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Exhibitionists get off on being watched - our exhibitionist stories relate specifically to people getting aroused by being watched having sex. Generally acts of exhibitionism take place outside - a deserted beach for example. Often the exhibitionist will deliberately expose him or herself to any voyeurs who are in the vicinity, as well of course to their lover.


The Artists Model

What seemed like a straight forward offer became so much more.

My wife, Lyn and I had been married about six months. We’d been together about three years before that. I was in my late twenties and she was a little older, almost thirty-one. But she was extremely active and sporty and retained the body of someone much younger. In fact, it was her perfectly formed bottom that had first attracted me to her. She was a brunette with wavy hair and a very...Read On


The girl from the sandwich shop

I was not expecting to hear from this girl until I got that text

I was not sure how interesting my experience with Cassie was so I told a few people and they said people would probably love to hear about it. I was working at a sandwich shop while attending community college in Austin.   There were always hot girls coming in to get food and I did my best to try and make conversation with them with mixed results.  Many of the girls were from an upper...Read On


Holidays with "Auntie" Joan - Part 4

June dominates me emotionally, sexually, and uses me accordingly. Or did I use her?

My final undergrad year at university was proceeding as successfully as before, but my private life was undergoing change. Firstly, I had become very concerned about the possibility that I had contracted HIV/AIDS during the LGBTQI party at the Both Ways Lounge. My memory of that evening was confused, but I was certainly aware that I had experienced multiple episodes of unprotected sex...Read On


Balcony Sex

Hot sex on the ocean side balcony

We were just on vacation in South Carolina. The last two days were at Myrtle Beach which is where the story takes place. We had been in the hotel hot tub after dinner and were having adult beverages while we were in the hot tub. We had roaming hands under water as we enjoyed the warm water and bubbles.  I had my hand inside her suit rubbing the outside of her pussy and rubbing it from...Read On


My Wife's Boudoir Photo Shoot

I talk my wife into a sexy photo shoot

I have a sexy idea – I think I will surprise my husband, Ben, with some sexy boudoir pictures. I found a female photographer with a really nice studio. We met and she was so disarming. We talked about taking some tasteful, semi-nude photos for Ben’s birthday. I tell her that I’ll even consider doing something racier, but I’d have to be really comfortable with her to do something more...Read On


Steamy Passages

“Don’t forget to forget to pack your bathing suit!”

Sunday morning, I was still in bed trying to keep as warm as humanly possible in a bloody freezing London flat. I was reading Thursday’s paper, catching up with old news. Actually, I was not looking for news — I was looking for travel ads. I’d had it with the constant damp and the darkness and the dreary short daylight hours of another long English winter. It was obvious that I would fall...Read On

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He was an addict and she was his drug.

He was good. Fuck, he was so good. Mia closed her eyes, inhaling his masculine scent and the rich, invigorating aroma of his aftershave. She felt like a thousand hands were roaming her hourglass curves as he pulled her body to him from behind. She didn’t want this feeling to stop. Not ever. "Feel what you fucking do to me," Liam’s hunger snarled from his throat. His throbbing bulge...Read On


Holidays with "Auntie" Joan - Part 3

We inaugurate the "Both Ways Lounge" for adult entertainment.

The next year I was able to drive up to M. I was now the proud owner of a cheap second-hand Toyota, that managed to last the entire trip. I had been in a lovely relationship with a pretty, foreign fellow student, who was returning to her home country for the Uni vacation. On arrival at Joan's shack, we warmly covered each of our major experiences since my last visit. Joan had invested some...Read On


Craig's first sex show

Shy Craig is horrified to find his girlfriend has offered their services as a live sex act..

Sometimes I wish Tracey wasn't quite so extravert. We've known each other for twelve months now, since final year at school. We're head over heels. I've never complained about the cheeky little stripteases she gives me, and now we're at uni I'm constantly on edge of 'coming' in the lecture theatre, simply thinking of her size C breasts with their pretty pink tips.  But there are limits....Read On


Independence Day With Kelly Part 2 of 2

We get together with Barry and Scott from our trip to Spain and spend the Fourth fucking

We untied and made the no-wake trip down river onto the big lake. Kelly was sitting out on the bow while Scott and I were cracking open cold ones on the aft deck. Once we were on the lake proper, Barry suggested to Kelly that she come back to the deck. Once she had a seat, he opened it up. Wow! Loud as all hell and fast! Hard to imagine something that big accelerating so quickly. We were quite...Read On


Holidays with "Auntie" Joan - Part 2

An exciting way to pay my way through Uni, doing what I love.

