Erotic Poems(3)


Night Moves

When bodies grind together; the seeds of lust

When bodies grind together; the seeds of lust Bring forth the succulent proof of desire Fingers and limbs entangle tight Motion of bodies strong; powerful; and mellifluous Reaching deep within the body and sole Two become one Face to face; hands to ass Breast to breast; member within a slit Slithers to and fro in a hot sweet marsh Arms wrapped around each other ...Read On


Red Silk Blindfold

The aroma lingers, it lingers only faintly, clinging by the barest whiff of sweat and sex

Where did this come from? My mind races with thoughts Who to place it on, would it be me or someone special? How would it feel? This has set my mind ablaze with many thoughts of us I see the color next to your skin and hair Witness the rise of your nipples to full height Fragrance that arise from your dampness is red hot Become aware that your breath is...Read On



Whisper to the hearts

A whisper entices me awake “Morning My Love” Rushing to get on with the day A warm sweet whisper “Have Sweet Day” Then lunch arrives with a bewitching “So how’s it going sexy?” It becomes desperately hard to get through rest of day When a whisper shows up “Missing you XOXOXO” On the way to you Enthusiasm sprouts with “Nothing on but a Smile” ...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


The Coffee Shop

A quick lunch before getting back to work, coffee shop on the corner a sandwich and coffee. Standing

William is a man of fifty with the outlook of someone in there thirties. Has salt and pepper hair, a body that has been taken care of; but not over built. Eyes of brown that are called bedroom eyes. He has been around the world with his southern charm; and picked up little things about love, life, and women. He has made a lot money and now has the time to enjoy it. He was married one time when...Read On

Love Poems(17)


Broken Friendship

Please give me a reason why it happened

Blind sided by your actions  Remember that this was so new Overwhelmed by the whole thing Keeping spirits up is hard Emotions all over the place Frozen in time Reeling from the sudden loss  In search of the reasons Needing some answers Exploring my mind for what was said Disturbed by how shallow you were Spiteful with me Heartbroken now Inspired to move on ...Read On



For the rest of time.

Caresses  Caresses are light as air that touch you when least expected Warm bright and calm. Caresses are soft as feather from angel wing, touching your soul. Caresses reach into your heart to bring joy, happiness and love. Caresses are the breath of life, they can stop your heart or Set your mind on fire. Caresses fetches to mind thoughts of What has been, could be,...Read On



Let’s find a new world with our hope and dreams

When I sleep you are in my dreams So real I can touch your body Feel your arms wrap tight around me As you tap dance on my mind It's hard to tell if I am awake or not Then there is the day dreams See you smile in all the faces I meet Hear the song of your voice from the radio The flash of color that bring you to mind Sweet smells open up memories Dreams come to you at...Read On


Old Friend an a New Lover

Hope that is a New Lover and we are still Old Friend,

Old Friend and a New Love You may be an old friend but I see you as a new love Just a love in my mind, but no less real We may never meet or hold each other You have been there for me at times Hope that I can return the same for you The time has come for this old friend to be seen in a new light The light of a new love with all the hope White hot, blinding, and golden like...Read On


Something New

Wide eyes, bright with hope for the future

There's Something new here and special A new light is shining on the horizon A fresh breeze that stirs the soul Wide eyes, bright with hope for the future With a wolf heart, strong, benevolent, and warm The outlook of a young one, in hope of love A spirit of youth, the joy of a child Carefree as the winds But desiring a leader, a protector and a soul mate To show...Read On


Song of Love

As they rest in each other's arms and become one.

I was daydreaming about songs Just where do they come from? Experiencing what we’d had together the sadness, desires, our joy, and our love. Songs that we hear in nature,  The wind softly blowing in the trees The birds as they coo and chirp Brook babbling as it flows o’er the stones, carefree children, wild at their play. Songs of two bodies as they make love, moist echo...Read On


The Light

Inspired by some one very special. My first try at writing .

