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I love to read and write Supernatural stoies, no vampire though, please, I'm sick to death of them all, give me some dragon smut anytime~

Just call me Euto
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Reading, writing, documentaries, movies, ancient Greek myhtology, animals, among other things.
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So Hard to choose! I could fill this whole space up! But to choose a few, I love Monty Python; Meaning of Life, The Green Mile.....Oh my brains gone blank.
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Anything~ I love 30's to R&B, Classical to Rock and Pop to Industrial.


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30 Mar 2010
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04 May 2012 (2212 days ago)
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Topic: Do women masturbate when reading Lush stories?
Posted: 27 Jan 2011 15:35

Depends, really. If I'm really worked up, I'll do it right then and there while reading it. But most times I wait until after I've finished or I save it until I go to bed.

Topic: Say one good thing about the person above you
Posted: 26 Jan 2011 17:41

Gotta love the avatar. x3
Complete agreement.

Topic: Post groundless lies about the person above
Posted: 26 Jan 2011 17:39

Hap is horridly afraid of water, wont go within 100 feet of it.

Topic: Phrases you wish people would get right
Posted: 26 Jan 2011 17:32

Same Difference does not mean 'same thing'. Same difference refers to two subject matters which are not equal yet share similar values.

For instance: Apples & Oranges. Both are fruits, but are not equal.

Bob: I love Apples.
John: Don't you mean Oranges?
Bob: Same Difference

>:I Going to go rub this in my mothers face now, it has always annoyed me the way she says "same difference" instead of "same thing."

Topic: If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted: 26 Jan 2011 16:49

Well, this is awkward. :I

Topic: What pairing/genre would you like to see more of?
Posted: 23 Jan 2011 21:06

Frankly, as a reader, I'd like to see more AI robots/androids/machines paired with humans.
What would you like to see more of?

Topic: Give me your best shot.
Posted: 23 Jan 2011 19:10

I used to frequently get myself off on the pommel of my saddle during a good horse trek.
Oh boy, the gallops were amazing~<3
But basically everyone knows what you're doing, since you have to sit very far forward on the saddle.
But~ basically everyone did it, still made it slightly embarrassing, however.

Topic: Masturbation survey
Posted: 22 Jan 2011 18:40

How often do u Masturbate?

- It can vary depending on what time of the month it is or if I'm having trouble sleeping.

what is your record times in a day

- I think about five times? I could probably go for more.

how long do you normaly last?

- Five minutes is the usual. about 30 seconds if I'm watching porn.

how you ever used a sex toy or a object?
if so what did you use?

- Yes, I use a rabbit vibrator and a standard clitoral vibrator. x3

Place you usually do it?

- In bed.

How many fingers do you put?

- One or two.

Do you like watch porn?
What kind of porn?

- Yes, cream-pies or DP. x3 Cream-pie DP's<3

Has anyone caught you?

- Not that I know of.

Do you masturbated in a public place?
what place?

- Nope. xD I masturbated in the family barn once, but I don't know if that classifies as public.

Topic: Lush caption competition
Posted: 22 Jan 2011 18:09

"Can that many really fit in that tight little hole?!"

"The shocker...? Oh! I thought my boyfriend was just doing a weird Vulcan hand sign!"

Topic: Do you care if a story is believable?
Posted: 22 Jan 2011 18:04

If it's something scientific, like the maximum velocity of yogurt floating in space, I probably wouldn't care because I don't know what that is in the first place. That would probably only serve to annoy the few people that actually know that. But it would certainly annoy me if we simply threw two people together into an elevator, it jams, and they just start to rut like wild baboons. I'd probably still read it, but it would be an agitated orgasm. The only thing that would make me completely abandon a story because of the ludicrousness of the situation would have to be eye-rolling worthy. Like a group of young, sprightly cheerleaders decided to gang rape the old senile janitor or something.

I like to know why things are happening and that they are happening because of a good and believable reason.

If the janitor looked like Brad Pitt and he'd actually secretly been screwing all the cheerleaders before and they had just found out he had been playing them against each other. They decide to get revenge by gang-banging him into unconsciousness, well, I'd probably read that because it seems viable.

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Stories Published By Eutopia All Stories »

Chronicles of Seven and Sophie: Story Two.

A 19-year-old enjoys the talents of her new Android. All characters are over the age of 19. Thanks to Darksage for editing, once again. -- The cool, plastic countertop did little to cool Sophie's flushed body as she cried out in ecstasy. Her red flushed bosom pushed onto the cold surface along with the side of her face, her arms haphazardly strewn across it in disregard. Her left...

Added 26 Jan 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 10,694 | 10 Comments

Chronicles of Seven and Sophie

A 19-year-old enjoys the talents of her new Android. This is one of my pre-existing characters, Sophie, a nineteen year old. I had this idea for her, so I thought I would cross her over into a Sci-Fi for a short interlude My Thanks go out to Darksage, my excellent editor for this story. -- The year, 2100, was a beautiful place and time to exist. Pollution was non existent, the threat...

Added 23 Jan 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 11,830 | 5 Comments

Sophie's Adventures, Chapter One.

An 18 year old girl fucking her way through the supernatural. ALL PEOPLE ENGAGING IN SEXUAL ACTS OR ANYTHING OF SEXUAL NATURE ARE ALL OF THE AGE OF 18 OR OLDER, THE MAIN CHARACTER IS 18, IF THIS IS NOT THE LEGAL AGE TO CONSENT TO SEX IN YOUR AREA OR COUNTRY, DO NOT READ. This is a STORY, there will be more then one chapter. You may read this and think there is no plot, but a good plot...

Added 31 Mar 2010 | Category Supernatural | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 17,681 | 6 Comments

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
01 Jan 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
30 Dec 2011 16:57
Hey darlin. Thanks for the add! Hope to chat with you soon!
02 Apr 2010 01:57
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