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Exhibitionists get off on being watched - our exhibitionist stories relate specifically to people getting aroused by being watched having sex. Generally acts of exhibitionism take place outside - a deserted beach for example. Often the exhibitionist will deliberately expose him or herself to any voyeurs who are in the vicinity, as well of course to their lover.


The Awakening of Mary

Wife is reluctantly talked into posing for glamour photographs and demands more.

I’m sure you have all heard of the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory. How a small, inconsequential action can have huge effects. Well, our butterfly moment was my request for Mary to pose for some glamour style portraits as a birthday present for me. A seemingly innocuous request that had life-changing consequences. Up to that point, I had a wife I loved dearly, but who could only be...Read On


Kansas City Rendezvous (Day 1)

“Can I kiss and lick each of your asses before you go?”

After I moved from Chicago to western Missouri, Barb and I still saw with each other at least four times a year. We’d alternate between Chicago and someplace closer to my home in the “Show Me” state. Whenever we were planning to see each other, the one in the city where we were meeting would try to find someone local to join us for a threesome or foursome during our two weeks together. Since...Read On


Lust & Open Road

A story about choosing lust over modesty and giving a show in the car

My boyfriend is twice my age. We met when I was twenty-four and he was forty-nine. I have always been enamoured with older men, but I don't want to be with an older man who only wants me because I'm young. The older men I'm drawn to are the ones I know have noticed me, but have a sense of propriety, and, because of my age, would never flirt too much unless I made it clear I was interested....Read On


La Ragazza di Trieste

A lusty Italian meets an Aussie photographer.

Veronica was from Trieste, in the north of Italy. She had come to Australia on a working holiday. She was working at my favourite Italian restaurant, il Paradiso. At first, I thought she was from the eastern bloc. Her voice was husky, possibly from too many cigarettes, her accent was strong. The combination was alluring. She was young, at least twenty years younger than me. I don’t usually...Read On


The Aaah-Team: The Strip Show

The Aaah-Team Help a bored woman fulfil her fantasy of being a stripper.

"If you have an itch you cannot scratch, If you have a fantasy you cannot achieve, If you want the Sex Experience of your darkest dreams, and If you can afford them, call the Aaah-Team." Elizabeth noticed the advert tucked away in the lower corner of the magazine she was browsing, while sat in the dentist's waiting room for her routine check-up. 'Routine,' she thought, that summed up her...Read On



A bored young wife finds something she rather likes, quite by chance.

I was married off to the town's mayor when I was twenty-three. My well to do parents thought it was a good idea; who, for them, so they could climb the social ladder, or me? Peter was a decent person but he was nineteen years older and we were living on different planets. At first, it was quite exciting attending all the different civic functions and meeting only ever so nice people all...Read On


Entertaining the Neighbours - Wendy, Part 4

Bev and my wife show Wendy an experience beyond exhibitionism, and CFNM.

Having outlined in some detail the events arising from my introduction to Wendy's sister, Bev, I was not surprised that my wife took up the offer to meet. Her enthusiasm is what surprised me. Barbara was quite used to my efforts to be seen naked, in public, and sometimes encouraged me. She loved to see the reactions of others to these displays. She wanted them to remain displays only, devoid...Read On


Someone Was There #9

Rendezvous and explicit encounter in an ever deepening mystery

I roll over and over. I tumble and fall. I wake with a shock. My head hurts. I am lying on the floor. Disorientated, I take in my surroundings. Everything seems very familiar. I realize I have fallen out of bed. Looking at the clock on the bedside shows me it is time to get up. I arrive at work fed, washed and dressed. The morning passes in a pleasant enough fashion. A little before...Read On


Entertaining The Neighbours - Wendy, Part 3

Wendy invites her sister to "have a look"...

One day, about a year ago, glancing out our kitchen window, I noticed Wendy and my wife Barbara, chatting out back across the fence.  Barbara knew I wandered about our yard naked, and I had told her that Wendy had seen me. She has always tolerated my exhibitionism, and has occasionally encouraged it. There have been strict rules, however. Back off immediately if any sign of offence...Read On


Dare To Play

The first time it happened, Kate was surprised and shocked — and instantly embarrassed. If proof was needed, she even blushed as she hurried along the narrow, bustling city street, conscious of her boobs bouncing but grateful that she was only a few strides from her apartment block where she could disappear from view. She’d been aware of other pedestrians staring at her as she weaved...Read On


Entertaining the Neighbours - Wendy, Part 2

The grooming of Wendy continues.

