Group Sex(1)

The trip

An experience of a lifetime, made possible by following directions

A letter arrives in the mailbox. In it is a map. The map has a location marked with an X. Nothing else is in the envelope. You toss it in the trash, thinking that it’s nothing more than a stupid advertisement. You walk into the house and hop in the shower. After a nice hot shower to clean your hot body and a brief but intense rubdown, you climb out and towel dry, putting on a man’s...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Las Vegas part 1

Married couple gets away from work and kids for a night of uninhibited fun!

Xenia walked across the hotel room, swaddled in the thick terrycloth robe that the hotel provided. She and Clarence were going out on the town in Las Vegas! She was excited, eager to get her drink on and her groove on and her fuck on. She turned on the shower, letting it run to get hot. She grabbed her toiletries bag, pulling out the small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash,...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Las Vegas part 2

Making love to the break of dawn

Clarence pulled himself together, but left the tie undone. Xenia grabbed the shopping bag, but left the panties inside. Taking his hand, Xenia led him out of the private room and out of the strip club. She didn’t think they could walk all the way back to the hotel without winding up fucking in some dark corner and she wasn’t a fan of public sex, so she hailed a cab and had the driver quickly...Read On