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Erotic Poems


Just what you deserve.

When a bad girl gets her just desserts...

You eagerly undress for me, And stand with legs apart. Your full round breasts are heaving With the beating of your heart. I walk around you slowly,  As I take in every curve. You know that you're about to get  Just what bad girls deserve. I gently lift your chin and put your collar into place. Then trail my finger tips across  Your smooth unmoving face. I move my hands down lower, To...Read On


Bring It Out

You bring it out of me, the ravenous animal that smirks at caution, the creature that follows your unmistakable scent. The palm that relishes your cry from the sting, still trembling from my palm printed upon your naked flesh.  The braille raised along your body, gooseflesh carefully read with a tongue, memorizing one taste after another, patiently nearing the trail that glistens, drips...Read On

My Dirty Slut

My girl looks like honey She's a great lay in bed This chicks on the money She's loves to give me head She calls my dick pet names She shaves it real nice My babe loves sex games My girl has so much spice She loves to take showers She's uses a wash cloth on me She washes me with lots of power Later she gets on her knees She dries me off with a towel Massages my neck and back This revs me...Read On


Your Christmas Present

My Christmas present to my wife is guaranteed to give hours of intense pleasure

On Christmas morning my darling, Were your hands shaking just a bit Removing the shiny wrapping From the mysterious package As we sat by the Christmas tree With our hot mince pies and mulled wine? You were already excited When you realised that my gift This year was a brand new sex toy, A neat bullet vibe from the store. It had such delicious functions. Able to vibrate and pulsate,...Read On


Getting Home Late

A young man gets home late to the one he loves

She lies in the dark Between arousal and sleep Waiting patiently for me Her thoughts aren't so deep She needs fulfilling A sense of completeness That only a stud can bring To fill her with repleteness Hours of preparation Scents and essences galore Soaking in her bath She knows she'll give me more Skin as smooth as silk Breasts firm to the touch Buttocks rounded perfectly A man can only...Read On



A union transcending physical pleasure Walls crumbled and defenses breached Even silent moments breathtakingly full Of realization our dreams are reached   My nakedness aligns perfectly with you Hearts beating in unison to our melody Trembling fingers tracing your bare skin An embodiment of our every fantasy   You cover my parted mouth with your lips Exhaling your warm breath...Read On


Twas the Night Before Christmas!

St.Dickolas Makes An Appearence At My House.

  'Twas the Night Before Christmas 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even my adult toy mouse; The fishnet stockings and thigh high hose were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Dickolas would soon be there; The younger children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their...Read On


I Want

You promised me a lot of things, but I want different.

You promised me a lot of things, a house, a car, a diamond ring. I know that we have yet to meet, I just want you to cool my heat. I don't want things to last for years, it seems they always end in tears. You promised me you'd hold me tight and love me hard with all your might. I want your touch to turn me on to make me beg, make me your pawn. I want your lips attached to mine and...Read On

Scorched Linen

It was a quarter past sin and nearing ten, we were scorching the linen and smoking the sheets, with my hot cock.   With a devilish grin I pushed it in, as my nuts hit your speed bump, plowing your verbs and vowels as my  penis puffed, but we kept on sinning. As you raised your knees, dictating to the birds and bees, we chuckled and bucked scorching the linen, and the bed slats cracked.    ...Read On

Mistress Candy Uses Her Slave

He's been a bad boy Mistress Candy is upset He's her boy toy She stomps on her cigarette Stand straight now slut Let Mistress Candy inspect She spanks him on his butt Miss Candy deserves respect She tells him he can't come She lays out all her rules She chews at her bubble gum While she holds him by his jewels She calls him nasty names Which excites him so much He's excited by her games...Read On


A Night of Dominance

Rules were made to be broken.

From the very beginning of us You have naturally taken the lead But I crave different tonight Lust filled with a dominant need.   You get anything that you want Never even a slight protest from me Tonight I feel like a sexual minx My entire body pulsing with anxiety    I am hopelessly lost in your gaze As your eyes twinkle in the candlelight I desperately want to seduce you By showing...Read On

Never Ever More

I remember when my pecker was like iron And it could split a log But never ever more  Now it's just a piece of gristle   With two balls in a sack   I remember when you would blow it like a whistle And you would swallow its jizz Now it's just a piece of gristle With fizz in my pants And a swollen prostrate needing to spit When you flash your tits And rub your clit against the door ...Read On


Phero Moans

Clubbing with a purpose

Out on the street, lookin to meet I wanna get me some of that heat My mom's home bangin her latest loser While I'm in the club with the hustlers and the posers Blood red lipstick on a schoolgirl smile Don't mind the package, so I'm a little bit wild Use me, abuse me, the harder the better Don't fall in love and wanna write me long letters Don't act all tough like you're a real...Read On



It all begins with a beautiful taste. Kneeling at the bed like an altar, palms gliding along bare thighs, caresses cascading as you begin to open yourself to me.    As you begin to drizzle your secrets,  parcel out the darkest needs  one aching flash at a time when my tongue slides inside.   Your taste is everything beautiful to me, sweet summer rain showering dark afternoons, ...Read On

His Magic Fingers

What his fingers can do to me!

