More Than One First - Part 2

First time fantasy

I woke up the next morning with sunshine flooding my room. As I lay there I heard Tami climbing the stairs. She came into my room, told me it was a great day and suggested we spend some quality time together out by the pool getting some sun. She tossed me a pair of shorts and told me, "Hurry up, I will meet you downstairs." I got up out of bed, changed into my shorts and headed downstairs;...Read On


More Than One First - Part 3

I was sitting on my chair when Jill walked out. My eyes almost popped out of my head. She was only wearing a thong bikini bottom. Jill noticed my reaction and asked me, “Is it going to offend you if I go topless?” I could not speak. My eyes were fixed on her very hard nipples and firm tits. Tami saw this also and began to laugh at me. She told Jill, “It looks like he doesn’t mind at all....Read On