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Exhibitionists get off on being watched - our exhibitionist stories relate specifically to people getting aroused by being watched having sex. Generally acts of exhibitionism take place outside - a deserted beach for example. Often the exhibitionist will deliberately expose him or herself to any voyeurs who are in the vicinity, as well of course to their lover.


New Friends Met Camping With Kelly

We met Donna and Mark and the spark was there. We spent our trip fuckiing.

It was June of 1982. Kelly graduated from college a couple of weeks prior. We decided to take a week-long camping trip to celebrate. With the stress of school behind her, I could sense the devil in Kelly getting ready to uncork. We were both twenty-two. We had a small pickup truck with a cap over the bed for sleeping. Even as we were loading our gear into the truck, Kelly was a constant...Read On


Pirates of Porn Part Two

The sexual awakening of Kat, a porn director

Dick suddenly pulled his shaft from Cheyenne’s pussy and pushed it into my hungry mouth. When I tasted her sloppy juice on my husband’s cock, I knew that I was hooked on sex forever. I laid beneath Cheyenne on the soft grass next to the waterfall, while Dick fucked her doggy style, squatting with his leg next to hers. Her tits were squashed against my belly as her face was stuck to my pussy;...Read On

A Wild Weekend, Part 4

With the neighbors watching, we delve into new fetishes.

I continued to view the couple as they watched the girls come down from their highs. At this point, the man was leisurely slipping three fingers in and out of the woman while brushing across her clit. The woman was stroking the man’s slowly growing penis while twisting her right nipple through her top. Their casual approach led me to believe that this wasn’t their first time as voyeurs. ...Read On


Nude By My Pool

My neighbor watched and got hard...

I’m Cara, forty-two years old. I’m a middle school science teacher. My husband Tom works for a biotech company. During the school year, I keep my nose to the grindstone. Summer is “me time” to get myself back in shape by running and stand up paddleboarding. Also, I hate tan lines.   We live in Southern California; our house is on a cul de sac. We’re lucky to have a pool in the back yard....Read On


The exhibition

As the rush comes

She is this… exhibitionist gets her kicks from getting it in the centre of a room full of oversexed, overconfident, likeminded people. The drinks are flowing but that's not what they came for, they're just the beginning of one hell of a night. She takes to the floor, experienced enough to not to wait for a hush that refuses to come, the best recognition is knowing you can’t hear your own...Read On

Recommended Read

Charlene's Football Party

Not likely he'll say anything...

“That girl is so full of shit,” Charlene mumbled under her breath. “Huh?” questioned Tommy. “That girl... talking about unwanted touching at a fraternity party... she’s lying.” Charlene was referring to a story they were watching on the nightly news. “I’m not saying that I disagree, but I am curious about why you’re not buying it,” Tommy queried. He and Charlene were college roommates,...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter Nine.

Brittany and Lisa get it on and off in the car again. This time with an audience.

They sat down after ordering at a nearby cafe and began talking about their purchases.   “So Rob wants to see you in a naughty nurse uniform, hey?”   “He's got no idea what he wants to see me in, other than nothing at all. I like surprising him from time to time, though. He might come home from work sometime this week and I might decide that he looks a little ill and needs some...Read On


Riding Chaps

Riding Chaps

Riding the bike was the best part of my day! It was a low-rider cruiser with a big loud engine and enough chrome and steel to look mean in any situation. I pulled into the Tim Horton’s parking lot and looked around for a space. It was a busy night and there weren’t many spots left. I considered riding it up onto the walk close to the door and leaving the bike on its stand there. I’d done it...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter Eight.

Brittany and Lisa visit a sex shop in the city.

After several hours of tests and questions, they left with a much clearer idea of what was going on than they had before. Brittany did find out that, in spite of her inability to get pregnant, she was very healthy and everything appeared to be normal and there was nothing obvious with her health to suggest any reason why she couldn't get pregnant. They would, of course, have to test her eggs...Read On


Watched And Videoed During Balcony Sex

We got carried away on vacation and then realized our lovemaking was being watched and videoed.