The Light The light of your face brightens my day The light of your thoughts brightens my soul The light in your eyes brightens my way The light of you brightens my whole world Your light brightens me so The light of your words brightens my mind The light in your kiss brightens my lips The light in you hugs brightens my skin My wish is to be your forever light The light...Read On


The Lilly Pad

He tell her come sit on my lily pad

The lily pad is the center of my world Now there someone to share it with She has her place there and no one else We have a warm safe place for us to be The lily pad is our place to chat To write our story Sharing the lily pad with her is wonderful She like that frog have hair that are finer He like how sweet and warm she is They seem to have been meant to meet ...Read On


The Many Faces of Look

We look with our eyes but see with our mind.

The Many Faces of Look There is the look that you get when you are bad Then when you are good too There is the look you get when you are sick Then when you are feeling great There is the look that you get at night Then the look in the morning There is the look on your lover face when making love Then when you are cuddling afterwards There is the look you get when...Read On


The Smell

Thoughts that bring on memories

The Smell Smell of warm sea breezes reminds me of your hair just washed with just a hint of coconuts, passion fruits, lemons. Bouquets floating from the kitchen remind me of you. Rosemary, Thyme, Cinnamon. Thinking of you after a bath, fresh, sweet, and spices bathe my soul. Smell of wood burning fire lights my mind of cold winter night. Popcorn, movies, and cuddles. ...Read On


The Sound

When I hear the sound of your voice on the phone it excites me. When I hear the sound of your heart it makes mine race. The sound of your breathing calms me and warms my insides. The sound of your footsteps brings a smile to my face. The sounds of your clothes against your skin as they come off; Get me aroused. The sounds that you make as we make love, making me want more. ...Read On


The Taste

Not what your mother and dad gave you.

Was thinking this morning just what the taste of love is Like the first time you taste something new unexpected. This is something new from a new source. It’s sweeter than honey. It’s salty with happiness. Its spiciness is the zest of life. There is heat of peppers for sensuality. There is coolness of ice cream for your desire. There is tartness of lemon to brighten your mind. ...Read On


The Warmth

The warmth remember

When I came into the room warmth that I felt as you smiled at me. The warmth of your words “ Hi Hun” gave me hope. I can feel the warmth of you over the miles that we are apart. The warmth in your eyes as you look into mine set my heart on fire. The warmth of your lips melts my heart. The warmth of a whisper in my ear inflames my desire. Warmth of our body heat with hot desire ...Read On



When we are apart time,Ought to go with the speed of lighting to match our spark.

Time, what is it? Is it the time we spend apart? Or is it the time we spend together? Time is meant to be cherish, Relish with delight of sweetness. Time should be guarded with zeal. Time that we spend with dreams of, What is to come. Time in dreams spent in past love of, Life, each other, and sight sounds, smells, tastes. When we are together time, Need to stop or just slow down so that...Read On


Valentine Amour

This is dedicate to all my dear friends

Valentine amour, is golden as the sun in the morning Precious as a child’s vision of life, so caring Valentine, is given to a special sweetheart The amour we impart Valentine proclaim, for all to see, Amour It float in the air so pure Valentine, say “Will You Be Mine” Life will be divine Our souls are entwine My Valentine Amour is thine Valentine, is true The...Read On


With You

If you could see inside my heart

If you could see inside my head You find out just how much in love I am with you If you could see inside my heart You find out just how much in love I am with you Inside my head you find The beauty that you bring to the world Laughter that you share Life is so great with you Inside my heart you find That life mean so much The world is brighter Sweeter,...Read On



Worry too much...

Brighten the day, Lighten the load, Inspire the mind, Provoke giggles. Sing like an angel, Smile and the world is right, Deliver hope always, Excite with delight. Strum the heart strings, Awaken strong passion, Dust off old thoughts, Give rise to new ones. Make me wonder, See the beauty in all things, Worry way too much, Spice up life....Read On