Bent Slowly

Couple with a stranger fantasy find a Dominant

They had always been an active couple sexually. They constantly sought new and interesting way to please each other and had created a playful activity called “hot dates” for the last 3 years of their 5 year marriage. Activities on these dates ranged from crude sex in the backseat of the car, to blatant exhibitionism. Veronica had once removed her panties as they had eaten dinner at a...Read On


Laying Across Santa's Lap

Wife indulges Husband with a Christmas fantasy with some light bondage

The faint chirping of his watch woke John at 1:00 A.M. , he quickly reached over to silence it so as not to wake the kids. It was Christmas Eve, well morning actually, he thought smiling, time to go play Santa. John reached for is wide Linda and instead found an empty warm spot in the bed. John smiled, his wonderful wife must be out making some coffee so Santa would actually be able...Read On


Jane's Tea Service

A husband and wife engage in a little Dominance submission play at home.

Jane slowly closed the door to the baby's room. She was so blessed having a child that took to routine so fervently, once bathed and fed a bottle she went right to bed. Jane walked out to the living room and glanced at the News as her husband watched. He was her other blessing, loyal, handsome, loving, and yes quite demanding. Jane shivered, she so loved the way he controlled and took care...Read On


A Master's Touch

A Master sensually punishes his pet.

He entered the room, boots knocking on the tile floor and echoing off the walls. He was wearing new jeans and a dark sport coat showing a refined casual attitude. He poured himself a scotch, not too much, just a couple of fingers to heighten the senses. He swirled the amber liquid around the glass and inhaled the heady vapors before taking a sip, the smoky taste exploding on his tongue as...Read On



Work Brought Home

Please read part one, Bringing Your Work Home, first.

Kathryn pulled into her drive way tingling with excitement. She had just had a sexual affair with her coworker and had done so guilt free because she had done it at her husband’s request. She was still nervous though. Wanting something and the reality were two different things. Now she had to tell her husband she had not only been fucked, but that her lover wanted to thoroughly cuckold him...Read On



Blind Date

Cassie finds pleasure in her dreams, could it be real?

Cassie stood and once again went into the kitchen to check the clock. It showed the time to be a quarter after nine, only ten minutes from when she last checked. She sighed and went back out to join her family in the conclusion of the movie. She smiled at her husband trying unsuccessfully to assuage his anger at her for interrupting the movie once again. Cassie couldn't help herself. She...Read On



Hands on Training

Foray into mutual masturbation leads to hot encounter.

I was about midway through my morning when I noticed the mail flag. I clicked on it to bring up my yahoo account and noticed that it was from the club I had found on the internet related to mutual masturbation. Probably just an offer for Viagra but none the less I clicked the icon and read the message. I noticed your profile on mutmass and saw that we are in the same area. If your game...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


The Kiss

Sensual sweet love making

The kitchen light snaps into darkness. Tony walks out, carefully watching the two steaming mugs of cocoa so as not to spill them. The room is dark, lit only by the cheery warm glow from the fire. The huge windows to either side of the mantle show lazy snow drifting down to blanket the landscape. He walks to the middle of the floor in front of the fire, stepping carefully amongst the...Read On


A hot July 4th

Local fireman fans her flames at a holiday picnic.

Only story I have written from the female perspective. Enjoy The day was starting off perfectly, I thought as I scrubbed the soap into my muscles. The sun was hot, the sky blue, and I was extremely aroused. I leaned my head against the shower wall and closed my eyes. The steam wafted up around me in a haze as I climbed from the shower and softly padded my body with the lush terrycloth towel. ...Read On


The Gladiator

A matron of Rome hires a Gladiator for her own pleasure.

The stillness of the night is interrupted by the sound of a single pair of booted feet upon the worn stones of the corridor. Maximus sits in his cell wondering at life and the circumstances that put him here, slave, and gladiator in the empires greatest city. Once a Free citizen with lands and a title, one of the most powerful generals in the Legion, now forced to fight for his life or bleed...Read On




Lady awakens the God of lust in the Museum

There stood Etherus, just as before, frozen in the pose he had worn for more than a century. Kathryn looked down and marveled at the care the creator had taken in the upright appendage, every ripple, every vein, had been meticulously carved, making it seemed to pulse with realism. She reached out and grasped it gingerly quite shocked at the width, her tiny fingers unable to touch on...Read On

Wife Lovers(4)


Valentine's Gift

Wife takes her Lover's gift home to her husband

Karen slipped the file back into her desk drawer glad that the day was finally done. She wondered what her husband David had planned for Valentine’s Day. It was probably just chocolates and roses as it had been for most of their 15 years together. She secretly hoped it would be more and had even worn the thigh high stockings beneath her office clothes in case he had something...Read On


Bringing your work home

Hubby's request for three-way may cost him a wife.

Please take a moment and tell me what you think! Etherus "Come in!" I called out, as I sat with the phone, on hold. The door opened and in walked Kathryn, green eyes flashing and that wicked playful look that seemed to always surround her. Having grown bored with the hold music, I hung up to see what was on her mind. Kathryn had joined the office a couple of years before. Highly...Read On


A Hot Humid Night

Bored wife has a steamy interlude.

Ann was at it again, warmed by her drink and passing the time alone in a crowd full of people. Her husband was off with the boy's drinking cognac and smoking cigars. She could hear his guffaws as they told each other the same jokes they had at the last party. Ann liked the parties but never seemed to fit in and usually ended up mostly intoxicated but still having to pour her husband onto...Read On


Yes Sir

Two coworkers lose themselves in a game of control and passion.

She stood there trembling as she listened to the fading echoes of his footsteps. One hand against the wall waiting for the strength to return to her legs before she trusted herself to stand on her own. The flashing colors still echoed in her mind as her orgasm transitioned from overwhelming sensation to pleasant memory. She could feel the odd sensation of her infidelity dripping down...Read On