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Erotic Poems


Strap-on Song

A kinky song sung to a mistress by a enthusiastic bi male slave.

I love a woman with a strap-on, Covering her bush, A woman with a cock, Who loves to pull and push! A woman with a harness, Who loves to drill her man, Where no tool's been before, Like my mistress can. A woman with a dick, A fat prick, thick and long, With a juicy clit, Underneath her dong. A woman with a strap-on, To fill her lover's tush, Who doesn't mind trading places, Who loves to...Read On


Saving Grace A Moonlit Spell

On a field of Backgammon With the quell of an erotic tale Saving Grace a moonlit spell As a shadow in my mind spins  Across my chest as tallow flows From a candelabra's glow While softly stroking a phallic of ten And poetically tracing webs omens With a gossamer's touch my breath sins Against the ripples down below In the hollows of your clit And awaiting my queue Giving no quarters...Read On



It's the sound moaning against the rapid pulse that my lips burrow into when tasting the soft skin of your neck. You hear enough to realize no other name escapes me with such breathless abandon, with such needy timbres lingering in the heated air as you surge into my covetous kiss. The moment your fingers close around my thick and swelling ache, a metaphor for the world in your hands,...Read On


Little Naughty Things

Feeling the emotions of memories  And hearing moans from your maw As frost in your cunt begins to thaw While we diddle raw in the straw Caressing among the spindle weeds Ratcheting my cock to fill your needs And buckling your body at the knees  Slewing forth a scrotum of seeds With a slip knot tied with a string Tightly bound with golden rings The spool unwinds our torrid flings ...Read On


Daddy And His Pet Play

Daddy please his pet.

My darling it's a new day  Daddy's hungry for his pussy treat He wants to eat pussy buffet It's time for Daddy to eat Sweet baby open your legs Daddy wants to adore your cunt Daddy wants pet to pant and beg Show Daddy how you grunt Licks and flicks to her clit Hands squeeze at her firm rack Daddy's fingers are inside her slit Pet is on her back Pet is awfully wet Daddy licks her here...Read On


Take Me

Take me as the night begins to fall, all needs roaring to life in the dark, we've been marked to violently ache for passions mirroring our very own. A passion akin to beasts roaming the wild, the mingling howls and thunder spreading a cantata among the hidden forests, among hides, thorns, and bleeding ink on smooth and soft parchments where I failed to recreate you with words. ...Read On


Opened up

Late night restless ramblings

He doesn’t just love getting his cock sucked, He thrives on the act of her giving her mouth to him. He watches her lips suckle, And the sweet pink of her tongue. Her throat opens up,  Like a vessel of love, Choking desire,  Gagging in lust. His eyes feast on this beast With insatiable hunger,  He watches her wet lovely mouth Draw him in deeper. And He slips under her spell And ...Read On


Across The Room

Across the room she smiles at me, Her husband mustn't know That she is waiting patiently To let me share her glow. It always seems so fresh and new, We meet up when we can, Because we often rendezvous  To cuckold her old man. The simple fool is not too bright, He sees her through a veil That blurs his vision and his sight. Their marriage is so stale. I've stirred her avaricious lust...Read On


Steve's Wife, Bill's Slut

Bill gives me what Steve can't provide

The night was finally here He wanted to see me fuck The man who had savoir-faire And whose cock I loved to suck I waited in the master bedroom He was going to answer the door I felt tingles and twitches in my womb And I began pacing the wooden floor Would he be okay with watching another man? Fucking his once faithful, but still loving wife Would he be taking notes or just be...Read On



Let me take you to the zone

Let me get into the zone, so that I may please you So that I can concentrate on you Only you, and nothing else Let me do this so that I can blow your mind Show you things you've never felt before Show you things you cannot even imagine And not just with my cock, no, no, no My tongue, my fingers, my teeth even Even just thinking about what I can do to you nearly brings me to the edge ...Read On


As I Touch His Skin

Touch has a memory... John Keats

Exquisitely outstretched on the bed Exposed in his glorious nakedness My tentative fingers begin touching Cataloging his body's every nuance Cupping his face between my hands Caressing his scruffy angled jawline Outlining the perfect lips that both Tenderly kiss and wholly devour me Kissing along the nape of his neck And the width of his broad shoulders Truly knowing they will willingly...Read On



Now I am awake after our sleep after our passion after you let me take you and after I let you take me to Paradise; and I am aching and still swollen from our mating our loving the wild tango of our tongues the bruising battle of our lips the seismic sucking the furious thrusting the glorious fucking and the earthquake we made But I...Read On


A Nice Slow Cock-Suck

How about a nice blow job.

Are you prepared for some pleasure  I'm wanting to play with your dick I absolutely love oral adventures I love that you're thick Your cock likes when I touch it I know you enjoy a little tug You play with my firm tits Your cock is my drug My hands are stroking now You've now grown in my hand You're very endowed I love when you expand You like my hands on your shaft I'm cupping and...Read On

Recommended Read

I Am Not For Everyone

Careful where your next words lead you. Be warned, my world is not what it seems. You cannot trust your eyes to guide you. No norms exist here, only extremes. Ask anything of me. I will neither lie nor deceive. Be warned, my truth will also make you free. Once you enter, part of you will never leave. Your mind will not readily accept what your body will feel. I will hurt you. ...Read On


Dirty Poe

If Poe had only written porn....

