Straight Sex(1)


Dolce a la Gondola: Peak-to-Peak

Businessman meets cute young lady and together they go from Peak-to-Peak

During one of my recent business trips I needed to spend a weekend in Vancouver, Canada. A lovely city with beautiful sights including the women. On Friday night after my last meeting I headed down to the gaslight district to have a good meal in one of the ethnic restaurants. I found a very typical Italian restaurant and ordered a tasty pasta which I washed down with some good Canadian...Read On



Hot night with my sister-in-law

Hot seduction of siste-in-law at airport hotel

Last summer my wife had to go overseas and I was to follow her a week later for a vacation. The day before my flight I stayed at an airport hotel as my flight was leaving very early. My sister-in-law decided to join us on our trip and so my wife asked if me if she could stay with me at the hotel and fly with me the next day. Of course my wife joked with me a bit: “Is she going to stay in...Read On