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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.

"I, Vampire."

Up the lattice and down the stairs my Scarlet awaits midnight kisses, as she sleeps beneath satin sheets, until waking to an eternal dusk. I vampire, Lord willing me my thirst, in a shadow of the pale moonlight as an ensemble of cellos bow, strings of resin snow. Touching your warm breasts with my lips of cold magenta, a frozen December, my love, as your eyes fear not me. My lust, fueled...Read On

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You, Eros

You, Eros.     Left me by the crisp pool, too much sunblock running in rivulets down my back, stomach, Slowly down fat fat double cream thighs. You, too rich for my palette when I like my chili-dog with ketchup You licked above my upper lip.   I watched the horizon for a sign you’re back. Waiting on a plastic Adirondack - nipples tight, knees loose, boombox so wet. Popping...Read On


Candy Cane

Candy canes of sweetness  Wrapped around my head Covering me in nectar  Needing more I beg   Licking up her juices Devouring her need Can’t get enough She knows how to please   Grinding against my tongue  Her lips part for me Her sweet candy canes Brought me to my knees   Gripping her ass tight  I pull her closer still Licking and sucking  Until I get my fill   Her moans...Read On


Fancy Man

I can’t stop what I feel  The need is so great You pull me closer  Each and every day   I see your words  Across my screen Every promise  Heightens the need   Your kisses melt me  Leaving me weak Your touches  Bring me to my knees    I love your teases Your humor a bonus  You keep me guessing  Except for your hunger    Your growl in my ear Tells me to surrender  ...Read On


Girl With The Naughty Fingers

The tap, tap, tap on the keys, That sweet sound, like a lullaby, Drumming out the wanton words, Shameful, sultry, sentence after sentence. Drawing the sweet, innocent And downright dirty inside. Where they squeeze, squirm and shudder, Deep within their psyche, As they lie, sit or stand. A rhythm kept in time,  With the light, camera, action Of a screenshot before the never blinking eyes. ...Read On



Granting my lady her birthday wish

Sitting, heart beating fast Watch still going, she'll be back soon Lights down low, just the sounds from outside  Darkness has fallen, night-time is here.   Let her go alone, less pressure The dress, designed to thrill The heels, showing off her legs The hair, in harmony with her face   Glass of scotch, steady my nerves A long-kept secret wish, revealed during rest No...Read On

In The High Chaparral.

Things of the dark kindle my desire with a shadow near the hearth embers, wearing stilettos and harlot ribbons. But come on in, I hear you spooking, with the ghost of the Cimarron in the high chaparral. As I feel the passion in your embrace with a kiss that awakens my hunger, and my instinct becomes ravenous. With lust burning like fire in your eyes, creating a longing deep within my...Read On

The Hot Babysitter

They hired a hot babysitter She was eighteen She communicates on twitter And wears the tightest jeans She's quite a flirt Likes to prance around She wears tight shirts Her breasts are quite pert This girl was no virgin She acted like a slut She's really hot in person And wiggles her sexy butt After the couple came home The sitter was laying down She was talking on the phone She had put on...Read On


As a canopy of stars gives the light of obsidian and a whispering zephyr caress your breasts, of leaves falling with swirling sins, and knock-knocks of the calling winds. In the crook of a shepherd's staff, as your eyes of taliaman blue on an arbor spindle charming brawny, and your oyster paying the due. As your lips of mahogany play my cock's lyre with a tongue of the soft cordovan,...Read On


Paint my desire

Blindfolded and left in darkness I sit and silently hold my breath Waiting for something to come On the edge of life and death I feel you moving near me Coming closer, but you don’t touch My nerves are on fire Every sense is just too much He reaches for me with it It gently whispers on my skin A slight caress down my arm Leaving fire where it has been My heart races as I realize...Read On


A Nipple Nibble

An Ode upon the Enjoyment of Breasts

"A nipple nibble is so fair" I think as I watch them there Growing harder as we touch, Wanting to kiss them so very much! Your look invites me to take that chance As over your breasts my hands slow dance; My lips descend to each perky nub - At full attention from a light rub. A soft kiss is just the start, It fuels the racing of my heart; Then swirling 'round with my tongue - And you...Read On

A Housewife With A Naughty Mind

Even though we've never met I think about you often We both can never forget Our conversations are always awesome I have a husband  And you have a wife There's never any touching I'm thankful you're in my life Sometimes we have tragedies But we think about each other Our spouses are a bit needy We can just be keyboard lovers You've made me tapes of your voice Sent me an amazing toy You...Read On


The Eternal Love poem

The eternal love poem - from a wild man and his trans wife. All persons are over 16. This is fictional but the events are inspired by the stories but not connected to them.   From him   I love it when you dance Nipples erect and puckered to meet me On your golden tanned chest The outline of your ribbs when you lean forwards Your Nipples meet my mouth one at a time You're wearing my...Read On

Thin As Onion Skin

Closing my eyes, in thoughts listening to Rachmaninoff Desiring your flesh, thin as onion skin, as I kiss you And your shadow responds to my midnight wish As eyes of the dawn peek through our window And clouds of gray like thunder rumble With a crescendo of the approaching storm   And your lips of sweet creep of the merry widow   Like fingers stirring my mind's martini  While my...Read On



We met on a Saturday or was it Sunday? Anyway there we were, Queen Katherine and Princess Scarlet, A kettle steaming. I was steaming elsewhere. We talked one by one to convert, More like pervert! ' Over land and sea, your haunting voice '. Pictures of lollipops and septum’s, A Goth appeared and disappeared, Like the Blood, adrenalized, whore, With a swat upon her pert behind. ...Read On


