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Erotic Poems

Special Night

A guy and his girlfriend Celebrate in style Away for the weekend They'll be gone for a while They walk along the avenue Looking at Christmas windows They enjoy the pretty views The temperature feels like zero They kiss several times  Under the holly and mistletoe Their love is sublime She loves being with her beau He hands her a present In a box there's a ring Tonight is an event His...Read On


Sassy and her Saint Nick

It's that time of year again ...

So here Sassy was sitting and thinking about Ole St Nick remembering last years saga and how lovely and big was his dick Have I been a good girl this year? Oh yes I have my dear I deserve more than coal Smiling as I think about your pole So Sassy put on her red mini dress trying to look her best As she heads out to sit on Santa's lap to have a long talk with the Chap As she walked up...Read On

The Other Woman

She has a lot on her mind As she rises from her sleep Last night her lover was kind Their affair is rather deep She's just his mistress She wants to be in his life An affair is her existence He already has a wife He's with her most days She's the one sucking his prick He fucks her all different ways He's in her vagina with his dick She's the one getting flowers Being taken out on the...Read On


Use Me

Tell me I'm a good girl

I'm here only for you to do with as you will.  I feel your red-hot need only I can fill. Make it relentless, please leave me bruised.  Make me feel like  I've been brutally used. Grab my throat tightly, pin me down hard, Be rough with my body, leave your calling card. Pushed against the wall, tearing at my dress Touching me...just there makin' me a hot mess. Tie me up tightly, laying...Read On


A Visit From Nicholas

'Twas the night before Christmas' with a twist

Twas the night before New Years, When all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, Not even my spouse. His clothes were all packed in a suitcase with care, And he and his bag were traveling on cheap airfare. The children were away sleeping at a friend's homestead, While visions of a sugar daddy danced in my head. So alone in the dark I lay for a nap, When at the front door I...Read On

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This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Break me in your arms Where the darkness licks our skin, Where the fire flays desire From my soul and breaks the silence, Where it turns the longing into hope And twists the lightning, rolls the thunder Across the trickles of shining sweat, The kiss of salt in trembling night, Devouring flesh where...Read On


Ages Apart

An older man seduces a young woman

The disdain in her eyes I’m not surprised An older man like me Offers nothing she can see But in bed, she will feel My tongue and sex appeal More touching than a younger man Where he can’t, I certainly can I know what a clitoris is And where to find it, more importantly, Miss So, don’t give me that haughty stare Before the facts and we are laid bare I could bend you over my knee And teach...Read On

Hot Slut

All grown up at the trailer park Running around having sex Making out in the dark This slut has no respect Her tits show in her shirts She wiggles her fine ass She wears mini-skirts This doll has no class She loves to give blow jobs Near the picnic tables Loves to make their dicks throb And begs for them to do anal She runs around this place Getting into all kinds of trouble She has a...Read On


Sapphic Sex

Oh, the joys of lesbian sex

I swell Your touch excites me My skin trembles at your touch Nipples hard you lick my body Delightful warmth runs down my legs Touch me finger my hot, wet hole Female fingers I cum, oh sweet release! My turn, now, to lick your sweetness Let me suck your clit Let me  Nibble your pink nub You scream and juices flow My tongue in you excites me Oh God!  ...Read On




Our menu for tonight Let's not forget our foreplay Endless teasing and flirting Wanting you for my appetizer Hot spicy that waters my mouth Sizzling that burn my tongue How delicious my appetizer Let's jump from the main course To have a taste of dessert Being your chocolaty dessert Do whatever you feel like doing Wanted to be deliciously good Finger licking good Sucking to the bone...Read On

Threesome Fun

One night friends hang out The woman tells her fantasies She's their friend and a knockout She enjoys lots of profanity She says she wants a threesome She wants all her holes used She wants a dick in her bum She wants to be abused The guys want to play She smiles and says okay They'll enjoy some foreplay Fuck her lots of ways They undress each other They bring her to the bed Tonight...Read On

Romantic Evening

Stockings and a garter worn Bra and panties made of lace High heels on her feet are adorned A beautiful smile on her face She waits for her man Her body nicely perfumed Tonight seduction is the plan Her pussy is nicely groomed Candles flicker in the room Soft music plays She waits in their bedroom Flowers in vases that are in bloom Her man is in the archway She rises to kiss his lips...Read On



The sheer joy of sex on the Internet with Mistress.

