Brothers fantasy and more: Part 1

A brother fantasy comes true and more

My name is Finn and I am currently a college student. My days are mainly spent either at college working or at home playing video games or on the computer. I live alone with my mum and my two sisters live together nearby and life is pretty ordinary. I am 5’10 and have short brown hair not the most attractive guy in the world but I would say that I am average. I haven’t had a girlfriend in over...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


A bus journey to remember

This is my first story i've written, comments and criticisms are welcome. It is mid November and the weather is cold and miserable, you've recently turned eighteen and are still a virgin, after another day at college you get the public bus home. You've got this bus everyday for the last two years and Its always been busy with old people taking up every seat but recently this bus has been...Read On