I felt as though a new phase in my exposure of my naked self had begun, with my neighbour Wendy. I ventured naked into my backyard more frequently, on the assumption that discovery by Wendy, would be tolerated at least, if not welcomed. I would sit naked to read the paper, have lunch, or study my iPad. I would hang clothes to dry, or take in clothes that were dry, while totally unclothed...Read On


Entertaining the Neighbours - Wendy, Part 1

Grooming Wendy to be my audience.

I am not sure how this all started. It probably began when I was in my late sixties, and Wendy, our next-door neighbour, was in her early seventies. I have been an exhibitionist since my late teens. I love to be naked, and, except for cold days, would normally be without clothes about the house. I am tall and slim, have always exercised regularly, and delight in maintaining the body of a...Read On

Recommended Read

Czech Adventure

A young lady gets help competing in a sex-filled gameshow across Prague

It was a relationship that had run its course. Those were the clinical words my ex-girlfriend used when summarising her decision to terminate our three-year relationship. Her words crushed me; the damage was caused not by the split, or her admission that her commitment to monogamy had wavered, but the public nature of her confession. The occasion was Christmas Day; we were at my parents...Read On


My First Daring Experience

My first thrilling exhibitionist story as a teen.

It was the summer of 2016. I'd just got out of school to start off the summer break as I had just finished the eleventh grade. I had experienced masturbating for the first time in previous years and every since that day I had been hooked because it just felt so good and made me feel so free and naughty. The warm weather had returned for the past couple months, so me and my girlfriends had...Read On

Recommended Read


He was standing in front of the window again in his boxer briefs, same as every evening, a glass of amber colored liquid in hand. Was it whiskey? Rum? Scotch? Bourbon? Maybe Cognac? He looked like a Cognac man, she decided. She was unaware of when this ‘standing in the window in his boxer shorts’ had become a thing. Or, more accurately, she could not remember the exact timing, she had...Read On


A Christmas Bet

Peter and Anna tease each other in public.

Chapter One  Peter Balls deep inside of a random chick—that’s where I was supposed to be, not microwaving pizza bites and hanging mistletoe around my dad’s office. “I appreciate your help, Peter.” My dad gripped my shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I know you had plans in Vegas.” “It’s okay.” I’d rather be gripping a ponytail and grunting, but Dad needed me. He sighed. His...Read On


The Hotel Maids

He's the one who gets surprised

My name is Hank, and what I’m about to tell you happened yesterday.   I’m forty-eight years old and single.  I don’t know if “single” is the right word or not.  I lived with a woman named Rose for over fifteen years but we had never married, so “divorced” is not right.  I don’t like “separated” because it implies that there is still a legal connection there; there isn’t and we aren’t...Read On


Orgasmic Roadtrip

A road-trip bet leaves a cam girl stripping for every orgasm

The excitement any new homeowner feels when they buy their first rung on the property ladder is almost indescribable. When the months of searching the property market, followed by the stressful shenanigans of estate agents and mortgage advisers, while negotiating endless amounts of legal red tape, ends with a front door key, there is huge relief. I was there. Five months of...Read On


Marie, Sex Education Teacher. (Boys' School 2)

Marie takes a Sex Education class, using a live model.

The helpful teacher, James, from the boys' school had been in touch, suggesting that the sixth-form boys could really benefit from some instruction in pleasing a woman, and would I mind giving the occasional lesson on the subject? As I thought I could combine it with indulging in a night of rampant sex with another dormitory of boys, I agreed readily. However, as I was intending to enjoy...Read On


Naughty Drive Home

The cold air against my bare nipples was electrifying.

