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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.


Fairytale Princess

It is hard work being a princess

Lying against his chest, I feel warm like the goo that oozes from a freshly baked chocolate muffin.   He gushes sexuality and darkness, I want to understand him, read him like a chapter from Greys Anatomy. I need to know him inside out, he is my very own science experiment.   Getting to know him is like the paving of the yellow brick road. He is my Wizard of Oz. Enigmatic,...Read On



I have a simple craving  To enjoy a special treat I want to taste the sweetness  Of the mysterious lips of pink    Hidden between smooth towers Strong and gracefully sculpted  A place to lay my head Loving every glorious moment    Could this be a one time visit Maybe my new addiction  Will I know the hidden secrets  Or blunder in this direction    I see her beautiful smile ...Read On

Lactation Is Euphoric

She had the most amazing globes They were engorged with milk Nursing bras were in her wardrobe She couldn't wear the ones that were silk She had to wear nursing pads Her breast milk did leak This made the woman mad Her husband liked to peek Her husband liked to enjoy her nips He'd suck the milk from her tits He'd hold her breast to his lip While stroking at her armpit His wife got...Read On


An Ode to D

Block my airway

Increasing, an eye winks Rising, always rising Dancing, twitching, inciting an itch Being filled is all that exists A hungry mouth, a tongue's edge Waiting, salivating, let me drink A grip encloses, skin hot and stretched Thunder in my ears, blood rushes Anticipation grows Lips apart, drawing the prize A gaze lifts, knowing each expression Show me the one that tells me true ...Read On



She almost always wore socks giving him footjobs. Fucking him with her feet turned him on and that turned her on. In socks, her toes were only an outline. Other times, when her hosiery was sheer,  they resembled jewelry. He liked to kiss them. He liked to rub himself with them. Most of all, he liked to cum on them. She let him lick them because she liked to use her toes like little...Read On

A Cyber Lover You Were

Even though I couldn't see you The love I felt was there My, how our feelings grew You were the answer to my prayers It started out with a hello We talked about our lives Even though there was no audio Our chats now in the archives Sharing things about our lives Our conversations had a sexy flair You were single and I was a wife We were having an emotional affair A cyber lover you were...Read On

Broomsticks And Orgies

A witch is more than a broomsticks mate Or the cauldron keeper of midnight late Seductions oil, potion’s scent From full moon light, is her magic lent Down in the bayou, in the Hemlocks shade She cast her spell on the moonlit glade While frogs and toads chirp in a lurid daze And orgies writhe in the foggy haze With a wink and nod of a shadow's chaise From the old crone’s fawning wand...Read On


You Do Something To Me I Can’t Explain

You lay your head on my naked chest as we snuggle before bed You wrap your lips around my nipple and nibble softly You let your hands caress my body  Learning this territory by mapping every Dark border crossed You make my body shudder and shiver in pleasure  Your touch makes me feel whole  Your touch drives me insane  You make me cry out in pleasure  So intense unlike  anything...Read On


Online Friend

This is a poem dedicated to and for a very special friend

My eyes have not seen your dark hair with a glint of Auburn My eyes have not seen your bright hazel eyes shining in the morning My eyes have never seen your lush lips colored for the night My eyes have never beheld your fantastic face in the throes of passion   My nose has never smelled the lilacs in your hair after a shower My nose could only hope to catch the lingering perfume of...Read On


Oiled love

She warmed my heart  As she warmed the essential oils  Over scented candles She anointed my body  Rubbing the smallest droplets Over my chest  Down towards my growing shaft  The darkness lit only by Candles glinting in her eyes She was on fire  Was it lust  or love? Her fingers oiled my shaft  Her lips caressing it’s tip  Her tongue aswirl Running through the slit I closed my eyes  My...Read On

A Sissy and a Submissive

He was a shy introvert With many fetishes you see He liked to wear skirts Even though he had a goatee He liked dressing up Even though he was a man Pretty bras with cups He had a clear plan To dress like a lady Made him erect It was a bit crazy He dressed sexy and correct He'd act like a woman The surprise was his dick He appeared to have a bosom His dick was quite thick He'd flirt on...Read On


Moonlight Lover

Moonlight come to me  Let in your light  Take away my troubles  Give me a lover's delight    Hungering in earnest  I starve for your time  Waiting in the wind  For your warmth inside    Like a lover's caress  You come across my skin  Slowly but surely  It’s almost a sin   Come to me moonlight  Let me feel your glow  Surrender to my call  Not caring about tomorrow    I am...Read On


A Date With a Slut

“Meet me for dinner Be there at eight, Wear no panties And don’t be late.”   He ordered for me Oh what a treat, His hand slid up my thigh And I squirmed in my seat.   When dinner was over  He lead me out, Pinching my ass He warned, “Don’t pout.”   He snapped on the leash And lead me to door, He opened it up And pushed me to the floor.   “Kneel before me slut, Tell me who...Read On

Coveting Phantoms

Coveting phantoms of my mind In writing, periods of asinine At times scribbling hollow Hallowed be, less than fame Twixt ghosts of my quill's minuet And ringing in of love's September As a spiritual azimuth leads me To a futon that you lay rest And as my lips feast your breasts With tongue that I sprung While my cock marionettes On your clit in the box As the laudanum gives me shine On...Read On

From Curvatures

I bring with me the writings of pen Words with curlicues and swirls   From the curvatures of my mind Poetically wound in ink of dark While phantoms carol sweet lariat With silk tied to my marionette As you crank my hurdy- gurdy cock And my tallow drips from your lips From the curvatures of my mind  ...Read On