When his fingers touch my lips My lips open to accept them When his fingers touch my cheek My face lies in his hand  When he places his finger under my chin My eyes raise to meet his When his lips touch mine My lips reach to meet his When his tongue touches my lips My lips open and our tongues dance When he pulls me close My heart skips a beat When his fingers run over my breast My...Read On



Bitten red lips  Tongue upon lips Breathe slow  Eyes guided hands Moist between heaven  Movement restriction Hands bound  Air shared Dripping on skin Breathe slow Hair as night Pulled so tight Pressure builds  Relinquish will Point of no return  Heaven achieved  Clouds in site Breath lost Thought lost Heart loss Innocence  Lost.        ...Read On

A Big Dick For Her

A big dick feels right In her pussy hole Her pussy feels so tight When he fucks her with his pole His dick is up inside In her tightest space He's fucking his little ride Fucking her and kissing her face Her pussy is so wet Tits are shaking side to side They both begin to sweat Pussy and cock collide Legs wrapped around She moans and coos Making her fucking sounds...Read On


When the frost grips my pen And words of prose fail me As ink in the will is still Like sand dunes of silence And verses deceive me I feel a penumbra caress About my chest Down to the ovals of my ovoid's When the frost grips my pen Your hands like palm fronds And the dusk descends When the parchment crumples Your lips play my penis Like a piccolo When the frost...Read On


To Never End

An anniversary treat

I lay my hands upon your breasts, and tap into your soul, I run my lips across your neck, and lust slowly takes its toll. I give you a taste, of what is so close and near, I quickly pull you away, and lick you with no fear. I start to hear your moans and cries, as I go faster and faster in, I swirl my tongue around your thighs, and taste your sweet, cold creme. I push...Read On


Playdate With Daddy

A day in the life...

The playroom is ready, the candles all lit. As I prepared, my thighs chafed at my clit.  The flogger, the pinwheel, the handcuffs, the clamps, Blindfold and spreader, love our dirty romance. My hair up in pigtails, my collar is fastened. My slutty red lipstick, applied with perfection. I oil my skin, every crease, every crevice. I enjoy that part greatly, I apply it with relish. ...Read On

A Sexy Affair With A Hot Girl

A dick is a long shaft Great for sucking too Cock-sucking is a craft Leads to a nice screw Adoring pink meat Kisses up and down Cum usually salty not sweet Opened mouth with no frown Using mouth and hands It's like a long lollipop Her man just stands He hopes she doesn't stop Sucking can lead to gagging Which can be quite exciting Sucking with no lagging Is always more inviting ...Read On


'Twas a Night to Remember

Now here's a new take on the poem...

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the place, Not a creature was stirring but the girl on my face; Her stockings were thigh-high of black negligeé Her teddy was thin and her makeup risqué. The neighbors were sleeping, awaiting Saint Nick While my wife was awaiting my hard throbbing dick. She trembled and whimpered, dripping wet with desire While my boxers were straining, my...Read On


What She Calls Me

Part Two to my very naughty series of HOT WIFE and cuckold rhyming pieces.

What my Hot Wife calls me, when she's with big men, or when she's with her friends, are the things that I have been. Where do I begin, to explain how fine it feels, to be called a sissy slut, while she spins my wheels. When she wears her strapon, or when we are alone, she humiliates me, especially when I moan. I'm always in a cock cage, and the only way I fuck, is with a huge strapon, for...Read On


Need You

I need you tonight

The wind is all around me blowing through my hair It's cold without you I need to have you here I want you to make all of the wrongs right I want to be bare before your eyes To take away the lies I want you to touch me as only you can I want you to kiss my tears away as I am crying out your name I want to come against your hands as you fill me with your touch Take me with...Read On


A conceptual dream dawning Looming as my conscience awakes And I feel an arising brought Of silence in sensual thoughts As the spool unwinds And a binding twine As a kiss and slip knot waits On the cross of St. Anthony As my manhood quakes My head bowing the gist of loom And your lips encase A conceptual dream dawning The catechism of BDSM...Read On

Folds Of The Sheet

With a warm breath caressing his chest And feeling the stirring 'tween his thighs Giving back the folds of the sheet As her lips coaxed the beast of hard And when the bucket of dawn Rise over the crest She strokes is pecker thimble As if caterpillars wearing slippers  With fingers so nimble As dreams return to dust Giving back the folds of the sheet ...Read On


Bottom Bitch

Part One - with many more parts to cum (or not to cum) in the days to cum.

I'm the bottom bitch, who loves the BBC, that she fucks me with, very faithfully. On a daily basis, she pulls my panties down, and removes my plug, before she goes to town. As sexy as can be, and completely dressed, she drills my cuckold hole, better than the rest. 16 inches long, 11 inches wide, she has the biggest cock, and the wildest ride. My toes curl as she fucks, and I squeal like...Read On

Special Night

A guy and his girlfriend Celebrate in style Away for the weekend They'll be gone for a while They walk along the avenue Looking at Christmas windows They enjoy the pretty views The temperature feels like zero They kiss several times  Under the holly and mistletoe Their love is sublime She loves being with her beau He hands her a present In a box there's a ring Tonight is an event His...Read On


Sassy and her Saint Nick

It's that time of year again ...

So here Sassy was sitting and thinking about Ole St Nick remembering last years saga and how lovely and big was his dick Have I been a good girl this year? Oh yes I have my dear I deserve more than coal Smiling as I think about your pole So Sassy put on her red mini dress trying to look her best As she heads out to sit on Santa's lap to have a long talk with the Chap As she walked up...Read On

The Other Woman

She has a lot on her mind As she rises from her sleep Last night her lover was kind Their affair is rather deep She's just his mistress She wants to be in his life An affair is her existence He already has a wife He's with her most days She's the one sucking his prick He fucks her all different ways He's in her vagina with his dick She's the one getting flowers Being taken out on the...Read On