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Back home from Canada. It was real and it was fun...but it wasn't real fun :-)

14 Aug 2010 05:09

Need to finish my 4th story, but getting to many interruptions...grrrrrr :-)

03 Aug 2010 14:09

I am thinking "First Time" isn't raunchy enough for here, but I did try to keep it entertaining...

31 Jul 2010 14:37

If you want to find some quality friends, you gotta wade thru all the dicks first - Cartman

31 Jul 2010 05:34

Thank you to the ladies who have brought me out of the no friend zone :-)

30 Jul 2010 21:57

Feeling like the kid on South Park who didn't have any friends on Facebook, lol.

30 Jul 2010 14:41