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Erotic Poems


What I Want

What I want Is to be Under your piercing gaze As I stand here, Naked, Just for you. I want to feel Your touch, The scorching hot And rough, Yet softness of your Hands On my hips As you pull me against you. I want our gazes locked, Your lips on mine, Soft and gentle, then Hard and rough. The passion and lust, Much too strong to resist, To try and hold back....Read On


Passion's Tempest

Lustful thoughts...

You've left my mind in a daze, you've captured my lustful gaze. There's so much I want to know, nothing I don't want to show. Want to find all the places, that make you hot and breathless. To trace the swell of your breasts, teasing and playing the crests. Follow the curve of your ass, dipping into the crevasse. Lips on the small of your back,  my hands gripping your stomach. ...Read On


This Is Before

The air is delectable with your fragrance, a nectar's mist that draws me closer to your tingling curves and planes. This is before we sizzle, when your scent teases, leaves me hungry with intention, with eyes tracing patient flesh, swollen petals that ache to flood. But you always take time, slowly sending little electric bolts to nerves that shiver in time with our synced pulses As...Read On


Time To Play

Did you miss me, my little. Did you miss Daddy. I know you did.  I know. Come here. Come to Daddy little one. You're giggling now. You know I love that, baby. Give me a kiss.  Such wet, soft, trembling lips. You know I love everything about you cupcake. Now that you're trained. I'm going to sit here now. Show me dear. Show Daddy how you love him. Such a sweet body.  Naked now. Show...Read On


Moth to a flame

She is drawn to him Like moths to a flame, Desperately craving What he gives her, His voice hypnotic, His touch like a drug, What she needs More than anything. His warm mouth Covering hers, And she falls, Down, down, Into the depth of passion, Her burning desire Met by his As he thrusts in deep. In that moment There is nothing but heat, Two bodies intertwined Connected...Read On


Ferry Me Not

Ferry me not the eve of end and cast out the oarsman,  on the river Styx. As the head winds crest defining my new horizons  and your green eyes of sensual flesh, stirring my slosh for your little man in the boat. For in dark I find my compose of taints and ghostly sins while swilling sour mash, in search of orgasms  needing my stiffen seed. Ferry me not the eve of end and cast...Read On



It's not like it's a bad thing . . .

I am seen  As I’m at work My office door is closed My office window shades are drawn But someone watching knows Every single move I make Just like in the song Has me always on display And showing myself off I sense I’m viewed As I get dressed Alone and in my house Deciding what to wear that day And ironing my blouse The thrill of peering eyes on me Sliding stockings on Putting on...Read On



The importance of keeping your mind on the job

I’m finding it hard to stay focused My gaze has become quite transfixed On your pendulous tits, as they swing back and forth And your fingers grip hold of my dick The precum has started to dribble As you stoop down over the head Your tongue flicks the hole and I rock and roll On the edge of the four-poster bed Your pussy is starting to glisten And you finger your clit as...Read On


Part of my Job

Walking into your office sinking to my knees, gripping your growing hardness Licking the head  Caressing the shaft  Sucking you deep My nose touching your skin  A moan escaping your lips Playing with your balls  My pussy tingles Working my mouth to work out that cum  Your hands on my head forcing me down Your breath quickens, my mouth works harder My pussy leaking I...Read On


Casino Quickie

Roulette tables, black jack and 21 Chips, coins and cash Sequined and feathered girls Cigars and cigarettes I don’t usually gamble But I’m feeling lucky tonight Row after row of slot machines Velvet covered tables covered in cards I could bet a lot or throw around some coins Or try a bit of both He notices me amid the sea of sparkles and jingles His eyes fixed...Read On


Act Two-Snatch Grass

Then the shoe, midnight shrew  drops the swill that I drink  on the brink of my sanity,  the edge of my pantomime slink. In silence, sometimes I scribble  until the dawn shows its thorns of fire and rings as morning birds sing,  psalms of dark caroling. Masturbating until the dawn  of sins as my cock-quill spins upon the hollow of your cunt  rising above your snatch grass.   Then...Read On


A Shave and Some Masturbation

Come into our bedroom.

Want to watch me shave my box? Shaving cream all over my pubes. You can sit and stroke your cock, And even look at my firm boobs. I shave off all my pubic hair, So I have a smooth, bald mound. You're stroking on our chair, I'm moving the razor all around. A nice smooth pussy for me, Now I'll put on a little show. It looks so sexy, don't you agree? I'll make my juices flow. Fingers rub...Read On


Your Heat

Warm me . . .

Come and love me in the cold And give to me your heat The warmth that rises from your chest As I expose it underneath Every button of your shirt Open more and more Caressing me in gentle waves Yet piercing deep into my core An aching sweet reminder Of just how real you are The scent of your aliveness The pulsing of your heart The halo of your body's heat Becoming as a shield To ward...Read On



Amy may, Amy might Spread her legs for me tonight And push my head between her thighs To lick and suck until she sighs And moans and groans and then says "Stop. Move up here and get on top. And slide that hard-on that I see Into the furthest depths of me Feel my wetness as you do Slick and sweet it's all for you Ram me, grind me, hard or slow Tease me, fill me...Read On


Soul of Mine on Fire

In your arms the fire of desire quenched...

