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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.

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Just close your eyes and imagine. Imagine I tied you up and loved you. Black silk scarves bind your wrists, Secured tightly to the bedposts As I journey down your body to spread your legs Ankles anchored to the east and west Lain bare and wide open before me I take my pleasure from teasing you. First one lick on the peak of your tit As you wait for more to come, Fingers slide past your...Read On

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Perfect night between mistress and slave

Submissive beauty vulgarly contorted Surrendered flesh a gift to Mistress’ eye Once pure curvaceous form now bruised and striped Aroused but bound, a pretty toy violated   Forced to all fours her holes penetrated Vibrations pleasure wet engorged insides Sore nipples clamped sweet asshole stretched wide A treasured pet so lovingly tortured   Smothered in Mistress’ slathered nether...Read On

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Sometimes I wonder If traces of us Will still linger in The places we love If people will ever hear Echoing midnight laughter Dancing through the tired rooms Of uninspired hotels Where our worlds fade out Clothes following doubt Onto the laminate floor Unrelenting fingers digging Into the tanned sand of my skin Searching for a way in And I’ve missed the bliss Of your persistent kiss As you...Read On

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Ice Cubes And Whip Cream

My new sex toy is immobilized Red velvet handcuffs keep him that way Blindfolded too Must depend on his other senses As I bring him sexual pleasure His cock semi erect Needs attention first I put an ice cube in my mouth And take in his semi-erection  Causing him to jump as the coldness hits his cock The next ice cube in my hand Runs up and down his shaft Making him so hard Precum flows...Read On

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In My End Is My Beginning

The life, death and redemption of a libertine through the power of overwhelming love.

In the days of my hedonistic youth I set my sails to cross the wine dark seas To find the lands of the lotus eaters, There to sate my sybaritic desires  On the luscious fruits just waiting for me To pluck and gorge in a carnal orgy Of untrammelled depravity and lust, Living only for each new sweet climax. For a decade or more I spent my life In search of yielding luscious bodies To conquer...Read On

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The Games We Play

An erotic poem of teasing and seduction.

I saw you in those faded jeans you wear, the ones so tight, I can almost see your cunt, and how they grip your ass and make me want to hump you, and ride you like a stallion.   You're such a bad girl who likes to tease me with that tight shirt you wear, the one that can't contain your tits, the one that lets me see your nipples, lets you see my lust for you before you walk away,...Read On

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Lilacs and Tangerines

The rippling glow of the setting sun; silent, stark and fair. Where the light surrenders to long, dancing shadows. Barefoot, a summer dress of white, Lilacs in her hair And the sweet taste of tangerines upon her lips. As light slips into slumber, her dress fades to grey. The soft summer rain soothes her burning flesh. Tanned skin revealed through thin cotton being washed away. The easy...Read On

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I Can Always Read Your Skin

I can always read your skin... But I want you to first be a whisper soothing us in the deep dark night, I want the closing proximity to ache until your body begins to scream. Until that slow heat rises and you remember the embers which continuously smolder in the absence of my touch, the constant note of desire  threading through all that you are. It becomes a harbinger of flesh crying out....Read On

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The Star

So, you’re a star On the road  Name in lights Face on billboards Obscene amounts of money You can have almost anything. And anyone. Tonight’s show is over Or beginning. Backstage, you stride into the crowded room High on adulation superstar adrenaline junkie. At the stage door girls jiggle in line Meanwhile, you snort one. Bourbon lubricates a raw throat. Touring can be rough. Soon,...Read On

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You Took My Clothes Off

You took my clothes off, years ago and lay beside me on the bed Though I, being shy (it's often said), demurely turned the lights down low I wanted you. But still I was embarrassed by the feral wet between my legs; the dewy sweat that wrapped me in its liquid gauze My first touch was devoid of grace: the cloddish way I stroked your dick – all bark-hard menace, yet so slick my fingers...Read On

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My Favorite Things

With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II

Smooth shaven pussies and taut erect nipples, Licking up thighs that the goose-flesh has stippled, Handcuffs and blindfolds and shiny cock rings: These are a few of my favorite things. Girls on all fours when they offer their asses, Nerdy girls who take thick loads on their glasses, Full lips all shiny where my semen clings: These are a few of my favorite things. Horny wet MILFs who talk...Read On


I Am A Mistress

I am a mistress I am a kept woman Waiting Being at his beck and call Night or day   Why do I do this you ask? Simple answer I love him He will not leave his wife So leave him or be a mistress   The phone rings It is him My heart beats faster My cunt becomes wetter Thinking of his thick eight-inch cock   Today I am a thirty-minute lunch A quick fuck No undressing ...Read On

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Dark Rain

Set ablaze in the cool rain of a summer’s night

Beams of lazy light sink into pools as amber droplets cascade and puddle, shimmering on the rain-streaked asphalt, chasing away the night one street-light at a time. The rustling branches of overhanging trees like secretive whispers in the darkness bow and sway in the evening breeze, their leaves wearing the beads of rain like the diamonds of queens. Your heels click on the dark,...Read On

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I Want... I Need...

I want you... I need you...

