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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.


On Monday Night - Part V

The world's gone dark - absent, on Monday night. A scene set by steaming, emergent passion. Clear thoughts ripped apart and burned  again and again in a furnace  fired by the human soul. Clinging hard to sound judgment, resisting fright, a voice turns high, screaming in urgent fashion. Beautiful, confused, concerned. A silent alarm cutting the darkness, deep within the human skull....Read On


A Paean to Concupiscence or The Joy of Fucking

Lying naked in the warm lambency of the night, She seductively stretched out her voluptuous body, Her hands supporting her head, its rich golden tresses Falling across the gentle swell of her opulent breasts, Thighs parted to reveal her most intimate secrets To his excited sight as he entered her boudoir.   Flickering shadows softly highlighted every curve Of her palely glowing flesh...Read On


Morning Desires

Mornings are for us as I feel your hand reach across to caress my hip Your breath warm on my neck urging me to slide closer as my skin meets your lips In my half-awake state I comply and nestle into your form we become spoons This time of year it's still dark Using just our hands and mouth Soft light guiding us from the moon A hand reaches down and parts my lips You sigh into my ear as...Read On



All I want for Christmas  is to feel your touch,  your skin pressed against mine  as our lips gently brush.   To feel the air crackle and ignite  from the heat building between us,  underneath the mistletoe  in the glow of the fire in the hearth.   To feel your arms slung round my neck  as your eyes gaze deep into mine,  and my hands grip just below your waist  clinging as much to you as to...Read On


The Whisper Of Erato

Desire is the one true language that my ravenous tongue speaks upon your bare skin with... Breathes in the scent, your need perfuming us,  my tongue silent, yet circling and speaking. Circling swollen nipples slowly,  a soft moan as my mouth envelopes one,  the vibration straight to your quickening heartbeat. I perceive the presence beyond the carnal contact…. I sense the soul...Read On


Feminized But Not Surprized

I think the title says it all. I've been away too long is what MISS HONEY said today.

  I came in my mouth when I was pegged today for my Mistress claims she needs me to be gay.   14 inches in my hole thrusting in and out I was squealing like a pig squirming all about.   You should have seen the look upon Miss Honeys face when she realized I finally knew my place.   My manhood was erased  for now I was her bitch  doing what she said to answer every wish.  ...Read On


the confluence of curves

homage to her

The invisible curves which describe you have neither beginning nor end. Each is different in its time and place They exist at the end of my fingertips as it hovers above your skin Only the whorl of my fingertip touches at the synapse of nerve ending The caress begins at the nape of your neck It continues the journey with no route map to follow Only searching by instinct for those confluence...Read On


Hidden Dreams

The essence of Him Seeps through the Gaps in my soul, Thrumming the darkness With growing need, Bringing forth honey To scent the air I wish he breathed Upon my skin. His electricity singes the tip Of my tongue That longs to dance Along the breadth of All he'll give to me If only I could touch The space where Desire and his form Meet my secret lust. Just moments and glimpses Of wet, heavy...Read On


Rock your body

Hot lovemaking

  Sitting here on my bed, Waiting for my lover To emerge from the bathroom, Just as I am beginning, Starting to grow impatient. She finally emerges wearing, Her soft silky nightgown Hugging her voluptuous body With endless curves that are, In all of the right places. Her nightgown starts to slip, Revealing a snippet of her left breast Slowly letting it slip revealing A little more of...Read On

Ghost Of A Pilgrim Past

As a ghost of a Pilgrim past, persecuted for my beliefs Now a Pilgrim of the Red Coyote trekking at their feet Soon to have no givings' as I upright their pumpkin pies And gourds of squash as I descend on Plymouth Rock  With a spiritual shaman I will dance around their crescendo   Copulating while scratching a scrimshaw of lust On the Plymouth Rock of their albatross And as their angel's...Read On


Grunt For Me Baby

Just grunt and let me know what you feel

We don't need the words of love Not now Just grunt for me baby While I fuck you good So fucking good that you grunt for me And I'm panting And grunting as well Pounding that pussy so hard So deep Reaming that slitty  For all it's worth So grunt like an animal And I'll do the same For the love of all that is unholy and warped I'm so hard now baby So hard So grunt you little slut for me...Read On


First Time

Lying together with you  the realization was sudden and overwhelming,  the very first time my eyes truly beheld you.  Beautiful enough to make roses jealous  and refuse to bloom in your presence.  Trembling and with tears in my eyes  I reached out to touch you  to prove to my heart that you are real  and not a shadow of my dreams of perfection.  Tentatively my fingertip brushes your...Read On



You're slowly emerging from a womb of steam, it rises from your raw skin like mist hesitantly fleeing. I want to know how that feels, to naturally cling to every pore, to swim through your tangled hair, slide along you as a fever that will cool but spends an entire lifetime burning. I envy the fresh clear droplets that vibrate in the soft  hollows of your neck, every intricate pulse for...Read On


Goodnight, Sweetheart

Night of hot and unforgettable fun

Kissing each other passionately, Caressing groping your firm breasts. Nipples getting harder at my touch As your arousal gets heightened. My hands begin to wander, Exploring every inch and crevice of your body. Slipping into your panties, Fingers pushing against, Slipping passed your  Delicate folds of your pussy. Feeling your wetness on my fingers, Grinding your hips into my finger....Read On



It starts with my arm around your waist before closing in  to claim a taste  Pressed hard up against the wall  wrists pinned over your head gazing into your eyes I proceed to venture where only lovers dare to tread  Lips brushing against your skin  teeth grazing your flesh Passion building beyond control  as our bodies beg to mesh  Right on cue my free hand goes round your waist ...Read On

