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Erotic Poems


Her Scent Leads The Way

What is the beautiful smell

What's that scent in the room He knows it very well The scent of pussy perfume His cock begins to swell She wakes up and parts her thighs He gets into position at her feet She yawns and opens her eyes She's on her back on their sheets He admires her bald mound And licks her pussy lips He licks her all around He wants to make her drip She's excited and she sighs She grinds down on his...Read On


Not Enough

You said you were coming. I can’t wait anymore, Quaking, legs trembling, hands shaking. You make me feel like a -- Natural woman, Who needs what’s in store. -- You’ll blow my house down if I don’t let you in. You pound and I... pause. You make me begin to melt at your command. I open the door. -- You’re in like a lion; I’m meek as the lamb That sees the end coming...Read On


Pussy Playground

A couple enjoy oral sex together

A wet kiss on my pussy lips Those are the kisses I like best I love to feel my pussy drip I love that you're obsessed Long legs with opened thighs A head and body near my feet I close my pretty eyes We're both here on the sheets You enjoy my sweet tangy taste Your tongue enjoying my sweet folds You go very slow, this isn't a race This practice never becomes old I hold onto our...Read On


Bad Girl Alice

Now Alice was a lovely girl, So bright and pretty too, She held herself with so much grace, They didn’t have a clue. She loved her dad, she loved her mum, Her brother and sister too, But Alice hid a dark, dark secret, That no-one ever knew. For Alice had a bad girl side, A secret she kept hidden, A sweet good girl in daily life, Her secret quite forbidden. Twas at her...Read On


Stroking Out My Love

Late at night Sitting alone on my bed Thinking of you Yes thinking of you As I often do With my cock in hand Slowly squeezing and stroking upward Then down Up and down Slowly Taking my time Thinking about the way I took you the last time The way I touched you And made you mine The way I commanded you to be my little slut And you were The perfect little girl for your Master You were perfect...Read On


You Are Such A Guy

Men are opportunists...

I want you to go down on your knees Will you go if I say pretty please? Don’t ask me to beg Bend down on your leg A position you do find with ease. Can you lower yourself to the floor? A position you know I adore I’m urging you please Go down on your knees For my condition seeks you, once more. Ah… Its relief that you now know I feel My gratitude, please know that it’s real It did just...Read On


The Knock at the Door

The knock on the door I've been waiting  Makes me shake My legs turn to jelly I open the door  And lean back to the wall My breath is short I need support My hands press back  My eyes are closed  I'm smiling The move to the room I've been waiting  Makes me quake My arms by my side I stand and wait And let my legs fall apart My breath is short I need support ...Read On



What does eroticism mean to you

What does it take To write an erotic story Thoughts imagination Or an active life of experience The wonderings When you're bared naked In front of a gaggle of men With hard ons Pulsating and throbbing At your every breath Womens heaving breasts As their clits Grow wetter and wetter Is it the storyline That punctuates the sex Or words Sending your mind spiralling For me Pictures haven't...Read On


Poetry at Work and Play

A poet gets a reward for a hard day at work

With the stroke of a brush My mind draws her near. First, the image is blurry Then, it all becomes clear. Today her eyes are blue To suit my Wednesday mood. Her hair is blonde and curly; Hump day has an attitude. She files her nails, looking bored, Dressed only in black lingerie. Stockings and garters to match Such a sexy menagerie. I look at my files, feeling bored Work is tedious, at...Read On


Pussy Cuisine

A little pleasure for you

Licks and flicks to my clit Makes me horny and wet Fingers playing on my tits This attention makes me sweat A finger in my bum Makes me horny with desire I enjoy this hot and sexy fun A throbbing pussy on fire I moan while you eat me I pull on my erect nips I hold my raised knees My pussy starts to drip You eat me aggressively Your tongue deep in my box You eat cunt effectively...Read On


Who I Am

Who I Am The poems that I write, Are me through and through, Rather a quiet girl, And sensitive too. The heartache that’s in them, I feel on most days, Not fiction but truth, And my heart it does pay. My deep inner soul, At last being set free, A peace settling inside, And cathartic for me. The me that you don’t see, And I haven’t shown yet, Is my silly and fun side, ...Read On



Close your eyes Feel my fingers trace The curves of your body The spot on your back Making you shudder My lips make contact A moan escapes your lips My attentions spread Your body worshiped The goddess rises With the tone of your voice And each successive touch The trail my tongue leaves Of pleasure on your skin From erogenous zone to zone Down Down Down ...Read On


My Desire Pulses

As the sun descends,  hidden by the horizon,  the world quiets,  and my desire pulses. Now coursing fluidly,  it fills the emptiness aching within me, as the day turns to night. My need for you reverberates  throughout every part of me.  All of my most hidden,  unspoken desires pulsing as they become alive with yearning. My craving grows,  its presence seems consuming, insatiable. I...Read On

Recommended Read

A Moment In Time

Exploring my softness Your pulsing manhood Probing my depths Eagerly awaited To be invaded Plunging into my soul Surrendering to hardness Beads of sweat Pulsating lust Lips crushing Hips grinding I yield to you Relentless passion Consuming surrender New heights reached My body quivers Moans of satisfaction Breathless reaction Boiling from my belly Plunging pulling Conquering me ...Read On



They will can't fake touching...

Imagine touch with me, That sense we can’t download Like images that fan Dry eyes with flickered lips, Elastic slits, and tits That blister sight. Conceive This sense we cannot tune As one tunes crying breaths That gape like fish for air Or gulls shriek appetite. Imagine fingers frank, Unmediated nerves. For flesh deciphers flesh, Is nowhere virtual....Read On


A Perfect Fuck?

