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Exhibitionists get off on being watched - our exhibitionist stories relate specifically to people getting aroused by being watched having sex. Generally acts of exhibitionism take place outside - a deserted beach for example. Often the exhibitionist will deliberately expose him or herself to any voyeurs who are in the vicinity, as well of course to their lover.


Being Seen

Men loved to watch her and she loved it when they did.

Sara was sixteen when she first became aware of her attractiveness to men. She had blossomed that year, and men would stare at her body openly, making no attempt to hide their interest. Men of all ages loved to ogle her, then look her right in the eyes until she blushed and looked away.  It wasn’t just her body that men found so attractive, although that was probably what they noticed...Read On


Nude Beach Permission To Play

My husband suggests I play on our favorite nude beach while he is away

We weren't sure how we were going to handle the time away from each other. My husband's work was taking him away for three months. I wouldn't be able to visit him and he wouldn't get a break to come home. We knew this was coming and we had been trying to have lots of romantic times and outrageous sex together to store up the memories for our time apart. So with only a week until he left, we...Read On


Janis Wants To Be Watched

Hot older woman wants to be watched by her young neighbor

I finally looked up to survey the room. After struggling to hold the door open while pushing my laundry basket inside, I instantly felt my face blush as I recognized the woman who was folding her lingerie quietly in the otherwise empty room. It wasn’t the fact that her sexiest lingerie was strewn across the table between us that caused my mouth to lose the ability to utter a simple...Read On


Do You Want To See Me Naked, Too?

It's fun to share with friends

I said hello to Amy's mom as she let me in. Her mom is so nice but I felt that with every look she was thinking, "You fucked my daughter!"  I was nervous and a bit concerned as I turned the corner to the stairs.  Amy met me on the stairs as she was coming down. "Jamie is already upstairs," she said.  "I'm going to get us some snacks!" "Thanks!" I replied and continued up the stairs. ...Read On


Exposed for Hotel Clerk

True account of my naughty experience!

Before I tell this story I think I should tell you a bit about myself. As a teen of sixteen years, I had an experience where some girls my age saw me naked by accident. I pretended I didn't know they saw me because I was painfully embarrassed.   But after that brief period of profound embarrassment, I found that I actually enjoyed this experience. It excited me that I was the object of...Read On


AMC Theater: Ass Meets Cock

I was a brat at the theater and my boyfriend gave me what I deserved

Now, I am not normally one to talk in movies. But my boyfriend and I were among about eight other moviegoers in the entire theater, and we had both already seen the movie. Going was more to kill time than anything else, and hell if I wasn’t going to chat with him about it. The movie was boring, and I had been silly enough to wear a little sundress despite the air conditioner in the...Read On


A Week In Spain With Kelly

Kelly exposes herself and fucks new-found friends on a week-long vacation to Spain

It was June of 1990. Kelly had won a trip to Spain through her job. They got the trip by spending money with a media company. They had an internal contest and Kelly won the trip for two. She found out back in March that she won and had been feverishly planning and hitting the gym and tanning salon ever since. We arrived on a Sunday after an overnight flight to Brussels and then a short hop...Read On


Do you want to see me naked?

She just likes to show her body

"Do you want to see me naked?" she asked.  Amy was my friend from school.  We'd known each other for years.  We were supposed to be working on a school project.  We were just killing time before the other student came over. We'd been upstairs going over our notes in her gameroom. Jamie, the other student, had texted that she'd be about fifteen more minutes.  I was going over the...Read On

Hot Night At The Drive-In Theater

Who'd have known we'd run into my wife's boss while she was exposing herself at an X-rated drive in

In the 70s, drive-ins were pretty popular and there just happened to be one in a nearby town that showed X-rated movies. My wife, Lynn, and I had been into swinging for a couple of years, having swapped wives with couples we met through swinger magazines, mfm threesomes mostly with friends, but some with guys we'd meet while out of town.We tried to take trips out of town once or twice a month...Read On


Confession Chapter 8

Stay at home mum meets the neighbor.

