Group Sex(1)


Manly Maiden Voyage

You learn something new every day.

I open my front door to you standing there with a big red bow tied around your chest. "Happy Valentine's Day!" you say, grinning ear to ear. “I'm your present from James, I hope you like me," you add with a little uncertainty noting the surprised look on my face.   A big smile lights up my face and I take you by the hand and eagerly pull you inside. Then I frame your face between my hands...Read On



Sibling Revelry

They found the perfect lovers in each other

Trisha was sitting before her vanity mirror brushing her hair before bed when her brother Josh walked in. She glanced at him in the mirror; her hand paused in the act of putting her dark glossy hair up into a ponytail. “Hey. What’s up?” He stood in the doorway, his six foot frame taking up most of the space there. Home from his sophomore year of college, her brother had definitely changed....Read On



If She Only Knew

They loved each other. They were about to learn how much.

Bailey had to stop herself from staring again. She found she was doing that more and more lately and she didn't want to admit to herself the reason why. In her defense, Cassie was beautiful and had an amazing body. She was of average height, just hovering around 5'7", trim build but voluptuous. Hell, she was downright top heavy and her tight little bum was snuggled perfectly in the skinny...Read On



He helped her recover the woman inside her, she made a man out of him

He made her feel like a teenager, she made him into a man.

He was LEGAL. That was all she could think as Matthew stood on her doorstep waiting to go hang out with her son Caleb. She'd known this kid since he was four feet tall. He'd always been a cute kid. Funny, energetic, a bit arrogant, but endearingly so, not obnoxiously. But the young Nubian god standing before her was no kid. Standing 6'2, 185 lbs with sandy hair and hazel eyes and just...Read On

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Express Delivery

This was one package she was happy to receive.

Damn it, she was late again. Would there ever be a time that she wasn’t running between twenty minutes to an hour behind for pretty much everything ? Lisa thought to herself in frustration as she stood in front of her bathroom mirror hurriedly applying the finishing touches to her mascara. She slid her burgundy lipstick over her lush lips and pressed them together to ensure an even...Read On



The Becoming, Pt 2

The queen had recovered herself, now she must recover her court...

A willowy blonde greeted them at the door, her eyes a contrasting rich chocolate to her fair hair and light complexion. She stood tall and thin, almost too thin. But once again, she was a study in contrasts as her impressive décolletage seemed almost to overwhelm her. “Nalia!” She exclaimed. “What are you doing here so late? Aren’t you usually sleeping the sleep of the chaste?” Even...Read On


The Becoming, Pt 1

In discovering this new world, she recovered herself.

Oh my God! She thought in frustration. If she had to listen to One - More - Asshole yell at her about matters that were utterly out of her control, matters that they were too stupid to understand in even the simplest language, she was going to rip her hair out a fistful at a time. It wouldn't be as painful. She sat in her car at the end of her shift at the bank and just took several...Read On


Alien Orgy

They abducted her for one fuck her.

She stood up in the craft, the surface beneath her soft, cushioned and apparently organic. She took two, three steps. That was as far as she got before whip-like tentacles shot from the surface beneath her and ensnared her wrists and ankles. She was yanked onto her back and her limbs bound to the floor spread eagle. She struggled only momentarily, immediately realizing that any attempt to...Read On