A year had passed. My first year at University had been very successful. My scholastic achievements were excellent, and my social progress was just as good. Girls at Uni seemed to have different criteria for assessing boys, to girls at school. "Footie" prowess, gift of the gab, and rugged goodlooks, were replaced by scholastic success, cute good looks, and an "appreciation for the arts". I...Read On


Exposing Alice II

After being exposed to the pizza guy, Alice is taken to a nude beach to be exposed and used

My wife, Alice, is a hot fifty-two-year old. She’s a natural blonde. Her five-foot-three body is slim and trim. Her perky tits fill a B-cup to overflowing and, when free, are firm and topped with luscious nipples. In a word, she is hot. And she loves to fuck.   Although she may appear to be prim and proper, when we go out she’ll dress as sexy as I want. She loves to be admired and I like...Read On


Independence Day With Kelly Part 1 of 2

We get together with Barry and Scott from our trip to Spain and spend the Fourth fucking

It was July 1990. Kelly and I had returned from our weeklong trip to Spain barely two weeks before. In that time, Kelly’s pussy was on fire! She was still wildly turned on by our adventures in Spain from gang fucking on the beach to being groped and jerked off in the pub. All of it had her wanting nothing more than to orgasm at every chance she could get. She would wake up in the early hours...Read On


Holidays with "Auntie" Joan - Part 1

From grass ticks to CFNM

There I was, face down across the bed, t-shirt pulled up to my chest, naked from there down, legs apart. A woman, in her forties, was kneeling between my legs, trying to extract grass ticks from my bottom and inner thighs. "Auntie" Joan was kneeling beside her, handing to her, tweezers, magnifying glass, disinfectant or Itchease, as requested. There were thirty to forty of the little...Read On


Three No's

Want to play a little game? Here's the rules, you can say no three times.

"Where are we going?" you ask nervously as I drive down another random downtown street. "Oh, nowhere in particular, just enjoying a drive on this nice fall evening," I reply casually. "I know you. You have something up your sleeve. You always do," you respond cautiously. There is an obvious tension about you. We're out on the town playing out a little mystery orgasm game. It's become one...Read On


Spied On By The Kids Next Door

Cody and Joni have an unexpected audience while they have fun in the pool.

  One sweltering summer day as my wife Joni swam her laps, I sat on the edge of the pool and watched as I thought about our discussion from a couple of days ago. We had talked about having sex in the backyard during the day, and she reminded me that our eight foot high fence would keep any prying eyes from seeing us. When she had finished, she swam to the shallow end where I was sitting....Read On


Kayla Lets Loose

Kayla blows off steam at the club

It had been a rough week for Kayla. She was working on a presentation for work that could make or break her trajectory in her company.  She kept hitting roadblocks trying to get everything to come together and she was tired and frustrated.  She had put in such long hours lately that she hadn't seen much of Matt, her live-in boyfriend of two years.  She knew that they had struggled with...Read On


The Maid

I was working from home and the maid saw more than she expected.

We hired a maid to clean our house three times a week. After the initial couple of weeks, she had the place pretty clean and was just performing maintenance cleaning. She started coming twice on the weeks she needed to do laundry and once in the alternating weeks. This went on for some time until one day, I found a pair of panties neatly folded in my underwear drawer. They weren't mine and...Read On


Presenting Charlene

Sixteen-year-old shows off for neighbor.

Charlene's father had finally allowed her to date. I was a senior in her high school and had been trying to get Charlene to go out with me, but until her sixteenth birthday, Charlene's father wouldn't permit it. She and I started dating the day after her birthday, and for the next several months we were an item. We weren't actually doing it - she had vowed to keep her virginity, at...Read On


Being Seen

Men loved to watch her and she loved it when they did.