This experience really happened to us. Last winter, Amber and I went to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. We like to get away to someplace warm each winter. We chose an adult-only "boutique resort" with a nice room that featured an oversized patio in addition to the normal balcony. It cost more, but it added a lot of extra outdoor space with a large hot tub and two full-size lounging beds...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter seven.

Brittany and Lisa tease Dave on their trip to the city.

Weeks later when the date of her appointment at the fertility clinic was looming closer, Brittany knew she would have to discuss it with Dave. She thought long and hard about how to go about it, agonizing over the guilt of not telling him straight away, she finally settled on a plan. She still felt guilty about the way she had manipulated Dave into not coming on this trip to the doctors but...Read On


First Time Naked in Public

True story of how we found out we love being exhibitionists.

Not too long ago our love life had become stale and kind of boring. It was the same thing every time and the redundancy took a lot away from the excitement and pleasure we used to enjoy.  By accident, we found that we love being exhibitionists. We got caught in a compromising situation, when on a whim, we decided to visit a warm water hot springs. Thinking no one else would be there and being...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter Six.

Brittany and Lisa have fun in the city in spite of the importance of the meeting.

Weeks later, when the date of her appointment at the fertility clinic was looming closer, Brittany knew she would have to discuss it with Dave. She thought long and hard about how to go about it; agonizing over the guilt of not telling him straight away, she finally settled on a plan. She still felt guilty about the way she had manipulated Dave into not coming on this trip to the doctor's,...Read On


Naked Girl and the Cheeky Nymph/Lesbian

Oh-la-la, a cheeky fairy does what she's not meant to do!

The river was a slice of mellow harmony amid the fragrant leaves. It flew like time, always onward, always toward its destiny. It ran through the forest, welcoming stray flora that came way. It was part of this place, integral to life. The river was always flowing, taking its willing passengers onward to the great ocean beyond. The river even tempted the rich soil to join the cool waters...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter six.

Brittany takes Dave out for dinner and teases the whole restaurant with her flashing.

Driving home in the car they were both laughing at the waiter’s reaction. He seemed completely at a loss and had no idea how to handle the situation. Dave looked across at his beautiful wife.   “What do you think he’ll do with them?”   “Well if he’s smart he won’t waste my cum and let them dry out. My bet is that he is in the bathroom as we speak making his cock slick with my sticky...Read On


Working The Auction With Kelly

Kelly uses her body to drive a record-breaking haul at the auction.

It was August of 1990. Kelly and I were thirty years old. We had won a trip to Spain which we took the previous June. Kelly had a ton of sex on that trip, including a public gang-gang at a nude beach. We met some new friends, including Barry who owned both a Chevy dealership and a nine-inch dong, and Scott who owned several furniture stores. Both of them were in their mid-forties. The four of...Read On


Adult Theater Play - Part 2

Play heats up in the adult theater!

I had fantasized for a long time about having several horny guys shoot their cum loads on my naked body, but had never experienced it. I decided that tonight - in this sexy little theater - would be the night - if I could pull it off. The two original guys were still back there behind the half wall, and still playing with each other and watching my every move. I was obviously turning them...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter five.

Brittany takes Dave out for dinner and teases the whole restaurant with her flashing.

All the way to the restaurant Dave couldn’t take his eyes off Brittany’s legs. One of the reasons he had bought that particular dress for her was because it would show off lots of her legs, which he thought were fantastic, but Brittany had just never really had the confidence to wear it more than once until tonight. She had to remind him a couple of times to watch the road even though she...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter Four.

Brittany teases Dave before taking him on a wild date night.

Over the next week, Dave noticed a sudden and dramatic change in Brittany but he had no idea what to make of it. Brittany had gone from looking despondent and only talking when it was necessary, back to the excitable chatterbox she had been when she was younger. Some people didn’t like this aspect of Brittany’s personality and people who didn’t really know her often made the mistake...Read On


When I First Realized I Like Exhibitionism

And that's when I realized this was for me...

I had just turned sixteen years old (grade 12) and my parents along with my younger brother went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico for March break. I am one of those girls that dressed quite skimpy and enjoy showing off my assets because I was fully matured by the time I hit sixteen. As I was packing for the trip I made sure to bring my skimpiest bikinis, shortest shorts and skirts, and my...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 15

The New Year's Eve party.