Of Corn Silk

Suave and debonair around my daunting Wearing straw with a bow tie of corn silk  With eyelashes hung like awnings As my cock throbs in your cunt's coven With a touch of pale in my spawning As my mascara fades to haunting And as your thighs roll the dice My cum spews like cold ice  As jack o'lanterns hum a night mass While locust dance a last cheater's waltz Bought and payed for with a...Read On



Sitting at stop E on 2am cold plastic Watching bus after bus we could have caught drive by Don't look at each other Count the breaths between words   Your nose breathing hard on my face as we kiss for the last time My palm in the S of your back as your chest rises against mine   We're not doing anything breathe We can't do anything just breathe on my neck We're not touching...Read On


The Complexities of Simple

I light the fire In you, a transformation Water turns to steam Love becomes carnal lust A simple look with complex intentions The whistle trills. I see you come Your body draped in sex All of my senses turned on You have what I want A primal desire that can’t, Won’t be quenched. I am mad with passion Driven by the taste of your lips The taste of your tongue. I peel your panties down My...Read On

His Hot Lover

How he loved her round breasts They were large and coned-shaped He loved looking at her chest Her nipples tasted like sweet grapes Tasting and sucking at her nips Were always a nice treat His tongue would tease at the tip He could feel his lover's heat His fingers would play on her mound While enjoying her nice globes She'd make cooing sounds She'd pull on her earlobes Her pussy was...Read On


Comfort Food

Feed me please, dear Sir

My precious gets hungry, Gets very, very hungry. Comfort food from me is what she needs. Please, Sir, I want some more, She begs just one more time. Just one more time, Daddy dear. It tastes so good, And it's good for me, Sir. So good. Licking it up off your hard cock, Sir. Licking it up off my titties, Sir. Licking it up off my fingers. Licking it all up And swallowing it all down....Read On


Can I Get Some Ice With That?

I still love flirting with the cold Summers in the south make it hard Relying on AC and automatic ice I never turn down something that nice No snow to pile and sculpt Just a plain bowl of cubes Ready to slide in where I please A perfect shape for my needs Hearing them dispense  makes an impression on me Licking my lips I begin to drool and drip drowning the bed in a pool Pointing to the...Read On


Maroon Tiles

"Fuck you" you say smiling as we shove each other and boomerang back onto each others faces Our kiss urgent and starving Spinning on the spot two leaves blown together backpack against the cold wall you mock how I'm standing your leg hooked around my hip and I'm steaming a laugh between kisses   I saw the hair on her stomach I want to skim it with my lip I saw the hair in...Read On



She lay there Twisted Bound Vulnerable Yet drawn To him, At his mercy Yet aroused. Her breasts Firm and plump No utterance  Upon her lips As he mounted His tender Possession His intention  Known  As he parted Her milky  white thighs Thrusting His sex into her  Reaching over Securing her Hard nipples Between his fingers Pinching as his Seed explodes  Within Marking ...Read On

The Silo's Omen

While the midnight choir of the winds blow Pumpkins bellow like mellow souls As the Devil croons mournful tunes Jack Frost stalks the corn With eyes of a raven born  Twelve steps above in the silo's omen And as we cuddle upon the bed of moss With your breasts of sweet milk My cock stirs your cunt's sins As the weasel of Hell spins  The midnight choir of the winds blow Twelve...Read On


On Monday Night - Part IV

Searing stings Burned across snowy skin flexed and taught. Dangerous, filthy things made up random, rancid thoughts, soaring on brutal, feathered wings. The perfect agony she felt could not be fought, nor her lust for the sharp, leather strings. Wondering if her mind will begin to rot, and erotic shame and illicit pain pierce in one shot. Quite suddenly, it begins to rain in the dark, and...Read On

The Tax Man Cometh

I feel the silence of the stillness As moths pick lice from wings Versing with a whore's shadow As the pendulum tick-tocks A hush of the winds bring As the thunder crows While scribbling with my pen As revenuers knock at my door   The taper's tallow flows At this God forsaken hour  And the harlot does tricks With legs of pickem'up sticks Wrapped around my torso Weaseling my cock...Read On



Driven, Pulsing, Raging like fire, Kissing, Caressing, Burning desire. Oh God, I miss you, So much making up to do. Snaking down my chest, Your head between my breasts, Head fallen back in lustful throes, Chest raising, Nails pulling, Red lines trailing across my skin. My hand guiding yours, Down down down, Lower lover, Ignite my pyre. Teeth on my thighs, Passion between our eyes,...Read On



The silence is deafening, unless you embrace it.

As the world around me falls so silent I am left alone with only my thoughts Simultaneously I both relish and loathe  The discernable absence of distraction  My thoughts are no longer my own You now permeate every aspect of life  From our very first kiss you changed me As I became who I was meant to be  In the silence tonight I ache for you Has it really been just a few hours Since we...Read On



I describe an impregnation.

Treasure in my arms in my hands. The treasure is Barbara her body in my arms her breasts in my hands. Holding her this way is my heaven my sexual haven. My groin against her buttocks my cock between her crack my instincts at work. I move my shaft between her legs probing for her entry I press myself between her lips sliding up and down I hear her moan of pleasure as I glide into her. ...Read On


Late Night Interlude

Thinking of that special lady while up at night

My bladder woke me late last night I had to go relieve my plight As I dried myself I thought of you Touching me there as you often do Then my fingers lingered longer Massaging e're a wee bit stronger As I sat there, rocking gently I stroked myself more intently Keeping as quiet as I could Circling round and round my hood Then a finger slipped inside And on it I began to ride My...Read On