I want to see that look in your eyes That tells me that I’m the only one. That look that screams of desire and lust, The look you have for only me. I want to feel that passion in your kiss, That makes my pussy wet and my knees weak. I want you to make me your whore, your slut, your cum catcher Fucking me the way only you can do. Pinning me against a wall just after I walk through the...Read On

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The Riding Crop

An older woman tries to use S&M to get back at a girl

She stood before me, eyes facing the floor Legs crossed, I sat, and said, “My little whore...” Submissive and demure, she nodded yes Hands playing with the hem of her short dress I sat back with my glass of Rosé wine I grinned and sipped; this Minnie Minx was mine. It tickled me the way she acquiesced, When I told her to quickly get undressed. One strap over her shoulder, down it slid A...Read On


Musty memories

Love, sex and residual memories

My crumpled bed in the day Remembers The musty odour of our night's passionate Love making When our bodies twined together Like salacious serpents mating, My pillow pines for your soft cheeks You brushed against it in half-sleep, A single red rose in a white vase Waits for your breathe To add sweetness to it. Inanimate things these are Oh! lovely girl, think of me Whose eyes have gazed...Read On

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Do You Find This Horny

Games we play

Do you find this horny you whisper softly, You’re close to my ear to be sure that I hear. You tickle and tease and work up a pace, A slap on my bot to keep me in place. Fuck yes, I scream at those words in my head, It's horny as hell, I'm tied to the bed.   Do you find this horny you whisper softly, You’re close to my ear to be sure that I hear. A dildo has filled me, its thickness...Read On



The text 10 at our spot twitch as you read hand goes to your pussy the need the heat oh god you're wet drive non stop open the door eight inches greet you with a smile as you mount your prize no talk only sound of wet fucking smell of mixed sex in the air as he fills you your hungry cunt satisfied one kiss 'bye babes' till the next text  ...Read On

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My Man : A Phallic Ode

A celebration of a man's anatomy and the joy it brings

His cock is like an obelisk, Tall and hard like stone. It rises up towards the sky, A pillar all alone. His cock is like a mighty tree, His pubic hair the grass, The fruit hangs strangely down below, Just above his ass. But there is no perfect simile, For my man's mighty cock, All that really matters, Is that it gets as hard as rock. It sometimes feels just like a drill, As he drives it up...Read On

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Our Erotic Highs

Slap my ass and squeeze my tits

Bend me over and grab my hair, Pull my head back When you enter my lair. Make me spread my legs wide So you can go Way deep inside. Give it to me fast and strong, Let me feel your Hardness thick and long. Slap my ass and squeeze my tits While you drill deep Into my sopping wet slit. Tweak my nipples as they poke out, Twist them in your fingers To hear me softly pout. Pound with force...Read On

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Precious treasure rolling around, Dipping in darkness, this Wet, wanting hole where Sweet saliva glistens bright And lips enfold the weight of pearls Not yet bestowed Upon her face Or sprayed in ropes Upon bare breasts, Full splendour graced.   Subjection, this danger, Her appetites bound To her master, his will is Submerged in her soul, in her mouth As her ragged breaths grasp...Read On

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Let's Fuck

Kiss me hard & Fuck me harder

If you are looking for romance Sorry you are shit out of luck Tonight, I have only one desire Let’s skip all the frills and fuck I apologize for being so crass The subject is not up for debate For my agenda is really simple I see no reason for us to wait Let us forgo the pleasantries Romance has a time and a place Jumping straight to the foreplay As we fast forward to third base Our...Read On


My Slut My Lady

button nose freckles across my slut by night eyes to drown colour of jade my slut by night ruby lips made to kiss my slut by night nipples pierced perfect breasts my lady by day legs for miles ankle just turned my lady by day honey pot dripping clit begging twitching my lady by day my slut by night my lady by day mother of three        ...Read On

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Their Passion

Appearances can be deceptive, love is apparent

The room is brisk, her flesh so hot The mood is calm, His heart races As she is on her knees Hands on the floor as well They know without question That she will hold this pose For all to see, no For them to remember He moves to her Then she feels his hand They both hear the moans The pleas she growls so low Tells him her need He smiles, no need to demand Since she so willingly gives In to...Read On



Crawling between your legs Like a jungle cat on the prowl Only my eyes can be seen Over the delicacy I so desire Arms wrapping around your legs Pinning you to the bed Tongue teasing the flavor out of you Your body squirming as I have my taste  Our eyes locked in an ardent gaze Hungry eyes staring into hungry eyes Your hands reaching for control But you are trapped in my embrace ...Read On

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need to release the urge to want the feeling of your cum in my throat then my cunt the need to tease friends neighbors you God yes you pump deep turn me angel to slut    ...Read On

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“You looking’ fer Business?” said the thin girl in the boots,

“You looking’ fer Business?” said the thin girl in the boots, Short skirt, cropped top, dark hair blonde at the roots. “You want summink or not?” she asked, chewing on her gum, “Fifty get you anyfink, you can even ‘ave my bum!”   She ran round to the other side and got into the car, The leather soft, inviting, faintly smelling of cigars. “Well come on then,” she said, “Oi ‘aven’t got...Read On

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A Hint of Petticoat

A hint of petticoat, A wisp of lace, Dear, tell me so Then I'll pick up the pace. A glimpse of ankle, Even bare shoulder, Now, to be frank, I'll Become even bolder. Slide my hand to your garters And that's only for starters, To stroke your bare thigh With a passionate sigh. Sweeting, I'd write a Petrarchan sonnet If only you'd let me take off your bonnet....Read On

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The Game

You take a chance and play the game, but innocence you cannot claim.

Clear eyes meeting, young hearts beating, Across the room quick glances, fleeting. Then for a moment meet and hold Her blue eyes flash, suddenly bold, And just as quickly glance away. Yes, I know well the game she plays, Female enigma, boldly smiling,  She’s suddenly now shy, beguiling. Oh! He sees me, proud and strong,  His features rugged, lashes long. Handsome, virile, dark eyes...Read On

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Teetering on the Edge of a Flat Earth

Amidst the abstractions and vacant dwellings The cosmic overture whispers a timeless anthem, Beseeched into existence. Stretched over eons, a breathless expansion Of silent orbs in unbloodied revolution. Dimly lit laughter and Dim-witted banter ride plumes of smoke Up into their dereliction. The clatter moves in waves and flows like the tide, 1:30 AM I see the high-water mark The...Read On