First Time(1)


Sarahs first facial

I have had a fascination for porn for as long as I can remember, since early in my teens.  I suppose that is unusual for a girl, but nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed a LOT of porn in my life.  And, of course, you can’t watch porn these days without seeing guys spray cum all over girls’ faces.  For the longest time, I always thought this was hot, but having been subjected to society’s...Read On

Group Sex(3)


3 Some Revenge

I stood looking at myself in the mirror, wondering if I was actually doing the right thing. Two weeks ago, I caught my boyfriend of 18 months in bed with my best friend! There'd been lots of shouting, crying, apologising and so on, but I just couldn't forgive him - and now he was spending the weekend moving out of our flat whilst I had booked myself into the big hotel in town (on his credit...Read On


How many can she take

My husband Steve describes me as a very pretty shoulder-length redheaded MILF; I am in my early thirtys; 5’4”, with natural 34F breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth bum and a tight partially shaved pussy. My husband loves to create all kinds of sexual encounters with me as the center of attention. I have been in many situations with girls, boys and...Read On


My Birthday Treat

Last Saturday was my birthday and I went to visit a very goog friend of mine - Sarah,  for a drink before heading out into town. Well at least that was the plan initially. When I arrived at Sarahs, she told me to wait in her bedroom whilst she brought me a Glass of wine and my Birthday gift. I have known Sarah for a few years now, and given that she is ver kinky I thought she was going...Read On



Sharing my Girlfriend

I sat just inches away from the my Girlfriend fucking on the bed. I studied her face as she was being fucked from behind. Her eyes half closed and at times rolled back in total enjoyment. From time to time our eyes would meet and we would hold each other’s stare, until she would break off as result of the pounding her pussy was getting. She’d bite her lower lip in ecstasy. ...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Wife wants Cock

The fantasy of one couple where the wanted to fuck other men

My wife Lory and I have had a great time fantasizing about friends that turn her on while we make love. It took a while for us to be honest with each other about our secret passions, but one night Lory came home from a class she was taking and seemed a little wired. When I asked her what was bothering her, she explained that it was the instructor who she found very attractive had asked her...Read On