First Time(3)


First Time Surprise - Part One

A 16-year-old nerd gets a surprise suck and fuck from his supervisor who's on the rebound.

Late September, almost my nineteenth birthday, and I am still numb from the break-up. He broke my fucking heart; tore it the fuck out my chest, and smashed it on the pavement. Worst of all, he was my first. So, yeah, this was bad. Even worse, it had been two weeks since the last time we fucked... "YES! FUCKING YES, BABY! YES! I'M ALMOST THERE!" I was riding Chris hard, grinding my hips into...Read On


First Time Surprise - Part Two

One woman's nerd, is another woman's sex toy.

"Allen. Go was dishes. Now." I say to the 16-year-old horndog panting beside me. He starts towards the saloon style aluminum doors, but is brought up short by my curt instructions. I am normally a very sweet girl to work with, not soft...I just use 'please' and 'thank you' regularly. This brat isn't stupid....he know he's ticked me off, but he DOESN'T know what that means for him... The...Read On


First Time Surprise - Part Three, The Conclusion

I'm going to teach him what to do with a naked woman.

It is silent except for the humming of the refrigerators, and the sound of Allen's slow and intermittent labored breaths. The pattern alternates between, quick intakes, whooshing exhales, and extended held-breaths altogether. I can't wait to make him moan. Allen's hands are kneading my breasts experimentally, while his eyes haven't left my chest since I gave him permission to explore. ...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Tales of Mrs. Abbott: Girl Next Door - Part One

Young wife is married to wealthy old man, and enjoys lots if sexy fun on the side...

Serena "Thank you, Serena." A firm, smack on my ass is followed by my bed dipping as Gary awkwardly crawls his way off the side. Oh, yippee. I grimace because he can't see my face, it still being smushed into one of my deep feather pillows, and all. I push myself up and manage a small giggle that my mother would recognize as false. "No, thank you, Your Honor." I flash a wide,...Read On