Sara was sixteen when she first became aware of her attractiveness to men. She had blossomed that year, and men would stare at her body openly, making no attempt to hide their interest. Men of all ages loved to ogle her, then look her right in the eyes until she blushed and looked away.  It wasn’t just her body that men found so attractive, although that was probably what they noticed...Read On


Nude Beach Permission To Play

My husband suggests I play on our favorite nude beach while he is away

We weren't sure how we were going to handle the time away from each other. My husband's work was taking him away for three months. I wouldn't be able to visit him and he wouldn't get a break to come home. We knew this was coming and we had been trying to have lots of romantic times and outrageous sex together to store up the memories for our time apart. So with only a week until he left, we...Read On


Janis Wants To Be Watched

Hot older woman wants to be watched by her young neighbor

I finally looked up to survey the room. After struggling to hold the door open while pushing my laundry basket inside, I instantly felt my face blush as I recognized the woman who was folding her lingerie quietly in the otherwise empty room. It wasn’t the fact that her sexiest lingerie was strewn across the table between us that caused my mouth to lose the ability to utter a simple...Read On


Do You Want To See Me Naked, Too?

It's fun to share with friends

I said hello to Amy's mom as she let me in. Her mom is so nice but I felt that with every look she was thinking, "You fucked my daughter!"  I was nervous and a bit concerned as I turned the corner to the stairs.  Amy met me on the stairs as she was coming down. "Jamie is already upstairs," she said.  "I'm going to get us some snacks!" "Thanks!" I replied and continued up the stairs. ...Read On


Exposed for Hotel Clerk

True account of my naughty experience!

Before I tell this story I think I should tell you a bit about myself. As a teen of sixteen years, I had an experience where some girls my age saw me naked by accident. I pretended I didn't know they saw me because I was painfully embarrassed.   But after that brief period of profound embarrassment, I found that I actually enjoyed this experience. It excited me that I was the object of...Read On


AMC Theater: Ass Meets Cock

I was a brat at the theater and my boyfriend gave me what I deserved

Now, I am not normally one to talk in movies. But my boyfriend and I were among about eight other moviegoers in the entire theater, and we had both already seen the movie. Going was more to kill time than anything else, and hell if I wasn’t going to chat with him about it. The movie was boring, and I had been silly enough to wear a little sundress despite the air conditioner in the...Read On


A Week In Spain With Kelly

Kelly exposes herself and fucks new-found friends on a week-long vacation to Spain

It was June of 1990. Kelly had won a trip to Spain through her job. They got the trip by spending money with a media company. They had an internal contest and Kelly won the trip for two. She found out back in March that she won and had been feverishly planning and hitting the gym and tanning salon ever since. We arrived on a Sunday after an overnight flight to Brussels and then a short hop...Read On


Do you want to see me naked?

She just likes to show her body

"Do you want to see me naked?" she asked.  Amy was my friend from school.  We'd known each other for years.  We were supposed to be working on a school project.  We were just killing time before the other student came over. We'd been upstairs going over our notes in her gameroom. Jamie, the other student, had texted that she'd be about fifteen more minutes.  I was going over the...Read On

Hot Night At The Drive-In Theater

Who'd have known we'd run into my wife's boss while she was exposing herself at an X-rated drive in

In the 70s, drive-ins were pretty popular and there just happened to be one in a nearby town that showed X-rated movies. My wife, Lynn, and I had been into swinging for a couple of years, having swapped wives with couples we met through swinger magazines, mfm threesomes mostly with friends, but some with guys we'd meet while out of town.We tried to take trips out of town once or twice a month...Read On


Confession Chapter 8

Stay at home mum meets the neighbor.

They say life is routine and I quickly fell into a new routine of getting everybody off to work and school and as soon as it was safe I was naked. I became more daring too, pushing myself to venture further and further out of my comfort zone. What started out as flashing the delivery guy turned into hanging out the washing naked and even weeding the back garden naked. There were a couple...Read On


Her Voyeur Pt. 1

Isabella accidentally attracts a handsome voyeur

God, I’m so horny and I have no one to properly fuck my brains out , Isabella thought to herself as she gazed outside the large window of her studio in the Upper West Side. It was a gorgeous summer day and Isabella couldn’t deny the primal yearning stirring within her womb. She needed to get fucked properly, and while there were no doubt hordes of men who would be willing to satisfy that...Read On