On a dark and stormy evening, our guest us both receiving, for a night of heavy breathing, behind our chamber door. His form, tall and solid, his face with tension florid, his cock yet still flaccid, he came tapping at our door. He entered without trepidation, with intent of insemination, with hopes of observation, by me sitting on the floor. With wine she did ply him, as she sat so...Read On

Recommended Read


You know my greedy hunger all too well, the ravenous thirst yearning to be sated. You hover close enough to tease just beyond my tongue's reach, wetness seeping through a thin layer, filling my lungs with the unmistakable raw scent of your deepest want. Telling me to wait for you, for the first drip of honey. You finally descend to let me taste you through a silky sheen, ...Read On


Cheating With Peter The Neighbor

A housewife cheats with a man in her neighborhood

There was a woman who was a cheater She had sex with her neighbor Peter When her family left for the day She'd get ready to cheat and play She dressed in revealing shirts And wore very short mini skirts She'd wear a ponytail in her hair Always shaved her pussy bare She'd put make up on her face Wear panties made of lace She met Peter at his house He let her in and removed her blouse ...Read On


Sir, Dare I Say So Much To You...

Another try in English... hope it's okay

Sir, dare I say so much to you... The murmurs of my dreams a little crazy those that haunt my nights, dreams without taboos. In my room alone, I can imagine Your mouth stifling my cries and these ropes that bind me are your addition. Sir, dare I say so much to you... I want your shadow to sneak up my bed I want your long fingers to graze my skin in agreement Go down in recall vibrating...Read On


The Telling

Somehow I've told you everything, as we rush through the prelude, your tongue meets mine, always hot and invasive, loving and possessive. Our bodies tell stories together, whisper through breaching fingertips, carry myths in closely exhaled breaths, the faint echoes in stirred hearths. Waiting to explode back to ourselves. Whatever once broke inside still radiates as you float...Read On



Seduction is indeed a lost art. ~ Lilly

The night is still so young But my thoughts are impure Brimming over with desire And only you hold the cure Please let me seduce you Using all my feminine ways I want to tease your body Setting your senses ablaze The act of slowly undressing Is an ancient dance of lust Like we are unwrapping a gift That will inevitably combust Together we stand naked Your body I want to memorize We start...Read On


Let's Have Sex On The Chair

I want to do it on the chair

Let's fuck right there I take off my skirt I'll fuck you in the chair I remove my tight shirt I put you into my hole My pussy is so tight I'm in complete control Will be fucking tonight Reverse cowgirl my hands on my knees My pussy makes lot's of sounds I fuck your cock with ease You move your dick all around We moan as we make love You start to buck Your cock fits like a glove I love...Read On


The Softest Note

You still hold me inside, the invisible mark fused with your being after a final quickened thrust. I just want to stay wrapped up, you forever locked around me, body perfuming the dark room, the most vulnerable moment that two can possibly know. Our shared code is analog, spoken and always held close, the familiar is a silent tide ebbing away layers of clothes, the binding drift we...Read On


To cure a headache.

a great way to cure a headache.

Her body was that of a goddess, Her face a thing of beauty. She seemed to shine with charisma, As my hands caressed her booty. She held me close after dark, Caressing and holding my chest. As I held her closer, Squeezing and caressing her breast. We kissed slowly and passionately, Our tongues in each other’s throats. Moaning as we kissed, As if leaving each other notes. ...Read On

Audio version available


Up before the dawn, again. Stirred from slumber by the immeasurable emptiness next to me. She flees from me, each time, without a sound, without warning. It’s who she is. A free spirit on an endless, timeless journey. A sleepy smile upon my hungry lips, her plea strums my heart, “Miss me; please miss me like no other.” I stroke my cock; reverence to the sin stained sheets. I...Read On



Remembering how you melt like soft wax drawn too close to the flame, smoldering as you pull back. I'm convinced that the endless torches crackling and stirring dark hearths back to life will make your name pour from my tongue. And cast away notions of being gentle, to groan before the untamed pounce. It reminds me that your soul seeks out darkness and light in equal measures. And...Read On


The birds and the bees

Even in the darkest of times, dreams will live...

The quiet hum of bees Busy collecting nectar To make their sweet honey, Surrounds her as she lays down in the grass, The gentle morning sun caresses her skin, Warming it as a lover’s touch. Birds sit in the trees Singing their cheerful songs, Welcoming a new day Filled with opportunity and promise. He stands and watches her, Not wanting to disturb a quiet moment. Admiring the...Read On


How I Like to Cuddle

She knows how I like to cuddle When desire has been achieved She knows how I want my baby When hunger has been relieved When my lover lives her ardor Expressing her urge for me When my lady lets her slut out And sets her inner whore free How she loves it when I lick her Swollen kitten soft and damp How I love it when she sucks me Like a precious wanton tramp Two lovers tasting moist...Read On


Why They Sailed from Lisboa

Back from a week in Lisbon and Porto, friends...

It comes so slowly this reality, A city on the Targus older than Rome, Older than London, a city the Sueri The Alan, the Visigoth once called home. Yet why should not these hills have been As teased by brushing breezes in the days Of the myth-made, faceless barbarian As ours who can but second their byways? Chiseled stone, stucco, brick, the cobbled street Seem substance of a...Read On


Ode to a Cock

I love when you are soft and small You fit in my mouth balls and all I love when you are stiff and hard as a rock Makes me want to suck you ‘round the clock I love your perfect mushroom head It’s the best thing since sliced bread I love your girth and oh that rim It keeps me full of vigor and vim I love king size and it does matter Length makes my heart go pitter...Read On



The need possess with unforgiving passion, if I knew how to reach out and touch the entire universe, the precise points that fuel you, marking coordinates to call mine. You'd know the endless fixation to learn a galaxy's intricacies, my obsession with celestial glows, you flush skin with crimson, with heat that refuses to flee. Worlds would fold into perfect symmetry, fragrances...Read On