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I'm not even going to try entering the competition! I think we already know who is going to win it (smiles knowingly).

03 Jun 2012 05:00

All stories now withdrawn from Lush

02 May 2012 07:03

Should such sexist comments be allowed! So many females (or are they!) immediately proclaim 'men you are going to be treated differently!'

So many bi-sexual women in the world - or are there!

29 Apr 2012 08:26

Is Lush a lesbian site or are the lesbians men in disguise? We should be told!

27 Apr 2012 01:51

I'm working on 'The Meeting' part two, things are even hotter! lol!

24 Apr 2012 09:52

Love the phrase 'Pleasure Goddess'!

20 Apr 2012 03:59

I've decided to call my stories, collectivly, 'Porn Scratchings' lol!

17 Apr 2012 00:49

I see no point in keeping friends that never say anything. Ignore me and you are history.

I'm also sick of profiles that immediately dis men, I am assuming that they are men pretending to be lesbians.

You should not decide on the basis of gender, its no different to being a racist.

12 Apr 2012 15:49

I've decided to abandon my series, 'We have the builders in' for a while whilst I concentrate of a single story - I may proceed with the series in the future, but I've decided that single stories receive more of a focus.

I don't write for personal gain, but thrive on feedback - the number of reads, marking and feedback comments I receive on the site don't tally, so I'm going to change my approach for purely selfish reasons!

04 Apr 2012 15:32

I wish I could get wider readership! It seems that my stories don't attract much interest - I love getting comments and marks, even the low ones mean someone read my work!

03 Apr 2012 04:13

Looking forward to feedback on my latest in the 'we have the builders in' series!

02 Apr 2012 13:36

More inspired as the days go by - some great people on this site!

31 Mar 2012 10:12

I make too many errors nowadays!

30 Mar 2012 01:21

I'm having a short break from writing erotic stuff, doing a little more on my latest short story - with a supernatural theme.

29 Mar 2012 00:21

Sometimes I feel incredibly aroused and I wish it went on and on!

But good things are always short lived, don't you think?

19 Mar 2012 07:07

Just been reading stories about wives whose husbands watch them with other men, in groups and sometimes helping too, mmm so love that scenario!

28 Feb 2012 03:18

So easy to be aroused on this site!

11 Feb 2012 06:41

Maybe if I added some incest to my stories I'd get a wider readership! To be honest I'm very open minded but incest does absolutely nothing for me - in fact it turns me right off!

08 Feb 2012 10:19

Isn't it irritating when people pull your story score down without commenting?!

Comments should be mandatory with scoring!

08 Feb 2012 07:13

I'm wondering how come so many incest stories are so high up in the readings and rankings!

01 Feb 2012 09:34

Wanting much more feedback on my stories to motivate me!

31 Jan 2012 05:55

It seems wrong that people can give you marks of 2 and less and not have to explain why!

28 Jan 2012 20:14

Its strange how so many seem to read the stories and how few mark them, yet someone manages to take the time to give you an 'average' score! lol!

27 Jan 2012 02:38

Third part of 'Exhibitionist Wife' is underway! Hopefully will submit it for publishing tomorrow.

25 Jan 2012 11:24

Second part of 'Exhibitionist Wife' submitted for publication, final part of 'Greek Gang Bang' due to publish tomorrow (25th!)

25 Jan 2012 06:04

Greek Gang Bang - next part PUBLISHED tomorrow, the 24th January, with the final part out on 25th!

24 Jan 2012 13:03

I like getting comments, a lot of people don't score you and don't comment, so when they take the time, even if some of the comments are sometimes overly critical for free erotic literature, its nice to have them anyway!

23 Jan 2012 12:30

Read my story - Greek Gang Bang, and here is the clue!

23 Jan 2012 09:11

Hmm the idea of an audio story appeals - I might do that!

21 Jan 2012 10:50