The warmth of my soul. In the sweetness of your arms,  I find my self loving you, white sheets, fusing, delirious, condemned to your kisses, twisted delicacy,  a thousand flavors,  slave of your fires. Stealthily, I get lost in your eyes, to the heat within my soul,  and imprisoned within desires. You're like the rain's sensual caresses, or the pulsating blood in my veins. ...Read On

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Date Night

A couple enjoy more than just dinner

Tonight is just us, dinner and a movie Only good things we'll discuss I search in my closet for just the right dress Not sure of my mood, should I show more or less I can't go wrong with a short little black shift Stockings thong and a lacy bra giving my breasts a lift We arrive at the restaurant and make our way to our spot We pass a table with two businessmen ordering quite a lot I give...Read On



Piercing the heart goes much deeper than slipping into your body, there are endless depths there to show, if you are all skin wrapped around bone, I'm the marrow filling each gulf, the synapses translating billions of signals. Some are fragile whispers to coax you but some roar through your blood, turning you to pure heat, charged echoes and fiery rivers beneath. You do not entirely...Read On


Ode to 'Miss Whiplash'

Put the whip down and no-one gets hurt

I was feeling kinda silly With a ribbon round my willy As you prowled around the bedroom in your basque I found it tough to just think When the ribbon was so bright pink And matched the fluffy handcuffs and the mask! I asked you to release me So I could have a quick pee But you flicked me with your whip and made it sore So I rolled away to freedom Before you thrashed my...Read On


Be Free

Don't say no to me...

Whether for one passing night, a single moment in delight, or a lasting stay in sight, from Fall’s haze to Summer’s sunlight. Help to sate my inner lust, and I’ll be your passion artist, all that I need is your trust, and for you to take my boldest. Fulfill my deepest desires, where I burn in sensual fires, and I’ll quench your inner pyres, just to once more stoke the cinders. ...Read On



So good with his hands . . .

I love the way you handle rope So capable and sure Loop and pull and back and through Tightening some more The blueness of your eyes on mine Never break their gaze As your hands stroke and knot the knots You’ve tied a hundred ways Woven smooth, its weighty heft Presses on my wrists  Restraint building as I lie And give those little twists Just to see what I can’t do The thrill of...Read On


Kindling Sap Spew

Kiss me still beneath shadow of the moon as your soft whispers sigh sensuality swoon  and my wonder-lust fickle burn with desire,  raising the amps of my carnal fires. Let me taste your somber serenity  as my drool anoints your cunt and thrill me until lasting infinity,  beneath midnight lace of twinkling afar. Givens of my kindling sap spew  in spaces needing hot wet slew  as...Read On

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A girls night out

We all need a good night out...

Giggling in the bathroom queue, Knowing what we’re going to do. Her short pink dress, heels to match My tongue aches for her wet snatch Bodies filled with rose wine Grabbing her arse, I know she’s mine Once inside, we lock the door, Time to make this bitch my whore. Watching her, I start to pee, Leaning back so she can see, The golden stream of warm piss, Tongues meet for a...Read On

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Early Morning Love

Between darkness and light, you enter me.

I don't know when the days Became so long, And yet not long enough. When evening comes Darkness falls. Now, I face you And you face me, Still with a desire so strong That the air hums between us. It used to scream. But now it only whispers, With the accumulation Of responsibilities. We share this bed. Still, While deep in my dreams, My body is aware of you. By instinct it searches you out,...Read On


A Very Special Night

A Couple Make Love

A woman and a man enjoy each other, Tonight is a special night. They're each other's passionate lover, Their tenderness and passion feels right. They look into each other's eyes, And share a passionate kiss. The woman moans and then sighs, Their love is total bliss. She's on her back; they're in mission, Their bodies are entwined. Love making in this position, Now they're perfectly...Read On


Dressing up is fun.

I love a little roleplay.

Would you dress up like a school girl, who's been kept back after class? Would you squeal and call me master while I slapped your pretty arse? Would you dress up like an air hostess and give my cock a rub? Or go for first class service where we'd join the mile high club? Would you dress up like a prostitute? I would be your nasty pimp. I'd fuck you hard until you made my aching cock go limp....Read On


Growing Old Disgracefully

And they say romance is dead

I’m growing old disgracefully – whoopee! No comfy slippers, pipe or chair for me. If it’s got a pulse I’ll fuck it Before I kick the bucket, Yes, I’m growing old disgracefully, you see? I’m growing old disgracefully – tee-hee, No floppy dick or saggy arse there’ll be, If it’s hot and wet I’ll fuck it Don’t want to kick the bucket, Growing old disgracefully, that’s me! ...Read On



A lesson in seduction

I sit across the table from you drinking a glass of wine. I listen to you with my ears as well as my heart. I hear not only what you say, but what you try to hide. I stroke the inner vein of your wrist tracing the vein up your arm. I reach across and brush the hair from your eyes, kissing you gently, lightly biting your neck. I whisper in your ear that I want you. You stiffen...Read On

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Inside My Head

...under my skin, embedded in my soul

You’ve got inside my head; Your hold so tight I can’t escape. You pounced: Grasping me With deadly talons That pierced my heart. Your claws injected promises, Feverish words of love that Ravished both body and mind, Leaving me desperate For more. You’re an addiction, A dangerous need. Increasingly frantic, I pen my replies, Fingers flying With a will of their own. I...Read On


The Wait

I am going to give him his birthday present.

I wait for my love to walk through the door, he is my life, the one I adore. For him, I'd move mountains and walk 'cross the sea. At the door I wait while down on my knees. I wear my pink collar with my leash attached, my nipple clamps on with a short chain that matched. My ass is laid bare, it's awaiting his crop, which I hold in my mouth, I make sure not to drop. My blindfold...Read On


Dressed For a Seduction

Walking, gliding freshly manicure hands through the closet. The clothes, only the finest to ever touch the eyes. Distinguished femininity in a woman ... The ultimate goal? Your sigh. As my scent caresses your atmosphere the feel  I must complete... To have you feel my skin without touching; to have your lips feel kissed without kissing. I'm about shocking! To fill your...Read On