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Erotic Poems

Dos Gusanos

In a a tryst interlude Ensconced at a desk in my writing chair With a poetic devotion to tequila As you scratch at my crotch And my penis swelters a midnight itch As the pendulum of my eyes wink A smattering of grins To the sultriness of your kiss With lips of passion As you lay bare empowering the choir Surrounded by feeble pens and stains And I feeling no pain To the...Read On


What a good girl she was

A sexy poem with a surprise.

What a good girl she was. She sat on the sofa and tilted her head, Better on there than laying on the bed. He undid his zip and held his cock, Placed on the lips, he prepared to dock. She opened wide and gave a lick, His prick was long and very thick. She started sucking with all her zeal, Then proceeded to moan, enjoying her meal. He held her head and pushed it in, She...Read On


Invisible Chains

Why do I crave you so much? When you praise me my heart soars When you hurt me I only want to make you proud When I please you, then I'm happy When your angry, then I'm sad. Give me what you will Take from me what you want Never ask, never refrain, and never regret Brush my tears from my face With your beautiful smile....Read On

Sex On A Whim

I always toy my slit at night So in the morning we could play My pussy is so tight You love to make my day A finger positioned in my slit You tell me that I'm moist You suck on my tits I'm feeling rather rejoiced My pussy is so wet I beg you to take a taste You're fingers stroke and pet You finger me at a nice pace I'm on my back, legs held high You're licking my pussy lips My hands...Read On


Lunch Is Served

Part three of my new Miss Honey series of rhyming poems.

Miss Honey served me lunch, from between her legs, cream pies front and back, from tons of sissy slaves. I cleaned her willingly. O, that's what cum-sluts do. She only had to point. No, I didn't get to screw. I slurped up all the syrup, from their pretty sissy cocks, as they squeezed their cages on, and snapped tight all the locks. I swallowed every drop, and kissed each sissy mouth, for...Read On


Backdoor Surprise

".......reality is finally better than your dreams." Dr Seuss

Our naked bodies glisten in moonlight Kissing is our favorite communication Looking in your eyes I climb onto you Doing an ancient dance of fornication My thighs gripping onto you so tightly Grinding against you in circles I sway Humping your long thick cock eagerly No hurry as we have all night to play Manuvering the smooth bulbous head Till it is pressing on my warm wet slit My...Read On

Unwinding Chair

With burning embers on a cold winter's blow Rekindling words from my foggin' noggin While butter and rum unravel my scrum And cogs of my mind undo Before my thoughts settle to dust Wicky-wack and all askew Writing prose shin deep in sin Sitting down at my unwinding chair As your lips hobnob with a grin Sewing kisses on my manly bellow Watching my gnarly old stiffen grow ...Read On

Sweetness is my Abandon

"I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love" ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Your voice, your words, Your single touch, My mind entrance. My surroundings, my bearings, My stubborn will, Turned onto You. To serve You with total abandon, Surrendered on my knees, To be used as You see fit. In my eyes you become  My Alpha and Omega,  And my conviction unblemished. In Your arms carried to our sacred place, Our alcove, our sanctuary, And my body my sacrifice....Read On



An erotic poem with religious undertones

From my lonely bed I gaze in wonder At the beautiful ones in paradise Lying naked on ivory couches, Where they feast on the sweet nectar of love And satisfy their exquisite desires In random couplings of sharp ecstasy  And sweet rapture in orgasmic delights Unknown to lesser mortals here below. I was once among their blessed number But for my sins was banished to this place ...Read On


Anamnesis (The Sweetness Inside )

You'll take me in secret, pulse to pulse in the night, the beats are innumerable, the automata of touch I want to go so much further, to move just like you do, see just as your eyes do. Enraptured with the pressure, I want to taste the sweetness inside, the unfathomable dripping depths, the fiery possession that seemed to once only exist as a myth. And to emerge after such...Read On


Catch Of The Day

Diving deep to probe her depths.

Deep within your salty depths,
 I troll my net in hopes to catch,
 And fetch such scale as non compare,
 I prep my bait, for mermaid fair. A lingering line, gleaming wet,
 My dancing jig, a drag well set,
 Your mouth to lure, your eyes to cure,
 I sink well deep, this feast so pure. Oh maiden finned, of shimmering she,
 My catch of the day, if all ye be,
 I'll dine fair well, and no one...Read On

Pen Tips Of Stain

Like pen tips of stain As the weather vane creaks When hail cracks the glass In the pouring down rain Like a sinister grinning wind From the cloudy skies below And the chill of a winter's born My tongue strums your cunt cello As your thighs bare no shame And billowing bellows horn In whispers of a lustful speak Like pen tips of stain...Read On


Teasing and Denial

Part two of my new Miss Honey series of poems.

Cock teasing and denial, is her specialty. That's what turns her on, and works for blokes like me. As long as she gets hers', Miss Honey fits the bill, and when I finally cum, it's a strong orgasmic thrill - that lasts for many months, until I cum again. Cock teasing and denial, can go on without end. A ball gag in my mouth? A dildo on my face? My tongue between her legs? A strap-on round...Read On


Back in Town/So Pretty In Pink

PART ONE of what will be a new MISS HONEY series of poems consisting of at least 10 parts.

Miss Honey's back in town, with a special gift for me, a pretty pink cock cage, to which she'll hold the key. "Come here, Dear!" she said, "and pull your panties down, I have something you must wear, when Mama's not around." She stroked my cock and balls but wouldn't let me cum, until she shoved her fist, deep inside my bum. O YES, I cleaned my mess, as Miss H taught me to, and when she had...Read On


Let Me

Watching you... mesmerizing...

