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Erotic Poems



Your submission to me, Sweet pet, Is what turns me on, Gets my motor running, Makes me purr. When I see your collar, Wrapped around your throat, Knowing you give everything to me, For me, You make me proud. Your pale skin, So naked, Contrasting with the dark leather, The only thing, Covering your modesty. Your orgasm, Your moans, The way you look with a ball gag in...Read On



Watching the seconds tick by on the clock. Isolation only comes in the dark. Loneliness and sadness fill me, cry out. Desolation seduces my weak mind. Mind blanking. Hands wandering. Heart racing. Clothing on the floor. My body aching. It becomes too much. I cannot resist. Desolation becomes my true master. Punished for every tug, rub, tear, sigh, moan. My screams grow...Read On


Erotic Lust

Blindfolded, licked kissed and fucked all night.

Erotic Lust Flows through my mind As you blindfold me Making me blind Tying my hands To the frame of our bed Then tying my ankles Spreading my legs My body is shaking All my senses heightened My body is quaking But I am not frightened I have total faith In all that you do To me and my body That lusts for you I feel you kissing Licking up my thighs Licking my pussy Loving my loud cries ...Read On



“Cum for me!” He growls into her ear As He pushes deep and forcefully into her. She cries out, Her walls spasming on Him, Flooding Him in her juices, Trembling, gasping, His name on her lips. He moans, Watching His girl As she gives Him everything she is, Surrendering her body, heart, soul To Him. He pulls out as she calms, Offering His cock to...Read On


What Means This Mystery Flower?

The universal depth of being, of total oneness and love eternal

Her puffy Mons what does it hide within her slit of love? the bud to be examined, the petals to be opened, each vagina is unique to the woman who is the universal, Her pink and swollen lips of sweetness unique as pink snowflakes, how can that be? It is another mystery of passion to be, they provide a sacred seal to the paradise within. But this is all material, the flesh that we see, ...Read On


Bleating Sanity

Within the chambers of my mind and my bleating sanity,  squashing out words with my pen in the journal of my bookshop keep, as dust mites whisper and smile. Upon the cobwebs and candles lit  the haunt of my mental plum,  quilling the truth I prose in curses of the bottle's swill and solvent for my thrills. Masturbating on the choir of knell as hands of cuckoo stroke the clock,  half...Read On

Recommended Read

Night Work

Sonnet #6: In alternating trimeter and tetrameter, and Shakespearean rhyme.

Wake up cold, scream out loud, Against silence and absent sound. Aroused, bold, cut the crowd, Feline frenzy on broken ground. Gowned in pretty tatters, Aching bodies pounce, hard as stone. Lustful whimsy shatters The house, of feather, pane and bone. Never worked after dawn, Never lent mind to laws nor crime. Suppose tonight it's gone, Forever, for always this time. ...Read On


A Spreading Glow

Look! And see the spreading glow Upon your dappled flesh. 'Tis mine this essence of lust and love Divine. 'Tis mine. My seeking lips seek succor from the glimmer Upon your dappled flesh, So salty sweet my life, My elixir of feverous Visions and eager ardor. My life. Just a drop comes to my lips, As my tongue traces the tracks Of rivulets down your Throbbing, Pulsating Mons, My mound...Read On


Eat Me

An invitation

Come here, Crawl between my thighs.  Use your big hands, Part my thighs. Spread my puffy lips, Point your tongue. Get ready, Lick my slit. Flick your tongue, Across my clit. Cup my ass, Sip from my honey pot. Go faster and faster, Bring me close. Now add two fingers, Feel me shiver. Find that sweet spot, Please don't stop. Hear my squeals, Watch me squirm. ...Read On


She Reads the Words

Words can be a powerful thing

She reads the words upon the screen, a poet’s rhyme composed. A window to his inner thoughts, his hopes and dreams exposed. Of what he’d do if she were there, within his fevered grasp. Of how he’d touch her, tease and please her make her moan and gasp. She reads it once; her heart beats fast, her nipples standing firm. A throbbing deep between her legs as she begins to squirm. ...Read On