One mind's imagination of the perfect fuck

Like a beautiful flower Your pussy blossoms to open Devouring anything that slides within A cock, a finger - or two - even a tongue Soft flesh that quivers With the flicker of a tongue Tightness as your walls pulsate Around my fingers that slide within Thrusting In and out Deeper and harder Faster Echoes of your whimpers Moans of pure ecstasy Breasts shaking Like a mountain avalanche ...Read On


Fun In the Taxi

A hot and steamy night

A couple in love share a cab They're looking for naughty fun Both of them look fab Each will try and come Kisses deep on their lips Hands unzip his fly Hands rubbing on her nips She's going to excite her guy She pulls on his growing cock He squeezes her plump tits He's hard as a rock He rubs at her slit The driver hears moans While she jerks her boyfriend's dick He rubs her pussy and...Read On



He only took two swigs from that bottle

You stretched yourself across my chest Braced against the bed Your hand pressed firm into my flesh The bottle in your grasp Back lit, the bourbon glows like fire Its odor like a drug You tip your head back Bare your throat And swallow down a slug Eyes intense upon me Your liquor on my lips  Shining; burning; haunting Fluid aching shifts Tongue tracing with intoxicant Bite that leaves...Read On


A night by the fire

Outside the snow falls, Thick and heavy, cold. A roaring fire made To keep a house warm, And the lovers inside it. Furs, blankets, pillows Stacked beside the warmth, They cuddle up, Slowly undressing each other, Kissing naked flesh revealed. The flickering light of the fire Dances across their skin, A warm glow, Mirrored by the warmth in eyes Gazing into the other. Soon the...Read On

Recommended Read


I see your name and face in everything, diagrams, architecture, uncharted oceans, candlelit shapes and the mysterious ionosphere, recesses that only dim in your absence. Where latitude and longitude split, where you once noted these fevers, no heat has yet to escape, no animal has been sated. Some unnameable foretelling begins to strain through your every peak, glistens the folds of...Read On


A sensual moment

Slowly, sensually He runs his hands over her body, Tracing her curves, Her skin forming goosebumps Wherever his warm hands leave. His hot lips Make her arch in pleasure, In need for more, As he awakens her slumbering body, Creating a roaring fire within. She shivers and moans As his lips brush over her mound, Finding her core, Her aching body his to devour, Her sweet nectar his...Read On


Oh won't you...

It doesn't hurt to ask.

Oh won't you take me in your hand? Your fingers holding tight And work it back and forth for me A pure and deep delight. Oh won't you take me in your mouth? And draw me oh so deep And use your teeth and tongue to please  For my hot cum to reap. Oh won't you take me in your cunt? My pulsing cock encase Between those pink and pouting lips A warm and wet embrace. Oh won't you take...Read On


Desire and Lust

A couple make love together

Man and woman together Passion and desire they create Two hungry and passionate lovers Together on their lustful date Passionate kisses they share Holding each other so tight Their bodies are completely bare They'll make love through the night A night of carnal pleasure Bodies sweating becoming one A very hot sexual adventure Having orgasms until their done Thrusting in an out of her...Read On


Now She Knows

Now she knows just how it is. She's mine. She thought she was giving herself but we both know I took what was mine. She's mine. She's marked, and proudly waits to be marked over and over again. She's mine. It took some time,  some good times, delicious, tasty times, for her to see just what she means to me. Just what I mean to her, and for her. She's mine. And she never...Read On


Sleepless Nights

To spend the nights in His arms...

'Tis five twenty five in the morning silence infinite, I just woke up, a soft sigh, thinking of last night. Winter came and went, Rainy days grow Clouds cover the heavens. Soft sways of the leaves, as the wind begins to blow, under the starless night. ME uncovered, I'm shaking But I'm happy, thinking of the prior night. Muffled where the sounds, of a passionate night, with my sailor by...Read On



Friend that husband talked wife into fucking is more than expected

I love you man, you're a horny Fuck I married you eight years ago You let a friend put his dick in me So you could watch and get off. I was content with having no other You compared with the best I'd had We were fine with what you've got Big enough for what I sought. I knew it was risky fucking your friend But we both wanted to spice things up You said it would be crazy hot to see Promised...Read On


Invitation to Nude Croquet

Dear bridled, saddle-broken daughters, smile...

I challenge you to play at nude croquet, To swing, and knock, and jiggle girls of May, October, too, the barest ass at bat, Your toes in grass, go round the course, today. Bring freckled older shoulders, plumper chests, Or advertise the tauter thigh, awhile, Before the perfect curve shall buckle. Dear Bridled, saddle-broken daughters, smile. Requisite grace aside, unveil desire ...Read On



Getting as good as you give

Her panties ripped Lying on the floor Her buttocks red I couldn't take any more The beast was unleashed When she dared break rank The cheeky little slut Deserved a good spank Muffled sobbing Face in the pillow Feeling remorse I'm not a willow Not going to bend To pitiful fare A lithe young body Or silky blonde hair When she admits, that Her doing was wrong I'll hold her tightly,...Read On


Blowing Master

On bended knee In front of you, Hands bound tight Feet tied too. Eyes looking down At the floor below, "Look at me slut," Make my cock grow. I open up wide To suck your dick, Growing big and hard With every stroke and lick. "Faster slut," A demand so loud, Mouth moves quick Wanting to make you proud. My tongue moves there All around your cock, As my lips engulf Every inch of your rock....Read On


Sticky in the Middle

Fun with a centerfold

You lie there in silence While I stroke my cock Observing your lines Getting hard as rock Your sexy smile Heightens my senses Your perfect breasts No need for pretenses I will cum all over you Yet, you won't say a thing For you're only an image My magazine fling...Read On