ...Read On

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Have Mercy

I was in control, until I was not.

For just a guy with rope... Lost in delusions I once assumed  A certainty of self This is where I begin This is where I end This is where I stand Who I am Now with  My feet tucked beneath me Relieved of the weight Of my own being On my knees before you Hands folded  Free Your finger under my chin I look up into the depth  That is the calmness of your eyes I watch  The curve of your lips...Read On


The Dripping of the Tallow

The seduction of erotic pain

I feel the dripping of the tallow like a sting a fleeting thing burning shallow on my flesh I felt afresh the beating of my pulse like a drum calling each drop falling in a rhythm to convulse my febrile loins my cock enjoined to rise in propinquity to your lips as your hips slowly rose between my thighs in your hand a candle wavers waxen droplets clot burning hot as I melt beneath...Read On

To Be Taken, To Be Owned, To Be His

I am a princess. Sorry, I am HIS princess.

Exposed before Him I patiently wait. A shiver down my spine the anticipation of what is to come I hear His voice Inspection time princess All I manage is to murmur Yes Sir His hand advancing ever so slowly No rush, calculated movements Searching, wondering down a path To that place, a very small place. I whimper in ecstasy As I feel His finger enter and my heat welcomes Him His...Read On


My Hobby

Toys that delight, I own a few That's a lie, I have more Perhaps a bag or two Shopping online at night Like Goldilocks, I need to find The one that is just right Dildos, vibrators, plugs, clamps lube, just to name a few I keep adding more and more I can stop anytime They're not cluttering my floor Delighting my body night and day Each one brings new joy Some in unusual and different ways ...Read On


Good Morning Love

Dawn of day passion takes priority...

An unexpected start to a beautiful day Back by my side, we both want to stay. The sun has now risen, workday has begun But we now make time, for some morning fun. Your hair is still wet, terry robe dries you Sultry approach to our bed, and passions renew. Your robe has now fallen, your body calls mine Skin on skin contact in rays of sunshine. I receive your smile, flirtatious grin in...Read On

Dark Of Stain

I felt the dark of the stain As dusk shadowed my mind Alone in inner chambers And I in my cups of dry gin As a festoon of webs Stuck like a brooch to my thoughts As words bellowed a Gothic book And I snickered with grin Feeling the shame A long gone stanza in my crook Of drooling damsels yearning Desiring a poet's itch As the spice of sage And midnight vespers Of her nearly parted thighs...Read On


Devil and Angel

This is how it goes in my mind... base from the Devil or Angel by curiousoldcowboy

I'm your devil, dress in silk and lace Seductively striping slowly to reveal What's underneath the horns and tail I'm seducing you for the sinful taste Let's swim in the rivers of sensual passion Let's taste your milkiest cream of ecstasy Let's sample my sweetest honey of desire Let's drink our combined milk and honey You're my angel, seducing you is fun Sensually striping your angel's...Read On

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Separation Anxiety

Being apart makes the lust grow stronger...

With thoughts of us And dreams of you Both woke me up At half past two I closed my eyes To think this through If you were here What would you do... I felt your grip And then your kiss Your tongue is hot Something I miss You do not ask What I would want And with your mouth You tease and taunt You squeeze me hard And kiss my chest Your tongue leads you Down to the rest I place my hands...Read On

Body And Soul

  Tracing curvatures with my lips As softness unwinds with a scent  Like a lusting carousel spinning On a spool of erotic thread  And as my eyes idolize Down to the triangle of your nest Tracing curvatures with my lips As the new dawn spawns  On a harboring knoll And when the salty sea shrouds My cock will crow a lurching howl As the spirit of the flesh entwine Like a shadow on a bed...Read On


Silly Slut, Trix Are for Kids

Trying to figure it out....

What is a little slut for?  You want me waiting, open, eager at your door?  It used to be enough, but lately I’m not feeling so tough. What made me lose the bliss, in finding all of you like this?  The ones I wanted so much, insatiable desire, aching, and such. Disappearing acts and callous hearts,  make me weary of each thrilling start.  More than just a place to fill your needs,  I'm not...Read On


I Want To Be Fucked

I want to be fucked I want to let my gaurd down I want to be fucked I want to be the man I always wanted to be I want to taste the freedom From what society says I am Freedom from what socitety says I should be Freedom of what society expects of me I want a thick hard dick in my ass A rugged sweaty body on top of me With one hand pulling my hair The other grabbing my throat ...Read On

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The Infinity Blossoming

I am not permitted to understand all the mysteries that you contain. The arc of flesh along your breasts, nipples vibrate in tune with a quickened pulse, flicked with a needy and ravenous tongue  always seeking to taste more. As I sail through the initial bliss,  the infinity blossoming below,  I've asked if this frenzy  is the center of all things.  The softest flesh contracts,  more...Read On


If I could but touch

thinking of a body

If I could but touch that shapely neck, the flowing shoulders, smooth straight back, sexy young breasts tipped with soft rose-red nipples wanting a lover's kiss, my kiss. Belly firm and soft, waiting for my caress, down over hips, to soft firm buttocks, then down long legs to ticklish toes. Now both hands moving upwards onto calfs, and then to soft inner thighs, stroking gently, never...Read On


Miss Giannna's Dungeon

Everyone's welcome to cum (or not) as the case may be when Miss G has her fun with me.

