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Erotic Poems


Wear A Bra

Think twice before not wearing a bra...

Do your boobs hang low, do they swing back to and fro, when you walk from here to there? Do you need to tuck them in, when you’re going for a swim? Then wear a bra, wear a bra, wear a bra. Do you hide them in your pants, when you’re looking for romance, ‘cause your bra can’t hold them in place? When she sees them will she play, or does she say she cannot stay? Then wear a bra, wear...Read On


A flogger and rose

Bound. Waiting. Her heart races, Her pulse pounding, A flogger in her line of sight, A rose, flickering candles. He approaches, Watching her pale skin Luminous in the candlelight, Her eyes filled with desire And a hint of anxiety. What will He do to her? Will it hurt? A million questions in her mind, Making her squirm As their eyes lock. Without a word The flogger is picked...Read On


Two Women In Love With Each Other

Two women love one another

Long ago they met on a blind date Two women fell in love together They believe it was their fate They only love one another They use to be with guys Now they're lesbian lovers This came as a big surprise This lifestyle was discovered   They both are sexual creatures They have sexual relations every day Both of them are true believers They now know they're gay They hold each other tight...Read On

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The price of spring

My frosted garden sleeps beneath the moon; The lanky stalks in widow's black bend down The heads that tossed gold hair, or red, in June; All summer's greens have burned long since to brown; The drifts of ice-crisped leaves are swelling seas That rise against my gate like some slow wave, And under all the silent, silvered trees Stiff shadows stand like mourners at earth's grave. At...Read On



The thrill of being taken.

Heat rising, hearts racing. Eyes flutter shut at your touch. Clothes ripping, bodies stripping. Kissing, tongues entwined, about to lose my mind. We cross that line, so divine. On the floor, upon my back as you move in for the attack. Spread for your taking, my body shaking as you thrust in. Nails in your back, your teeth on my skin, we both win. Never the same, marked and...Read On


Bed Time

Late night thoughts with chardonnay

By any measure day is done. The Montauk train, a mile away, Goes moaning through the midnight woods, And I still sip my chardonnay. A slip of girl who served my lunch - Her black hair anyhow, glance lively - Some bold race in her jaw, small mole, Had swirling paused to laugh with me. An old man lonely she had seen. “It’s nice that you get out,” she said. I do not know that man she saw...Read On


Deep Dark Night

Whenever you're gone, the ache is a phantom limb, shivering with tense need in this perfumed dusk. We are far past conversation now, what we have to say is bound in the language of touch, lips awakening true speech as you finally take me. Some ghost hungers us, burns in the deep dark night, and whatever happens now, do not let go of me. Your moves mean more when we meet here, ...Read On


Watch Me Get Fucked

See how hot it is, to talk about this To explore and find our sexual limits From those fleeting thoughts that dance through our mind Let reality take hold, our lust entwined. I know you want to see me - fuck, other men Their cocks inside me, stretched and then Their passion for me, consuming their strength Who would enjoy this the most, when I take their length. You do like talking,...Read On


My Inner Minx

Welcome inside my mind Be careful where you tread So many naughty thoughts Always filling up my head The naughty things I crave to do Might make some people blush But fantasy feeds my inner minx Sharing my kinky adrenaline rush I imagine my darkest fantasies A fire heats me from the inside I cannot hide my sexual urges They are refusing to be denied Freeing my demons I kiss you Our...Read On


My Mind's Portmanteau

It wasn't the dusk that shrouded my prose,  With a splash of cologne to attract. Perhaps a light extinguished In my mind's portmanteau, Or the swill-waters of my gin.  A cloak of dark bowed a mournful cello And fiddled with a crooked mellow, As the tallow dripped on my sins. Bumping thighs of lusting omens, Upon a dais, enshrined, a basking cunt. Then troweling my...Read On


Snow Dildos Made For Fun

A snow storm is coming and that can only mean one thing I venture outside and test the snow and slip off my rings My hands getting busy sculpting a snow dildo or three A confession of sorts, I love the cold as it pushes into me More than a few, a whole collection to put on display Don't get me wrong, they aren't just for show, I use them in play If the snow isn't wet enough just add...Read On


Intoxicating Lover

Passionate Intercourse

He loves running his hands across the small of her back. Her skin is silky and feels so good to the touch.  He is getting drunk on her kisses. In sync, they lay on the bed stroking, fondling taking each other in. It takes no time at all for his gender to respond to the pleasure in which he was partaking. With passion strong, they leave no inch unexplored.  The opening to her tunnel...Read On


Sex At The Brothel

A man visits a brothel

A brothel filled with whores Men come to get laid They need love and to be adored Most of them have just been paid They come into the main room All the ladies are in a line Lots of different smelling perfume These ladies look extremely fine They’re in lingerie made of lace They're all on display Time is ticking, it’s now a race The men want a roll in the hay The men look at all...Read On


Kiss Me Forever

It takes but a single kiss  to ignite an entire conversation, two people communicating  through oral fornication.  Kisses are unique like winter's  falling snow full of intricately designed flakes each one unique. Every kiss speaks its own language, creating its own beautiful universe. So be it a ravenous kiss good morning, a tantalizing kiss  goodnight, or a heart breaking  tearful...Read On


Idle Chair

As I sit in my idle chair, glow worms light my lair, with a fuss about my dust, in thoughts of a puckered twat. As I compose raptured choirs, when the whore of my compose saunters a wiggle upon my penis, saddling a crooked staff. A wayfaring hum of pewter rum, snickering me to my knees, as I give toast to a muses sneeze, in thoughts of a puckered twat. On parchment, my land...Read On