They say life is routine and I quickly fell into a new routine of getting everybody off to work and school and as soon as it was safe I was naked. I became more daring too, pushing myself to venture further and further out of my comfort zone. What started out as flashing the delivery guy turned into hanging out the washing naked and even weeding the back garden naked. There were a couple...Read On


Her Voyeur Pt. 1

Isabella accidentally attracts a handsome voyeur

God, I’m so horny and I have no one to properly fuck my brains out , Isabella thought to herself as she gazed outside the large window of her studio in the Upper West Side. It was a gorgeous summer day and Isabella couldn’t deny the primal yearning stirring within her womb. She needed to get fucked properly, and while there were no doubt hordes of men who would be willing to satisfy that...Read On


A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream

My lover powered through my tightness, rhythmically ramming into my ever-gushing creampie

Every summer, thousands of salacious tourists flock to Lanvi, a small island covered in a lush rainforest, rolling hills, verdant valleys, and some miniature, inactive volcanoes. The tropical vegetation surrounds a welcoming metropolis, home to the world’s most sexually vivacious culture in existence. There are thousands of adult-only resorts, erotic attractions, and lascivious...Read On


The Train Ride Part 2

Kate called the stranger and they arranged to meet in the park

Kate held the card in her hand. She quickly scanned the carriage but she had missed him. He had probably changed carriages. She smiled to herself and slipped the card into her bag. She sat back down, feeling the wetness of her panties. Later that night Kate took out the card and held it. She wanted to ring but felt nervous at what she might find. She had taken a few drinks to give her...Read On


Night Bus Naughtiness

A short, but true story about the joy of public transportation

I looked over at my girlfriend, who was sitting a couple of tables away in a conversation with two guys; one taking on the role of the wingman and the other the pursuer. Damn, she looked sexy in her pencil skirt and white shirt, showing a bit more cleavage than she usually would. This is often how things go when we hit the town: she’ll flirt with other guys and I’ll flirt with other girls....Read On

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How could she, a respectable woman, ever have agreed to this game?

She leaned into the car, right in, reaching right across from the driver’s side to the glove compartment. There was a surge in her stomach. Not fear exactly, but nerves, crawling through her intestines. Having never done anything like this before, she wasn’t sure how much the man could see. She couldn’t even be sure he was there, though she was convinced he was. What was really...Read On


Exposing Alice

Alice's husband encourages her to expose her nude body

In previous postings I’ve described how I’ve challenged Alice, my wife, to expose her body to strangers. She’s always reluctant but doing it makes her incredibly hot. And our sex afterward is terrific. She’s a beautiful forty-year-old blonde with beautiful 34B tits and, at my request, a shaved pussy. Here’s how it began: One night during some pillow talk, I mentioned that when we were at...Read On


Some Highlights of my CFNM Career - Part 1

From a difficult start, a close, long-term CFNM relationship emerges.

Out of this "market test", a few longer term CFNM opportunities came my way. I will detail a few of them. One lady approached me directly, with a suggestion that I entertain a group of ladies from a support group, that she had been attending. The ladies were involved in a group-counselling program, that aimed to support ladies undergoing divorce, or separation, from longer-term...Read On


Mixed Nude Sauna in Europe

First time in a unisex sauna led to interlude.

My boyfriend, David and I on were on our way back to Australia flying on Swiss International. We were to switch flights at Zurich but had a few hours between flights to play with. We decided to explore the city rather than stay at the airport. We got to the centre of Zurich. It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday and all the shops were closed. Apparently, the Swiss don't do business on Sundays....Read On


My Mad Night As A Stripper

I am asked to be a stripper with benefits

I was about twenty-one when I took part in one of the wildest things I have ever done. I was invited to a hen night not just as a lap dancer, but as a full-on stripper for a bride-to-be. I was always game for anything but this was wild and well outside even my comfort zone. I was always happy to show off my well-toned body, but being a full-on stripper with benefits was going to be insane....Read On


Jealousy Drives Me To Be More Of An Exhibitionist

Jealousy drives me to show off more than ever before

It was such a shock to me when I was on a weekend away with my boyfriend Eric and a friend of mine, Tania. It was mid-afternoon and we had just returned from an eight-kilometer run. I was getting a glass of water to drink in the kitchen and Eric was sitting in the lounge watching TV. In walked Tania, from the bathroom, wearing only her black spandex halter top she wore for jogging. In her...Read On


