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Erotic Poems



Accepting that He knows what is needed

Bound without ropes my mind is set free Pushing the limits works best for me   Teasing and taunting him with flair  Making him hard showing that I care    When I'm acting the brat and full of sass He bends me over and spanks my ass   Submitting to Master is what I long for  Him saying "Good Girl" makes my heart soar   Rules and boundaries sometimes get lost  Wanting to please him...Read On

Nary A Quaint

I felt the shawl of dark fall a distant thrall As I sliced cheddar and hard bread And nary a quaint blessing of it all Wth a sop from a tankard of brew As a crumb pass a shadow of dust Through cracks in my weathered abode And with a kiss I 'fessed a prose Of garlands in your shawl With a faintness of soft breath Kindly sinning the thoughts of yee Caressing the heat between your thighs...Read On


Morning Glory

Each dawn when the rays of the rising sun  Announce the coming of another day, Even before the lethargy of sleep Has relinquished its hold upon my mind, Sweet memories of the torrid passion Of our many nights of ecstatic love Arouse exquisite stirrings in my loins; And whilst warm limbs are bound in lassitude, The beating of my heart grows fast and strong Sending hot blood...Read On


In the Dark

A short poem for Galatea

Sitting here In the Dark I think of you My cock gets hard The thoughts I have Are filled with passion Your tits, I love My constant distraction Your ass, so round Its bounce, so great My knees go weak  When I see it shake You Tease You Talk I’m ready Wait Just one more twerk Shit, I came  ...Read On



A young woman questions an old lady

Old Lady, who are you? How old are you? Sixty? Seventy? Years long gone, leaving you still here. Grey hair, sagging breasts, wrinkles on face and neck, eyes tired, and filled with loss and pain, Did you ever laugh? Have you ever lived, loved, known happiness? Ever had fun? Given pleasure with body, heart and soul? Embraced a lover in your bed, naked skin sliding over nakedness, feeling the...Read On


Spring Dream

Spring Dream take two

Cobalt blue hardens against her back, a pool of touch collecting at the base of her neck, her thigh a ripe orchard.   *dawn breaks*   he lights a cigarette from the blue flame of morning, ruffles of feathers and sounds brush the fragile new edges of the day.   She is waiting for something in the quietest hours of sleep. She is waiting for his hands to come out of the darkness....Read On



Gaze into the mirror At that beauty standing there No mar upon perfection A visage pure and fair Smile, a mouth that curves in glass Reflection in the eyes Full form is that caught staring back Deadened, yet alive Passions build without restraint No halt to those desires No holds barred, now evil deeds Can feed untended fires Flesh becomes the canvas Bone is now the frame Trapped within...Read On



Our senses have become flooded with each other. You are all that my mind knows, and all that my body longs to feel. Your eyes, like burning embers are the lighthouse leading me to the heated sands along your shore. We can both sense the palpable tension between us reverberating through our hearts in this still air. This unraveling tether that binds as a delicate balance pulls us ever...Read On


Star light

Little light across the way, I wonder what you have to say. Like a beacon in the night, it guides my eyes towards the light. And if I peer to yonder glow, what new things am I to know? I search across the darkened field and wait to see what it may yield. To see a shape or shadow there causes me to halt and stare. It dances there for me to see and builds my mind's own fantasy. I know...Read On


Total Control

It is she who holds the key that has total control over me.

    Whoever has the key to the lock, has total control of my cuckold cock, and total control of when I may cum, of my sissy holes, my hips, lips, and tongue.   Total control of all that I do, of all I will be when the training's through, is what she will have as long as she holds the key to the lock of silver and gold.   Total control of all that I am -  a sissy cuckold - no...Read On


Her Breasts

“I enjoy your suckling it arouses me, but I was expecting something more."