Recommended Read

Watching her

Pleasured by another

The shadow of her sleek, black frame, She patiently waits her turn. Laughing, she plays her wicked game, On his knees, he has to learn. She's like a panther in the night, Stalking her defenceless prey. Unable to move, he's bound tight, Yearning for her as her hips sway. Cackling laughter. He looks on, Another man greets his love. His securities now gone, Jealously fits like a glove. His...Read On


Dripping Chords

Your voice races over me, eyes seal shut as you become more than skin, a narrow, pure universe, all possessive chords. The initial timbre can easily melt, liquify and reshape me into smooth limbs lain still, movement tuned to only you. Every throb in a whisper's current envisions the dripping blossom, a fragrant, silent parting. The frequency found in the lightest touch, ...Read On


Lover's Touch

Your lips, my tongue Your tongue, my lips You grasp my breast I stroke your manhood You sigh, I moan Our bodies entwined Your cock, my puss are swollen in delight I sigh, you moan I crave your touch My mind is blown Aaah, please do it now Slip it in, my emotions touch the sky You fuck, my hips reply You moan, I sigh I love the look in your eye Such sweet indulgence ...Read On


He speaks

He speaks And she melts, Becomes a puddle of desire, Every part of her Responding to Him, Knowing she belongs, Totally His. He touches her And the world goes quiet, All that matters Are His hands, His caresses across her skin. How He grabs her Makes time stand still. He takes her, Possessing and consuming, A tornado of hunger and need Tearing through her, Ripping her to...Read On


The Cage


The Candy Cane girl walks the hall, Her eager female sub in tow, Black skirt, white blouse, red nails sharp Not a stitch for the sub below. On hands and knees The little slave Looks up to her through pretty eyes, Desire, desire is all she feels, For her, she puts on her best show. For later, when the fires have waned, And Mistress’ tongue, whiskey tinged, Invades her mouth,...Read On


She Comes

She comes because...

She comes to me when I need her, though she never leaves her chair. She comes to me when she needs me, though her body never moves an inch. She comes to me through a tiny screen, though I rarely see her face. She comes to me to come for me, though my keys are all I can caress. She comes for me over and over, though others were lucky if she came once. She comes for me as I touch her mind,...Read On


I Have A Secret

Shhh... Don't tell anyone

I have a secret that whispers, But is never betrayed. It’s not always pretty, But it’s beautiful always. My secret is a passion, A need deep within. To be on my knees, At the feet of Him. To serve Him and please Him, To be his alone. To give my control, And I crave being owned. This is my secret, One I hold close. I’m scared if I share, I will end up alone....Read On

Recommended Read

As One

His hand running along my back, Bending me at the waist, My nipples hardening, Pressing against the cold surface. Fingers slipping through my hair, Gripping harshly bordering on pain, His silky smooth cock gliding against me, Pushing between my cheeks. I am panting, mewling like a cat in heat, My need for this man -- only this man, You can hear it, You can feel it pulsing, You can smell...Read On


Your mystery of roundness

Where you have swelled to womanhood...

You reach behind, blush, Your commonplace act reveals Woman eternal. Mere femaleness, now, Your mystery of roundness, Irresistible. Your power baffles. I would control or defy These enslaving spells. But these pink badges Where you swell to womanhood-- Gift to Eve expelled-- Are asserting now At a command you and I Hear in the blood's pulse. I submit my kiss, Suckle in the mystery We...Read On


A Sexy Game To Play

A couple play a different game

A night of pleasure to try Naughty things to delight You're her master and her guy A game played with no sight He ties her hands to the headboard A blindfold put on her eyes Her body will be adored He'll tease her till she cries A Hitachi wand is put on her clit The sensations make her twitch He pushes a vibrator into her slit This makes her pussy start to itch He fucks her tight hole...Read On


Wonder Lust

Uneasy thoughts of one woman wanting another...

No one would know They’d never find out You’re dying to see What this girl’s all about. It could be her look Or maybe her smell Feigns interest it seems So hard you can’t tell. You close your eyes Her face you then see Soft touch you can feel You wish this to be. Your eyes now open Across from you there Sits the lady you lust But you just don’t dare. Her feet are together Hands rest...Read On


I Want

A mans prospective

I want to use you. I want to push your naked body onto the bed. I want to remove my clothes - unknotting my tie, unbuttoning my shirt, unbuckling my belt, opening my pants, allowing you to see my hard cock filling my tight, spandex boxers. I want to pull my shorts to the floor, flinging my shaft into the air. I want to mount your body and thrust into you. I want to place my arms under...Read On


Take me away

Take me away, away to that special place That place where, joy is upon your face. Take me away, while within your arms Free of care, protected from all harm. Take me away, away from care and strife That special place, I wish to spend my life. Take me away, away from current woes That special place, away from all foes. Take me away, away from just being one Lonely no more, watching...Read On


Peel for Me

When bells ring

God’s grace (or Nature’s, if you will) Decrees when man and woman dare But once to strip the body bare, The blood may dance, may sing, until, All sense exhaled in ecstasy, We need but gaze – no other thing-- To cause those dizzy bells to ring. O let them peal for you and me! ...Read On


My Dream

This is my dream, the desire I feel, when twilight comes To look in your eyes, see your soul bared pure, to know each desire To write my poetry, upon your naked form, with lips and hands To claim you as my own, in that one moment, when nothing else exists To be your fantasy, the reason you blush, when you're all alone To find you, wherever you may be, whoever you are now...Read On