Edging to her pictures, and her conversation too, completely turns me on. It's what I need to do, while I wear the panties, she sends me in the mail, with the scent of cum and pee, that engulfs me without fail. How I love those panties, and the sexy way they hug, my sissy cunt and dicklette, while I tug and pull and tug, looking at her pictures, only cumming when we chat, when she's...Read On

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The Letter

Little girls write letters, a woman lets you read her body and reply.

I wrote you once When we were new While my body still trembled From the first feel of you Your essence  And mine Still creeping Down my inner thigh A short letter  Of words meant to explain What I could not The weaknesses you created Immortalized By the stain of blue ink on white paper I wrote it in my most decorative script Scented with the pheromones  Of my sex Sprinkled with...Read On

Sexy Girl On The Bed

She lay on her bed in her bra Her panties on her ass He looked at her with open jaw He loved her manner and her sass Her body spread on the sheets Looking at him with her eyes His girl was awfully sweet He loved being her guy He'd buy her beautiful lingerie He loved how gorgeous she looked They made love most days He liked her bra better unhooked Her breasts consumed him He loved to...Read On


We Wanted to Watch

We nervously entered a new world, it was great.

Our First Time With Others Nerves are a tingling, who knows where this ends, Suited and booted, we are off to meet friends. We are all done with talking, no words left to say, The evening’s upon us, this night is for play. It’s our very first time, though we met them for drinks, This time it’s dinner, some wine and then kinks! We don’t want to swap, we don’t have that need, We just...Read On


Whiter Than A Snowman

I'm whiter than a snowman, covered up with cum, dripping from my mouth, my ears, my cock, my bum - from this years Gay Party, where I was the star, fucked in all my holes, at a fairy's bar. The bartender had a cock, thrice the size of mine, he pumped into my ass, with a rhythm and a rhyme, that had the bedsprings squealing, as me Mistress watched with pride, with joy and jubilation, as my...Read On


Miss C's Filling In

Part 12 of my Miss Honey series of rhyming poems starring Miss C while Miss H is on Holiday.

Miss Honey's on vacation, and Miss C's filling in, to insure her sissy whore, knows where to begin. It's a win win situation, for a Mistress and her slave, to make sure her sissy whore, won't stray and misbehave. "Twenty cocks were just a tease? GET ON YOUR KNEES, CUM-SLUT! There's a line of blue balled men, who really need to nut!" Those were the words that MISS C spoke, and the joke it...Read On


At The Managers' Request

Part 11 of my new Miss Honey series of rhyming poems.

There were men and women, at 'THE GLORY HOLE', who were taught to share, and to suck and blow. They told me I looked pretty, in my sissy dress, and invited me inside, at the managers' request. A ladyboy behind the counter, said we'd hook-up when they closed, after telling me he loved, my painted toes and pantyhose. Do I have to tell you what I did there? O, If you insist I will! I sucked...Read On


Pink Lipstick

the erotic beauty of lipstick

Pink Lipstick I twist your hair around my wrist And slowly push you to your knees Firelight dancing in your eyes We both know what you need My thumb traces your pink lipstick You tremble but don’t speak You want to hide your hunger But you’re betrayed, by nipples peaked Straining forward anxiously Rough ropes about your wrists I raise an eyebrow slowly There’s something you...Read On


Sunday Best

Part ten of my new kinky Miss Honey rhyming pieces with more to cum as time goes by.