Since James was driving us home, I took it upon myself to enjoy the free wine for the two of us. This left him a bit irritable at the end of the night and not quite in the amorous mood I was in. We hadn't even made it out of the parking garage yet and I was trying to kiss his neck.  "Babe, what are you doing? Leave me alone, I'm trying to drive," he said aggressively.  "I'm sorry hun, I...Read On



Emily Bloom visits Paris.

The shop fronts streamed past while our taxi made its way through the streets of Paris. We were on our way to what Emily described as an adult circus. She had a friend who was involved with the event and was able to get us prime tickets and it was all very hush hush. Emily gave me a cheeky smile as our eyes met. “Don’t worry, this is going to great!” she reassured me with a wicked smile. ...Read On


Reunion at the Club

Jesse and Ellie have another visit to the Sex Club.

They hadn’t seen each other for at least six months. With travel and work and others, it just hadn’t worked out that they could meet up. Jesse and Ellie had kept in touch of course periodically, so there was still something there, but would it be different? Would things feel different? They would soon find out that it was as if no time had passed. Ellie drove up and walked in the house as...Read On


A Summer Night in Seville

Wife and I in Seville with voyeurs, ballerinas, cops, Flamenco, bullfights...

The last leg of our trip to Spain was in Sevilla, the romantic capital of Andalusia. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable vacation. We were staying in a four-star hotel near the Guadalquivir and the bridge of Briana, a strategic and suggestive location. The first day was a full immersion in the endearing atmosphere of this beautiful city. We particularly loved the architecture...Read On


My Naughty Wife

My wife is a nymphomaniac and always has been. Along with that, she is also obsessed with nudity and exhibitionism. I realized this when we started dating in high school, but college brought it out more with her. She loved being naked. To this day, she has never been arrested for indecent exposure, but she has come close to it. She has pushed the boundaries of legal nudity and has had plenty...Read On


Knickers Off!

Knickers are, in my view, very much an optional extra

“I think he’s looking at you, Annie.” “What, him over there?” “Yes, can’t you see? He’s pretending to drink his milk-shake, but he keeps looking across at you.” “I dunno, maybe you’re right. He might just be waiting for his girlfriend or something.” “In that case, he’d better stop staring at your legs. I told you that skirt was too short.” “Bollocks. It’s fine. Anyway, I’ve got...Read On


First time at the Sex Club

James suggests he and Callie go to a sex club

They had been seeing each other for a month when James first introduced the idea, an afternoon at a sex club. Callie didn’t really know what to expect. She had her ideas but were they accurate? She really didn’t know. She wasn’t against the idea but she didn’t know what to expect and thought she might be a little nervous about it at first. He didn’t push the idea, casually mentioning it...Read On


Would You Like to See Me Naked?

she wants him to see her naked

"Would you like to see me naked?" she asked with a smile as she focused on her phone. "What?" I replied, not sure of what I had heard her say. She was sitting on the small sofa in my office scrolling through her phone.  She set the phone in her lap and said, "I asked you if you wanted to see me from this weekend?" "Oh, sure," I replied, breathing a sigh of relief.  "Sure, I'd love to see...Read On


The Artists Model

What seemed like a straight forward offer became so much more.

My wife, Lyn and I had been married about six months. We’d been together about three years before that. I was in my late twenties and she was a little older, almost thirty-one. But she was extremely active and sporty and retained the body of someone much younger. In fact, it was her perfectly formed bottom that had first attracted me to her. She was a brunette with wavy hair and a very...Read On


The girl from the sandwich shop

I was not expecting to hear from this girl until I got that text

I was not sure how interesting my experience with Cassie was so I told a few people and they said people would probably love to hear about it. I was working at a sandwich shop while attending community college in Austin.   There were always hot girls coming in to get food and I did my best to try and make conversation with them with mixed results.  Many of the girls were from an upper...Read On


Holidays with "Auntie" Joan - Part 4

June dominates me emotionally, sexually, and uses me accordingly. Or did I use her?

My final undergrad year at university was proceeding as successfully as before, but my private life was undergoing change. Firstly, I had become very concerned about the possibility that I had contracted HIV/AIDS during the LGBTQI party at the Both Ways Lounge. My memory of that evening was confused, but I was certainly aware that I had experienced multiple episodes of unprotected sex...Read On