I'm at Miss Gianna's, performing for her friends, playing with my pecker, and with a ton of men - with a lot of women, and pretty Lady Boys, locked up in her dungeon, playing with her toys. I'm playing with a dildo, with a head that spins, with a shaft that vibrates, as Miss Gianna grins! Nude men stand around me, The woman are in clothes, We're there to entertain them, and that's the way...Read On



What's happened

  It's been a year on this journey, craving, lost Crazy, searching, finding, forgetting about the cost. I didn't know what I didn't know, didn't expect to find what I found Even as I was wondering if my mind was truly sound. I adored that breath hissing at the back of my neck Oh those eyes and voices and hands, back to who I'd trek. Pushing me down with fire in your eyes Taking me over,...Read On



And we're so alike, yet so different, a single language in separate bodies freighted with endless meanings, you whispered those and other sacred words to me where no one can ever reach. Whatever happens between us after the rush of making love, my protective touch always searching out your core, your anima will haunt mine. Fingertips moving towards the fiery inlet opening between...Read On

The Bed Or The Floor

The bed or the floor Where should I suck Better close the door I think we might fuck It's now licking time I smile and I cheer Oral sex that's sublime You say, get over here   I undress and open my legs You kiss and adore me I whine and I beg You're kneeling on your knees You kiss my sweet cunt And lick my pussy lips I giggle and I grunt And buck my curvy hips My pussy is so sweet While...Read On

Cheating And Lies

Cheating and lies began Was this all just his plan Their lives the same and bland She took her man, She took her man So many years they were together So many problems and lots of pressure She thought they'd be together forever Her name is Heather, Her name is Heather He was never in their house Was acting like a total louse The wife wanted to know his whereabouts She took her spouse, She...Read On


Ode To A Courtesan

How much I wish that you were mine alone, But sadly I must share you with others, Just one more among your many lovers. Not for you of course the life of the streets; Your debauchery is much more refined, Living a life of pampered luxury, The mistress of rich and powerful men, A modern day courtesan free to choose Whom you will permit to enjoy your flesh. Long ago you realised your power,...Read On


Pride and Joy.

I'm only what MIss C made me and a fem boy toy I shall be.

    I'm her fem boy toy. She brings me to my knees, in the sleazy bars, where we taunt and tease.   I smoke more than cigars, as I aim to please. I'm her fem boy toy, and everyone agrees, I have the deepest throat, and I can make men cum, in sixty seconds flat, with expert lips and tongue.   My bum's been fucked so hard, more times than I can say, more than she can count, ...Read On

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The dew unlocks slowly, drips from the deepest chamber, this gradual tide born from you,  the root of my every overwhelming need. The rise and fall of your breath,  my sweetest vast atmosphere, all glows in your presence,  the darkness of your absence  is just as beautiful.  A universe temporarily without a sun, lit by countless fading galaxies,  pressures of ecstatic planets bursting into...Read On


Miss C's Sissy Boys

If there's a Mistress that does it better than Miss C I'd give the world to meet her respectfully

  Miss C has a willy, she straps around her waist, for all the naughty boys, who love to sniff and taste, her lovely honey holes, her feet and underwear. Miss C's long, hard cock, is hanging over there.   It's made for naughty boys, like Harry, Dick, and Tom, Ricky, Billy, Joe, Peter, Paul, and John, who have been impaled, and never walked the same, their assholes gaping wide....Read On


Oral Games

A couple's intimate contest of oral pleasure...

First across to claim her prize Softly whispered, “Close your eyes… “ Knelt before with hands on thighs With opened mouth elicits sighs Me releasing, my-oh-my’s Her eager mouth did take me in My eyes did roll, my head did spin Now confused by who did win Feeling warmth upon my skin Balls now slap upon her chin Her tongue was slick, it did move fast Roaming finger filled my ass With...Read On



What he does....

Since the start he aimed straight At my kinky little heart It was lust at first sight  And I gave it all up without a fight  He kissed me, and that was it, I wasn't afraid  I let him have it all, whatever he wanted, what a good little slut I made We did things to each other, that we'd never done before He let me in to taste it all, and more Blissed out orgasms wracked my body as...Read On



When hunger strikes...

Feeding my hungry mind of you Feeling the need for release  Caressing my own hot skin Sweat melting the iceberg Palm slowly goes down  My neck, beyond to the valley Between my breasts, fingers Squeezing them a little hard Moaning as my other hand Travels down across my tummy To the rivers flowing between my legs Seeking the peak of paradise Rubbing the flowers to bloom Finding the falls...Read On


I'll Take The Night

Plunder my body

You have the day Then I’ll take the night To plunder your body Taking everything in sight Erotic thoughts Burning my soul Pricking like thorns Yielding loss of control Desire of possession Then worship of treasure All consuming secret thoughts Of giving you pleasure What’s off limits? Nothing, the reply Indulge darkest fantasies To your lust, I’ll comply All fours we could choose...Read On


Braided Embraces

There is pure bliss to be found within these braided embraces. Sensations ebb in relentless currents as our lips exchange desires too familiar for the spoken word, and fingertips prey upon sensitive planes;  every touch unravelling an intricate dialogue as we race to unfold one another. Where I am but a tentative summer breeze full of curious hesitations, a calmer drift of simmering heat...Read On

A Kinky Club

A mysterious club is there Where all people wear masks Kinky and hot fun if you dare Are you up for this task A mask must be worn you see Sluts dance around you A dedicated group of three Will be all yours to screw Masked beauties in lingerie Flutter around your presence It's time for erotic play This will feel very pleasant You're in silk boxers The ladies pull them down A little game...Read On


I need...

It's not too much to ask is it?

I need to find a girlfriend. I need to find her quick. I need to find a lady, Who knows how to suck a dick. I need a pair of nice round tits. I need a filthy mind. I need a lady who likes cock, When given from behind. I need a pert pink bottom. I need a pretty cunt. I need a good old fashioned fuck, If that's not being blunt. I need a new fuck buddy. I need a silken thigh. I need to fill...Read On