That Thing I Do

You know that thing I do

You know that thing I do You know that thing That sets your heart to beating Thump...thump...pounding pulse In time with mine That sets your legs to trembling Shake...shake...shivery quake In time with mine That sets your breast to heaving Sigh...sigh...shuddering breath In time with mine That thing I do So often when you writhe So close to where my fingertips May touch That thing I do...Read On


Beautiful Torture

She knows who she wants

A hopelessly lonely girl, Waits patiently to know, The perfect companion and beloved;  You are her Romeo.  Set forth and find your Juliet, She is out there searching too.  Wishing you were by her side, She waits and pines for you.  A supernova in the night sky, Lights the way to her heart.  Oblivion strobing right through, Two bodies refusing to part. Fill her heart with all of you, Make...Read On

Red Coyote

Cradling my head in agony of sins I have wrought with devious grin on paper, my deceitful broth, of imagination with the pen, and dark covens, I, the red coyote from Hell. Scenting the musk of your vagina's hood, a miming silhouette, of my harrow's, in guise of a nesting sparrow, I, the red coyote from Hell. And as I scroll with a demising howl, lusting with my drooling jowls   and a...Read On


Special K

As I taste honeyed lips  My tastebuds go wild. My passion increases My cock harder still  Driven by your need  As wholeness calls from deep within My penetration releases  Your wants and desires  So long held in check  The flood gates open  Your fountain erupts! Your scream,  Still echoes in my heart. My heart pumping,  Driving forward, Not stopping, Demanding all. As our breathing...Read On



Waiting  by our river My cock in hand Talking to you Oceans apart Since you can't come Telling you My dream Wine cheese Blanket and you Our song playing Your scent burnt in my soul Almond eyes flashing Dark chocolate thighs Moon lit breasts As I ease deep in you  Your moans waif Over and over Urging Wanting Needing That moment Falling together Over and over Shooting seed Wasted in the sand...Read On

Gang Bang Milf

She glances in a mirror Remembering her life Mistakes making her a sinner She's a cheating housewife She enjoyed the attention And the compliments from men Easing up her marriage tension Creating a peaceful Zen She liked going to bars Drinking and being bad She'd suck cock in their cars This was better than being sad She liked the presents they'd give Compliments were always said Her...Read On


In the Sea

Beautiful sunlight  Casting across the sea  Brightly shining Hypnotizing me    Wind circling Cooling my face Following the ocean Keeping in pace    Memories are flashing  With every wave  Taking me back  To our special day    Hands tracing my body  As the water encases me The heat of your skin  Against the freezing sea   Lover's lips on my neck While my fear collides ...Read On


The Unusual Painting

What if a painting you've bought comes to life?

"What a luscious looking painting!" He thought while buying this, That which had captivated him at first sight, The one that looked alive, unlike the rest. Seducing him with its dazzling eyes And luscious lips... "Are you speaking to me?" Were his first words upon buying ... He dozed off to sleep, dreaming, Only to be awakened by soft hands, Caressing his unshaved chin... Shocked was he,...Read On

Wiggle Toes

Playing softly in our doze, on our quilt compose, how goes, the rhyme knows, playing naughty, wiggle toes. As your toes play my cock's harp with kisses of love in our inglenook, and one for your cute little nose, playing naughty, wiggle toes. While giving fellatio to my piccolo,    with a wisp of a breath's blow, the shy of the eyes sigh, playing naughty, wiggle toes. And as lips touch...Read On

Her Masturbation Endeavor

She liked to feel good Pleasing herself was fun Her pleasure was understood She didn't need anyone She liked her vibrating toys They hit her secret spot She really did enjoy Her pussy got so hot Jamming toys inside Made her scream in pleasure She liked toys that were wide She liked all the pressure Vibrating toys felt nice Up inside her warm box This was her paradise Her orgasms really...Read On

Recommended Read


I wanted to write about it hours later,  how your kiss still burning on my lips is proof of some invisible connective tissue tethering us no matter where we go. I wanted to write about the throaty rasp emitting from the curve of your throat as a wordless invitation to explore more skin, or how sometimes you taste like rain, an earthly sweetness that men are not permitted to entirely...Read On



he wants you

"I want you now," he whispered as his hot breath brushed away the hair on your neck and his lips kissed your skin.   "I want you now," he whispered as his fingers pulled aside your hair and he nibbled his way up and into your ear.   "I want you now," he whispered as his teeth took your earlobe and gently bit down and again his hot breath brushed lightly against your skin.   "I...Read On


Behind the Curtains on a Slow Bus Home

Travelling on the twenty-six bus....

Friday afternoon 2pm Sitting Standing Music on Music off All the leafy lanes And car parked streets Blinds down or drawn Curtains plain, chintz, washed or boiled Then there is closed Why? Baby sleeping, Daddy shifts Or Mummy tired  Granny nodding and knitting Uncle Ted wanking Auntie Pat masturbating Yes you heard me right All those sweet white than white Male, female or in between...Read On


Home Alone

My slim friend.

Home alone at last, just you and me. Our time, my slim perfect lover. Come to me, give the feelings only you can give. My clit yearns for you, has since I first awoke today.   Let me feel your loving touch, the bittersweet tickle you induce. God, you turn me on! I have had other lovers but none send such pulses of delight through my body as you do.   Take me, I lay here legs apart...Read On

Sally My Hot Secretary

My secretary is really hot She's got long sexy legs Wears blouses with polka dots And tight skirts that are red She's got a voluptuous body With a nice set of tits She looks rather naughty She looks hot when she sits She never wears any panties She wants you to see Fucking her is quite handy She does this for me Her bras push up her boobs Showing off her perky nips Her titties never...Read On