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I was thinking a few days ago that the stories I had written were not a benefit to anyone sitting in my files. Most have been published at one time or another and I still retain all the copy-write authority so I decided to share them here. I hope if you like to read that they bless you.

I am very comfortable in my skin as well as in my kink, and I have developed some flexibility over the years, I am a natural Master or Dom, it's just my personality, however, I have no problem relaxing and letting someone else take the lead in play time, the idea is to enjoy...right?

I have been in the lifestyle for a number of years, and I have enjoyed every one of them. In fact, if you read my Memoir beginning on this page, it will give you some insight into how I got exposed to and addicted to this lifestyle.

There have been many adventures over the years, but the mind set is the thing that determines the level of enjoyment one can achieve. You have to be willing to "go with the flow" without pre-conceived reservations if you are going to be able to actually embrace new experiences.

I have also enjoyed every encounter along the way, I have had wonderful Subs and slaves over the course of my experience, I have explored threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. Swingers clubs and parties, and more than a few encounters of the a closest kind.

I do enjoy multiple orgasms, giving them that is...

Communication is the key to pleasure.

If you would like to know something about me, don't hesitate to ask, I am happy to share.


This is the beginning of my memoire:
So, here is an interesting tale for you as I remember it, starting around 1992 in my jewelry store in Sandy Oregon.

It was a quiet town and therefore business was quiet as well. The internet had just begun to put in an appearance and with it Yahoo and a thing back then called “yahoo groups.” I began to explore the groups and came upon some writers groups. I had often read erotica and so when I stumbled upon a short story site featuring, you guessed it, erotica, I opened it and began to dig through the various titilating tales. However as I was reading i realized that I could do better than most of the writers on the site so I picked a subject and began to write.

The first few stories were good, short, but good then “She” wrote to me.

She had become an instant fan of mine, enjoying my writing style and asked me if I could write a rape fantasy for her. I said I would try and when I delivered it she loved it. She asked me about BDSM and I had really not been exposed to it at that time but what she said about it piqued my curiosity so I started reading about it.

I devoured everything in sight about it, and I began chatting with people who were in the lifestyle and knew more about it than I did, as I became aware of it, I learned how to recognize the signs of submission when I saw them. I discovered that I had Subdar. (An early warning system that let's me know when there is sub in the area.)

It began to serve me well in my liaisons with women, it is like they give off a vibe that says “take me, and use me.” I discovered Literotica.com along the way and began writing and posting stories on there, I became acquainted with one of the writers on Lit who was a submissive that lived in Houston, she loved to have phone sex with me because I could read her so well, and I found that ability growing as I met and talked with others.

In one instance, I had a woman come into my store, and she was a hottie, who was broadcasting loud and clear. Upon completing her transaction, she was seated on the couch in my office and I was at my desk. The silence hung in the room like a fog and I could see a series of emotions cross her face from what she was thinking but I did recognize it. I stood up and walked around my desk to stand in front of her as she was seated on the front edge of the couch, without speaking I unzipped my pants (I am always commando) and presented my cock to her which she, without hesitation, devoured. What ensued was nice relationship of what is now called FWB.

Later, as I was traveling as a diamond wholesaler, I found AdultFriendFinder.com and I was never alone in a city after that unless it was by choice. That site, like so many others, has devolved through the years to something that is a breeding ground for bots and hustlers.

Many miles, rendezvous, and trysts later, I was enjoying being a Dom (my name on Fubar was Domettienne when I first signed up 5 years ago.) and, AFF was still my go to place and I found an ad by a sub entitled analslut4dom and I thought, ‘how could I pass that up’ so I wrote and she responded. I had her come to the store I was in at that time after hours and we were in the back room, she had come with nipple clamps on under her blouse and I was becoming acquainted with her body, as I touched her sex she began to resist and push my hand away. I looked at her and said “you don’t get to tell me no.” she put her head down as she watched my hand slide down the front her her pants, she was drenched and as soon as I touched her clit she began to cum, after she did I turned her around, bent her over and pushing her pants down took her ass. She was a willing playmate, pliable and obedient, true to her handle, she was an anal slut, I have video of me taking her amidst her screams of pleasure.

