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She lays on the bed wearing only an old t-shirt of mine, knees up just enough to put her beautiful behind on display. She pays me no attention as I enter the room, too wrapped up in what I assume is another business email that she’s typing on her phone. That’s what it usually is, anyhow. She’s a busy woman. I crawl onto the bed, sliding up toward her. I take a leg in each hand and gently...

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Recommended Read Warm Summer Night

To say it was warm would be an understatement. It was June fifth and the first of many nights that would inevitably be spent in a constant layer of sweat. The windows were open, letting the droning of cicadas filter in, their sounds blending with that of the fans strategically positioned around the room to create a steady summer song. It was probably eleven or twelve at night. The sun...

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What's gotten into Carry?

"Shit, Carry!" I shouted. I must admit, when things get good, I have this habit of cussing. Like when Carry sucked on my dick harder than ever before. Carry's always been great at giving head, but holy shit! Something else had gotten into her. Something wild. Carry was my girlfriend of two years. We met our sophomore year in college and immediately hit it off. Things had been great, in fact...

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Good Luck Charm- Part 2

Very rarely do those crazy legendary moments actually happen in a baseball game. You know, like this: Carter Daniels stepped up to the plate, bat in hand and ready. The crowd was screaming his name, all his teammates were on their feet in the dugout despite being insanely sore- because this was the defining moment. Get this home run and we win the game. Get this home run and we remain...

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You're a Treasure

The first time you finally get physical with a new partner is always a little surprising. Sometimes it's set up. Sometimes it just happens. But however it comes about, it's never what you expect. Take my first time with Jeremy for example. He and I had been dating for a couple months, and it was going extremely well! I had met him in my English Literature class during my sophomore year...

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I Hate Everything About You, Why Do I Love You

Another night of fighting left her hating him again. Jessica slammed the door to their room as she stomped inside, crying once again. Fighting, fighting, and more fighting. That's all their relationship had been for two months now. And yet, she couldn't leave him. Every time she slammed that door she thought about getting out her suitcase, packing up, and just walking away. Once she had...

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Good Luck Charm

Tammy was having a hard time sitting still. She was sitting in the passenger seat of Carter's car, a place she had become well acquainted with in the past three months they'd been dating. But this was different. She glanced sideways at him. He kept a complete poker face, staring straight at the road ahead, one hand on the wheel, even remembering to check his mirrors. She, on the other hand,...

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Cold Glass

"Wow," Sharon said breathlessly. "It's snowing." It was the beginning of winter break and it had yet to snow, so when Sharon saw the feather-like white flakes outside, she rushed to the sliding glass window that led to her back yard. Placing her palms against the glass, she watched the snow fall peacefully. "James, come look!" she said without even a glance toward him. With her parents out...

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