MISS H did my fingers, my pretty face and toes, before she brushed my long blonde hair, and laid out sissy clothes: a matching bra and panties, made of silk and lace, with a lovely corset, to match my pink cock case. Toeless pantyhose and heals, and a pretty pink lace dress, completed my ensemble, to which I shouted "YES!" Dolled up in my Sunday Best, she walked me down the street, where I...Read On


Dirty Thing

When you are six feet under and you want to rise from your grave....

"Where's my favorite pussy?" What a cute thing to do, Followed by some more Naughty things to say. "Miss my horny thing, Want to sink my cock Into that wet pussy." So erotically said to me, In that rustic sexy voice Made me cry laughing. "Start giving you pleasure Sink deep and pump into, My cream to that warm pie." Would reply the same Naughtiness with you, Our nightly...Read On


Tiny Dancer

A young female ballet dancer excels at being reigned in by her master

Within the boundaries of your mind And your willingness to comply You struggle, requiring restraint Only rope can help you try Your wrists are often tied as tight As the knots which bind your belief In a higher man to free you from sin Until then, there's no relief You must dance, look pretty for everyone Obey and revere your Master If it weren't for him you'd be nothing They'd laugh and say...Read On

She's A MILF And A Cougar

Did you ever meet a MILF or cougar A lady who likes younger men They find young suitors They do this because they can They like to seduce you With their sexual flair They expect you to screw Their husbands are usually unaware They're hungry tigers That enjoy your dicks They're very good liars Sucking and fucking your pricks These ladies love to go to bed Often they're sexual addicts...Read On

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The Sinner’s Prayer

I feel no guilt, contrition, repentance, or regret. I seek not forgiveness, absolution, or faith. But I do pray. Not to the heavens or celestial beings. I kneel and pray before an altar of flesh and fire. I kneel before you – as a hypocrite before the gates of heaven. And ask that you spread your legs, and hear my silent confession. Anoint my lips and tongue with your holy water....Read On


I don't mean to cause alarm

Thought I'd try a poem for a change

I don't mean to cause alarm But I'm hard as fuck, and Ready to blow at the sight of Half-mast cotton panties, pussy Peekaboo beneath tight skirt Stretched sheer across bent-over Buttocks on unmade bed sheets, You lie, waiting, expectant, Catching breath warm across Your tongue, arms spread, Fingers grasping, anticipating. I don't mean to cause alarm But I'm hard as fuck, with ...Read On



The wonderful world of exploration...

As I close my eyes and feel Your warm body behind me. Spooning, snuggled together Feeling every part of your Hard flesh against mine. Your warm hand tracing every Inch of my skin, nipples harden. Fingers walking on my skin, going Down along the slopes of need, Making them hard as a marble. Aching for attention you can give. Lick me, Suck me, Bite me, Till my aching needs be...Read On


The Cell

In the quiet cage of the darkest corner of my heart, she waits.

Deafening screams  Rend complete stillness. Darkness echoes, The void her sole witness. The cell door’s shut tight, The key hidden away. She cries and she pleads, But no one hears, to her dismay. Alone. Bereft and discarded.  Forgotten. But she still remembers,  Still feels and recalls, What it felt like to be Safe in His arms. He's not coming back.  She knows. She's made peace. ...Read On



Here comes my chocolate Wrapped and looking so yummy Can I unwrap you and kiss you, Your sexy cheeks and erect nipples? Can I hug you and caress your beautiful hair, Kiss your beautiful nose and soft red lips? Here comes my chocolate Smiling and waiting to be unwrapped Can I come over there and taste you, Your naughty beautiful eyes and blushy cheeks? Can I bite your soft earlobes and...Read On


Watching you

A passionate poem written to an unaware participant

I’ve been watching you… Watching you Touching you with my eyes You can’t keep me from imagining your thighs Engulfing my head in a hot, moist embrace Your sweet nectar all over my face I’ve been watching you… Watching you Doing things that are strictly taboo Giving me what I want from you Passionate head throws, I’m licking, sucking, nibbling your toes… Hey! I’m watching...Read On