I lay on her breasts for the first time seeing their asymmetrical shape.   I lay on her breasts loving the warmth and softness and scent.   I lay on her breasts snuggle between them to increase the joy.   I lay on her breasts loving their size, their areola and nipples.   I lay on her breasts ignoring them my need was not there.   I lay on her breasts about to enter ...Read On



Seduction of a Woman is a reaction to the unpredictable chemistry of love, lust and eroticism.

The smile, at the touch of the softest hand On her cheek. The shiver, when hair is slowly drawn back Over her face. The kiss of love on her ear with the gentle, Flick of a tongue. The sigh, a result of the slow and sensual realisation that, Her body yearns for you. The hardening of nipples, as fingertips are Drawn down the spine. The tickling caused by the slightest touch, On her waist...Read On


The Sound of No Shore

I want you to discover me.  I want you to pull back all the weeds and the foliage that have overgrown and tangled about my throat, to uncover the clear jewels, gleaming the bright sound of water running, warm earth on bare feet the arch of my constellation, the sweet sound where the surf draws back and for an instant washes you out of Dream. Watch it now as it curls back in on itself...Read On



My soul does not only belong to me now; you have come and claimed a part of me, ensuring that our names are carried through every facet of this life. Our inner metronome will never let us forget. You have whispered softly into my curious ears telling me the most intimate secrets; a tender lover stating desire’s deep longing. I feel your heat, rising from your body in waves threatening...Read On


Who's Watching Who

I love the idea  Of him watching us.  Dim lighting betrays him Through his prised open curtains. Me, on all fours,  Taking my pleasure, And him - Silently panting  From across the road. Watching and squinting And furiosly wanking, With his tissues in hand, In front of cold window panes. In anticipation of need He watches me bend, Twist and arch, And push back in revenge. I look out through...Read On


Oh My, Two!

To suck a cock as a cock fucks you.  Two cocks wanting you is a feeling like no other.  A cock in each hand feeling their hardness grow.  The moisture between my legs increases with each stroke.  One cock slips into my lips as the other slips into my pussy lips.  On all fours as one cock fucks me on to the other dick.  Lost count on how many times I have cum on the big dick in me.  ...Read On


From The Land Down Under

How precious a kiss could be...

Ah yes... A kiss... I'll write about the kiss ...  My favorite subject ... Have you ever kissed a girl? A peck on the cheek? A smacking kiss on the lips? A kiss on her nose? A kiss on her forehead? A kiss in the rain? A kiss under the stars? A kiss in the shower? A French kisses? How about the land down under? Oh, I'm not talking about the continent French kissing the land down under. A...Read On


Lucid Dreams

Your lover of the night...

Waiting for the night to fall, Another taste of sensual delight, Sense of oblivion is what I give. Visiting your dreams tonight, Sucking all of your sexual energy, Tempting you to want me more. I'll be the nightmare That will give you pure pleasure, You'll be craving to have. Every time you'll think of me, Wishing I'll be touching your hardness That will bring you to ecstasy. Feeding...Read On

Recommended Read


I want to slowly undo you... The soft curtain of lush hair seems to fall in slow motion now, a dark flourish of silk waves  lapping against your shoulders. I cannot stop taking you in.... As your hair grazes against me, I undo the smallest knot, the bow on your lingerie a subtle and tangible display saying to carefully open you Expose the tiny freckles along your chest, I touch them as...Read On


All In The Art of Loving You

Our love - and how we make it - is our priceless masterpiece.

Where I place my passion, is in the art of loving you, to create a chain reaction, when we begin anew.   If you multiplied a fraction  by a trillion brilliant stars, that wouldn't represent, how far away we are.   How far away from sorrow, from emptiness and pain, we'll truly be tomorrow, when you let me in again.   Every breath and heartbeat, every happy tear and sigh, is...Read On

My Cock's Bastille

Of wilted hours and swill's gibberish While a trail of a dark cloud looms Being swept by the devil's broom  Beneath a toxic rusting red moon And I in recess of a catacomb's womb Hemorrhaging lust of my cock's Bastille While prosing Goth in a journal of sins With apostrophes and an ossuary of pens Shaking sand to absorb the staccato As lightening crashes a crescendo On wilted petals of...Read On


Perverted Lush Affair

Comforting thoughts of you, make me smile...