Then there was myspace.com I was just cruising profiles and read one that mentioned reading erotica as a hobby, so I wrote and email and told her that I was a writer and offered to let her read some of my writing. This began a time of chatting and emails and I discovered her submissive side, when I mentioned it to her she flat denied it, so as time went on, I began to introduce her to herself, and she began to embrace it. Having previously stated that her ass was not for anything but it’s intended purpose, I was quite satisfying to see her look over her shoulder and say “F___ me harder damnit!!!” As I was making use of previously Cherry backside. Another thing that she would do for me, as would many of my playthings, was to call my phone when I was unavailable and record themselves cumming on my voicemail. One day when I was talking to her on the phone I told her that I would be there in an hour to use her ass and she climaxed loudly at that instant. I remarked that it was amazing how submissive she had become, and she said that while she did not understand it, the idea of be used for my pleasure thrilled her more than she could imagine.

Both of the sub/slaves I have just mentioned helped me many times to break in another Sub and I have spent many weekends with a number of willing and able young ladies gracing my bed with their sexual hunger.

There are and have been others, swinging has been a fun diversion at times but those are all stories for another time.
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
97% Dominant
97% Owner
97% Master/Mistress
94% Voyeur
94% Experimentalist
89% Non-monogamist
87% Rigger
84% Exhibitionist
80% Daddy/Mommy
62% Sadist


Stan Harden
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Ashland, Oregon, United States
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18 Feb 2019 10:33
Music, I play Piano, Guitar, Bass, Hammond B3 Jazz organ. Photography, photo journalism, aerial photography, erotic photography and video. I have the ability to shoot multi camera video shoots and produce a professional quality movie.
Favorite Books:
Sahara, Odd Thomas,
Favorite Authors:
Clive Cussler, Dean Koontz, John D. MacDonald, Robert B. Parker, JA Jance
Favorite Movies:
Favourite TV Shows:
NCIS NCIS New Orleans, NCIS Los Angeles, Deception,
Favorite Music:
R and B Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Contemporary Christian.Old time Rock and Roll Y'all


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18 Apr 2018
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Topic: If a couple asked you into a threesome, would you do it?
Posted: 20 Dec 2018 07:06

Of course, there is always room for more, and, in a threesome, a wider variety of pleasure producing possibilities.

I have enjoyed many and have never had a disappointing experience.

Topic: Sharing a Man
Posted: 29 Sep 2018 00:48

As one who has been shared and has done some sharing (share and share alike children) it can be great fun if everyone is in the right mindset and not jealous. I have seen all the combinations work and jealousy can creep in quickly and un-suspected. The key is commitment. The proper depth of commitment will keep jealousy at bay, not being sure where you stand with someone is a good reason not to try the exercise.

Topic: Do You like to give or reciever oral sex?
Posted: 11 Sep 2018 07:16

Both actually, however, as a preference, giving wins.

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  As I drove south on I-5 heading for Southern Oregon, my mind kept returning to the last time we were together.  She was both enchanting and the most erotic female I had ever encountered…. I have been with any number of women, having spent life as a pro musician among other things, but this woman was more than the best of the best all rolled up into one. My mind was a dark fog of lust as...

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Fantasy Gets Real In Real Estate Chapter 4

Northern Nevada is a great place to live. Not that the Pacific Northwest is less, by any manner of speaking, but since I am in the electronics business and working with Software, and this has become the second Silicone Valley, it was the natural place for me to hang my hat, and here it hangs, at least for the moment. My life has involved quite a bit more travel than I like of late, and...

Added 26 Jul 2018 | Category Swingers | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,343 | 4 Comments

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