When The Wind Howls

The wind howls as we walk and flutters  our clothes like weak curtains,  your hand squeezing mine to feel a brief flash  of warmth bloom between our palms. I love you more than ever in those moments,  looking at you like an entirely new species When watching the way your hair lifts and twists in the wind,  catching the moon's faint beams to shimmer  each strand like smooth spun silk. I...Read On


Gawking Stick

In words I hark most dark sensuality,  Like a cover of frost chilling the harrows Borrowing on yesterday's dreams  And snickering as my manhood awakens, Due course of the hour my penis shaken. Bellicose manner my pen slides, Conspicuous of the black ink.  Portals my quest of sexualities And wet of her peach, Whispering in its partings, Thwarting not her lips.  A dandy in...Read On

Recommended Read

Embrace Me

Fantasy must become reality...

Read me in the dead of night Or first thing in the morning.  The thought of you naked, alone, Consuming my words To feed your hunger, Excites and stirs me. I think of you sprawled Upon mounds of pillows, Satin sheets caressing flesh, Slender hands seeking pleasure, Translating words into acts; My words, written for you. I want to intrude upon your world, Tame you for my...Read On


A Little Cowgirl Action For You

Let's have some hot fun

A little cowgirl action, while I hop on your dick, I get comfortable as I put you into my hole. You're very long and very thick, I'm now riding you and in total control. I rock and move my hips, My beautiful breasts do sway. I even bite down on my lip, It feels really good this way. I rub on my swollen clit, While you play with my jugs. Your cock feels so good up my slit, Making love to...Read On


An Invitation

A night to remember...

Whore-red lips, Plumped, pouting, Baby-doll lashes Flutter and flirt. Dewy-wet doe eyes Say, “fuck me, slowly,” Lusty arousal Colours her cheeks. Skin scrubbed, Shaved and oiled, Smooth as a new-born, Kissably soft. Hair salon styled, Sleek and glossy, Falls in ringlets Framing her face. White lace cradles Bountiful breasts, Teasing nipples Peeping through. ...Read On


Oral Delight

A husband pleasures his wife.

Parting your legs I kiss your firm belly, Moving down slowly, you shake like jelly. Licking your innie you moan out loud, "Keep on going down, down, down." I suck and lick your puffy lips, While I hold onto your very slim hips. Lying there on your back, You place your legs on my shoulders. Then squeeze against my head, And taking your hands, you grasp my hair. You begin...Read On


Her paradise

He holds her So close in His arms, Rocking her slowly, Kissing her neck, His cock deep inside her Covered in their mixed juices. She sighs with content, Basking in sweet afterglow, As He whispers “Mine” into her ear, Making her tremble in delight. “Mine” He repeats, Feeling her pussy twitch on Him in reply. He smiles, Having His love just where He wants her. Pressing lightly...Read On


I would lick you

There's not much I wouldn't do

I would lick your lovely ear lobes I would lick your slender neck I would lick along your shoulders and then lower I would trek I would lick your upper body I would lick across your chest I would lick my way most slowly right across each fulsome breast I would lick your ripened nipples I would take them in my mouth I would give them so much pleasure then once more I would head south ...Read On


Lust Is My Shadow

New lust on a born again morn'.