My eyes glued, looking at your hand Wrapped around your hardness Sensually moving up and down The way you stroke is mesmerizing Lovingly hypnotizing me to reach out Tempting me in, asking you to let me  Continue do the stroking. The way every muscle in your body Moves and constricts as you stroke Wishing my hand tightly gripped you The way you want to be touched  Stroked as hard...Read On


High Heeled Huntress

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world - Marilyn Monroe

They make me feel so sexy   My black high heeled shoes And when I’m feeling naughty They are the ones I choose   I first slide on my LBD A short black clingy thing I have no need for lacey wear And toss my wedding ring   Then I ease my foot inside The sultry change begins My dancer's legs put on display With lust filled mind of sins   Walking in these sexy pumps They cause...Read On


Fuck Me!

a guy's dream of naughtiness

Fuck me honey, Fuck me with your naughty thoughts, Fuck me with your kinky words, Fuck me with your imagination, Fuck, fuck me! Fuck me honey, Fuck me seductively, Fuck me with binds, Fuck me without any limits, Fuck, fuck me! Fuck me honey, Fuck me for your pleasure, Fuck me for punishment, Fuck me and suck me, Fuck, fuck me please!...Read On


'Tween snores and sleep On linen sheets Of yours and mine As fingers creep Toppin' your pie To your honey spot The blue ball's pain Before the bane On your thighs As my pecker rains 'Tween snores and sleep...Read On

Sweet Music Together

Another night with you.

Together as we meld as one Our love and desire being met Our lust and heat has begun Moving together as we sweat Caressing each other  Making sweet music together Tonight we're lovers Making love is our pleasure Faster and deeper we go Our bodies are entwined Our juices do flow Our bodies are aligned You're on top My legs are at your side I'm begging you not to stop My pussy is opened...Read On

Beneath A Tolerable Wind

With roguish 'cayute eyes And sable hair of gray dawn Like a raven on a pillar of stone With a mystique of sultriness As the ratchets of wind blow And I caught in her spell Beneath a tolerable wind As my pulse rises For her devilishness at ten  Knealing at my manhood With downward strokes  As if a piper leading me to sin  With a patch of love  Sewn on my soul...Read On


Naughty Corridor

Walking down the blue empty corridor.  I feel your presence behind me as you wrap your arms round me.  Your hardness digging into me, showing your passion for me.  My breathing quickening as I get aroused.  My nipples sticking out at the thought of the pleasure I will be getting from you.  I feel my pussy moisten at the same time.  Your lips softly touching my neck breathing...Read On

Slut Wife Meets A Trucker

A woman flashes a trucker

A trucker was driving on a road A beautiful woman was there He was hauling a really big load She was flashing him with no cares Could this really be happening  This whore on the street This happened while he was traveling She wasn't being discreet  He pulled along side of her Asked if she needed a ride Her breath reeked of liqueur He picked her up at curb side She told him she was a...Read On


Harmonies of Love

Dearest heart, have two lovers ever known such wondrous joys As those with which our marriage bed has been so often blessed, When words of love and passion in the dark night whispering, The lonely hours between bedtime and dawn we have beguiled. As together we rise to heights of pleasure yet unknown. Your body is an instrument upon which I summon Dark music, new melodies of sweet...Read On


Love Rekindled

As the years roll by, even in the closest marriage,  It is easy to become complacent, and careless,  Taking love for granted, forgetting those little things,  Touches of affection, the morning kiss, a quick hug,  Simple things that help keep a relationship alive. So it is good to escape for a while, free from cares,  Away from the hurly burly of everyday life,  Just the two of us...Read On

A Billowing Brume

A chagrin in my ossuary of old tomes Castigating a mouse on earth stones Palpating hours of thorns and flowers Showering you with saucers of words As the bellows assume a blowing tune Billowing a brume of poetic curds Within the cauldron of my abode Scribbling tales with my old shtick pen Of copulations and old bard's grin As your lips humor my thingamabob Whilst smiles...Read On



I love to give to take and to share.

She’s black. She’s wearing black. Her neckline is low showing cleavage with a curvaceous shape. She’s walking toward me. Her breasts and wide hips denote an hourglass figure and incredible sex. I’m swept with a feeling a something I can’t describe. My stomach quivers. My mouth salivates. My mind is numb. My balls tingle. My cock engorges. My desire is undeniable. I’ve felt...Read On



Ever just wanna be rode hard and put away wet....

Thrusting your hard cock Deep into my velvet heat Going harder and faster My hips rise to meet You turn me around Now taking me from behind Making me yours As you are now mine You pound me harder Pushing in ever so deep Exploding inside of me Your essence I will keep We are hot and sweaty Smelling of great sex I smile up at you “When can we do it next?”...Read On

Shakers On My Bones

With a hectare of shakers on my bones And I on the other side, riding a train To a destination unknown As my tongue salivates a predawn whey In a field of the forgotten lost  Hidden behind a doily shine  With a shadow of a cold moon Of erotic words darkly honed Pantomiming a broken old poet  Before the edge of daybreak As I sip my hubris green tea  With a smattering drooling...Read On


Kiss My Cunt

Lying on the bed, Watching you dress, I open my mouth and speak quite blunt, Before you go, kiss my cunt. It’s warm and wonderful, So sweet and so juicy, I know you wanna lick, It won’t take long, I’ll cum quite quick. My fingers feel good, But I want you to taste, It’s such a delicious treat, Please let our lips meet. I can see your want, Now make me moan, Oh make me grunt, Come down...Read On


Dreaming of You

Sitting here in my chair, dreaming Visions of you filling my mind, I long to be alone with you, Enfolded in your warm embrace. I should be hard at work, writing, But the perfume of your presence Is just too intoxicating, Driving all other thoughts away. I can no longer concentrate, A divine restlessness grips me, My breathing quickens with desire, Remembering those heady nights, When we lay...Read On