Strangers at first glance Two lost souls collide Teasing each other endlessly Tickles for their perverted minds "Hello, little one" "Hello, Mister" Connected in many ways Exploring their sexual fantasies Waking each other's passions Dripping with desire "Where is that dirty thing?" "Here, baby." They found joy and comfort From each other's company Trusting and confidant of their...Read On

Where The Bogeyman Trolls

As fleeting as a daunting's whisper Whispering of a breath upon my skin  Came a zephyr of winds From deep down in my soul With a musk of lust in translation And graven sins of copulations Where the bogeyman trolls With eyes of bituminous coal And out of the dust a shadow grew Corroded with curses of disgust Wearing a corset of the devil's queue As my hungering lips kissed her breasts With...Read On


Rough Sex

I love rough sex with anyone, anywhere.

Rough Sex   This is the thing, I like rough sex. When I’ve finished being one person’s victim, I swiftly move on to the next.   I adore being bitten. I desire to be owned. Fucking is always better when it is horny and full blown.   He grabs my hair and bites my neck. I wonder to myself, is Brian going to be my best yet?   He roughly enters me, his fingers playing with my...Read On


Chronic Masturbator

If you don't know who's she may be she is still a dream cum true for a naughty boy like me.

  She's a chronic masturbator, who loves to make me SPURT, while I'm in a cock cage, panties, bra, short skirt.   Lying on her back, long legs opened wide, she loves to SQUIRT on me, where I'm trussed and tied.   She calls me her boy toy, cum slut and sissy bitch, with men on the Internet. who jerk without a stitch.   She loves to cum and tease, and suck her fingers dry, of...Read On

Hot Blow Job To Start

Hot blow job today Mouth opened wide Sucking all kinds of ways Looking at him open-eyed Kisses down his shaft Hot tongue on his tip Totally serious not daft Cock inside of her lips Heat felt on his dick Wetness and spit felt Sucking at his prick He feels weak and may melt Deep throat at his cock Hands on his balls He's hard as a rock This girl gives her all Deeper sucking now Cock stuffed...Read On

Sex On The Brain

Sex on the brain is what he had Always horny and wanting sex This made his wife glad She loved that he was obsessed Porno on the television always His cock was hard as steel He liked sex every day His hard-on was hard to conceal The wife wore sexy heels Lingerie made of lace He liked to make his wife squeal He liked to stroke her face She liked his big dick And his nice smooth balls She...Read On


Right on Q

A kinky couple play a quirky game.

There were never such lovers as Quentin and Queenie, Her in stilettos, and him in his beanie. Quentin was Master in bed and in life, Queenie was a shy, obedient wife. Two people so different, yet so good together, Her without clothes and him dressed in leather. It was always the same at the end of the day, Her body stark naked and his eager to play, Their toys were laid out all ready...Read On

Of My Cock's Spooge

With la petite mort I ejaculated As crickets whittled a dark chorus  Feigning a smile while you licked Dripping of my cock's spooge With a spooned tongue of satin lace Smiling with your chatoyant eyes While you strangled my penis As we sinned beneath the humming trees The ratchets of the wind blew And as your moans of pleasures lift I felt the urges of la petite mort tilt   As you tamed...Read On

Her Panties Drive Him Crazy

He liked panties in all styles A cunt dressed in lace This made her man smile Panties would light up his face He enjoyed her pussy scent Licking at her sweet box Her pussy was the main event He sniffed while pulling his cock Her scent drove him wild He enjoyed that she got wet Her scent smelled rather mild White panties with pink rosettes The lingerie made him hard She was his lover He was...Read On