Stay with me tonight, under the new starlight. You… incite a blush to my body before the glimpse of new day. Lust is my shadow. Fragile dewdrops sprinkle a fine mist over the dawn, a delicate pond, clear crystal, reflects a born again morn.  A brilliant new sunrise dances over my realm. Morning awakens the landscape… my life. Shards of sun shatter dusty sleep in my eyes, ...Read On


My Lover

he brings out the best in me

My lover just came in the door, he spent some money at the store. He brought me flowers, candy sweet, he knew the way to raise my heat. I heard him tell me then to strip seductively I moved my hips. I went to him and held him tight he kissed me then with all his might. I sensed myself swoon in his arms, his kiss was setting off alarms. I felt my toes curl off the floor, his kiss had fried me...Read On


Dan the Shoe Shop Man

A shoe shop owner rewards his customer

Pretty little things abounded In Dan’s trendy uptown shop He specialized in ladies footwear For the young and upcoming lot Glam girls and future divas Flocked to see his wares Jimmy Shoe and Le Booting Were among their favorite pairs Even though he’d made his fortune Dan was always present in the store Helping the girls with their fittings And sometimes even more See, Dan...Read On


Lovers' Games

Remembering nights of erotic play

Dearest heart, have two lovers ever known such wondrous joys As those with which our marriage bed has been so often blessed, When words of love and passion in the dark night whispering, The lonely hours between bedtime and dawn we have beguiled. As together we rise to heights of pleasure yet unknown. Your body is an instrument upon which I summon Dark music, new melodies of...Read On


Drink To Me

As I drink to you shall you drink to me. Or is our desire too strong to be denied any longer. Yes, my vision of choice, my temptress of decision for this time and this day we must indulge with exuberance and moaning cries of ecstasy in the frenzy. The rending of garments  will happen. Our fluids will mix, it will happen. Tasting first the nectar from your lips,  and later the honey...Read On

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Loving Her Pussy Perfume

A guy has some fun when his gal is out

His gal is out; he sniffs her stuff,  This is what he likes to do. He can never get enough, His girlfriend has no clue. He loves to smell her pussy perfume, While he jerks his cock. He sniffs them in all of the rooms, His girlfriend may be shocked. Her scent really excites him, Makes his cock so big. He used to do this on a whim, His girlfriend might flip her wig. He brings her panties...Read On



This you have not faced Speak loud and clear, not in haste Nothing you say will go to waste But, you look more intent to taste Open and ready to feast Upon a craving beast Until it has been released And every drop has ceased...Read On


A Special Christmas Gift

His wife surprises him with a gift he has yearned for over the years.

  Tis Christmas Eve night, And there is my wife, Wrapped in red ribbon, With a bow on her bum. She goes to our bedroom, And crawls on our bed, With me close behind, I know what’s to come. There she is on hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder, While wiggling her ass, she says, “Unwrap, your special Christmas gift.” Slipping my boxers down to my feet, ...Read On



She wants to be consumed by Him, Lose herself in Him, Until she forgets her name And there are no more boundaries Where she ends and He begins. She wants to be consumed by Him, His hands, His lips, His cock, His body Being all that exist, All that is real, In that moment. She wants to be consumed by Him, Look deep into His eyes, See the passion, desire, hunger, Knowing it is there...Read On


The Holiday Surprise

More games.

'Twas the night, no not before Christmas But the one before he got his ass Down the stairs she sashayed again,  Saying, "Baby, let the games begin." Tonight it's your snow bunny from the great white North So look at my Eskimo costume, and and let's play back and forth Twirling and bending, teasing her Knight  It's her nice round ass , and she's oh so tight Taking the ice cube,...Read On

Audio version available

Twelve days of Christmas Fun

Twelve days leading up to Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas fun,  A different idea each and every night. Fun ways for us to come, Lots of sex to entice and delight. The first night is pussy licking, I totally love that. Little licks and lots of flicking, This is easy and becomes old hat. The second night is about blow jobs, Deep sucks to your erect cock. On my knees I start to bob, You're so stiff and hard like a rock. ...Read On


I Require

He requires it

Two words simple but demanding Two words that cause breath to catch Two words that cause nipples to harden Fingers roam and explore at those words Juices flow at those words Fingers do things never imagined at those words Two words that cause fire to catch and consume Two words that cause heart to race Two words that cause body to shake Fingers circle and move rapidly at...Read On