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Topic Sex Pros
Posted 10 Jun 2009 19:35

When you look like me, that is the only way to fly, LOL. I once read a report that said that 1 in 6 women in America has had sex in exchange for some consideration. Maybe not always cash, but for something that had monetary value. I first found that hard to believe, but no longer as my neighbor and two of my female friends are in the "business". No, they are not druggies, white trash, or were abused as a child. These ladies are quite normal. They could be your mom, your daughter, your sister or your aunt, your meighbor upstairs. They are single moms, an elementary teacher, the cashier at your local Safeway, or a college student with expensive taste in shoes. They are in their 20ies, thirties or 40ies. Some enjoy doing it, some don't. Some do it for fun, others because they have babies to feed. In fact, in this recession, many women who would never have considered selling themselves so they can keep their house, or because they lost their job and can't find another one.

These ladies work hard for the money. Don't think that they make thousands of dollars a day. many of them make $200 - $300 per date. Not bad for an hour's work you say. Not so fast. To make an appointment theyy often have to answer dozens of emails, with perhaps one guy being serious about setting up an appointment. On average, they spend an hour on getting the date set up. It takes at least another hour for them to get ready: showering, wazing, make up, putting up a sexy negligee (that they often bought for this purpose only). The guy often stays longer than an hour, up to two or three without giving the lady extra cash. Once he is gone, she needs to cleanup. So, in reality, it takes her 3 to 4 hours of labor to make anywhere from $200 - $400. But wait... she still has to pay for her hotel room (she is not going to do it at her home with her nosy neighbors looking on. So, let's say that costs $100. So, maybe she takes $100 - $300 home. When you run the numbers..... the guy that changes my oil makes twice as much as the lady, And he does not have to put up with sweaty, smelly, slobbering overwight 65 year olds....

Topic Is there any such thing...
Posted 03 Jun 2009 13:02

I don't think so. As long as it feels good and nobody is harmed, why not. Enjoy it while it lasts. I estimate I have masturbated over 30,000 times now. Is that too much? Not for me. I enjoyed each and everty session....

I was just curious if men think there is such a thing as too much masterbation. I am of course referring to male masterbation. We women can never have too many batteries. angel7

And no, this is not a sarcastic question, I have a reason for asking.