My Love is Fluid

My love is fluid, I am no longer in chains

  My love is fluid, I'm no longer in chains I have nothing intimate, no body to hold So I hold the world in my hands The sunlight in my heart The colours in my moods In my infinite variation I am red with passion and ferocity Pink with sweetness and delicacy Green with life and endless growth Blue with the cold, eternal light Yellow with warmth radiating from my chest I am a lover and...Read On



The night is dark silk and sharp diamonds That you can dress in And shadows have fingers and tongues Darting from the corners Between your folds   The grass is an altar, the wind is a thief That steals your voice And renders you mute so that you can’t scream As sharp claws rip your skin And teeth pierce the tender flesh   The moon likes to watch, the sky is a witch  That wraps...Read On


The Chase

I burn with urgent need to tease and please. All yours to claim, submissive naked heat, I'm filled, engulfing pussy slick with ease As throbbing hardness pumps your banging beat. We writhe as one, together coiled in lust, Like serpents sleekly winding toward the edge. Unhurried leisure guides each dancing thrust, Until eruption casts us o’er the ledge. Once pleasure fades, those secret...Read On


The Tail of the Twin Cities

Fuck and suck in his truck, Or in his bed at home, I put my pussy out there For every man to bone.   A lick and dick do the trick, I’ll never be alone, I taste the seed of him When a man is blown.   Jerk and twerk while at work, I bring a man to moan, My ass is up, my head is down, Causing men to groan.   Tits and flicks on my slit, Sexting with my phone, I put my body out...Read On


The Temptation

Why are you making me wait?

Lying here waiting my pussy wet and aching fingers unable to touch where I need to so much. Why did you stop me? Why are you making me wait? Don't you understand how badly I ache? I was so close then you order me to cease to remove my fingers when I'm so close to release. You know I can't resist that I'll do as you say but it's been hours now and I've needed this all day. I'm waiting,...Read On



Strong hands Pushing her legs apart Exposed Fingers framing her sex Spreading her Cool air Brushing over her wetness Exquisitely sensitive Her swollen tissues Throbbing in need   Slow kisses up her thighs Whimpers of anticipation Overwhelmed by desire His mouth Closing over her pussy Hips uncontrollably straining upwards Tongue flickering Unbearable pleasure Coursing...Read On

The Hot Secretary

She was sexy and sophisticated Dressed like a sexy whore The rest of the staff were frustrated Her outfits caused an uproar She was sleeping with the boss Had him around her finger She wore pink lip gloss And her perfume sure did linger She always wore short skirts Her feet in her sexy heels She was the office flirt She had lots of sex appeal She'd bent over to file Made sure her tits...Read On


True bliss

There is nowhere  She'd rather be Than in her lover’s arms Bodies intertwined No beginning or end Lingering kisses Exploring hands Tender words whispered Smouldering heat Ignited by passion Desire growing Becoming all consuming Need and hunger Coursing through them As he plunges deep Within her core Overwhelming lust Driving them higher Closer and closer And for a moment ...Read On


On the edge

Her eyes lock with his, Pleading, Begging for release. Her body trembling in need, Hands fisting the sheets, Every cell in her body Desperate for orgasmic pleasure.   With knowing eyes He watches her, Seeing her desperation, Keeping her there, Right on the edge, Touching, kissing, nibbling, Easing back when she gets too close.   Thighs quivering uncontrollably, ...Read On

Howling Winds

While howling winds corralled my pen Poetically conceived in hibernation Bound by catechisms of erstwhile poets Who now rest in orchards of stones Bearing trees of souls in Valhalla Giving me seeds that sowed my oats As a silhouette of the impending dawn Give words to my breath as my penis yawn While howling winds corralled my pen Masturbating in stead of intercourse Because I lost my way...Read On


The key

Deep within, Hidden in her heart, She keeps her deepest desires, Her wants and needs Protected behind high walls.   Passion and heat Simmering and bubbling, Locked away, Looking for a way to escape, To erupted in ecstasy.   But the locks are too strong, The walls too high, Even the powers of nature Can't break through On their own.   Lying in waiting, They grow and expand,...Read On


Proud to be a Slut

Erotic poem about my hot love life

I like my cocks long The foreskin cleanly cut I love when my man’s nine inches Slowly slide up my butt I’m sexually adventurous Never stuck in a rut That’s why little Tina Is a slut I have a sweet girlfriend We each have a boyfriend too When my pussy rubs hers I can never feel blue Each night our boyfriends Pump us full of warm goo That’s why little Tina Is a slut I swoon when her man fucks...Read On

Masturbation Release

A tingling feeling happens When you're aroused Your body craves passion Sweat beads at your eyebrow You're on your bed alone Your vagina needs attention You'll masturbate on your own To alleviate your tension Your fingers find the spot Deep inside your pussy hole Your vagina oozes a lot Your eyeballs start to roll You're fucking your cunt Rubbing on your clit You make moans and grunts...Read On

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Seduction gets turned up a notch

Bouncing in your chair, you're anxious. I can tell that’s a song you know so well, and the floor is filling up. Spanning, you swell with excitement, but you get no offers.   The song fades to music, way too slow, and with a pout you slump down. So so late dance offers come. You let them go. They don’t see you like I do.   I see the heat of your heart’s desire for air. Your need...Read On

Trailer Trash Slut

Nobody watches over Bobby Sue She's considered trailer trash Her mama doesn't have a clue She whores herself for cash She wears itty bitty skirts With her see through tube tops She laughs and she flirts She plays with her curly locks She opens up her legs Giving the guys a show The crowd always begs Showing her their dough She plays with her mound While all the guys watch She makes...Read On