Amy's Fantasy

Amy might pride herself on being a tease, but even teases have their breaking point

Initially, Amy was hesitant when Alex had asked her if she wanted to take the bus instead of a plane. She knew that what should have been a couple-hour journey would now take more than a whole day, but when she saw the price difference, she would have to say yes. She ended up being surprised with how much she liked the bus ride. Free wifi, air conditioning (which was nice for the...Read On


My Little Yacht

Girls join me on their vacation

In the 1970s, after fiberglass boats arrived, the old wooden boats were no longer wanted, making them cheap to purchase, as upkeep for wood was time-consuming and expensive. That made a small four-berth yacht now affordable for two guys with little money! While I lived aboard in Galveston, my partner worked in Houston, with access to many nurses he knew at Children's Hospital. One time,...Read On


Halloween Cruise

Halloween adult partying on board ship

Halloween is a great time to take a ship cruise!  That is because the fares are reduced to their lowest level due to lack of traffic. To encourage some on Halloween, the cruise line offers an adult party, usually starting at midnight on the promenade deck, where ladies wear Arabian style sheer costumes with thongs under their pantaloons and nothing underneath the sheer tops to attract guys...Read On


Anna's Adventures [Part 1]

Craving attention, Anna turns to online chat rooms for someone to notice her...

Anna tried to wipe the water running down her face off, but, it was no use. Her hands were soaked, her long copper hair was darkened and flattened with dripping water from the downpour. “This is bullshit.” She grumbled, her arms returning to the crossed state, just letting the rain come down. She had that sinking feeling that she was going to have to walk back today, her “friends” must...Read On


The Shoot

Sixteen years old, naked and afraid. I guess I really shouldn’t be afraid that much. I mean, my best friend is right over in the corner watching everything. She is keeping an eye on me and everyone else like a Hawk. I am after all her only friend. We agreed to this only if she could be with me the whole time. Guys and girls were running around all over the place. I have never been naked...Read On


My first time at a Strip club

Nobody that was there will ever forget my first visit to a strip club including my Hubby

All my stories are based on actual experiences that happened to me and my husband, Adam. After I discovered that I was an almost obsessive exhibitionist and not the shy conservative girl that everybody, including myself, used to believe, our relationship went from strength to strength and our adventures grew bolder. Adam is no stranger to nudism, strip clubs, and the swing scene, but before...Read On


Baring Body as Sun tans on Balcony

Finds confidence to bare all as neighbour voyeurs her tanning on balcony

It is a really hot humid summer day. Although I showered only an hour ago, I am already feeling uncomfortable and sweaty, my top and skirt are sticking to me. I wish I had a swimming pool. I look outside the window of my kitchen onto my balcony. The sun is high, the skies are blue and clear, a perfect day to go out and get a tan. I take my new red bikini that I bought online out of its packet....Read On


Summerfest With Kelly

Fucking and sucking at Milwaukee's biggest party.

It was the summer of 1977. Kelly and I had finished our Junior year of high school. We attended a party the previous summer where we both got very drunk and high to boot. One thing led to another and we both had sex with other people at the party. For sixteen-year-olds that was a lot of mental baggage to deal with (at least back then, these days it seems like every teenager is living the life...Read On


Someone Was There #7

Old acquaintances meet and have hot masturbatory and exhibitionist encounter.

I arrive at the Blue Moon club at about quarter to eight. The journey had been easy, so I decided to wait inside.  I join the few early customers at the bar. The guy serving remembers me when I say I am hoping to catch Rose.  "Not yet," he replies, "You don't seem like trouble."  "Just a friend," I reply.  "Enrico keeps a close eye on his staff," he says, in a way that has all the...Read On

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Slut Training

Abi trains hard once a week. But, will once a week be enough, from now on?

Abi is naturally shy, reticent, a submissive, up to a point. That is, until she snaps, and when she does it creates a loud bang, like hitting the sound barrier; metaphorically speaking that is. Matt’s eyes are glued to Abi’s figure as she slides effortlessly down the stairs; her hand clutches the handrail tightly with every small step she takes. It would seem, she is dressed to please and...Read On