Luke I had been downstairs at least twenty minutes before Tina appeared in the doorway. In the meantime, I had found out that Cara, Andy and Rob had come prepared, knowing that many places require, at least, smart dress on New Year’s Eve. Rob had run Diane home, so she could get changed, with Cara and Andy taking over my room. So much for an hour, it had taken over two from Sam waking...Read On


A Risque Encounter

Who said the darkness can't be fun?

It had been too long, and there wasn’t enough time. I needed her, to taste her essence as it dripped from her core. We decided on dinner, which was a mistake, at least for her. Sitting in the round booth, secluded from other customers, I pushed her skirt up her thighs, caressing bare skin as the waiter greeted us.  "Would you like to start the evening with an appetizer?” Her breath caught as...Read On

Recommended Read

Today My Name is Caprice

You won’t cum unless I am watching, is that right, pet?

He enters the coffee shop at two minutes until two. He enters this same shop at the same time every Thursday afternoon. Sometimes if he’s early he’ll walk around the block, or sit at the bus stop bench and read, until it is time. He is never late. Those are the rules. The coffee shop is crowded, as is the street outside, midtown Manhattan in the afternoon on display through floor to...Read On


Adult Theater Play - Part 1

Exhibitionist shows off in adult theater.

Before arriving in L.A on business, I had noticed postings online about an "action spot" there - an adult store and theater - and thought it might be a place I could do my "sexhibitionist" thing - maybe even "dressed" , or at least feminized to some degree. I would have to feel my way on this. Anyway, I decided to check it out and possibly do my thing if the scene was right. I prepared...Read On

Getting A Tow

Turned out car trouble could be a good thing...

My wife, Lynn and I got married when we were both barely eighteen years old. Despite being raised in a conservative city and by strict parents (including, in her case, her dad being a preacher), within just a few months of us being married, we'd gotten into nude photography, exhibitionism, and swinging. But we had to be discreet.  Around town and at work Lynn dressed conservatively and...Read On


Flashing And Fucking At NASCAR With Kelly

Kelly shares her body in the stands and all around the campground.

It was June of 1994. Kelly and I had been talking about making a trip to a NASCAR race and we made it happen. We invited our good friend Patrick to join us for the weekend. Patrick and Yvonne had been a couple we started having sex with while still in high school. Patrick and Yvonne had split up a while ago but we were still close friends and he happily maintained his friend-with-benefits...Read On

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The Roadtrip

Sometimes a roadtrip will take you to places you never expected!

We were on day three of our road trip, making the long drive from New York to Austin for SXSW. We were both excited for the event, but to be honest, the drive was starting to get a little boring. Endless highway stretching on and on in front of us. We’d already previewed the tracks of all the bands we planned to see when we got there. We’d made a list of all the BBQ places we planned to hit...Read On


Backyard Evening

Two neighbors take advantage of a warm evening outside

Finishing off his rum and Coke, the middle-aged man gathers himself to head inside. He hears the neighbor’s door close and is hopeful that tonight may be one of those nights. He’ll wait a few minutes to see if he hears anything that will compel him to stay out longer.  It’s been over a year since he last enjoyed watching her. He stopped predicting when she would be in the mood, but...Read On


The Client Call

Working from home has it's benefits, but sometimes things get out of control.

I stand in the doorway of your small home office, just watching you at your desk. You don’t see me yet. You are leaning back in your leather office chair as you talk with one of your most important, new clients on the phone. He’s briefing you on a new project. I’m impressed by how you manage him. From everything you’ve told me, he is “a lot” and can drive you a bit crazy sometimes. You’d...Read On


A Window Display

The passersby were just out for a nice walk downtown. They couldn't believe what they saw!

We’d been strolling through the downtown all morning on this unseasonably warm summer day. We’d stop for coffee and I would slide my hand up your bare thigh, up under your sundress, to gently stroke your pussy lips through the cotton fabric of your panties as you sipped your Latte. We’d walk some more and stop in shady corners to make out and run our hands over each others’ bodies. By the...Read On